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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Matt Walsh Show on Apple Podcasts: on the matt wells show it wasn't a noose it turns out as any intelligent person already knew but still the left the media bubba wallace himself are trying to retain the narrative even as it's exposed as fraudulent uh they don't care they're gonna keep it going so we're gonna sort through all this today and i wanna pay special attention to the fact that the fbi sent 15 federal agents to investigate a rope in a garage so we're going to talk about that also five headlines including protesters quote unquote protesters tearing down a statue of an abolitionist why why are they doing that well i'll explain the real reason why all these statues are coming down plus the daily cancellation and much more all that coming up coming up on the show today but we begin with uh rock otto our sponsor of the show today one of our good friends over at rockauto uh you know and it's it's it's really a lot easier i think going 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buy what you need and get on with your day go to right now it's right now see all the parts available for your car truck and make sure to write walsh in their how did you hear about us box so they know that uh that i sent you okay shocker of shockers who besides me and anyone else with a brain could have possibly seen seeing this coming who besides besides those of us with iqs above that of a of a soggy paper towel could have ever predicted this outcome the noose in bubba wallace's garage was not a hate crime uh it was just a rope a rope to pull the door closed that's it now before we get into this let's let's reminisce just for a moment reminisce uh about the old days back in the good old days back way way back two days ago in fact when nascar came out in an emotional show of support for bubba wallace and the other drivers escorted him around the track as he wept openly before talladega and then nascar put together this inspirational video let's just remember this video again watch this [Music] [Applause] [Music] all of that over a garage door all of that because bubba wallace was afraid of his garage door we are truly living in an idiocracy i it now here's the statement from nascar um in this this remember after they spent the previous day condemning this racist vile act and rallying around bubba and putting together inspirational videos with the with the inspirational music in the background and then they come out with this and they say the fbi has completed its investigation at talladega super speedway determined that bubba wallace was not the target of a hate crime the fbi report concludes and photographic evidence confirms that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose has been positioned there since as early as last fall this was obviously well before the 43 teams arrived and um and we're given their garage assignments we appreciate the fbi's quick and thorough investigation are thankful to learn that this was not an intentional racist act against bubba we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who love racing but the left and the media nascar bubba wallace all of them they're not they're not ready to let this go they're not gonna they're gonna let this go so easily okay and they certainly won't admit that they were wrong that's not gonna happen and even more certainly they're not gonna apologize they will not apologize to those of us who were skeptical of the story and were right and were accused of racism because of our skepticism no one's coming back around no i was i was i was called a racist many times over the last few days well i'm always called that just like every other istanism i'm called but especially the last few days because i was immediately skeptical of this story and i was told that's because you're a racist i i'm i'm here i'm available if you want to come and apologize uh you want to send me a letter send me an email i am ready to accept your acts of contrition if there are any takers surprisingly there aren't wallace said earlier yesterday that skeptics were simple-minded he insulted us called us stupid do you think he's apologizing for saying that is he going to at least apologize for that is he at least going to say hey you know maybe it turns out you weren't very simple-minded i mean it it it turns out you're actually on to something in fact you guys uh who were not even there and didn't have all the information that i had you were able to figure this out in 10 seconds so wow not only are you not simple-minded but compared to me you're a genius you guys are like you should be private private eyes your detectives you were on the case no he's not going to say that he just called us idiots and he's going to leave it at that and he's still making himself into the victim wallace went on cnn last night for well i'm not going to call it an interview it certainly was not an interview it was more of a therapy session don lemon the alleged news anchor didn't ask any prying questions or really any questions at all didn't try to get to the truth never does of course instead he just he just complimented and soothed bubba and told him how wonderful he is in fact i you know i watched this for some reason i subjected myself to it because i'm a masochist i suppose but really don lemon did most of the talking and he spent the whole time just telling bubba nobody blames you this isn't your fault you're a great guy you know we all understand where you're coming from if if the media was capable of embarrassment they would be embarrassed by that sickening spectacle um and bubba agreed by the way of course bubba agreed that he's a wonderful guy and brave and he said so many times in so many words i kept talking about how i'm i'm still standing up i'm not gonna let this stop me it's a garage door opener what do you mean you're still standing up and you're brave i'm not gonna be they're not gonna stop me no garage door is gonna stand in my way um but here he is at the very beginning because he's still making himself a victim here he is at the very beginning beginning of this foe interview saying that uh he's still the victim you know he's not the victim of a hate crime but because there wasn't one but now he's the victim of people who doubted the hate crime even though the doubters were right he's still the victim of them watch this i'm uh i'm pissed i'm i'm mad because people are trying to test my character and the person that i am and my integrity and they're not stealing that away from me but they're just trying to test that and uh as a person don that doesn't need the fame doesn't need to hype doesn't need the media i could care less i could give two craps about that um but to sit there and then read and that's my problem i'm reading too much into it and i'm investing too much time into it i am i don't don't don't don't i know i know i know i i'm trying hard not to and after tonight i'll probably turn my phone off uh unfortunately until about 7 30 in the morning where the interviews start back up again and we get it all over and then and then so we have that uh he's still a victim later on he insists that it was a noose he doubles down and claims that you know he's it was still a noose and he's never in his life never in his life has he seen a rope with a loop on it hanging in a garage watch i've uh i've been racing all my life i've we've raced out of hundreds of garages that uh never had garage pools like that so people that want to call it garage pool and put out old videos and photos of of knots being um in in in their as their evidence go ahead but from the evidence that we have um that i have uh it's a straight up news the fbi has stated it was a news over and over again nascar leadership has stated that it was a noose i can confirm that i actually got evidence of what was hanging in my garage over my car around my picker guys to confirm that it was a noose and never seen anything like it never seen it never ever couldn't couldn't possibly imagine ever seeing something like that um and but the left also as i said is not ready to let this go here's al sharpton calling for further investigations into the potentially racist garage door we should take it as good news that someone didn't place it into his stall specifically as the only full-time black driver in nascar who pushed to have those confederate flags removed from nascar events and nascar did take that step last week but it does appear there was a noose as the fbi is calling it placed in that garage last fall the fbi identified it as a noose nascar said it was a new or went along with the fbi's characterization it was a noose so the question is even if they did not know that bubba wallace was going to use that stall why was a noose in the stall it's clear what a noose represents and i think to to go whether or not they knew that sooner or later the one black driver would use that stall really doesn't answer why it was in the stall at all and then did someone know that it was in the stall when they did belatedly assigned bubba there so i don't think this answers a lot of questions and clearly from what we just saw of bubba wallace it does not seem he who is the victim and possible target in this matter seems to be satisfied with this i do not think that we've seen closure in this particular or inquiry okay there's a bunch of other stuff like that from the left in the media uh you know oh it still might be a hate crime why was there a noose there in the first place even if it wasn't a hate crime it still could have been so we had a valuable conversation that we needed to have we should thank bubba for that bub was innocent in this he didn't know you know that it wasn't a hate crime it was reasonable for him to interpret it the way that he did and the excuses go on and on and on so i want to make a few points about this we're going to go through this one by one as we sort through it um and as we continue to dissect and analyze a piece of rope in a garage because this is this is what we do now and it's a it's a worth it's a it's a good way to spend our time so number one it was not a news okay um that's that's not what it is a news is a certain type of knot and the whole point of it is that if you put weight on it it tightens that's why it's also called a hangman's knot and yes they use it to hang people they also use it for many non-lethal applications so a noose and that's the other part of this that's sort of a side note but this idea that a a new you know quote unquote noose is a some sort of universal sign of of racism since when did that become the case these these types of knots slip knots are very useful people use them for practical reasons all the time when i see a knot like that i don't immediately think oh someone's gonna die that's not what i think um but this was uh this was more of just a standard loop knot it was not a slip knot and we know that because you aren't gonna make a slip knot to close a garage door the night the knot would tighten around your your hand you're not going to make a a noose to close the garage door you put weight on it think about you get a heavy garage door to nas nascar garage and you grab a noose around your hand and you yank down that's a good way to break your hand that's not if the thing was hanging there for a year then it was not a noose no way was it a noose people do not make nooses to close garages with they don't use them as handles part of the problem here maybe an underrated aspect of this story is that the left is comprised of a bunch of wusses you know a bunch of a bunch of wusses and shut-ins who have no practical knowledge at all and never go outside they don't know how to identify basic knots when they see them you know sharpton says why was it in the garage at all well that's not a mystery it was it was there to hold on to as you close the door yes in many garages the pull down will have a handle or a little lever or something to grab but you see al sometimes men rather than sometimes they'll just tie a knot or do something like that to solve a problem rather than going out to lowe's and buying a specific garage door closer they might say hey let me just tie a knot that's what a man's going to do this is what men do we tie knots we also use duct tape okay so many times we say i don't need i i fixed a hole in my kayak the other day with duct tape okay good as new at least for now until i drown in the lake uh this is what we do we tie knots we use duct tape i mean you don't know much about that apparently about just being a normal guy i think you know people need just like go do some camping do some fishing learn about basic knots no i'm not a i'm not a not expert myself by the way mostly because most of the not tying i do is fishing and the palomar knot is really gonna it's basically indestructible it's almost the only knot you need a couple other knots uh like the arbor knot which is when you tie the line around the reel but the palomar knot when it comes to tying a hook i've you know i've been using that i haven't had a broken i haven't lost a a a fish to a broken knot in years i've lost its broken line you know or because the fish jumps up because you don't keep the rod tip down when you're reeling it in but um anyway what were we talking about oh yeah um bubba wallace okay so that's that that's that number two an attempt is being made to absolve bubba wallace of all guilt in this case and we're being told that this is not a jesse smallett situation uh it's it's really not similar at all it's a completely different type of thing and besides wallace isn't the one who called the feds he didn't report it he didn't see it that's what we're told well let me say if you fell for the original story and now you're falling for the story that bubba didn't know and was innocent then congratulations you got fooled by the hoax and are now being fooled by the hoax that covers the other hoax you got fooled by you damned listen let let me explain this do you know how i i knew this is this is this was probably not a hate crime anyone anyone who knew it how did we know that it wasn't do you know what what magical sorcery we used to see the future and predict this outcome well i'll tell you okay here's the sorcery it's called common sense that's all it takes common sense common sense told us that there probably wasn't a hate crime news hanging in a nascar garage with security and cameras and stuff like that all around we just we knew it immediately that's probably not the case there's probably another explanation common sense also tells us and you should listen to our common sense because you know you apparently have none so you can borrow ours for a minute common sense also tells us that even if the initial person who saw the quote unquote noose really did misinterpret it which is i possible maybe they did it would not have taken very long for everyone else down the line to figure out the truth so when someone comes to you and tells you there's a noose in your garage and it's a hate crime your next immediate response is not going to be wow okay let's alert the press no no that's see that's again just comment says yes i was not there i can't prove this but common sense tells me that is not how human interactions work no your response is going to be something like what are you serious let me see let me let me go see it for myself and then you go and you look or you look at a photo and you would then see that it's a rope hanging from a garage and you would at a minimum realize that it's at least possible that this is a totally innocent thing so again the only innocently duped person was maybe possibly the first person who saw the thing everyone else from wallace to nascar president everyone else they at a minimum would have known that there's a good chance it's not a hate crime they would have known that because they would have looked at it and seen that it's a loop knot hanging from a garage door opener [Music] and assuming that these are not actual certifiable clinical lunatics we're dealing with they at least somewhere in their in their head in a probably pretty prominent place would have been the thought of you know this could really just be nothing and yet they all came out wallace included stated as fact that it's a hate crime an act of hate despicable was the word that wallace used in a very self-ingrandizing way talking about how he's he's going to stand up he's not going to be intimidated i will not be i will not be intimidated i will not be cowed down under the under the weight of this garage door no see that's that's what he did he didn't say hmm you know guys this is a little bit concerning but let's check it out and see what's going on uh it might be fine that would have been a good response that would have been a response that an innocent and and intelligent and honest person would have given an even better response would have been hey guys calm down like it's it's just it's a garage door opener i'm sure that's all this is okay he chew he chose neither of those responses instead he went all in on the hate crime despite at least knowing that there's a likely innocent explanation so did he perpetrate a hoax yes absolutely 100 100 this is a hoax and and yes he was he was the ring one of the ringleaders of it um maybe not one that he planned or staged maybe not one that he paid two nigerian dudes to carry out but it's a hoax all the same also keep in mind that wallace went on the view after he'd been interviewed by the fbi he said in the interview that he you know that he talked to the fbi the fbi at that point would have already looked at the tapes and known that it wasn't a hate card they would have figured that out in 15 seconds as soon as they now if they've got any common sense at all they would have known it as soon as they looked at the rope but but if if not then then as soon as they looked at the security camera footage and saw that okay that thing's been there for months over a year they would have known so by the time they talked to wallace they knew that this was not a hate crime and that fact would have come up in the quote interview in fact i doubt that it was really an interview at all it was more of a meeting of the fbi saying hey listen this wasn't a hate crime i would say 90 certainty that that's what the interview was because there'd be nothing for them to interview wallace about at that point um yet he still went on on the view and perpetuated the hate crime hoax and even shamed and insulted the people who he knew were right that it wasn't a hate crime so this guy this guy is a liar and a fraud the fact that how how gullible and stupid do you have to be that you fell for it the first time falling for it again good god i really think there are a lot of people in this country that just love being fooled they they they love making asses of themselves they enjoy it number three here's the most important thing to focus on i want to read the fbi statement to you because there's one thing in this statement that really jumps out let me pull it up okay fbi statement says on monday 15 fbi special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at talladega super speedway after a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding the event we have concluded that no federal hate crime was committed um and then it goes on from there i don't even need to go any further what i'm really homing in on here is 15 fbi agents investigated a rope in a garage 15 fbi and they're proud of it they're telling us we were on the case 15 15 sp what are these what are they doing i i know what one guy's gonna one guy looks at the rope and probably at that point says hey guys it's just a it's just a loop now just you close the garage with it look see here look that's all you do so one guy is doing that maybe another guy goes and then and then and then another guy is told hey go check the security camera let's be sure about this okay that's two guys at most what are the other 13 guys doing what are they what exactly are they doing are they dusting for fingerprints are they was they doing doing a forensic investigation good lord now what makes this even more uh it goes from being absurd and almost funny to actually infuriating when you realize that the federal government sent 15 agents to look at a freaking rope in a garage while there are violent mobs tearing our cities apart as we speak tearing down monuments and statues statues burning buildings that's still going on attacking police officers and there's a lot that the federal government could and should be doing about this there are a lot of questions that they could be investigating there are a lot of arrests they could be making and and things they could be investigating like what are the groups backing these these violent quote-unquote protesters you know who's funding blm who's funding antifa they could be investigating that kind of stuff you put 15 special agents on that put put put 50 put 100. the full force of the federal government and our in the federal government's law enforcement arm should be focused on this that we have violent insurrectionists right now trying to tear the country apart and they're all over the place and you send 15 agents for a rope my god uh and and that is the headline that's the real headline of all this is the federal government's involvement even if i mean even if it was a news okay even if even if some jerk had put a noose there as a hate crime even then what the hell do you need 15 agents for why do you need any federal agents for that if you're going to involve law enforcement all in a situation like that then you know i'm sure a local cop could could handle it a local cop can go and look at the security camera and see who did it and find that guy so even if this was a verified hate crime it would still be insane to send 15 federal agents for it but it's not all right let's move on to headlines number one lincoln county in oregon has issued a new order requiring that everyone wear masks in public but the order exempts quote people of color so if you're a black person you don't have to wear mask if you're white you do the reason given is that black people might be concerned about racial profiling here's the the reading out from the daily wire says the post sites aclu racial justice program director renika moore who said uh who told cnn for many black people deciding whether or not to wear a bandana in public to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus is a lose-lose situation that can result in life-threatening consequences either way cnn quoted trevin logan who is black also as saying a mandate to wear face coverings are basically telling black people to look dangerous given racial stereotypes that are out there this is in the large context of black men fitting the description of a suspect who has a hood on who has a face covering on okay so first of all has there have there been any cases of a black person who's wearing a face covering for coronavirus you know getting assaulted or shot or arrested erroneously has that happened at all is there one case of it one single case but the aclu is is certain that this is a big problem they're certain it's a big problem okay it's a pr is it if it's a problem that it should be happening is it happening if it's not happening then it's not a problem there's some more basic common sense for you if a thing is not happening then it's not a problem because it's not happening but the other issue here is that there's no way this is constitutional there is no way that a law specifically exempting a certain race is constitutional which isn't to say that it will be that it's going to be struck down by by the courts i'm i'm not predicting that at all just because the law is unconstitutional doesn't mean the the court's going to strike it down and just because uh uh you know just because the law is constitutional doesn't mean that the court won't strike at that we know that how it works the court's full of far-left activists as we know but in reality the constitution does not allow this this is not equality under the law you can't make an ordinance and say if you're if you have a certain skin pigmentation you don't have to follow it number two and uh in statute toppling news protesters quote unquote in wisconsin tore down the lady forward statue here's a picture of that and then they defaced and tore down the hans christian hague monument in wisconsin this was all in one night lady forward is a monument to social progress haig was an abolitionist and a union soldier who i believe died in the civil war pretty sure about that uh this was someone who just dedicated his whole life to abolishing slavery that was his he was a anti-slavery activist and put his money where his mouth is on it so and yet they tore his statue down and they tore down a statue to progress [Music] which i i think is is very appropriate in fact because yes these are enemies of progress but you wouldn't think that they would see themselves that way so why did these statues have to come down why well because the statues depicted white people that's it that that's really all there is to it now if it's a statue of a white person it has to come down that's the only litmus test this is this is racism and if it was a crowd if it was a white crowd let's say a crowd of of violent uh white supremacists who were tearing down statues of black people for no discernible reason other than their race we'd call it a hate crime on top of not only would they be arrested for destruction or property property they would also be arrested for committing a hate crime yet in this case you've got violent left-wing mobs going around tearing down statues for note i mean the reason doesn't even matter i don't care what your reason is but it's worth noting that at this point their only reason is that's a statue of a white person that can be the only that could be the only coherent uh vaguely coherent reason to tear down a statue of an abolitionist or a statute of progress is that it's depicting a white person so this is a racist campaign to take down monuments to white americans which isn't to say that these are monuments to white america they are no these are monuments to individual americans who happen to be white and also happen to do incredible and great things but they have to come down so this is racism the only other thing it could be and i think also is it's kind of a combination of these things is destruction for destruction's sake nihilism sociopathy all of this is mixed into it i think there are people involved who just want to tear down a statue because it's fun there's a lot of that there are people involved who just don't care about anything um sociopaths nihilists there are people involved who have a beef with western civilization in general and then there are people involved who just want to tear down statues of white people all of that is mixed in so nihilism sociopathy uh psychopathy racism all of that bigotry yeah number three here's somebody at a trump event talking about the american dream

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