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If you like The Matt Walsh Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: WALSH and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at on the matt walsh show another police shooting caught on tape another round of of rioting once again the shooting is declared a racist murder right away as soon as the video uh comes out but as we always try to do on this show we'll look at the actual facts of this case and see what they say because they tell a different sort of story also five headlines including an nhl announcer getting suspended for an utterly innocuous joke that feminists have labeled sexist and in our daily cancellation we'll talk about the incredibly misleading cbs poll that has the media accusing republicans of murderous nihilism so all of that on the way but first a word from our good friends at rock auto look if you need auto parts why go to an auto parts store uh why go through the hassle when you don't need to make your life easier go easy on yourself is what you deserve a break is 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manufacturers amazing selection reliably low prices all the parts you need go to right now see all the parts available for your car truck right walsh in there how did you hear about us box so that they know that we sent you go there now okay well so let's get into this as we continue uh to live through this never-ending groundhog's day rioting and looting broke out in yet another city this weekend black lives matter protesters in big scare quotes there in kenosha wisconsin burned pillaged destroyed stole all in the name of justice of course here's what some of that looked like take a look rioters also burned an entire car dealership so you can take a look at the footage there [Music] and i think by far one of the most disturbing incidents from this round of rioting and really any of the writing we've seen is the apparent attempted murder of a police officer who was hit directly in the head with a brick during the melee he's got brakes now the rationalization the excuse being offered for this latest round of rioting in chaos is the police shooting of a man named jacob blake on sunday at this point not much is known about the circumstances surrounding the shooting but we'll show you now the video that has gone viral and prompted allegedly all of this widespread writing now media reports indicate that police arrived on the scene in response to a domestic disturbance they tried to arrest blake who resisted even after a taser was used on him blake then walked around his car with multiple officers putting their weapons at him as you saw then he opened his door and reached his side and he was shot seven times at that point he's currently alive though in critical condition neighbors claim that blake was trying to break up a fight between two women after the before the cops showed up that hasn't been confirmed but uh it does appear that blake um that there were multiple warrants out for blake for for multiple alleged crimes were cops arresting him because of his involvement in the disturbance or because of the warrants that were out from or both uh who knows apparently blake has had other violent run-ins with police as well including an incident in 2015 when he had to be subdued by a canine unit after pulling a gun at a bar now it's not clear again whether police on the scene on sunday knew about his violent history or his warrants or anything else what we're left with for now is a man who chose not to comply with lawful orders instead opened his car door and leaned inside even as police guns were pointed at him at point-blank range as always the dearth of evidence and context has not stopped the media protesters politicians from leaping to drastic and firm conclusions the governor of wisconsin tony evers has already tied the case to racism and essentially accused the officers of carrying out a racist hit on an innocent man evers tweeted in part tonight jacob blake was shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight and kenosha wisconsin kathy and i joined his family friends and neighbors and hoping earnestly that he will not succumb to his energy injuries while we do not have all the details yet what we know for certain is that he is not the first black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country i have said all along that although we must offer our empathy equally important is our action in the coming days we will demand that uh just that our elected officials in our state who have failed to recognize the racism in our state and our country for far too long okay needless to say a decent human being who is interested in providing leadership rather than intentionally fanning the flames of anarchy would never use phrases like mercilessly and racism to describe an officer-involved shooting before he even has the details by his own admission but tony evers is not a decent human being or a leader or a good man i mean these are really bad people that are doing this that are intentionally causing chaos and rioting even after he knows that one of his police officers was nearly killed the people you know in the media and politics encouraging the chaos that again has nearly killed a kenosha police officer also are not decent or good people putting the politics and narrative aside then what should we really think about this situation you know well the first thing we should keep in mind is that we've only heard one side of the story and there's quite a lot we still don't know here's a rather significant detail that's being treated as irrelevant somehow did blake have a gun in his car media is reporting that he was unarmed but they don't appear to have any firm basis for that characterization blake went back to his car for something for some reason right was it to retrieve a firearm he has a history of pulling guns did he try it again here if he did then case closed no honest person could possibly claim that a police shooting is unjustified when the suspect is reaching for a gun to use against the officers but what if there was no gun then we're back to the original question why was blake going to his car and reaching inside could there be any plausible or even imaginable innocent reason to resist arrest walk to your car as police point their guns at you and tell you to stop and then open your door and reach inside is there a version of this story where blake's actions are justified or innocuous i can't see what that version would be and more important than how i see this or how you see it we have to ask whether the police on the scene had good reason to suspect that blake was reaching into his vehicle to grab a weapon the answer there is without question yes again why else would he be reaching into his car in that situation if you can scarcely come up with an innocent reason as you sit pondering it on your couch out of harm's way how can we expect the officers to imagine an innocent reason while they're in the thick of it and even if they could imagine an innocent reason are they expected to assume that his actions are innocent and stake their own lives on that gamble you know anyone who doesn't understand why police would want to prevent you from reaching into your car during an arrest need only watch this dash cam video from a highway stop in pennsylvania for that for clarification on the matter and just a warning it's very graphic here but i think this is important because it's it's additional context for the way police are looking at this look at this okay sir you're going 87 miles an hour all those costs are associated with the traffic citation okay okay are you okay all right i mean it's okay do me a favor come over here don't place your hands behind your back hey place your hands i got him keep the taser on the shooter there daniel clary resisted arrest even threw zaps from a taser eventually made it back to his car where he drew his gun and nearly killed two police officers the clery arrest and the blake arrest are eerily similar in many respects except that in one case it's the cops getting shot in the other it's a suspect one excuse i've heard offered for blake is that he was going back to his car because he wanted to get inside and drive away well i would note that driving away while there's a warrant for your arrest and cops are attempting to detain you is not a legal option driving away in that case would be far from innocent also the family's lawyer benjamin crump who manages to involve himself in every high-profile police shooting in the country says that blake's kids were in the car now this is supposed to make blake more sympathetic but it does the opposite why was blake bringing the officers back to his car where his kids are sitting he knew they had their guns out why would he want to put his own children in harm's way and if his plan was to drive away and get into a high-speed high-speed chase with kids in tow that would in itself be justification for opening fire because before he could get inside and endangers children's lives in that way i don't see any excuse for blake here i see a number of reasonable possible excuses for the police officers now it's possible that more details could emerge that change the equation and if so then i'll change my opinion to comport with the facts the protesters on the other hand form their opinions completely separate from the facts and no additional evidence or context can sway them from the conclusion they drew within five seconds of seeing the original video that is why our society is falling apart at the seams not because of police shootings or racism or anything like that but because a certain very large segment of the population doesn't care at all about the truth and it really is as simple as that and that's what we're witnessing and that is what is burning our cities as we speak let's get to five headlines [Music] reporting from cnn here white house counselor kellyanne conway announced sunday evening that she will leave her post at the end of the month while her husband george conway said he was withdrawing from the lincoln project both citing a need to focus on their family uh cnn continues quoting from kelly and conway's statement i will be transitioning from the white house at the end of this month george is also making changes we disagree about plenty but we are reunited on what matters most the kids our four children are teens and tweens starting a new academic year in middle school and high school remotely from home for at least a few months as millions of parents nationwide know kids doing school from home requires a level of attention and vigilance that is unusual at these times um and then george conway also tweeted that he'll be leaving the lincoln project um so and this all happens uh while one of and cnn says one of conway's high school-aged daughters has generated attention on social media about her family and their political views over the last several months now the high school age daughter by the way i believe is 15 and this is all newsworthy because of conway's position and the fact that she's she's leaving it so you know fine that that part is newsworthy but all the rest of it the family drama the stuff with the child all of that is none of our business and not relevant to anyone else but them and the way the media is using a 15 year old girl to attack her parents um well it's it's redundant at this point to say but the media of course has behaved disgracefully not that they care but just for the record once again it's happened and also you just so you know a 15 year old girl um professing to hate her parents there is nothing new about that okay she can she can join the club with all the other 15 year old girls in the country now it's unfortunate that this is a normal phase of of adolescence in in modern society and we could talk about why that is and and you know because i don't think it should be as normal as is but but it is normal um so i you know the fact that her her parents are high profile doesn't necessarily have anything to do with that whatsoever okay nhl announcer mike milburyberry has been taken off of all nhl broadcasts for the remainder of the year because of a terrible horribly offensive thing that he said while calling a hockey game on friday we're gonna roll the tape on that it's pretty rough i'm just telling you hopefully i can play it without bleeping it out i don't know uh but this is really outrageous stuff really bad take a listen come here and play hockey if you think about it it's a terrific environment with regards to if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time it's the perfect place not even any woman had to destruct their concentration yeah that's it that's the whole thing that was it um milbury said that it's good there aren't women there because uh then they won't be disrupting the hockey player's concentration that was all that was the joke harmless innocuous nothing to it but that was shared by a female i believe it was a female nhl reporter who was deeply offended and then a bunch of other women all chimed in to say they're deeply deeply offended uh here's emily kaplan another nhl reporter talking about her own deep offense which she feels so deeply and so offendedly listen to be honest it's highly disappointing it undermines anything that any woman who is in this industry does you know the athletic came out with their 40 people in hockey under the age of 40 and i was just impressed by how many women were on that list whether it was from scouting ranks analytics um now we have an agent who's going to represent the likely number one pick and then the lee kesten gaye and when i look at meg milbury this is a pattern of behavior this is not the first time he's made sexist comments it was so cavalier and natural the way he said it and he's in such a position of privilege and power there's so few people who do what he does and i just think it's a shame that we're giving someone like that a platform when they continue to say these things and alienate large swaths of people who can be hockey fans and can enjoy this great sport um and you know i hope that nbc takes that into consideration you know he said well there's no distractions to women in the bubble and i think he's talking about wives and spouses but also at press conferences and i think okay i'm a woman that shows up for the press conference does he consider me a distraction if i'm in the locker room like that's bs that's my job um so yeah you know that makes me feel like hockey is not for me or i'm not welcome and you know we have these conversations a lot about race we do have about gender we have it about sexuality and i think the important thing is that we keep having these conversations and we keep the league needs to keep their eye on the prize and keep their eye on the ball and keep doing with initiatives even if we don't have change right away that doesn't mean we can stop oh my gosh uh you know this the irony here is that all of this only proves millbury's point all of these women getting emotional and crying about a joke or it proves a similar point i should say i think what milbury was getting at was that women can distract men sexually which actually is a compliment to women if a man says that he's distracted by your beauty that's a compliment you know i think i think any any man in the country would love to be told that by women you know you know how any man would feel if they walked in and there's a group of women and and he was there he's told that he's a distraction because he's so good-looking um that's uh that's a compliment so and i sometimes wonder the type of women who get offended by these kinds of jokes are they getting offended because they never hear comments like that and are jealous is there some envy going on i don't know it's just it's one theory but um there's another reason why a group of men might want to just have some time without the girls and the reason is this so they can joke around and have some fun and say what they want without anyone getting emotional or taking things too seriously now granted with the state of masculinity in this country that's no guarantee anymore just because it's a bunch of guys doesn't mean that you're not going to end up with someone crying and getting emotional these days but still the the likelihood is reduced dramatically if it's just the guys around so as i said the irony is that these feminists are only proving the point exactly and i'll tell you another thing if you're a female sports reporter and you want to be accepted then pretty much the last thing you should do is start crying because a harmless innocuous comment that you heard is sexist according to you like when you start ranting about male privilege do you really think the guys are gonna want you around why would they they're trying to play hockey why would they why would they particularly want someone around to lecture them about about the patriarchy and and sexism and male privilege and and you know toxic masculinity um it's just it's probably not something they want any more than if you're a woman and you're out with the girls do you want a guy around to tell fart jokes like when you're sitting around at the at the the winery or whatever you're doing is anyone at the table saying hey you know i wish there was a guy here to fart that's what we're missing probably not so okay uh let's go to our next so i think this is what is this number three uh i hate to be the bearer of bad news here but you may have heard about this asteroid that might hit the earth the day before the election day great timing of course but turns out it's only six feet long and um has less than a one percent chance of hitting and you know so it's like it's six feet even if it hits what are the chances that it does any significant damage um so i'm sorry to ruin your monday at this point i feel like the universe is just toying with us sort of tormenting us dangling these asteroids in front of us like hey bet you like this wouldn't you sorry it's hitting mercury instead and then and then we you know to make it worse we we look out at the night sky and we see the moon over there flaunting its crater covered body bragging at all the time and and we have to see that and it's just really it's real it's difficult for me i'm sure it is for you as well okay let's go uh number four here police arrested two women in delaware who stole a seven-year-old's trump hat outside the dnc um the boy and his mom were protesting outside the dnc and then here's the altercation that was caught on tape by the boy's mom and led to the arrest watch back you get off my property get off my coffee are you destroying my property yes we are you know that's a felony that one too get away from the out get it get it touch my head get your hat back baby look at what you just did to my get your hat back baby get your hat back baby give me back my hat give me back my hat give me back my hat give me back my hat give me back my hat give me back my hat give me back my hat i'm telling you right now you're getting you under you're gonna steal my property i'll follow you in your car and get your license plate okay so i'm i'm glad that the the two trashy women there got got arrested and they were obviously wrong for taking the boy's hat bullying a seven-year-old boy when you're an adult is clearly i don't know how to explain why that's wrong but the mother is no victim in this let's just be clear about that as well the boy is a victim but he's a victim of all three women involved the mother and the two others so let me just state this very simply there is no good reason no good reason ever to involve your young children in politics bringing a seven-year-old boy to counter-protest the dnc convention and dressing him in trump gear is an absolutely inexcusably crappy parenting decision i would never in a million years do that i have seven year olds i go into contentious environments where there might be serious pushback whether it's a protest or i'm speaking out of college or something you know um and uh i would never bring my kid and it's not that if i brought my kid and my kid was attacked uh you know it's it's i'm it's it's like it's not the fault of the protesters for doing no it would be their fault but i'm not gonna bring my kid into some sort of guinea pig i'm not gonna take a gamble take a chance i would never ever do that uh why because i love my kids i want to keep them out of harm's way there's just no possible way that this could benefit them it's you know there's only downside there's no upside whatsoever so leave your kids out of politics just leave them out of this garbage and and using your kid as bait to get a reaction so you can film it for clicks which i believe is what happened here let's not be naive is disgusting and i hate it i hate everything about it i mean notice how the mom actively involves the kid every step of the way so go get your your hat back baby go get your hat back no you get it back you're the adult what do you send it a seven-year-old to go retrieve his stolen property from an adult that would be like if i was in my house and i looked out my window and i saw uh you know my kid's bike is on the front lawn i see a man drive up and try to steal the bike and i yelled at myself you know hey go get your bike go get your bike go get it i'll wait in here and film it this will be good for youtube no um i wouldn't do that because again i care about my children's well-being i'm the adult uh if there's an adult situation i will handle it i keep my kids out of it and that's what we should all do let your kids be kids your seven-year-old doesn't need to be spending his nights holding signs outside the dnc he doesn't even understand what the signs say or anything he doesn't know anything about this he's seven years old he should be running around the yard you know making a tree fort or something even playing video games would be better than this let him be a kid just let him alone for god's sake all right um finally let's go to this i thought this was just wonderful in many ways and also relatable i've never related to lebron james really at all until i saw this clip so you're holding the autobiography of malcolm x along with alex haley i don't know how far you are into the book but what's your biggest takeaway so far um i kind of just started a couple days ago um but um i've read a lot of a lot of notes over the years it's my first time actually reading this from start to finish but just a very um very smart man very very very smart man and basically his words in the 60s and uh and what was going on is actually what's going on today still him understanding the how powerful the negro can be he use that word a lot how powerful we are um but we have to unite and uh we have to be together we have to stand strong because there's always gonna be obstacles there's also gonna be you know things that's going to be thrown at us where they try to weaken us they try to fill up make us feel like we're not kings and queens and it's going to come from all you know different races and different shapes and sizes and things of that nature and just a very powerful minded gentleman that's that's just great there i mean he didn't read the book at all obviously and the first clue is that he's holding it during the post-game conference with like why does he have his book with him did he think he was going to be able to read a few chapters in between each question um but like i said i relate to that painfully so it reminds me of well pretty much every day in english class when i was when i was a kid a teacher would call on me so so matt we were supposed to read chapter three of to kill a mockingbird last night what were your impressions of the chapter um chapter three oh yeah well geez whoo chapter three my goodness chapter three am i right chapter three it's just you know the main thing about chapter three is just like it's it's it's it's it's like it's you're you're part of the way into the story but you're not but there's still so much of the story and so like there's so much that's that's happening that has happened and but there's a lot that will happen and so the main thing is just like the three-ness of chapter three is what jumps out at me you know um and it never i i never got i got better at bsing as i got older uh but uh i never got much better than that unfortunately and neither did lebron james and but i will mention just one note for the kids uh if when you have school reading you should actually do it don't take your lessons from me and actually i discovered um when i left school that i really enjoy reading i just enjoy it when i'm not being forced to do it and i can read books that i really care about so it's funny how that works anyway uh so there's maybe uh we'll have to check in with lebron james in a little bit to get his full book report we're going to go to daily cancellation in just a second but um if you haven't heard by now joe biden is officially the democrat party's presidential nominee for 2020 very exciting we know this because they made me watch his acceptance speech at the dnc last week and it was the worst thing i've ever had to do and you might say that speaks to a very comfortable life maybe or it could just speak to how horrible the dnc convention was maybe both um they said that they had a good reason for me doing this though uh because i was you know i was hosting all access live over at with our all access members daily wires most exclusive membership tier all excellent members get to join these all access live sessions where one of our hosts hops on every night to chat with you both in live stream and in the comments usually these sessions are casual hangouts but on special occasions we host watch parties like that one this thursday august 27th we'll do it again live stream and all access live watch party for the final night of the rnc hosted by michael knowles the live stream will start at 8 45 a few minutes before the convention kicks off so make sure you tune in for that walsh right now to get signed up 20 off all access with coupon code access walsh with coupon code access to get 20 off your membership today for our daily cancellation we will be canceling the pollsters at cbs uh now the media and the left were engaged in more of their customary performative hysterics yesterday over the results of a recent cbs poll as a quick side note here this is this is yet another poll for which i was not contacted i have never been contacted about any poll or survey ever in my life neither has anyone in my family or anyone i've ever asked do they just pull the same 600 people where do they keep these are they being held in a dungeon somewhere or maybe like a robotic womb a lot of the matrix but these are questions for another day i suppose um in any case this poll asked respondents about the coronavirus um i don't know how they would even know about the virus from their matrix wound but that again is beside the point one of the questions was this is how it was it was framed the number of us deaths from the chronovirus has been and then the options are acceptable or unacceptable and as you can see 50 percent of republicans said it was acceptable while 90 of democrats bravely took a stand and said no no death is unacceptable entirely unacceptable i will not accept it and i guess this explains why i don't get called for polls because if they had asked me i would have said

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