The Craziest And Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory In America | Ep. 572
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03:04 "... q anon conspiracy theory alleges that ..."
05:53 "... worst of all this conspiracy theory has ..."
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09:19 "... now unlike q anon this conspiracy theory ..."
09:27 "... conspiracy theory to show up to ..."
09:48 "... people conspiracy theory to torch cop ..."
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03:00 - The Craziest And Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory In America

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we’ll talk about the most dangerous conspiracy theory in America today. And it’s not the one the media is freaking out about. It’s the conspiracy theory that is currently fueling rioting and anarchy in the streets. Also Five Headlines including BLM and Antifa protesters in LA use cars to chase down an innocent motorist and attack him. And the cops arrest the victim. Then a very special Daily Cancellation segment, dedicated to a very special person.

If you like The Matt Walsh Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: WALSH and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at on the matt welsh show we'll talk about the most dangerous conspiracy theory in america today and it's not the one the media is freaking out about it's the conspiracy theory that's currently fueling riots and anarchy in the streets also five headlines including a blm and antifa speaking of that protesters in la protesters in la they're using cars now to chase down innocent motorists and attack them and guess who the cops are arresting then a very special daily cancellation segment dedicated to a very special person you're not going to want to miss that all of that on the way but first you know these days it's really hard to find companies with good products reliable services but it will also support our values and work towards doing good things in the culture for a change there aren't a lot of companies like that out there unfortunately but they're here here's 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will be this show will soon be moving over to my personal page matt walsh that's where this show is going to live now you can still get it everywhere else on all the other platforms but if you want to watch on youtube then you're going to need to go to matt walsh plus there's a lot of other content over there on my channel so let's take a quick peek at that watch back then lesbian wasn't about sexuality a lesbian was just any woman not laughing at a man is the joke here that feminists are hysterical and oversensitive and constantly imagining that they're being persecuted when they're really not if that's a joke it's a pretty good joke but i suspect that's not the joke chasing these papers at 12 13 running around in these crazy with me and my keys first okay i i just feel like i could relate so much to what's being said here uh let's go back and review some of that he says i'mma turnt it up a little more this time used to dream about getting it now i got it i don't drive i had a spot like a varsity what did you have you buy 20 i'll front what you buy i put on drip i believe i can fly n words know that i'm rich but they know not to try this is incredible all right go to matt walsh and uh subscribe i beg you i plead with you i beseech you all right now um let's get into this i'm a little fuzzy on some of the details but as far as i understand it the q anon conspiracy theory alleges that donald trump is secretly at war with a global ring of satanic pedophiles and some shadowy agent who goes by code name q is keeping devotees of the theory abreast of new new developments uh through anonymous internet posts now there is about there's about as much solid evidence to support this idea as there is to support the claim made by a lot of the same people as it happens that the sandy hook massacre was a hoax which is to say there is no evidence as is usually the case with these sorts of things those advancing the conspiracy theories tend to think that the existence of a certain fact is itself sufficient proof for the whole cinematic storyline they've concocted to explain it sandy hook truthers point out that certain web pages memorial sites news articles etc were time stamped supposedly for before the attack occurred this along with a couple of other random points of data uh some true and some not is supposed to be all the evidence needed that 20 dead children never actually existed or were paid actors or whatever now a more logical explanation of course and one that doesn't require a whole frantic succession of additional unproven assertions is that time stamps on the internet are sometimes wrong and there's nothing terribly unusual or bizarre about that in the case of q anon proponents can point to the existence of global sex traffickers like jeffrey epstein and this somehow is supposed to strongly indicate that all the other claims made by some random guy posting on 4chan are reliable this is how conspiracy theories work they feed on our credulity and on our very human tendency to make sense of the world by drawing false connections assuming motivations and imagining hoping that reality is as decipherable and organized as it seems in hollywood films these theories are baseless and rather embarrassing but the media wants it once wants to make them into something more than that we're frequently told that cue acolytes are a danger to our democracy that they may turn violent at any moment yet with extremely rare exception that simply hasn't happened and there are no signs that it will start happening q anon remains a constant threat to spam our twitter threads and post wacky memes other than that there's no reason to fear them but there is another popular conspiracy theory that should perhaps cause some anxiety among the sane one with many more adherents vastly greater influence amplified by mainstream voices in media and entertainment and which has proven to be a real and catastrophic threat to our physical safety our system of government and the future of our democracy on an intellectual level it's no more credible than q anon or sandy hook and probably quite a bit less credible worst of all this conspiracy theory has the advantage of not being widely and properly considered considered or labeled a conspiracy theory which only increases its perceived legitimacy and causes it to grow and spread like mold in a flooded basement i refer to the theory that agents of white supremacy within law enforcement and without are hunting and murdering black people all across the country that's a conspiracy theory it is false after the grand jury decision was announced on wednesday a guest on msnbc ranted against quote state-sponsored white supremacy and killing of black people and claim that you can't go anywhere if you're black because blacks are being murdered by racist whites with such regularity uh let's listen to that that is why people are upset that is why protesters are mad at the media because they're tired of these discussions being teased out in ways that give justifications for nothing other than state-sponsored white supremacy and killing of black people it is so infuriating and so maddening you're not safe anywhere because because i can't go anywhere nicole if i go jogging i can end up like a mod arbor right so as proof of this extraordinary claim made it should be remarked by a black man who says he can't go anywhere and yet is sitting comfortably on national tv launching wild accusations against the very country that protects his right to do so safely but the guest jason johnson mentions three unrelated cases over the course of two years in two of the cases atatiana jefferson and botham gene the cops responsible were indicted neither case has any plausible connection to racism at all he also mentions ahmad arbory whose killers have likewise been charged this doesn't come anywhere close to justifying the claim that black people can't go anywhere for fear of being executed by state-sponsored white supremacists and he is of course completely ignoring the statistical reality that blacks are more likely to kill whites than whites are to kill blacks and that blacks are not significantly more likely to be killed during the course of an arrest than our whites he has done exactly what conspiracy theorists always do taking a few random facts or events plucking them out of context disregarding from the outset all alternative explanations for those facts making no attempt to view them from a wider perspective and constructing around them a far-reaching narrative that creates more holes than it fills and requires more explanation than it provides that's what conspiracy theorists do now johnson may be making claims that are absurd dangerous stupid and utterly lacking any factual basis whatsoever but he's not alone uh going out on that limb this is this is the the narrative presented by blm and its mouthpieces lebron james says that black people can't leave their homes because they're being hunted there's no elected democrat on the national stage who will publicly disagree with any of that and most have made similar statements the mainstream liberal media hollywood the democrat party all have joined with the delusional rioter in the street who speaks of a white supremacist conspiracy to exterminate innocent black americans none have offered any evidence of this conspiracy they have only random anecdotes all of which can be easily accounted for without recourse to imaginary genocides now unlike q anon this conspiracy theory has real world consequences one wacko was motivated by the pizzagate conspiracy theory to show up to comet ping pong pizzeria in dc and fire off three shots hitting no one but damaging a wall and a door and maybe a desk or something four years later this event is still trotted out as an example of the dangers of far-right conspiracy mongering meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people have been motivated by the white supremacists are hunting black people conspiracy theory to torch cop cars destroy buildings loot vandalize assault kill if pizzagate and q anon have dangerous implications then the theory promoted by blm is downright apocalyptic in its consequences it is intended to be those who propagate it are actively trying to destroy the public's faith in our institutions one's faith in our institutions will naturally tend to waiver if one seriously believes that they're run by genocidal white supremacists and now the calls for the abolition of police can be heard even from mainstream voices as well as the the radicals and militants who prowl our communities every night rampaging and pillaging feeling morally justified all the while because they're only tearing down a system that murders innocent black people in droves this is the conspiracy theory that burns our cities and tears our country apart and threatens to damage us in ways that i fear cannot be undone so if you're worried about dangerous conspiracy theories this is the 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they're out there every night being scumbags doing what scumbags do but this incident in la is above and beyond much of what we've seen so far so let's first watch the video and then i'll describe it for those listening on the audio podcast but watch it right now okay so you have there a driver trying to drive around the rioters who are in the middle of the street now yes they think we've seen this all across the country they think that they have the right to shut down any street they want to you know direct traffic they can do whatever they want um and if you try to it's not just it's not if you if you run them over if you try to just go around them to go down a street that they don't want you on for whatever reason then they think now they have every right to uh smash your windows assault you pull you out of the car kill you if that's what they decide to do so in this case you got a driver trying to go around the rioters they swarm his car he successfully escapes doesn't doesn't hit anybody is driving away on an empty street okay it's not like he's plowing through like a bowling ball going through rioters no he's going down an empty street and then what do they do they get into cars and they chase him in vehicles cut him off attack the vehicle and then and try to pull him out and finally at the end we see cops show up and arrest him the victim so two points here the first is that just again these protesters are monsters they are evil they'll they're soulless dirt bags the divide between good guy and bad guy in this situation is so clear we have rarely seen in america a political movement that was so thoroughly and obviously evil with no redeeming qualities whatsoever blm and antifa we're talking about one of the most evil political movements in american history utterly destructive violent and hateful attacking innocent people at random for no good reason not that it could be a good reason but they certainly don't have one also pathologically dishonest they lie about everything their whole movement as we've already discussed is based on total lies and fabrications so they're a lot like the pro-abortion movement in that way and there's a lot of crossover there too i imagine and the pro-abortion movement is is one of the one of the other most evil movements in american history so that's one point second point is that the police i think should be really careful about alienating the people who are on their side you see videos like that you know if you're a police officer as i'm sure you've noticed you don't have a lot of friends and it's probably not a good idea to alienate the few friends you do have but that's what's going to happen when we see law abiding innocent victims getting arrested like that and there are others speaking of alienating the good guys um let's uh maybe you've seen this video from a couple days ago here's a a christian being arrested and i believe this is in idaho for gathering to sing uh and and praise and worship watch in this but we recall the lord of god some past our own resources our enemies have fallen low but we are trouble calling [Music] you guys should not be doing this and doing this kind of crap for the mayor this is embarrassing yeah there was also a video that's been circulating of a woman being tased and arrested and cuffed for what for sitting without a mask on a you know mostly empty bleachers at a football game this is the kind of thing that's going to alienate the you know the people that are on your side the good guys going to alienate them with this sort of nonsense number two uh i love this from charles barkley listen to this you know i hear these fools on tv talking about define the police and things like that we need police reform and prison reform and things like that because you know who ain't gonna defund the cops white neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods so that notion they keep saying that i'm like wait a minute we just gonna leave who are black people supposed to call ghostbusters when we have crime in our neighborhoods we need police reform but like i say white people especially rich white people they're always going to have cops so we need to stop that defund or abolish the cops crap yeah just basic common sense there um and what does it tell you that at this point when somebody is on tv saying just basic common sense stuff all he's really saying is no of course we don't want to get rid of the police department are you kidding me and of course if you're in a neighborhood that's got more crime then that's all the more reason why you want police officers very basic common sense but what does it say i appreciate him saying it i don't mean to dismiss it or belittle it because it is important to say but what does it say about our culture that someone just making a basic common sense statement like that is is such a relief and you are so overcome with joy just to hear it you know it's like it's like a just a fresh cup of water when you've been wandering in a desert that's what it feels like a little cup of water a little cup of sanity amid the uh desert of madness so good job from charles barkley there number three a few days ago speaking of we'll get back into the madness part of it now a guy who goes by the name dreadhead cowboy an activist in chicago he's worked with mayor whitefoot uh over there in chicago and is well known for that locally and he decided to call attention to the issues by riding a horse down the highway in the middle of traffic so here's some of that you can see you can see him riding there all the cops were trailing well now the dreadhead cowboy is very shocked and appalled and victimized because he got arrested for that stunt shocker of shockers actually it is kind of a shock that they arrested someone in chicago for breaking the law so i appreciate that but the main charge is animal cruelty um the animal was ridden almost to death might still be euthanized it's in critical condition right now he he rode the animal seven miles on the pavement without proper equipment nearly killed it in the process all in the name of activism but here he is now of course as we know who who's the real victim here you block traffic rode a horse almost to death who's the real victim well it's him and here he is explaining that and defending his actions in a press conference listen my first time ever i'm just gonna go into i'm an animal lover period like all my life i always got an animal lover and four years ago it was my first hand ever been around a horse and two years later my first chance owning a horse and i fell in love with horses since then and i don't own up to nine horses and when i say it's a beautiful thing to own a horse and i couldn't even tell y'all the people that don't know anything about horses from looking for the outside end you would think that what i did was cruelty to animals but if you go to the racetrack you work a hundred times worse if you go to the turkish worse and get what like it's way worse than what i do to my heart and i probably could have did a little bit last but i had to make a statement they've done worse at the circus that's that that's his defense that may be one of the worst criminal defenses i've ever heard in my life they've done worse at the circus uh maybe if he gets arrested for murder he can say hey come on you know they they did worse in the roman coliseum haven't you seen gladiator come on guys give me a break we'll see if that works out for him it is chicago so maybe it will number four another one for the get your kids the hell out of the public schools file here's the report from the daily wire it says earlier this summer the fairfax county public school system in virginia paid twenty thousand dollars to host author ibram kendy for a virtual event on anti-racism the left-wing ideology whose adherents believe it is impossible to not be racist it's impossible to not be racist yet they hold seminars on how to not be racist according to a copy of the contract a link to the uh to which was included by journalist azra nomani the school district paid twenty thousand dollars to the penguin random house speakers bureau for a 45-minute virtual event with candy followed by a 15-minute q a session school released a statement defending it saying that um he's a leading anti-racist voice in america blah blah blah et cetera 20 grand for one hour online didn't even have to leave his house now i admit i i i am a little salty as the kids would say i i've done some virtual events during this pandemic um and i i've been paid for a few of them i can tell you that i don't get paid anything close to 20 000 for a virtual event actually it never even occurred to me to ask for that kind of money to sit when you don't have to leave your house like here's really the scale if i don't even have to put on pants to do the event then i feel like i can't ask for that kind of money that's the scale if i have to put on pants there's going to be an extra there's going to be charges and fees that are attached to that and i'll put that on the invoice of putting on the pants fee but when you're just skyping from your house 20 grand my god now i ask you to consider this though reflect on this is a country oppressing black people when a black man can get twenty thousand dollars to talk about how oppressed he is what do you think think about historical examples think about a you know other oppressive countries nazi germany the left often compares the two uh could people who were oppressed in nazi germany make thousands of dollars talking about that oppression i don't think so it almost seems like if you can get paid a lot if you can make a lot of money in a certain country going around talking about how bad the country is to you and how you're pressed pretty good indication you're not oppressed at all in fact the country is very kind to you and again you're doing very well in the country uh i don't know maybe i'm crazy number five finally important psa for you a black licorice fans out there a massachusetts man died last year from eating an excessive amount of black licorice doctors said on wednesday the unusual case was reported in the new england journal of medicine detailing how the man consumed a bag and a half of the candy this is from the new york post by the way i'm reading a bag of half of the candy every day for two weeks prior to his death licorice contains uh certain acids and things which can deplete potassium levels and contribute to heart rhythm problems according to doctors so he collapsed inside a fast food restaurant died the next day very sad of course um i will say though that i i recently discovered that black licorice is good um i i and i a lot of people are biased against black licorice i i think the the bias is is mostly because people and this is a big problem with food in general you have your first experience with black licorice when you're in childhood right and um when your palate is unrefined and you hate anything that isn't sickly sweet think about when you're a kid you could eat like pixie stix in fact i don't even know if they sell these anymore probably with all the public health people out there they can't but i when i was a kid they used to sell these massive like garden hose sized pixie sticks just full of sugar and so you would just take the garden hose of of sugar and spray it directly in your mouth and i enjoyed that now now i couldn't do that without vomiting that's because as your kid your palate isn't quite developed and you can't you can't deal with more nuanced complex flavors and so you try black licorice you don't like it brussels sprouts another one olives liver you got to go back around as an adult and discover that these things are actually good although apparently uh they can kill you within two weeks so that's the downside all right um let me get to our daily cancellation just one second but as part of our daily wire audience you know there are a number of ways to take in this podcast you may listen on apple podcast spotify another podcast app you can watch on youtube uh facebook over at daily wire bottom line there are a ton of ways to to you know enjoy this content but daily wire members can also now enjoy our shows on apple tv and roku so members can see all the visual elements of the podcast on on and our other shows as well on your big screen either live or on demand find the daily wire on apple tv or roku and and download today you have to be an inside member to watch live so head over to walsh and use code watch at checkout to get 15 off your membership purchase the deal is not going to last forever so make sure you go walsh 15 off with codewatch and you can download the daily wire on your apple tv and roku today today for our daily cancellation something special here a little different you know normally here i cancel someone that's why i call it the daily cancellation but today what i really like to do is flip it around and rather than canceling i'm going to defend someone from cancellation this is more of an anti-cancellation today i think it's important sometimes to come out to the defense of those who are unjustly accused unjustly canceled and frankly it's the right thing to do simple as that i believe in doing the right thing so today um the person i'd like to defend from cancellation is someone who is for my money one of our greatest living americans um a man of virtue and generosity who is unfairly maligned and does not deserve any of the negative treatment this person receives and i refer of course to myself i am the one who is being unjustly canceled and worst of all it's my wife trying to do it to me honestly i can't believe that my own spouse would try to cancel me in public that is something i would never do to her but again this is how it usually goes in my life i find that i am so often the victim while everyone else so often is wrong it's the burden i carry now my wife last week put me on blast as the kids say or did say in 2003 anyway this is what she tweeted she says hypothetically what would you do if your spouse forgot your anniversary clearly hypothetical situation that would never happen right matt walsh yes if you can believe it she is insinuating accusing me of forgetting our anniversary this is a libelous charge and she also has her facts completely wrong she says i forgot the anniversary even though our anniversary hasn't happened yet doesn't happen until late october or maybe november definitely sometime in there anyway the point is i cannot have forgotten that which has not occurred the reason she accuses me of this is simply that i may have hypothetically allegedly scheduled something for the same day as our anniversary something work-related which i may not be able to cancel or change at this point i may have done that because i may not have realized at the time of the scheduling that it was our anniversary i may have mentioned in passing to my wife so i may have said oh hey i got this thing coming up and she may have said you know that's our anniversary right and i may have responded oh sh but does this count as forgetting an anniversary well only in the sense that anyone in the world can be accused of forgetting anything now here's the argument i presented to my wife i came with facts and logic she simply couldn't handle it but here are the facts miriam webster defines forgets as quote to lose the remembrance of to cease remembering or noticing adds this to fail to think of take no note of okay so you're forgetting something if you're ceasing to notice failing to

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