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If you like The Matt Walsh Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: WALSH and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off atย on the matt wall show nearly 20 percent of america's restaurants have closed permanently because of the lockdowns and another 10 000 will be added to the list to the list soon we're told so the government has intentionally decimated one of our most important industries how can anyone feel anything less than rage over this also five headlines including the democrats uh setting to work to enact their radical pro-abortion agenda of course and an israeli scientist makes a stunning revelation involving space aliens and something called the galactic federation you're going to want to hear about this if you haven't yet big news plus we will cancel an anti-gun mall santa and much more today on the matt walsh show well you know in these very uncertain times a lot a lot of uncertainty it's important never been more important to hedge your invest investments with 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switzerland and acre also also if you want to be a little bit more ambitious and aggressive you can sign up for their 100 per month subscription so they've got the 30 a month um as sort of the base level package but you could also do 100 a month for their 5 gram gold bar whichever you want to do the point is that you can be an investor in gold you didn't think you could but you can here's what you got to do visit walsh and start investing in physical gold today make sure you go to the url because also acres will be giving away a gold bar and if you want to qualify for that giveaway which who doesn't you can tweet or post why you should be the recipient and mention at get underscore acre again that's get acre gold dot com slash walsh and thank you to acre gold for supporting the show so time magazine's latest issue echoes the hyperbole found all over social media by dubbing 2020 quote the worst year ever i think most of the people who say this don't mean it literally i hope anyway they don't mean it literally 2020 obviously is not the worst year ever i mean any of the years in the late 14th century when the black plague was in the process of wiping out half of europe's population were probably quite a bit worse than this one or say 1862 when over 20 000 people were killed in one day in just one battle of the civil war that was antietam uh that year was i'm guessing much more challenging than this one the same goes for 1861 1863 1864 or any of the years leading up to and preceding the civil war in fact i bet if you were transported to any year prior to our modern age anywhere on earth you would within hours be begging for the comfort and tranquility of america circa the year of our lord 2020. i'm not sure what exactly was happening in say 1648 or 1234 or 1705 but i do know that the nights were cold survival was hard people probably didn't smell very good your children not all of them probably would live to adulthood and you would probably be dead before 50. so no 2020 is not the worst year ever not even close to it and it's important to establish that fact because if we lose our sense of perspective then we will not be able to rationally evaluate our situation and make good and coherent choices in fact it is this lack of perspective this inability to rationally evaluate that has contributed greatly towards making 2020 if not the worst year ever at least a bad year and perhaps the worst in several decades it's what has scared people into submitting to tyranny from the government and as far as that goes i think we can say without melodrama or hyperbole that what the government has done over the past several months has been oppressive tyrannical and capricious to an extent unprecedented in our lifetimes at least this may not be the worst year literally in history but some of what has happened we have never seen before and it is very terrible indeed on that end here's the latest a report from cnn reporting some real and important news for a change i don't know if their normal editors are on vacation or what to let this slip through but here's what the article says it says about 17 of america's restaurants have already permanently closed this year with thousands more on the brink according to a new report the national restaurant association is publicly pleading with congress to pass new stimulus to help the industry that has been damaged by the pandemic the group said monday that 10 000 restaurants could close in the next three weeks in addition to the 110 000 that have already shuttered in 2020. now just to stop for a moment here uh to really think about this because you become numb to these numbers after a while 110 000 restaurants have closed this year 110 000. if i had told you in december of 2019 that in the following year over a hundred thousand restaurants would be closed first of all you wouldn't believe me second if you did believe me you would think that i was describing some kind of sudden economic apocalypse some sort of act of god coming out of the sky out of the blue to destroy an entire industry in one fell swoop and you would be wrong in that assumption this has been an intentional deliberate targeted act decision by our elected leaders now a little bit more from cnn it says the group released results from a survey of 6 000 restaurant operators revealing that 87 percent of full-service restaurants reported an average 36 percent drop in revenue and 83 expect sales to be even worse over the next three months as the virus continues to lash the united states sean kennedy executive vice president of the group said in short the restaurant industry simply cannot wait for relief any longer um he advocates for a quote true compromise between the competing democrat and republican proposals and hopes for a larger stimulus package of 2021 under the incoming by the administration cnn businesses dashboard tracking america's recovery shows a steep drop in restaurant reservations down 70 percent during the pandemic they recovered in september have fallen once again a bipartisan stimulus proposal could be unveiled this week it's unclear if the extension of the paycheck protection program which the group wants will be included now i said that cnn was reporting real news for a change but they can't help themselves of course as usual the media reports that even acknowledge the devastation will always blame lay the blame on the virus they lay the blame of the economic devastation on the virus well the virus and donald trump notice it says that the situation with restaurants will get even worse as the virus continues to lash the united states but it's not the virus doing this the virus hasn't closed one single restaurant our response to the virus has done that the distinction really matters because it's not as though this was unavoidable it's not as though a virus had to demolish the restaurant industry and put hundreds of thousands of people just from that industry alone out of work there were other ways of responding but we and by we i mean they the politicians the bureaucrats chose this way they did this not the virus economically anyway they are the ones lashing the united states not the virus virus and now we're told that the only solution is to rely on the people who cause the problem to begin with we have to beg them to hammer out a deal and pass a stimulus that's the solution which yes they do need to hammer out a deal and pass the stimulus if they're going to put millions of people out of work and shut down millions of businesses it's their responsibility to offer some kind of compensation but this is a band-aid at best not a solution it's not what will save the restaurant industry or any other industry from full collapse it's not what will save our economy or reclaim our country or win back the rights we've forfeited the only way to really reclaim what has been taken is simply to take it back not to ask for it to be given back but to take it business owners should just open their businesses no matter what the restrictions and ordinances say no matter what gavin newsom or andrew cuomo thinks about it flip on the open side unlock the door start doing business again churches should open their doors invite their congregations in not waiting for permission from the mayor or the sheriff or even their bishop if we're talking about a catholic church people who want to walk down the street without a mask should simply walk down the street without a mask this is how america became a free country in the first place if you're waiting for the government to give you permission to be free you've already lost the only way is to say i am free i'm an american and this is what i'm going to do try and stop me and maybe they will try and stop you maybe they won't if enough people join you won't be able to stop you if people don't join you then even so at least you can know that you did the right thing the american thing you didn't take the tyranny lying down you chose at least to be free now let's get to our five headlines [Music] so a report here from breitbart as the democrats get to work on enacting their extreme pro-abortion agenda uh it says on tuesday at 10 am house democrats led by connecticut representative rosa deloro will convene a hearing well did convene now hearing that will ignite their extreme abortion agenda including their goal of repealing the hyde amendment and forcing american taxpayers to fund abortions dolores tweeted the height amendment is a discriminatory policy and one that is routinely considered every year as a legislative writer but we are in a moment to reckon with the norm the hearing of the appropriations subcommittee on labor health and human services education related agencies is titled the impact on women seeking an abortion but are denied because of an inability to pay the lawyer said because of hyde too many are hostages to their geography in the coming congress the house spending bill will not include it uh then it goes on from there the height amendment again is as is referenced there um it it prevents the federal government from funding abortions and um now we we already by the way fund abortions effectively speaking because we fund planned parenthood to the tune of 500 bill billion well maybe we'll get there soon 500 million dollars a year and of course we're told oh that that money isn't used to fund abortions that's that that's that's separate money well money is fungible okay you pour it into the bucket i mean you could pour water into one side of a bucket and then some more water to a different side it's going to be hard to say which water is which right it all kind of mixes together it's the same thing with money so we already do but this is something that would allow the government to explicitly fund abortion uh without even pretending that they're not and this is this of course we know is the democrats agenda and i can tell you one thing if the republicans lose the senate i mean if these if these con artists down in georgia that are telling republicans not to vote if they get their way and the republican and the and the republicans lose the senate then i mean we're looking at of course left-wing radicalism across the board but in the abortion industry in particular they're coming in with a vengeance on the abortion issue because you know they feel like we have they have to pay us back for the fact that amy coney barrett was confirmed and this is why it is so infuriating to me that the republicans had a chance you know they had the house the senate and the white house for two years 2016 to 2018. they had a chance to make real progress and they didn't do anything really effectively in the end number two uh if you want to be thoroughly sickened here's a clip of new york governor cuomo and virus is our anthony fauci flirting listen to this uh maybe we enlist you i'll do it with you we'll do an ad telling new yorkers it's safe to take the vaccine to uh to you know put us together we're like the modern-day uh de niro and pacino you can be which whenever whichever you want you can be the de niro or pacino fauci and cuomo i'll give you a fun boy who do you want to be de niro or pacino which one do you want to remember i love them i don't want to insult one of the other if they want i don't want to hurt the feelings of the other yeah who's the politician so funny these guys couple of jokers having a lot of fun with it this is this is what gets me about cuomo is just how flippant he is he's been this entire time he's having a great time i mean andrew cuomo is having a great time with the chronovirus he's selling books he's doing he's given his you know he's given speeches he's doing his press conferences he's joking around with anthony fauci he's going on doing segments with his brother on cnn they're making jokes about his big ears with the big prop uh q-tip he's just having a hell of a time while he pretends to be taking it seriously which of course he isn't number three this is from the new york post it says a mom of three who was cleared of knowingly having sex with a boy who was only 14 now plans to capitalize on her notoriety by peddling images and videos on a raunchy website according to a report um taya vincent is her name she says she's thinking of doing an of starting up an only fan's account now taya vincent and only fans a subscription site where people go for pornography basically uh taya vincent 32 years old admitted to initiating sex with a 14 year old boy after inviting him and his buddy into her home this is in the uk now the mom insisted she thought that he was 16 which is the legal age of consent in in the uk um she uh had told the gloucester crown court i think it's pronounced gloucester it was a gloucester i don't know that it was only after they were finished in bed that the youngster panicked and convinced confessed his tender age but vincent was ultimately cleared after the court was told how the boy had lied about his age so they put they put the fault on on the kid and now she goes free and she's thinking of starting an only fan's account and a couple of things here first of all as usual with the reporting on these stories and of course you notice this whenever it's a a woman particularly if it's an attractive woman who quote has sex with a child that's how it's reported it's reported as well she had sex with a 14 year old or even sometimes you'll see the phrase sex romp i remember seeing that recently i think was actually a fox news headline uh it was a a woman had a had a sex romp with a with one of her students a teacher now this is not a sex romp this is not having sex this is rape that's what we call it and if she was a man that's how it be reported so and that's the other thing we see here of course is this is this enduring double standard when it comes to these kinds of issues that people just the courts don't take it as seriously i mean you you reverse the genders here let's say this was a 32 year old man having sex with a 14 year old girl he'd be in prison wouldn't he wouldn't be starting any you know he wouldn't be going into porn and people wouldn't speaking of being flippant people wouldn't be as flippant in response to it this is even the most supposedly enlightened feminist they still have this double standard no one can explain why you know why is it not as big of a deal for a woman to do this to a boy i i think it's as big of a deal i don't see any difference but the the reaction from the public is oh yeah the t when the teachers do it that's why we have there is a real epidemic in the public school system of teachers assaulting sexually assaulting students but it doesn't get the same kind of attention as say the epidemic that we had in the catholic church part of that of course is the media hates the catholic church but loves the public school system so they're trying to protect it but also a big part of it is that a lot of the high profile cases of teachers sexually assaulting their students it's female teachers doing it and the public just says ah i don't know not as big of a deal no one can explain why i would say regardless of gender if you're an adult sexually preying upon a child you're a scumbag equally man or woman that is my controversial take on that number four um here are two mostly unrelated headlines i'm just going to read the headlines to to you see if you can pick up on on sort of the game they're playing here first this is from the ap it says coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented surge of children and teens in psychiatric crisis that's straining an already stretched hospital system so we see here again the same thing that that cnn did with the with the economic crisis and restaurants being shut down saying the coronavirus pandemic has caused this unprecedented surge no it's not the chronovirus pandemic doing that it's that we're taking these kids i'll tell you what's doing it we're taking these kids we're locking them in their homes they're not going to school they're not seeing their friends you know they can't even go to a playground for some reason even now you go to a i saw a playground recently it was it was it was there's caution tape wrapped around it is there any indication any evidence that playgrounds are vectors of transmission i don't think so so we're not letting them get outside the house we're locking them in and um and also we're scaring the hell out of them making them wear masks everywhere i mean they don't they don't understand what's happening especially the younger kids that's why you have a psychiatric crisis again it's the response it's not the virus itself and then here's one here's a good one from the hill this is a headline from the hill it says mostly white crowd gathers outside of home of black ohio ohio councilwoman to protest public health order mostly white crowd so we've heard of the mostly peaceful crowd now here's the mostly white crowd and so these were anti-lockdown protesters who were protesting someone who was pushing a lockdown and but here's what the media does because i'll tell you what they would they would love it if these anti-lockdown protesters would be violent they would love that and they're really disappointed that none of these these protests never turn violent because these are mostly conservatives and conservatives don't engage in political violence that's a left-wing thing it's not a conservative thing so because they're not getting the violence they want instead they said well we'll just go to plan b here smear him as racist call it a mostly white crowd point out the racial dynamic of course they don't go anywhere with it they don't they don't they don't then say you know explicitly accuse these people of being racist because they don't have to it's the old dog whistle that we're always told about number five finally this is huge news i'm glad we could finally get to this um listen to this report this is also from the new york post if you haven't heard this i feel like this really matters i don't know it says space aliens have reached an agreement with the u.s government to stay mum on the experiments they conduct on earth as well as their secret base on mars until mankind is ready to accept them this according to the former head of israel's space program which he he claimed in an interview with the jerusalem post or rather the jewish press i should say the jewish press goes on to unspool the tangled web which claims the involvement of president trump and interplanetary diplomacy uh it says trump was on the verge of revealing the alien's existence but the aliens in the galactic federation are saying wait let people calm down first he said they don't want to start mass hysteria they want to first make us sane and understanding and so it's it's a really interesting part you go to the jewish press and read that i would recommend reading the whole report it's actually very extensive and they go into great detail from this guy uh what's his name i didn't even give you his name it's important to know uh hayam ished i mean this is a former high-ranking guy i mean a scientist saying there's a galactic federation aliens have been to earth they're here right now donald trump knows about it hasn't was wanted to tell us apparently donald trump is in in communication with the galactic federation i don't know if there's a special room down in the white house where you know there's a a big tv screen he can and he can have like a zoom calls with the galactic federation somewhere out in the in the galaxy uh but he was going to tell us and the galactic federation said no no they're not ready don't tell them i'll tell you what um i choose to believe this there's no reason to believe it it's pretty clear this guy just is going insane but i choose to believe it and assimilate it into my worldview and because of that my life just got like 35 percent more interesting and also i got 35 crazier but i think that's a trade worth making as somebody pointed out on twitter uh i i think the the least believable part of this i mean there are a few parts of it that maybe strain credibility a little bit the least believable part by far is that donald trump knows about aliens and hasn't told us was able to keep his mouth his mouth shut about it that's the part i mean i'm almost you can almost buy all of it even the galactic federation part until you get to that you say no there's no way trump to his credit trump if he knew about aliens you know he would tell us and that is also for me maybe the most disappointing thing about trump's presidency is that it basically confirms that the government doesn't know about aliens because trump would have told us for sure he would have at least hinted at it very strongly as he would say um and uh also another side note this does sound a little bit like scientology doesn't it galactic federation isn't that a scientology thing so tom cruise john travolta they were right all along all right before we get to our daily cancellation one other thing kind of a bonus story here um you know i'm a critic of hollywood i tend to hate most of the movies and shows that it produces but i have to say this new trailer which just came out i'm very hyped about this i think this has the makings potentially of a true cinematic classic uh in my view and uh one that will stand the test of time i'm sure and it gives us all something to look forward to here's the trailer watch this what the hell are you doing a lifetime original mini movie you don't answer my proposal and now you're not answering my call i think i'm falling for the new chef jessica is falling for harlan the cook leave jessica alone and skip he has a secret recipe that's going to change the world harlan claims to have some secret recipe a secret recipe spare me we all have our secrets if you marry my daughter i promise there'll be more long weekends in your future mom i have to tell you something we have a problem secret's out chicken man i'll take care of this ruining everything just kill him already where the hell are you harlan sanders the new chef mario lopez is colonel sanders in a recipe for seduction wow premieres uh at noon of course lifetime premiering in the middle of the week at noon so if you don't have a job um that that gives you something to look forward to i think i think this is great kind of an origin story for colonel sanders i'd like to see the origin story of arby next which of course is the the best fast food restaurant hands down so i mean a lot of crap coming out of hollywood but that's something that we can look forward to anyway before we get to the daily cancellation if you're uh scrambling right now and not sure what you know maybe you've got someone an important person in your life you haven't gotten them a christmas gift yet you're not sure what to get them you want to get them something meaningful well let 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