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00:39 AOC Finds The One Rioting Victim She Cares About

25% on your membership! | JOIN: on the matt walsh show aoc tearfully describes the trauma she suffered during the capitol hill riot but how much sympathy should we have and feel for a woman who encouraged and applauded this kind of writing until it arrived on her front door also five headlines including chicago teacher still bravely refusing to return to work dr fauci reverses himself on masks again and camilla harris's stepdaughter is hailed as a style icon in our daily cancellation we'll discuss hbo's new documentary celebrating open relationships we know that's got to be good all that and much more today on the matt wall show [Music] [Applause] so to a certain degree this is a flaw we all share you know all of us will take a thing more seriously care more about it when we or someone close to us is involved in it none of us are capable of absolute altruism or perfect empathy but if we have absolutely no concern for the tragedies that befall others even while demanding vocal and unending sympathy whenever we are the one suffering misfortune then we've gone far beyond the universal flaw of fallen humans everywhere in that case we're sociopaths we're even worse than sociopaths if we outwardly applaud and encourage bad things when they happen to others while still pulling the woe is me card should we ever get a taste of our own medicine many of our politicians in dc quite clearly fall into this second category representative alexandria caser cortez has especially provided an illustration of what happens when when when that naturally imperfect capacity for empathy gives way to full-on sociopathy aoc was talking to her fans on instagram uh instagram live last night and the fact that she has fans to talk to on instagram is a problem in and of itself but she began describing in dramatic and tearful terms the trauma that she suffered during the capitol hill riots the description was replete with visual demonstrations plenty of uh cinematic dramatic pauses and all the rest of it let's uh listen to some of this like i'm here and the bathroom door starts going like this like the bathroom drawers behind me or rather in front of me and i'm like this and the door hinges right here and i just hear where is she where is she and um this was the moment where i thought everything was over um and the weird thing about moments like these is that you lose all sense of time um in retrospect um maybe it was four seconds maybe it was five seconds maybe it was ten seconds maybe it was one second i don't know it felt like my brain was able to have so many thoughts in that moment between these screams and these yells of where is she where is she and so i go down and i just i mean i thought i was going to die and it gets even more dramatic from here next she began to describe what in who she was thinking about as she confronted her own mortality it turns out she was thinking about the american people and comforted by the knowledge that her work would be continued by those who come after her let's listen to that and i had a lot of thoughts you have a lot of thoughts i think when you're in a situation like that um and like also one of those thoughts that i had was you know i just happened to you know be a spiritual person and be raised in that context and i really just felt like you know if this is the plan for me um then people will be able to take it from here um i had a lot of thoughts but that was the thought that i had about you all um i felt that um if this was the journey that my life was taking that i felt that things were going to be okay um now she also said that she simply cannot move on from this trauma and anyone who demands that we move on is acting like an abuser she said that she has been sexually assaulted before in her life and she compared uh those who who wish to move past the capitol hill riots to her own sexual abuser and if all that wasn't enough for one instagram live chat aoc also also threw the capitol police under the bus the very people who put themselves on the line to protect her she tells us about one of the police officers who came to take her to safety and she said that she was scared of him because he was being mean about it and he was yelling yes he was yelling it's almost like you know there was a mob of people this guy was trying to deal with and he didn't have time for pleasantries seems understandable to me but aoc thought and still thinks that it's quite suspicious and was happy to tell us about that the media of course ate all this up insisting that her description of the riot was emotional and compelling and demanding uh and that it was demanding of our attention and affirmation and under normal circumstances i would have little problem with anything that she said aside from the part where she smeared the men who who were protecting her i have a problem with that but the rest under normal circumstances i would say okay well that's how she felt that's how she felt but her description of the fear she felt and so on um you know it would provoke no protest for me if not for the fact that this same woman had spent the last several months ignoring excusing and romanticizing the very same kind of chaos that she in turn fell victim to now i've played this before but let's remind ourselves so i think it could be helpful too let's remind ourselves what aoc said about blm rioting back in may let's listen to that if you're trying to call for the end of unrest but you don't believe health care is a human right if you're afraid to say black lives matter if you don't if you're too scared to call out police brutality then you aren't asking for an end of unrest you are asking for injustice to continue and for your people to continue to endure the violence of poverty the violence of a lack of housing access the violence of police brutality and not say a damn thing that's what you're asking for so if you're out here calling for the end of unrest then you better be calling for health care as a human right you better be calling for accountability in our policing you better be supporting community review boards you better be supporting uh you know the end of housing discrimination you better be standing up to for-profit real estate developers that are intimidating people and trying to evict them from their homes that's what you better be calling for because if you don't call for those things and you're asking for the end of unrest all you're asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression okay yeah if you want rioting then it means that you just want oppression to continue you want quiet oppression to continue and you have no right to call for the end of unrest uh uh uh unless you want unless you call out real estate developers the whole list of of demands you know so but what she's doing here of course is she's completely ignoring and erasing the people in these communities actual human beings who are affected by this injured by damage by killed by the unrest as you call it but for her it's all academic so sure we could get around to caring about that but first i've got a whole list of issues we need to uh discuss first note that she said all of that only two days after a police prince precinct was invaded and burned to the ground and on the same day that she recorded that video she also shared an image on her instagram giving people advice on how to protest safely and this advice advice included things like wear non-descript solid colored solid solid colored clothing uh cover identifying tattoos she exhorted protesters to put their phone on airplane mode and not to bring anything they don't want to be arrested with the point of this advice quite explicitly was to help people commit crimes and to engage in mob violence without getting caught or while at least limiting their legal liability if they are caught and this is the stance she had towards riding all through the summer two billion dollars in damage 25 people killed the only people she condemned throughout all of that were those who wanted the violence to end those who wanted to be safe in their own communities again but the shoe ends up on the other foot and she comes face to face with the kind of anarchy that she fomented and encouraged and she responds by crying and pointing fingers and demanding sympathy and understanding from the whole world what happened to her is the greatest crime in history a staggering tragedy because it happened to her as for the violence death and destruction visited upon average americans the convenience store owners who saw their businesses incinerated the retail employees whose places of work were ransacked the neighbors who were too afraid to leave their homes because of mayhem outside the cancer-stricken children huddling in fear in their cancer centers while blm riders smashed the windows downstairs the woman in rochester who was beaten by two by fours while trying to stop looters from destroying her business the retired police captain shot dead left to bleed out in the street random pedestrians harassed and assaulted and so on as for all of them aoc has no concern doesn't care never said a word about them ever still has not never even acknowledged them in fact she applauds their victimization she sits back at a distance and pontificates about uh their suffering and declares that their suffering is worth it because it's all in service to a good cause because we're sticking it to those real estate developers yeah i mean so they burn down apartment complexes that that'll really that'll really you know that'll really show the real estate developers no no well the problem is that they're people are going to live in those homes actual regular people aoc doesn't care about them she doesn't give a damn about them you know it's all for a good cause what is that cause exactly and how does how does this advance it well she can't say precisely nobody ever could all she was sure of is that two billion dollars of property damage and 25 people dead wasn't enough to earn condemnation indeed anyone who condemned it was racist and then one day she gets an up close and personal look at what rioting is and what it feels like on the ground and she sees that it's not just unrest it's terrifying she was fortunate enough to get that look have that experience as a heavily protected public figure with cops around to whisk her to safety which they did not not that she has any gratitude for those people who protected her of course but the fact remains that she had that protection you know who didn't have that protection how about the elderly man in kenosha who went to stop the blm riders from looting his mattress store only to be attacked bashed over the head and left lying on the sidewalk with a broken jaw he had no protection he had no defense after the fact either from people like aoc she didn't give a damn about him or anyone else any of the thousands of others victimized in similar ways over the summer quite the contrary she romanticized the sort of violence that he fell victim to while her democrat pals helped to bail out the rioters and put them back on the street to do it all again the next day she wants us now to forget all that and focus on her and her own alleged trauma that really is the motto she lives by isn't it forget all that and focus on me hey guys i feel like we're not talking about me enough here but sorry aoc a lot of us are just not going to play that game we're not we have no doubt that what you experienced was quite unpleasant not as unpleasant as being beaten or brutalized or shot dead as so many americans were during the blm riots but unpleasant all the same maybe if you admitted your role in normalizing and encouraging this sort of violence and apologized for it and held yourself to account then we could make some progress we could get somewhere but you won't do that you aren't capable and so you just can't get the sympathy you desire let's get now to our five headlines well i won't even count this as a headline because it's not worthy of it but i do have to mention that today is february 2nd which means it's groundhog day um and uh that's when we pull the groundhog out of course and we see if it uh saw shadow i still don't know but i've we got the footage here and for some reason i'm gonna play this we'll play some of it anyway uh they pulled out punks punxsutawney phil to see what's going on are we going to have more winter or not and let's let's play let's play the footage let's find out what phil has to say come around hi what do you think wait a minute let me see this one is it this one okay okay oh he's talking to the groundhog right now by the way you look beautiful today all right he's whispering sweet nothings in the groundhogs here we think we have a prediction shingle shaker can you read it i've never seen this before i didn't know how this actually worked okay here's here's the prediction hear ye hear ye hear ye now this second day of february 2021 the 135th annual track of punxsutawney groundhog club punxsutawney phil the seer of sears the president what's the prediction of all prognosticators was awakened from his birth can we get to the point on this quiet morning where a few kennedys yes we get it in groundhog he's phil directed the president and the inner circle to his prediction scroll that reads it's a beautiful morning this i can see okay i give up i've listened to enough you know what we're not we're just not gonna know we're not gonna know if there's gonna be more winter or not we never got the prediction i mean i get see i i understand you have to drag it out because you've made this tradition out of talking to a groundhog and so you got to figure out ways to add pageantry to it but just get to the point i have to i've actually never watched that before i think my only um experience with groundhog day like everybody else is the bill murray movie and uh but i've never actually watched it live like that i've never seen the real thing and it's even dumber than i ever expected it would be it's kind of embarrassing to watch are we can we be done with the whole groundhog day thing i get it it's a you know it's a quaint tradition i understand but is it look i'm not trying to be a hater well i guess i am but isn't it a little bit too stupid it's a it's a little bit too stupid right um okay i did just look it up and it turns out we're gonna have six more weeks of winter so just bad news all we ever get is bad news anymore now even the groundhog couldn't even do us a favor by giving a spring early all right um okay let's move on to real news a chicago teachers union member was on cnn yesterday to talk about what it would take to get her back to work and here's what she said your union says that agreements were reached on some serious issues like health and safety protocols ventilation contact tracing and safety committees what is outstanding what are your concerns that remain well my concerns that remain um the number one concern i have is that kovit is still spreading in chicago many of the communities in which we teach covet is well above 10 community spread and i don't believe that we've reached an agreement on the question of how are vaccines going to be distributed to the people who work in the schools let alone people in those hardest hit communities we really have not reached agreement on the question of accommodations for people like myself i live within a multi-generational household with my public school student as well as my elderly parents my mother has very serious health um concerns and disabilities come so far and coveted we see the vaccine it's like a light at the end of the tunnel and the idea of exposing her now to this virus is terrifying so a really big issue sorry i was still just thinking about the groundhog actually let's think about groundhog state those these people they put on a suit and top hat to go talk to a groundhog and the thing about it is that there's no doesn't appear to be any it's not like tongue-in-cheek they don't they don't appear to be in on the joke it's like they're really taking it seriously it seems like yeah i say it's when it's course uh they've been doing groundhog's day for like 100 over a century i think well over a century this of all the traditions all traditions are getting torn down all around us this is the one we keep doing talking to the groundhog i guess i should take the opposite approach because we're getting rid of all the other traditions let's cling on to any that we still have and groundhog day is one of them so anyway uh yeah the teacher was just uh speaking there i i did tune her out a little bit because you know what i'm tired of the excuses and uh what what's she she was asked you know what's it gonna take to get back in the schools and you notice she didn't say well i want to get back into school to to you know be there for the kids and educate the kids this is never about the kids you notice that with these teachers that are refusing to go back to work it's not about the kids the kids are just just disregarded it's not even that they're worried um about the kids getting sick it's not about the kids at all the kids are are disregarded are not a concern whatsoever it's all about them and so say this me me me this is how i feel this is what it's gonna make me feel like and so she says what's gonna take to get her back in the school is if there's no more community spread which is another way of saying she's never going back because coronavirus is going to be here it's going to be with us probably forever to some degree or another and if it ever completely goes away it could be years down the line i mean literally years it's already been one year so that's the the standard she said here's the great thing though you got to look at it from the from the other way look at the kind of silver lining that the teachers at this point who are still refusing to go back to work are all of the worst teachers anyway these are all the worst ones these are all the ones that you don't want teaching your kid so fire all of them that lady fire her take her job away fire the rest of them if that means you're firing thousands of teachers all at once fantastic these are all the terrible ones the good ones want to go back and you know what you separate here's how the main way you separate the good teachers from the bad ones okay um it this is not the only thing but this is a big part of it the good teachers care about their students and they actually want to educate their students and it matters to them the bad ones don't care and as i can tell you from experience being in the bubba school system for 13 years as i was growing up you can tell when you're in the classroom with a teacher who doesn't care about you and doesn't care about the education and doesn't care about anything and it's just there because it's a because you know she wants to to sit on her butt at the desk hand out busy work and make a paycheck as you know as the students aren't stupid they can tell the difference this is a great opportunity really because all of the sit on the button hand out busy work type teachers they're all they're all identifying themselves so what we should be doing is saying awesome you're all fired thank god literally nothing is lost all right number two from vanity fair um it says in the past actor and activist evan rachel wood has spoken about the alleged abuse she was subjected to by an unnamed ex in an instagram post early monday morning she put a name to the allegations she wrote quote the name of my abuser is brian warner also known to the world as marilyn manson he started grooming me when i was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years i was brainwashed and manipulated into submission i'm done living in fear of retaliation slander blackmail uh i am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the the many industries that have enabled him before he ruins any more lives i stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent and uh apparently so this has started a sort of a metoo thing with marilyn manson other women have come forward and said he uh was abusive to them now you know innocence will prove guilty and all that kind of stuff so we can't declare uh what what is actually true and what isn't um i will say that i i find his accusations to be very credible considering it's marilyn manson we're talking about it's nothing shocking here at all i mean this is a guy like if you go back apparently he's still making music which uh that's that's the only surprising thing to find out he was dropped by his record label the only surprising thing about that is that he had a record label still so he's still making music but at least going back to the 90s all the 90 kids 90s kids no marilyn manson he used to he would get arrested for committing sexual assault on stage and if my memory serves me correctly this happened more than once where he would commit sexual assault for everyone to see on stage and he would get arrested for it then he would just be back out doing it again so um yeah no not a surprise there and it although it does make you wonder like why so evan rachel wood apparently got got mixed up on this when she was a teenager um so you know there was grooming that went on she was a kid and so you cannot you understand that right a lot of other women are coming forward i don't know um it's it's you do wonder how a guy like this managed to have any women interested in him at all um or why anyone would come anywhere near this freak in the first place but that's uh one of the mysteries um then again you know there are serial killers in prison who you know end up and end up getting married so i suppose it's not surprising after all number three we played the clip for you last week of dr fauci saying that it's common sense um to wear two masks to double mask you said that's common sense let's play that clip again again this is him he was asked about about wearing two masks he said you said common sense but let's play it so if you have a physical covering with one layer you put another layer on it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective and that's the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an n95 okay so he says uh common sense or two mass there you go a couple days later this is i don't know three four days later uh he the the subject of double masking is broached again and this is what he says this time there are many people who feel you know if you really want to have an extra little uh bit of protection maybe i should put two masks on there's nothing wrong with that but there's no data that indicates that that is going to make a difference okay okay so it's common sense to do it but there's no reason to think it'll make any difference probably won't make any difference there's nothing wrong with it but it's common sense to do it i guess there's a way you could make all of that make sense together i mean i guess there could be things that seem like common sense even though there's no data supporting doing it i guess you could say that um but that's that doesn't appear to be his and here's here's the problem that we get these these messages that contradict or seem to contradict and it's never explained he doesn't he doesn't say in that interview oh you know i know i said this before about uh double masking let me clarify here's what i meant to say let me give you the whole deal they just say one thing one day something else three days later and it's up to you to interpret and to figure it out a lot of people a long time ago threw their hands up and said forget this i just don't trust these people they're telling me different things they're contradicting themselves i don't care what they say it's hard to blame people for taking that attitude when you consider this and you consider the fact that we're a year into this and we're still getting contradictory information so you can't even use the excuse anymore that it's early on and they're confused and they don't really know themselves they're trying to they're trying to feel their way through it um that excuse i wasn't convinced by that excuse back last march certainly not convinced by it now number four this is from the daily wire says the news website of a christian organization was suspended from its twitter account last week for saying that dr rachel levine the assistant secretary for health at the department of um health and human services and the former health department secretary of pennsylvania is a biological male so they were suspended for for saying that rachel levine is a biological male the daily citizen which is a a part of focus on the family engaged in hateful rhetoric supposedly according to the social media platform when they tweeted january 19th this is what they tweeted on tuesday president-elect joe biden announced that he had chosen dr rachel levine to serve as assistant secretary for health at the department of human of hhs dr levine is a transgender woman that is a man who believes he is a woman twitter suspended the account for that now they did apparently um after i don't know a couple days or several hours they did reverse the suspension without explanation and put after a little bit of a time out in the corner they just they let the account go back up again never explained anything they never explained how this is hateful rhetoric and it's not what was said there there was no value judgment there was no insult um nothing like that they correctly observed that it's a biological male who believes he's a woman that's what it is that's what that's what that's what it is to be it's with the trans woman that's what it means now i realize that people on the left they don't like that definition but once again the same problem we always go back to they don't like that definition but they've never given their own just like they don't like the definition of woman but they never told us what they think the definition should be because they just want everything hazy and and obscure and and undefined and the great thing about that is if a word and a term if a concept is hazy obscure and undefined then they can use it however they want and you can't criticize them because it doesn't really mean anything anyway now although twitter have reversed the suspension this is you know this to me is kind of this would have become sort of the final straw um and i we are heading to this point we're not quite there yet i think twitter and the social media companies they're experimenting they're kind of treading lightly and seeing what they can get away with but this is when it's sort of game over when you're at the point where you cannot even speak accurately about biological sex without being banned from the platforms as it stands right now most of the time you can so for twitter the rule is as far as i can tell and it's it's not that they ever explain these things but as far as i can tell most of the time if you go out and say for example this a trans woman is a man who believes he's a woman most of the time you'll be fine you could talk about you know you can even criticize the concept of transgenderism what they won't let you do is say this directly to a trans person you do that you're gone you quote unquote misgender a trans person you're gone but as far as speaking in general abstract terms they'll let you do that not for long eventually you won't be able to do that anymore and when that happens it's just game over there's at that point it's there's this they've made it so that you cannot engage honestly um on these social media platforms and in order to be on the platform you have to you have to buy into and affirm a lie in order to even be there and that's when real decisions i think have to be made by conservatives on these platforms not there yet but that's where we're headed uh all right this is from yahoo says a week after turning heads at the inauguration in support of her stepmother vice president camilla harris um which her stepmother is vice president camille harris of course ella emhoff has landed a lucrative modeling contract so this is the 21 year old stepdaughter of camilla harris the daughter of second gentleman douglas emhoff

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