BLM Is Outraged That A Cop Saved A Black Woman From Getting Stabbed To Death | Ep. 706
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00:53 BLM Is Outraged That A Cop Saved A Black Woman From Getting Stabbed To Death

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the Left and BLM continue to be outraged over a cop who saved a black woman from being stabbed to death. They say the cops had no right to shoot someone just because they were trying to stab another person. This is yet another example of the Left’s total rejection of personal responsibility. Today I want to talk a little about personal responsibility as it relates to these police shootings. Also Five Headlines including the White House releasing one of the most repugnant and irresponsible public statements we’ve ever heard from any White House, while LeBron James doxes the cop in the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting. And a female athlete sues after being benched and forced off her soccer team for refusing to take a knee in solidarity with BLM.

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Join today: the matt welsh show the left and blm continue to be outraged over a cop who saved a black woman from being stabbed to death they say the cop had no right to shoot someone just because they were trying to stab another person this is yet another example of the left's total rejection of personal responsibility so today i want to talk about that i want to talk about personal responsibility as it relates to these police shootings also five headlines including the white house releasing one of the most repugnant and irresponsible public statements we've ever heard from the white house and i don't think that's an exaggeration speaking of repugnant and irresponsible lebron james doxes the cop in the micaiah bryant shooting also a female athlete sues after she was benched and forced off her soccer team when she refused to take a knee in solidarity with blm and our daily cancellation and so much more today on the matt wall show [Music] [Applause] well as the outrage of protests over the shooting of mikaya bryan in columbus ohio reaches its third day now we've come to a point that few were probably expecting many on the left including quite prominent people on the left which we'll talk about later on have decided that although we still should not have the right to bear arms we should and do have the right to stab each other with large kitchen knives or at least some of us have that right it's now clear of course and was clear from the moment the body cam footage was released that mikaya bryant though she was only 16 years old sadly brought her death on herself by attempting to stab another person and doing it right in front of a police officer that's one of the best ways to get yourself shot by a cop is to try to kill someone in front of a cop um and that copper to ride arrived on the scene because of reports that somebody was trying to stab people the shooting was not it's not only justified but it's a it's a textbook justified shooting this should literally be in textbooks at the police academy to show what a justified shooting looks like yet as we've discussed the left at really asks only two things there's only two things they care about when anytime somebody dies what they want to know is was it a cop who killed that person and was the person black if the answer is yes on both counts then by hook or crook or butcher knife they'll find a way to condemn the officer as not only a murderer but a racist murderer and this time it has led them to claiming that knife fights quote unquote are just a normal part of growing up this is a normal thing a bit of childish mischief you know your mom would yell out to when you're out in the backyard hey you guys aren't having another night fight are you knock off with those hijinks that's none of that we don't do any knife fights who among us has not tried to stab someone else in the gut with a large blade they ask let he who has never attempted to stab someone cast the first stone and they're surprised when millions of stones rain down on them because most of us have never tried to do that so two examples of this um talking point should suffice i think and there was a lot of this yesterday but let's just go with two examples valerie jarrett and obama lackey tweeted this yesterday she said a black teenage girl named mikaya bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight demand accountability fight for justice hashtag black lives matter activist bree newsome had this to say she said teenagers have been fighting have been um have been having fights including fights involving knives for wait let me back up teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons we do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of these teenagers okay the first problem here the first problem here is that it's completely bonkers uh the second is that this was not a knife fight i don't mean to get all technical but this was a person with a knife trying to stab somebody who didn't have a knife so that's not a knife fight that's what we generally in the business we'll call attempted murder right the third problem is that knife fights are not normal teenage activities unless you're living in in the west side story this is not a normal part of growing up now i could say i grew up in a school system where fights were unfortunately common but i never saw anyone get stabbed i've never even seen someone wheel the knife in anger in my entire life um the you know the only i i cut myself once accidentally while trying to whittle an arrow with a with a out of a tree branch long story don't ask that's all of the knife related carnage that i personally have ever witnessed maybe i've lived a sheltered life i don't know maybe kids are out there dueling it out with sharpened blades on a regular basis you know i played kickball as a kid dodgeball tag pickup basketball it never occurred to me to to to uh add a stabbing element to any of these games but again maybe that's just me and if leftists grew up in an environment where kids were constantly stabbing each other i find that hard to believe but it would also explain a lot but this is the absurdity the left reduces itself to and the reason aside from the racial narrative uh which they're trying to establish and the anti-police anti-law and order narrative all of which we've talked about many times and we'll continue to talk about but underneath all of that is a rejection of uh personal responsibility it's funny because they say accountability valerie jarrett said we need accountability that's exactly what you don't want because what they're really saying is that it's not mikaya bryant's fault that she was trying to stab someone it wasn't dante wright's fault that he was committing armed rob that he committed armed robbery and then was there was a warrant for his arrest and then he resisted arrest that got shot in the process it wasn't jacob blake's fault it wasn't george floyd's honor no no it's none of their phones the fault cannot rest with any of those individuals or anyone close to them it must be deflected out projected pinned on the system the police white supremacy america that's where all of the the blame and the fault and the responsibility it sort of disperses out like that this is a really insidious and harmful thing not just to the people being unjustly faulted for the actions of others but for the people who aren't being faulted it's it's damaging there too for people who are being deprived of agency now you could point out that makaya bryant was a kid in foster care she was 16. uh she had a rough life presumably you know she didn't have guidance in the home she didn't have moral formation she didn't have any of these things that a child needs her mother was in front of tv cameras minutes after she was killed i mean right away the mom was out in front of tv cameras uh talking about what an angel her daughter was but her mother apparently wasn't raising her she wasn't in the home with her own daughter none of this takes all of the fault away from the person wielding the knife no matter how old or young they happen to be but it does put it in a certain context and it does mean that you can't put all of the blame on the kid right but then who does get the blame the cop the guy who showed up to stop someone from getting stabbed to death no responsibility for an individual's actions has to rest with the individual and those closest to them those exerting the greatest influence over those act their actions those who are directly responsible for them so for a child that means the parents the family beyond that there's there's even some blame a lot of times that you could put some of the blame on the community in this case what was the community around mikaya bryant doing there were it looked like there were community members there before the cops came did they try to intervene even just verbally did they step up to preserve the lives of these kids if you watch the um the uh body cam footage there's what looks to be an adult male there i don't know who he is or how he's related to this um and it also looks like he's in the process of trying to stomp on another girl who had just who had just been pushed over that's what it appears i mean it doesn't seem like this guy whoever he is uh it doesn't seem like he's trying to defuse a situation at all maybe we put some responsibility with him in the case of adam toledo the 13 year old shot by police after going off with his gang friends to shoot shoot at passing cars at 3am we know that his dad didn't live with him his mom didn't even report that he was missing when he had left the house two days before and didn't come home um and the the older guys in the community he was he was hanging out with a 21 year old guy this 13 year old who was shooting guns with so that guy and the other people in his gang rather than being good role models that's what they're doing with him they are inducting him into this kind of lifestyle so there's a lot of responsibility there see all of it falls on localized groups of individuals and none of them are wearing badges speaking of a commute of community there was a mass shooting which you probably didn't hear about at a child's birthday party in louisiana a few days ago um six kids were shot including a 12 year old boy dozens and dozens of people were there cops think that you know two groups of of guys were feuding and that's where the shooting started um but nobody will talk to talk to the cops you know like no one in um at the party no one no one around is talking to the cops no one will step up for the sake of these injured kids and make sure that justice is done the criminals are protected covered for the lives of the children are not prioritized justice is not prioritized you know that becomes a priority only when a cop is pulling the trigger personal responsibility is rejected denied individuals not wanting to be responsible for their own behavior parents not wanting to be responsible for their children communities not wanting to be responsible for themselves that's the theme here and it's a problem that can be found culture-wide country-wide you know the left has sowed the seeds for this the left has worked for decades to instill in people's minds that they're not responsible for their own actions that their destiny is not under their own control that all bad things that happen to them are somebody else's fault that they are a victim and only in embracing that victim mentality can they find freedom and power that's what the left tells everybody and millions of americans have taken that to heart that's the message that's been destroying our civilization you can't have a functioning civilization of people who won't be accountable for their own actions for their own choices for their own behavior it can't work it's not working look personal responsibility it's not just a buzzword it's it's a beautiful thing it's an empowering thing um it's it's not just what leads to success in life though it does you can't really have success until you're until you take ownership of your own failures and faults but more than that it leads to fulfillment and meaning and purpose and happiness there's no meaning in a life that you are not responsible for if you're just a passive participant a spectator of your own existence then there's no point to it there's no joy to be found in it there's no meaning to be discovered there's only nihilism and despair and we have a whole lot of that in our culture in our cities everywhere that's how it's going to be until people all people embrace the sort of frightening but profound truth that you are a human being you have agency you decide what you will do it's your decision you have control over your own life so take control that has to be the message now 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forward to that you know flying i i just can't the only problem i'm excited to be to be out and and speaking again in front of actual crowds of living people and i'm hoping to do more of that you know after the whole speaking circuit was shut down for over a year basically but flying has always been a challenge for me now even more so when you have to wear a mask the whole time and also it's become i don't know i i can't explain why it bothers me so much but it just does when i'm sitting this happened to me yesterday flying out to austin pretty short flight but um you know i'm sitting on the aisle seat and it's this all this is the other thing always happens to me um there's no one sitting in the middle and i'm thinking thank god you know we lucked out we're one of the only all every other middle seat is filled we get the empty middle seat this is gonna be great i got elbow room and then the last guy to get on the plane there's one last straggler who gets on because they didn't lock the door in time and then he takes that seat but anyway he sits down there and um first he's got a starbucks drink um one of those frozen drinks with a straw so that's strike number one just drink a regular coffee like a man but he's he's got his he flips the mask up doesn't take the mask off he just flips it up and inserts the straw under the flipped up mask and is slurping through the straw and then they come through and they're handing out snacks like little bags of pretzels so he opens the bags bag of pretzels doesn't take the mask off just flips it up puts in a a pretzel puts the mask down chews takes another pretzel flips the mask up again inserts and i'm catching this out of my peripheral and it is driving me insane i i don't know exactly why it annoys me so much but i just wanted to say it like dude take the mask off and enjoy your your your girly drink take the mask off and have the pretzel okay what is this accomplishing you think you get partial cover from kovit if you at least haven't flipped up and it's still attached to your face somehow my god um all right number one jen saki yesterday addressed the mikaya bryant shooting and her response the official white house response this is not off the cuff this was prepared in advance you'll notice that she's reading this like she does with almost all of her answers uh it's one of the most repugnant things i've ever heard i it really is at least from a white house so let's uh let's watch that first has the president been briefed on 16 year old mikaya bryant being shot and killed by police in columbus ohio yesterday it happened moments before the show converted came out yes um said yes and let me let me just say since you gave me the opportunity uh the killing of sixteen-year-old michaela bryant by the columbus police is tragic she was a child we're thinking of her friends and family in the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss we know that police violence just proportionally impacts black and latino people and communities and that black women and girls like black men and boys experience higher rates of police violence we also know that there are particular vulnerabilities that children in foster care care like micaiah face and her death came as you noted just as america was hopeful of a step forward after the traumatic and exhausting trial of derek chovin and the verdict that was reached so our focus is on working to address systemic racism and implicit implicit bias head-on and of course to passing laws and legislation that will put much-needed reforms into place at police departments around the country has the president been briefed on it yes my lord i i mean i'm not surprised or anything like that but systemic racism you he was saving a girl's life and this is the president of the united states through a written statement from his spokeswoman throat not throwing under the bus is not a strong enough term here you know he he is just he is feeding this guy to the mob and they know better these peop some of the activists out there on the street okay many of them are absolute morons really really stupid and they're also indoctrinated and brainwashed and that's the case for again personal responsibility i'm not taking responsibility away from them um especially if you're you know running out of a foot locker with a bunch of stolen shoes the responsibility falls on you but many of them are really brainwashed and and they they really do believe because they've been told by people like jen saki and joe biden that uh cops are out there hunting and killing black men and so on um but jenn saki and joe biden and everyone else in the white house they they know they watch that video they know exactly what happened there they absolutely know that it's a justified shooting but they say who cares i don't this cop he saved someone's life i don't care now his life is over it doesn't matter to me it means nothing to me he's not a human to me never mind the fact that what why is why is the president being briefed on does the does the president united states get briefed every time there's a police shooting does he does he does he gets an individual brief for every police shooting does he is that is that part of being the president is that a normal function of the office i didn't think it was but if he was briefed then uh yeah he knows about the knife and he knows all of that he knows the cop was called to the scene because someone was trying to stab people he gets there he sees someone with a large knife trying to stab people oh no i better stop her these dirt bags are they want to destroy civilization that's what they want to do they want to they we always hear from the left burn it to the ground burn it all to the ground and we know they mean that in a very literal sense when they're burning a cvs to the ground but they also do as they will gladly tell you they want to burn our civilization and our culture and country to the ground and rebuild it into this dystopian grotesque monstrosity and that's um the white house is fully on board with that all right the sports world is chiming in about all of this and of course we always want to know what uh people in uh you know who what they do for a living as they talk about other they talk about people playing games and they analyze how those other people played those games but um we really want to hear them chime in on some of these deeper social issues so steven a smith took exception with uh some of the things that tucker carlson said about the chauvin verdict and let's listen to that you just wonder sometimes this is the kind of things that leads to the divisiveness that we're talking about because the video was there for all of us to see i mean you saw folks on both sides of the aisle talking about this police officer and how egregious his actions were matter of fact i think i heard tucker carson saying that one time this was egregious etc etc yet last night he's talking about how people there's people on the jury that probably found him guilty because you know they were afraid i don't have the direct quote in front of me but i saw it and i read it to make sure that i had i i saw what i read and i read what i saw and you just wondered sometimes these are the kind of things that make people shake and make people shiver because you realize that in the face of such obvious flagrant evidence conspicuous evidence there's still going to be somebody that opens the subject to debate when there are certain things that are simply not debatable we saw what derek shoving did saw it the world saw it there were protests all over the world because of what happened to george floyd and yet he goes on national television last night yeah and says that that's a problem i'm not going to disrespect him i'm just saying that's a damn problem it's not debatable yeah uh aria a scholar here a philosopher and a scholar these are the kinds of things that make people shake and make people shiver what why why are people shivering because of what taku carlson said about the derek shelvin case i'm not sure i follow that exactly but his his main point to to the extent that it could be to cyber his main point is that um he he believes a certain thing about the derek shoving case and everyone he knows believes that thing and the media is saying a certain thing and there are people all over the world who who believe that thing which is that derek shelvin is a murderer and deserves to go to prison which is what's going to happen now um unless he is successful on appeal but he believes that and everyone he knows and all these people believe that and so where did you come off disagreeing tucker carlson how could you disagree with what how could you disagree with what i think and what everyone i know thinks everybody here at espn where espn for god's sake how could you disagree with us then the girl comes on at the end and says yeah it's not debatable just not debatable well it is in fact debatable you know it turns out there's it can be debated it has been debated there is a another opinion a person can have it's divisive though it's divisive to have a differing opinion i guess it is yeah i mean that's the kind of the definition of something being divided divisive when there are different opinions i i'm sorry stephen a smith if it makes you shake and shiver i'm sorry if it makes you shake and shiver when when someone has a different viewpoint when someone has a different viewpoint it makes me shake it makes me shiver i get cold it's confusing mommy i'm cold this person has a different opinion my lord okay um still in the sports world though it gets worse meanwhile this is from uh daily wire lebron james has found a way to sync to a new low daily wire reports nba star lebron james posted a photograph on social media on wednesday of the police officer who allegedly shot and killed a 16 year old girl in columbus ohio writing your next hashtag accountability um and then let's see the the national fraternal order of police responded to james's tweet by writing uh king james with his vast resources influence should educate himself and frankly has a responsibility to do so on the facts before weighing in this is disgraceful and extremely reckless the officer saved a young girl's life no amount of gaslighting will change that now lebron did go and um i think he deleted the tweet didn't really apologize for it he deleted that one and then later tweeted again defending it and saying well i get so upset about uh black black people getting killed by the cops and that's what this is all about we need to count accountability that's what he keeps saying um and yes that's what i open the show with i i agree accountability be accountable for your children how about that you got a 16 year old girl out trying to stab someone to death and yes we can say stab someone to death we can say that she was trying to kill someone knives kill people of people a year in fact in this country killed by knives believe it or not it's a it's a really common thing and that knife the size of that knife that was one that it gets you place it in the in the right place um on someone's body you kill them on the spot yeah so if your daughter's out doing that accountability parental accountability literally be accountable for your children know what they're doing be there for them how about that but but lebron again um this is lebron's a very stupid person and and we have to remember that um but he also still knows better he he definitely knows better and he's in a position where this i mean this is lebron james this is the most famous athlete in the world a massive massive platform and he takes this cop who saved a girl's life a woman's life um and puts his puts his picture out there says you're next he should be brought that's that should be criminal you should be brought up on criminal charges for that you're trying to get the guy killed what what do you mean you're next what are you even referring to because the cop didn't commit a crime so you can't say you're next in terms of criminal prosecution you didn't commit a crime what he did was perfectly legal and justified and good it's good that he did it it is good when cops stop people from stabbing other people that's a good thing so what do you mean by your next that seems an awful lot like you're trying to send a violent mob you from your massive platform while you're tweeting from your multi-million dollar mansion seems an awful lot like you're trying to send a violent mob after this guy all right number three uh ibram x kendy is uh pretty upset with chauvin's guilty verdict because it undercuts his talking points and deprives him of the chance to defend rioting and looting um but he's not letting that stop him so here's what interviewed by cbs here's what he had to say so now what chauvin is headed to jail but is america headed to justice is justice convicting a police officer or is justice convicting america when tens of millions of americans after floyd's murder last year took to the streets of nearly every american town we were convicting america since 2013 more than one thousand people have died at the hands of police many of them mentally ill many of them during traffic stops like dante wright since the chovin trial began on march 29th more than three people per day have been killed by law enforcement many of them black and latino and young like adam toledo it is easy to just blame individual officers like derek shovin but the problem is structural the problem is historic the problem is every single american who sees george floyd and brianna taylor as dangerous rather than the policies that led to health disparities under-resourced schools disproportionate black poverty and unemployment and few resources for all of us suffering from drug abuse from mental illnesses from despair

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