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Text MW to 83400 to get notified for more videos!today on the matt welsh show usa today commits the most egregious form of orwellian speech manipulation that i think maybe we've seen yet you have to hear hear it to believe it and we'll we'll talk about that in a second also five headlines including a new study which seems to show that mask mandates did absolutely nothing to slow the spread of covet who would have thought and a white journalist is put on the spot in an interview when he's asked what he likes about being white it's an interesting exchange we'll play that today also a new proposal from maxine waters to give down payment assistance to americans to help them buy their first homes but of course not all americans will get help especially not white americans we'll talk about that and much more today on the matt walsh show [Music] chelsea mitchell is a name that you may or may not know she would be a household name if we lived in a country and a culture where strong and brave women were actually celebrated we're told of course that such women are celebrated we're instructed to celebrate them but it turns out that there's only a very specific type of female bravery that we're supposed to recognize and honor in fact according to our cultural overlords the most honorable act of female bravery is that which is committed by males trans women quote unquote are the most acclaimed sort of women in the country today and they aren't really women at all real women take a back seat and real women who oppose the intrusion of so-called trans women quote unquote aren't simply sent to the back they're kicked off of the bus entirely that's been the case for chelsea mitchell who along with three other female athletes is suing the connecticut intercollect interscholastic athletic conference for allowing males to compete against them you may have heard of this case almost everyone in the country today would claim to stand for the rights of women right everybody would say that but few have had the courage to remain standing when push really comes to shove mitchell and her fellow plaintiffs are among the few who are actually standing up for women and they have all of our cultural institutions especially the media stacked against them that point was made abundantly clear this week after mitchell wrote an op-ed for usa today where she's making her case making her case against males competing against females in sports now the fact that usa today would even publish that article in the first place may seem like an encouraging sign but that encouraging sign quickly turned creepy and orwellian before we get there let's let's read some of what mitchell wrote in her editorial or i should say this was her original editorial as it first appeared this is what she says uh quote it's february 2020. i'm crouched to the starting line of the high school girls 55 meter indoor race this should be one of the best days of my life i'm running in the state championship and i'm ranked the fastest high school female in the 55 meter dash in the state i should be feeling confident i should know that i have a strong shot at winning instead all i can think about is how all my training everything i've done to maximize my performance might not be enough simply because there's a runner on the line with an enormous physical advantage a male body i won that race and i'm grateful but time after time i have lost i've lost four women's state championship titles two all new england awards and numerous other spots on the podium to male runners i was bumped to third place in the 55 meter dash in 2019 behind two male runners with every loss it gets harder and harder to try to try again that's a devastating experience it tells me that i'm not good enough that my body isn't good enough no matter how hard i work i'm like i'm unlikely unlikely to succeed because i'm a woman that experiences why three of my fellow female athletes and i filed a lawsuit last year with alliance defending freeman against freedom against the connecticut interscholastic athletic conference because girls and women shouldn't be stripped of their right to fair competition okay now everything that she's written here so far is factually correct morally correct inarguable inarguable i would say she's a woman she was forced to compete against people who are not women they had unfair advantages because of their male bodies through those unfair advantages she was robbed of the achievements that she had earned this is an utterly unassailable and undeniable point she also describes and i want to read this because um it she talks about how bad the situation has gotten it's actually worse than i even realized she says quote the ciac allows biological males to compete in girls and women's sports as a result two males began racing in girls track in 2017 in the 2017 2018 and 2019 seasons alone these males took 15 women's state track championship titles titles held in 2016 by nine different girls and more than 85 opportunities to participate in higher level competitions that belong to female track athletes that's because males have massive physical advantages their bodies are simply bigger and stronger on average than female bodies it's obvious to every single girl on the track all right 15 titles two males took 15 titles that before have been split between nine different girls and these are males who we should remember wouldn't have even made it onto the track in a championship meet against other males these were mediocre unimpressive male athletes who couldn't hack it against the boys and yet they dominated against the girls and by the way we we can't see inside their minds we don't know their motivation but i'm gonna guess i'm gonna speculate that this is not a coincidence it's not a coincidence that they found that they were mediocre and they couldn't really compete against the boys and then they discovered their female identity what do you know what a what a fortunate coincidence can't compete against the guys turns out i'm a girl well here we go i don't know but i'm gonna say probably not a coincidence and why do they have that event well because the male body confers enormous advantages in athletic competitions against females with female bodies which are the only kinds of females that exist chelsea mitchell's point is that no matter how these boys identify no matter how they feel no matter their perception of themselves the biological facts remain and all that matters in a track meet are the facts especially the biological facts the physical facts that's one of the great things about running as a sport i ran track when i was in high school and one of the things i like about it is that it's it's it's mono imano very very simple can i get to the finish line before you that's all it comes down to all that matters are the physical facts am i stronger than you am i faster do i have more endurance and we're going to find out because whoever crosses the finish line first that's the answer um what doesn't really matter are your feelings so if you have a biological advantage over somebody else on the track that advantage is not offset by your feelings or your self-perception and that's the case that mitchell makes or made anyway in usa today that was until trans activists read her piece and realizing that they could make no intellectual argument against it resorted to their favorite tactic which is silencing the opposition and they especially enjoy silencing women i mean no nobody no group in america more aggressively silences women than trans activists it's not even close but if they want to silence women they can't do that without the acquiescence of cowards in positions of power so they complained that the article hurt their feelings and usa today with little resistance on their part or pushback summarily changed the article after publication and without notifying the author that they were doing it they just changed it in order to remove all quote hurtful language from it now as you recall let's go back again read this one little paragraph again in the original article as written by chelsea mitchell which was originally published in usa today this is what it said again quote instead all i could think about is all my training everything i've done to maximize my performance might not be enough simply because there's a runner on the line with an enormous physical advantage a male body remember that okay after usa today made post-publication editorial changes to appease radical trans activists it now says instead all i can think about is how all my training everything i've done to maximize my performance might not be enough simply because there's a transgender runner on the line with an enormous physical advantage you spot the difference kind of hard to miss they remove the word male whereas before she says that the runner had the advantage of a male body now it simply says that the transgender runner had an advantage what kind of advantage well who knows maybe he was wearing more comfortable socks that day maybe she ate a cheeseburger before the race and he didn't all mention of the specific type of advantage has been erased indeed usa today removed the word mail from the entire article and didn't even acknowledge that they'd done it aside from an editor's note apologizing for their hurtful language and in this case the hurtful language again was scientifically correct language and it was also the entire point of the article mitchell's original piece says the word male 10 times every other sentence practically contains the word male because that's the entire point and premise is no argument against trans runners in female sports except for the fact that they're male that's it there's no other argument that's that's the only one and it's all you need in fact the argument has nothing to do with the fact that they're trans that's irrelevant their self per trans is self perception their self perception is irrelevant the whole point the only point the point is that they are male usa today decided that it's happy to publish her argument as long as her argument doesn't contain her actual argument is quite clearly to my mind one of the most egregious and outlandish cases of media bias and orwellian speech manipulation that we've yet seen and it really matters this is more than just some dumb thing that we can roll our eyes about and say oh there's the silly mainstream media up to its old tricks again now this is the kind of thing that influences people the goal is pretty clear it's to make it seem as though the people who are opposed to males and female sports or or female locker rooms are really just opposed to trans people and we hear this kind of um this is the way the media presents it all the time the only difference is that usually they don't they don't make a change post-publication in most cases the original thing they publish is going to be framed exactly like the uh edited version of chelsea mitchell's piece where they say things like you see all kinds of headlines like this that uh you know conservatives are opposed to trans people and sports or there's a bill being passed in texas or or wherever uh uh that that will ban trans people from sports that's not the case that's not the case at all it's it's not about trans um the average oblivious american who reads that okay they're going to read that and think well what's the problem here who cares if the other runner is trans when in reality it's chelsea mitchell who doesn't care if they're trans they can identify as however they want it's the biological reality that matters and the goal of the left with a big assist from the media is to erase that biological reality now in truth they can never actually erase a reality biology will remain biology no matter what anyone says about it or feels in relation to it but they can create a society that fundamentally fails to recognize or is hostile to reality and unfortunately towards that end they are succeeding now let's get to our five headlines [Music] well as we just i think made made clear um in the opening there the this the the country seems to be getting crazier and crazier by the day and uh that's certainly not helped by the fact that all of our cultural institutions and most powerful companies are against us as conservatives in the culture and that's why one thing we can do to reclaim the culture is when we find companies that are on our side we should support them uh and join them and that's why you got to try out charity mobile charity mobile is the pro-life phone company five percent of your monthly plan price goes to the pro-life pro family charity of your choice and what that means is that whenever you pay your bill you're also helping to build a culture of life in america uh by supporting a pro-life phone company you can turn everyday living into effortless giving but on top of that it's it's a it's an awesome service um and listen new activations and eligible accounts get a free cell phone with free activation and free shipping there's no contracts there's no termination fees there's no risk with a 30-day guarantee we also have live customer service which i think is great based right here in the usa whenever you need them so you have to go to charity mobile call them at 1-877-474-3662 you also chat with them online at new lower monthly plan prices and a new plan with a higher data limit is available existing customers automatically get the newer lower lower plan prices no need to contact them and ask for them again well i don't know if you tuned in to backstage last night we had our backstage uh monthly backstage show and fortunately i think for the first hour it was uh you know there's a lot of boring stuff about things happening on the globe on the on the earth who cares about that but all that anyone really cares about is what's happening in outer space well i'll talk about the space aliens so finally we did talk about the space aliens if you didn't watch well you know what if you didn't watch the episode um i would say you you don't even really need to watch it because what i can tell you is that many people are saying many people are saying that um i utterly demolished everybody else on the subject of aliens and i was outnumbered clavin turns out is is he's sort of alien curious um he's alien questioning he's open to it alien fluid maybe but ben jeremy michael very anti-alien and so i was really there and the other thing that many people are saying and who's saying this again many people the other thing many people are saying is that um they were stunned frankly by my bravery um as a marginalized identity as a as a as an alien believing american aba abba is what we call ourselves i've decided um so as the only abba on the stage a marginalized identity in in in an unsafe environment but uh i i did i wiped the floor i think i i basically proved not only that aliens exist in the universe but that they are visiting earth and as i said you don't need to even watch it i would say don't watch it because there's no point just take my word for it actually after the the show concluded and i shouldn't even be talking about this but the other three ben jeremy michael they were they were they they were leaving in tears um and they were saying that they were afraid that i embarrassed them because my arguments were so good in comparison to their weak arguments and uh so it's a pretty emotional moment no need to confirm any of what i'm saying right now just trust me on this all right um and uh let's go number one from from town hall this is uh this should be like breaking news even though it's not a surprise perhaps to to many of us it says new findings reported tuesday in a university of louisville study challenge what has been the prevailing belief that mask mandates are necessary to slow the spread of the wuhan chronovirus the study notes that 80 percent of u.s states mandated masks during the kova 19 pandemic and while mandates induced greater mass compliance they didn't predict lower growth rates when community spread was low or high among other things the study conducted using data from the cdc covering multiple seasons reports that mask mandates in use are not associated with lower coveted spread among u.s states quote our findings do not support the hypothesis that transmission rates decrease with greater public mass use researchers stated that masks may promote social cohesion as rallying symbols during a pandemic but risk compensation can also occur because uh because um okay let me read here from quoting from the actual study now it says prolonged mass use around four hours a day promotes facial alkalinization and i certainly know what that means and inadvertently encourages dehydration which in turn can enhance barrier breakdown and bacterial infection risk british clinicians have reported masks to increase headaches and sweating and decrease cognitive precision survey bias notwithstanding these are associated with medical errors by obscuring non-verbal communication masks interfere with social learning in children likewise masks can distort verbal speech and remove visual cues to the detriment of individuals with hearing loss and then it goes on from there um in summary okay i'll continue reading a little bit mass mandates and use for poor predictors of coven 19 spread in u.s states case growth was independent of mandates at low and high rates of community spread and mass queues did not predict case growth during these summer or fall winter waves uh strengths of our study include using two mask metrics to evaluate association with cop19 growth rates etc and so forth this is this is what the study says is what the research says um i who knows maybe youtube will still ban this episode because i'm just reading what the study says but this is what i keep going back to it it's good to get the scientific data and i'm glad that finally we're getting some studies and we're getting some some science on some of these issues but at the same time this is a this is common sense this was common sense to a lot of us things like forcing people to wear masks all day for hours at a time most of us to begin with we knew that you know medical masks were never designed or never intended for that kind of use to be an everyday accessory that you just put on your face all day and walk around everywhere with just as a common sense judgment before looking at any data people with common sense should know that there are going to be problems there yeah you can have dehydration it's going to it's going to make you hotter it's it's uh it doesn't seem very sanitary you have germs and sweat and everything and it also and for and for kids taking aside even all the physical problems it seems there are psychological and emotional problems especially for children forcing them to wear masks all the time depriving them of the ability to see the faces of other people it creates social problems even among adults trying to communicate with people and you can't even see their faces faces and all the while you know uh the what we're being told is that putting this piece of cloth on your face is going to provide you significant protection against these microscopic um you know this this microscopic virus i don't know again common sense there would seem to be some serious questions that you might ask about about that but you weren't allowed to ask the questions you're not allowed to make common sense judgments you have to wait until the experts tell you now with the masking thing we know with uh the wuhan lab in china finally the experts and the media who all of them consider themselves to be experts they're finally telling us that okay it's okay now you're allowed to draw this connection you're allowed to speculate about what seems like the very real and likely possibility that this came from a lab in china you're allowed to do that for the last year you weren't allowed to do that because we hadn't told you yet that you're allowed to have that opinion but now we've decided that you're allowed to have that opinion will we get to that point with masks i don't know um i i kind of in my in my head i kind of go back and forth on this are masks here to stay at least in some places in america forever that seems very very likely very possible um or you know it's also just as possible i suppose that the media who knows they could do it tomorrow or next month they could just decide that oh you know what never mind not supposed to wear masks anymore and in fact they could decide all of a sudden that not only are you not supposed to wear them but if you do wear them you're a maniac you're anti-science and all of this it's all but it's all up to them they decide and we follow along the main thing though the main lesson is do not use your own brain don't try to sort through these things on your own don't look at the data and draw your own conclusions don't listen to what they're saying and try to point to holes in their logic don't do any of that just be a good and cooperative little boy or girl or whatever and uh and do as you're told all right number two journalist chris ruffo who's been on the critical race theory beat for last year or two and it's done i think easily one of the most important journalists in america now that's kind of a low bar because there aren't very many journalists at all that are doing real journalism but he's one of the ones doing real journalism especially when it comes to critical race theory uh he was invited on a show with mark lamont hill i'm not sure what show this is black news tonight okay that's the name of the show on i don't know what network but anyway at the end of the interview there's what i think is a really interesting exchange so let's uh let's just start watching this and if i were to say to you right now christopher what do you like about being white what would you say i don't know again it's such an amorphous term it's like a census term or a can can you can you indulge me in indulge me for once just we're running out of time indulge me for a minute i understand you see it as as all these things but you surely recognize that the world sees you as white you know the world reads you as white and if you were to ask me some things i like about being black i could talk about cultural norms i could talk about tradition i could talk about the kind of commonalities i feel around the diaspora if i were to ask you what particularly if you're saying whiteness is a thing that is being constructed as negative and shouldn't be name name something positive that you like about being white well sure i i you know i'll i'll answer with uh with a thing there there's a lot of documents that are floating around public schools that say things like uh timeliness showing up on time is a white supremacist value or a white value white dominant value things like rationality things like the enlightenment things like uh you know objectivity and these are very strange things to be ascribed to a racial identity my view is that these are actually should be ascribed to every individual human being every individual human being regardless of whatever racial category we impose on them that doesn't answer that that doesn't answer the question no you're telling you're you're telling me you're making strongmen about things that are ascribed to whiteness that you think are wrongfully ascribed to whiteness i'm saying if whiteness isn't a negative thing and there's something that you actually and that whiteness actually shouldn't be constructed as all negative name something positive about being that you believe is positive about being white again i don't buy into the framework that the world can be reduced into these metaphysical categories of whiteness and blackness i think that's wrong i think we should look at people as individuals i think we should celebrate uh different people's accomplishments and uh again i think the idea you you mentioned ignatia if not you says the goal is to quote abolish the white race um in any other context this would be interpreted as a near genocidal slur i don't buy into it the reason i'm not going to answer your question is i reject that categorization i think of myself as an individual human being with my own capabilities and i would hope that we could both judge each other as individuals and come to common values on that basis okay so it seems like a lot of people on the right this this video is being shared yesterday kind of went viral in fact mark lamont hill is quite proud of this exchange and he's the one who who originally put it on twitter i don't know if very many people would have seen it had he not and a lot of people on the right were upset about the question and were saying that it's kind of a racist question which which it is um because of of what's being implied kind of in a vacuum just saying what do you like about being white and that's not necessarily a racist question but the implication the insinuation from uh mark lamont hill is that it's bad to be white so you could almost it it's what he was really asking is what could you possibly like about being white which is a racist question but um it's also a smart strategy it's a smart tactic and it's the kind of thing you're going to step into the ring with someone like like hill you have to be prepared for that and i and i and i thought chris ruffalo handled it handled it well i thought he handed it really well i'm not saying he wasn't prepared but it is it's it's a it is a clever trick for mark lamont hill because what's the point well the point is if if you refuse to answer what you like about being white then hill can say you've proved his point that well you can't even you're white you can't even say anything you like about being like apparently being white is a bad thing but if you answer the question and say well here's i'll give you a list here's 20 things i love about being white now you're a white supremacist and uh and people and and hill knows that this is what would happen people are gonna come in they're gonna they're gonna they'll take the question out but that because context doesn't matter we know that especially with the racial uh the race hustlers the context never matters whether it's a police shooting or anything else so it just creates almost like this mean template for people to come in take the question aside get rid of all the context and then take just that 20 second clip which starts with you saying what i like about being white is xyz and then that lives for in forever in infamy uh on the internet as proof that you're a white supremacist so that's the trick that's the ploy it's a clever one it's pretty despicable but it's also clever as a as just a strategy um i think what what chris ruffalo is doing there he's rejecting the framework he's saying i'm not going to play that game with you perfectly good way of doing it um one other strategy though could be to to turn it around if you can put the other guy on the defensive and you could ask you you could say to mark lamont hill well what do you why are you asking me that question that's a really strange question to ask can can you name anything good about being white are you assuming that there's nothing good about being white white is who i am part of my identity it's part of who i am are you saying there's nothing good about that part of my identity can you name anything good about being white i i would like to see how he would handle that because maybe he could list a few things but you know he if he lists a couple of uh of positive things which you probably wouldn't then you could say okay yeah and that's what i like about being white too but he probably wouldn't be able to do that no he wouldn't be willing to and so you've put him in a position where he's saying well i don't see anything good about being white which of course is incredibly racist so all you're doing is proving that he's a racist that he can't see anything good that's why he's asking the question again what's implied and not said is what could you possibly like about being white so that's another way of doing it is to is to flip it around or you know third option um mark lamont hill said if you ask me what

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