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01:02 Groveling To The Mob Won't Stop It From Consuming You

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a Hollywood actress delivers a groveling apology to the mob, despite having done absolutely nothing wrong. Meanwhile, a prominent psychiatrist who publicly fantasized about murdering white people doubled down and refused to apologize. What can we learn from this contrast? Also Five Headlines including an MSNBC analyst saying that she saw some American flags over the weekend and was “disturbed.” Also, the Biden Administration officially adopts the “birth people” label to describe women. And Trump says he’s considering Ron DeSantis as a VP in 2024. I think that’s a terrible idea and I’ll explain. Plus in our Daily Cancellation, the actress Monique gets into some hot water for criticizing people for dressing like slobs in public. But she’s right, of course. There’s a slob epidemic in America.

#TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWiretoday on the matt wall show a hollywood actress delivers a groveling apology to the mob despite having done absolutely nothing wrong that always goes well doesn't it meanwhile a prominent psychiatrist who publicly fantasized about murdering white people doubled down and refused to apologize this happened on the same day what can we learn from this interesting contrast also five headlines including an msnbc analyst saying that she saw some american flags over the weekend and was disturbed by them that's a direct quote also the biden administration officially adopts the birthing people label to describe women and trump says he's considering ron desantis as a vp in 2024 i think that's a terrible idea and i'll explain plus in our daily cancellation the actress monique gets into some hot water for criticizing people for dressing like slobs in public but she's right of course there is a slob epidemic in america and we'll talk about that and much more today on the matt wall show welcome again to the show a quick note to begin uh this show has grown quite a bit over the past year or so granted we had nowhere to go but up when we started with me screaming at my dashboard in my car but even so we are uh now one of the fastest growing podcasts in the country and we'd like to keep it going and one way you can help us do that is to go to itunes sorry that's apple podcast i've been told that only boomers call it itunes now so go to apple podcast subscribe and very important if you like the show leave a five star review that's a that is one thing you could do to really help the show i'm over here raising money for boilers so frankly this is the least you can do for me you owe me now on to the topic at hand and it's a topic that begins sadly with another i told you so um ellie kemper is a popular hollywood actress and star of the unbreakable kimmy schmidt and other things i haven't seen you may recall last week when photos resurfaced quote unquote i.e were searched for and found and posted by someone with a vendetta of kemper at the age of 19 in 1999 taking part in something called the veiled profit ball she had the honor of being crowned the queen of love and beauty a title that many people in the audience often apply to me as it happens 22 years later it was decided by the woke mob that the event was actually racist and was in fact not only racist but a literal kkk event that was the claim the woke mob last week began calling kemper a kkk princess and slandering her as a member of the clan this was all completely made up ellie kemper starter of the unbreakable kimmy schmidt is as it turns out not a member of the clan who would have thought the event was not clan affiliated at all even a little it also wasn't racist apparently the veiled prophet's ball had been around since the 19th century and it used to exclude black people and jews but it integrated in 1979 that's a year before kemper was even born and there's no reason that she would have known about that as a 19 year old who just wanted to wear a fancy dress and go to a ball and even if she did know about it so what literally any institution that's been around for more than a century will have a history of of unenlightened racial views and that's not just the case in america but everywhere okay take any institution created in the 19th century or earlier and you will find that the people who established it had views on race and not just on race but everything else that we would find objectionable today so by the standard being applied to kemper anyone affiliated with any event or institution or organization or function that existed for more than a few decades should apologize i mean we could start with anyone who's ever attended a professional baseball game do you know i'm sure you know about the history of professional baseball and race you ever gone one of those games i i'll need your apologies in writing you're basically a member of the kkk but i don't say any of this in order to defend ellie kemper i say it only because it's true i'm simply telling you the facts as i said last week i'm i'm not interested in defending ellie kemper because she's been a vocal proponent of blm she has helped to feed the beast she has bowed to the altar of the race hustlers she has contributed to our current racial hysteria and this is the consequence and as if to prove my point even further kemper yesterday issued the expected apology and it it is as groveling and sycophantic and nauseating as you might anticipate kneeling before her slanderers and apologizing for having done absolutely nothing wrong kemper wrote in part quote uh the century-old organization that hosted the debutante ball had an unquestionably racist sexist and elitist pest i was not aware of the history at the time but ignorance is not an excuse i was old enough to have educated myself before getting involved at the same time i acknowledge that because of my race and my privilege i am the beneficiary of a system that has dispensed unequal justice and unequal rewards there's a very natural temptation when you become the subject of internet criticism to tell yourself that your detractors are getting it all wrong but at some point last week i realized that a lot of the focus a lot of the forces behind the criticism are forces that i've spent my life supporting and agreeing with if my experience is an indication that organizations and institutions with past that fall short of these beliefs should be held to account then i have to see this experience in a positive light well yes there it is she stumbled on the truth but drew the wrong conclusion from it she says that the people attacking her are people she spent her life supporting and agreeing with exactly ellie you supported them and to thank you for your support they tore you to shreds as sport they tried to ruin your life and your career for nothing nobody was actually upset about ellie kemper nobody cared no one was offended by this ball that no one had even heard of before last week none of them cared it didn't mean anything to them but they thought they'd ruin your life anyway or try to maybe that should tell you something ellie about those people and their causes she also says that ignorance is no excuse which is a common refrain in these gutless self-flagellating apologies but in fact just so you know ignorance is a great excuse it's actually one of the best excuses you can offer for something in this case there's nothing to be excused for because again she didn't do anything wrong by attending the ball yet putting that aside just as a general concept if someone does something that's actually wrong and they don't know that it's wrong they're ignorant and they didn't intend to do anything wrong then their ignorance would in fact mitigate their moral culpability significantly depending on what the thing is it may not get them off the hook entirely in terms of consequences but it is an excuse and a pretty good one i only make this point because the ignorance is no excuse thing goes hand in hand with the idea that intent doesn't matter you know if you say or do something and someone else feels offended by it all that matters is how they feel your own personal intentions are irrelevant and that's totally backwards but this is all a mood point kemper apologized and in apologizing she admits guilt she essentially confesses to a sin she didn't commit that's what happens when you apologize it's like if you're if you're brought in for murder and you're you know in the in the in the interrogation room with the cops and you didn't commit murder but you start apologizing to them oh dear god i'm so sorry i'm sorry well that's going to be seen as an omission of guilt so she assumed guilt that is not her own in order to appease the mob a mob which cannot be appeased and which will still happily rip her to pieces and throw her into the trash because she is nothing to them so that happened it could be educational meanwhile to compare this story to another one unfolding at the same time we discussed yesterday the controversy surrounding dr aruna kilanani a prominent psychiatrist who gave a lecture to the yale school of medicine which was one long racist diatribe against white people the most racist part of the racist rant and it's actually kind of hard to pick the most racist part because the entire thing is racist but uh the most racist part probably is when she confessed to having a strong urge to shoot white people in the head and she says that she could do this blow a white person's brains out just because they're white and walk away whistling joyously with a pep in her step in other words she is a murderous bloodthirsty insane anti-white bigot and is proud of it the audio of this lecture was posted online deserved outrage ensued none of that outrage coming from the left of course and yesterday around the time that ellie kemper was apologizing for going to a dance in 1999 dr aruna came out with her own statement doubling down and refusing to apologize she wrote quote too much of the discourse on race is a dry bland regurgitation of new vocabulary words with no work in the unconscious and if you want to hit the unconscious you will have to feel real negative feelings my speaking metaphorically about my own anger was a method for people to reflect on negative feelings to normalize negative feelings because if you don't it will turn into a violent action something is emotionally dangerous about opening up a conversation about race no one wants to look at their actions or face their own negative feelings about what they're doing the best way to control the narrative is to focus on me and make me the problem which is what i stated occurs in the dynamic racism my work is important and i stand by it we need to heal in this country she stands by it she stands by her desire to shoot white people in the face in fact more than stands by she wants to normalize those feelings she wants uh more people to talk about it she wants them to be unashamed to talk about it publicly not only is she not sorry she's proud her work with hating white people and wanting to kill white people is important she says and it will it will heal the country there you have it the woman who did nothing wrong and was smeared as a racist apologized the woman who actually is a racist and proudly so does not apologize and the reason it works this way is that the real crime ellie kemper committed what's the real crime it's that she's white being white is the crime that in the end is what she was apologizing for it's what the mob wants all white people to apologize for and keep apologizing forever you can play that game if you want you can live your life on your knees begging constantly for forgiveness for sins you didn't commit or you can look the mob square in the face and say go to hell i apologize for nothing those are really your only two choices now 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and and quote mental health professionals are saying and telling their patients so let's just watch this so part of the disconnect in white culture is that americans think that they're at the top of the food chain and the most free so white female therapists often need to think of themselves as very feminist so they don't really actually have an idea that women from other countries are actually doing really well they're incredibly educated they held high status jobs and they coming here they actually had to take a a lower cut an inferior job i would point this racism out to your therapist people often think that coming to america is a step up and that is often how white america views it um and for many immigrants they actually had to step down lose their titles lose status make enormous sacrifices that were incredibly harmful also white therapists don't often understand that immigrant parents tolerate the trauma of racism on a level that they never had before they left their home country okay first of all put a damn battery in your smoke detector lady uh do you not know how to change the batteries in your smoke detector some women don't i've heard uh second more important i i guess a couple of questions arise here and the first one is uh coming to america is a step down we egotistical arrogant white americans we assume that uh that coming to america is a step up for immigrants you know it and how could we possibly arrive at that conclusion what where where do we get off uh making that assumption well i don't know maybe because they're coming here maybe because they chose to leave where they were living before and come here you know and so i i would assume that for them it's a step up if it's not a step up why are they here maybe that's the reason so explain to me doc if it's a step down then why the hell are they here i will just say this to anyone if you came to this country and you've discovered that it's a step down you're welcome to go back to wherever you came from and that's that's what i would do if i left my home country and went somewhere else and i discovered that i'd step down in the world i would just go back what are you doing here in that case see they want to have it both ways when it comes to immigration they want to say we you know we should throw open the the floodgates throw open the doors erase the borders invite everybody in and if we don't do that it's like a human rights violation we're committing a you know grievous sin against these immigrants who want to come here so they want to say that on one hand but on the other hand they also want to say that it's a step down their country's better anyway it's racist here it's so much more racist and they're persecuted even more no you got to pick a lane it's one or the other because if it's a step down and we're horrible to immigrants and there's so much racism and everything is bad and everything is terrible and all the minorities here are just exhausted all the time by the persecution and everything they stop then that's all the more reason to close the borders and say no don't come here it's bad here go back to where you came from it's be a lot better for you in fact in that case it's a i think it's a it's a would be an act of generosity and charity to close the border sound so you really got to pick a lane but they never do that it's really on every issue they want to have it both ways it it's it's all depend this is one of the advantages of being a relativist is that there is no objective truth so the truth is whatever you need it to be in the moment so depending on what the discussion is about if the discussion is about the border specifically and immigration then yeah this is a better life and let everybody come if the discussion is about systemic racism then america is a hell hole you know it just it really depends it's whatever they need it to be in the moment it doesn't matter if their talking points line up uh with each other and she says that that um you know there's more racism here than in the countries where these people are coming from really can you can you tell me which let's talk for a second about you know because i assume we're talking about non-white predominantly non-white countries i mean if these are immigrants who are coming here and experience racism then i assume we're not talking about immigrants from you know from from a predominantly white country um even though of course immigrants from predominantly white countries in the in the past have come here for example irish immigrants italian have come here and experienced bigotry but i assume that's not what she's talking about so um i guess i would i would like to know give me an example of a predominantly non-white country somewhere else in the world that is more racially tolerant than the united states of america that is more racially enlightened and tolerant than the united states of america can you give me an example because i don't think you can i really don't give give me an example of a non-white country that is more accepting of of diversity more progressive more racially tolerant than the united states i mean where are these countries that you're referring to and where in fact you can be even more successful and you can climb the ladder even better and live the dream and the problem is if you can name that country then again the question remains why would anyone leave there to come here all right let's go to number two mara gay who we mentioned last week for some dumb things she said and i can't even remember what it was but it doesn't matter she was on msnbc saying more dumb things and uh this time she had some thoughts on the american flag now i i saw this clip being posted on on twitter by conservatives and they were quoting her as saying that that she saw the american flag and it was disturbing her and i actually i don't know i'm still optimistic and i try to see the best in people you know that about me so i actually before i clicked on the clip i thought you know are they did she really say that exactly or she just sort of implying it did she actually come out and say that directly um i even had a little bit of skepticism but it turns out no that's exactly what she said let's listen the reality is here that we have a large percentage of the american population i don't know how big it is but we have tens of millions of trump voters who continue to believe that their rights as citizens are under threat by simple virtue of having to share the democracy with others i think as long as they see americanness as the same as one with whiteness this is going to continue we have to figure out how to get every american a place at the table in this democracy but how to separate american-ness america from whiteness until we can confront that and talk about that this is really going to continue i was on long island this weekend uh visiting a really dear friend and i was really disturbed i saw you know dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with uh you know uh explicatives against joe biden on the back of them uh trump flags and some cases just dozens of american flags which you know uh is also just disturbing because essentially the message was clear it was this is my country okay so she saw pickup trucks with with uh all you have to do is laugh at that all you can do is just laugh she saw pickup trucks and she was disturbed and she saw american flags and she was disturbed just think about the bubble these people live in they they really do you know that's not just some populist cliche but these are elitists who live in a bubble and they go outside of that bubble and they are horrified by normal things like pickup trucks i'm just imagining maura gay you know walking down the street seeing a pickup truck and crumpling down on the sidewalk in tears oh my god what is that thing what is that and she was disturbed by the american flag as well she's very clear about that you know it's it we think back to colin kaepernick when he began his protest after he was benched and you know his nfl career was falling apart and and that's when he discovered his uh his passion for social justice and activism total coincidence of course but and uh he started doing his whole thing we were originally told that that it was not a protest of the flag it's not a protest of the anthem it's all a protest of of police brutality for years that's what we were told meanwhile many of us mostly on the right we we from the very beginning pegged this as no he's protesting the flag that's what he's doing um this is not about police brutality and for years and years the left told us that's that's uh that's a libelous charge it's not true well now they're pretty open about it they actually just hate the flag itself and they hate what it represents they hate the fact that when someone's flying the flag they're saying this is my country well yeah mara that is what they're saying and it is their country okay if you're an american it's your country they're americans they're flying the american flag now let's go here number three trump was on fox yesterday and he was asked about the possibility of of having ron desantis as his vice presidential as his running mate in 2024 and he said he was he was open to the idea first let's listen to trump uh talking about that if you were to run for the presidency in 2024 would you consider ron desantis governor of florida as your running mate sure i would but you know there are numerous people that are great i would certainly consider ron i was i was at the beginning of ron i was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman that a lot of people didn't know and my endorsement helped him tremendously and i know him very well he's a great guy we have other great people i mean you look at some of the people that republican people that have done a great job with states and you don't see that with the democrats i mean they kept their states closed and locked down and the schools are closed it's just absolutely outrageous how they get away with it uh yeah i i just want to say i mean there's no indication that that ron desantis is interested in this and in fairness he was he was asked would you consider him and so he said yeah and uh what else is he going to say he's not going to say no i wouldn't consider it so can't blame him for giving that answer um this is far from concern from confirming that it's an actual thing that's that that might happen and i would assume that ron desantis wouldn't be on board for that i hope he wouldn't because this would be a terrible idea to have ron desantis as trump's running mate you talk about a waste of talent you're going to take the most effective effective executive level politician effective governor in the country i mean the most effective republican politician at any level i think and make him a figurehead make him a a vice president who does nothing terrible idea and the reason it's worth addressing is because i see this a lot online there's there's definitely a feeling out there among trump supporters they would love to see this happen i see a lot of trump desantis 2024 things online terrible awful idea if desantis is not running in 2024 if he's not interested in being president or running for president 2024 then he needs to stay governor of florida where he's done such a phenomenal job the last thing we need is for him to be vice president for trump and the other thing also to keep in mind is that trump has an extensive history of uh hiring people to work for him and then within a few years he hates that person and they're at each other's throats and and all of that i mean that's that's the way it almost always goes with like every person trump hires who's not in his family i know you might be able to think of a few exceptions but not many and if that were to happen to desantis it would just sort of sully his political brand and um and that's the last thing we need now what really needs to happen is ron desantis if he decides he wants to stay governor of florida that's fine but if he's interested then ron desantis should run in 2024 and he should be the guy and donald trump if he cares about the cause if he cares about the movement he would get behind desantis not as vice president but he would endorse him and tell all of his supporters to go to ron desantis you know desantis is is the future of the republican party donald trump who would be 78 in 2024 he's not and putting everything else aside i i have been very clear and consistent that i do not think and i said this with biden and it wasn't just because it's but there are a lot of reasons to oppose biden and there were during the campaign but we could just start and end it with his age 78 years old is way too old and we're seeing this right now 78 years old is way too old to run for president it just is you're gonna you're gonna be turning 80 in the presidency that that is old for a pope okay that's even like pope level old and if it counts as old for a pope it's too old for a president and i know the response is that well trump is different and he's got a lot more energy and everything yeah he does but uh he is a mortal human being like the rest of us and there are just physical realities and one of them is that your mind and your body deteriorate as you get older and when you get into your 80s or close to it that process really kicks into high gear for everyone you don't you there's no getting away from that or around it so let's not do that please more political news the biden administration is now officially referring to women as birthing people so here's biden in uh their their budget proposal he says uh talking about his budget proposal just reading the language it says it reduces the maternal mortality rate and ends race-based disparities in maternal mortality the united states has the highest maternal mortality rate among developed nations with an unex unacceptably high mortality rate for black american indian alaskan native and other women of color to help end this high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities and outcomes among birthing people and then it goes it goes from there uh birthing people now of course he still uses the word maternal and you know maternal it maternal means relating to a mother that's what it means so you still say that but you can't say mother anymore we have to say birthing people the democrat party continuing to um erase women i mean in in a you know in a very literal sense or as literal as they possibly can they are they're trying to destroy and undermine the concept of womanhood and for so long we've feminists have accused republicans of doing that you're racing women and here's here's what that and for a long time when uh when feminists in the left accuse republicans of doing that and of course it was totally nonsense but i along probably with you i i always thought what do you mean erasing women what would that even look like oh okay well this is what it looks like and it's uh pretty disturbing the american flag is not disturbing but this is

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