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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the war on American history continues, and now it has moved way beyond simply removing statues of Confederate generals. We’ll discuss the latest on that front today. Also Five Headlines including Democrats in Texas absconding from the state in order to prevent the passage of bills they oppose. These are the same people who complain about “obstructionism.” And will the Biden Administration be fact checking your text messages? A new report makes that claim. In our Daily Cancellation we talk about an article in a scientific journal claiming that geology is racist. The reason they give for this claim is so unbelievably insane and stupid that it may actually shock you.

#TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWiretoday on the matt welsh show the war in american history continues and now it's moved way beyond simply removing statues of confederate generals we'll discuss the latest on that front today also five headlines including democrats in texas leaving the state in order to prevent the passage of bills they oppose these are the same people who complain about obstructionism usually and will the by administration be fact checking your text messages a new report makes that claim also in our daily cancellation we'll talk about an article in a scientific journal claiming that geology is racist and the reason they give for this claim is so unbelievably insane and stupid that it may actually succeed in shocking you we'll find out all of that and more today on the matt walsh show after a very long build-up the town of charlottesville virginia finally removed the statues of confederate generals robert e lee and stonewall jackson uh this past weekend and in the midst of the the mindless statue toppling craze that has infected our country for several years this this event was all but inevitable according to the southern poverty law center a group i normally would not cite as any sort of authority or reference at all but whose numbers here are probably basically reliable a total of 168 confederate quote-unquote confederate symbols were torn down and removed in the year 2020 alone including 94 monuments now virtually all of these statues were removed following the death of george floyd nobody's ever offered a coherent explanation as to why the death of a violent felon and drug addict who was resisting arrest should have precipitated a re-evaluation of anything let alone historical monuments i mean what precisely is the connection between george floyd's demise and a statue of a confederate general that hasn't been made clear it's even less clear how the mad rush to eliminate these statues represents cultural progress a sign that we had made progress and had healed the deep wounds from the civil war was that many americans could remember and recognize men who fought on both sides we were able to view it with a mature and nuanced perspective in the light of historical context the fact that we are less able to do that today as we are further away from the event itself the fact that we can't even bear to see an image of any man who lived in and fought for the south would seem to indicate that we've gone backwards not forwards you know it's a mark of maturity and growth when a married couple can talk civilly or even laugh laugh about old arguments they've had or past offenses that they caused one another but if they find that suddenly those old arguments and offenses are becoming the source of contention yet again that's a sign that their relationship has regressed not progressed but lee and jackson were not the only historical figures to be toppled in charlottesville over the weekend on the same day the city council convened in an emergency meeting quote unquote with only 20 minutes notice and decided to tear down a beautiful statue of the great explorers lewis and clark which had been proudly standing in its spot on main street in charlottesville for over a hundred years now the priceless work of art has been removed from view with no specific plans for where it may go or what might happen to it now what did the statue do to deserve this fate what exactly was offensive about it this is lewis and clark they're not confederate generals why was it taken down well there's the stated reason and then there's the actual reason and where the left is concerned those two things rarely align the stated reason is that the lewis and clark monument caused offense to native americans because of how it depicts their indian guide and translator sacagawea the sculpture features lewis and clark standing triumphantly and looking off into the distance while sacagawea is crouched behind them looking down it was decided by activists including a descendant of sacagawea who for some reason was consulted in this matter i'm not sure why it's a distant relative uh you know over 200 years later and her opinion matters why but it was decided by all these people that the positioning of the figures on the statue is offensive because sacagawea is in a subservient and submissive pose supposedly not that this matters at all to the activists but their interpretation of the statue is simply incorrect the guy who sculpted it charles keck first of all he he he talked about what he was doing and why he did it that way and you can go and look at what he said he was also originally commissioned only to produce a statue of lewis and clark he made a special point to include sacagawea and obviously not because he wanted to disrespect her he explained why he positioned the figures the way that he did and this is what he said quote the guide sacka julia is at their side a little to the rear so that she shall so that she shall not compete too much in the composition with lewis and clark remember this was supposed to be a statue of lewis and clark he's including this other uh figure he continues by making her look down i've tried to suggest that they were on a high prominence and she was more interested in the immediate surroundings and not aware of what was in the minds of the explorers okay so this is not about subservience or submission or subordinates this is about focus by the artist's interpretation lewis and clark as the leaders of the expedition were focused on the long view you know the ultimate goal while saca julia as the 16 year old guide tracker and translator was concentrating on the immediate surroundings it's it's very clear that the artist who made a point again of including sacagawea even though she was not in the original plans for the monument did not intend to insult her by memorializing her she's being honored not demeaned and the irony here is that the activists supposedly seeking to protect her good name are doing so by tearing down a statue that honors her and besides even if the piece is outdated in its depictions or slightly offensive or whatever and i don't think it qualifies as any of that i don't think it's outdated or offensive or anything but even if it was are we at the point where all works of art produced by people who lacked our modern mindset must now be removed from our site have we reached a point where no art can be timeless because any that fails to align entirely with our contemporary view of things must be destroyed yeah we have reached that point indeed this is a war on our history as a nation and it's not just happening in charlottesville though charlottesville has perhaps become ground zero for some of this and we haven't even discussed the other statue that came down in that city on saturday in all in one day not one not two not three but four beautiful historic sculptures were yanked down by demolition crews and we talked by the way we talk about the the historical significance of these statues and why that's why it's a travesty that they're torn down for that reason and it is but these are also works of art these are priceless works of art that someone spent years making and that have stood there proudly for decades or centuries in some cases and we're tearing all this stuff down like it's nothing but the fourth statue was a depiction of revolutionary war general george rogers clark labeled on the statue itself and in history as the conqueror of the northwest clark is the older brother of william clark of lewis and clark fame so a bad weekend for the clark family all told and he has hailed or at least had been hailed for his victories against the british in the northwest territory the statue depicts clark on a horse confronting or speaking to a group of indians why is that offensive well left-wing activists who are now the authorities on art interpretation apparently um have have their stated reasons and and here's the washington post explaining their reasoning quote the removals can be traced to years of activism said anthony guy lopez a uva graduate and crow creek sioux tribal member who began petitioning the city to take down the lewis clark and sacagawea statue in 2009. he called the twin takedowns an exorcism of state violence against native americans if art can be evil these were evil lopez said what this says to american indians is that violence is part of our lives that we have to not only accept but glorify it now of course violence was very much a part of life for native american tribes and really for all people everywhere during that time period uh which is depicted in the statues and throughout all of history before that and for much of the time after that up until now and it's and for a lot of people in the world today it's still violence is still a part of their lives but perhaps more importantly here neither statue actually depicts violence there is nothing remotely violent happening in the lewis and clark statue and you've got this activist sign this is violence what where what where's the violence on this statue lewis clark sacagawea they're all on the same team standing there looking out violent and the george clark statue may imply a larger context of violence he was a general engaged in battle after all but there's nothing violent being displayed or portrayed by the work of art in question so what's the real problem i mean that can't be that that that can't be the real problem with these statues what is the real problem i think this paragraph from an article about the removals on u of a u of uva's website captures it nicely this is what it says there the clark statue had long been a source of pain for native americans at uva and in the community uva history professor christian macmillan wrote in july 20 2020 that both the george rogers clark statue and the statue of lewis clark and saga julia were quote instrumental in creating a creating and perpetuating the myth of brave white men conquering supposedly unknown and unclaimed land oh yes well we wouldn't want statues that perpetuate the myth of brave white men wouldn't want that that really is the problem right never mind the fact that lewis and clark were in fact brave white men you would have to be in order to forge ahead into a wilderness that is unknown to you that's what someone means when they when they talk about going into an unknown wilderness means that they don't know it so there's no sense in you saying well it's unknown to you but not to people that might live there well obviously but i me talking from my perspective i don't know this wilderness and so that's why it requires bravery for me to go out into it where dangers of all kinds lay ahead and where you know that there's a very good chance you'll die and whether you survive or not it is certain that you will suffer that takes bravery that is more bravery than has ever been exhibited or will ever be exhibited by any of the morons and the cowards and infantile babies who are tearing these statues down every single historical figure that they have torn down all of them more important have contributed more to society than any of those losers ever will yeah lewis and clark were brave so was george rogers clark guess what so were robert e lee and stonewall jackson for that matter they were brave men yeah i said it charging into battle takes bravery it does and you know the former group the explorers they did in fact claim or conquer land that was unknown to them and oftentimes and oftentimes unclaimed yes sometimes the land was occupied by indian tribes not all the time by the way you're talking about a a smattering of indian tribes dispersed over the entire um continent it's not like every square mile was claimed or owned by indian tribes what did they own the whole hemisphere nobody was supposed to come here absurd some of the land though was occupied by indian tribes and as i've tried to explain many times these tribes themselves live by the law of conquest they claim that land through violent force they were not innocent turtle doves living lives of peaceful serenity this land like the land all over the globe was up for grabs for anyone with the will and might to take it might make your tummy hurt when you hear a phrase that way in modern society but that's the reality that's how indian tribes operated it's how everyone operated at that time and yet it's been decided that white men are the villains of history and the villains of the present day and what that means is that no white man in history is allowed to be honored or remembered or celebrated it's not a coincidence that nearly every single statue or monument that's been toppled over the past year or two has been a depiction of a white man it's not like there aren't other kinds of statues out there is it a coincidence if almost every single one just so happens to be a white historical figure it's not now that isn't to say that they won't eventually the the mob i'm not saying they won't eventually move on to other targets once all of the white men of history have been thrown on the incinerator i think they will i've said that i think eventually they're gonna be tearing down martin luther king jr um for his uh his for the shall we say problematic aspects of his life and biography and personality eventually they'll get to that this is after all as as i have said a war on american history in its entirety and it is the inevitable result of critical race theory the result of a narrative of history that casts all of our historical triumphs as moral failures all of our heroes as bullies and tyrants and all of our sources of pride as sources of shame this is where it all leads and it's far from over now let's get to our five headlines now we check in with our very good friends over at charity mobile i've been a charity mobile customer for a while now and i'm proud to support it's not very often that you can say as a 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america while supporting a pro-life phone company so call them at 1-877-474-3662 or chat with them online at all right so i've got to show you this just to start with i don't know if i'd call this headline news but my wife saw this while running errands just here in town and you get it so if you're watching if you're watching the the video podcast you got to take a look at this car i don't know what the deal is with this but it's covered in like green fur and baby dolls and stuffed horses this is maybe among the top five most terrifying things i've ever seen in my life uh and i want to be careful because i say that the owner of this car lives somewhere around us so i don't want to upset whoever that is but um and in fairness they may have just accidentally crashed into a serial killer's basement and ended up with all that stuff all over the car i don't know um i really don't but the good news at least is that you never you have a car like that you never have to worry about uh not being able to find your car in a parking lot that you don't have to worry about you're not going to do like what i see i i run i gotta get used to the fact that i drive a pickup now and i'm in tennessee um so anytime i park and go into a store if i don't in my if i don't like take a picture of where i'm parked as soon as i walk out into the parking lot i'm i'm lost it's it's a it's a bewildering site because all of the cars in the parking lot look exactly like mine so i'm just walking through with my key you know seeing which one will set the alarm off you don't have to worry about that with this car that's the one advantage and that's all i'm going to say about it for fear of my own life but i had to show you because come on my god all right um joe biden is giving a speech on voting rights today at some point and jen pasake previewed the speech on monday she was asked in the white house press conference what she what the speech is gonna be all about and um here's what she says about the uh you know about the the speech and also the issue of voting rights today let's listen well first um well thank you for the question uh because he's very focused on this speech tomorrow one that he himself wanted to deliver he'll lay out the moral case for why denying the right to vote is a form of suppression and a form of silencing and how he will use he will redouble his commitment to using every tool at his disposal to continue to fight to protect the fundamental right of americans to vote against the onslaught of voter suppression laws based on a dangerous and discredited conspiracy theory that culminated in assault on our capital he'll call out the greatest irony of the big lie is that no election in our history has met such a high standard with over 80 judges including those appointed by his predecessor throwing out all challenges he'll also decry efforts to strip the right to vote as authoritarian and anti-american as a and stand up against the notion that politicians should be allowed to choose their voters or to subvert our system by replacing independent election authorities with partisan ones and he will highlight the work of the administration against this the necessity of passing the for the people act and the john lewis voting rights advancement act and how we need to work together with civil rights organizations to build as broad a turnout and voter education system to overcome the worst challenge to our democracy since the civil war the worst challenge to our democracy since the civil war so apparently the january 6th uh quote-unquote insurrection has been demoted it is it is no longer the worst uh the worst thing that's happened since the civil war i thought that it was it's what we've been told but now it's i know it's these voting rights laws or laws that are meant to uh deny people the right to vote which look the phrase the term gaslighting is used far too often just like the word grifter is used far too often in in discourse today but it really does apply this there's just one long stream of gaslighting from from our anytime we hear from the democrats about the voting rights issue this this these laws to deny voting rights there are no such laws being passed anywhere nobody is attempting to do that those laws do not exist and as i always remind you i say this as someone who would support those kinds of laws if they did exist i wish they did every time i hear democrats say there's this law in this state they want to deny people the right to vote i get my hopes up i say really thank god finally i'm moving to that state and then i look into the law and it's like no okay you just have to just have a photocopy of your id that's it um because in reality there actually isn't any universal god-given right to vote um it's not inherent to our humanity to have this right to participate in um in the democratic process it's not which is why already we deny lots of people the right to vote if you're a felon you're denied the right to vote if you're under the age of 18 as it stands right now anyway you're denied the right to vote that's a lot of people so we can't claim that it's a universal right and you know an inheritance to us as god-given it's something that you have to qualify for and it can be taken away that's already the system everywhere or nearly everywhere um the question is is only should we have should we should there be more of an effort you know to protect the voting process by making sure that the people who are participating in it are qualified to participate i say yes and i say that that is protect if you really value the right to vote who who are the people who really value the right to vote who really cherish it or really take it seriously we hear so much about the right to vote is a sacred it's a sacred right i personally wouldn't call it sacred but i think my position if it is sacred protects that sanctity more than the people say ah yeah let anyone do it open up the floodgates just let anyone vote doesn't matter they could they could be you know they whatever they've been in a in a cheeto and netflix-induced coma for the last four years uh shake them awake carry them carry them in the cradle position over to the poles and just dump them in a voting booth and say yeah but you know hit one of them hit a name random it doesn't matter that's how you protect the sanctity of voting rights that way i i don't think so i i am taking a position that almost no one else takes at least not at least among elected republic there's not any that i'm aware of i've not heard any elected republican suggest that we should actually start actively and purposefully excluding people from the voting booth i wish elected republicans would advocate that but they're not um in fact and we're going to talk more about this in a minute but i guess we'll go ahead and talk about now as a matter of fact i think what you're hearing from from republicans on voting rights is quite the opposite of that governor greg abbott he was on fox news last night and he was talking about the texas democrats who have fled the state um to prevent to prevent not not only legislation on voting rights but many other many other issues as well he was talking about them and then he gets it then he gets into the issue of of of you know voter suppression and who are the real voter suppressors in this country and here's what he says let's listen but laura i have to point this out the thesis that they are operating under is completely false because what the texas law does doesn't hinder anybody's ability to vote in fact interestingly what texas is seeking to do is to add additional hours to vote texas has 12 days of early voting and the hours of which will be expanded and we will ensure that hours are expanded on election day also so their entire thesis is completely wrong and compare early voting in texas with early voting that we have in delaware texas has 12 days of early voting delaware has zero days of early voting why am i picking on delaware because that is where the president himself voted in the last election and if anybody wants to talk about voter suppression they should be talking about delaware not texas yeah the dems are the true vote suppressors that old thing for republicans but that that is what we're getting from republicans it's true what he just said that uh republicans are actually they're trying to expand it they're you know in texas they're going to provide more hours to go vote expanding early voting and all that kind of thing that's what you're getting from republicans they actually agree with the democrats on this issue while the democrats accuse them of not agreeing and the republicans response as always is to say no no we do agree we do agree i promise you should be expanding the hours of voting expanding early voting i don't want to hear republicans brag about oh we've got more vote early voting than delaware does there should be no early voting at all you have election day voting day go and vote on that day and if we're talking about a presidential election you've got four years to plan for it everyone knows what day it's going to be we all know there's no surprise when it comes time for the 2024 presidential election we all know when that vote is going to be and you know where where you have to go depending on where you live to cast your vote you're telling me you can't schedule the time with this much notice that's the way it should be but that's that's we are heading in the opposite direction so as always when it comes to voting and how easy it should be really republican democrats are basically on the same side with a slight with only just slight differences now speaking of the democrat lawmakers leaving the state reading now from the from the daily wire it says texas democrat lawmakers absconded from the state on monday in a theatrical fashion as they subverted democracy by denying the legislature a quorum needed to approve bills in governor greg abbott's special session agenda um quote private planes carrying more than 50 democrats there they are there on their private plane left austin for for dulles international airport mid-afternoon skipping town just days before the texas house of representatives it was expected to give early approval to sweeping new voter integrity laws in the special legislative session according to the associated press the numbers meant the house would not have enough lawmakers in attendance to conduct business and could not at least for now vote on the bill this is the second time that texas democrats have bolted from the state to stop measures from becoming law because they have no path to permanently block the voting measure or a list of other contentious gop-backed proposals up for debate according to the report so there you see them there on their private chartered flight and they tweeted this out um or at least the reporter tweeted this out on plane to to dc texas democratic lawmakers are leaving state to break quorum to stop republican voting bill veteran capital observers say this is this is unchartered territory uh for this photo was taken by a democrat on the plane as many people have observed you see them there on the plane and none of them are wearing masks at all the excuse we're given is that this was a private chartered plane which raises a whole bunch of questions in and of itself where are you getting this private plane from where all of these supposed public servants where are they getting all their flying private all the time how are they doing that where are they getting this money nobody asks that or at least anyone asking it is is not going to get an answer to the question okay so you're on private and technically then uh because it's not any kind of public transportation you don't have to wear the mask okay so what you're what these texas democrats are telling us is that the only reason we wear masks on commercial airlines is because we have to why do we have to well because we have to there's no there's no actual underlying reason if there's any underlying reason for the rule saying we have to wear the mask then they'd be wearing the mask voluntarily on a private plane but they're not because they have their own rules texas state representative james talarico tweeted just landed in memphis on our way to dc thank you all for your well well wishes we left behind our families our livelihoods and our beloved texas but our sacrifice is nothing compared to the sacrifices brave americans have made throughout history to protect the sacred right to vote you're correct that your sacrifice is nothing i agree with you on that part because there's no sacrifice at all you're going on a on a apparently paid vacation leaving work can i do that i wonder how that would fly with the bosses here at the the daily wire no notice don't take any vacation time i just get on a plane and fly and then and then i say hey hey don't worry guys my sacrifice someone i get a call what are you doing matt you got to do the show hey listen my sacrifice i know this is a sacrifice but don't don't thank me for my sacrifice there are other pictures of them on their bus because they took a bus and then they took a plane and they took another bus and they're taking selfie videos the whole time and bragging about and talking about their great sacrifice in one of the uh the photos you can clearly see uh there's like an 18 or 30 pack of miller lite th

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