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#Candace #CandaceOwens #DailyWire #GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvin #BLMhello and welcome and we can just get right into this because you know what we we are going to cover today we obviously have to cover the george floyd trial conclusion which is that derek chovan is guilty on all counts and i have to appreciate people that were trying to create a pressure campaign for me on twitter saying i wonder what candice is going to say even republicans agreed that this was the right call i don't care who agrees that this was the right i don't care if it's a republican i don't care if it's a democrat i don't care if it's a white person i don't care if it's a black person i am not so much of an intellectual coward that because the mob decides something because the lie about george floyd and the way that he lived his life has become so big that we just have to now accept it as the truth and believe me this is a lie nancy pelosi yesterday said quote thank you george floyd for sacrificing your life for justice she also said quote that his name will always be synonymous with justice george floyd's name will always be synonymous with justice you have got to be kidding me don't tell me doesn't matter it does matter this is the most important part that he is now becoming synonymous with justice let me remind you guys i've done it before right when the media was spinning all the lives and the media first came out and they said oh george floyd was just getting his life together he moved to minnesota he got released from prison in 2014. he was just getting his life together you remember that do you guys remember that media depiction of saint george who was just doing things for kids and just loved the kids and really was trying to set a good example and was just getting his life together until i reminded people of what his actual record was because it became apparent to me that there was a reason that they were not producing the police footage because they wanted to make sure that the lie was perpetuated around the world and repeated over and over again before the truth could get up from bed and put its shoes on and here is the truth here is the person whose life and whose name is now synonymous with justice nancy pelosi george floyd has a rap sheet and i'm going to remind you guys of it again today he was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance he was arrested and put into jail he was arrested for theft he was arrested for theft again he spent 10 months and 10 days in jail he was arrested for failure to identify he spent 15 days in jail he was again arrested for possession of a controlled substance less than one gram of cocaine he was then arrested for trespassing no forcible entry he was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance he was arrested for possession with intent to manufacture or distribute another 30 months in jail total he was arrested for aggravate aggravated robbery with a dangerous and deadly weapon and that has really got to be the most significant arrest for me because of how sick what he did was ready here's a statement at this time a black ford explorer pulled up in front of the complainant's residence the complaint that we're talking about the woman had somebody knock on her door and say that they were from the water department and then that person forced their way into her home and then a foreign explorer pulled up and there were five other black males that exited this vehicle and proceeded to the front door the largest of these suspects forced his way into the residence this is george floyd forced his way into the residence placed a pistol against the complainant's abdomen and forced her into the living room area of the residence the large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant who was struck in the head and side areas by the second armed suspect with his pistol after she screamed for help i should also mention that there was a toddler in the residence at the time that this happened a toddler that was traumatized by what george floyd did a woman who was traumatized by what george floyd did various people who were traumatized throughout the life of george floyd he left a wake of victims that is what happened he had so many victims throughout his life but right now the world has decided that he is just a wonderful human being you're not allowed to talk about his record not a lot talk about anything there are children that are running around with george floyd church there are murals that have been constructed dedicated to george floyd because his name has now become synonymous with justice i guess my question is justice for who how do i do that how do i live a life so that people say candace owens's name is synonymous for justice it's not telling the truth people hate that people say you're not allowed to say it you're not allowed to talk about who this person actually was because the media has agreed on a narrative before the truth has gotten out about who this man was getting his life together is anybody still buying that anymore oh no never mind it actually turns out that at the time of his arrest he had fentanyl in his system he also had methamphetamine in his system we also learned that the week prior he had had an overdose but none of that matters because now we live under mob rule mob rule just says that if a black man dies and a white person is around while that black person dies it is a racially motivated crime they've never proved that nothing about this was about race at all but it doesn't matter because now george floyd has been propped up and this is what we have to agree on nobody's allowed to tell the truth why aren't they doing this why can't we honestly have an assessment and come to an agreement by the way i would have been perfectly comfortable people said derek chovin was guilty of manslaughter i'm comfortable with that charge i'm not comfortable with the lies that have been told repeatedly about who this man was if you care about black lives if you're watching a sneaking candice i just care about black lives then why can't we discuss black criminality at the same time because usually on the other end of black criminality is a black victim that was the case with jacob blake that was the case over and over again with george floyd that's also the case with and let's talk about the person that was trending all last night and all this morning mikaya bryant is that her name the woman the the young woman that they're now saying is 16 year old girl in columbus ohio who was shot on tuesday by police did you guys see the clip of her mother she was shot and killed by police because she was attempting to stab another girl it's on camera she was a knife wielding maniac but those details don't matter don't forget because her mother came out and said that makaya had a motherly nature about her she promoted peace kya bryant's mother wants you to know that the knife-wielding maniac that you saw is not who she really was maybe in that moment she was trying to kill somebody but the point that we should be focused on is that micaiah bryant like to promote peace in her spare time right i mean this is like i feel like we have now tapped in to fiction like now we have to just accept fiction it doesn't matter because makaya bryant was black and she died at the hands of police officer and that's all that matters now people want to come out and they want to support micaiah bryan maybe she too like george floyd will be buried into a gold casket maybe eventually one day nancy pelosi will say that micaiah bryant's name will be synonymous synonymous with justice let me tell you what is actually happening in america at this time if you're a black american you better pay attention right now in america the goal is to make sure that black people love and support criminality that is the goal the express goal now is to make black people believe that we should be in the streets rioting and looting and demanding justice for criminals right because that is what these people are they're criminals george floyd was in the process of committing a crime i'm not saying he deserved to die i don't think anybody deserved to die i think he deserved to be arrested they attempted to arrest him did you forget that part have you seen the full video of his arrest the media refuses to show the full video that shows the police tried to put him into the vehicle multiple times and he resisted arrest by saying i'm claustrophobic i'm claustrophobic because he had just ingested fentanyl fentanyl that thing that's a hundred times more potent than morphine he had just ingested it because he didn't want to again get caught with a controlled substance as he had done repeatedly throughout his life let's ignore the testimony from his girlfriend who said that they were both addicted which by the way that is sad drug addiction is sad we can be talking about drug addiction we should be talking about drug addiction that would be a meaningful discussion but instead let's ignore all of these things that would help us fix black america let's let's not talk about drug abuse let's not talk about drug dealers let's not talk about criminality let's not talk about why micaiah bryant had a knife and was trying to stab a woman to death let's just talk about black victimhood because the discussion about black victimhood almost guarantees us that in the future black neighborhoods are only going to get worse when you start celebrating criminals that is of course what is going to be the end result we're going to have more black death we're going to produce more black failures because we're not allowed to talk about the truth anymore and republican democrats are even saying that this is good right so let's not talk about it it's just been agreed the lie has been agreed upon don't say anything if you tell the truth candace you're a bad person i don't care what i am called just because right now in this country we are facing a pandemic of cowardice because people are too scared once the mob says that this is what must be said and these are the only things that can be said because the media has now created a system a successful system of propaganda where people don't even know what the truth is because the lie has been said over and over and over again that does not mean that i'm going to back down to the truth in fact i think more than ever now we need to have people that are willing to stand up and to say that what is happening in this country is wrong what is happening in this country is backwards none of these people that i mentioned are heroes welcome to candace all right it's been a crazy week it feels like every week is crazy in america and there's so much that we have to get to here to help me break down the top stories as hosts of the andrew clavin show the daily wires very own andrew clavin plus turning point usa spokesperson isabelle brown and former police officer and ceo of the officer tatum welcome back brandon tatum all right guys give me your first thoughts derek chauvin trial verdict is in he is guilty on all charges uh that you can't really say if you weren't sitting in the jury i'm not going to say they got it wrong but i will say that derek shoven did not get a fair trial it's not a fair trial when a congresswoman a sitting congresswoman is out in the streets telling people to riot if they don't get the verdict they want it's not a fair trial the president of the united states is praying for the right verdict because he says the evidence is overwhelming it feels like a jury that was under duress just a little just a little bit yeah well i hate to agree with aoc on much or anything at all to be honest but she did come out on social media yesterday and said this is proof of the system not working of course she meant that to be she wanted more accountability for police officers defund the police let's overthrow the system entirely but she's right in the fact that this is the system not working when you have jurors and judges and anyone associated with a trial fearing for their lives for their family's safety for their job for their home or business to be burned down because they happen to be selected to choose the fate of this particular police officer that's a problem that's not due process in action and it's not the free country we live in it's mob justice in my opinion yeah the left is complete hypocrites you know when you think about it and you look at the justice system you say well after the crime was committed the next day after the video came out he was he was fired and shortly after he was indicted then ten hours of deliberation he was convicted um i don't understand what justice they're looking for you know what they really want is they want to continue to push a narrative for people to hate the police and in this mob rule meaning that if we you know get out here and burn enough stuff you're going to have the the verdict that we want this is crazy that we live in a country like this and i'll say this about chauvin's case and i think his defense made a huge mistake by not having him testify they needed to have him be humanized because he's just looking dumb sitting there and the only video they see of him was with his knee i think he was damned if he did damned if he didn't i think it was decided on before he even stepped foot the media had decided that the verdict was guilty and this was really to me an extraordinary test of how powerful the media is people still do not know what happened on the day that george floyd died they've never even seen any video outside of the nine minute video that was played over and over and over again on loop and they purposefully held back giving just releasing the police cam which would have cleared up so many of the lies and it's amazing the emotional power of the narrative as opposed to the truth the story they tell joe biden a man who's been in government since the 1970s got on television and said we are an inherently racist society inherently racist government he said he basically talked about this trial as if it were difficult to get a conviction of a police officer who has killed a person which just isn't true it just isn't true if you have the testimony if you have the evidence you can convict a police officer in this country he was talking as if it were 40 years ago people were weeping in the streets when this verdict came in as if it were not a done deal as if they were it wasn't the derrick chopin who was the guy under the under pressure it's amazing how completely how completely the press working together with the left has sold this narrative that this is a racist country i lived out of this country for most of the 90s this is the least racist country on the face of the world you would think that former vice president joe biden would acknowledge the fact that america is not a backwards racist country as he stood next to the first black man to be elected as president united states two times right this is a majority white country 60 white country it would not have happened barack obama would have never been president had it not been for the fact that america has moved on from race but they don't want us to move on from race anymore and that's exactly what we're getting at that's all they've got and i want to get to this tweet because i was so physically nauseated by it it was from the mayor of minnesota he says ready george floyd came to minneapolis to better his life but ultimately his life will have bettered our city the jury joined in a shared conviction that has animated minneapolis for the last 11 months they refused to look away and affirmed he should still be here today brandon minneapolis to better his life when you want to better your life how much fentanyl do you take simon says i mean i don't know what how much fentanyl he's taking to write a tweet like this if you want to better your life i think you would start by not using drugs and trying to buy stuff with fake money and resisting arrest from police officers i don't know what world we live in why are these people so lame they're just lying they're just making up stuff to stoke hatred in vitriol in our country that guy was a thug that guy was a criminal that guy was using drugs he's not an example of anybody he don't represent me as a black man and i hate that i want to point that out i hate when people say to me how do you not see yourself in in george how do you not see your brother i don't know my brother and my cousins aren't ingesting fence no resisting why would i see myself in george floyd why would what person goes i really see myself in this drug addict and this person that's been arrested and faced jail since nine times why would i see why am i forced to see myself because oh we have a similar melanin complexion it tells you what they think of you though yeah they feel that's representative well and his name is now forever synonymous with justice according to our speaker of the house how little must they think of the american people to have that as the hallmark of everything we should be looking towards to better our life and the end goal of where we should achieve things yeah what happened to the lady that he had at gunpoint that they did a home invasion where is that justice what happened to the people you know who he probably was selling drugs to what happened to his family he's in he's in another city his family don't live there where how is this man the spokesperson of justice yes how is the movement today synonymous with justice when you look at what martin luther king did they didn't beat beat people up kill people burn buildings louis vuitton they weren't doing those things yes justice has gotten a makeover since the time of martin luther king i'll tell you that for sure and it's it's it's really despicable to see the way they are mischaracterizing him i don't care how what you think about him whether you think that that derrick sherwin should have been guilty the idea that this man should be held as a hero should be sickening to every single american you know everywhere i go this is true i travel a lot everywhere i go i meet black women particularly who are starting businesses who are becoming medical professionals who are going into other professions and really heroically building businesses why why aren't they a story why isn't that a tale to tell instead of the fact that we ignore the fact that women every one of these guys who've been shot recently has abused a woman at some point stuck a gun in a woman's face dante wright did it they all they've all done this and nobody cares nobody seems to care the names of these women are forgotten the stories are forgotten no one interviews them and it's just it just seems that there's an entire uh i i bet a majority of the black population who are becoming everything you want an american to be but they don't want to see it right and now instead we want to we want to honor failure i think i think that's where society is going and somebody brought up a very good point to me earlier they said i said where is this going you know why do you want the police to suddenly you know not what would be the purpose of policing there's no incentive to become a police officer today so why do we see this push by the mainstream media and democrats to make it almost impossible to become a police officer today and they offered that maybe the end goal is really because they want to instill uh to install a federal police force yeah right because there's going to be no place so now it's going to have to be the government the federal police force that will be knocking on your door uh you know demanding you to do things it almost seems like we're treading in that direction it wouldn't be surprising to me one bit at all and i do have to say we owe all of our police officers such a debt of gratitude they are not thanked for their service enough and of course there are bad people in every profession that's a very logical conclusion to come to but i think conservatives lately have been painted as worshiping police officers and assuming they can never do anything wrong while the left has attacked all of them universally as pigs as people who should be murdered as people who no longer deserve our respect and our thanks so if you're watching this and you're a police officer thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you're doing but common sense police reform thank you this isn't a partisan issue this is not a left versus right issue or a liberal versus conservative issue this is an idea of protecting our communities regardless of what you look like and circling back not to borrow a phrase from our white house press secretary to andrew clavin's point you know we are living the american dream regardless of what you look like more in 2021 than ever before people are starting businesses they're creating their dreams into a reality they're sending their kids or themselves to school for the first time you never hear about that no from the left side of the aisle and instead you hear our president say we have systemic racism exactly and one of the problems that the left has is that leftism actually doesn't work every time it's tried it makes things worse the homelessness gets worse the poverty gets worse the inequality gets worse and under leftism you only have the poor and the powerful that's all you have we're under capitalism you have this greatest step they've got to distract us they've got to be telling us that we hate each other they've got to make us hate each other they've got to try they've got to do all this stuff to keep our eyes off the fact that it doesn't work all you have to do is let people be free all you have to do is let them build their businesses cut their taxes a little bit draw back on the regulations this country just explodes with creativity the media is is exploding with the need to lie about everything that's happening in this country and and it's interesting because as i say the lie makes its way around the world before the truth even gets up out of bed and puts its shoes on right and one of those big lies that brennan you and i tackled us from the beginning black lives matter this incorporation right you know this is a corporation where does the money go i have been screaming this for years that this is a fraudulent organization that seems to use the faces of black people to raise millions and millions and nobody knows where it goes but this week briana taylor's mother spoke out and actually said well candace and brandon have been screaming for weeks and here's what she said i actually want to read it for baiting because it's so powerful and it's basically being ignored she said i have never personally dealt with black lives matter louisville and personally have found them to be fraud frauds i think she meant attica scott is another fraud okay shien says i could walk in a room full of people who claim to be here for briana's family who don't even know who i am i've watched y'all raise money on behalf of brianna's family who has never done a damn thing for us nor have we needed it or asked so talk about fraud i've been talking about fraud ma'am i've been talking about fraud i mean brandon hello vindication for you and i yeah i mean this is you know a blind man can see this you know that they are fraudulent you can look in the black community they have been doing this quote-unquote work for a very long time but nothing has changed they don't even prescribe any change you see young girl a young girl the other day jazlyn i think her name was jazlyn she got murdered seven-year-old girl got murdered in a car they don't even put her on their instagram page they're talking about that they don't even they do none of those things they won't even mention tyshon lee which was another young nine-year-old that was murdered i mean he was murdered directly by gang members they won't even speak about it one day i hope one day that we people will step up and actually help where the help is needed go to the inner city and go and march and stand in front of somebody's house that's selling dope in the in the community stand in front of the person's house who murdered that little seven-year-old i want y'all to protest there stop protesting about these police officers that'll justify these shooting people right i mean it makes my blood boil now i would keep talking but it's not my no no i love it i love it and what i want to say also is just that this idea that america is systemically racist like what this really allows and i i do want to show the quote i actually want to show the video of joe biden saying this but what it really allows for them to do is to basically say our problems can never be solved so we need more and more and more and more government so let's look at president joe biden it was a murder in the full light of day and ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the vice president just referred to there were systemic races as a stain on our nation's soul the knee on the neck of justice for black americans profound fear and trauma the pain the exhaustion and black and brown americans experience every single day i wish that that joe biden could meet senator joe biden who's the guy who passed the law yeah was in the ku klux klan robert byrd it was a grand cyclops or the senator joe biden who passed the law the three strikes policy i mean i wish that guy could meet the other guy it would be amazing how i mean disingenuous how disingenuous is this clip oh it's the whole thing this whole attitude that this was somehow ripped the blinders off like we never knew there had been race problems in this country before you know this is a this is a country that was doing so much it's weird it is weird that barack obama's election was the turning point that when you asked when people were polled they said on both sides they said race relations were improving when obama was elected people even i who didn't like obama or agree with obama thought it was a kind of a beautiful thing that given our history that we now had a black man as president and yet i think again because leftism doesn't work because nothing obama did work because he set the middle east back on fire after had been pacified because he sat on the recovery i think he had to start using the race card to distract from the fact that leftism doesn't work if just once they would just say you know what i need a better idea we can get rid of a lot of the stuff because all of it is to distract us from the failure of their policies and sadly this is kind of being institutionalized now because kids are learning this and i know isabel you do a lot of work in this space and talked about you know your experience in a college campus as a conservative but there just seems to be this pollution of minds that all they want children to think about is race and before uh earlier today i actually had a friend reach out to me her daughter attends a boarding school in connecticut and after the the trial verdict was read this is what they sent out to all of the kids i actually could not even believe um and i'm not going to obviously read this an entire letter but it says for many the state of minnesota versus derek michael shovin has been a stark heart-wrenching reminder of the suffering one human being can inflict on another it has also been a painful reminder that racism still permeates and threatens the everyday lives of marginalized marginalized groups in this country can one of you guys help me what was the element of the derek chovin trial that was proven to be about race still have yet to answer that question one piece but you're right critical race theory is the cancer of education that's now effectively indoctrinating this entire generation of young americans that are now going to grow up and take that beyond school so beyond elementary school beyond middle school and high school and their college campuses into whatever realm of american society they work in the halls of congress a corporate boardroom america's streets genuinely believing it is our duty and responsibility and it is morally correct to view people differently based on their skin color to believe that white people have had this inherent advantage in our country forever they still do and black people are always inherently disadvantaged that is actually verbatim the curriculum taught by the new york times 1619 project which is now taught in every chicago public schools school and many other school districts across the country but here's the million-dollar question that nobody has been asking throughout this process this concept of systemic and institutionalized racism if it really exists let's examine every system and institution in american culture today higher education in academia big tech large corporations hollywood the music industry movies everything that permeates our culture daily all the way up to the federal government is all controlled by the left right so

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