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The accusations against besieged Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have reached sufficient fever pitch to attract bloodsucking harpy, Gloria Allred. But Moore’s moralizing attackers on the Left have one, intractable, desiccated, undead problem: Hillary Clinton. Then, Roaming Millennial, Amber Athey, and Paul Bois join the Panel of Deplorables to discuss short, fat Kim Jong-un; why you should boycott Keurig, and a New York Times writer’s passionate defense of racial segregation. The New York Times is a former newspaper now, a former newspaper tomorrow, a former newspaper forever!the accusations against besieged Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have reached sufficient fever pitch to attract blood-sucking harpie Gloria Allred brutal new testimony just this hour from an alleged victim that said Moore's attackers on the Left have won intractable desiccated undead obstacle to their moralizing Hillary Clinton my third cousin once removed we will analyze love in the time of fake news then roaming millennial amber Athey and paul bois his eminence himself joined the panel of deplorable z' to discuss short fat kim jeong-hoon why you should boycott Keurig and a new york times writers passionate defense of racial segregation the new york times is a former newspaper now a former newspaper tomorrow a former newspaper forever I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Music] that gloria allred press conference came at about 20 minutes ago came out as we were ready to go on air there is a woman who's now alleging that when she was 15 she was molested by Roy Moore was sexual assault there was nothing in central about it so this leaves Roy Moore with only one option he has to come at his gay he has to choose now to live as a gay man we will have Christopher Plummer replace him as the Republican nominee in Alabama that's I think that's the only way that we can handle this and still possibly win this seat Plummer 2017 that's the way to do it that there's your write-in campaign right there this Allred presser if you haven't seen it is savage it is brutal the the Democrats have played this opposition research perfectly with accusations that haven't come out for 40 years they've just played it right up to the election they've built up they've let him bury himself and this is really rough the woman's name is Beverly young Nelson she says that when she was 15 she was a beauty prep pageant queen who was working at a diner and Roy Moore would come in there he was the DA for the county at the time he would come in he was always hitting on her asking her to go out with him she said no one time he waited for her to leave the restaurant and offered to give her a ride home because her boyfriend wasn't there according to this woman he drove her around back where there were no lights and made a move tried to lock the door fondled her eventually she said no fought back long enough that she fell out of the car he pushed her out of the car and said you're just a child I'm the DA no one will ever believe you your mother will never believe you apparently her sister attests to this at the time some friends she and her husband crucially voted for Trump so this is one point she said I'm willing to go under oath on this this isn't a Republican Democrat thing I and my husband both both voted for Trump this is really really bad much worse than the Washington Post story much worse than unnamed women some women on the record some women off alleging weird conduct when they were 16 or 17 or 18 this is brutal it's graphic it's going to be run on every TV in Alabama for the next few weeks Mitch McConnell by the way before this press conference had already called for Roy Moore to drop out of the race the White House is backed off of Roy Moore you'll remember Trump didn't endorse Roy Moore in the primary he endorsed Luther strange the primary opponent here is more defending himself now this clip is from before the Gloria Allred presser today but I imagine he won't really change this tune very much this is Roy Moore's defense Washington Post published rather yet another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate these attacks involve a minor and they're completely false and untrue I want to make it clear to the media present and the people president I have not provided alcohol beverages alcoholic beverages beer or anything else till minor I have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone I've been investigated more than any other person in this country to think that grown women would wait 40 years to come before right before an election to bring charges is absolutely unbelievable why now the Democrats and the Republicans establishment know the importance of this election in fact most people in America know the importance of this election they see it as a prelude to the elections coming in 2018 it may very well determine the future of our country my opponent is 11 points behind that came out just days before this article came out they're desperate this article is a prime example of fake news fake news that's Roy Moore's story and he's sticking to it decent enough defense what else is he going to say he can't cop to it then he loses the race he can't drop out now no one's gonna win in his place it'll just go to Democrats so he's saying this is all fake news and don't worry about it a much harder case to make now that we have a woman on the record who's apparently a Republican apparently a trump voter who's coming out and making these accusations now Gloria Allred is not the only blood sucking harpy involved in all of this there is one intractable problem for Democrats and that is Hillary Clinton so Chris Hayes stop clock is Right twice a day MSNBC Chris Hayes came out and tweeted this over the weekend quote as gross and cynical and hypocritical as the writes what about Bill Clinton's stuff is it's also true that Democrats and the center-left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against him read this account he's talking about Juanita Broderick in light of all we've been hearing and reading this last month and ask yourself if it is credible now he's talking about this accusation by a woman named Juanita Broderick that says that Bill Clinton raped her decades ago and Hillary knew about it and Hillary pressured her to keep quiet and this has come out for years with the with the Clintons now we have Democrats finally copping and saying well maybe that's the case why are they doing it might be true that they want to get Hillary out of here they're pulling at Donna Brazile they want to toss her under the bus get rid of Hillary Clinton as fast as we can move on to better pastures for 2020 but if that's the case it takes the wind out of their sails of all of them realizing they've been saying well we can how could you possibly not call for ROI more to get out of the race to drop out to go away this was before the most recent accusations when it was just a Washington Post story how could you not it's awful we're the moral voice of America but just a year ago they tried to make a woman who pressured and intimidated and bullied and smeared her husband's alleged rape victims they tried to make her president so much for all that moralizing where's that high horse where was all that moralism a year ago when you were trying to make that woman who's accused of worse things when you were trying to make her president you know the guy I blame most and all this obviously we can go back and forth the Clinton thing is a really nice tool at the Wrights disposable because we can say well look folks that political races are complicated and you know there are more reasons than just accusations from 40 years ago to vote for a guy probably that arguments not going to hold anymore after the most recent presser in accusations but we'll see what happens the guy blame most in all this is Luther strange the primary opponent the Trump endorsed and and the establishment endorsed in Alabama he failed as a campaign his campaign failed to dig up all of this dirt unless all of these accusations are totally fabricated and again I wouldn't put it past Democrats to totally fabricated accusations weeks before an election when you're down by double digits but unless they are totally fabricated loser Luther Strange blew it because he could have found all of this I've been to meetings like this you go to the other campaign you say we have this information they say okay they decide whether or not to drop out if they don't privately drop out then you release the information it goes public and then you see what's happening to Roy Moore now would have happened two months ago the the strange campaign didn't do it it's really frustrating we might lose the Senate seat now it looks like we're probably going to really really awful and all of this said sex scandals are a hallmark of American politics I think it were very it's easy to say well now what has happened Trump has reduced the nation to rubble or Bill Clinton has reduced the nation to rub her now we have all these sex scandals but it used to be so nice and weed court people and it was hunky-dory and gentlemanly and chivalrous not true they've been sex scandals have been a hallmark of American politics since the beginning Alexander Hamilton Washington's aide de camp and the founder of the Treasury Department he cuckold in a man named James Reynolds in 1791 this came out it damaged his political career a mid 19th century South Carolina senator from the nullifier party had a gay relationship in college and then he had a little dalliance as he said with his two teenage nieces he couldn't run for re-election the next time he was re-elected to Senate a few years later Senator David Walsh a Democrat from Massachusetts visited gay Nazi brothels in America you can go to gay brothels you can go to Nazi brothels you cannot go to gay Nazi brothels that's a step too far Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas was thrice married cheated on all of the wives and molested airline stewardesses there's nothing really new about all of this that said it's going to have consequences and this might have been the nail in the coffin for mr. Moore now we've got to analyze all of this we have to bring on roaming millennial with us since the beginning Romi millennial to give us expert advice amber Athey from The Daily Caller and his eminence the one and only Paul Cardinal voix panel thank you for being here I appreciate it my pleasure rubbing is one more finished I'm having a lot of trouble with this I'm someone who thought I was extremely hypocritical when during the election Democrats turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton and I also was someone who was very skeptical about a lot of the allegations that were coming out against Trump with that being said I'm trying to look at this fairly and objectively and not see more as a Republican but rather just someone who's having all of these allegations against him that you know right now are hearsay but I mean it's not just one person at this point I don't think it's good for the Republican image if he stays in this race and if people continue to stand by him I mean this isn't to say that I think he's definitely guilty I don't think we should abandon presumption of innocence just because this is a political matter and you know we're fighting for the elections in 2018 but at the same time yeah this doesn't look good and for a lot of people Republicans already have the image whether it's true or not I don't think it's true of being soft on men who sexually harassed and sexually abused women and I I don't think Roy Moore is good for the party right now that might be the case but if he isn't guilty then should we allow ourselves to be bullied by Gloria Allred if he isn't guilty they're all these accusations let's dump him under the bus but what what if he isn't guilty then doesn't that set a precedent for all campaigns that's it it doesn't look good for more on in this particular but in the general if they're just unsubstantiated if we don't have a lot of evidence should we really automatically believe Gloria Allred in her clients I don't believe these women without evidence I think if you're making allegations against someone it's up to you you have burden of proof to substantiate your claims but at the same time if we are actually interested in pushing forward conservative principles through electing legislators then people including Roy Moore himself need to realize that this looks bad now I think the clip you mentioned that he was still I think 11 points ahead of his opponent so maybe for Alabama voters this isn't a big deal but I think in all these elections the candidates themselves often end up overlooking the point of this the point of this is to get someone with conservative principles into office and to make people more willing in the future to vote for Republicans this doesn't do that sure amber I think a lot of people in the Republican side who are keeping mama and Roy Moore or who are even defending or anymore are saying look I don't care I don't care about 40 years ago I don't care about his personal life I want more freedom and I want less tyranny and I want more of my own money and I want less government and I want conservative social policy and I don't want crazy revolutionary social policy and it's a raiser than majority in the Senate right now do you think that that argument holds water or do we have to hold this guy accountable if the accusations are at all credible and tell them well we're gonna lose this race but it's better than having someone who has committed these crimes in the Senate well I don't think it would be very conservative to not hold people accountable for their crimes considering how much we believe in due process and how we believe that the law applies equally to everyone regardless of whether or not that person is in a position of power and I think in this case you know it's it's important to note that these stories are very well source the Washington Post piece noted that the woman who made these accusations had told their their mothers and their sister at the time and then the woman who just came out had this yearbook note she had a photo of a yearbook note that Roy Moore apparently left her he signed it love Roy Moore da and then he called her beautiful in it and I know if my parents saw that type of message in a yearbook from a thirty year old man when I was 15 16 years old they would go nuclear I mean gosh my dad would probably be in prison by now so I think it's important to look at all of these accusations as a whole and not just you know each part on their own mr. bois your eminence should Roy Moore get out of the race it's certainly looking like that last week when the allegations first broke I said to myself okay I'm gonna give it a couple days see if the allegations remain credible and if they hold up to scrutiny I certainly wasn't one to get quicking with the Washington Post or even believe them right off the bat but it very quickly is looking like the allegations are credible the one that came forward today is even more credible like amber said the yearbook yeah I think he I think that Roy Moore is probably guilty of these and I also have a friend of mine who I won't name who's dealt with Roy Moore in the past previously said when she was 18 he gave her his personal email address which she felt was a little bit inappropriate and odd at the time so the email address I want to get him on the show come on pass it along man I'm not cute enough and I'm not eating that so yeah I he I think he needs to drop out when you've lost paul bois you have both was slightly to the right of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun the Vox Dei himself really bad not looking good he might have to finally call this thing quits but we'll see they're pretty tough down there in Alabama maybe I'll say I got two words for you Washington Post and they're not happy birthday who knows okay we have a lot of news to get to we have to get to the Democrats and the full-throated endorsement of segregation we have to get to fake news from the New York Times as separate fake news from the New York Times and we also have to get to the boycott Keurig campaign not just because the coffee isn't good but because we're defending Sean Hannity before all of that I'm sorry I know you guys want to definitely see more amber and roaming millennial and you'll tolerate more paul bois but unfortunately unless you subscribe to The Daily wire you can't do that so you have to go to the daily wired.com right now and by the way the reason to subscribe just today is tomorrow is the conversation be sure to tune in it's our next episode of the conversation Tuesday November 14th that's tomorrow 5 p.m. Eastern 2 p.m. Pacific featuring you guessed it little ol me the conversation will stream live on The Daily wire website Facebook page and YouTube channel it will be free for everyone to watch but only subscribers can ask the questions so subscribe today you get to ask me all of the most important questions I'll give you my homemade cough fa recipe there there's a lot of information that you can get out of this so do that subscribe right now join the conversation if you subscribe it's ten bucks a month 100 dollars for an annual membership what do you get you get me you get the under Clavin sure you get the Ben Shapiro show yada yada yada yada you get folks the leftist tears tumblr now this is a little bit of speculation here but if it turns out that these Roy Moore accusations aren't true if he stays in this race you're gonna need to buy 25 daily wire subscriptions you were gonna it's going to be flooding everywhere already just from Twitter in the New York Times you'll you'll have a steady supply vintage 2017 so go over there right now is the most coveted most coveted tumbler for drinking leftist years in the entire country so go over daily wire.com we were right back the New York Times this is the most this is the most the height of irony the best story to come out of New York Times in a while the New York Times is suing in Manhattan woman for pretending to be a New York Times reporter so a fake news outlet is suing woman a woman for saying that she a fake fake reporter she's a fake fake journalist which I think makes her a real journalist which means she should sue the New York Times for all of their fake news this is a lot like inception it's a woman named Contessa bourbon she's been masquerading as a New York Times reporter at events at the Brookings Institution on Twitter threat social media she's used it to talk to congressional staff to get into events and they're very upset because they're saying that this woman is damaging their decent reputation they're saying that they have a fine reputation and business and a distinctive quality to their journalism and I can give everybody listening and and here a minute to chuckle and guffaw and spit out their drinks very commonly before answering this roaming why on earth would anyone want to be associated with the New York Times that's what I was just wondering myself I mean if you're gonna go out there and just pretend to be something you're not wise New York Times reporter asked why would you the New York Times it's like yeah I'm I I'm an unemployed bum ya know I'm an unemployed I'm gonna get sued by the unemployed bum guild in the country doesn't make any sense this maybe she was hoping that I guess internally their own fact-checking as to who was working for ku or was actually was as vigorous as their regular fact-checking for their stories I don't know it's a mystery to us all she'll probably get promoted if they use their normal fact-checking she'll probably become at least to you they are the opinion page editor or something before the year is out mister Bois once you have finished laughing and deploying and comically spitting out your drink doesn't this woman have a strong defense if she plays insanity oh my god I really don't know what's more insane the fact that the woman was posing as a reporter the fact that she thought the New York Times was respectable enough to posed to do it so if I were a judge and I heard the insanity plea I'd be yeah yeah I think the fact that you thought the New York Times was the organization you were gonna pose as yeah that's that's a pretty strong case for insanity that's fair enough now you've heard it from the the supreme judge himself Vox Dei Paula Cardinal blah speaking of the New York Times on Saturday ikaw and yank I'm sure I'm triggering people in micro aggressing by mispronouncing that asked in the New York Times quote can my children be friends with white people I'll save you the trouble of reading the piece no the answer is no according to this writer a full-throated defense of racial segregation from this New York Times writer roaming has the New York Times always been this regressive and ridiculous or you know as Andrew Klavan says is in a former newspaper did it used to be a good place and then it just recently got hollowed out by crazy leftists no you know what I think I think the New York Times is in the right of this I mean first you know black people white people are being friends then what's next you know black and white married couples mixed-race children where will it end times exactly they're there right and taking a stand against this editorial editor George Wallace will not stand for this right but I think it's actually this is great because for a long time people on the right people are who are conservatives have been using the term regressive and actually painting these people for what they are you know almost Pro racism Pro segregation and for a while frankly we've looked a little bit crazy but I think it's coming to the point now where more and more people are starting to realize that there is this underlying narrative of almost anti whiteness Pro segregation they really are in every way regressive in their ideology and I I'm actually at least relieved that more and more people are gonna find out about this because of this and I think the New York Times has remained to too many people a credible outlet and I think I'm glad this is happening mr. hua this seems to be a step backward certainly for race relations they seem to have taken a step backward over the last 20 years obviously there are many things that we could blame for this the left likes to blame that's their term a reaction against a black president or black people getting some new rights the right rightly points to multiculturalism terrible revisionist history's people being ignorant and being uneducated it from secondary schooling through colleges what is to blame what cultural factor what political factor is to blame for the backward step in race relations it's 50 years of being inundated with identity politics Michael I mean unfortunately as much as we want to as much as we Revere and rightly revere dr. Martin Luther King I'm afraid he is not the one who he's not who won the the the occasional man yeah on the cultural battle he is not I have the Civil Rights Act passed yes and that's a very good thing but when it came to the actual a cultural battle and the views and the way we talk about day to day I that went to Malcolm X and in the Black Panthers that is the predominant view that whites and blacks cannot in any way coexist unless there's some serious measure taken on behalf of whites that just I don't even know what it is at this point but yeah that that's essentially what the view here is it's it's the Malcolm X Black Panther view of race relations that we cannot get along we cannot recognize each other's humanity a I'm completely at a loss and we can debate it all day long but really New York Times and this man who published this piece which really should be titled how I teach my son to be a racist there's no way to debate with him they're lost in a broken ideology and the only way to defeat them is on the cultural sphere and that's it and the left they just use Martin Luther King's name they just use his name and they hollow him out you'll notice they always refer to him as dr. Martin Luther King but they don't refer to him as Reverend Martin Luther King you know the thing that makes him a doctor it's not like he's an ophthalmologist right he said he's a theologian he's a preacher and they take the Jesus out of him and but there are two figures there's Martin Luther King who comes from a Baptist Christian tradition and there's Malcolm X who comes from the Nation of Islam tradition and there's the non-violence there's God who's subdues himself to logic and reason and there is Wrath and chicken Simon coming home to roost and violence in the streets and and the left the left always uses Martin Luther King's name there was uses picture but in their rhetoric in their action and their policy prescription they certainly seem to side with Malcolm X they certainly seem to side side with the forces of racial division amber can your child be friends with white people I guess yours can but it is the fundamental thesis of this piece is there any merit to it at all the the thesis that America is so inherently racist and it has never corrected its inherent racism and its inherent oppression and therefore kids need to watch out little black kids need to watch out for the cops they need to watch out for white people who will betray them is there any shred of reality to this no I don't that there is and unfortunately a what we know now is that a lot of racism has learned it's not inherent to individuals and this New York Times writer has decided that he's going to teach his children to be racist and to continue this awful trend and there's a famous quote that goes something like the the oppressed eventually become the oppressors in this case I think that's what a lot of the there were aggressive left is seeking to do there's so much a you're on that side over slavery and and various systemic racism that now their goal is to go ahead and oppress well gay people in some kind of sixth-sense of twisted justice there there is certainly images of this in even Columbus Day you know on Columbus Day we talked about the history of mr. Columbus and they're one of the reasons that Columbus Day became celebrated in the United States it was celebrated in 1892 the 400th anniversary of his expedition but it wasn't celebrated on the 300th anniversary of the expedition and the reason is that a year earlier the largest mass lynching in US history was taken up against Sicilians it was actually Sicilian Americans who were the object of this lynching 11 of them were and then italian-americans pushed for this holiday because Columbus was a Italian guy he probably would have called himself Italian he would have called himself Genovese a or Spanish or something but we do see that coming back certainly time and time again all right enough of the fake a New York Times I can't I can't take any more there's the most New York Times I've read in years probably it was - you sure I am the subscriber I'm the last driver to the New York Times but I'm just kidding I would never pay them anything there is another great story that went around Twitter this weekend which is a boycott Keurig Americans are boycotting Keurig after a Media Matters Soros coordinated effort caused the coffee maker to dump sean hannity show here's Americans reacting look what I found peace that's good this is why you got to subscribe folks that I want to replay that I'm the whole rest of the Damned just gonna be playing that video clip so Keurig pulls out of Hannity because for no reason by the way Hannity gave really more a fairly tough interview but they decided to pounce on him at Media Matters which is a George Soros funded attack dog group and now Americans are boycotting it looks like Keurig may reverse its decision roaming is it distasteful for conservatives to boycott just like lefties do it's much funnier they're much more clever about how they do it the left is always shrieking you have to stop buying this product and meanwhile the right is like taking golf clubs to it and making funny videos about it is it distasteful should we be engaging in these tactics or should we leave coffee on politicised well that's a great question and I firmly believe that coffee should not be political I don't think you know I don't think our ice cream needs to be political I don't think our clothing needs to be political but at the same time we have to ask ourselves are the consumers the ones who are making this political or is curing the one that started making this political by withdrawing their sponsorship that's a hard question but I think consumers are totally in the right to support brands who they feel align more with their worldview and again I'm not saying that conservatives should be so sensitive and you know these special snowflakes they get mad at brands if they do something they don't like but at the same time you know I don't think Keurig is necessarily the biggest culprit of this I think Ben and Jerry's is really the quintessential representative of a leftie company who kind of forces their political views on people in that case I think it's completely justified and fine for consumers to say no I don't want to sponsor this mister wah I know that the left is constantly demonizing the evil corporations Bernie Sanders talked about the millionaires and the billionaires of the corporate class is corporate America does it lean left or does it lean right left I mean what to say okay they're not full-blown socialists and since they want the government to seize control their operations they're just crony capitalists yes they're just crony capitalists but yes in terms of everything social yeah they're pretty left I mean in terms of traditional morality same-sex marriage yeah as far to the left as you can get and in terms of abortion that gets a little bit more dicey you know with places like Starbucks and of course Target who are all in for that other corporations maybe not so much but I mean for the most part yes corporate America is against Christians is against Orthodox Jews is against anybody who holds anything traditional and doesn't want to get involved in line with sexual revolution so yep sad I always I always bring on Paul Bois to cheer me up you know I always just so Paul boy yeah it's a nice day out it's sunshiny right it's terrible all right all right well this this last knew I had to end on a good news story I had to end on the greatest news story from the entire weekend it was a single tweet from our dear leader President Trump on his Asia trip quote this is this is after Kim jong-un apparently called Trump old our president responded in a very diplomatic very American way why would Kim jong-un insult me by calling me old when I would never call him short and fat oh well I try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen amber the left expectedly went nuts and which was probably the point of this entire tweet is this the greatest moment of trump's presidency including the appointment of new york or such yeah so when this tweet happened i was sitting around drinking beers with friends and I think we all laughed for a solid 20 minutes straight I mean it my third day of laughing was perfect backhanded insult you could ever imagine and the fact that it's from the president just makes it a million times better this is by far top 10 Donald Trump tweets of all time you know they're saying now that he's he's immature and reckless and impulsive because he heard that he called him fat he just tweeted this out I clearly these people have been missing the last two years of Donald Trump's political career you know the entirety of his political career it this clearly seems to me to have a strategic advantage which is that you have to back up American credibility you have to build American credibility both in action both and shows a military force in shows of diplomatic arrangements and in the way you speak so you have this little tin pat Tim pot fat dictator with nuclear weapons in violation of countless u.s. and you know UN treaties and resolutions and he's calling this guy old and there's our president

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