The Greatest Jobs-Producer God Ever Created | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 195
00:09 "... will analyze the greatest jobs producer ..."
01:41 "... were elected he would be the greatest ..."
02:08 "... I will be the greatest jobs producer ..."
03:58 "... he said I'm the greatest jobs president ..."
04:04 "... but then he said I'm the greatest jobs ..."
04:09 "... isn't quite true he's the greatest jobs ..."
04:11 "... president but he's not the greatest jobs ..."
04:12 "... producer the greatest jobs producer is ..."
04:47 "... why is President Trump the greatest jobs ..."

As socialist empty-heads insist that the economy isn’t working, a record-high number of Americans are working as the economy soars. We will analyze the greatest jobs-producer God ever created, and the threats it faces. Then, Jim Acosta complains some more, Owen Benjamin stops by, and Pope Francis changes Church teaching on capital punishment. We will analyze the many defense and benefits of killing criminals.

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Subscribe to our YT channel and leave a comment below!as socialists empty heads insists that the economy isn't working a record high number of Americans are working because the economy is absolutely soaring we will analyze the greatest jobs producer God ever created and the threats that it faces then I know you'll be shocked to hear this Jim Acosta is complaining some more Owen Benjamin stops by that huge pianist friend of ours and Pope Francis changes church teaching on capital punishment we will analyze the many wonderful benefits of killing criminals I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Noel's show [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's a lot to get to in one day we're gonna have to do it that we're gonna have to cover everything from how wonderful capitalism is to questioning certain changes that are coming out of the Roman Curia and out of the Vatican certain things that seem a little strange you know there's a difference by the way when people a difference between Protestants or more evangelical Christians and Catholics is when brought more Protestant leaning people a question their pastors or questioned their their denominations teachings they can be pretty vocal about it they can be pretty straight on and when Catholics do it we say well is it perhaps the case that the Holy Father is mistaken is it is it I wonder if I am misunderstanding the Holy Father we will have to see if we're misunderstanding the Holy Father on the death penalty before all that you know another promise has been kept President Trump he promised us do you remember this he's made a lot of promises everyone laughed at him he said he's ridiculous that'd be crazy everything was gonna go terribly if he were elected he promised us that if he were elected he would be the greatest jobs president that God ever created I remember when he said it well that's a really bold statement turns out that has absolutely been the case president Trump take it away I'll be the greatest jobs president that God ever created so there's a great spirit going on right now a spirit that many people have told me they've never seen before ever we're gonna create jobs I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created and I mean that I really I'm gonna work very hard on that all right we're a year and a half in let's see what is the record show the record shows that in the month of July the most recent month that we have numbers for a record high number 155 million nine hundred sixty-five thousand people were employed in the United States that is an all-time record high but by the way that's the 11th record breaker since President Trump took office this is true by the way the the way that Democrats and socialists try to spin this is they say well the economy is working really well for some people but it's not working well for all people and this is when they try to demagogue on issues of class division or race division or sexual division or whatever but as even when you look at all of their divisive categories the numbers still hold up we have record low black unemployment we now have a record low Hispanic unemployment in the United States this is the second record because he's at record low Hispanic unemployment two months in a row last month the economy added 157 thousand new jobs and unemployment has fallen below three point nine percent to put that into perspective economists consider an unemployment rate of four to six point four percent to be full employment because if you're in a system that has freedom you're gonna have some unemployment people are gonna be changing jobs you might you know a company might fire somebody who's not doing a good job and then they'll find a job that they're better at so four to six point four percent is considered full employment and we now have we are now looking at an unemployment figure below that we have more than full employment in this country and President Trump predicted it he said that would happen but why is that happening because he said I'm the greatest jobs president God ever created that might be true I've been been on the numbers that is true but then he said I'm the greatest jobs producer that God ever created and that isn't quite true he's the greatest jobs president but he's not the greatest jobs producer the greatest jobs producer is capitalism its economic freedom this is and it's a wonderful time to be seeing these numbers because you have the rise of socialism across the United States we've talked about how the Democratic socialists of America have increased their membership Eightfold in just two years the majority of Millennials consider themselves socialist at the same time we are seeing that economic freedom economic liberty capitalism creates jobs it creates prosperity this is the first time that we've seen this in our political lives as Millennials and it's impressive to see because what why is President Trump the greatest jobs president that God ever created because he is increasing freedom and decreasing regulation he is letting people keep more of their money by lowering taxes historic tax reform on companies and on individuals he's deregulating the federal government so he's making it harder for these bureaucrats and Technik rats to control every aspect of our lives he's opening up a trade is negotiating better trade deals he's trying to get better trade deals where we're drilling baby drilling we're now the biggest exporter of oil in the world we're producing energy you know during the Obama administration we would hear no you can't drill here you can't transport oil or natural gas here you can't do this you can't do that no no no no no and what President Trump did very simply perhaps just on his gut is when he got in he said we are gonna unleash this economy we're gonna unshackle it we're gonna open up the bonds that are holding this economy back and this thing is gonna roar and it is roaring this economy should have been roaring years ago because well you had that recession in 2007 2008 and after steep recessions you should have a steep recovery but President Obama just put shackle upon shackle so what a president Trump - he opened that up he unleashed it freedom works freedom works so it's it seems so simple I think even conservatives need to tell ourselves this sometimes because sometimes we conservatives you know we get a little a little contrarian a little a little Tweedy a little traditionalist you say oh I don't know about freedom I don't well you know pish-posh know freedom works very simply it works economically we're seeing that with all of these numbers it works politically it works creatively when you when you unshackle people they are free to be creative they're free to do what they want and this is true as a matter of political speech the accusation against President Trump in this administration is that he's authoritarian oh he's authoritarian he's he's a fascist he's authoritarian now see an authoritarian by letting people say and do whatever they want you know one of the observations of this era in politics is people are sort of frenzied they're vocal that they're politically engaged the federal government is not stopping them the authoritarian so-called government isn't stopping anybody from doing that you know people are out there screaming they're angry they want impeachment they want this they want that the president doesn't tell anybody to stop doing that the freedom of the press has not been abridged the freedom of the people to speak their minds has not been abridged there is freedom out there and by the way even with all that screaming and all that fake news and all at Aunty administration rhetoric coming out of the mainstream media the administration's approval ratings are 50% they're doing very very well because people when you give them freedom when they say look you can speak and you can speak and you can speak battle it out it gets really loud it gets really raucous it's not orderly it's not quiet it's not it's not couth but it's really raucous and people can get a semblance of the truth this is a wonderful thing some people are not thrilled about this though and by some people I of course I'm referring to Ron Burgundy himself Jim Acosta Jim take it away Sarah's question from NPR she asked you about Ivanka Trump's statement that the press is not the enemy of the people and she asked you whether or not the press is the enemy of the people you read off a laundry list of your concerns about the press and things that you feel like are misreported but you did not say that the press is not the enemy of the people and I I think it would be a good thing if you were to say right here at this briefing that the press the people who are gathered in this room right now doing their jobs every day asking questions of officials like the ones you brought forward earlier are not the enemy of the people I I think we deserve that president has made his position known I also think it's ironic my oh my god I'm trying to answer your question I politely waited and I even called on you despite the fact that you interrupted me why calling on your colleague I said it's ironic and which is why I interrupted I'm trying to view if you finish if you would not mind letting me have a follow-up that would be fun but it's ironic Jim that not only you and the media attacked the president for his rhetoric when they frequently lower the level of conversation in this country repeatedly repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks without any content other than to incite anger the media has attacked me personally on a number of occasions including your own Network said I should be harassed as a life sentence that I should be choked ice officials are not welcomed in their place of worship and personal information is shared on Internet when I was hosted by the Correspondents Association of which almost all of you are members of you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and call me a traitor to my own gender in fact as I know I'm as far as I know I'm the first press secretary in the history of the United States that's required Secret Service protection the media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the President and everyone in this administration and certainly we have a role to play but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country as well preach preach Sarah yeah baby so Ron Burgundy Jim Acosta leans in there and he says listen you we have freedom of the press in this country you need to respect the press you need to respect the freedom of the press and that's why you need to tell all the American citizens to shut up why won't you why won't you tell them to shut up they're saying me and things about me Sarah stop them and Sarah Sanders is saying like well that sounds like a you problem Jim Acosta that certainly doesn't sound like a me problem says no say it say it and I love the idea of this by the way that Jim Acosta you know just a guy built in a lab for CNN he's there he's saying hey listen lady say what exactly what I want you to say and she says no I'm not going to do it and then the left is outraged because a woman wouldn't say what Jim Acosta told her to say and she is exactly right by the way she has been pilloried she has been attacked the she's the first press secretary in history to require a Secret Service protection and she says no we're not gonna have that we're gonna let you Jim well first of all it's incredible that they still call on Jim Acosta I love that they do because I think every time Jim Acosta speaks Trump's poll numbers go up three percent but they they call on Jim Acosta they don't ban CNN they don't censor CNN and then what she's saying is not not only do you get to speak Jim but your critics get to speak to that's how this works that how this that's how this freedom is gonna work and and to hear the media whine and moan it's as though they've never been attacked before they've never know this is unprecedented no no no maybe Jim Acosta hasn't been attacked but what about Fox News here's a clip from ten years ago I think was 2008 of a mob swarming Fox News check it out [Applause] [Applause] I'm sorry if that sounded like a fire alarm to you if they have to bleep out every every second and a half every millisecond they're gonna beep beep yes warming them you know che guevara t-shirts on you know saying no borders no this no that they're swarming they're saying F FoxNews F FoxNews that's a lot worse than Jim Acosta ever gotten that's a lot worse and you didn't really hear people complaining about it then did you but freedom works freedom works in the left is really nervous about this you've got finally this honest debate we're talking about the honesty right now of the midterm elections you have Democrats who are coming out and honestly saying yeah we're socialists we want socialism we don't like freedom we want socialism then you've got a Republican a conservative administration that's saying have freedom have it we're gonna unshackle the economy you get economic freedom we're gonna unshackle political discourse you're gonna have political speech you're gonna have freedom of speech Duke it out do you want freedom or do you want slavery that's the question that Owen Benjamin has dropped by the studio to answer oh and what's up you've been hiding quietly there since since we've been doing that entire second sitting on a pond the whole time Jim accosted so that's what I got am i right yeah what about you and ladies and gentlemen to see you I why didn't I have you write this the title for yesterday's episode about Jim Acosta Jim Acosta I just started it now because when I'm told to be quiet for a bit I do a lot of really good thinking and puns this is why you make the big bucks and I'm sitting here in a broom closet yeah this is why I'm I'm I'm look like a mime I just got off a plane I'm like I was in a mine I'm here I've that's what you're doing sitting silently well can I be the verbal mine where I'm like I'm in a box in case you don't realize it this is a box sucks I am a mime don't forget to tip me yeah look it's a rope it's not a chain so you're in town are you just you just came here to mime and hang out what are you doing in town it's a good mind you know well it Bret I was gonna go to prankers birthday party and I'm I just did that preggers you've it so I just stopped by are Corollas place and then you and just hanging out that Praeger you video was fantastic thank you who haven't seen maybe we'll have to add in a video of this it's you talking about the death of comedy sharing about what's happened to comedy and so you shot the video a while ago and then in the mean time between your shooting the video and now Netflix came out with the Nanette aunty comedy comedy special I want to do an anti plumbing plumber it's like you know I'm here to fix this pipe because human excrement is spraying everywhere but I'm just I was raped once so I'm gonna go home and just you're gonna drown like no like no other job that could even possibly be it's unbelievable you say the I am I thank you for paying money everybody I am explicitly gonna do the opposite of my job right for those of you thinking that I just brought up the rape thing to be a weirdo that's what she said so I was like referencing what she was like trying to reference these horribly dark things and then why that's why she will not do comedy as she's being paid to do come what will say you did have to clarify that because I'm not a soul on earth has watched that comedy special comedy comment well except for their friends sending the trailer being like what is this oh wow yeah that you know it's true it would be like Jim Acosta getting on TV and spreading real news you can't do that's not his job no rationale yes to act like a schizophrenic donkey all the time just hee-hawing and kicking and acting just ridiculous you know so this topic that I've been thinking about all week is freedom works freedom it is working it's working politically it's working economically this ties into your video right this guy's into like this oppressive you don't laugh nothing's funny don't there's that culture and then there's the culture of breathe the sweet air of freedom have a laugh have a chuckle yeah it's about consent you know it's like that's why it's so rape you can - laughs no way is it about consent free markets its consent it's like I want to work with you you want to work with me let's make both of our lives better that consensual relationship and then you have socialism which is at the end of a gun I will set I will establish the price of bread without any factors like there really is an element of force versus consent and that seems to permeate people's entire lives the left I mean we've seen this now all these stories come out of these like the feminist good guys the soy Boy feminist yeah they are by far to create the creepy ones with girls they follow them around and Harvey Weinstein obviously the me to movement maybe there's something to this theory there it's the coercion of the left it makes them feel entitled to take whatever they want right because what they're doing doesn't actually help women in fact it's horrifying what it's like you know what being a woman is lots of abortions you know work 90-hour weeks now to get married to you guys in 50 years like that's that's someone who actually loves a woman and you know we just had our second child congratulations get it the last thing I would do is establish a fake wage gap she what she has her master's in engineering my wife's a brilliant woman who wanted to stay home and be a mom and and just push her into the salt mines of you know and then just and say like abortions empowerment and all this stuff and then secretly they're just up to no good these guys yeah yeah that's absolutely right that element of coercion where do you see it though I mean because I'm interested in from a cultural perspective and a political perspective so the midterm elections right now are being they're pretty honest do we want to keep Trump do we want to impeach Trump yeah you want freedom do we want socialism you've got these socialist candidates where is it heading culturally are we gonna get more Nanette's are we gonna get more anti comedy I think there's gonna be a lot of division but I think there's more conservatism happening with young people but there is that millennial generation that just has all this dead and no purpose and they really the problem I see is that the sewed the the evilness of socialism that whisper like I'll take care of your debt yeah you know they're like really because they're so like they can't default on it they were my parents of professors and they warned me about this a long time ago where they're like this is going bad you know the devaluing of the of the college education where they're just wetting at anybody anyone can get a loan yeah no more enjoyed knowing on it nothing nothing yeah and my parents both taught things like actual things not this like underwater lesbian ballet they they didn't teach that oh they're clearly my dad has games beyond that as one of his cases yeah no but they're just giving people kontin sir actually I read somewhere that if you study economics right now in college you leave knowing less like for real because your basic thoughts are better than this Marxist knots then what it's being replaced with yeah and it's weaponized empathy to where it's like I see the trick I see like don't you love poor people it's like but socialism isn't about supporting the poor it's about destroying the rich it's an envy based evil ideology and it's it once you see it you're like well you you had that great video that came out the last Bernie bro oh yeah where we'll have to put a link to it because it's something like it's like a four-minute video right so pretty long yeah and and the last Bernie bro spoiler alert is it's living in Venezuela yeah yeah I guess mission he's like I brought my you know my machete make sure he pronounced it the way that and then you know he's got bubbles as frisbee into akua's and a vape pen he's like I'm gonna go where the utopia is and of course it goes to Venezuela and my friend who's playing the guard is not even looking that direction it's only in Venezuela hey just you know spoiler it's only four minutes long but he steals my passport and I just have to stay in Venezuela it's this extended childhood there's no you know meritocracy is scary if you have no skills and you're raised with no values of course and that's such an interesting point there in the video like it tells you a lot about the country to go down to the border and see which way the guns are pointing oh yeah it's you will hire my buddy we're talking about that we're like there is no socialist country in history where people are trying to sneak in ever right there's always raps coming out of Cuba nobody in Miami is like I'm gonna flow it on a tire and get to Cuba it's never ever happened so why would we want that like North Korea no one's running in that's right that's except all the Stan countries no one's trying to go into you know the stands are not good dudes you know Stanzi well yeah cuz I'm actually direct those guys down afghanistan-pakistan did Stanley man Stanley's not gonna do I'm watching up Handmaid's Tale and I thought I would hate that thought I was gonna be anti conservative propaganda it's fine dude it's awesome it's about Islam no look I'm dead serious I'm watching this thing and I'm like this is accurate Islam stuff yeah yeah even gentle mutilation is in it covering the faces eight wives it's literally like I'm watching this I'm like how is this spun to be anti-christian this is a way when historians when you're looking back to figure out when the moment was that we all started to get jihad it was this moment when Owen brought it up on the show yes was the beginning of of us a dealing why are getting jihad it thank you very much and I appreciate that you guys see my artwork of Muhammad and various horses now it's I don't yeah it's it's it's it's not it is I know I actually I agree with you I I've enjoyed watching Handmaid's Tale because it is just trash I mean it's it like a trashy show yeah but you look at it the people on the left earnestly believe that that is where the United States under Donald Trump is headed but I think it's like a psychosis because they don't see that they're almost accurately picturing socialism and the Uglies caliphates and stuff like it's not at all what the right wants of course like it's all coercion it's all there's no free markets in the head it's like yeah you know and and that's that's the irony about this whole thing as they say what they're you know I clearly Hillary Clinton ad so I'm going out with Russia cuz this whole nonsense is coming from some weird projection it's like the closet gay guy with like eight z28 you know dude why'd you go camping with a dude okay you got you were like are you gay you know I sleep with a man what are you I know then you're like what why are you going so far and then the left everything they're like going so far with you're like that's you yeah absolutely I mean you even see when Jim Acosta when Ron Burgundy is yelling at Sarah Sanders he's saying their premise is that the Trump administration is authoritarian and all Jim Acosta saying is tell people not to do anything tell people not to talk tell people not to criticize me say we don't do that right that's what you do you you tell people to shut up we don't course and the of course the irony is if it really was what they described they'd all be dead and they would never be able to say it right like the one way you know for a fact the media isn't actually being attacked in America and this is not a fascist government is because you can hear them talk about that right console incessantly oh and it's just like comfort with cognitive dissonance like Trump is Hitler give him your guns like my stuff you know submit to tolerance like these things that any child could see their cut the comfort in it has to come from post-modernism where it's like there is no truth in the world because if not how do you function that way yeah like up down like up is down down is up but just this is my question with the Millennials and I honestly don't know which way it's going to go that the signs don't seem good you know more than half of Millennials identify as socialist they skew Democrat all these things but this is basically the first time in their lives and they're politically conscious lives that they've seen prosperity yeah they're seeing right there seeing freedom their rhetoric sounds very Pro freedom is there any way you do you think that we can get them back or they all just oh yeah yeah yeah we can talk about a lot of it is cultural too I think a lot of young men don't have any strong male role models that's why they're drawn to people like you and Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and we're so masculine you know we're just so we're so like but when and the Barbarian the other thing we're talking before about how you were like the most manly guy yeah that's right it's only because like I I would wear oxford shirts every so often you know I wasn't wearing a dress all day you know he's not wearing mascara must be lumberjack mister you think like guys I have never thrown a football in my life yeah that's right but there is a sense of that in the culture in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king we're I'm doing a speech for ya in the fall which is how to be a man when you look like a Maddow and there are just very simple things that you can do but that's a very that's it quality you just did that people want what you can mock yourself yeah right you know the other thing they're so precious these the Millennials they're so shocked when you I don't know when I interact with guys I'm a jerk you know yeah I make fun of each other and and you make fun of your own weaknesses or your own things that like I was I was laughing out loud when Shapiro is making fun of how he does ads yeah that's so male that's so a normal male behavior where I would make fun of my size I got my oh girl you know like like and and and sometimes people don't get that and they they want it so bad again because they're like that relieves our pressure that's what my preview video is about that's right where it's like this pressure is building where no one could just mock each other yeah and then it just explodes and and I think that there is no mockery on the left it's all because it's fundamentally such a lie that they can't ever be in their own skin anymore they can't just be free and criticize each other like me and you could have an argument over policy and our friendship wouldn't be affected at all in the least that's exactly right yeah but for the left when you attack their political opinions they actually say this they say you're erasing me you're erasing my identity you're invalidating me like you really it's like sometimes I want to be like that dudes never seen a dead guy show you a race person it's horrifying you know it's kind of like it's these people are almost doing live-action roleplay with stuff they don't understand yeah one time someone is saying words or violence and I have two kids now I don't wanna go to jail or anything but I want to just just just just go like this and be like which one do you want my word if you want me to seriously knock your face off your body do you wanna do you want to see how words are not violent this is how I know that they don't have any sense of stakes cuz I'm a giant and I'm you know there's no fear sometimes in these people yeah you could they're just like you're the worst during why you're a man like words or violence and I'm like it no point in my life would I ever that would be like me looking at an 8-foot man yeah yeah I like on it like I could eat you do you need help do you want me to rub your feet you know it's like how do you not have that fear of just violence yes and because I'm very anti violence but because you know I tell that to people so I'm like dude don't forget sermon on the mount or you'll get Leviticus again you know to me like those are like that bass is still there like we've expanded it to this freedom and the lack of race you know yeah but you can go right back to that if people start forgetting about the work it took to get these Freda that's right I remember in Exodus it says thou shalt not suffer a witch to live perhaps you know we've got to go back to some of this more fundamental understanding I don't know that that is so right and the Millennials they're so afraid of or they're so coddled rather that they don't have that sense of reality you'll talk to them and you'll just think like have you never rubbed up against reality for even one second never once know their atrophy its attributes like muscle atrophy it's like when you have a cast and then your wrist looks weird yeah it's like in it for it's not like there's I remember where a concept of like spoiled it's not like big big they got everything taken from them with this it's not like there's no jealousy there because they now can't function mm-hmm they like have no ability of like functioning the world and and I think it's you know a bad parenting it's a cancer on them it's like their parents must it's like Fight Club it's like that absentee father the absentee God that they're like no one cared about me they just sent me out and then someone's always watching me yeah that's right that's right yeah it there is like I've noticed this with people people who have actually suffered in life they go one of two ways either they like go to jail or they are the most joyful people on earth yeah I had that North Korean defector ji seong-ho came in here this guy I don't know that I'll ever meet someone who has suffered like I saw is that was going into North Korea are you going it's utopian socialist Democrat why would you want to leave why would you ever want is utopian I saw I'm crawling out of it as I was crying and okay are you leaving what's going on dude don't you want freedom yeah but don't you want safety breadline yeah oh shoot that's so so what have so this so I talked to him and I and I noticed I thought like this is the most joyful person I've ever met so now whenever are like you know I don't know I stubbed my toe on my chair say ah my toe you know and my wife she'll say like oh yeah should I call gee somehow get a note you know like and that humans adjust it come on is the stasis here but that when I see these millennial types whining because like they can't just be professional poets yeah I have to like get a job too I just think like man me you gotta talk to G song home lover because it's like uh yeah the inability of feeling joy that's the thing is even if they did become a famous rapper or something they still would never be happy they'll be crying on a yacht it's like this yacht is dogs it's like the same nightmare is just always flat yeah yeah same nightmare sheets with a higher thread count yeah yeah that is it I mean I just like looking around this is why I'm very into owning the libs I kind of I disagree respectfully with our ambassador to the UN on this owning yes it's great because it's it's so attractive it's there's such a joy to it there's an exuberance yeah and you compare that joy to this relentless tedious self serious leftism why would you ever pick that got it on the lips I'm not advocating killing the way yeah what up just possess them that's why we showed that without vegans like I'm always like I wouldn't eat a person you know you just try to let go so far look I'm look like I love compassion I'm a moderate yeah I would never eat a human being I don't think yeah maybe not and ease but I don't kno

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