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The Saudis assassinate Islamist journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and for some reason we're all expected to care. We will analyze the devil in the details and what the U.S. response should be. Then, the #MeToo movement clobbers Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez like doesn't know like anything, and Thomas Jefferson gets accused of a sex scandal on This Day In History!

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For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!a Saudi journalist and former intelligence operative turns dissident goes missing at the Saudi embassy in Turkey with reports that a Saudi death squad chopped him up while still alive and for some reason I have been assured by the mainstream media this is all Donald Trump's fault we will analyze the devil in the details how this is being totally misreported and what the US response should be then the me2 movement boomerang swings back and clobbers democrats on the head alexandria Ocasio cortez like totally you know reveals why Millennials don't understand anything Kleenex says women are just as disgusting as men and Thomas Jefferson gets accused of a sex scandal on this day in history I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Noel's show [Music] so much to get to today this story about the Saudi journalist intelligence operative former Politico Islamist whatever the the story about him being disappeared and probably killed at the Saudi embassy in Turkey is one of the great examples of fake news in the mainstream media and how it's used by politicians we'll get to all of that in a second first let's make a little bit of money honey because you know the future is so bright right now the economy is going so everything is so good the future is so bright you got to buy shades and that's why you need blinds calm window treatments is one of those solace terms for something necessary but absolutely boring your blinds and you don't think about them until you move or until they break or they fold out whatever when they're right everything in your home looks better when they're wrong everything in your home looks cheap don't cheap out taking the time to pick out blinds and buy blinds it sounds expensive it sounds far too adult you know it's I don't that's not something I want to do but makes it 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saudi journalist you know dissident type guy jamal khashoggi what do we know he is a Saudi guy he worked for The Washington Post he lived in the United States briefly but he had worked previously with the Saudi royal family and he walks into the Saudi embassy in Turkey he doesn't walk out we also know that I think 15 members of the Saudi government arrived in Turkey that day they left pretty quickly and there are claims that he was killed in the Saudi embassy and chopped up wealth still alive doesn't sound great the way this is being spun by the mainstream media first of all is that this is somehow Trump's fault the Trump needs to like do something about this Trump needs to get rid of our agreements with Turkey with regard to selling weapons 100 billion dollar arms deals whatever as Saudi Arabia rather so this is how it's being spun he and the guy Jamal khashoggi he's being spun as a left-wing progressive liberal pro-democracy you know reformer guy against the Saudi royal family which is not willing to reform and is oppressive the real truth is far more complicated than that the first question that you have to ask yourself when you hear about this story is why am I supposed to care why am I supposed to care that the Saudi government took out this guy that took out this former he formerly worked with them I guess Jamal cushaw he was aligned with other with another faction of the Saudi royal family than the one that is currently in power under Mohammed bin Salman so you know a guy whose political fortunes have changed has been killed by the Saudi government why am I supposed to care about that I don't mean to sound callous or cold-hearted or anything like that but we know that the Saudi royal family commits heinous acts all the time and has for decades and decades we know that it's one of the most repressive regimes on earth why am i am I supposed to care about this one they do it all of the time my question for those who would call us callous for asking that question is why don't you care about the the beheadings that are happening all the time the clamping down on political dissidents why don't you care about that why is it this one in particular I'm not I don't really understand what new information is being conveyed by this killing of a dissident guy is there anything new if we had our arms deal with Saudi Arabia - we ago why would we change it now it's not like the government has changed its stripes if anything the government is getting a little less repressive there they're liberalizing certain laws they're letting women drive for the first time in a very long time they're opening up certain movie theaters they're you know little little freedoms are being opened up even economic freedoms they're now starting to do a little bit of business with Israel and that is the biggest issue that's actually where this gets down to and it shows that Jamal khashoggi being put up by the left-wing is this messianic figure you know this this progressive secular Westerner is was far from that so what does this actually prove to me it proves to me that if you pal around with jihadists and things aren't going to turn out very well that's that's the only conclusion I can draw from this because we know that Jamal cushaw he piled around with his lamas for decades and by the way now the left now that we're pointing this out that this guy Pal de round with Islamists with radicals even with Osama bin Laden now that people are pointing this out the left is saying this is a smear campaign by right-wingers trying to defend president Trump's relationship with the Saudis president Trump didn't develop the u.s. relationship with the Saudi royal family we've had it for a very long time but to call us smear merchants it's it's not the right wing which is coming up with these connections between khashoggi and terrorists in Hamas terrorists in al-qaeda terrorists like Osama bin Laden this has been known for decades and actually it's left-wing papers to Haaretz and Israel is reporting on all of this so I don't really buy any of that what do we know we know that Jamal cushaw he was in Islamist he's he was a lifelong member of the Muslim Brotherhood he favored radical aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood we know that he was a regime insider as well so not it's not just as simple as a journalist it's a guy who worked with the Saudi royal family for a long time and we know that he was working on their behalf in the 1980s when he was paddling around with Osama bin Laden by all reports when he was hanging out with Osama bin Laden he was trying to end the feud between the Saudi royal family and Osama bin Laden but he was hanging out with him for a long time there was a photo that was uncovered I believe by Haaretz which shows Jamal khashoggi holding an RPG rocket-propelled grenade with terrorists in Afghanistan in the 1980s we know that Jamal cushaw he defended supporters of suicide bombings that he vigorously defended Hamas the brutal terrorist group in the Middle East we know that that according to Al Arabiya he tried to get Osama bin Laden to be a little less violent but when Osama bin Laden died Jamal cushaw he apparently cried and talked about how he wept when Osama bin Laden died now he after September 11th he he turned away from Osama bin Laden he said that's no good ok fine but he he wept when bin Laden died so again Turkey says that it has the audio recording of Jamal khashoggi being killed by the Saudis maybe it does maybe a dozen I have very little reason to believe Turkey but in this case I have very little reason to disbelieve Turkey because the Saudis commit heinous crimes all the time there are now also reports that Saudi Arabia is looking for a replacement for the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman he's that he's the new guy in town he's been hailed in the West as a reformer he actually has instituted certain reforms and pretty major reforms in so much as doing a little bit of business with Israel you know obviously the kind of headline-grabbing ones letting women drive but he does seem to have an eye toward the future it would be a very very bad idea for Saudi Arabia to replace this guy right now I really think it's a bad idea the arguments against the crown prince of Saudi Arabia or that he's not in favor of democracy in the kingdom great why on earth would we be in favor of democracy in Saudi Arabia how has have our experiments and democracy panned out in other repressive Islamist countries not very well why why are we supposed to conclude now that a democratic Saudi Arabia would be any more peaceful for the kingdom for the region and for the United States than a democratic Saudi Arabia I don't really buy that and you know some of the so-called pro-democracy agitators in Saudi Arabia have pretty radical Islamist ties even more radical than the Saudi royal family okay what else the other thing is being dinged for is that he's developed a pretty good relationship with Donald Trump again this is nothing new the Saudi royal family has had a relationship with the US for a long time but because everyone hates Trump on the Left they're trying to ding him for that as well I highly recommend you read a piece today co-written by Michael Duran Michael Duran is an excellent foreign policy analyst it's in the New York Post it I think presents a fair take on who cushaw he is who Mohammed bin Salman is and what the relationship is between those families you know to call him a dissident journalists who fled to America that that presents one picture it's not like he fled to America 10 or 15 or 20 years ago it's not like he fled to America after he was paddling around with bin Laden and he suddenly had an awakening he fled to America after the political tides turned in Saudi Arabia and there's a new crown prince in town okay here are some other things by the way that Jamal khashoggi wrote about that paint a different picture he said quote Saudi Arabia now believes its interests lie in facing Islamists who were supposed to be its historical allies I often hear Saudi Arabian intellectuals on television attacking political Islam and my answer to them is that Saudi Arabia is the mother and father of political Islam so you've got this guy Kush oggi who was killed extolling the virtues of Islamism of political Islam the vicious ideology that we've been fighting now explicitly for 15 years and yet the left in America is expecting us to rend our garments and gnash our teeth because a defender of political Islam has been killed by his government I'm not saying that I'm happy about the killing I'm not saying I am devastated about the killing I'm saying when you pal around with jihadists and radical Islamists bad things are going to happen to you he goes on he criticizes the the leftist project of opposing political Islam and he says that Saudi Arabia has lost its moral compass it lost its moral compass not because it's a embraced political Islam be cooked but because it opposes political oh um this is not something that's being presented in the mainstream media we also know that khashoggi supports air Juwan in Turkey strong Pro Islamist leader of Turkey and he was hoping for an alliance between the sods and Turkey I don't see how this benefits the United States I don't see how it's in the interest of the United States Oh part of the reason why Khashoggi is getting this red carpet treatment and this killing is being presented is totally unprecedented horrifying shocking as if we didn't know that this was this sort of thing was going on for decades part of the reason is that when he got to the United States he allied with certain former Obama administration officials he allied with the political left in the United States from his post at the Washington Post which he's had for a little while and so part of that was hiding his I think true political beliefs and his demonstrable political activity for decades all of all of which I don't want this to be misconstrued I don't want it to seem as though I'm defending the Saudi royal family at killing some dissident I don't share a religion with the Saudi royal family I don't share a views of government with the Saudi royal family I don't share views of political philosophy with the Saudi royal family I don't care I you know I have no intention of ever going to Saudi Arabia what I'm saying is this is nothing new and the people who are opposing the Saudi regime can be pretty awful people too they may actually even be worse you know one of the arguments for defending the Saudi royal family for maintaining an alliance with the Saudi royal family is that the devil we know is better than the devil we don't throughout our encounters in the Middle East this is very often proven to be the case just take the case of Mubarak in Egypt do we really believe that Egypt is better off now that the United States relationship is better off now after we hoisted our longtime ally Hosny Mubarak years ago do we really believe it's how is that better off how are we better off if pro-democracy forces enter some of these oppressive countries and then through democracy through voting Institute even more oppressive even more tyrannical even more anti Western regimes how is that in our interest how is that in anybody's interest if one of cushaw he's chief criticisms of the Saudi royal family is that they're too pro-israel and they're not supporting Hamas enough or something like that why on earth should we be defending that why should we be horrified why should we be clutching our pearls I don't get it at all I think the reason it's getting so much play is because there's a midterm election coming up they got nothing the Democrats have nothing to attack trump for so they're just grasping at straws they're trying to grasp anything at all that they can use to cuddle him with but people need to take a real view you know we talked yesterday about how when people get angry they go mad and when they go mad they get stupid they start behaving in really stupid political ways this is a good example of that you know we people don't know anything myself included people do not know anything relatively about the political machinations of Saudi Arabia Turkey and Iran people don't know the players involved they don't know how deep this runs and everybody wants to pretend that they're an expert on this issue and Saudis bad and Mohammed bin Salman bad and Jamal khashoggi good the reality is so much more complex and when we when we just buy a shallow narrative of this we can get ourselves into a lot of trouble both as a matter of foreign policy and for domestic politics don't buy into it is it is it bad when a government kills its people without due process yes governments do it all the time it's happened for decades certainly it's happened in Saudi Arabia there is no new information here now how can we react to this the killing was extrajudicial what can we do we can hopefully leverage this killing to get some concessions out of Saudi Arabia you know there is the famous Saudi Arabian textbook controversy which is emblematic of the education of young Saudis into anti-western anti America and anti Israeli obviously ideologies perhaps we can leverage this situation to gain some concessions from them to turn the stance of the regime a little less Western turn it a little bit more in the direction that we want it to go in the interest of the United States I'm all for that I'm all for leveraging this I have no sentimentality no saccharine love of the Saudi royal family but let's be clear I'd the people who are opposing the Saudi royal family are pretty awful themselves and it's in many ways they oppose our interests in a far greater way and fortunately we have the Saudis there to oppose the influence of Iran in the Middle East just keep all of those things in mind and most importantly is your what are we now 18 days out or something from the from the midterm elections don't don't let the Democrats take this bizarre random incident that happened in Turkey and try to use it for political leverage coming 18 days out it is it's a cynical political ploy by the left and it could have consequences both politically and for for our foreign policy don't buy it you know the people I think who are screaming about the Saudi royal family that most I don't know that they've ever even googled the guy who was killed I don't know that you've got to view these things pretty clearly but we don't have a lot of clear thinking anymore we'll get to that in a second with them with Alexandria Ocasio Cortes I do want to turn back to the midterms because this me too thing has totally boomerangs back and clobber Democrats you know this is another example of why you shouldn't let your passions run away with you in politics you should get all of the information first because this made to thing is clobbering them there is now an ad out supporting the GOP congressmen French he'll now he racial says he wasn't behind this ad he's condemned the ad he says it's outrageous but the whole premise of this me to movement and specifically the Kavanagh part of it is that all women must be believed regardless of any evidence they have all women all claims of sexual misconduct should be believed all men accused of sexual misconduct should be presumed guilty until proven innocent and this has huge effects on and huge relation to American history specifically American racial history don't forget the book To Kill a Mockingbird is about a false rape allegation of a white woman against a black guy and she made it up and it was a hoax and it was had serious racial consequences so there's this great ad out now supporting GOP congressmen French he'll just take a listen think about what's happening in Washington our congressman French Hill and the Republicans know that it's dangerous to change the presumption of innocence to a presumption of guilt especially for black men if the Democrats can do that to a white Justice of the Supreme Court with no evidence no corroboration and all of her witnesses including her best friend say it didn't happen what will happen to our husbands our fathers or our sons when a white girl lies on them girl white Democrats will be lynching black folk again turnout always told my son don't be messing around with that if you get caught she will cry rape I'm voting to keep congressman French here and the Republicans because we have to protect our men and boys we can't afford to let white Democrats take us back to bed old days of race verdicts life sentences and lynches when a white girl screams rape paid for by black Americans for the president's agenda not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee that is too real that it I think that has been disqualified from the public airwaves for being too real they say I'm sorry you're not allowed to have political ads that are that real you're not allowed political ads that go back one to really the heart of this matter but also that refer to Democrats long history of racial violence and demagoguery so a really good ad obviously the it is outrageous of the congressman has had to distance himself from it but it makes a great point you know this this regime this political movement of me too is lawless it's anti law and it's lawless it says that any allegation you can destroy a man's career with just a few words no corroboration no evidence in the case of Christine Ford not only did she have no evidence she kept changing her story and all the people she names there including her lifelong female friend said it didn't happen they never met the people there it just didn't happen and yet how many people in America still believe Christine Ford's story or one of Christine Ford stories I don't know she kept changing them how many believed that Brett Kavanaugh is not only a groper or was a groper when he was 16 but was an attempted rapist and even almost a murderer because the story you know kept changing how many people believe that it's very a really long-lasting effect and you see it all around and there is a racial component to it don't just believe the ad for a French he'll go back to to kill a mockingbird go back to 19th and early 20th century American history this is not this is not a joke and because all nature is but art unknown to thee because everything every time the Democrats try to make a point reality swings back and punches them in the face this has actually happened you know the lynching of Emmett Till came about because Emmett Till allegedly fourteen-year-old black boy allegedly hit on a white woman and a lynch mob came and killed him for it for that allegation and now you've got the left denying that this would ever happen not it was not a chance it would never happened in Brooklyn in New York a nine-year-old black boy was accused by a white woman of grabbing her derriere in a in a supermarket the woman's clearly unhinged she ended up calling the police and saying he assaulted me he grabbed me he grabbed my derriere and a nine-year-old boy and then they looked at security camera footage never happened they can they can prove that it didn't happen she's a nut and she called the cops on the kid it's not like she just said oh you don't do that or say said to his mother don't do that she called the police on him and then it turns out it was fake it didn't happen it was a hoax so one I just want to point out for the believe all women thing there are hoaxes Jackie Coakley Tawana Brawley countless sexual assault hoaxes in recent years the reason that you can't believe all women just because they're women is that it is unfair to actual victims of sexual assault it actually doesn't take sexual assault seriously when you believe crazy people and we should take sexual assault seriously because it is a heinous crime so I love this kid he the woman the crazy woman who accused him of this his name Teresa Klein the nine-year-old kid is Jeremiah Harvey and you know she's trying to ruin his life at this Brooklyn deli the ABC News interviewed the the nine-year-old kid and said do you believe this woman I love his answer I don't forgive this woman at all I think she was crazy I think she had something going on with her I think she had a special ill well and she needs help and she really needs help for you you tell him tell him Jeremiah now you know I think he should forgive in time but this is a perfectly appropriate answer in the moment yeah she has a special kind of ill she's crazy she needs help she needs to get help play it again tell him again Jeremiah because all the Democrats need to hear this you're talking to all of them I don't forgive this woman at all I think she was crazy I think she had something going on with her I think she had a special ill well and she needs help and she really needs help for life she doesn't need help and thank goodness that there was security camera footage because look it's funny the kid is stating this perfectly he's really spelling out what the left needs to hear but thank goodness there was security camera footage because if not who knows what would have happened at the very least his mother would have yelled at him and spanked him and sent him to timeout I don't know he would have gotten in trouble for this and this it is a particular incident that also represents a lot of other incidents you got kids getting expelled from college because of uncorroborated unverified allegations not taken to the police not taken to the justice system but tallied up by kangaroo courts of professors who have no business investigating and prosecuting serious crimes you've got Supreme Court justices having their characters assassinated because of unverified claims it goes all the way up it's you know this nine-year-old kid in a Brooklyn deli is a great example and symbol of of the dangers of what could happen if we take away due process and we take away the presumption of innocence and me too is striking back it is striking back against Democrats specifically Democrats on the Judiciary Committee this is just too delicious let me take a little sip of my tumbler first before I get to this wonderful story mmm mm-hmm just as good as I remembered them senator sherrod Brown Democrat from Ohio running against Jim Renacci Jim Renacci and his campaign is now coming out with an allegation that sherrod Brown member of the Senate Judiciary Committee sexually harassed and assaulted a woman in the 80s I love this I love that it's 30 years later I love that it allegedly happened in the 1980s I love that it's a political opponent bringing it against a Democrat and I love that it's a Democrat on the Judiciary Committee very rarely do we see perfect examples of karma very rarely do these things hit exactly the way that they came out and that's that's what's happening here so according to the Renacci campaign quote this encounter oh this is actually according to the accuser purported victim she said this account happened after sherrod Browns divorce she described quote an unexpected uninvited unwanted in sudden advance roughly pushing her up against a wall it did not stop after she expressed dismay and very firmly pulled away explaining that was not her style nor why she was there although she was able to defuse the situation she got out it did shake her up and she told friends about it as soon as she got home this allegation is about a thousand times more credible than anything christine ford has said regarding Brett Kavanaugh and that and this doesn't sound that credible either I'll be perfectly frank this accusation against sherrod Brown unless they can bring some more evidence isn't terribly credible it is a thousand ten thousand times more credible than anything christine ford said it's almost a one-to-one it happened in the 1980s okay except that sherrod Brown in this case was an adult who had been divorced in the case of Christine Ford's accusation Cavanaugh was 17 years old then sherrod Brown according to this accusation pushed her up against a wall Pinder used his body it was unwanted and it was rough that was the same allegation against teenage Brett Kavanaugh except in this case sherrod Brown was apparently stone-cold sober and in the case of the Ford allegation Cavanaugh was drunk maybe if he was even in the room then she expressed dismay Ford expressed dismay both of them expressed dismay and in both cases they didn't stop and and then in both cases the women just got out of it they were able to get out of there fortunately and but it still shook them up the difference here is that the woman accusing Democrat sherrod Brown of this kind of conduct apparently told her friends immediately after it happened and the and the friends are corroborating it in the case of Christine Ford she didn't tell anybody for 30 30 years over 30 years and then her story changed a million times and then the friends that she said could corroborate it didn't corroborate it and actually refuted it this is so much Oh also both of them wanted to remain anonymous the woman accusing sherrod Brown is anonymous the woman Christine Ford wanted to remain anonymous until the Democrats leaked the story and what is sherrod Brown how has he responded to this this dirty rotten hypocrite he said this is character assassination you're damn right it's character assassination absolutely and I hope you enjoy every second of that character assassination I mention this during the Ford thing I said if we actually want to stop this sort of baseless smearing these things that discourage good people from going into politics that make a mockery of our system of justice that make a mockery of the presumption of innocence Democrats have to feel it too and one of the perfect Democrats to feel it is feeling it now sherrod Brown Democrat enjoy your character assassination enjoy this perfect one to one can't wait to see our Democrats respond you probably haven't heard about this story because nobody is covering it surprise surprise well maybe it'll be covered in Ohio before the midterm elections I also have to thank Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as always occasional cortex as Steve Hayward says because she has perfectly exemplified why Millennials don't understand anything at all she was doing an interview with Jimmy Kimmel here is just a quick clip of of the poetic diction of Alexandria Ocasio Cortes beat ten-time incumbent a guy who just assumed that he was gonna win and you came out of nowhere you were working as a bartender and decided that it would be a good idea to run for office it's really one of the most remarkable stories I've ever heard you stop and think about this from time to time ago yeah believe this is happening yeah a year ago wait in the party yeah yeah they do and it's yeah yeah their own hometown yeah absolutely and you know I don't know I don't know if it's because we're from the Bronx it's like exotic to us yeah no my husband is a huge fan of yours motion-activated chachki behind me that's like singing jingle bells actually yeah like like yeah yeah like the thing you know like about that clip like is it shows like how clear speech is reflective of clear thinking like you know and that's why you know like it's so totally hard you know you know do you know do you know yeah yeah man I know this is how Millennials talk we all do it even I do it sometimes I'll occasionally slip in a like or a yeah or a you know sometimes I'll do it for comic effect sometimes I'll do it just in my speech and this is a very bad thing people should refrain from doing this - right well is to think clearly to speak well is to think clearly when you don't speak well when you don't write well you're not thinking clearly very often it's reflective of how you're thinking you must avoid all of these likes and um and yes the other thing that's reflective of is the relativist presumptions and premises and culture that Millennials are in you know man like yeah millennia no longer say I think they say what do they say they say I feel like they don't say I think they don't say I believe they say I feel like well I just feel like blah blah blah you know I feel like blah blah blah they won't say that was a delicious dinner they'll say that dinner was like really good you know it was like really good it wasn't really good I'm saying it was like really good the reason that people do this subconsciously unconsciously or consciously is because they want to distance themselves from making a claim because there's no such thing as the truth to these people there is only your truth and my truth and like who am i man to say what like the truth is you know so it's always like it's always a simile

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