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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on iTunes: see baby slip 5 billion under the tree for me Nancy I've been an awfully good boy Nancy baby or we're gonna shut down the government tonight and we absolutely should we will analyze the stakes of the impending government Christmas shutdown then speaking of shutdowns the Trump foundation dissolves amid accusations of improperly spending funds an 11 year old boy dances in drag for dollar bills at a gay bar in Brooklyn what else is new a woman almost becomes Miss Universe I'm sorry a man almost becomes Miss Universe I know that's confusing and the New York Times calls for the extinction of the human race I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Music] talk about a confusing day of news we've got so much to get to in the week before Christmas but first let's make a little money honey with mint mobile there is nothing better about the holiday season than unwrapping a brand new phone until you get hit 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won't catch a lot of political flack and president Trump might be able to get his wall that's what this is all about there have two distinct responses from the White House about this as always you know the White House is sending different people on out on TV and they they have very different tactics on the shutdown you remember President Trump was arguing with Chuck and Nancy on the best reality television show in the world and he said to Chuck Schumer I'll own it I'll take responsibility for the shutdown I will shut down the government to protect our border and Democrats were thrilled because they got Trump to say that he was gonna shut down the government the question is do you take responsibility for it or do you try to say that it's really the Democrats fault and really the Democrats are shutting down the government Stephen Miller clearly favors the former approach here he is on Face the Nation to this question the border wall which I know you're huge advocate for we are about five days from potential government shutdown and Republican leadership says there's no plan what is the president's plan and will he shut it down to get this five billion in border wall funding we're gonna do whatever is necessary to build the border wall to stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration and that means this is a this is a very if it comes to it absolutely this is a very fundamental issue at stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country whether or not we can establish and enforce rules for entrance into our country the Democrat Party is a simple choice they can either choose to fight for America's working class or to promote illegal immigration you can't do both is there totally comes out swinging this guy one of the best people in the administration and he's coming out and saying yep we'll shut it down we own it that's what's going to happen because we want to protect the border now here is White House press secretary Sarah Sanders giving the opposite approach the president wants five billion would he take two and a half billion would that be an acceptable number we would take we have other ways that we can get to that five billion that we will work with Congress if they will make sure that we get a bill passed that provides not just the funding for the wall but there's a piece of legislation that's been pushed around that Democrats actually voted 26 to 5 out of committee that provides 26 roughly twenty six billion dollars in border security including 1.6 billion dollars the wall that's something that we would be able to support as long as we can couple that with other funding resources that is he so you see there when Stephen Miller is on the show he says I'm not going to negotiate I'm not going to try to figure out this negotiation on live television and we're gonna get the money or we're shutting down the government Sarah Sanders goes on TV and says well you know there there are other ways to get the money for the wall and well maybe we don't need to shut down the government well I'm not so sure we'll see what happens and then Kelly and Conway a senior adviser of the president gives the clearest version of this which is she says we do not want to shut down the government on Lou Dobbs maker in the Oval Office Lou I believe that there is a much better chance of getting a deal than not but look the president wants to keep the government open he just doesn't want the borders to remain open the way they are he wants there to be full funding for the government but that funding must include adequate funding for border security I don't know if he can be any more clear on this issue and I don't know if we could see any more excerpts from Democrats in the past who voted for secure fences act in 2006 including Hillary Clinton Barack Obama Joe Biden Chuck Schumer and the whole lot of them and then of course you've seen all the video clips of them supporting borders and security before so they need to come up and do it and vote the president doesn't want to shut down the government he couldn't be more clear now of course the President did say I will own the government shutdown I will shut down the government he said it in the Oval Office Stephen Miller said just about the same thing but what Sarah Sanders and Kelly and Conway are doing is taking the much more traditional approach which has been the long-standing conventional wisdom which is you don't want to bear responsibility for a government shutdown voters will punish you for that it won't do you well at the ballot box in the next elections what President Trump and Stephen Miller are doing is taking the new trumpian more assertive more masculine approach which is yup you're darn tootin that we're gonna shut down the government and we're gonna do it for a good reason and you should be thrilled that we're going to do it that approach I think that is the right approach I think the conventional wisdom is wrong I think people especially in this political moment do want to hear mealy-mouthed people don't want to hear about how we want to have conciliation with democrats who are advocating for open borders we want we really want to keep the government open shut it down who cares most of the government is already funded people are forgetting this isn't a total government shutdown most of the government is funded there are a few departments of Department of Homeland Security Justice I think State Department still need some funding so those areas may have a partial shutdown okay fine who cares so what essential employees will remain on on the dole they will remain on the job they will keep working and non-essential employees won't be working for now they'll ultimately be back paid and we can make a point to get the wall I mean this is a big winning issue the the reason I favor this Trump and Stephen Miller approach one is I don't think voters actually punish politicians for shutting down the government I there we had a big government shutdown in 2013 and then Republicans took the Senate in 2014 they blame the Republicans in 2013 a year later they win the Senate i I don't see evidence of that throughout recent history but this is the approach that Ronald Reagan took there was a famous moment during the Reagan presidency where the air traffic controllers federal workers decided that they were gonna go on strike and this was illegal it was illegal for these guys to go on strike it disrupted the nation's Airways had disrupted a lot of travel and their federal employees they're not allowed to do that they went on strike anyway after long time negotiating with the government everyone thought Reagan was gonna cave well you know Nancy we want to keep everybody on the job but well well you know he didn't do that at all Ronald Reagan stood firm he gave exactly the same approach to great effect it is for this reason that I must tell those who failed to report for duty that this morning they are in violation of the law and if they do not report for work within 48 hours they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated that's correct what lesser action can there be the law is very explicit they have violating the law and as I say we call this to the attention of their leadership whether this was conveyed to the membership before they voted to strike I don't know but this is one of the reasons why there could be no further negotiation while this situation continues classic Reagan and this is where that great acting training that Reagan had came into play where the reporter says isn't there some lesser action you can undertake what lesser action can there be they violated the law and is he was absolutely right they're violating the law they forfeit their jobs they will be terminated that was the right approach it broke that Union as it should have it certainly should have broken the federal union he stood for him and he won this is a winning issue for Republicans CBS poll shows 51 percent of Americans the majority of Americans want a border wall think about that they mocked us for years about the border wall on the left the majority of Americans according to CBS wanted 54 percent according to a Harris Poll a Harvard bowl rather want an electronic and a physical structure which is to say a wall there was this terrible story over the weekend of this seven-year-old Guatemalan girl seven-year-old Guatemalan girl crossing the border illegally with her father she's apprehended she dies in custody and immediately the left blamed border patrol for this blamed Republicans there's of course no evidence for that this poor girl's name was Jacqueline called machiene she and her father were arrested she started vomiting pretty quickly she was immediately airlifted by the United States government to a hospital in El Paso Texas she had a hundred and 5.9 degree temperature when she got to the station the agents revived the child twice they initially thought dehydration now it looks like it was sepsis that did it the girl's father said the border agents did everything that they could it's not that he didn't feed her for days it's that she couldn't eat food she couldn't drink she couldn't eat food they did everything they could to revive her but she died anyway what did she die from she died from illegal immigration that's what she did this is the cause of the this is the effect of illegal immigration as this seven year old girl dies this is the effect of creating an incentive structure that gets people who are desperate to cross the border illegally put their whole families at great risk and die despite all the best medical care in the world immediate medical care provided by the federal government we know the fusion and Amnesty International studies shows 60 to 80 percent of young women and girls who cross the border illegally are sexually assaulted or raped that is the moral argument against illegal immigration and it's the people who are incentivizing 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they've never looked in a mirror it's because I think the left collectively don't have any mirrors so they're really thrilled about the president Trump's charity the Trump foundation shutting down they don't realize how poorly this reflects on them it's being shut down with over a deal with the New York Attorney General the whole investigation into the the the Trump foundation is because of the New York Attorney General the New York AG found quote a shocking pattern of illegality and they said that the Foundation's decision to shut down was quote an important victory for the rule of law yes this Democrat New York Attorney General she got her scalp that you know if the federal government won't overturn the 2016 election and take down Trump the New York corrupt politicians will and okay fine they're trying to get Trump what is missing in this story what they fail to mention is that President Trump tried to shut down this foundation two years ago actually the only reason he didn't shut it down two years ago is because the AG was dragging it out for this investigation to try to embarrass Trump now the AG says yes in 2018 we've got Trump to shut down his his foundation no what you did is you got it to take two years longer than it should have the reason that they're shutting it down is that they found that the foundation used some funds for business interests and one claim is that they they illegally or they they misused funds because the foundation settled claims against the foundation which is perfectly reasonable that's perfectly fine that's not a misuse of funds that's not legitimate now they're saying they used Foundation funds to resolve disputes against a Trump organization against the business okay maybe they did maybe they didn't I don't really know they say that the Trump foundation promised to donate a lot of money to veterans but then they only donated a lot of money to veterans this is actually a claim you remember in 2016 President Trump there was a dispute over a debate or a candidate forum and Trump said he would hold a rally and donate the money to veterans charities they said well he didn't donate money to veterans charities but then also we do know that in 2016 the Trump Foundation donated a ton of money millions of dollars to veterans charities so which is it they're trying to have it both ways it's very unclear clearly the foundation donated some money to charity was it used improperly maybe it was maybe it wasn't the the left has two options here they can either compare it to the Clinton Foundation and say see you have a foundation - you guys are just as bad as our 2016 presidential candidate oh you guys are just as bad as the Clintons the most important family and the Democratic okay never mind maybe that doesn't work so well for them the the other option is to say look how corrupt President Trump is and and not to draw any comparisons to the Clinton Foundation obviously there is a comparison there are two political family foundations they that maybe misused money in some way maybe they didn't they've had investigations into them okay there's that comparison but on substantive matters there's really not much of a comparison between between the Trump Foundation and the Clinton Foundation President Trump when he was elected decided to dissolve his foundation the Clintons while Bill Clinton was president created their foundation president Trump saw there might be a conflict of interest here dissolves this foundation the Clintons create one specifically at the end of Bill Clinton's term 1997 I think it was founded while Hillary is planning a run for the Senate before she becomes Secretary of State specifically to encourage bribes and corruption in her foundation now why was Trump's Foundation's money misused it looks like it was sloppy mismanagement basically yeah I don't see evidence of some grand conspiracy here why was the Clintons money misused because of a specific deceptive campaign to take money from foreign governments in exchange for government favors the entire thing was set up to solicit bribes obviously the Trump Foundation wasn't set up to solicit bribes he wasn't in office for the vast majority of the the Foundation's existence and then the main issue here is there's no comparison in the media treatment how did the media cover the Clinton Foundation have they I don't know have they covered the Clinton Foundation not very much and this they're spiking the football they're so excited this is why we should actually be happy about this media treatment this is why mainstream media attacks against Trump don't work this is why conservatives are rallying around this guy this is why Christians conservatives why we're all defending the payments to the porn star rightly so defending the payments to the porn store it's because of the abject hypocrisy here because it is so unfair for the media and apparently the federal government and the state governments to go after President Trump for things that they completely let Democrats off the hook for you know marks I think quoting angles said that history repeats itself first is tragedy then as farce and that's what we're seeing here that's what we're seeing playing out in the Trump foundation we see that the tragedy of the Clinton administration the tragedy of Hillary Clinton's awful career in public service all the damage she's done to our country and then you see a play out in the forest of President Trump and the thing about forest is we can admit even supporters of President Trump can admit a lot of his administration is funny a lot of it has given us a great joy and laughter the tweets are funny even a lot of the policies that overturn so many Democrat policies are very funny the forest can be a good thing it is in some ways borne out of the culture that the Clinton administration created and this is just the funny good version of that the left simply can't take that joke so moving on from farce moving on from a happy story we've got to talk about the most disturbing story in the news maybe all year I actually don't know that there's a more disturbing story all year long there is an 11 year old boy Desmond Naples who has the worst parents in the history of the world I don't know maybe not like the history of the world I mean there was some parents have like eating their children before I don't know I mean that might be it slightly worse this is pretty bad though on December 1st an 11 year old boy named Desmond Naples dressed up in drag went to a gay bar in Brooklyn called the $3 bill and started dancing on the bar dressed as Gwen Stefani while the adult male patrons threw dollar bills at him and this was encouraged this was celebrated and the bar by the way the the bar in in Brooklyn the $3 bill doesn't allow any cameras doesn't allow any cell phones in there because obviously they're up to some pretty weird stuff if they're inviting 11 year old drag queens up there and throwing dollar bills at him I'm not going to play the video of this obviously because I assume that's illegal I assume it's so bizarre that I don't want I mean actually frankly given the current state of social media and conservative discourse they'd probably let that video stay up that one would do just fine on Facebook and Twitter in YouTube but if I start talking about the traditional definition of marriage they'll shut me down say it's hate speech it's awful should be illegal what I will play though is the treatment of this story in the mainstream media because the treatment by major outlets like The Today Show is probably just as disturbing as the video itself Esmond appleís is smart self-assured talented he loves to dress up and work the runway and drag with dramatic makeup but only if his homework is done that's because desmond is just 10 years old but he's already a social media star and he says he wants to use his platform to inspire other kids to love and accept themselves Sunday in the park with ten-year-old Desmond Annapolis this is one of his favorite playgrounds all right I'm gonna cut it before they actually show that the kid on the drag carpet isn't that so isn't it so wonderful isn't it's just it's his favorite playground one of his favorite playgrounds is the playground for children where they play and then the other one is a highly sexualized runway where old creepy men can leer at him and throw dollar bills at it isn't that so nice isn't that so sweet how wonderful this is the logical conclusion of of left-wing tolerance tolerance is not a great thing you know Bishop Baron was on the Bishop Baron who's this Catholic bishop and a social media store was on Ben Shapiro's Sunday special and he talked about how tolerance is the virtue of the modern era but it's not a traditional virtue it's not a classical virtue it's not a Christian virtue we should not be tolerating an 11-year old dress step and drag dancing on a bar while adult men throw dollar bills that's not something we should tolerate there's nothing good about that there's nothing compassionate about tolerating that what's really bizarre well they're many bizarre aspects to this story but what's especially bizarre is the democrat treatment of sex because because it's it's calling into light this is essential lie at the center of the left-wing treatment of sex which is that we should affirm exotic sexuality at all times at all ages not just the thirty-five year old gay guy who lives in the village not just the adult drag queen but for teenagers for young teenagers for children we you know Owen Benjamin the conservative comedian was kicked off of social media because he said that parents should not be allowed to shoot their toddlers full of hormones to make them resemble the opposite sex he said it's a bad idea to castrate your children and he was booted off of social media for being a hater but that's what it's come to now we're now they talk about how at all stages now including a ten-year-old 11 year old kid who is being totally exploited by his horrific parents that and you know he's got a website up and he's going on television we should totally affirm all of this provocative bizarre sexual behavior but then on the other hand the left tells us that the most important thing in the world is consent nothing everything about sex is fine except it has to be consensual it has to be so consensual that every single step of the way you need to sign a written form that says I consent to do this I can be kissed I can be touched I can be hugged I can do this I can do that so we're so focused on consent that baby it's cold outside is being banned from radio stations because they think that the song will one because they completely misunderstand what that song is about but because that they think that the literal words in a couple of the verses imply that there isn't 100% consent they say it's all about consent that's the main aspect of sexual relations between people and also young children should be able to explore whatever sexuality they want young children are not capable of giving consent this is why we have statutory rape laws this is why your where we have the age of consent now is the age of consent 17 or 18 or 16 depending on the state maybe I don't know can you give consent when you're 15 I don't know maybe you can you certainly can't give consent when you're 11 we know that that's the case but and the left is caught up in this because they want to affirm they want to make an idol out of sexual bizarreness they want to make an idol out of exotic sexual behaviors but they also have made an idol out of consent clinical consent the two can't go together they're totally in conflict and they're in conflict on this transgender issue just as much as transgenderism and feminism are in conflict this is the this is one of the most enjoyable parts in a sort of shot in Freud a way of looking at the left right now is the left by embracing intersectionality the idea that all of these disparate groups who might disagree with each other or have different interests but they can band together to oppose the straight white male who thinks that he's a male because of intersectionality you have the feminists and the transgender estate up together but they make opposite claims on the one hand feminism talks about women as women women as different from men women as having different interests than men women as having as having been oppressed by men over time and then the transgender astrology says oh there's really no such thing as women and men men can be women women can be men there's no such thing as an innate sexual difference or a fundamental sexual difference at all this came out most hilariously in the Miss Universe pageant over the weekend in Miss Universe a man almost became the Miss Universe I I would love if I could be a fly on the wall of feminists now we're so confused say oh this is great because we're affirming sexual as well but it's a man but in a man in a bikini and that's a good women in bikinis or bad men in bikinis are good ID here is a little bit of the coverage of Miss Universe and we are back now with that groundbreaking night at the Miss Universe pageant Miss spaying making history just by being there and Miss Philippines winning the crown lares got all the details good morning good morning to you all yes it was quite a night lots of pomp and pageantry a few stumbles along the way as well but it was also a night at first the first all-female judging panel as well as the first transgender contestant overnight history made at Miss Universe Spanish model Angela Ponte becoming the first transgender woman to compete in the 66 year old pageant the audience greeting her with a standing of that is groundbreaking that is definitely a groundbreaking thing for a dude to become Miss Universe it is it's great at the very least it's groundbreaking it's completely illogical but it's groundbreaking the other aspect of this story that no one is covering is that Donald Trump used to run Miss Universe and when Trump ran Miss Universe this was a theme of the 2016 campaign the left tells us that was really bad oh it was so bad Miss Universe is so bad it objectifies women it exploits women it has it makes women that pig that pig misogynist Donald Trump makes women trot out onto the stage wearing bikinis for our sexual pleasure that's so terrible unless a man does it and then it's beautiful unless the Trump doesn't run it anymore and then a man wears a bikini and then that's good I are we to conclude from that that it's perfectly fine to sexually objectify men who think that they're women but it's very wrong to sexually objectify women I thought trans women are women what is it's very very confusing good luck trying to wrap your head around that what this shows you is this underlying this underlying fact of the left which is they don't really have a problem with the bikinis they don't really have a problem with beauty contests what they really have a problem with is Donald Trump what they really have a problem with is men what they really have a problem with is the patriarchy what they really have a problem with is Western civilization that's what they don't like that's they hate they hate norms and they hate traditions I mean the bizarre story of an exploiting an eleven-year-old to do a sex act or a sex sexual dance for adult men throwing dollar bills at him that is obviously awful and offends every person of right reason but the reason that the left will embrace that sort of thing is because it subverts our traditional culture it subverts the mores of our society it subverts our civilization and the same thing is true of this transgenderism pageant the left doesn't care about not certainly they don't care about the child sexual abuse per se that that drag queen kid tells you everything about that they don't care about the alleged misogyny of these beauty pageants they don't really care what they care about is undoing tradition under I mean the fact that Donald Trump ran this thing was the is the greatest demonstration of this at all they hate that they they it's it's a sort of like I don't like you dad I'm really angry at you dad and I'm it's a it's a cultural rebellion because they the Miss Universe didn't change last year to this year two years ago to this year nothing about it changed except this time it was a dude wearing the bikini and the dude wearing the bikini is bizarre because he's not Miss Universe he can't be Miss Universe he's got it I guess he could be mr. universe even though he looks a little bit more like a Miss Universe that's what they're after they're after uh uh pending our society they're after getting us all riled up and getting us angry it's a it's a silly rebellion it's a frivolous rebellion but it really shows the the

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