The State Of The Union Is Terrific | Ep. 292
00:05 "... Trump delivers the State of the Union ..."
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02:19 "... State of the Union is a terrific ..."
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03:39 "... State of the Union from and really we ..."
03:55 "... the first State of the Union address ..."
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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on iTunes: on the telly cozy up with some popcorn and get ready for primetime executive time tonight as president Trump delivers the State of the Union which some conservatives despise but I've come to really enjoy we will analyze then Andy millennial steps by to give his perspective on the state of the nation you know as a millennial as well as to discuss Ariana Grande's botched Japanese tattoo I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Noel's show [Music] tonight is the State of the Union the night that libertarians despise and I sort of enjoy especially when Donald Trump is the one giving it we'll get to that in a second we'll get to why some people on the right don't like the State of the Union but first let's make a little money honey with selectquote Oh selectquote is so good listen if you have a family who depends on you then you need to get some life insurance life insurance can pay off a mortgage it can help 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slash Anolis KO wles today select quote dot-com / knowles for your free quote don't put off protecting your family another day select quote calm / knowles get full details on the example policy it's electrolytic calm / knowles your premium can vary depending on your health issue encompasses not available in all states probably my quote would not be great today because my health is not sounding too good but it's alright because later on we're gonna be watching the State of the Union and smoking stogies for three hours that'll probably help my cough and my little health the State of the Union is a terrific experience I have to break with some of my fellow right-wingers and conservatives here I really enjoy it so some some conservatives hate it it's basically libertarians who hate it because they feel it's too minar kacal it's too grandiose you know they just want the government to leave them alone basically disappear they view the President as different from any other government office and so they just want to ignore it and you know Antonin Scalia felt this way too Antonin Scalia the late great Justice refused to go he thought it was such a ridiculous parade so plenty of conservatives don't like it or at least libertarians I think conservatives have a good deal of reason to enjoy it though for one it fulfills a requirement of the Constitution constitutional article 2 section 3 says quote the President shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient he may on extraordinary occasions convene both houses or either of them and in case of disagreement between them with respect to the time of adjournment he may have joined them to such time as he shall think proper he shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed and show commission all the officers of the United States so that's the whole block that we get the State of the Union from and really we only get it from that first little line up there I think there's a modern misconception especially on the right that the state of the union is some wholly modern invention it was just invented by Woodrow Wilson and that isn't true George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address before the White House existed he delivered one and then Jefferson discontinued the practice so the third president discontinued it and it's because Jefferson was a Democrat lowercase D he felt it was too minar kacal he was an anti federalist and which then led to the Jeffersonian Democrats he thought it was dreadful and I think his reasoning was not so great but we'll get to that in a second then for a very long time for over a hundred years no one did it until Woodrow Wilson so you've got Jefferson good then or I'm sorry George Washington gives it that's good Jefferson doesn't give it that's probably a mark in favor of the State of the Union and then Woodrow Wilson gives it so that's a mark against the State of the Union Woodrow Wilson one of the worst presidents in American history but then Warren Harding a highly underrated president was the first president to broadcast it on radio so he gives it good old Republican limited broadcast but nevertheless then Calvin Coolidge it's harder to find any small more small government conservative than Calvin Coolidge silent Cal he gave it and he actually was the first to broadcast the State of the Union to the entire nation I think he's also the only president to actually shrink the government so I think small government conservatives can take a little solace there Coolidge broadcast it from coast to coast and then President Ronald Reagan was the first ever to delay the State of the Union speech so President Trump again following in good stead by delaying the speech for the government shutdown President Trump obviously has fallen followed in President Reagan steps a lot of the time the reason that the State of the Union I think is not only tolerable but actually somewhat important is that the executive is not just the DMV the executive is not just the post office or the IRS the executive is the president in particular as the head of the executive branch is representing the spirited part of government so our framers were very brilliant when they set up the government this brilliant system of checks and balances complex system that allows a balance of power between the people and the states and the federal government between the judiciary and the executive and the legislature and all of those parts of the government reflect different aspects of human nature they reflect the tripartite soul the ethos the pathos and the logos the appetite the pathos the spirited part the ethos and the logos which is the reasonable part and you see that reflected in the pathos the appetite is the Congress it's the people who are most directly answerable to the appetites of the people and formerly the appetites of the states then you have the judiciary which is the logos they sit in their robes they all went to the best law schools in the country they're very straight faced except for when they like beer and they still like beer they don't respond to anything at the State of the Union they're very judicious and then you have the president which is the spirited part of the government he's the one who embodies the spirit of the country and you look to him as as one single representative and so it seems to me to make perfect sense to have that representative of the spirited part of the country show a little spirit he's not just a bureaucrat he's just some technocrats sitting there filling out economic tables he's representing something a little more passionate and a little bit more romantic in the government the the state of the union is criticized by people who lean more democratic lowercase D in their views and we should remember the founders and the framers were terrified of democracy rightly so and they were terrified of the tyranny of the majority and also what they were terrified of was levelling the idea that in egalitarianism when everybody is just exactly the same that levels everybody down people who are more impressive people who are more virtuous people who have more spirit what they you can't level people up that's not possible the only way if you want everyone to be exactly equal is you have to cut down the tall trees you have to level people down and that is necessarily so this is what Edmund Burke the founder of modern conservative thought saw happening in the French Revolution he wrote this in the famous tract reflections on the revolution in France it seems to me despite this silly democratic tendency we should have something to look up to we should have something dignified and the State of the Union imperfect as it is is a vessel of that dignity the State of the Union and really just the State of the Union as a representative of the executive dealing with the legislature it dignifies the people who hold that office President Trump in some ways does demonstrate dignity in other way is not so much dignity but the office can raise you up to that you can improve over time Bill Clinton is a good example of this even even Lyndon Johnson was able to and he was a depraved degenerate but he was able to rise on occasion to a bit of dignity and for all of us who are the people of this country it's good to look up to that we are not simply automat ons we're not I mean this is the mistake of libertarianism or egalitarianism or a lowercase D democratic politics taken to their extreme they just level everybody they make us into little robots consumers there's nothing really metaphysical there's nothing really noble there's not a sense of purpose or virtue or it's just a little leveling in plain I think it was caning who said all simple forms of government are bad and I think that's just about right and our form of government is not simple it's not simple at all it's about as complicated as it can be it evolves it grows through evolution not revolution and this example that the executive does something a little different than the legislature and he has an occasion to come in and speak to the legislature and a lot of the time the legislature goes and fights back and reports his plans we're gonna see a lot of that for the next year as Nancy Pelosi is running the House of Representatives I think that is just perfectly fine and speaking of the executive part of government the spirited part there is a bombshell report out that President Trump spends his day in executive time that's his phrase it the presidential private schedule leaped we don't know who leaked it and the left is having a field day here's Nicole Wallace on MSNBC give her your teenager you'd call your mom friends for advice about how to get him up and out of his bedroom in the morning away from the television off social media and phone calls with his friends we start with that bombshell report in Axios a White House source turning over dozens of Trump's private schedules filled with hundreds of hours of executive time over just a few months the leak either the greatest act of insubordination in modern political history or the bravest act of a White House whistleblower either way the truth bomb has been detonated Donald Trump doesn't do much of anything as president the schedules which cover nearly every working day since the midterms show that Trump has spent around 60% of his scheduled time over the last three months in unstructured executive time so what she's saying is some of the best news for the left president Trump doesn't do much of anything as president you can celebrate he's not Hitler he's not gonna invade the Rhinelander would take over Poland oh great he doesn't do anything because what they are saying is that President Trump he's just spending 60% of his day lying around watching Fox News 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weird what this really gets to is the difference between the left and the right as they view work and exposes they view the world which is that for the left if you're not in a meeting if you're not in a structured meeting with a lot of bureaucrats and a lot of tables and Microsoft Excel open then you're not doing productive work you need more meetings and then you have to have a meeting to set up a meeting the trouble with meetings is that meetings are are almost never productive meetings to quote my priest father rut ler or the opiate of the bureaucrat and the left is bureaucratic President Trump spent 60% of his time in executive time he's managed to effect a pretty conservative agenda in that amount of time and what is executive time he's calling people he's called him foreign leaders he's tweeting he's taking in the news we need unstructured time you don't you don't really think about the big picture when you're in a meeting with a bunch of bureaucrats around you you think about it when you're driving around when you're going you've got an hour in between meetings you're walking to the airport I don't know that is unstructured time that really helps the left did this to Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan famously would end work at six o'clock he said if I see an executive who can't finish his work in eight or nine hours I see an ineffective executive and Ronald Reagan another one of the great effective conservative presidents so great job if the left really believes this good you can be at ease he's not going to take over all of Europe the right won't last a thousand years because he's so lazy for the rest of us we know that he is working in a much more effective way than the bureaucracy of the left we have got to bring on we have a lot more to say about working but we have first got to bring on someone who obviously doesn't work very much by virtue of his youth and vigor and a millennial so Andy thank you so much for coming on it's been a while we haven't had you on in a little while a long time yeah but you've been busy you've been collecting a lot of experiences so what's going on what can you update us well you know not much I mean we've got this State of the Union I think it's an urgent urgent moment of a political you know something of urgency going on and for the country and you know I would watch it myself if I weren't hanging with my buds but you know I think I'm really hoping that important progressive agenda will be put forward it's very very important to me that we are progressive so what what specifically do you want to see out of the State of the Union I don't know a lot about issues you know and then I said like or facts or anything like that but speaking as a millennial just speaking as my lived experience as a millennial you know I think I think I live out my progressivism you know like I mean you know looking you look back in the old days and people didn't have tattoos you know and now like I have a tattoo on every part of my body so that's like progress you know I made progress and if people you wouldn't wouldn't wear stuff that we're afraid to wear anything like all right but you know III have like piercings on my nose and not putting rings in my nose that's progress you know and like I believe in like the environment you know environments are like it I think we got to get rid of all this like oil in all these cities they're just ruining environment bring back the jungle you know so we can be walking through the jungle with tattoos and I think that's [Laughter] [Laughter] you know sacrificing babies I think we've got like children we make them look we're living in Apocalypto with this we are that's right we so the State of Union addresses tonight you are I have to tell you you are the most articulate millennial spokesman that I've ever is amazing it's amazing for a man my age have a grasp of the language this extensive it can only be attributed to hard study and this I think it just comes in through this a fact that's what it comes in through hard study the legalization of shrooms and I do you have you touched on this tattoo question yes did you see this story about your fellow melenik ariana grande she got a tattoo for her new song she has a song called seven rings yeah she got a tattoo for some reason in Japanese and she got it for some reason on the palm of her hand but it turns out that the tattoo doesn't say seven rings in Japanese it says barbeque grill well I'm very supportive of barbecue you like that's right I'm into myself I get anything wings and ribs this is I actually can't make a joke about this because that is the joke I mean this is the idea that these little white millennial girls are getting Japanese tattooed on their wrist and they think it means water and really it is like you know we'll try what is this you know I was watching the Super Bowl and room 5 guy what's his name Adam Levine he takes off his shirt and like every inch of his body is tattooed you just think like you know I got 20 years it's gonna look really really bad I mean like look at Schwarzenegger you know the way what happens to your body after all yeah that's mr. universe yeah the strongest men in the world you know it is funny I I have to tell you Alyssa Milano though is part of a very very weird you look at her she dresses like a little girl yeah he noticed this but that yeah but she's hot you know I mean she's already very people it's it's a weird little thing we're having in our rock and our rock idols at the moment III don't really understand where it comes from I have an inkling because it's not just these stars it's Millennials broadly are so much more tatted up than other generations they all have tattoos and I mean I have seen people on their kneecaps they'll have giant citrus fruit yeah one kneecap in the other and just random little designs that don't seem to mean anything you know I was kidding around when we started but it really does seem to me that certain things that were considered primitive like the idea that you were primitive was not a good thing you know trying to be civilized we're gonna move forward trying to move that but certain things that were considered primitive like all these piercings and things that you've seen in native cultures and the tattoos they actually are coming back I don't think it's a good thing I think we're actually like that trajectory up out of the jungle I think is a good one I think that's what the kind of one we want to stick with that you know like less killing less beating up women this thing's like that and there used to be specific times to get a tattoo for instance if you're in the Marines or you're a criminal and you're you wake up with a tattoo you're right remember that's actually to be encouraged yeah yeah cuz you do a you actually I suppose for our criminals and and also for our service members for obviously very different reasons those are two groups where strength really matters yes we're a sort of the niceties of civilization really kind of have to go away one if you're trying to protect people and fight for the good guy isn't to if you're making your way through prison right now it's all of these little hipster guys who weigh 120 pounds no and they were leggings all day long it really is strange and it is this harking but you know this Steven Pinker is kind of he's kind of a liberal I wouldn't call him like a far lefty or anything like this but he does like this because he's a scientist or he does like to say things that kind of make the left crazy like men and women are different I mean all the science shows that you know women heard him and one of the things he has he talked about he's been talking about it for a long time is that the world has gotten less violent as it has become more civilized obviously our wars are so horrific because we have so much these engines of destruction but if you live in a uncivilized society and primitive society are more likely to get killed or raped than you are now and in this incredible you know world that we have why these kids who have never been to war or who have never most of them said they took the way they talk the way Alexandria occasional cortex talks do you think she has never left New York I mean she is never but only the really nice part we're not talking about but they've never seem to have been anyway and yet and yet they are bedecked with this kind of like you know stuff in their skin and I don't mean to just be just dismiss it because like believe me my generation if we had thought a piercing our faces we would have certainly occurred as we were so stoned out of our minds yeah but so it's not like just saying oh this is me it's it's the particular message that's sending this message that like that we're going backwards you know you know where I think it comes from a little bit too is this postmodern nihilism because the tattoos are not often significant if I I will make an exception if someone has a really significant tattoo and they wine theirs they have really good reasons for I sort of can understand that I was at an Apple store in Grand Central and the guy who was helping me out on his ring finger had a little moustache tattoo and then on the middle finger it said s a word for fecal matter krei in cursive okay stuff cray yeah short for crazy yeah that's meaningless that is not that is the embodiment of meaninglessness and you see an women to have these crazy tattoos where it's just like a little squiggle yeah or just a random little shape all down their body I think they're it's because we are saying nothing really matters and thing really matters to me why not I'm just a big hunk of flesh and there is also in this oppression matrix that we've created that you know the intersectionality ideology the one thing that unites all of these disparate groups that seem to contradict one another is that they hate Big Daddy Western civilization uh-huh and so I mean from the time of Rousseau certainly up to the present you have this romantic idea of the primitive of the savage of the jungle and I think on a certainly unconscious level when we're talking about Millennials I think that's what that's getting at a little bit just you can't make me conform man well think about it I think about the fact that they've made these movies avatar Pocahontas Dances with Wolves are all the same movie a civilized man goes back into a more backward culture and finds that that is where truth is that's where you know honesty and integrity are and there's always and the women are always treated well because the you know primitive cultures women are not treated well and it really is interesting when you watch avatar was the one that always got me because they have everything that you would have if you had oil but they have it by magic laughter they have lights but they had a little plants that light up and they can fly around yeah and then they fire on the Dragons ah yeah let's make a little 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appreciate that lasts and is enjoyed for months indulgences dot store promo code offa CoV f EF e 10% savings indulgences doubt stored on screwed up input com indulgences that store state of the union's gonna be on tonight yep we're gonna be watching and other than progress what are you looking for well I mean I think it is interesting he's been talking about they've been talking about a call for unity which is just a really fascinating idea to me because Donald Trump in many ways erase all the attitudinal stuff all the tweets and the insults and all those things that's the style that people love and hate I don't want to erase no but at the moment yeah they're stipulated salawah Donald Trump is a very practical guy I mean he wants things to work and I've always noticed this about him that he wants he's a narcissist and so he wants to be loved but he wants to be loved for fixing stuff he said it again and again I fix things that's what I do you know and he's actually taken that approach I mean nothing he's done has been ideological except in the sense that the left has given him no room to move so he's only been able to move to the right that's the only way he's been able to go but he's perfectly you hear him when he negotiates like yeah I give you the dreamers and I'll take the wall the dreamers let all the criminals out of prison yeah whatever you know he actually has no ideology whatsoever I think most Americans were like that I do not think I think people like us have an ideology most Americans just wants to fix why isn't this working why can't I get to work why can't I do this stuff and so it is interesting if it weren't for his effect he would actually probably be a uniting figure as it is he has made his personality such a big part of his presidency that I think he's in this battle locked in this battle with Nancy Pelosi who I seriously think for all she's a highly professional politician and a real killer I think she can't let go of the battle I do believe you know I think Trump Trump actually you know he gets personal but he'd give her a lot of what she wants she can't she can't because he he can let go of the battle so much as people smear Lindsey Graham called him all sorts of all names he called all of the other Republicans awful names and now they're buddies he goes down to my Texas for Ted Cruz says I know he used to be lyin Ted now he's beautiful too I love it what I said he really doesn't say before Sir against and and I just think it is interesting that if you could just look at his policies just look at his approach he would be a unifying figure but he's not you know right and I think and I think that that's really interesting because I think if you if you look he's the opposite of Obama who had a kind of appealing quieter style but did things that actually tore the country in pieces and we're deeply any longer deeply ideological and so he's the kind of the opposite of that but I really do believe that he and Pelosi are in a battle royal they should none of them that he can move because this base will follow him right but she can't because her her base is actually not following her it's following a ideology and I love that idea if he had a different personality he's being if I had some ham I could have a ham sandwich if I had some ground well it'll be a lot of fun tonight it's true it will be fun except boring as hell I think yeah well at least you know I've got this little throat yeah so I'll be able to work through that with all those good cigars that's the important thing those cigars will cure you right up and though will bury them yeah Andy millennial good to see you I will shake your hand on account of but I'll see you in a few hours I'll be there all right we've got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube if you are on daily we're calm thank you you helped keep the lights on you keep COFA a in my cup if not head over there ten bucks a month $100 for an annual membership you get me you get Andy millennial you get the Ben Shapiro show you get the amount Walter you get to ask questions in the mailbag that's coming up Thursday get your questions in you get to ask questions backstage that's coming up in a few hours get subscribed get those questions ready you get another Kingdom to get everything and you get this you get the little President Trump is gonna have what is it going to be an hour tonight an hour and a half of saying whatever he wants and all those Democrat they're gonna it's gonna be like that picture of Chuck and Nancy the American Gothic it's gonna be that turned up to 11 get your tumblr go to Daley we'll be right back with a lot more I do want to finish this thought on executive time and how we work and what work really means I mean you know the left the left attacks Donald Trump for opposite reasons they attack him for being too effective and right-wing and awful and terrible and they attack him

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