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Another 2020 Democrat drops out of the race, and that candidate’s failure says a lot about the Democrats’ present dilemma. We will examine the fall out as another one bites the dust. Speaking of which, an explosive new book sheds new light on who Jeffrey Epstein was, and how he died, and if he died. A transgender woman—that is, a man—demands a gynecologist inspect the genitals he doesn’t have. We analyze why it matters. And Hong Kong protesters find hope in Swole Trump.

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on iTunes: 20/20 Democrat drops out of the race and that candidate's failure says a lot about the Democrats present dilemma we will examine the fallout as another one bites the dust speaking of which an explosive new book sheds new light on who Jeffrey Epstein was and how he died and if he died we will get to that the book just came out yesterday I've read it and it is pretty wild then a transgender woman which means a man demands a gynecologist inspect the genitals that he doesn't have we will analyze why that matters and Hong Kong protesters find hope in swoll Trump all that and more I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Music] swoll Donald Trump an image of Rocky Balboa with Donald Trump's face is a symbol of freedom and hope around the world what a great timeline we are all living in could you imagine a better timeline I can't but on that point on 2020 I'm the leader of the free world and I hope for the future in the hope for 2020 another one bites the dust you've probably already seen this going around the internet Kamala Harris is officially out of the race you know it's not significant in terms of the actual election no one thought that Kamala Harris was going to be able to claw her way out of the 2% in the polls that she had but it does say something about the state of the Democratic Party right now the fact that her candidacy flopped her candidacy which looked very good on paper flopped tells you a lot about where we are why did the candidacy look good on paper because the left is obsessed with identity politics racial identity and sexual identity politics obviously Kamala Harris checks those boxes the left is obsessed with unfettered immigration Kamala Harris is the child of immigrants the in terms of presidential appeal in terms of how these races tend to work if you've been on the scene too long generally that doesn't bode well for you especially in the Democratic Party now think of Barack Obama right Barack Obama goes up against Hillary Clinton we all knew Hillary forever she'd been around since the dawn of time she was around st. Petersburg when she felt it was time for a change so they knew what they were getting in her Barack Obama very little was known about him and and that actually helped him he was a better candidate because people didn't know that much about him they could project their hopes and dreams onto him hope and change was the big theme of that campaign same thing was true of Kamala Harris people didn't really know who she was she was an attractive looking candidate she sounded pretty good when she wasn't giving that awful cackling laugh she had been in attorney general she had been a prosecutor she had been a senator for about five minutes everything looked good about her campaign except ideologically except ideologically because Kamala Harris couldn't pick a Lane and this this could be the name of the 2020 Democratic primary is can you pick a lane the pick a lane primary no one's able to do it they're all veering left they're all veering center Liz Ward is she going to be a kind of establishment Harvard professor or is she gonna be this radical leftist trying to go to the left of Bernie Sanders mayor Pete is mayor Pete gonna be this radical person saying that if you don't support abortion and gay marriage you're not a Christian or is he gonna be the moderate guy in Joe Biden slain geo Biden himself who is the moderate in the race is Joe Biden gonna lean into being a moderate or is he going to support lifting the ban on taxpayer funding for abortion that's the trouble with this race and one thing we're seeing is it doesn't hurt you to be in either of those lanes when Joe Biden is playing the moderate he generally does pretty well when Bernie Sanders is playing the leftist he generally does pretty well but when you start to veer left and center and left and center that's when you fall apart and that's what happened to Kamala Harris Kamala Harris lost because of her own weaknesses she also lost because Tulsi Gabbard absolutely shanked her during one of the Democratic debates you can almost pinpoint there there are two moments I think that you can pinpoint when Kamala Harris's campaign completely fell apart one of them at the hands of Tulsi Gabbard on CNN senator Harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she'll be a prosecutor president but I'm deeply concerned about this record there are too many examples to cite but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana [Applause] have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so she kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California and she fought to keep bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way when you are in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people's lives you did not and worse yet in the case of those who were on death row innocent people you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so there is no excuse for that and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor oh you owe them an apology tulsi stop it stuff at Tulsi she's already dead so this was the attack the attack on Kamala was comel as a cop Camilla's too tough on crime Kamala was throwing people into the prison system that was the attack from the left which is funny that it's made by Telsey Gabbard who is ostensibly more to the right of the Democratic Party on a number of issues that was the hit that they were putting on Kamala it worked very well because Kamala played her whole campaign as though she's going to prosecute the case against Donald Trump right she's the tough prosecutor she's the serious candidate she's she's not one of these hippie-dippie candidates she's gonna be really tough and what Tulsi Gabbard did is she didn't go for Camilla's weaknesses exactly she went for her strengths Camilla's running I'm the ex Attorney General I had a good career as a prosecutor and Tulsi goes for that strength now if Camilla were a smart candidate she would have leaned into that she would have said yet damn right I put criminals in jail and I'm gonna put the biggest criminal in America who's sitting in the White House whose name is Donald Trump I'm gonna put that guy in jail he would have it would have kind of done what Donald Trump did in 2016 right Donald Trump in 2016 when Hillary Clinton said I don't want to live in an America where you're president Trump said yeah that's cuz you'd be in jail because leaning right into it that's what Kamala Harris should have done instead she didn't she goes on The Breakfast Club this popular radio show and talks about how much he loves smoking joints and blunts and listening to Snoop Dogg we'll get all to that in a second first I got thank our friends over at bowl and branch you know me I need to sleep about I don't know 21 22 hours a day I pretty 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you're a cop you're a prosecutor you're throwing people into prison instead of leaning into that doubling down and saying damn right that's my campaign I'm gonna prosecute Donald Trump I'm gonna restore some order and sensibility to America instead of doing that kampala lanes in the other direction and pretends that she's some big pothead when she goes on a radio show I do has anybody ever talked about smoking pot in a more calculated and less believable manner hey you so commonly you ever smoke pot yes yes that's right yes I yes I have smoked the ganja the old Haitian oregano you betcha that Peruvian parsley yes I smoked it okay would you did you smoke a blunt did you smoke a bowl did you smoke a bong did you smoke a joint oh yeah I had a joint is that right yeah joint I smoked those jazz cigarettes out in downtown Manhattan yes I did I know I don't I actually don't even believe she smoked a joint just the way she's talking about it's uh calculated it's so unbelievable and then the joke and I did inhale you're supposed to inhale marijuana right yeah okay I inhaled that I just don't buy it and then the story gets even less credible when they ask her at the end well when you're when you're smoking all that pot that you allegedly used to smoke you know what kind of music were you listening to even that doesn't sound believable what does Carmela harris listen to him listen to when you was high to pasture yeah definitely I definitely commonly you you when you were two minute to use Barack Obama's word you were listening to snoop and Tupac and by the way calm Allah when did you smoke it okay she said she smoked pot during college she graduated college in 1986 I believe it was years before snoop or Tupac ever released their first album it's that's actually a lie now do you want to know what I actually think Camilla Harris did during college I think she studied because she's obviously a type-a personality she is ruthlessly ambitious ask Willie Brown I'll just leave it at that she wants to get ahead in her career I don't know that she's ever smoked pot even once in her life even to try it which is fine I wish her answer to this question did you ever smoke pot like I know cuz I'm not a degenerate no I haven't smoked pot even though virtually every young American has I think they would have respected that answer at least that's an that's it there are these two kind of candidates right candidates who are just trying to pander to you who want to make you believe that you're exactly like them and they're exactly like you that's what Kamala Harris is trying to do or their candidates like Donald Trump who says yeah I'm pretty much nothing like you I'm a billionaire playboy I've never had a drink in my life I've never had a beer not even once and yet because of that honesty because of that bluntness people feel that they have more in common with Donald Trump because he talks like a real human being he's not just every time he's asked a question he's not just trying to think hmm what's the way that I'll be most relatable to the person that I'm talking to in this specific audience he doesn't do that and that's so it's much more believable if they had said hey camelid you ever smoke pot she doesn't know I I enjoy Chardonnay that that's my drug of choice is Chardonnay yeah who do you listen to when you're when you're drinking Chardonnay I listen to Brahms and hide him and Bach because I'm better than you and I'm smarter than you I study more than you do and I have wanted to be a lawyer and a politician since the day I was born and that's who I am people would have respected that a lot more she was disingenuous she was not believable she didn't stand for anything okay this this gets back to advice I think I forget if it was president george w bush was some some people from the bush era would would regularly bring this up even when they were talking about say the iraq war for instance and all the problems that came with the Iraq war and the point is sometimes a wrong decision is better than indecision people can respect a wrong decision people can respect a difference what they can't respect is waffling and wavering and pandering Rudy Giuliani I remember when he lost the 2008 presidential race was when he was asked if he was rooting for the the Red Sox in the World Series and he said he was rooting for the Red Sox Rudy Giuliani a lifelong Yankee fan mayor of New York mayor of New York during 9/11 he said he was rooting for the Red Sox and then he came up with this convoluted logic he said because I'm an American League fan no you're not if you're a Yankee fan you know what your favorite baseball team is the Yankees you know what your second favorite baseball team is any team that can beat the Boston Red Sox simple as that Heath what he thought he was gonna lose all the Massachusetts voters because he doesn't like the Red Sox they know he doesn't like the Red Sox he's a Yankee fan they can respect that you can respect a difference you can respect a firm position that someone's holding how many times do you hear this about Donald Trump your people say I don't really agree with Trump on this this amiss but I like that he's honest I like that he's blunt I like that he tells me what he thinks Tom let didn't learn that lesson there are other there are other Democratic candidates who have not learned that lesson either we'll get to that a little bit later but now that Kamala has bitten the dust we have got to get to another man who bit the dust Jeffrey Epstein there is a bombshell new book it just came out yesterday it's called Epstein dead men tell no tales this was in pardon me I'm so excited about this and I'm also a little nervous that the more I talk about this this episode or this this book rather that the Hillary Clinton is going to knock down the door and cost me to commit suicide but it came out yesterday really good reporters I think I might be the only person that's actually read the book so far I read the whole thing yesterday I couldn't put it down there is a lot of new information in this book and it goes a lot further around some of the information that we've heard himself we'll get to that in a second we will find out perhaps once and for all the likelihood that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself and if if he did kill himself then who who suicided him we'll get to that in a second first I got to thank our friends over at liquid ivy you might be surprised to hear this but a lot of people end up more dehydrated during the winter months cold weather tends to make us more likely to miss the signs of dehydration and less likely to keep refilling our water bottles and also people go out really late on New Year's Eve and you know what happens liquid ivy has the easy healthy fix for winter dehydration many winter sports take place at high altitude where it's much easier to get dehydrated liquid ivy is the perfect way to stay hydrated on the mountain so liquid ivy has a lot of great 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Robertson it's important to note the author's because these aren't just total Kooks these are pretty well-known Hollywood Reporter's Dylan Howard has been a huge investigator for for us tabloids and show business papers Us Weekly National Enquirer star in touch ad we called him the king of Hollywood scoops this guy broke the story of Mel Gibson's audio tapes screaming at his girlfriend he broke the governador love child Schwarzenegger skid he broke a lot of Anthony Weiner stories the Tiger Woods sex scandal that Charlie being Charlie Sheen has HIV he's a big deal and he's got a pretty good track record I'm Melissa Cronin is another major tabloid reporter and a Harvard Graduate and Robertson James Robertson broke the story of Epstein's first suicide attempt they these guys have been investigating Jeffrey Epstein for eight years they've now put out their book for some reason no one no one really has read it I haven't seen a whole lot of coverage of this book yet so far probably just because it just came out yesterday a lot of salacious details and it does offer some some suggestions on big questions the biggest claim in the book is with regard to Jeffrey Epstein identity who is this guy how'd he get his money who was he working for was he working for anybody was there something bigger going on here than just a wealthy guy running a sex ring the biggest claim in the book strongly suggested by the book he that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were working for an intelligence service it was a foreign entity it was Mossad the Israeli intelligence apparatus that is probably the most consistently suggested point read the whole book what's the evidence for it well Ghislaine Maxwell who was Jeffrey Epstein's Madame her father Robert Maxwell almost certainly worked for Mossad Rafi Eitan who's a famous Mossad agent says them that Robert Maxwell worked for Mossad other people have backed that up the British Foreign Office believed that Robert Maxwell was a foreign spy re-bend Menashe is a former Israeli spy who says he was the alleged handler of Robert Maxwell says the Maxwell introduced Epstein to Mossad how did this happen Epstein and ghyslain Maxwell took a shine to one another early on Robert Maxwell then allegedly introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Mossad this is not to say that Jeffrey Epstein was a spy in the traditional sense that he was you know a trained career spy actually what the investigators claim is that Epstein and Maxwell weren't terribly competent they weren't James Bond exactly but they were very very good at socializing that Epstein had this absolute sixth sense for ingratiating himself to people for understanding social cues and that he could just rise through the ranks of any social circle so because of that they were very good at blackmailing American politicians and politicians from around the world Maxwell also had connections this is Robert Maxwell to the khashoggi family now if that name rings a bell that's because the journalist according to the mainstream media in America really known as the Saudi insider Jamal Khashoggi was killed by Mohammed bin Salman in Turkey just last year it was yeah I was 2018 Jamal khashoggi who the the West is presenting as this fearless journalist who was really a part of a well-known family in Saudi Arabia and and worked with the Saudi regime Robert Maxwell had connections to Adnan Khashoggi who was obviously very connected to Saudi intelligence apparently the the Maxwells introduced Epstein to khashoggi then Epstein's working with Adnan Khashoggi who was a major figure in the iran-contra scandal in the United States during the Reagan administration when the United States was selling arms around the world Epstein was working with Adnan Khashoggi to basically broker these arms deals okay so he's already got these connections you see two different intelligence networks not just necessarily Israel but also the United States because the CIA was involved with Khashoggi as well we know that Jeffrey Epstein was running a blackmail ring he had cameras fitted out on all of his properties and they weren't cameras like you see it a at a grocery store the cameras sticking out of the wall these were hidden cameras they were in clocks they were in parts of desks they were very very well hidden this was gathering tons of information on high-level politicians not just in the US but around the world we know that Epstein is connected to the CIA we know he's connected to mi6 the British intelligence apparatus we know is correct it connected to Saudi Arabia he had a Australian or an Austrian passport rather that listed him as a Saudi resident we know that he used that passport to get into the United Kingdom and to get into Saudi Arabia who gave him the passport obviously was some intelligence service Epstein then in the 80s and 90s boasted that he was connected to the CIA he was also connected to the CIA because after dropping out of college he got a job at the Dalton School a very prestigious private school that had was being run and the headmaster had just retired but he was still very involved by Donald Barr who worked with the CIA and if the name bar sounds familiar it's because Barr is the father of the current US Attorney General William Barr lots of weird connections to intelligence here how did that play out in Jeffrey Epstein sweetheart how did it play out in his death get to that in a second but first speaking of all this ancient history all of these various connections between people you should go check out ancestry you now much I love ancestry and I've been using ancestry since before we had a show since before the Daily wire existed ancestry lets you trace your family tree it lets you see all the cool people in your lineage ancestry when you just spit in the tubes send it in it tells you all about your family's history by analyzing your DNA can tell you even how your family move threat certain parts of the world but don't forget your 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take action for your family go to slash Knowles Skinner wles to learn more and get your ancestry health kit today that's slash Knowles Canada wles ancestry health includes laboratory tested ll laboratory tests developed and performed by an independent CLIA certified laboratory partner and with oversight from an independent clinician network of board-certified physicians and genetic counselors ancestry health is not currently available in New York New Jersey or Rhode Island but everywhere else have a good time so all of these connections to National Intelligence apparently got Jeffrey Epstein some pretty sweetheart deals not just on the sex scandals that came in the mid-2000s and obviously more recently but even on financial scandals so according to one of Epstein's ex colleagues Steven Hoffenberg Epstein was being investigated for financial crimes at towers financial in the 90s the people who were investigating him were two of his closest friends and confidants how did he hook that up he happened to just be at this mastermind criminal with a lot of information on everybody so he gets investigated by two people who were close to him this means that Epstein's colleague Steven Hoffenberg ends up in prison with a 1 million dollar fine 463 million dollars in restitution 20 years in the clink Epstein gets off scot-free by the way right before his death Epstein put all of his wealth into a trust that was being controlled by the two men who investigated him and let him off the hook for these financial crimes in the 90s this raises the question in the book is Epstein still alive Epstein gets pinched for fraud and a Ponzi scheme again Epstein gets off scot-free he actually gets a sort of a promotion because he ends up cleaning up the finances of Lex less Wexner who's the head of Victoria's Secret during this time he then ends up renting an apartment for $15,000 a month in New York City but he doesn't have any money how does he get the apartment guess who his landlord is the State Department during this whole time after Jeffrey Epstein has been discovered to be this criminal at least in the financial sense he's renting an apartment from the state department then les Wexner the head of Victoria's Secret buys a major mansion in New York the Herbert and Straus mansion buys it for forty million bucks it's the biggest private sale ever in New York at the time he guts it he installs cameras all over it he installs a heated sidewalk then he just gives it to Jeffrey Epstein there's no record of any money changing hands during that sale of the property the transaction was never recorded in New York City records online another aspect of all this when the cops finally raided Epstein's Palm Beach house in 2006 they get there and everybody was totally calm Epstein wasn't on the property at the time everyone's totally calm because the house had already been cleaned out all those records that they were looking for already gone someone had tipped him off he obviously had connections to law enforcement the investigators write that Epstein's lawyers knew about details of the cop investigation ahead of time he gets the sweetheart deal from the federal government because Alex Acosta then US Attorney ended up being labor secretary for Trump went over the head of the investigators to the DOJ got the case dropped even the way it was reported in the press at the time the New York Times gave a very fluffy report said though it's you know not a big deal the reporter who wrote that land in Thomas junior went so easy on Trump Iran on Jeffrey Epstein will get to help students connected to Trump in a second he then got a thirty thousand dollar donation from Epstein to a preferred charity of his and then ultimately left the New York Times under a cloud of controversy Jeffrey Epstein knew freaking everybody he knew everybody the flight log this is where Trump comes in the flight logs on his plane the Lolita express include Kevin Spacey Ralph's fiends David Blaine Courtney Love Jimmy Buffett Charlie Rose bill Wallace Bill Gates Tony Blair a hood Barak former Prime Minister of Israel David Koch the zillionaire conservative libertarian funder Bill Clinton former President of the United States you might recall Bill Clinton who would flew on that plane twenty-seven times even though he denied it Bill Clinton who went with his wife and stayed at Epstein's properties in New Mexico and to Donald Trump except Donald Trump there's not a lot of evidence they flew on the lolita Express plane interestingly of all these very powerful men the Epstein accusers say they saw Trump a number of times but they never saw Trump engage in the sexual activities even Virginia Roberts who's the main accuser against Epstein she says yeah I saw Donald Trump but I never saw him engage in any of the weird sex stuff but f Steen was close to so many other people Mohammed bin Salman who's running Saudi Arabia who ordered the killing of Jamal khashoggi who's the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi when when Jeffrey Epstein got released from his sweetheart jail sentence in Palm Beach he had a welcome home party attended by Prince Andrew Charlie Rose Katie Couric Chelsea Handler the comedian Woody Allen and George Stephanopoulos who's the chief political anchor over at ABC and who was the communications director for Bill Clinton all of these guys so connected him Prince Andrew according to this reporting way more involved than anybody had previously thought and then you get to the weirdest matter of all which is all the mysterious deaths that occurred just around the time of Epstein getting pinched and Epstein's alleged suicide we'll get to that in a second then we'll get to speaking of creepy sex stuff Jessica you Neve the transgender activist who is demanding that Gynaecologists treat the genitals that he does not have we will get to the world's largest animal sacrifice we will get to swole Trump all of that and more but you must go to Daley wire com ten bucks a month hundred dollars for an annual membership you get me you get the Andrew claim ensure you get the Ben Shapiro sure you get the mount wall show you get to ask questions in the mailbag you get another Kingdom the final season the best season highly recommended because actually another Kingdom has a lot to do with Hollywood and the creepy weird sex stuff that goes on here and how that's connected to international leftism and it's pretty much just about Jeffrey

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