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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on iTunes: Trump's impeachment trial is about to begin but the most important story of the day is not the Senate charade that will acquit the president our political rot runs way deeper all the way back to the motherland where Queen Elizabeth is about to D Royal Prince Harry and Megan Markel we will examine why that matters we will examine why with great power comes great responsibility then the women's March flops Elizabeth Warren continues her months long campaign collapse and the New York Times comes out with its presidential endorsement plural somehow because the New York Times doesn't know what a presidential endorsement is we will examine the dumbest article on the Internet today all that and more I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Music] there is so much to get to so we are going to fly through it we will get to impeachment we have to get to impeachment there are details you need to know going into impeachment week however the most important story of the day is not impeachment the more important story is how we got impeachment how we got this culture of complaint how we got this culture of entitlement if you want to understand how we got this shallow news cycle this shallow politics all the way to impeachment the most important story is all the way across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom the most important story is about the artist formerly known as Prince Harry and Megan Merkel the most important story is how with great privilege comes great responsibility so the the Sussex is Prince Harry and Megan Markel they announced that they're going to leave the royal family in some way according to the press release they put out they want to keep all the perks of being Royals they want the nice houses and they want the fancy titles and they want the global celebrity but they don't want the downside to being Royals they don't want to have to appear at public functions they don't want to have to give access to the British press when they don't want to they don't want to be as one a royal insider or commentator said civil servants with a tiara on they don't want all of that now they issue this statement they say they're gonna leave the royal family Queen Elizabeth is totally blindsided by it they have a big family meeting to hash out how this is gonna work and the Queen made the right decision which is to say the these Royals Harry and and Megan cannot keep the perks of the job if they're not gonna do the job itself it's like any millennial who's going to get his first job after college who says yeah great I want that nice paycheck and I want a really cushy corner office with a couch over here but I'm probably gonna I'm gonna roll in maybe 11 o'clock and I don't want to do all that like paperwork and stuff I I think I'll come in here play some video games maybe take a two-hour lunch and then get out of here make sure you get that direct deposit so that I don't need to go to the bank cuz I just want the money to go straight into my wallet that it's what the Royals are behaving and so Queen Elizabeth said no no no nunu no my Diaz no they are being stripped of their royal titles so his royal highness or her royal highness that's going away they are going to have to pay back the British public for their taxpayer renovated castle they're going to lose virtually all of the perks of the job the liberal media in the US and in the UK are saying that this is about racism they're saying that that actually it's not about the fact that they don't want to do their jobs they don't want to have any royal duties and they want all the perks it's really about how much the British people and probably the Americans to hate Megan Markel because she's black of course many people don't even know that Megan Markel is is part black because she she looks very fair-skinned but that's of course the left always wants to claim that racism is the cause of every problem Megan Merkel's father from whom she is estranged and who I think she's currently suing or vice versa this said that this is not about racism what this is really about is this spoiled child tarnishing the royal family so Megan Markel's father said quote it's disappointing because she actually got every girl's dream every young girl wants to become a princess and she got that and now she's tossing that away it looks like she's tossing that way for money this is like one of the greatest long living institutions ever referring to the British monarchy they are destroying they are cheapening it they are making it shabby and it's it's difficult to disagree with that she got every girl's dream right you imagine that you can are gonna be whisked away and marry prince charming importantly he's a prince whenever you talk about that and then she realized she doesn't want the reality of being a princess she doesn't want the job she'd rather play a princess on TV she'd rather work as an actress she'd rather have her own money and have control over her life unlike the Royals who really don't have a ton of control over their lives according to a close friend of Megan Markel who was speaking to the Daily Mail she said this is this is the friend Megan felt she had to escape because living within the royal confines was soul-crushing mehgan's friend said that that megan can now finally breathe since leaving and has free reign over her life again and that megan felt that living within the royal family was a toxic environment and she wanted to leave in part for the benefit of her son who was it was constraining and now she gets to be in control of her life she this is the the money quote she felt like she couldn't be the best mother to Archie if she wasn't being her true authentic self and she felt she couldn't do that within the royal confines authenticity following your true desire and forget about this Duty forget about what the palace is foisting on the Royals forget about what society is foisting on us we we shouldn't be born with these obligations in these duties we should just be able to pursue our true authentic selves who we know we are deep deep down this is a rot that runs for in the UK it runs in America it runs all across the West which is the cult of the self the idea that my true self is actually just my own individual desires I am the sum total of my individual desires any constraints are bad and therefore we need to push them away whether those constraints are moral theirs whether their sexual whether their social whether their official whether they're political whatever you got to get rid of the constraints because we need to pursue our own desires that is a very modern idea of our true selves the the that's a very liberal idea of our true selves the conservative idea of course is not that we're just popping into existence as some free-floating atoms out there in the universe and we have all our desires and no one can tell us what to do the conservative ideas that were born into a family in a place in a time in a community in a city in a state in a country and we have obligations we have bonds of affection and loyalty we actually do Oh people something our life is not our own I didn't create my life I'm not responsible for popping into this world and I owe something to my parents I owe something to my community I owe something to my god and I'm going to try I to fulfill those obligations with privilege comes duty comes responsibility and that's true if you're in Buckingham Palace and it's true if you're on the street somewhere in New York it is a privilege to be alive it is a privilege to live in this time and in this place and we have an obligation for that I'll give you an another example of wanting the perks without the responsibilities there's a guy who i I've tried not to criticize him because clearly he's got a few things a couple screws loose I don't know what's going on he's a blue checkmark named David and leave it kind of an anti-trump tweet or tweets a lot about politics he went on a Twitter rampage over the weekend because he was in a Target store and he wanted to buy an electric toothbrush electric toothbrushes are expensive cost what 50 hundred bucks usually and he saw that they had a display model that was priced at one cent because you're not gonna buy the display model right so he saw one cent for the electric toothbrush he goes he said okay I want to pay one cent for this and the cashier said oh that's obviously a typo you're it costs more than one cent for a toothbrush and he has a meltdown he posts a picture of this poor girl her name is Tori it's just like this young girl working at Target posts a picture of her on the Internet spreads her face all over to his followers calls the cops on target has an investigation to get to the bottom of this one cent electric toothbrush you see this a lot with blue checkmarks whenever any blue checkmark on Twitter is inconvenience they just start complaining about it all the time I'm sure I've done it too everybody does it if that's an abuse of power you should not do that well even though even the social power of having a little blue checkmark or having a lot of followers on Twitter or Instagram there is a responsibility that comes along with that it's not just about getting discounts and getting retail workers to succumb to your will there is a social responsibility for how you share information there's a social responsibility for how you interact with people though the rules are not merely suspended because you have desires this goes all the way through our presidential race and especially where the rot really lies in America obviously we don't have Royals here it doesn't lie in some palace or castle it doesn't even primarily lie in DC it lies in our media who abuse their power more than anybody we will get to that in a second first I want to thank our friends over at Tommy John's let me tell you guys I am very particular 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under a million but all around the country there are a bunch of women's marches it may have been the largest single-day protest in US history the next year by 2018 those numbers dropped to 1.9 million to 2.6 million so they dropped by half in 2019 that dropped to six hundred seventy-six thousand to seven hundred forty seven thousand estimated this year I think it was like a dozen people I mean just nobody showed up to this thing it barely made a blip there's no coverage of that next weekend we're going to have the March for Life and there gonna be a lot of people at the March for Life in DC I promise you that there'll be a lot of people at the march for life across the country the mainstream media don't want to cover it they would rather focus on events like the women's March which really has nothing to do with women per se it's just all about antitrump anti conservatism here is the kind of caliber of protest you get at the women's March [Music] screeching screaming uh if this F that getting little kids out there to scream vulgarity is an obscenity f this F that obviously a dereliction of duty for parents obviously a dereliction of duty and abuse of power from the media who are giving this so much attention and it's a corseting of society it's a society that has never been there has never been a freer society in the history of the world there has never been a more equitable more just society in the history of the world and we're abusing that power that we're abusing that power in our personal behavior we're abusing it the way that we demonstrate and we're abusing it in the political process so we're gonna start impeachment this week the president is going to trial this is only the third impeachment trial in the history of the United States with that we had won in the 19th century President Johnson then we then Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached then we had Bill Clinton in the 90s now we have President Trump it is increasing and what's so bizarre about this impeachment trial is in many ways it's a kind of reversal or a replay of the Clinton impeachment because on president Trump's legal team you find Ken stark and star was the special prosecutor against Bill Clinton now he's defending President Trump you've got Ken Starr and you've got Alan Dershowitz so Alan Dershowitz is the harvard law professor he doesn't even like Trump politically he didn't vote for Trump in 2016 he says he's not planning on voting for Trump in 2020 but he is showing up on behalf of the Constitution to explain why Democrats are abusing their power and why no impeachable offense has been committed and why this is a threat to our constitutional system here's professor Dershowitz my role is limited I'm only going to appear on behalf of the Constitution making the arguments against impeachment based on the Constitution I'm not part of the strategic legal team I won't be involved in the debate over whether there are witnesses or no witnesses or whether or not facts come out one way or the other this is a role I've played before in other cases I'm a specialist in constitutional law I've written three books and probably 25 articles on the impeachment clauses of the Constitution so I will appear on Friday make my argument to the Senate about the constitutional reasons why these two articles of impeachment don't satisfy the criteria and then I'll answer questions from the Senators but that will be the extent of my role so Dershowitz is this rare individual in American politics didn't used to be so rare but these days he is he's a guy who says I'm going to divorce my legal opinion from my political preferences starting in the 1960s the American Left said the personal is the political so there was no difference between the public and the private what I personally want and what I can objectively say is true alan dershowitz is the lone dissenter from that he says I don't like Trump I didn't vote for Trump but I'm standing up for the Constitution because we have this wonderful constitutional system here that we are throwing away because we're getting so greedy we're getting so selfish we're so self-interested there's a great irony to this that Nancy Pelosi has foisted this on the country because Nancy Pelosi during the Clinton impeachment talked about how the impeachment of Bill Clinton was all just about the personal grievances of Republicans who hated Clinton who were out to get him and now she's doing exactly the same thing here's Nancy Pelosi Ben right now we have a situation where any and all grievances that anybody ever had with the president are being heaped on and talking about impeachment without even defining what the laws may have been that were broken with applying the facts to them without even defining if even if those laws were broken if that amounts to an impeachable offense now let's be clear what Nancy Pelosi is saying is not true the the case of the Clinton impeachment and the Trump impeachment are not comparable whatever you think about the Clinton impeachment and with all the political aspects that all impeachments have obviously Republicans wanted to get the guy they didn't like him however Bill Clinton clearly committed an impeachable offense he perjured himself he lied under oath he admitted that he lied to the American people said I did not have sexual relations with that woman uh-huh and then he had the gall the temerity when when asked about this to say that it depends on what the definition of is is okay the guy lied what is the impeachable offense that Trump has committed he made a phone call to Ukraine he six out of seven of the House impeachment managers supported impeachment before anybody even knew about the Ukraine phone call he didn't commit an impeachable offense but even so let's even say he did surely Nancy Pelosi could apply her own logic from the nineties of the present except she can't because politics for the left has become all about personal preference not about the objective criteria of the Constitution not about divorcing the personal from the political about accepting the duty that comes with being a representative in a republic such as ours just forcing your will on the people now of course this has helped President Trump we're gonna we'll give you a lot of coverage of impeachment all week we'll give you what you need to know impeachment is help Trump from the very beginning from day one this guy has been raising a ton of money on it and his approval ratings have increased the mainstream media though are trying to twist this so Trump has absolutely blown past any of his Democratic rivals and their presidential campaigns in terms of fundraising but the way the mainstream media is trying to spin it is they're saying well sure that's true but the Democratic field as a whole has outraised Donald Trump when you combine all the 355 candidates who are running as Democrats they have outraised Donald Trump therefore Trump is probably going to lose that's that's what the mainstream media are thrilled to report CNBC the 2020 Democratic field is out raising Trump by a huge margin that didn't happen to Obama or Bush okay I mean that doesn't tell you the whole story it doesn't imply the Democrats are gonna beat Trump right because Obama raised more relative to his GOP challengers in 2012 then Trump is raising now relative to his Democratic challengers but in 2012 the Republican field as a whole out raised Obama it's the same situation so if what the mainstream media were suggesting is true we would probably be toward the end of the second Romney term right now and we'd be getting ready for the Paul Ryan presidential run but we're not are we cuz that's not how it works now it wasn't true of Bush Bush not only outraised in 2004 his Democratic challengers he out raised all of them combined the incumbent George Bush the Republican out raised all of those Democratic contenders combined so what is this show right now it doesn't show that because the field is out raising Trump they're gonna whoever the Democratic nominee is is going to beat Trump just as Romney didn't beat Obama what it shows is greater polarization shows people are paying closer attention to politics shows people are much more tuned into politics politics has become more of a sport they're more willing to part with their money to give to Olli on Castro er or Tim Ryan or any some of these candidates who just have no chance of winning that's greater engagement and I fear what that means is people are making it much much more personal it's not cool it's not objective we're seeing this at the at the mainstream media level when we talk about those candidates so Elizabeth Warren just dropped another doozy of a lie Elizabeth Warren who formerly was the rising star she had all the momentum she was gonna be the top of the field she was gonna get the nomination her campaign has collapsed and so she's desperately trying to pitch herself as the the best candidate for the voters at an Iowa campaign stuff she had one of the one of the great lives of her campaign which is defined by them she said quote let me remind you I think I'm the only one running for president who's actually been on the executive side what does she mean by executive she's running against Mike Bloomberg Mike Bloomberg is one of the most successful executives in American business it also she's running against Bloomberg who was the mayor of New York and Budaj edge was the mayor of his small town in Indiana and Bernie Sanders who was the mayor of Vermont they've all been executives and Elizabeth Warren hasn't been an executive she's been a professor and a senator in her imagination she was obviously a chieftain on the Great Plains but she didn't actually do that that was just a fantasy of hers that she tried to convince the American people of now she might mean that she's the only one who's worked in the executive branch because she had that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau so she ran this little executive agency she set it up but she's running against Joe Biden right Joe Biden worked in the executive branch I guess technically the vice president is the president of the Senate which is legislative but come on give me a break he's the vice president and the president is the executive I think he worked in the executive branch he ran initiatives Joe Biden from the executive branch much bigger initiatives than Elizabeth Warren have a race she's just congenitally dishonest she actually she was asked about these lies her opus implied her own lies and she was asked if it's okay to lie to the American public she couldn't even say no is it disqualifying for [Music] I think that we just do our best and I hope how can she bungle that question that's the simplest question hey Canada do you think it's ok to lie well I mean you know and but obviously the reason she has to hem and haw over it is because she has famously lied about her DNA her Indian ancestry that doesn't exist she lied about being fired for being pregnant she lied about her child's education she lies about everything and so she can't even answer the question is it disqualifying to lie because it would disqualify her that's why she keeps dropping in the polls right her campaign the American people have seen through it I think I think certainly the American people have even the Democratic primary voters appear to be seeing through it a survey USA nationwide democratic poll shows Elizabeth Warren just keeps dropping down so right now in first place is Biden still 32% in second place is Bernie 21% Liz Warren is now down at 14% that's a big drop from when she was poised to become the front-runner the people are seeing through her charade and yet the mainstream media are still carrying water for her and this this brings us right back to the power and responsibility this shows a major flaw from the American left check out this crock that came out from MSNBC on the Bernie Warren battle of who's telling the truth about Bernie's alleged comments that a woman couldn't win in 2020 it would seem that Bernie's telling the truth here he's got the better track record there's no reason to believe that he's lying there is reason to believe that Warren is lying they can't prove that Warren's telling the truth so MSNBC brings on a body language expert whatever that is to talk about how really really when you look and when you think about it really hard Bernie's probably lying the thing about the this dust-up between the two of them is that scandals hurt you more when they seem plausible right because I mean Bernie Sanders does have a sort of physicality when he when he talks that is a shaking your fingers at Hillary Clinton shaking your finger push of the we're deeper you know his physicality he makes me think yeah he could have said you're not listen I think in this environment a woman can't wait that doesn't seem like a person I think I think Bernie's lying shovey weirdy a shaky shovey weirdy that is what passes for political analysis on the left man I got to get a new job because when I when I try to prepare some political analysis on the right I need to look at facts and figures and data history I have to incorporate all of that if I'm on the left I could just talk about my fields and that would that would pass for political commentary this is your brain on ideology this is your brain on ideology where they just say yeah there's no evidence that Bernie's lying but he's kind of shaky weirdy he's kind of my own you know and then the other woman says yeah I think he's lying as if his body language that's your brain on ideology and really what you get from the left is is intersectionality right it doesn't matter what Bernie says it doesn't matter what Warren says they're they're just judging people on these superficial characteristics or on these physical characteristics so they're judging people on their skin color they're judging people by their sex and without examining the particulars of any circumstance they're saying we have to believe all women my women can't lie men do lie so if it's a man versus a woman the woman has to be telling the truth the premise of intersectionality is that people can be divided up in a hierarchy of oppression and the more oppressed people more allegedly oppressed people must always be believed over less oppressed people so Bernie as an old white guy three strikes against him old white guy and so he's less credible than any kind of woman even if she's only one 1024 Native American or not even that much more likely and it's not just MSNBC MSNBC is certainly the most far left cable network it's not just them it's also the New York Times this is the most obvious abuse of power it industry media going on right now and it's actually the direct parallel with what Harry and Megan are doing the New York Times has offered its endorsement in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary but it doesn't want to offer an endorsement it's offering two endorsements it's it's endorsing Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar that's not how endorsements work you can't have your cake and eat it too you can't be all things to all people you can't be a royal and not have to do any of the Royal things even the New York Times editorial board no one thinks they're gonna endorse Trump or anything like that but at least make an endorsement at least make a choice stop dare electing your duty do your job they just picked the two women I mean they I don't even know that they've listened to these people Elizabeth Warren is the most grating candidate in the race and they went for her and they went for Klobuchar I suspect they just looked at that little hierarchy of oppression pyramid and they said I'll going well - women yep there we go check the box I do love - they're so they're so in their own heads that they don't see the irony's of what they're doing here is that it's a very very long editorial you can read it if you want or don't highly recommend you don't when they get to Elizabeth Warren and why they're endorsing her in addition to Amy Klobuchar this is the first sentence I kid you not the onion couldn't have written it better Babylon B couldn't have written it better why are they endorsing Warren senator Warren is a gifted storyteller yeah you don't say she does a lot of stories she tells stories about her DNA she does stories a better kids education she tells stories about getting fired she tells all sorts of stories none of them have anything to do with the truth but she tells stories she speaks elegantly that's what this is that's the first that the first sentence first two sentences senator Warren is a gifted storyteller she speaks elegantly of how the economic system is rigged against all the wealthiest Americans on and on and on it doesn't open up by saying anything she's done it says that she spins a good yarn she tells a good tale much like the New York Times right that's what the New York Times does to the New York Times doesn't necessarily rely on facts they've spread wholesale lies about President Trump about the Russia hoax they've spread all sorts of lies but they spin a good yarn they write elegantly you know they have very good diction and grammar this is an absolute abuse of power the mainstream media in this country have a lot of power and the reason we go after them the reason we go after the New York Times or less so MSNBC but occasionally we knock them - the reason we go after mainstream media organizations like the New York Times is not because they're left-wing I don't care that they're left-wing I often encourage people to read I don't know voxcom or even The Huffington Post because they're clear about their point of view they're gonna present the left-wing side of the argument I think you should be exposed to the left wing side of the argument so that you can answer it you can figure out why it's wrong that's not why we oppose groups like the New York Times the reason that the New York Times is so bad for the country is because they're so corrupt and they're corrupt because they abuse their power and you see it in the frivolity the dereliction of duty in not choosing a presidential endorsement like saying yeah I endorsed the Yankees and the Red Sox for the World Series you endorsed the Yankees in the right you got to pick one you can't pick both of them so they derelict their duty there and then they derelict their duty to investigate to look into facts to to weigh the arguments on both sides there's another great abuse that's going on right now beyond the mainstream media it's happening in New York just where I happen to be for the next five or six hours New York's sanctuary city policy under Mayor bolshevik bill de blasio is a disaster here's one example that just just came out within the past week the sexual assault and murder of a 92 year old woman Maria fuertes in Queen who was raped and killed by an illegal alien from Guyana who had been detained is an illegal alien he had been detained and was released in New York in defiance of a federal detainer so they get him they get the illegal alien New York City says we're gonna be a sanctuary city you can't tell us what to do Trump you can't tell us what to do immigration laws you can't tell us what to do American people we're gonna release this poor wonderful illegal alien guess what happens he raped and killed a 92 year old woman in Queens would not have happened would not have happened if they just followed the law but it's because New York City bill de blasio

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