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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 20% off with code DW2020! https://utm.io/uqKb.our exalted experts want to hold us prisoner to coronavirus for another 18 months while prosecutors dish out felony charges to formerly free Americans who have the goal to go outside for a walk we will examine the junk science behind the most outrageous political power grab of our lifetime then China infiltrates a White House press briefing President Trump threatens to cut funding to the World Health Organization and Joe Biden steps up and addresses the nation about his weakness for Fig Newtons all that and more I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] they want to keep us locked up forever that's it initially it was 15 days to stop the spread then it was going to be another two weeks after that so what no I'm sorry another 30 days after that so it's gonna be 45 days total now they're saying maybe another month now they're saying maybe another month and Zeke Emanuel Aria Manuel's brother Rahm Emmanuel's brother one of the architects of Obamacare says that we could be locked up for another 18 months while we wait for a vaccine for the corona virus you know even the rosy numbers coming out of the White House we hear from Larry Kudlow he's saying it could be another four to eight weeks very different than 15 days forty-five plus eight weeks that's a lot of time but that's the rosiest number now we're hearing it could be as much as 18 months here is that Obamacare architect telling us why we've got to all hunker down for a year and a half realistically kovat 19 will be here for the next 18 months or more we will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications I know that's dreadful news to hear how are people supposed to find work if this goes on in some form for a year and a half is all that economic pain worth trying to stop Kovan 19 the truth is we have no choice if we prematurely end that physical distancing and the other measures keeping it at bay deaths could skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands if not a million we cannot return to normal until there's a vaccine conferences concerts sporting events religious services dinner in a restaurant none of that will resume until we find a vaccine a treatment or a cure oh oh is that so dr. Emmanuel well alright then in that case I respectfully how about you go stuff it guy all right stop stop it stop telling us based on faulty models that we can't do anything that we want to do and we've got to listen to you and do exactly what you say if these guys had been right from the beginning and they would have a lot of credibility now all right I'm not saying that we have to be against quarantine spur say I'm not saying that we can't suffer economic hardship if there's an epidemic the trouble is these guys have been wrong from the very beginning okay and we cannot be shut down and locked up inside of our apartments under threat of prosecution for 18 months just can't happen why for four reasons as far as I can see it first of all we cannot afford it we were locked down for what two or three weeks and in order to deal with that the Congress had to pass the largest stimulus measure ever we needed to come up with six trillion dollars in relief two trillion passed by Congress and other four trillion levered up by the Fed just to get us through a few weeks how much money are we gonna need to spend for 18 months we could probably buy the green New Deal two or three times if we were to get through all of that which of course we cannot cuz that's not how economies work and we'll have a little more on that later on second reason that won't work the models have been wrong and this point I cannot harp on it enough we were told time and time again two million Americans are gonna die right or more than two million Americans may be from coronavirus we were told even if we follow all the great measures and the social distancing and wear the masks we're still looking at what half a million few hundred thousand at least if not half a million if not a million those were the more modest estimates how does that compare with reality right now at what we are being told is the peak of the virus more Americans died from swine flu under Barack Obama than have died so far from the coronavirus now look that number is going to change we're if even if we are peaking and we're on the down side of the slope that's still a lot more misery to go through but right now today at the peak more people died from swine o.9 than have died so far from Co vid 19 so let's say the number right now is about 1213 thousand let's say the number gets up to 30 or 40,000 or 50,000 or a hundred thousand even those are numbers that are similar to the number of deaths we see each year from drug overdoses and who knows how the drug overdose deaths are going to be affected by this when there's economic collapse guess what goes right through the roof drug overdose deaths and suicides so the very people who sold us the bogus models are the ones telling us that we now need to remain locked up for a year and a half why else can't we handle this two very important reasons the last one is the one that nobody's talking about we'll get to that in a second first I have got to thank our advertisers you 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medicines and treatments for coronaviruses Zeke Emanuel said we can't reopen until we have medicine and treatment for coronavirus I think we do we have multiple medicines that are in the works I mean probably most notably hydroxychloroquine which the left by the way is still trying to cover up we'll get to that in just a little bit because the New York Times is behaving even more egregiously than usual when it comes to this drug that has shown great promise at treating coronavirus so do we have a vaccine yet no but a vaccine could take 18 months and until we have a vaccine we have a drug that has been shown time and time again so many doctors we've played a number of them on this show who say that that drug is working so we check that box and yet this expert still wants to drag it on 18 months the fourth and final and most important reason that we cannot lock down for 18 months more is that this is the most insane political power grab that we have seen in our lifetimes ever okay you want to you want a great example of this I read this story yesterday at a Cincinnati a Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe deters is now not only ordering people to stay at home he's now saying that if you go out go for a walk violate your stay at home order you will be arrested you will be charged with a felony you can quote sit your butt in jail you can sit there and kill yourself I don't care but you're not going to kill my kids and you're not gonna kill my neighbors kids I'm done with this nonsense so we'll see what happens this lunatic who by the way is wrong on the facts because the grown virus has not been shown to infect children just about anywhere so the safest people from gorona virus are children complete demagoguery on his part but what he is saying is that if you a free American have the gall the audacity to walk outside you will be arrested charged with a felony you can sit in jail and kill yourself yeah you can go sit in jail and kill yourself because otherwise you might kill people otherwise people might die at the same time as government officials around the country or releasing violent criminals in New York and in jail they released child rapists because they didn't want the jails to be overcrowded this schmuck is arresting people charging them with felonies throwing them in jails for going for a walk he says I told the chief to charge him with felonious assault I don't care this is going to stop I'm telling you at least now the guy is going to stop now he got even more specific cause you think okay well maybe people don't need to go to bars or clubs or things like that not that they're open but surely there's got to be some exception right there's gonna be some exception for say if you go to church right no actually Joe deters says if I was the governor I would tell these churches the first attendees at your church is going to be the National Guard because we are stopping this right now okay we're stopping it no one is asking you not to pray to God no one is asking you not to pray to Allah no one is asking you not to pray it can be done remotely it's not a problem but if it applies to these kids and over-the-rhine it should apply to those churches too and they need to just stop it so first of all just on a theological point he's wrong okay for certain denominations and certain religious groups you can just do it at home it doesn't matter if you go to church for churches that recognize the sacraments most notably the Catholic Church but Protestant denominations too you do have to go to church you can't just do it from home forever it does matter that you're in person so a very ignorant statement and not only is it ignorant of the religion it's ignorant of our tradition of religious liberty and Liberty generally in the United States this lunatic has gotten drunk with power here are some examples he the police had the police arrest rashon Davis this guy who decided to walk outside had the police just arrest him charge him with a felony he's it's not just a big talk with this guy Joe deters it's it's actually happening you had - and you know it's - I looked up this guy Joe Deiters he's actually had a pretty good career he's got mostly conservative political positions he's been around a long time right it's not as though he's some deranged left-winger what's so scary about this power grab is that it's corrupting even conservatives even right-wingers it's corrupting people in government because they are stealing absurd unprecedented power in many cases and something tells me they're not gonna want to give it back quite so easily the point is this shutdown is not without consequence okay there are many hidden costs - the quarantine not just to our economy but to our government not just to our government but our way of life to our politics and not the least of all - lives there are consequences to lives of the quarantine people will die because some demagogues and experts and politicians are trying to save people Andy Cuomo in New York he said if everything we do saves just one life it will have been worth it let's take a look at just one effect of this alarmism and this quarantine in this hysteria to see if it's worth it this story takes place in Illinois there is a man living with his girlfriend the man is paranoid he's afraid that his girlfriend has the coronavirus so she goes she gets tested for the corona virus she comes back before they get the test results the man kills his girlfriend and kills himself this is according to the sheriff's office in wil County Illinois murder suicide because he was so if of getting the coronavirus what are the circumstances of this was he afraid that she would give it to him was he afraid that they would both have it and die in misery was he completely ignorant of the statistics and the reality of this virus maybe because it was so hyped up by demagogues in the media and in politics yeah I don't know all I know is we got two bodies now lying on the ground because of the alarmism so look I don't do this kind of utilitarian math but handy formal apparently does so you got the one life that you've saved from the coronavirus now you got two body bags from the alarmism how do you do that calculation how do you make that together if we save one life it was all worth it was it worth it does the Andrew Cuomo still think that it was worth it this is not just a one random case in Illinois all right I expose it is a random case it's not just a standalone though because we know when there are economic downturns suicide goes up we know as we said earlier drug abuse goes up we know that people die in this situation so was it worth it by the way we don't even really know how many people have died from the virus even the official count we don't know we'll get to why that isn't a second because dr. 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Burks yesterday at the White House we know that now because she told us that deaths from coronavirus are being recorded in her words in the most liberal way possible so in other words if anybody dies with the corona virus then they are going to be recorded as dying from the corona virus so I think in this country we've taken a very liberal approach to mortality and I think the reporting here has been pretty straightforward over the last five to six weeks prior to that when there wasn't testing in January and February that's a very different situation and unknown there are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition and let's say the virus called you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a Kovan 19 death right now we're still recording it and we all I mean the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to mark it as covert 19 infection the intent is right now that those if someone dies with Kovan 19 we are counting that as a copan 19 death all right this makes a huge difference it might not seem like it does because you say well look I'm sure the the kovat 19 didn't help the condition sure but it makes a huge difference according to the New York City Data 65.5% of New Yorkers who have died from coronavirus had at least one pre-existing condition and these pre-existing conditions usually are pretty serious specifically we're talking about diabetes lung disease cancer immunodeficiency heart disease hypertension asthma kidney disease and Gi liver disease they had at least one of them now 65 65.5% that's pretty high another 30 2.6 percent of New Yorkers who have died still have pre-existing conditions pending we don't know whether or not they had pre-existing conditions do you know how many people who died of Kovac 19 in New York were confirmed not to have pre-existing conditions 1.9 percent just 1.9 percent as of yesterday that's 46 people look that's still scary if 46 people who were otherwise healthy drop dead because of a pandemic that was started in China that came here and took us all by surprise that's a scary number but it's a very different number then if thousands of people in New York are dying from that right this is not to say that some lives are more valuable than others this is not to say that we should throw the old and the frail off a cliff what this tells us though is how virulent the disease is and if the virulence of the disease matches what we're being told in the media if somebody with stage 4 pancreatic cancer who does not have a good prognosis who's got weeks maybe a month or two to live contracts coronavirus and dies in the hospital do we really believe that that death is caused primarily by the corona virus no of course nobody does but because of the liberal way to use dr. Burke's terms that the deaths are being recorded we will not know those numbers so it will if anything inflate the numbers and it could inflate the numbers of coronavirus deaths pretty significantly why are they doing it why record the deaths this way we saw this kind of recording in Italy we haven't seen it in a lot of other places this method of recording the data gives a lot of cover to politicians give us a lot of cover to alarmists who have shut down the global economy because two million Americans are going to die and then now it looks pretty clear that two million Americans are not going to die 1 million Americans are not going to die it number could be significantly lower an order of magnitude lower or even more so this method of recording seems to have a lot more to do with politics than it does with medical science it seems to me that the more good news we get about this pandemic the more the media wants to shut that up the more hysterical the media wants to become the more alarmist the media want to be to try to prove that they were right all along best example of this is the medicine that has been treating coronavirus there are lots of different medicines out there that might be useful for coronavirus or a lot being tested right now but the one that all come always comes to mind is hydroxychloroquine that is the drug that was touted by medical doctors by initially some in the media by Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York and by President Trump hydroxychloroquine has just been shown to be very effective and the reason it's so helpful is because it's already been approved by the FDA for malaria it's a drug that we have a lot of it's cheap we can produce quickly and we know that it doesn't kill you because it's it's been safe to use for other diseases like malaria like lupus others as well so the New York Times is furious about this because how are they going to raise the alarm bells how is this going to be this massive unprecedented endless pandemic if we've got a medicine for it so the New York Times is taking every shot they can you know they've been going after him for hydroxychloroquine now for weeks they've been trying to get him to shut up about this drug so the headline yesterday if for New York Times reporters on this peter baker katie rogers david enrich and Maggie Haberman Maggie Haberman Hillary Clinton's favorite journalist headline is Trump's aggressive advocacy of Lari a drug for treating coronavirus divides medical community divides them huh well I think the doctors who want to help their patients don't seem divided on it they seem to be prescribing the drug I don't know maybe they count themselves in the New York Times as part of the medical community maybe they they count narrative doctors or doctors of narrative medicine like the person who wrote in The New York Times yesterday maybe that's that's who's divided on this but the real doctors don't seem divided so that the article doesn't even spend too much time on the efficacy of the drug the real political hit job in this essay is trying to suggest that President Trump has corrupt motives for promoting the drug so they say some Associates of mr. Trump's have financial interests in the issue Sanofi is largest shareholders include Fisher asset management the investment company run by Ken Fisher a major donor to Republicans including mr. Trump a spokesman for mr. Fisher declined to comment so what's notable here is they've tried to tie hydroxychloroquine to Donald Trump but they can't do it very well so they say yeah he's got a little bit of a stake in a company that has a stake in a company that has a stake in a company in hydroxychloroquine so they realized their their better attack is going to be to go after Trump's friends so if Trump's friends have any investment in a company that invests in a company that invests in a company that ever once invested in hydroxychloroquine then they're gonna say this is corruption as of last year mr. Trump reported that his three family trusts each had investments in a Dodge and Cox mutual fund whose largest holding was in Sanofi Sanofi is this company that I guess produces hydroxychloroquine except Ashley Ashley cause the Sanofi spokeswoman said that the company no longer sells or distributes placa nil which is the brand name of hydroxychloroquine in the United States although it does not sell it internationally so or although it does sell it internationally so they're saying okay so Trump has some investment in a mutual fund that invests in this company Sanofi which used to distribute a drug called placa nil which is the brand name of hydroxychloroquine in the united states but they don't distribute any more so basically it's total corruption and he's just trying to fill his pockets then they go on they say several generic drug makers are gearing up to produce hydroxychloroquine pills including M Neill pharmaceutics whose co-founder Chirag Patel is a member of trump National Golf Course Bedminster in new jersey oh my goodness oh my goodness so they can't really I mean look anybody who has a 401k invests in some company that invested in some company that maybe has some drug you don't even know what's in your portfolio so they know that that's not going to stick on Trump so now they're saying that there are other companies that are working on this drug which by the way undercuts their first argument because the first argument is Trump's cornering the market right he's gonna fill his pockets with this drug if other companies are producing it that he's not filling his pockets but the other companies are producing it they're saying this is corrupt because one of the companies that's working on it has an investment by a company by an investor by a fund and one of the people who invests in this is a member of one of the Trump golf clubs if that if that is the best they've got they need to just shut down the New York Times right now look at all these words look at all that look at long this article is oh my gosh it's so long to tell you that bombshell that a member of one of trumps golf clubs has an investment in a fund that invests in a company that isn't right now producing all the hydroxychloroquine but maybe maybe will eventually and then I looked this was even more fun I looked to see how much money Trump had invested because this thing was blowing up Joe Scarborough tweeted about it Seth Abramson at Newsweek tweeted about it Kyle Griffin MSNBC News producer tweeted out this New York Times article Aaron Rupe are from voxcom serious investigative journalists they're all tweeting about it by the way even George Conway Kellyanne Conway's husband who is a major Trump critic even he admitted this was pretty weak but you had all the hacks we're tweeting about it so look I wanted to see how much money Trump had invested in hydroxychloroquine take a guess Donald Trump billionaire very wealthy man how much money do you think he invested in hydroxychloroquine if you look at the percentage of his investment in the fund and the fund and the company in the drug so Trump's investment in the company that produces hydroxychloroquine or that doesn't currently in the United States but used to is at most one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars that's how he's getting rich that's it he's using a pandemic to promote a company that used to promote this drug they used to produce this drug that's going to be used so that he can turn his 1,350 dollar investment into a two thousand dollar investment it gets better than that that because we don't know exactly how much of the company he could own that's the highest amount at the lower end the investment could be worth as little as $90 he's gonna that's it he's gonna use a global pandemic to bring his ninety dollar investment up to 120 dollars he's gonna make a cool 30 bucks and then he's gonna treat everybody to ice cream afterwards at the White House it's so so pathetic so that attack failed spectacularly from the New York Times so when that failed the press decided to attack him for possible negative health consequences from the medicine and Trump did something very wise here he didn't just go after the media on the facts he went after the media on the narrative and that's the thing we're all gonna have to do if we don't want to keep ourselves locked up for the next 18 months we'll get to that in a second first I have got to thank all of you all of you daily wire members and all access members you know if you haven't checked out the all-access live show over a daily wire.com you're missing out this is the new Members Only program where I been Jeremy drew Matt Walsh where we all sit down on different nights and we just kind of hang out turn the camera on it's not even really a show I think of it as just hanging out it's like a conference call or a happy hour I consider it a happy hour because and I'm drinking during those shows so definitely go check it out it's a very fun and initially this was just for our all-access Live member there are all access members now we're opening it up to all of our members during quarantine which is probably in a bankrupt us if this quarantine goes on 18 months so it's going live at 5 p.m. Pacific 8 p.m. Eastern at daly wire.com I check it out head on over to daily wire comm if you're not a member already go to daily wire.com slash subscribe we'll be right back with a lot more so when the media can't nail Trump for the corruption of investing $90 in hydroxychloroquine they are going after the health effects of hydroxychloroquine itself so it at Trump's daily press briefing where he's his own press secretary they asked him about this yesterday about by the side effects about how we we shouldn't be so quick to administer this drug to dying patients here is the reporter with millions of pills of hydroxychloroquine donated is there a plan or system in place to track the potential side-effects representative serious side-effects the side-effects are the least of it yet people dying all over the place so you know that this is already gonna be some unfair questioning because she gets the question out hey are you guys tracking the side effects of this drug and then president from starts to answer and she keeps interrupting him and the side effects and the side effects and they're gonna be all these side effects is they're so upset they're so crestfallen that the drug is working they're so upset that people are getting better because net then it can't be Trump's fault and Trump can't be responsible for killing a million people gratz ah they were sure they were gonna get him this time the Russia thing didn't work and the taxes didn't work and the Ukraine thing remember that they pitched him over Ukraine in a phone call that didn't work but they're gonna get him he's gonna kill a million people then we'll really get him drats foiled again because he's promoting a drug that's working so now they've all they've got left is they so what about the side effects and President Trump gives what I think is the perfect answer to it he gives the answer not merely in scientific and medical terms but in narrative terms a woman last night I watched her on one of the shows good show Laura and she was she thought she was dead she was a representative from Michigan she was just in horrible shape for 12 days 14 days she thought she was dead I think she said that her doctor said she's you know it's going to be very tough she saw me talking about this and she asked her husband to go the drugs too now this is a Democrat representative a person that you know perhaps wouldn't be voting for me I think she'll be voting for me now even if she's a Democrat even if she's a Democrat representative he gave it to her now you know it's I don't say it works like this at all four hours later she awoke and she said I feel better and then shortly thereafter she felt great there's a woman that thought she was gonna die her manner of speaking her the way she told the story was beautiful I asked my husband to go and get it he got it she is now okay so he goes on but I think you get the point president Trump is flipping the left's narrative on them the the left's narrative this whole time from Andy Cuomo to Zeke Emanuel to the experts to the media to the politicians if you oppose them you want people to die that's what they're saying if you if you even so much as question what they're doing you want people to die view oppose shutting down the global economy you want people to die if you oppose arresting people for leaving their homes you want people to die now they've gone even further they say if you support giving people access to the medicine that'll save their lives you want people to die because of hypothetical side-effects or something that don't even exist I was and or New York Times right just yesterday was talking about how if you support giving people this medicine you

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