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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 20% off with code DW2020! https://utm.io/uqKb.for over a month the left has insisted we lock down our country towns cities even whole states have ordered citizens to stay locked in their homes but now that President Trump is applying that logic to the national level by locking down our borders the left is up in arms foreign nationals can hop our fences and enter the country by the millions but you can't take a simple walk around the neighborhood doesn't seem very fair then CNN's Chris Cuomo stages some broadway-caliber fake news before getting caught in the obvious lie New York's mayor de Blasio calls for a ticker-tape pandemic parade probably not the smartest thing and an earth day co-founder murders his girlfriend all that and more I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Music] once again it's all about immigration President Trump when he walked down that escalator in 2015 and announced he was running for president he made immigration the issue of his campaign that was considered controversial at the time the other Republican candidates didn't really want to touch it Trump totally embraced the issue and guess what that issue propelled him to win the Republican nomination despite what you heard in the mainstream media despite what you heard from establishment Republicans there was broad consensus among Americans that we had to stop illegal immigration that we had to reduce legal immigration this was backed up in public opinion poll after public opinion poll now we're locking down the whole country right you're not allowed to leave your home not only are you not allowed to go to bars and restaurants if you leave your home to go on a walk around the neighborhood there's a chance that you will be harassed by a cop that's how certain we are that we need to lock this down that's how certain we are that walls work and yet when you try to apply this logic to the national level the left goes crazy they're furious they say no forget about the virus forget and listen the virus is only something American citizens have to worry about we should continue to flood the country with immigration that doesn't make a lot of sense it's a it's a double standard so President Trump is going hard once again after the immigration issue he is going to halt all immigration virtually all immigration to the United States for 60 days for two specific reasons in this pandemic here's President Trump in order to protect American workers I will be issuing a temporary suspension of immigration into the United States you heard about that last night by pausing immigration will help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs as America reopens so important it would be wrong and unjust for Americans laid off by the virus to be replaced with new immigrant labor flown in from abroad we must first take care of the American worker take care of the American worker this pause will be in effect for 60 days after which the need for any extension or modification will be evaluated by myself and a group of people based on economic conditions at the time this pause our new immigration will also help to conserve vital medical resources for American citizens a short break from new immigration depending on the time we're talking about will protect the solvency of our health care system and provide relief to jobless Americans now listen to the way he frames this this is so smart it you would think that the way to frame the immigration issue during a pandemic is to make it a question of Public Health obviously right if I'm not allowed I'm a New Yorker I live in California right now I'm not allowed to go to New York because people are afraid of spreading the virus so if we've got to reduce even the travel among American citizens to other states certainly we should be reducing the travel of people from different countries that are affected by the virus in to the United States right certainly travel from China maybe Italy maybe anywhere all over the place but he doesn't frame it as a public health issue he frames it as an economic issue and the reason for that is one this is primarily an economic issue you've got 22 million Americans who lost their jobs over the last four weeks who knows how many over the past week we still don't have those numbers yet and so with unemployment now approaching 20% surely you should not be flooding the country with millions of immigrants per year and that's that's always been kind of at the bottom of the of the immigration issue for the majority of Americans there are cultural aspects as well sure but for I think for most people what it comes down to is an economic issue when you fled the country with immigrants then all of a sudden you've got much more competition for certain jobs and the wages decrease he makes it an economic issue also because then it's very clearly not a racial issue right that what the left always says and they did it this time again as always this is xenophobia it's racist it's bigoted no it's economic he's saying no I'm not I don't care I'm not even complaining about what language they speak I they look how they dress what you know what their names are that's not the problem the problem is a simple economic fact when you've got 22 million Americans who lose their jobs in a month you shouldn't flood the country with foreigners who are going to compete for their jobs once the economy reopens very simple not Senna phobic of course that did not stop the mainstream media from smearing Trump as a racist but there is a number coming out of public opinion polling that should make the media and the left very wary of using that race baiting tactic we'll get to it in a second first I've got to thank our friends over at Nets week you know now more than ever with this level of economic uncertainty businesses need systems that give them complete visibility into their numbers NetSuite by Oracle the world's number one cloud business system NetSuite gives 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the outbreak the White House has been using the virus to just a I increased restrictions on immigration they've basically been working up to this a move like this though would be absolutely unprecedented and would essentially shut down the legal immigration system and one thing is certain this is definitely going to be challenged in court opponents are calling this xenophobic this morning the president's hardline immigration supporters they are praising the move but opponents are calling it zena phobic okay basically nothing that she's saying on the issue itself is accurate here or even or even journalism because look the way that she frames it always opponents are calling a xenophobic who are the opponents what are their names are their names ABC News because I think those are the opponents you just don't want to admit that you opposed it because it makes you look like a hack so the only people who support it are hardline immigration hawks really probably racists am i right and the people who oppose it their opponents and they're calling it xenophobic okay now look I'm just reporting the news that's what they call it now me and then those hardline maniac Klansmen over there they're the ones who support this well public polling shows that that's not right it's actually the opposite but then the way she even frames the issue the whole issue is Trump has been building up to this oh he was so happy when that pandemic came around oh he couldn't be more happy about coronavirus because it gives him a chance to shut down immigration which is so unfair and wrong and illogical no it's not it's perfectly logical he's saying everybody's got is shut down except the immigrants the immigrants get to flood the country by two million a year I don't think so so they're they're pushing this xenophobia narrative not just her though you're getting even actually more from ABC on the bigotry on the racism on the xenophobia there were strict orders there are strict orders already in place but even a temporary pause would be unprecedented in this country look here's what we know there will be some exceptions exceptions exemptions rather for health care workers agricultural workers people like that but you heard the president say this is about protecting American jobs he also says this is about protecting Americans from the coronavirus but David we've got to tell you America has more confirmed coronavirus cases than anywhere else in the world we should also note that the number of immigrants who were on the frontlines in this fight right now one in four Dockers one in three nurses our immigrants david opponents say that this is a clear example of the president using this virus to further his hardline immigration policies this one sure to end up in the courts David that's what opponents say hi that's my report I am opponent virtually nothing that she just said here is true she says it would be unprecedented to drastically reduce immigration we've done that multiple times in this country most notably in 1924 we more or less shut down the immigration system and that persisted for decades until Teddy Kennedy reopened the whole thing and transformed the country and I hope to try to get some more votes for the Democratic Party it's happened before that as well so not unprecedented then she says that he's using the coronavirus public health scare as the basis for the immigration room it just is not true you heard what he said it's an economic question he's not making it a question of public health and then the opponents say sure the opponents do say it at ABC News not just ABC News though NBC News was getting in on it as well it's still unclear when he'll sign it but even without an executive order immigration during the coronavirus crisis has already slowed dramatically with the administration imposing broad travel restrictions and suspending immigrant visas critics say the order is a political dog whistle aimed at energizing the president's base yeah that's what the critics say and the opponents say and/or the critics and opponents ABC or the NBC I guess they're NBC it's a dog whistle what is a dog whistle a dog what he's saying is it's racist right dog whistle is used almost exclusively in the context of racism you notice how it's only the left that ever hears this dog whistle the right never seems to hear it guess that would make the left the dogs doesn't it if you're the only one who hears the dog whistle I believe that makes you the dogs there's nothing dog whistle e about this first of all it's obviously not a dog whistle B as president Trump has been campaigning on this since the first day of his presidential political career immigration has been the issue as it should be Republicans don't get this conservatives don't get this because they believe the left-wing narrative immigration is a winning issue cutting immigration I mean not encouraging it encouraging more immigration is a losing issue among huge swaths of the American public Harvard Harris poll just came out a total of eighty three percent more than five foot five and six people or so say that they favor a moratorium on immigration through the southwest border amid the pandemic not reduce it a little bit not reduce it a lot stop it completely eighty-three percent of all Americans not just Republicans not just from supporters that figure includes three-quarters of Mexican Americans very difficult for this to be a racist order if the race that it's allegedly discriminating against overwhelmingly supports the order 75% of Mexican Americans think we should completely shut down the border during the pandemic and then ninety three percent of Republican voters think we should completely shut down the border amid the pandemic I remember there was a poll that came out think now is a year and a half two years ago among democratic moderate independent voters the majority of them supported reducing not just illegal immigration but legal immigration and not just a little bit but a lot reducing it by something like sixty percent okay this is just common sense we now have the highest foreign-born percentage of the population that we've had in well over a hundred years this creates problems in any sort of country but particularly in ours which does not have a particularly racial identity right they're a whole lot of people in this country does not have a particularly long history we're a relatively young country so assimilation is very important and you've got the left discouraging assimilation encouraging people not to assimilate to the United States so of course if you flood it with immigrants that's going to be much more difficult you know politics is circumstantial and contextual you have to deal with with new and changing circumstances right now when you've got a ton of immigrants in the country and not a lot of assimilation that would be the time to reduce it whether there's a pandemic or not and the vast majority of Americans agree on this issue but Republicans don't learn that because they don't want to be called racists it it is obviously not a racist issue ask the three quarters of Mexican Americans who support the order what people are not getting is that immigration matters because it is an existential issue in a democracy in a dictatorship it doesn't really matter right because you're gonna get the same policies regardless of who comes in and out of the country in a monarchy and an oligarchy sure in a democracy immigration will directly affect the kind of governance you get the kind of country you have immediately when the people decide how the government is run then it really really matters how the people are made up this is obviously not a matter of racial solidarity there is incredible solidarity generally on this issue among all different races all different kind of people all different political ideologies there's some rumor coming out right now that the certain advisors in the White House are encouraging Trump to back off of this executive order they're out of their minds they're insane Trump should have done this years ago okay because even when we talk about a moratorium on immigration he's not saying a total stop all immigration that would be crazy there are always exigencies they're always cases where you know someone needs to come into the country where would be unfair to shut it down completely but it should be drastically reduced this is not even a new idea on the right you know I remember on firing line on William F Buckley his program in the 1990s they were debating whether or not to drastically reduce legal immigration not just illegal but legal immigration and I think you had Arianna Huffington in the affirmative saying that we should reduce legal immigration that was back when she was more conservative still this was a totally open topic for a debate among the totally most mainstream conservatives ever this is not some fringe idea it's not some new idea there's a long-standing history in the United States and Trump should do this quickly Joe Biden of course already opportunistically trying to flip on this issue unfortunately Joe's not particularly sprightly these days so his a new attack on Trump is falling very flat it highlights just about everything that is wrong with the Biden campaign in the state of the left right now a lot of hypocrisy not just on that issue but even on the reopening of various states we'll get to that in a second first I got to thank our pals the Benham brothers you know I've been around la long enough to have seen a lot of get-rich-quick schemes a lot of people have told me this is how they're gonna totally change their life overnight and you know they're gonna get really really rich and you know they've reached they're gonna reach the top of success and they're miserable so what's the secret to building a business the truth is you can grow a business without sacrificing your family and character might not be a get 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your goals right now they're offering 15% off to new members check out a preview of that course and take advantage of that discount over at Benton brothers comm / Knowles that's benh am brothers comm / knowles head on over check out the course Joe Biden is now trying to take advantage of this situation you remember initially when when Trump shut down travel from China Biden called it xenophobic he criticized him for it but now I guess Biden Singh the same poll numbers on this immigration issue that all the rest of us are and so he's now criticizing Trump for not shutting down travel fast enough for not being hard enough on China here is Joe Biden's implausible attack ad he failed to act so now Trump and his allies are launching negative attacks against Joe Biden to hide the truth here are the facts Joe Biden warned the nation in January the Trump had left us unprepared for a pandemic then Biden told Trump he should insist on having American health experts on the ground in China I would be on the phone with China and making it clear we are going to need to be in your country you have to be open you have to be clear we have to know what's going on but Trump rolled over through the Chinese he took their word for president tweeted China has been working very hard to contain the coronavirus the United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency China I spoke with President Xi and they're working very very hard and I think it's gonna all work out fine Trump praised the Chinese 15 times January and February as the coronavirus spread across the world it's a tough situation I think they're doing a very good job all the negative ads in the world can't change the truth so I've got a couple of observations here first this is ridiculous Donald Trump is famously tough on the Chinese Joe Biden very publicly criticized him for being so tough on the Chinese including recently including at the beginning of this pandemic where he said now is not the time for trumps terrible awful xenophobia coronavirus emanated from China a national emergency and you know worldwide alerts the American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it that he is going to act rationally about it and moments like this this is where credibly a president is most needed as he explains what we should and should not do this is no time for Donald Trump's record of hysteria xenophobia hysterical xenophobia so Biden's ad is just not credible on this point right we have the video it happened very recently but worse than that my actual takeaway from that ad is just how outdated it is did you hear that the voice Donald Trump says he's tough on China but really he's not Donald Trump bad on China bad for America I'm Joe Biden and this is the 1980s like it just sounds so old it's just that's not how political ads are done anymore that's how political ads were done when I was a child when Joe Biden was only 85 it's just he just hasn't kept up and that's fine I mean it's not like Joe Biden is sitting there in the Edit Bay putting the script together but obviously his consultants are doing that what consultants did he hire did he like hire the guys from the Mondale campaign or something did he be picked up yeah listen Truman's consultants are free now maybe we'll hire them for the campaign it's just it's old and it it underscores every problem the Biden campaign already has what does he accomplish here does he convince people of the point he's making the Trump is easy angina no nobody thinks that is too easy on China nobody thinks that Biden is tougher on China than Trump so Biden hasn't won over any independent voters or fence sitting voters right however Biden has irritated the left which is now accusing him of xenophobia for his ad they're saying hey don't be so tough on China Joe that's racist that's bigoted that xenophobic so he hasn't won over any new voters he hasn't encouraged his own voters if anything he maybe has lost some who were who were too liberal and who are already skeptical of Joe Biden and then worst of all he's confirmed everybody's fears that he's just past his sell-by date because he's campaigning like it's 1992 instead of 2020 compare that ad that Biden just put out to the ad the president Trump released just two days ago about Joe Biden the kid used to come up reaching pull and rub my leg down so it was training that watch the hair come back up again they look at so I learned about roaches I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids [Music] it's like these ads came from two different centuries because really they did the Joe Biden ad is a 20th century political ad very direct very ominous pretty hacky not particularly credible with the serious deep voice man on it and the Trump ad is a 21st century ad it's funny it comes in it it comes at the attack from a an interesting angle right it's not just Joe Biden's really old Joe Biden old for the campaign trail old for America it's not it's not that direct ad it's memeing it's making its kind of using another TV commercial that's prominent in pop culture and then putting faces on it like a kind of weird way like it looks like it was thrown together in in two hours and then using the old commercial to look like they're making fun of Barack Obama for endorsing Joe Biden Joe Biden who is actually the target of the commercial he's secondary to the whole thing that's how interesting it is that's how compelling it is that's how much it pulls you in and it's high-energy it's not bum bum Donald Trump is bad and a liar it's DJ cool it's like rap music hip hop at the end right jump jump really sad and I think indicative of the two campaigns cuz Joe Biden was supposed to stay at home for the pandemic get a refresher recharges batteries hit the campaign trail again next month and that hasn't happened he's gotten even more exhausted apparently whereas President Trump all energy all the time every single day in front of the press you know it's evidenced that when you work more you work more right Joe Biden's been out of national politics now for four years and he looks like it he's just not up to speed where is Donald Trump every single day he seems to get more energy now regardless of the production quality of these two campaigns it is amazing that Joe Biden can air that ad and no one in the mainstream media will call him out for it right he can completely flip his possess no one will care there is this hypocrisy right this incredible hypocrisy and the whole issue the left says walls work in your home and they want to lock you behind those walls for 18 months but they say walls don't work at a national level and we got to flood the country with illegal aliens you're seeing the same thing on jails right they're saying we got to let all the criminals out of jails so that they don't get coronavirus but if you have the audacity to go to drive-thru church we're going to arrest you if you go for a walk in the neighborhood we're going to arrest you it's just exactly backwards it's just this perfect hypocrisy you're even seeing this not just on the pandemic itself but on the way that states are reopening when conservative states reopen the left loses its mind and they've got blood on their hands when a liberal state reopens it's a wonderful measured rational policy we'll get to that in one second then we'll get to Mayor bolshevik out of New York who is he is reaching levels of stupidity that you wouldn't have thought possible speaking of which we've got AOC and then we've got to touch on Earth Day it's Earth Day did you forget that so did everybody else but first I've got to remind you that we have got a daily wire backstage tonight it's happening the lockdown can't keep us down we're gonna be there smoke and stogies exercising our lungs so that we make sure that we're nice and healthy you should come check it out if you are not a member already oh boy you thought you were just gonna get this one leftist tears tumblr right that would be helpful that would be good these days because the left is falling apart Joe Biden Chris Cuomo guy caught in a big live we'll get to that you don't just get one you get wait for it wait for it you get two you get two left is tears Tumblr's that is mathematically I'm no genius that's twice as good become an Insider plus or all-access member double your tears with two left is tears tempers go to daily wire.com slash subscribe get started get 10% off with coupon code Knowles daily wire.com slash subscribed coupon code Knowles get the rarest of all beverage Baz bezels times two we'll be right back a tale of two states and the mainstream media two states are reopening if they actually some more states the matter reopening but two I think are really indicative Georgia and Colorado Georgia is a conservative state with a Republican governor Colorado increasingly a liberal state with a Democratic governor they are both reopening okay how do you think the media are covering them probably exactly the same and totally fairly right uh maybe not George reopening if you just type this into Google News Georgia reopening Georgia governor defends plan to reopen gyms nail salons he's got to defend it because it's it's obviously crazy it's obviously worth worthy of being attacked New York Times Georgia Tennessee and South Carolina moved to reopen as hot spots emerge like that why the hell are they reopening the hot spots are emerging that's what the media told me Lindsey Graham warns that Georgia is opening too soon amid coronavirus Newsweek Georgia governor Kemp defends reopening of state New York Times I am beyond disturbed internal dissent as states reopen despite virus that shows up right on the first page of the Georgia results Washington Post thirteen hours ago Georgia leads the race to become an America's number one death destination okay CNN Georgia Governor Brian Kemp faces resistance over move to reopen the economy TMZ Atlanta's celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists not cool with Georgia reopening well if the hair stylists are not cool with it I guess we got to stay shut down you know it's funny too the last time that the mainstream media was attacking Georgia it was attacking Georgia because it would not allow people to kill their babies in Georgia remember so they actually certain liberal institutions universities they wouldn't allow you to travel to Georgia because it was insistent that you not kill your baby there but now they're accusing it of being America's number one death death destination last time you're accusing it for not being enough of a death destination so that's Georgia how about Colorado which is doing the same thing how Colorado will slowly reopen from its coronavirus stay at home work oh slowly sounds measured governor Poulos outlines initial plan for lifting some restrictions allowing certain businesses to reopen wow it makes total sense Colorado moving to safer at home status that sounds like it sees taking it even more seriously now a safer at home status is a code word for reopening but it's different than then stay at home status like you have to state home this is safer at home so you'd be better to stay but you can go out with Colorado's stay at home order successful Poulos outlines plans to reopen it was so successful that now we're good because we beat coronavirus forget about all those hot spots it reemerging it's okay it's successful we're good Denver Post Colorado to shift from stay-at-home to safer at home as some businesses can begin reopening this week I mean on and on and on this is what you can expect for the next melt but for the next forever but certainly during this pandemic whenever Republicans do anything it will be bad and they will have blood on their hands whenever Democrats do the exact same thing it will be wonderful and successful and saving lives you've got to tune out the news on this the new it's not the news you've got to turn to now the mainstream media on this they are at this point just lying to you CNN's Chris Cuomo is actually lying to you we have proof positive of it and it's a it's a hypocrisy of the sort you've never seen anything like it first we got to check in though on North Korea you remember how Kim jong-un was apparently gravely ill possibly brain dead possibly just dead altogether well we still don't know no one's seen him for a long time Brett Baier of Fox News one of the last good journalists left in America asked President Trump this question yesterday at the press briefing North Korea what do you what can you tell us about the status Kim Jong well these are reports that came out and we don't know we don't know I've had a very good relationship with them I would you know I can only say this I wish him well because if he is in the kind of condition that the reports say that the news is saying there'll be a that's a very serious condition as you know but I wish him well then we've had a good relationship I've said it and I've said it many times if somebody else were in this position we would have been right now at war with North Korea and we're not at war we're nowhere close to war with North Korea so I just have to say to Kim jong-un I wish him very you know good luck good luck I mean

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