Taking The Red Pill | Ep. 547
01:06 "... tweeted out take the red pill and then ..."
01:26 "... the red pill you might get a hundred ..."
01:40 "... taking the red pill is to think ..."
01:45 "... what does it mean to take the red pill ..."
01:53 "... left winger what is the red pill they ..."
02:50 "... said you can take the red pill and ..."
03:01 "... you apply the red pill language to ..."
03:26 "... races take the red pill and then a ..."
03:56 "... the middle take the red pill means ..."
05:34 "... they're taking the red pill they're ..."
30:05 "... the red pill s are flowing and that the ..."
30:36 "... you see the red pill ing in the media you ..."
30:39 "... see the red pill in legal advocacy ..."

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2FQpjmqfurious at crazy left-wing kovat policies Elon Musk takes the so-called red pill prompting right-wingers to claim the Tesla Voss as a conservative and left wingers to call him a Nazi but they think everybody's a Nazi speaking of which a left-wing Harvard professor praises Nazi education policy the ACLU American Civil Liberties Union comes out swinging against civil liberties and the mainstream media get caught with their masks down red pills for everybody I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Knowles show [Music] this is a red pill buffet enjoy I know buffets aren't allowed anymore amid covet but here they are I would love to know in the comments section what you would call your red pill moment just like Elon Musk add over the weekend what even is a red pill I don't know it's a little bit of a complicated question what would you say your red pill moment is because Elon Musk's just over the past few days he tweeted out take the red pill and then there's a little red rose emoji which actually makes it a little bit confusing exactly what he was saying what does the red pill mean if you were to ask a hundred people in a room he said what is the red pill you might get a hundred different answers if you asked independent minded people you know not conservative but not leftist maybe they're they have some kind of confusing views their left-wing on one thing right way on another they would say that taking the red pill is to think independently if you ask a conservative what does it mean to take the red pill they'd say it's to become a conservative to stop being a liberal or a leftist or a progressive and if you were to ask a left winger what is the red pill they tell you it's a code word for Nazi and they actually did when Ilan Muscat weeded this out over the weekend everybody just said Elon Musk is a Nazi now he there was a blue checkmark Molly Jong fast who said Elan musk is a racist he's a bigot it's anything you know that the left has done this in recent years they've said that a bunch of innocuous symbols are code words for neo-nazis so they did this to the okay hand symbol they said that's actually now like a secret Nazi symbol they did this to a glass of milk that's now basically a swastika and they're doing it to the red pill which is a reference to the movie The Matrix you know people are forgetting that this red pill idea it's not some dark recess of the internet you know it's hidden on the hidden levels of 4chan it comes from the matrix and in the matrix there is a choice presented said you can take the red pill and you can see reality as it is or you can take the blue pill and you can remain in the kind of matrix fantasies that I think is the most basic definition when you apply the red pill language to politics it means giving up ideology realizing that ideology is a lie and I think this is why Elon Musk put that little red rose there because the red rose is another Twitter symbol that refers explicitly to the Democratic socialists of America so you see a lot of very far left-wing accounts have the little red rose picture just kind of odd races take the red pill and then a little red rose was it because Elan musk doesn't know what that red rose means is because he thought it was a red pill instead of a red rose was he being ironic or sarcastic what is he well on the one hand on the one level the one thing we know a LAN musk is really good at is getting everybody to talk about him he's one of the greatest marketers of his age but on the other hand I think there's actually some significance to it maybe which is regardless of exactly where you want to try to pinpoint me down on the left or on the right or in the middle take the red pill means rejecting these ideological categorizations it means most basically recognizing that the official narrative is wrong it means preferring reality to theory this is a big difference between the right and the left on the right the conservatives that are best we prefer reality we don't really care about how it works in theory we don't need it there to be a big manifesto about how things work as long as it actually works and on the left they don't care if things actually work they don't care if American society basically works pretty well they don't care if the West has led to a lot of human flourishing they want to know how it works in theory Elon Musk is not a typical Republican Joe Rogan he's another one of these he's not a typical Republican right Joe Rogan was a Bernie bro as of two months ago or something but now Joe Rogan is saying I can't vote for Biden I might end up voting for Trump and now the left is very upset with him for this he's resisting ideological categorization but I think there are a lot of people like Joe I mean obviously there a lot of people like rogon his show is one of the biggest podcasts in the world I think there are a lot of people like Elon Musk who were a little bit more independent minded and who were coming over more to the right if this were 20 years ago 15 years ago this were during the Bush era you might see more independent minded people leaning left but now they're heading in the direction of the Republicans or the Conservatives or Trump why it's because they're questioning their assumptions they're taking the red pill they're preferring reality to this kind of official story that permeates our whole political lives that we've been told that probably isn't all that true and the people most responsible for doling out those red pills it's not me it's not some other conservative it's not even Donald Trump it's the media it's the mainstream media and the mainstream media have sort of exposed themselves because of Donald Trump he's helped them along but they have done it themselves when people realize that the mainstream media apparatus are not telling you the truth or telling you lies or constructing whole narratives out of whole cloth then that difference between the ideology and the reality becomes very very clear we will get to that in a second there was a protest over the weekend that showed pretty deservedly I think just the level of vitriol people after the mainstream media we'll get to that in one second first I've got to thank our friends over at movement you know right now if you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen then you need to protect your eyes I figured this out years ago and it really really helps this is why the team over at movement wants to make sure you were taking care of your eyes with their ever scroll blue light filtering glasses crafted with special blue light lenses movement ever scroll glasses protect your eyes from digital eye strain and other harmful effects from blue light like headaches and poor sleep I know you're probably thinking exactly what I did when I first heard about this and they go what the blue light is going to affect me let's 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they're not being violent they're not being threatening they just look at them and they say hey you are fake news and we're not going to pay any attention to you you stopped airing the Trump briefings that you keep airing Cuomo briefings called [Music] we know you want to keep your job we get it you're not getting used to Channel at one time I love that guy at the end I mean I love all these guys because they're talking very blunt right this is in Long Island this is in New York people tend to be a little more blunt over there they're not saying I'm gonna kill you you're a terrible person no they're just saying look your fake news you're not doing your job we know that you're telling lies now you used to hide it better now you're not hiding it so go home what do we need you here for you're you're not covering the news right now I guess that would be your function er you're not doing that you're just trying to harm us right you're just trying to make us look bad so get out of here we don't need you and then that guy at the end he says you used to be a pretty good news channel what happened he's like he is it's such a genuine sincere interaction with the guys I used to watch you but you became so transparently leftist the things you were reporting are so different from reality that I don't watch it go home we don't need you Jim Acosta the the Ron Burgundy of CNN tweets this out he says disturbing no it's deserved it's deserved if the mainstream media had even continued to push their liberal agenda which they've always had they've had in this country for a long time but they just didn't lie all the time they just didn't go so far people would still probably believe them but they couldn't do it they could not do it and you know the it's gotten more ridiculous and egregious in the Trump era but the mainstream media I've always had these lives I mean Walter Durante one of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist New York Times he covered the Soviet Union and lied on behalf of the so V Union it wasn't just that he got it wrong he intentionally willfully lied and covered up the crimes of the Holodomor and famines in the Soviet Union in the Western press because he was a communist sympathizer and he didn't care that much for the West and he got a Pew let's surprise for it Durante actually was noted where he was actually the that he was the gay lover of one of the most prolific occultist and Satanists of the 20th century Aleister Crowley that's a little it's just a little side tidbit we don't need to go into that too much shows you kind of the corruption of some of these guys though very you know these guys are living radical lives and yet the presentation Walter durante kulit surprise winner mainstream media this is the way it is all the news that's fit to print then you find out no it's not all the news that's fit to print it's all the news that fits the narrative and all these people and they're very serious buttoned up coats and ties and they're just giving you the facts maybe not maybe they have an agenda maybe there are pretty radical people actually so the great example of these kind of lies in in the Trump era even this weekend one of the most hysterical and sanctimonious reporters over at CNN is Caitlin Collins Caitlin Collins has been making herself the story now for weeks she's been standing up to Trump she's been harshly critical of Trump's motives on the coronavirus response of his his motives on even relationships to the reporters so she's talking about everyone's got to wear a mask right she's got the mask on in the press briefing room and she's given it to Trump and it looks really good on TV then the minute that the CNN cameras go off do you know what she does she takes off her mask luckily there was still another camera going in the White House briefing room so that the briefing ends and then CNN cameras go off she goes okay I don't need this mask anymore she just takes it right off and she thinks that we're not all gonna see that take a look at this this is so if you can't if you're not wife you're just listening right now she's you know they finally they all leave the room and some of the reporters start to go and really really bad stagecraft caitlin collins stands up turns to face the other cameras that are still there it takes that mask off now she's trying to spin it some people around her trying to and say oh she was getting ready to do a television hit oh she was about to know she takes it off before she even leaves the room because none of these people take their own what they're saying seriously they're giving you those rube masses one set of rules one set of narratives and they're living by another one themselves and and she wasn't even the worst one at this at CNN unfortunately Jake Tapper who some conservatives say does a good job sometimes he he was the most egregious offender we'll get to that in one second first though I've got to thank our friends over at ready wise especially now 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which if impacts you is what we will continue to focus on blah blah blah so you know classic righteous indignation Jake Tapper or even though it's not particularly righteous indignation what's he really saying with all this vague language he's upset that conservatives are going after Joe Biden okay he's he's upset that conservatives are focusing on the allegations against Joe Biden in the same way they focused on the allegations against for instance Brett Kavanaugh and frankly the allegations against Joe Biden much much much more credible than the allegations against Kavanaugh talking about videos going around of Joe like apparently groping little girls I'm not you know I'm not saying that any one of those videos is the evidence that Joe is you know Jeffrey Epstein himself I'm saying that all of the videos are a little bit weird and when you add them together they show a pattern of behavior and if those videos were of a Republican then we would never hear the end of this from people like Jake Tapper this is not a pedophile conspiracy theory there are lots of clips we you know we've seen all the clips of Joe smelling all the women's hair and the women and girls and leaning in and feeling them and getting a little creepy alright we don't need to play the clip we played them on this show a zillion times the one clip I will play you though is is some evidence that this has been a joke for many years not just among conservatives and Republicans also among liberals and Democrats Jon Stewart did a whole riff about this back when he was still running the The Daily Show this would I guess would've been about five years ago now four or five years ago where Jon Stewart mocked gropey Joe you know they put an image up of called The Audacity of grope it was Joe Biden in the very same memes that conservatives are sending around now smelling a woman's hair saying that it's actually a senate rite of passage to have one of the female members of your family grabbed by Joe Biden that remorse about lady touchin is the one thing Joe Biden will not feel [Applause] and what could you possibly be saved her [Laughter] be still my child while I absorb your precious lifes he's barely a senate rite of passage not officially sworn in until delaware jo has felt up one female member of your immediately family you know occasionally occasionally John Stuart would take a shot at some Democrat right and you know as mostly he was taking shots at Republicans most of them were unfair but occasionally he'd take a shot at a left winger and a Democrat too now you would never see that happen now if you're even to play a clip of John Stuart from 2015 then guys like Jake Tapper will say that these attacks are coming from President Trump and his team Jon Stewart's not on president Trump's team okay and I guarantee you Jake Tapper saw clips like that from Jon Stewart because the only people who actually watched Jon Stewart when his show was on the air were members of the media because they were within an echo chamber of their own media narrative which increasingly became divorced from reality the left used to make fun of this back when Joe Biden was just silly Uncle Joe he was VP didn't really matter or before that he was this kind of perennial candidate right here not he ran in the 80s and he ran in the two thousands they knew he wanted to run again he's been in the Senate for a long time he's kind of like a nobody I actually think the first time I ever saw Joe Biden on television was on Jon Stewart's show and Jon Stewart asked where are you gonna run for president again and Joe Biden kind of was coy about how he wanted to run and I just thought this guy who is this guy I've never even heard of him but he's gonna run for president I don't think so now though but now it's different because Joe is going to be the nominee so all of reality has to change everything has to go upside down for the narrative and I think a lot of people are tuning that out Jake Tapper talks about deranged conspiracy theories have but I've got some deranged conspiracy theories the Russia collusions remember that remember when guys like Jake Tapper including Jake Tapper told us for years and years that Donald Trump was some sort of Manchurian Candidate from Moscow he colluded put in all these Liberal Democrats like Adam Schiff who lied about the evidence that they didn't have for a Donald Trump collusion how about remember the Moscow urine tape there's you probably don't even remember this because the the news cycle is so rapid now but for years we were told that there was a tape based on the steel dossier which was funded by Democrats which was then used by the Obama administration to spy on on Hillary Clinton's political rivals we were told that Donald Trump was caught on tape paying prostitutes in Russia to urinate on his bed that was the image that all the news channels charge completely fake completely made-up and then of course the most deranged conspiracy theory of all promoted by Jake Tapper was the idea that Brett Kavanaugh milk-toast federal lawyer was actually secretly a gang rapists with the whole mainstream media perpetuated this one but especially Jake Tapper there's now a third accuser the lead starts right now breaking news new horrific accusations about Brett Cavanaugh's alleged behavior with girls in high school Cavanaugh denies it all he says the charges are from the Twilight Zone Michael avenatti who represents the woman in question will be here in minutes these new serious allegations come just hours before Kavanagh and his first accuser Christine Blasi Ford are set to testify in front of the world might these new charges derail that hearing could they even sink his confirmation could they I don't know we're just asking questions I'm Jake Tapper a serious journalist not like those deranged conspiracy theorists who those deranged conspiracy theorists or playing videos of Joe Biden no no I'm not like that I'm just completely inventing stories about a federal judge gang raping people based on nothing Jake Tapper deranged conspiracy theorists the media obviously or I mean look we could we actually have to move because we because we didn't talk about the media as an example of this for probably six years straight never taking a break and we wouldn't finish that's the clearest example when you see what's going on on television and you see what's going on in real life with your own two eyes when you realize that those two things are not the same then that's the beginning of what Elon Musk might call a red pill moment you also see it though outside of the media you see it in law and public advocacy a great example of this is the ACLU there was a new policy that came down from Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education which is now finally protecting the rights of the accused on college campuses the accused were having the due process rights completely trampled by kangaroo courts of leftist professors rather than you know having even having these charges brought up in the criminal justice system Betsy DeVos changes that the ACLU the American Civil Liberties Union comes out swinging against the accused against due process in favor of the narrative we'll get to that in just one second first I got to thank our friends over at Express VPN talking about your civil liberties and privacy rights right now you're probably online more than ever aren't you I know I am hackers have all the time in the world that is not a great combination you've heard me talk about how important it is to have a VPN I don't go online without a VPN now that a lot of you are working from home you're gonna see why it matters so much to you got to use the VPN that I trust which is expressvpn it's the best VPN on the market expressvpn doesn't log your data that lots of really cheap or free VPNs make money by selling your data and add companies expressvpn developed technology called trusted server makes it impossible for their servers to log any of your info speed or I've tried a lot of VPNs a lot of them slow down your connection they make it sluggish expressvpn does not do that my internet speeds are always blazing fast even when I connect to servers thousands of miles away I can stream HD quality videos with the zero lag it's just really really great you got to protect yourself online use my link expressvpn calm slash michael mi CH AE l use it today get an extra three months free on a one-year package that's expressed VPN comm / Michael expressvpn comm / Michael and my sage ATL to learn more Betsy DeVos comes out changes this rule right so on college campuses we're told what is it one in four girls is sexually assaulted on campus makes basically Harvard Yard more dangerous than downtown Fallujah or something these these numbers are based on on totally cooked bogus statistics where the people who were taking the surveys very frequently will not realize that they've been sexually assaulted based on the criteria in the surveys so based on those numbers there that we've been told that you know we've got to trample over the due process rights of the accused on college campuses and instead of having rape which is very obviously very serious crime should be dealt with in the criminal justice system instead of having it treated seriously there it's treated frivolously by panels of professors and left-wing deans and deputy assistant deputy deputy dean of leftist inclusion and diversity on campuses they just trample over the these kids rights they will expel people from school and when I say people I mean boys because everyone's being accused they will expel them from school without any sort of due process so that obviously you can't tolerate that and frankly we shouldn't have professors adjudicated questions of rape anyway they're not qualified to do that they don't have any any training to do that so we should put this in the criminal justice system Betsy the bus makes a few tweaks to it to protect the rights of the accused aclu furious divorce is rolling back protections for sexual harassment and assault survivors and schools were suing to put a stop to it so the ACLU is actually suing because the Department of Education wants to protect civil rights there are two levels here some people look at that and say wait a second this doesn't make any sense because the ACLU is the American Civil Liberties Union and sometimes in the past they've protected civil liberties so it's so wacky I can't possibly understand why they would come out against civil liberties that's one level and then you get a little more red pilled understanding and you realize that the ACLU was never about civil liberties it was always about radical left ISM as explicitly it was back communism the founder of the ACLU Roger Baldwin was a communist he wrote a book called liberty under the Soviets in 1928 he didn't write that ironically it could sounds like it was a a precursor to my blank book reasons to vote for Democrats do you think of the the same exact content reasons to vote for Democrats and liberty under the Soviets but it was a serious book making the argument for liberty under under that communist regime in 1943 the California Committee on on American activities said that the ACLU quote may be definitely classed as a communist front at least 90 percent of the efforts of the ACLU early on and perhaps even since then have been expended on behalf of communists who come into conflict with the law the Daily Worker the Communist newspaper wrote glowingly about the ACLU early on okay the thing wasn't what it said it was the news isn't the news and the ACLU isn't about civil liberties it's just about radical left ISM when you realize that and it starts to make sense the ACLU came out strongly against Brett Kavanaugh and trampling his civil liberties on behalf of unsubstantiated allegations and they're doing it again now it's fine we can either you know express shock and indignation over this for months and months and years and years or we can realize that that thing is corrupt intrinsically and ignore it rip it down do something else it's not just even in legal advocacy we're seeing this kind of red pilling in education and we're seeing president Trump pushing back against it we'll get to that in one second first though I've got to thank you I've got to thank you one for you know becoming members at Daily wire also thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel not just the daily why our YouTube channel but the Michael nul show YouTube channel I didn't even realize really that I had a YouTube channel somebody else made it I guess you know and they but no one was really paying any attention to it and so we've started putting some breakout segments and some exclusive interviews and some bonus stories on there that we didn't get to during the show and now a lot of people are going over and joining so head on over to that Michael Nolt show YouTube channel click Subscribe also I got some great news remember we were selling no we're not selling we were giving away to leftist ears tumblers a little while back now we're bringing back the two tumblers but it's only available for our most exclusive membership tier all access the all access membership tier is the premier level of membership all meant all access members get to participate in all access live our brand-new interactive programming featuring one of us as we hang out with you each night which 99.9% of the time goes great except the last time I tried to do it but the Internet my neighborhood completely crapped out but other than that it goes over great it's been a lot of fun you get Q&A discussions available both on the website and the daily wire app now you get not just one but where's my second one I guess we already gave it away oh no here it is you get both of the leftist tiers tumblers and you my friends are going to need it because the the red pills are flowing and that the when the Elon Musk red pills start flowing then the natural consequence every action has a an equal and opposite reaction I learned that from you know kind of really brilliant engineer guys like Elon Musk the opposite reaction is filling up the leftist tears go to Delhi where calm we'll be right back with a lot more you see the red pilling in the media you see the red pill in legal advocacy you're also seeing it in education homeschooling has become very popular in recent years much much more popular than in past years school choice has become more popular people want to break out of this monopoly of government education and as that that is happening the government is trying to take more and more power so even if they can't expand the percentage of kids that they're getting they want to expand the timeline so for instance when I was you know when my father was a kid you didn't have to go to kindergarten that was kind of a new thing and we're so he just went straight to first grade then when I was a kid you had kindergarten but I didn't go to the like preschool or anything like that and now kids go to preschool at age 4 or age 3 I've even heard of people sending their two-year-olds to preschool right so you extend the amount of time that the government gets with your kids and that even if it's private preschool that the the kind of liberal apparatus gets with your kids then now they want everybody to go to college even if they're gonna go away into debt even if they're going to get a worthless degree that deprives them both of education and job prospects they just want to keep you in those instant that that state liberal institution longer obviously in kovat people are gonna have to start homeschooling and harvard is having none of it the elite academic apparatus is trying to shut down homeschooling you heard from this woman Elizabeth Barthel it she's a Harvard Law School professor she came out and basically said she wants homeschooling band now she's got another article this was published in the Harvard Gazette a warning on homeschooling nationally renowned child welfare expert Elizabeth Barth Allah you know how great those experts are we've been talking about them a lot on the show in the last few weeks those experts you can't question them so so I don't know what it is that makes her an expert but that the Harvard says she's an expert so she is she wants to see a radical transformation in home school she argues that the lack of regulation in the home schooling system poses a threat to children in society so we got to shut it down two points she makes on homescho

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