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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Michael Knowles Show on Apple Podcasts: nearest thing that the new york times had to a writer hired to be a sort of kind of centrist conservative liberal after the 2016 election after the new york times completely botched it has resigned from the new york times that's it couldn't take it a letter from barry weiss barry weiss writes it is with sadness that i write to tell you i am resigning from the new york times the paper's failure to anticipate the outcome of the 2016 election meant that it didn't have a firm grasp of the country that it covers so she details why and how she was hired i'm going to skip around a little bit to just the juiciest lines a new consensus has emerged in the press but perhaps especially at this paper the truth isn't a process of collective discovery but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else couldn't be truer twitter is not on the masthead of the new york times but twitter has become its ultimate editor i always was always taught the journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history now history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative there are terms for this unlawful discrimination hostile work environment and constructive discharge i'm no legal expert but i know that this is wrong this is a new mccarthyism ideas cannot win on their own they need a voice they need a hearing above all they must be backed by people willing to live by them that opinion is no longer welcome at the new york times that opinion is no longer welcome at our chief institutions in this country the things that we believe the truths that we cherish and hold dear have been rooted out of the institutions how much time left do we have to save the edifice we'll get into it i'm michael knowles and this is the michael knowles show [Music] welcome back to the show i asked yesterday what should the new name of the washington redskins b and i got an answer i'd never heard it before but it's absolutely brilliant what we need to do is keep the name redskins and change the logo to a potato seems so obvious how did it not occur to us before nothing resembling the old school liberals is left when i say the old school liberals i'm talking about you know we call them the classical liberals or the libertarians but i'm even talking about the old school progressive liberals people like barry weiss at the new york times which was a liberal paper we always knew it was a liberal paper i never liked the new york times but at least the new york times would occasionally listen to ideas that it didn't agree with occasionally the new york times would try to understand why it got things wrong that's over that is gone and now when you hold those liberal ideas those more old-school progressive ideas there's only one place for you to go and that is to the right we've seen this it's not just barry weiss's letter there was a letter from it's now called the letter from harper's where a bunch of old school liberals said we've got to defend our liberal values they want to have this middle ground between the right wing the the traditionalists the populists the trump people and the hard left and it isn't working there's no space there one has got to pick a side even basic values that we would all we all used to agree with we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that was as near to an unassailable truth within the american regime as we had even that completely under attack and it's not under attack by the way by the white supremacist neo-nazi ku klux klan of whom there are what seven people left in the country it's not it's under attack by the woke left by these liberal institutions that have totally lost whatever identity they once had they've given it all over to the woke left this seems nowhere clearer than in a recent broadcast by nick cannon do you remember nick cannon nick cannon is an actor he's a musician sort of he's been a pop culture figure for decades at this point nick cannon decided to broadcast yesterday not on even his radical left ideology you know like when we think of marxism or something now is something like that he broadcast on a radical left racial ideology the the mirror image of the nazi kkk ku klux klan you know the thing the left is always talking about we got to get rid of racism we need anti-racism well it turns out their anti-racism so often is just the mirror image just as bad only directed against the other guy nick cannon preached about the power of melanin let's go to what it really is then when we talk about the power of melanated people when we talk about who we really are as guys and understanding that our melanin is so power and it connects us in a way that the reason why they fear black the reason why they fear is because they the lack that they have of it so then when you see what you know dr uh francis c wellesley talked about is that fear in that that that genetic annihilation efficiency when you have a person that has has the lack of pigment the lack of melon right that they know that they will be annihilated so therefore however they got the power they they they have the lack of compassion that melanin comes with compassion melanin comes with soul that we call it we call it soul we soul brothers and sisters that's the melon in that connection so the people that don't have it have are are a lit and i'm gonna say this carefully are a little less and and and where the term actually comes from because i'm bringing it all the way back around okay to minister fair okay there we go now my eyes go up this is minister farrakhan uh farrakhan louis farrakhan is a a complete degenerate he's a black racial identitarian he espouses uh horrifically heretical views on religion and his religion is grounded primarily in race we've heard this kind of thing before you remember when uh nicholas sandman that covington kid who who was going down to the pro-life rally with his catholic high school and he was just standing on the national mall minding his own business he had a hat said make america great again hat that is promoted by the president of the united states and this group of kids was heckled by a group of black supremacists called the hebrew israelites and they were screaming all sorts of terrible things at him and then that crazy native american dude walked up to him and started banging a drum in his face kid behaved very well and was destroyed in the press and by the present he's won a lot of judgments against them we've heard this sort of thing before from people we would call cultural marxists in the academy there there was one uh professor jeffries this was decades ago who had a theory of the sun people and the ice people the sun people were black people who got you know all the nice warm rays of the sun and the ice people those were white people they were less than as as nick cannon is saying now i being sicilian i think i get a nice little middle ground here a little more melaninated but this is a patently absurd theory isn't it and it's it's merely used uh you know without any basis in science or history it is used as a way to put down a group of people on the basis of their race we always hear about people being put down on the basis of their race if they are people of color but what nick cannon is doing is putting down white people on the basis of their races saying they're less than they don't have a soul he says that they're savages they had to be savages they had to be barbaric they had because they're in these nordic mountains they're in these rough uh torrential environments so they they're acting as animals right so they're the ones that are actually closer to animals they're closer to animals okay this is the kind of stuff we can expect from nick cannon now it's one thing when you hear some wacko like louis farrakhan say this it's another thing when you're some wacko like nick cannon say this but the kind of stuff that these guys are saying is not just heard from these kooky guys in the culture or even a professor like lionel jeffries talks about the sun people and the ice people this kind of stuff is being heard at newspapers like the new york times where we see we've seen multiple articles about abolishing whiteness the problems of whiteness this has now infiltrated the mainstream left what used to be called the mainstream liberal left and what's so outrageous is nick cannon just got he just lost his job for making these remarks but he didn't he didn't lose his job for making these remarks about the white people about whom he made these marks we will get to all of that in one second first though i've got to thank our friends over at lifelock you know criminals do not care uh what is going on they will still steal your information they won't say oh you know what 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these are the guys that i trust go to lifelock dot com slash knowles wlas that is lifelock dot com slash knowles k-w-l-e-s for 25 percent off nick cannon did get fired i guess he had a contract with viacom cbs and he did get fired here here's the statement that viacom cbs sent out vicom cbs condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-semitism we have spoken with nick cannon about an episode of his podcast canon's class on youtube which promoted hateful speech and spread anti-semitic conspiracy theories because part of this video is he he spreads this theory also spread by the hebrew israelites and other black supremacist groups that the that black people american blacks are the true hebrews the israelites the jews of the bible and that the jews who we all know as jews they're like the fake jews or something like that what's so striking to me about this statement from vicom cbs it only it only condemns in specific terms bigotry against jews but all the bigotry that we just heard in that video was against white people generally he's talking about what but that's okay viacom doesn't condemn that bigotry that bigotry is perfectly fine in fact in many quarters of the popular culture it's encouraged which is why you hear these calls to abolish whiteness you hear things like toxic whiteness you see city governments now forcing their employees to go through mandatory re-education programs where they can learn about their terrible whiteness and how they're racist and they've got to they've got to get rid of all of their white privilege it's not just in the world of media or in politics it's also affected even the world of fine art a modern art museum curator has been fired you probably do not follow the modern art world terribly closely i do not myself however one of the most prominent curators in the country a guy named gary garros has just resigned amid amid an uproar you wouldn't say he resigned really he was pushed out at the san francisco museum of modern art why was he pushed out why was he fired why were there so many calls for him to be fired there were many calls for him to be fired because this guy gary garros suggested that he would not completely stop buying artwork from white male artists he didn't say he was going to prefer white male artists even he said he was just not going to totally stop buying the artwork that was too much he was confronted at an all staff zoom meeting about this because now no one holds meetings in person and he was referred to as a white supremacist he said this is his exact words don't worry we'll definitely still continue to collect white artists but they were going to focus now on collecting artists of color right so he's actually saying i'm going to i'm going to i'm going to disadvantage white artists but we'll still we'll still be collecting them after that there was a petition calling for his resignation that was signed by 180 people all because he didn't want to completely cut out white guys and he said that that in itself would be reverse rate uh reverse racism reverse discrimination which is obviously true the petition said quote gary's removal from the san francisco museum of modern art is non-negotiable considering his lengthy tenure at this institution we ask just how long have his toxic white supremacist beliefs regarding race and equity directed his position curating the content in the of the museum so if you don't want to just completely cancel white people from all sectors of society you're a toxic white supremacist and you know what carols did because look he's the curator of a modern art museum something tells me the guy is not exactly a rock ribbed trump supporter or something he's not a berkey and conservative or something like that he said i want to offer my personal and sincere apology to every one of you i realized almost as soon as i used the term reverse discrimination that this is an offensive term and was an extremely poor choice of words on my part i'm very sorry at how upsetting these words were to many people on the staff so he's out that the rule is now if you don't think that white people should be completely removed from all aspects of society you you will lose your job you will be smeared as a white supremacist you will have to make a very public apology and you will lose your career anyway meanwhile all these people who pretend to be talking for racial justice or black lives matter has their record on racial issues these people who are pushing to quote gary correctly reverse discrimination reverse racism how's their record on protecting black lives not very good a one-year-old baby was killed in new york city over the past few days one-year-old baby devel gardner jr one-year-old black baby in new york he was not killed by police brutality was not killed by white supremacists or the ku klux klan or neo-nazis he was killed in a mostly black neighborhood presumably by black people and not cops either so this is the view held by the baby's family the baby's family is speaking out specifically his grandmother for the cowards that did this you should be ashamed of yourself because everybody talk about black lives matter what about baby lives what about teenager lives like you took an innocent child from a mother and a father as well as the grandparents and i don't think it's fair doesn't seem fair at all and there are local people in that community who are speaking out explicitly against this against the racial narrative that is being pushed by the left a horrific story one-year-old baby the mainstream media ignore innocent babies getting killed what do they do they focus on criminals who get killed and by the way i'm not even talking about criminals who are killed in officer-involved killings i'm not i'm not talking about those rare cases that have been the ostensible cause of all the riots and protests even though i think really those are just incidents that have been exploited by people with a radical left political agenda but i'm not even talking about that i'm talking about actual 100 convicted criminals like the worst people on earth who then get the death penalty the left sheds tear upon tear for them one year old baby killed in his neighborhood can't talk about that story that's going to get memory hold but brutal brutal killers on death row we shed tears for them completely backwards we will get to the first federal execution in decades in the united states which just took place yesterday first though i've got to thank our friends over at ring speaking of violence and protecting yourself from violence and protecting yourself from people who want to take your stuff very important these days ring is on admission to make neighborhoods safer their home security products are designed to give you peace of mind around the clock ring gives you protection at every corner the video doorbells let you answer the door and check in on your home anytime you keep an eye on your doorstep you can speak to delivery people when you can't come to the door that's whether you're in your bedroom whether you're at the office whether you're on a beach whether that visitor is someone who means to do you harm whether that visitor is a delivery man whether that visitor is your mother-in-law maybe who means to do you harm you can speak to them right from your phone smart lighting brightens up blind spots makes sure that you always come home to a brightly lit house full home security systems give you everything you need to protect your family pets and property i love this thing i give this out to my friends as a housewarming gift i've mentioned this several times they all love it and the thing that i really like about it one it's cool it makes you feel like you're living in the future and also it's inexpensive so i get credit for a great gift but i don't have to spend a lot of money get a special offer on the ring welcome kit when you go to knowles that includes the ring video doorbell 3 and shine pro it's all you need to start building custom security for your home today knowles knowles federal government for the first time in almost 20 years executed an inmate for a capital offense this is good news it's a good thing when justice is done and yet according to many people on the left and frankly even some people on the right this couldn't be worse so terrible such a sad story the criminal who was executed is daniel lewis lee he was convicted on may 4th 1999 of killing three members of an arkansas family william frederick muller his wife nancy ann and his eight-year-old step-daughter sarah elizabeth powell this guy this guy that everyone is weeping tears over the radical left is weeping tears over daniel lewis lee was a member of a white supremacist organization an actual white supremacist organization not not in the way that the left smears modern museum art gallery curators or frankly anyone to the right of hillary clinton's white supremacists this guy was the real deal he robbed and then shot this family including the kid with a stun gun duct taped plastic bags around their heads this is a stun gun don't forget so he didn't kill them when he attacked them duct taped plastic bags around their heads weighed down each victim with rocks and drowned the family in the bayou so this guy all these years later 20 years later got what he deserved and the left is furious rolling stone magazine referred to this as state-sanctioned murder because the guy got now first of all the death penalty is a good thing it is good that the civil authority has the right to commit the death penalty to execute criminals a lot of people just focus on the deterrent factor of criminal justice so they'll say well the death penalty doesn't really deter crime frankly i think it probably does deter crime but you're right as it is enacted and enforced right now its deterrent effect is probably weak because very few people who receive the death penalty actually have to deal with it they'll be convicted they'll be sentenced to the death penalty but very often they'll get off so it doesn't have a great deterrent effect perhaps because it's not actually used to deter people the rehabilitative aspect of crime people focus on they say the whole purpose of the criminal justice system is just to make people better reform people and the death penalty doesn't do that so we got to get rid of it first of all i think it does reform people i think to quote dr johnson hanging concentrates the mind when you know that you're about to be hanged or electrocuted or just executed by any manner by the state it focuses your mind wonderfully not on kind of temporal concerns but on the eternal question so i think even from a medicinal standpoint death penalty has something to say for it but then most importantly the thing that everyone forgets is justice the primary purpose of criminal justice is to punish people for committing crimes for committing acts of injustice it is retributive that's not some people think that's terrible that's a horrible idea or that it's that's just a secondary feature of the system no that's the primary one if if the criminal justice system were just about rehabilitation then there's no reason to require that someone commit a crime to get into the system we could all use a little rehabilitation we've all got really nasty habits that we could have fixed if the purpose were merely deterrent same thing you wouldn't necessarily need to commit a crime to do it as long as we make an example of somebody that could have a deterrent effect the the reason it's the criminal justice system is you need to commit a crime to do it so you receive retribution for that and that is what happens when we exact justice just consider how backwards that is even beyond the idea that we kill a million innocent babies a year but we we ring our you know we clutch our pearls and we rend our garments when we kill one torturing psychopath murderer who kills an eight-year-old but forget that we've just had this whole black lives matter movement we've just had this whole remember that we're setting the cities on fire and tearing down statues and it's the most important protest in the country and yet when innocent black lives are killed blm is nowhere to be found and yet those same radical leftists who support organizations like blm cry over these crazy white supremacists ironically these killers that's a backwards sort of priorities think about this we just saw this in st louis if you walk up to somebody who's on their own property and you wave a gun in their face and you threaten them and you say i'm coming for you i'm gonna get you that's fine you're a peaceful protester as long as you have the right politics but if you are the property owner whose life and whose family's life and whose property is being threatened and you take out a gun and you say i'm going to use this if you try to get me that could be a crime the mccloskeys i spoke to mark mccloskey who played part of that interview yesterday the mccloskeys is the guy in the pink polo shirt and the white chinos who defended their lives and property in st louis they expect to be indicted that's the rumor going around st louis there's already been a search by the police of their home their weapons have been confiscated it seems like only a matter of time and everyone is cheering this on fortunately the president of the united states can see through this absurdity can see this injustice he just came out and defended the mccloskeys and when you look at st louis with two people that came out they were going to be beat up badly if they were lucky okay if they were lucky they were going to be beat up badly and the house was going to be totally ransacked and probably burned down like they tried to burn down churches and these people were standing there never used it and they were legal the weapons and now i understand somebody local they want to prosecute these people it's a disgrace it is a disgrace absolutely is and it's a great use by the president of the bully pulpit to try to inject a little bit of common sense in here and it's very interesting i guess sign of the times you're living in it's very interesting what president trump will defend and what he will not defend because i thought when i saw trump come out and and defend the mccloskeys i thought this is it this guy totally gets it we talked yesterday on the show about how these seemingly trivial issues oh this little family in st louis oh this statue of george washington or christopher columbus who cares it's just a little issue it's no big deal we got to talk about stuff of national importance you know like tax rates or something so it doesn't matter and what president trump realizes is what the character of the queen's private secretary understands in the crown the tv show which is that it's in the small things that the rot begins it's in these seemingly trivial cultural matters little little in story about a family in st louis that the rot begins and president trump has a laser focus on that sort of stuff and yet at the same time as he's talking about that the trump administration is reversing course on what i thought was a tremendously popular policy it was a way to pressure schools as we're trying to get the schools to reopen which they absolutely should the only reason the schools are going to remain shut down is for political purposes to make it easier for joe biden to hide out in his basement for the next three months and then hopefully get elected president without having to put his foot in his mouth every single day on the campaign trail that's what the democrats are thinking so the trump administration trying to pressure schools one way they were doing that is they were saying okay if you're here on a student visa you're here to study at an american university but now that university campus won't open up and you're going to do online learning you have to go back to your country as we said made perfect sense it's a brilliant policy now people derided this they said oh it's terrible you're sending these poor students back home yes of course we are the reason that they are here in the united states is to study if they can do it online if the left wants to push that ridiculous policy for its own political reasons by the way that's fine but they have to deal with the consequences of that then and the consequences of that are that these students that they love welcoming into the country have to go home because there's no reason for them to be in the united states now if those students want to come into the united states by another means they want to get a work visa or however else they can get here they're free to do that they can apply for that kind of visa but you don't get to have your cake and eat it too you don't get all the benefits without any of the costs that are being pushed because the left has an agenda come come november so unfortunately the trump administration has backed off of this they've they've withdrawn this proposed rule that would have forced the the foreign students to go back home if their colleges weren't opening in the fall i don't know who's advising trump on this but it's bad stuff you can see it in real time you can see this happening this this tug of war going on in the administration i don't talk to that many people in the administration and yet so it's not like i'm telling you tales at a school here from gossip that somebody called me about but you can just see it play out in real time because there will be an official statement from the white house on one thing and then president trump will undercut it in a tweet he'll usually give the more correct view in the tweet usually not all the time but but more times than than not and then the policy will back off there's a tug of war trump should listen to his gut he should listen to the conservatives in the administration whoever is going weak whoever is going squishy as we're getting closer to november is is not giving him good advice but it's so interesting what he'll defend what he won't defend when it's him or when it when the policy has been formed by some committee of squishes who were born and bred and raised in the swampland of washington d.c because president trump recognizes even on issues that peop no one really wants to defend

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