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Become a member today and use the promo code DEBUNKED to get 25% off your membership! | JOIN: https://utm.io/uc79Kthree perverts have become the first thruple of men all to be listed on a baby's birth certificate how which one of them went through labor which one pushed uh it's a little complicated buckle up for the most disturbing story that you have heard since tiger king i'm michael knowles this michael knowles show [Music] welcome back to the show my favorite comment from yesterday is from old schooled who points out that the left says mother earth gives us life and the left also says not all people who give birth are women that's true you currently have a very famous catholic priest misgendering god himself so surely we can misgender mother earth maybe it's daddy earth maybe maybe earth is not just a single mother or daddy but a throuple maybe we're the child of this uh inanimate earthly i don't know it's very very complicated childbirth these days and uh being raised in a culture 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this is a very serious threat no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses but you can keep what's yours with lifelock identity theft protection join now and save up to 25 off your first year by going to lifelock.com knowles that is lifelock.com knowles canon wlas to save 25 off i did not believe this headline when i first saw it i assumed that this was a sensationalist headline and that the story would actually be a little more anodyne than than the headline would make it out to be but actually it's the opposite the the story just gets worse and worse and worse the more you read it headline in the washing or in the new york post rather gay polly thrupple makes history lists three dads on the birth certificate a gay polyamorous california thruple i i'd have to say the only part of this story that i don't hate is the word throuple because it's kind of funny the reality not so funny but the word it's funny to say throuple a gay polyamorous california throuple made history in 2017 when they became the first family in the state to list three parents on a birth certificate their reproductive journey and legal battle to become fathers to piper now three is detailed in three dads and a baby out march 9th written by one of her dads dr ian jenkins these three perverts names are ian jenkins jeremy hodges and dr alan mayfield doctors so they're all look they're very elite people they're they're experts there there's no reason to question their degenerate behavior uh they don't see their family which now also includes their son parker as unusual look it's not a big deal okay and then they go on and explain why this kind of uh child abuse is not a big deal love is love right love is love love is love by the logic of love is love this makes some sense i said this at the time when people were talking about redefining marriage and they were trying to turn it from a basic question about the nature of marriage to a question about civil rights and what you hate gay people and what you're a mean old guy or something i said by the logic that is being pushed here there is no limiting principle scalia made this point too i mean the conservatives at the the actual conservatives at the time of the obergefell decision made this point they say this has nothing to do with animus for anybody because of sexual desires or anything like that we're simply asking what is marriage if marriage has gone from being a natural union of husbands and wives for the for the sort of tea loss of family creation procreation uh the basic political institution if it if it goes from that and then you take away the entire tea loss the entire purpose of that the the entire uh historical understanding of marriage and the natural purpose of it and it just means love is love then there's no reason that it should only include two people forget the even the question of men or women it there's no limiting principle you could have 10 people in a marriage if it's all just about love is love and look they love having a baby so what are you going to limit that what are you selfish this also shows the question to be a complete completely ridiculous argument when sometimes you'll hear mostly libertarians but sometimes conservatives will say this they'll say look i don't want the government involved in marriage anyway the government is involved in marriage in part not least of all to prevent this kind of child abuse but the government failed to prevent that kind of child abuse sure because conservatives and libertarians basically pulled away from the entire debate and said we don't want to use the government we don't want to use our political power we don't think that we should stop the left from running roughshod over our culture anyway so we've just handed the reins of power over to the left we shouldn't be surprised when they abuse that power but the state obviously has a role in this if the family is the basic political institution then obviously any political organization from the local to the national level is going to have some interest in that institution this is the most selfish thing i have seen maybe ever certainly the most selfish big news story i've seen ever some people are saying michael you don't know if the child is going to be abused you don't i'm not saying that the the guys are all like the marquis de sade and they're all going to start doing all sorts of heinous things to the baby i'm saying this is the abuse this the whole thing is the abuse initially what what it seemed like these three people were going to do these three men was that they were going to adopt a fertilized embryo so a little little miniature baby that are that was frozen through various other bioethically not totally sound reproductive practices and so they were going to adopt it implant it into a surrogate rent some woman's womb have the baby grow and then uh that would be the baby and that would that would be bad enough but it actually is a bioethically different question because the embryo already existed the baby was already created and then thrown in a freezer like happens all too often today but then that didn't work according to this story the they tried that a few times and the babies died basically the little tiny embryos died and so what they did was their quote a friend named megan came to the rescue and donated her eggs to the trio so what these guys did was they went out and they created a baby for the express purpose of denying that child the ability to know her mother ever and then to be raised in a perpetual orgy that's what they love is love right this is the real tiger i don't mention it only because i think this should be illegal and these men should be in prison in a just society obviously not in our society but in a just society that would be the case but that's not the only reason i mentioned it the reason i mentioned it has a broader cultural and political point this is tiger king what the dominant liberal elite wants us to believe is that tiger king you know the the kind of the the kind of crazy behavior and the sexual bizarre arrangements and all this kind of selfishness that that happens on a on a tiger farm in florida you know it's florida man it's the guy joe exotic with the mullet and he talks funny and he smokes a lot of meth or whatever and he's in a he's in this exact relationship he's in this sort of gay throuple uh no the real tiger king culture happens with our elites these guys are these are medical doctors right i think so maybe they're just using the term doctor a little more broadly than that but you've got two doctors these guys have advanced education they seem to be fairly well off because these processes are pretty expensive they are engaging in in far more egregious behavior than any florida man like joe exotic ever did the depravity of our culture does not come from the deplorable irredeemable bitter clinging people in the middle of the country who voted for that fascist trump the depravity far greater depravity comes from the liberal elite that pretends to be so much better than us that tells us how to live our lives think of the children as an overused line and it is often exploited by demagogues so i try to avoid the line you know i don't want to sound like the lady in the simpsons well somebody please think of the children however there are some circumstances where you actually need to think of the children think of what a selfish monster you have to be to do this to a baby i mean i'm saying i'm now seeing a baby like quite a lot and a baby's keeping me up quite a lot a baby has an a right to his parents sometimes you know obviously kids are in bad circumstances and kids can be adopted in certain ways let's not forget of course that there are something like 32 couples trying to adopt for every baby up for adoption in the united states but this is a totally different to create a baby to deny the baby his mother to put them to put these babies into this bizarre selfish sexual situation absolutely outrageous tommy tuberville new republican senator made this point on the senate floor he said you know there there are times in this country even if the line is overused when you do have to think of the children we've got to start teaching our young people moral values again that starts with putting god and prayer back in our schools our kids need structure and they need to learn right from wrong i've watched everything that has happened in education over the past few decades from a front row seat on my sideline as a coach it's embarrassing as a person who chooses to spend their career in education i now have the opportunity to say something as a united states senator our young people are our number one hope for this country's future if we don't recognize that we're going to lose our country as we know it so what what tommy tuberville is saying here it's not some emotionally manipulative play he's just he's stating a truism right the children the children are the future in as much as we're born we grow we die and then the next generation rinses and repeats right so when you look i've been saying this for years when you look at a university campus it's not like that's some little zoo and then the kids are going to get fixed when they get into the real world you're looking at the future you're looking at a crystal ball for your country so if children are educated to exercise their moral conscience practice the virtues learn their nation's history love their country and develop their faculties of higher learning their higher reason that is going to lead to one kind of a country a good country if on the other hand kids are not taught even sort of the rudimentary things that will help develop their faculties of reason and they're also taught a bunch of cockamamie left-wing theories about how terrible their country is and about how awful conservatives are or something and how awful the founding fathers are if they're taught that they can't even discern right and wrong that you can't trust your moral conscience if you're taught that you can't make judgments from the natural world you can't make ethical judgments then you're gonna have a different kind of country you're gonna have tiger king country which these three perverts are showing us pretty clearly if you want to listen you know it seems to me like we're kind of an underdog country at the moment the hope to have a really good thriving country is an underdog battle right now if you want to listen to a true underdog story you gotta check out true underdog podcast raised in a trailer park with no clear path to success kicked out of high school multiple times and faced with becoming a father in his teens jason waller is the definition of a true underdog after hearing the words no or you can't too many times he unleashed the power within to start three successful companies with his most recent venture power home solar skyrocketing on a path to becoming a billion dollar enterprise join us as waller a four-time entrepreneur of the year winner shares motivational tips and inspiring stories and business building lessons from the ground up he shares his life experiences and that of his high profile guests to help others better themselves as walter will tell you there is no elevator to success that climb only happens one step at a time let every true underdog podcast be that step that elevates you scared money won't make money learn about failure learn about entrepreneurship learn about never quitting or making excuses it's real it's raw it's motivational check out true underdog podcast at trueunderdog.com or anywhere you get your podcasts go check it out right now if children are the future unfortunately we're getting some bad news from the schools because the schools are going in the other direction they are totally failing students that is nothing new but they're actually accelerating the their efforts to fail students and therefore fail our nation's future this from boston public schools canceling advanced classes because why because of covid no it's actually not because of covet because of some issue with the curriculum no it's not the curriculum boston public schools are canceling the advanced classes because the students who make it into those classes are considered too white and too asian fourth fifth and sixth graders will not be accepted into advanced placement classes in boston for the next year because most of the students a majority of the students are white or asian this program it's called the advanced work classes will suspend enrollment because of quote concerns about equity this is what we have been told this has become a cliche about the left that the left wants not to bring up the people who are not doing as well but they want to bring down the people who are doing well and in this case they're doing it through a process of explicit racial discrimination and they'll they'll defend it because they have these theories about white supremacy and they tell people that white people are bad and they they push a sort of national ideology a governing ideology of white guilt but what about the asians you know even if if let's just say that the ideology of white guilt is so ingrained that it's going to be really hard to fight against it and it's evil but you can understand why this sort of thing is being allowed in schools what do the asians ever do there's no ideology of asian supremacy or asian guilt why do these kids not get to go to their advanced classes because other students of other races don't do as well on the placement tests why are you going to punish the kids why are you going to hold them back that is a national pathology john brennan who didn't i think he voted for a communist for president once seriously i'll i'll have to double check that i was i always confused brennan and clapper but this guy really awful awful sort of obama-era official brennan goes on msnbc and describes the guilt that he feels the shame that he feels not for all the terrible things he did and all the stupid opinions he holds no he feels the guilt and shame because of his race and his sex i must say to claire's point i'm increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days like what i see of my other white males saying wow oh my gosh so brave wow so brave and you can see this woman she's one of the worst on msnbc i forget her name is it nicole wallace she's giggling oh yes that's right talk more about those awful white men oh we have to take them and throw defenestrate them we need to throw them bodily out of our country in the name of racial and sexual equality pathetic it's very pathetic john brennan is a pathetic man but it's not just him who holds this view this has become a part of the national the the this this idea that uh men are bad and white people are bad has really broken into the mainstream from the fringes of the left now it's it's pretty pretty mainstream this narrative has been growing for a while and it's it's the it's sort of the lens through which we see a lot of our our political history barack obama actually worked this kind of racial narrative into his biography from his earliest days he's now doing this absolutely insufferable podcast with bruce springsteen which is somehow those two guys bad enough in themselves make each other worse somehow the the sum is worse than the individual parts but barack obama was describing at this time that he was in in school in hawaii and some kid called him a racial slur and he broke his nose when i was in school i had a friend we played basketball together and one time we got in a fight and he called me a co wow now first of all ain't no questions in hawaii right so you know it's one of those things where he might not even no one wanted what he knew was i can hurt you by saying this and i remember i popped him in the face and broke his nose and we were in the locker room well done and suddenly blood's pouring down and it was just reactive i just yeah i said what and i popped him and he said why'd you do that and i explained to him i said don't you ever call me something like that okay uh alex i'll take uh things that never happened for 500 please i'm not saying nothing like this ever happened but politicians have a habit of exaggerating stories over time obama in particular biden for sure does that barack obama already told a version of this story in his first book which was actually a pretty good book dreams from my father have to hand it to him i i wouldn't i'm not saying run out to the store and go read it but it's better than the other stuff he's written and said in his career and in that version of the story he just gave the kid a bloody nose now you see it's being heightened he broke his nose okay all right fine maybe maybe something like this happened this narrative because the kid said a racial slur everyone's reaction to that is well that's that's justified and i actually sort of think if someone really starts using fighting words this sort of thing uh one one has their limits on what they're going to take and a culture that understands chivalry and honor once understood that william f buckley jr is as mainstream a conservative as ever there was had been called a nazi by gore vidal for the umpteenth time on national television and he famously said using a slur not for black people but for uh homosexuals he said uh listen you queer stop calling me a crypto nazi or i'll smash you in your face and you'll stay plastered too so uh you know even even as mainstream a conservative as that would say yeah there are limits don't don't use these fighting words the point though that obama makes that i think is really important here is the kid didn't call obama that word because the kid hates black hated black people right and obama's admitting that he makes this point he says there ain't no slurs for black people in hawaii if you're in hawaii you're kind of in a different social milieu it's just a different context the kid called obama that word whether in obama's fantasies or whether some event like that happened in real life because the kid was angry at obama and he knew that that word would hurt him i i have on rarican there you know p italians don't get called a lot of slurs in america anymore they used to they don't really anymore uh unless you're chris woman you get called fredo and you pretend that that's an italian slur but there have been a couple times in my life i've been called an italian slur and i don't think it's because the people who called me that hate italians i don't think people really harbor deep-seated hatred for italians really anymore uh they called me because i did something that they didn't like or they were just angry at me and so they said okay what can i hit ugg i can attack him for being a dude i can attack him for being italian i can attack him for being just so so handsome i don't know i don't know what was going through their mind this i think is very important when we talk about racism and this ism and that ism not everything is a systemic institutional problem sometimes people just don't like you and they're going to try to hurt you and that's wrong but it doesn't speak to a broader pathology or a broader bigotry in this country and i think that as masculinity is also now castigated as toxic people are losing sight of this men talk to each other in a rough way and sometimes they're earnestly rough and sometimes they're jokingly rough i remember one time i was in college and in my suite you know all the guy with different rooms kind of connected to a common room we were all just we were mean to each other but we were good very good friends we were all the same mean things to each other one time there was a young lady who was visiting our suite and she heard the way we talked to each other she said oh my gosh do you hate each other i said what are we talking about we're good friends right better friends than most people on this campus that is something i think important to keep in mind because we're about to hear a whole lot about institutional racism and systemic bigotry because the trial of derek chauvin the police officer who is involved in the death of george floyd that's about to take place in minneapolis and the city of minneapolis seems to be gearing up for world war three i mean you thought that what they did at the capitol in washington dc after this the january 6th riot was intense they are locking this place down in minneapolis as though it is a fortress why because maybe the facts of the case are going to show that the blm narrative that justified burning down cities around the country for six or eight months maybe that narrative wasn't totally true which we will get to in just one second but first got to tell you you got to check out ben's show today he's going to be talking about the cancellation of dr seuss you thought you thought it was bad enough when they canceled gina carano and they're going after dr seuss now go check that out you also got to check out ben and daily wire's newest series debunked every friday then we'll expose popular fallacies purported by left-wing activists and politicians in the first episode which is now available to daily wire members ben debunks the myth of minimum wage debunked is available exclusively to daily wire members go to dailywire.com subscribe use code debunked to get 25 off your new membership and stay tuned for this friday's episode where ben will break down unions that's code debunked for 25 off we'll be right back with a lot more the hennepin county district court in minneapolis which will be holding the trial of the officer involved in the death of george floyd has been quote ringed with concrete barriers security fencing and barbed wire there is increased security in the area including the minneapolis police hennepin county sheriff's deputies minnesota state troopers and the national guard what does this mean it means they think that the cop is going to get off right if the cop is going to have the book thrown at him they're not going to need all this stuff maybe they will maybe there will be riots of celebration but it seems to me all this security measures all of these measures suggest that the narrative we were told about george st george floyd who i think the narrative being pushed by the mainstream media was george floyd he wasn't on drugs at the time george floyd he didn't have a dodgy past george floyd he wasn't resisting arrest what the narrative was george floyd is innocent as the newly driven snow and this cop basically brutalized him to death without any question and maybe the cop acted inappropriately i guess we'll find out in the trial maybe all of the things that george floyd had been doing including the drugs most notably maybe that didn't have any effect on his death but the evidence we've seen so far from autopsies and other sort of evidence suggests that the story is much more complicated than the narrative would have led on and maybe this cop is going to get off because i think minnesota thinks that he's going to get off the city of minneapolis is hiring black social media influencers to push propaganda about the trial this story came out just a few days ago city city of minneapolis would hire social media influencers from local minority communities to help facilitate the spread of news and combat misinformation during derek chovan's trial reportedly in the hopes to head off the unrest unrest one of the most orwellian words in our language unrest meaning violence and riots this is just bribery right this is just a sort of self-extortion the city of minneapolis is extorting itself and giving money to leaders in these communities to try to buy their goodwill and help tell people in these communities not to riot and torch the whole city really a pathetic dereliction of leadership from the city of minneapolis that they they basically have to pay a tribute to these local communities not to burn down the whole city the city of minneapolis has since announced they're going to drop the plan just yesterday they came out when this came to light this elicited enough bad looks all around that they decided that they were going to drop it but it's a bad state in our country where we have such a an atrophied understanding of justice that city officials have to bribe local neighborhood leaders not to burn down the city ties into our understanding of justice when you've got a throuple that's permitted to create a child for the explicit purpose of denying that child the access to her mother designer babies for their own selfish reasons to to be put in a perpetual orgy of these three dudes speaking of justice merrick garland merrick garland looking a little more radical than some of us thought he was garland as you know was supposed to be the supreme court nominee that obama put up to replace antonin scalia and cocaine mitch held firm and that's how we got more conservative judges garland then went back to his uh regular judgeship now he's being pushed for the attorney general position in biden's administration when when he was named i thought okay well could do a lot worse with these radicals so garland okay that's fine his answers though have not impressed people ted cruz one of the people who was uh questioning him says that he's very disappointed in garland's answers he has built built a reputation for not being overly partisan and so i was hopeful that when judge garland came before this committee that he would indicate a commitment to the rule of law and a commitment to standing up to the hard politicization and weaponization of the justice department that we saw during the eight years of the obama biden administration i have to say judge garland's testimony before this committee and his subsequent answers to the questions for the record left me deeply deeply disappointed on question after question after question judge garland refused to answer virtually anything this is the key here he wouldn't answer so simple questions he just wouldn't answer he'd punt he'd say we're going to look at it we've got to review it this this is the difference the the radical left the openly radical left like the aoc types they just tell you exactly what they think the moderate left like the joe biden types they don't tell you what they're going to do but they're going to do the same thing they're all going in exactly the same direction merrick garland is probably the most moderate biden nominee and seems like he's a radical too jen saki doing the same thing she was asked a simple question about what's going to happen to 600 to 800 000 migrants and what's her answer no answer one other thing that the presi

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