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Join today:ย ย's over it's over the 2024 presidential primary campaign has not begun yet but it's already over ron desantis go home ted cruz stay in texas nikki haley don't even try we know who the republican party nominee is going to be she's she's floating the idea of a campaign it was so obvious liz cheney is apparently entertaining a 2024 republican bid for president it really really is over huh i'm michael knowles this is the michael knowles show welcome back to the show my favorite comment yesterday is from donald trump j on youtube who says impeach joe biden save our nation oh my sweet sweet child would that it were so simple but it is not so simple if you impeached joe biden do you know what would change absolutely nothing whatsoever because joe biden is nobody joe biden is a suit in human shape there's only air blowing in between that suit there is nothing that he wakes up in the morning he puts his finger in the air he feels the wind blowing he's nothing but the avatar of the liberal establishment which has power and which exercises power and the gop does not have any similar institutional or cultural sway which is why the gop today is like herding a bunch of cats it's so split it is so absolutely out of its mind that liz cheney is actually considering running for president oh my goodness do you remember the olden days when the republicans used to be able to exercise power gosh it was so far back i can't remember them without the aid of old slides old film reels old pictures all of which can be digitally preserved with legacy box legacy box is a super simple mail-in service to have all your video tapes camcorder tapes film reels and pictures digitally preserved on a thumb drive dvd or the cloud legacy box is a way for you to easily and affordably preserve your past this is something that i didn't know i needed it until i needed it until i lost every photo of a beloved a relative of mine who had died thankfully i found the photos again they are now in my possession first thing i'm going to do send them off to legacy box they're one wonderful way to future proof your memories great for mother's day too by the way for a limited time legacy box is running a 50 off mother's day special order your legacy box today to take advantage of this incredible offer one of the best discounts they've ever offered it's perfect for you or someone you love go to legacybox.comknowles save 50 while supplies last that is knowlescannonwles liz cheney man that lady is a representative of the very desiccated shallow ridiculous liberal wing of the party that dominated for i don't know the past 20 30 years or so but has really fallen out of favor especially in beginning in 2016 and certainly through 2020 liz cheney was one of the only people on the republican side to vote to impeach president trump even though she's in house republican leadership kevin mccarthy who is the republican leader in the house has finally come out and said you know this liz cheney lady she's really making things tough mccarthy made a good point he said there is a responsibility if you're going to be in leadership leaders eat last and when leaders try to go out and not work as one team it creates difficulties when he says leaders eat last he's referring to a buffet line you go out there and you got to make sure all your guys are fed first you got to make sure you're taking care of all the people in your team but liz cheney doesn't do that because liz cheney is not really a republican and what i mean by that i'm not just saying she's a rhino you know this this very often overused line what i'm saying is she doesn't care at all about the republican party obviously not she didn't vote for the republican for president i don't think she did in 2016 she certainly didn't in 2020 then she voted to impeach him liz cheney represents her wing of the democratic party call it the neocons that's the term usually applied to it meaning people who are very very much supportive of adventurism abroad american empire abroad but don't particularly care for conservative priorities at home that group of people made up one third of the reagan coalition you had the war hawk former democrat types in the reagan coalition then you had the economic libertarians and then you had the traditional conservatives and the religious right in there as well and for the past 30 years or so after the cold war when this coalition's been trying to hobble along the traditional conservatives they always cave the religious right always caves we go along we get in line we go along with say the libertarians the libertarians sometimes cave too particularly on foreign policy but whatever we go along we get along we vote we go with the nominee and then that third group those warhawk ex-liberal neocon whatever word you want to use they don't go along the minute they saw a candidate that they don't like namely donald trump they're out they become never trump they vote for some egg mcmuffin candidate they in 2020 vote for joe biden many of them well then you can't be part of the coalition you can't a political coalition doesn't work that way if two constituent parts of it always give up everything for the team and then the third part the minute they don't get their way they don't go along with it then you're just not on the team and that's the issue with liz cheney here j i i suspect actually the reason cheney's talking about running in 2024 is because she knows that her chances of surviving a primary are very very low for her congressional race so she's trying to pretend like she's going to run for something else no that isn't going to happen liz cheney [Music] who is the past of the gop raises this question if she's the past then what is the future what is the future of the gop and we have all everyone has different sorts of answers i've got a very basic answer that i think is the bare minimum if the gop is to have a future if the gop is going to survive the gop needs to be the party of doing things doing things for a long time i know this sounds very basic but it's something that the republican party i think needs to hear for a very long time the gop predicated its entire identity on not doing things they took up this sort of pseudo quasi-libertarian language of you know if the government that governs best governs least you know the government anytime the government does anything it's illegitimate taxation is theft whatever all these kinds of slogans the minute the government passes any laws that's over regulation we got to get rid of that we got to cut taxes we got to do less and less and less no never was particularly coherent certainly isn't coherent right now going up against a liberal establishment that controls everything the gop vision that will have a future if it is to have a future is a gop that does things give you an example the montana legislature yesterday passed a bill prohibiting employers from requiring their employees to get the covid vaccine as a condition of employment this is a a regulation that will be passed to create a new requirement for businesses to impede what businesses want to do this is big government if ever i saw it and i love it i'm really glad that the government is going in we the people or they the people of montana through their elected representatives using the government to stop businesses from doing what the businesses want to do to protect the rights and liberties and traditional way of life of montanans that's good that's i know some people who are used to the libertarian language they're going to say i don't know regulation on business that tells them they can't do what they want to do that's a good thing more regulation in this case means more freedom more regulation in this case means a greater protection of the american way of life when i think of tradition i want to go back to be before all this crazy time when we have everything as newfangled and highly technical and all that i 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giveaway and good luck winning the stash of goods idaho just signed a great heartbeat bill the idaho republican governor brad little signed a bill on tuesday that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be protected it's called the fetal heartbeat pre-born child protection act prohibits medical providers from performing abortion procedures after a fetal heartbeat can be detected which is around four to six weeks of pregnancy which would get rid of a whole lot of abortions a woman who receives an abortion would be allowed to sue the medical provider who provided it really clever way to do this because you the bat you're making the abortionists the bad guys which is important the way that the pro-abortion people have been able to advance their argument it's not really an argument it's just an emotional appeal is they say you want to turn women who are desperate into criminals no no we're just trying to turn the abortionists into criminals actually and that seems fine by me and it actually creates an incentive for the women even the ones who've procured abortions to sue the people who provide the abortions so it it really puts a lot of pressure on the abortionists love that fabulous but this is big government this is a big regulation we can't come on we're the party of personal choice there are many people in the call it the liz cheney wing of the party the liberal wing of the republican party that will vote for say pro-abortion democrats if the republicans nominate someone that they don't like there are a lot of them who will say no we can't we can't do this when we have big tent right we need a big tent party for pro-abortion people we need a big tent party for people who want to erase the fundamental distinction in human nature we need a big tent party for people who want to go bomb the middle east but we don't have a big tent party for traditional conservatives we don't have a big tent party for old school so how big is the tent really the length this language of personal choice is the be-all and end-all of politics this was a trap that was laid before us by the liberal wing of the republican party the adventurist overseas wing of the republican party that would go bomb the middle east as their number one political priority it was a trap because politics cannot just be about the formal question of personal choice it has to be about what choices we're making that's what we decide in self-government what about this issue of abortion in idaho you know that we have a devout catholic president i don't know if you know that the white house has really promoted this idea a lot that the president he's a devout catholic how dare you question his catholicism well he's really at odds with the catholic church on a fundamental question which is life which as pope saint john paul ii pointed out is not just merely one issue among many this issue of life is a basic issue it's the basic right from which all the other rights come so a reporter asks jensaki your devout catholic boss there joe biden seems to be at odds with the catholic bishops on this issue of using cells from aborted babies for scientific research you want to explain that for us jen saki doesn't have much of an answer as you well know the administration just lifted the ban on researchers using fetal tissue from elective abortions in the u.s conference of catholic bishops the leaders of the president's own faith said in reaction it is deeply offensive quote to millions of americans for our tax dollars to be used for research that collaborates with an industry built on the taking of innocent lives how does the white house respond to that criticism look i think the white house specific or respectfully disagrees and we believe that it's important to invest in science and and look for opportunities to cure diseases and i think that's what this is hopeful to do yes the white house respectfully disagrees with this with the bishops you're not but you're not allowed to respectfully disagree by the way if you're a catholic on an issue such as this there's no like well you know you do you and i'll do me and that's my personal choice and then we'll all just go sing the acoustic guitar songs at church on sunday no it doesn't work that way you've got to make these choices and if you if you diverge from the church from the moral order on this issue you are putting yourself in grave danger you're making a decision to not be a devout catholic there this this idea of personal choice doesn't take you very far ultimately we will be judged on the specific choices so we need to start talking in that kind of language because with regard to joe biden and the catholic church i'm speaking in a really eternal sense here and in the long game of judgment but we will be judged as a political party for the choices that we are making here this mealy-mouthed language of you do you ain't going to take us very far as a party either ben is going to be talking about the all these crazy covet choices that joe biden has made and how he's totally blown it so make sure to check that out also join us tonight for a special episode of backstage where we will finally be watching joe biden's first congressional speech live uh who knows if it's live i assume it's pre-taped for joe biden i just assume anytime joe biden speaks it's pre-taped but he says it's going to be live we will certainly be live that's going to be a lot of fun tonight 8 30 p.m eastern 7 30 central on and on our youtube channel over at daily wire also we don't have another great episode of candace coming at you this friday this week canvas is hosting dave rubin they're gonna have a whole lot to discuss especially what's going on in california my old failed state of uh currently being run by new cellini with the new potential opponent caitlyn jenner yep go check it out subscribe and stream candace live on fridays at 9 pm eastern 8 pm central only at daily wire 25 off right now from a new membership with code candace at subscribe we will be right back with a lot more three cheers for big government once again in idaho idaho's passing a lot of great bills right now they passed that great heartbeat bill and now they're passing a bill to ban critical race theory in schools this is hb 377 which will now be sent to gop governor brad little and i hope he signs it total big government regulation here folks limiting the choice and the specifically the academic freedom of teachers to teach critical race theory oh it's so backwards so restrictive and oppressive and not liberating and it's not for small government and it's perfect it's terrific i love it i love it three positions on critical race theory there is the mandate critical race theory that's the left wing position there is the look if your school wants to teach it that's fine but just don't mandate it and just don't make me show up to the mandatory training on crt come on personal choice right that's the kind of squishy position on critical race theory then there is the conservative position which is that this is poison this is this cuts at the heart not just of the country but of education itself and it needs to be excised and banned and cast into the outer darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth that's the right view chesterton has a great line which is that there is a thought that stops thought and that is the only thought that ought to be stopped there is critical race theory is among those thoughts that stop thought critical race theory which is a derivative of critical theory which is a derivative of the western marxist tradition that focuses much more on culture it is one of the key components of political correctness it's also one of the key aspects that i discuss in my upcoming book speechless controlling words controlling minds available now for pre-order you can you can even pre-order the audiobook by the way because i've been recording the audiobook for the past couple days it's been a lot of fun one of the aspects of critical race theory is not just that it castigates america as bigoted and racist and terrible and it teaches children who are educated in part to learn about and love their country it teaches them to do the opposite it teaches them to hate their country so that alone would suffice to get it banned but critical race theory goes further and it it doubts the possibility of reason itself it undercuts the idea that we have faculties of reason that we can know things about the outside world the objective reality it it in many ways will dismiss essential aspects of our education as mere excuses for white supremacy do you remember a few years ago the smithsonian sent out a guide and it said that language like hard work and objective truth that's those are just code words for white supremacy so we got to get rid of hard work and objective truth that's the sort of gobbledygook and nonsense that comes out of critical race theory so you see if you go into an educational institution and you teach people reason and objective truth are false you have not expanded the curriculum you have not opened students minds you have undermined the entire education you have limited education seems like you're expanding it but you're actually limiting it so here in idaho they have a bill that seems like it's a big government intrusion on freedom actually it is a it is a regulation but it is expanding people's freedom it is expanding people's education it is making people more free by imposing more limits on what these lunatic teachers can do that is fighting back by doing something we need to fight back by do we're not going to fight back by doing nothing we're not going to fight back by using the andrew breitbart doctrine as an excuse to not actually exercise political power breitbart said politics is downstream of culture fair enough like all slogans well i'm sorry it is true some slogans are not true at all but like all slogans it is not totally true yes culture influences politics we need to make better movies we need to take over cultural institutions no doubt about that i'm 100 in agreement with that but that is not an excuse for politicians who we elect to not do their jobs because politics influences culture too the example i keep going back to is east germany east germany is an atheist region i think it's got a 10 rate of religiosity west germany greater than 50 self-identification as religious what's the difference is it just a is it a cultural difference in the flavors of bratwurst in the two areas no it's a political difference because the west was free and east germany was dominated by an officially communist soviet regime for the cold war so the berlin wall falls the soviet union falls but the cultural effects of that political regime continue to dominate in east germany so we need to be able to exercise that too great way to do it indiana governor eric holcomb just signed a law last week that will protect the state's churches by designating them as essential and forbidding state authorities from treating them differently than secular establishments during public health emergencies you saw this happen i especially saw this happen firsthand in california during the height of last year's coronavirus hysteria churches were shut down you weren't allowed to go inside churches you were told then if you did go inside you were not allowed to sing you they really did persecute the churches but the marijuana dispensaries were essential that had to stay open that was an essential service you saw this in other places where you know churches were closed but casinos were open let's say that is not hypocrisy exactly it's a hierarchy certain things are more important to the dominant liberal regime than churches basically everything is more important to the dominant liberal regime than churches that's just the that's the state established church of secular progressivism that we're living under so we need to fight back by passing a big government regulation that says that churches are essential they're at least on par with marijuana dispensaries and casinos because while politics is downstream of culture there are some rivers in this world flow in the other direction and one might say with equal seriousness that culture is downstream of politics the left does not recognize the religious character of its political program i think this is in part why conservatives are so bad at actually doing things in politics part of it is because we've been tricked by stupid cowardly language from the liz cheney wing of the party for 20 years but part of it is because we have churches part of it is because for the right our policies are not everything you know we do we have churches we have civic associations we have our families and the left has less and less of that and they combine a lot of these things for the left their politics is their religion i'm not the first guy to say it but more people are catching on to that whereas the right is pretty clear yeah here's my church here's my religion here's my politics here's how they interact is how they're separate for the left they say we don't have a religion no we don't have a church we're scientific we just do what works you know whatever our high priest dr fauci tells us to do they don't understand they're not aware of it but some people are waking up like rose mcgowan who is this actress she was very central to the metoo movement rose went on fox news and came out and said that the the democratic party is a replacement church it's like a cult as some of you know some of you don't know if you've heard my name or read anything on me in the media i grew up in a cult and it was a very famous cult called children of god and it gave me a superpower it gave me the ability to see the control and the propaganda machine especially in the us for what it is and how it harms people and how the left can harm people just as much as the right if they go very very deep into it and ignore all other aspects of kind of reality in a way and and that you're serving a master that might not be serving you and i always say i come in peace i am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices but i am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don't know the signs and and i do believe democrats most especially are in a deep cult that they really don't and know about and aren't really aware of and i leave the republicans alone more because i do respect people more that are like this is what we are this is what we're about this is what we're against what she's saying here is not merely that the democrats are a cult i think that's true largely but that sounds like a relatively more shallow political hit right that's just yeah you're in a cult you're okay fine but she's taking this further and making a very insightful point here she said at least for the republicans who are in a cult and you know culture and cult have a lot to do with one another people call all sorts of religions cult but at least for the republicans at least for the people on the right they know that they're in it plenty of people call the catholic church a cult i would call it the one true church i know that i'm in it i know i'm coming i'm right out with you here i say i yes i am in the catholic church which believes certain things and doesn't believe other things maybe you're a methodist people call that a cult well you're very few people are methodists still these days but let's say that you are you know that you're in it you use that term people on the left don't know that they're in it they don't know that when they say that a baby is not a baby that a baby is a baby if the mother wants the baby but a baby is not a baby if the mother doesn't want a baby that they are making a very bizarre religious claim about personhood and insolent and human dignity they don't realize that when they say that a man who believes that he is a woman is really a woman that they are making a religious claim called gnostic dualism in that particular case they don't they're not aware of that they don't they don't possess the language to understand that they don't have the sort of philosophical or theological education to make sense of that and what rose mcgowan here is saying is this is true even beyond these most obviously philosophical and theological questions this is true just in the structure of the democratic party people don't know that they're in the cult you know one two most famous things about cults what are they the two things you can always expect from a cult sex scandal financial scandal right this is true of all human institutions we were talking about the catholic church before catholic church has faced both of these sorts of things sex scandal and financial scandal people try to pretend that the catholic church is the only group that's ever faced this of course for those those who have actually looked into the numbers public school teachers are much more likely to sexually abuse children than members of the catholic clergy right the catholics in many ways were singled out for this but this is true throughout religious groups and it's true certainly far more so in the secular society but financial scandals too there there was that great documentary on the waco siege and this was it was a it was a docudrama rather and you know it's a kind of fictionalized account of this and there's a great line in it where the fbi interrogator and and uh negotiation guy is talking to the people in the house and he said hey you ever find it weird how all these prophets of god always seem to have sex with all the women yeah isn't that kind of strange how they god is always telling them to have sex with all the women in that bizarre so you see this especially in cults lots of sex scandals but more so even lots of financial scandals we got that in blm blm one of the most religious aspects of the left establishment right now right they provide this idea that the pervasive sin that has caused the fall of man is white supremacy and the only way that we can ever redeem ourselves is by chanting this this incantation black lives matter black lives matter performing these kind of rituals in the streets this idea that if you go out to i don't go to the playground during kovid you're killing everybody if you go walk on the sidewalk you're going to kill everybody with the virus but if you show out by the thousands and you loot and riot that that's actually going to help solve the problem of covid because it's going to solve white supremacy public health officials actually wrote that in a letter well here comes the scandal we know that blm now stands for by large mansions patrice culler is the co-founder of it's been buying up lots of very swanky property all around the place she's denying any impropriety she says i never took money from blm not not in several years at least well now we're finding out how she got the money according to campaign finance records an la-based jail reform group called reform la jails founded and led by patrice cullers made payments to multiple figures and organizations linked to colors herself including her own consulting firm as well as a luxury resort in malibu so she was she found an organization that is affiliated with black lives matter she then has the organization raise a ton of money on the arguments presented by black lives matter then she pays her private company

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