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#TheMichaelKnowlesShow #News #Politics #DailyWirea recession is when your neighbor loses his job a depression is when you lose your job and recovery is when joe biden loses his job because every minute that this administration goes on you are getting poorer inflation is through the roof wages are stagnating which may explain why rural democrats are running away from their party affiliation and why the establishment media are furious at the daily wire for telling you the truth i'm michael knowles is the michael knowles show [Music] welcome back to the show my favorite comment yesterday from lawn mower man who says it's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they've been fooled a quote attributed to mark twain this is true because to convince someone that they have been fooled you have to weaken their pride and you have to get them to admit that they got something wrong whereas to fool people you don't need to do any of that you can actually appeal to their pride which is why so many people get duped but you can't dupe all the people all the time as as we're learning right now and the the most tangible uh way to see this is with the inflation joe biden says oh things are getting better we're recovering more america's opening up again but everything's way way more expensive and when inflation is a concern you might want to invest in physical gold acre gold will let you start investing in physical gold for as little as 30 michael you liar don't lie to me like all the establishment media have been lying to me i'm not lying to you but michael you say physical gold costs more than 30 i know it does acre has figured out an ingenious way for you to start investing in physical gold and the way is this you subscribe to their gold bars you pay 30 a month when your gold stash reaches the price of their gold bars they will discreetly ship acre gold to your door and then you're good you've got a physical asset that tends to be a very good hedge on inflation which is a very very big concern right now i have really enjoyed investing in physical precious metals and i really enjoy investing in acre gold visit knowles today start investing in physical gold make sure you go to that url because acre is giving away a gold bar if you want to win that gold bar then you've got to tweet why you should be the recipient just post it out there and you got to mention at get underscore acre that is knowles and thank you aker gold for supporting the show joe biden's inflation we call it bite inflation this from a washington post reporter heather long just pointing out yesterday here is a year-over-year change in prices for car rentals 87.7 percent up used cars 45.2 percent up laundry machines almost 30 up airfare about 25 up which i've noticed having been on the road for the past few days it's uh those things are way up uh moving expenses it's like when you need to flee new salinas california is over 17 up hotels about 17 up furniture 8.6 up i've noticed that too bacon even just bacon one of the great constellations of life eight point four percent off tvs seven point six percent fruit a little over seven percent shoes six and a half percent fresh fish very difficult for us catholics on fridays six point four percent up new cars over five percent up milk five point six percent up rent two point three percent up and gas here's the killer with bite inflation in full swing gas is up forty five point one percent now the inflation wouldn't matter if wages were rising as well are your wages up forty five percent no are your wages up five percent no are your wages up two and a half percent no they're not wages have not gained since biden became president during the trump administration you had the first real wage gains in a very very long time and under biden that has completely stalled out so obviously the biden administration trying to downplay all of this they told us do you remember on the fourth of july they said you better thank joe biden this year oh yeah things are so much better under joe biden the cost of a fourth of july barbecue is down it's down 16 so when you're buying your hot dogs and your hamburgers and your beer and your fireworks and your iced tea and your lawn chairs don't don't worry actually celebrate you've saved 16 percent and then you got in your car and spent 45 more on gasoline or not 60 you saved 16 cents and then you you spent 45 percent more on gasoline that's not great obviously the conservative policies are working way way better here the proof of the pudding is in the tasting because from the liberal establishment you are not going to hear that things are worse under joe biden you're going to occasionally a reporter will go out there and and that's not great that will not be echoed throughout the press but look at what the businesses are doing disney is as woke a corporation as they get however disney is also moving 2 000 jobs from california to florida why because florida has a climate that's conducive to business florida has a climate that's conducive to our constitutional rights florida lets people out in the open to walk around and go to church and go to their jobs and go to school and just live and california does not california is actually locking down again even if you're vaccinated you've still got to wear the masks now so disney might talk a good game on wokeness but when it comes down to brass tacks they're going to move their jobs to florida wall street executives are moving their jobs from new york to florida goldman sachs among among other firms are now looking at moving offices to the sunshine state you notice with this with desantis too everyone will say desantis is doing a bad job he's awful we can't trust the numbers he's terrible cuomo's so much better but the behavior shows what they really think this is why the establishment media are so furious at us there is an art this is my favorite article this is truly my favorite article that i have seen in months it's from npr headline outrage as a business model how ben shapiro is using facebook to build an empire i'll read you just the first paragraph or so here in 2021 ben shapiro rules facebook the conservative podcast host and author's personal facebook page has more followers than the washington post and he drives an engagement machine unparalleled by anything else on the world's biggest social networking site an npr analysis of social media data found that over the past year stories published by the site shapiro found in the daily wire received more likes shares and comments on facebook than any other news publisher by a wide margin even legacy news organizations that have broken major stories or produced groundbreaking investigative work don't come anywhere close i'd like to translate this article for you if you want if you want to know the subtext of this article it's this headline wow first paragraph wow no the daily wire is good at what they do people want to read it uh they don't trust us anymore but they do trust shapiro and knowles enclave and boring and walsh i love it so first of all they're seeding to us that we are way better at talking to people than they are and they they grant to us that people are more inclined to believe what we have to say than what they have to say and to engage in what we're talking about than what what they're talking about but here's what they say it's outrage and they go on and they cite a bunch of lib professors and things like that and they say they're monetizing outrage and hate and anger so first of all we don't i think i actually think this is a rather reasonable balanced program you know we make fun of them obviously but we tell you exactly what point of view we're coming from i like to think that we also present the best arguments from the other side and then explain why they're stupid arguments but compared to cnn compared to msnbc compared to the new york times i think we do way more of that i think we are way more fair than any of those guys are and by the way they generally speaking won't even come out with their biases right cnn says facts first facts we're a banana we're an apple banana the new york times all the news that's fit to print it's really all the news that fits the narrative they say oh i'm so depressed by this it's terrible are you telling me that cnn doesn't focus on outrage cnn for the trump presidency had a covid death count that was constantly going you don't really see that quite so much under the biden administration cnn the new york times the washington post would just make up stories they would just make them up about donald trump colluding with the russkies remember that they would sensationalize stories about donald trump with prostitutes in moscow based on nothing completely made up to gin up outrage daily wire has never done anything like that the daily wire does not monetize outrage anywhere in the same stratosphere as the new york times and cnn and the washington post and npr apparently and and by the way when we do focus on outrages they are legitimate outrages not totally cooked up contrived nonsense but npr very upset why is the daily wire successful is it because we're so handsome and so wonderful and so great i like to think so but you know what you know what i actually think it is and i say this with no false modesty i think the reason that the daily wire is doing better in terms of engagement with real people is because the establishment media blew their credibility and they lied to the people and they lied lied lie lied and eventually the people stopped paying attention and then the daily wire has done our best to get it right and you know sometimes we get it wrong like everyone sometimes gets it wrong but we haven't just lied and pushed a liberal establishment propaganda proved a message down your throats constantly and so people respond well to that certainly on the right but also in the middle and even some people who are on the left that's what i think they're really they're not upset at ben shapiro and they're not upset at the rest of us at the daily wire if they are it's misplaced they should be upset with themselves for tarnishing their own credibility the proof of this thesis the proof that i'm right about this is that outside of the media in elected politics democrats in rural areas are not even acknowledging that they're democrats anymore which would make sense to me you know that the old days where the democratic party was more moderate and patriotic are gone okay we've got a very polarized time right now if you want to remember the good old days one thing i would suggest paint your life i am so impressed with i can't believe it when i first heard about them they decided to come onto the podcast they said it's very simple process you send in a photo or multiple photos a world-class artist will create an actual painting i prefer the oil paintings but there are other kinds too from those photos you get to 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paint your life dot com slash terms text michael to 64 000. the democratic party knows that as a matter of popularity right now it is losing okay i don't think there's any any two ways around that they might still win elections and they might still dominate the media because they have they got rid of a lot of election integrity measures and they dominate the institutions that exist but as a matter of popularity i think they know they're losing the proof of this is democrats in rural areas are running away from the democratic party there was there are a number of candidates in ohio and elsewhere who in one minute two minute even three minute campaign ads will never mention that they are democrats this according to a report from axios this is because democrats in the house right now have a very very thin majority and the polling looks absolutely devastating for them in 2022. so people ask me i was actually just speaking to a congresswoman friend of mine here at tpusa i said how are you guys feeling about 2022. she said everyone in congress everyone in politics thinks that the republicans are going to crush it in 2022. now my only caveat to this is if we don't resolve the election issues the use of widespread mail-ins the failure to clean up the voter rolls and purge people who are not eligible to vote the motor voter laws of the ballot harvesting and the list goes on and on and on then i'm not so sure that republicans are going to do right in 2022. i think in order to do really well in 2022 we need to be able to rely on the integrity of our elections and increasingly we can't do that because last cycle the democrats got rid of some of the most important election integrity measures and then this cycle republicans are trying to put them back in place the measures that we had in most places even three years ago and republi and democrats rather saying this is a return to jim crow this is awful they're trying to federalize the elections to make permanent the radical changes they made with covet as the excuse so that that kind of makes me worry however it just shows you something we've been talking about for a long time which is the disparity between ordinary americans the people and the ruling class this is a frequent rhetorical tool that is used by both parties you know where they they talk about the elites and the regular people but i i want to be clear here i'm not just using some cheap rhetorical trick on issues that are very very important the vast majority of americans are on one side of the issue and the ruling class is on the other i look at immigration the vast majority of americans wants to reduce immigration the majority of americans wants to reduce even legal immigration but certainly when you get to illegal immigration the number it isn't even close and yet the ruling class mostly democrats but some some republicans as well the chamber of commerce type of republicans they don't want to do anything about it on the issue of voter id the vast majority of americans support voter id the ruling class does not support voter id there are a number of other issues like this is a radical gender theory the vast majority of americans don't want to cram radical gender theory down everybody's throats the ruling class does on the critical race theory stuff the vast majority of americans don't want this in their schools the ruling class clearly does so there's a huge disparity here between the people and the elites who control the institutions and so i think they know that they're losing as a matter of popularity the only question is have they rested enough power from the american people that that will not matter speaking of regimes that have taken too much power from the people cuba continues to find itself in turmoil because the people are protesting the communist regime that has existed there for 60 years and aoc refuses to go hard against the regime actually another washington post reporter again every so often you'll get one or two from wapo or new york times or somewhere else who report the news as they see it this is not now the position of the editorial boards of those papers it's not not the opinion this is not the strategy that is generally pursued by the papers anymore but still every once in a while you get a good reporter so a reporter from the washington post said the quiet part out loud he said that aoc will not attack the communist regime because broadly she agrees with it we're just talking about how progressives are really happy about all of the things in the infrastructure bill they are really being led in many ways by the progressive wing of their party and the progressive wing of the democratic party does not want to go hard against cuba against some of the things that the castro regime may have been a part of in part because there are some democrats there are some progressives who agree with some of those things they agree with universal health care they agree with some of the programs that were in place in a more socialist kind of society this is obviously true aoc in particular identifies as a socialist she identifies with the ideology of or the very near ideology of the dominant regime in cuba this is true of a number of other democrat members of congress and the american left broadly has never apologized for its support of communism its overt support of communism in the papers and in the government and in on the campaign trail which went on for about 100 years the american left has never apologized for supporting the soviet union for instance actually what they did is the last election cycle as we saw they just accused the republicans of colluding with russia the democrats colluded with russia for a hundred years but then they start accusing the republicans of colluding with russia colluding with russia were a problem most prominent democrats from the 20th century would be in prison now aoc won't totally admit this the the american left won't totally admit it they'll just remain silent we played those clips from bernie sanders yesterday bernie sanders has been a huge supporter of the castro regime in cuba and of communists elsewhere he did his honeymoon in the soviet union and he's just remained basically silent on the cuba issue because he knows that the reality of the situation is contradicting his crazy theories even beyond this very abstract idea of communism and free markets and things like that look at what's going on on the ground right now around our country crime is going through the roof not just shootings not just murders which are way way up in places like chicago but look over in dc just just carjackings are up and they're not up a little bit you see those inflation numbers and you say wow 87.7 up on car rentals 45 up on gas that's not just a little bit well carjackings are up in dc not 5 not 10 they're up 74 year over year there are people now who are calling for bait cars to be placed to finally lure some of these criminals in uh they just had a press conference with the police in dc to figure out how to in any way impede this this huge spike in crime chief i want to ask you real quick about the recent card jackings why are you not using bait cars to catch carjackers we used one a couple years ago and with your officer's health actually caught two suspects and prosecuted yeah i'm glad you brought that point up uh the over the last couple of hours uh over the yeah the last couple hours last 12 hours we had a significant uh spree of carja of robberies that have occurred across our city i'm happy to report uh within the last hour we've located the the vehicle we didn't need a bait car uh to necessarily do that we do deploy bait cars at times most recently in the second district they use it but we want to make sure that the tactic uh certainly works for the specific crime that we happen to be targeting at that particular time well now we didn't have to use a bait car because the guy stole someone's car so a lot we didn't have to do that we want to make sure the tactics are calibrated to the communities and i i have great sympathy for this guy because the reason you've got 74 increase in carjacking is the reason you've got 50 increase in shootings and murders in chicago it's not complicated it's not because of just natural fluxes organically it's because the democrats spent well over a year saying we need to abolish the police and we need to defund the police and then they actually did defund the police in a lot of places and then they threw a bunch of police officers in prison for just doing their jobs and now cops are walking off the job and cops are more timid and the departments are underfunded that's why that's why it's not complicated folks the genius egghead analysts at the new york times and the washington post they're going to blame all sorts they're going to blame white supremacy they're going to blame the patriarchy they're going to probably blame trump they're going to blame every they're going to blame the abstract fluxes of history but they're not going to blame what every ordinary american knows namely if you incentivize crime and you punish law enforcement you're going to get more crime and you're going to get less law enforcement they're learning and i suppose the american people always sort of knew this but what the liberal establishment i guess is seeing right now with the inflation with the crime with the pushback against their policies is that eventually the bill comes due there is no such thing as a free lunch eventually you've got to pay so you print money and you print money and you print money and you give people a bunch of money for free and you tell them to stay in their homes and not to do anything you know what happens you get inflation that's what happens you get criminals burning down the country for a year and you punish the people who are trying to stop them from doing that and you let the ones who do that off the hook you know what you're going to get you're going to get more crime you're going to get more people burning stuff down you're getting actually in america's hat right now in canada you're getting more and more churches being burned to the ground and there's no enforcement so you know what you're going to get more of that i do not support a view of politics that is primarily economic i'm with edmund burke the age of chivalry has gone that if sophisters economists and calculators have succeeded it and the glory of europe is extinguished forever i don't want egghead pollen but there were some basic economic lessons here it's really just basic lessons of human nature if you want more of something incentivize it if you want less of something punish it carjackings way up how about covid you notice places where kovit is spiking tend to have a lot of one group of people one group of people that are not supposed to be in this country one group of people who by definition are breaking the laws the illegal immigration problem this show the illegal immigration problem shows you what a farce the covid lockdowns have been because we are told that if we leave our homes without 20 masks and 15 jabs of an experimental drug then we're killing everybody and yet we have already let one million foreign nationals very few of whom have been tested for kovid into our country this year so you can't go to school but you can come from guatemala and just go anywhere and we have no idea where you are that is not serious that is going to tarnish your credibility people are not going to believe you anymore and that ain't been shapiro's fault and then at the daily wire's fault that is the fault of the liberal establishment you know senator cruz is really really good on this issue and i have to wonder if it's because of his very impressive beard if you want that really gruff texan manly cruise beard well you know that doesn't just happen okay you don't just wake up and say boom there it is no you've got to do it the 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editor-in-chief john bickley and and his co-host georgia howe morning wire very quickly we'll just give you the facts we'll give you right in the morning the most important news developments set your news cycle for the day tell you what matters and why it matters go check it out right now you can subscribe to morning wire on apple podcast spotify stitcher google play myspace sanga live journal aol instant messenger anywhere you get your podcasts also ben shapiro's new book is hitting bookshelves next tuesday july 27th very very important that you order my book speechless before that happens and then you can pre-order ben's book the authoritarian moment which is really really important because that will be my campaign slogan in some years so make sure you get it that way when i run for office you can cut out the front flap and you can put it on your t-shirt and you can say knowles 2028 the authoritarian moment you can head on over right now to get a signed copy of ben's book at ben you will be asked to type a question in at checkout that you want him to answer during his live signing head on over ben we'll be right back with a lot more will hear from the establishment media that there's a spike in coronavirus cases in texas now remember by the way when texas ended its mass mandate many months ago we were told there's going to be a huge spike in cases in deaths beto o'rourke said this will be a death sentence for texans and then that didn't happen texas was actually doing better than anybody so in the period of time where you would have expected kova to spike it didn't happen but now kovit apparently is spiking in texas senator cruz the senator from texas has a crazy wild conspiracy theory on what that might be that the establishment media doesn't want to tell you you're packing children into cages with a lot of them having coveted and more of them getting covered and the biden administration is ignoring the law and releasing into our communities people that have coveted most of whom are coming across this border who are not vaccinated and white right now biden is talking about ending title 42 which is the health protection that says we're not going to release people carrying potentially communicable diseases so yes you better believe the rising covet rates are due in significant part to illegal aliens that the bible administration is releasing in texas that have coven rates seven times higher than the u.s population and we need to stop being bone-headed and ignoring the science which is what the bind administration is doing well of course that's true i mean if if you've got coveted cases spiking a few weeks after you had um 188 000 illegal aliens pour across the border these are insane record numbers we're halfway through the year and you've had a million illegal aliens come in already but you had a huge huge spike in june and then a few weeks later you get a spike in covey cases no surprise this shows you though that the covid madness and the vaccine madness and the lockdowns and the delta and the lambda and the phi beta kappa and the mass mandates are less about the virus less about the public health and much more about the imposition of the rules this was an observation that angelo cotavilla made about political correctness angelo from the claremont institute he said that political correctness is less about the words that you need to use and more about the imposition of the words and who gets to impose those words the same thing is true of covid if if kovid were really the greatest threat in the entire world that everyone tells us it is the liberal establishment that's pushing that narrative would shut down the border but they're not shutting down the border they're actually encouraging people to come

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