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A bad day; a big mistake: the administration blinks in the face of media hysteria and appoints a special counsel. Plus Dr. Michel Accad on the future of health care.you know in view of today's onslaught of news I think the usual opening monologue is kind of insufficient so instead I've come up with a selection of alternative responses these include flabbergasted stammering gobsmacked stuttering wide-eyed tongues hanging out drooling followed by fear-induced teeth chattering and then convulsions causing me to fall over sideways and curl up into the fetal position while sucking my thumb and whimpering or I could simply rely on weeping quietly slowly devolving into hysterical sobbing followed by whining followed by the end of the American Republic followed by the death of Western civilization followed by our happy-go-lucky theme song I think I'll go with that last one I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Klavan show we also sing you see top zeros if anything it's so wonderful [Music] Caray Herat an incredibly crappy news I was thinking of just coming in just staring wide-eyed depressed into the camera for 30 minutes but we can't do that we've got cardiologists dr. Michael Akkad was going to discuss the future of healthcare assuming there is a future which is probably too far and first you know in my my copious spare time what I call my copious spare time which is actually my other profession I'm coming to the end of writing a novel and so this incredible news onslaught and the fact when you come to the end of writing a novel it is just it's in an incredible amount of mental labor I do believe it is the hardest work there is and because the business has changed so much I've been thinking of all these alternative ways of releasing this novel because I'm I feel like publishing is a dying business I feel like old-fashioned way of releasing novels that you don't get to the people you want to get to so I've been using this sponsor that we have Skillshare and I've been looking up their various different ways that you know they what they have what it is is it's basically a website that has all these instructional videos and all kinds of subjects from things that you would use in business to things that you would just do as a hobby and some of them are for writers so I downloaded things that were for writers that were about like marketing new ways of marketing new ways of publishing and all this and it really is good they're very short you know they're short each video is kind of short like maybe 10 to 15 minutes but then you're getting like 2 weeks of video so it's like an instructional class and if you're thinking of changing jobs or just doing what I'm doing kind of innovating in your job or just want to look up a new learn new things learn a new hobby it really is a very cool place to go it's it's basically just this huge online learning community I guess you'd call it and anything from social media marketing which is something I have to learn about logo design street photography and its unlimited access to all of this for a low monthly price so you never get into that situation like you get in with those apps in-app purchases you never get that so you're not like in the middle of a class and go yes but if you want to hear the real stuff you got to pay more is one low monthly price and you get it all there are classes that in Adobe how to use Adobe Illustrator street photography email marketing branding Web Design public speaking all this sort of stuff and Skillshare is giving my listeners a month of unlimited access absolutely free so you can try it out you go to WWC I'll share comm slash Andrew to redeem your free month WW Skillshare calm slash Andrew to redeem a month free good stuff wow what a really yesterday it was a bad day and this is a bad day I have to say politically you used to be they used to say that the Democrats with the evil party and the Republicans with a stupid party and now it's like the Democrats are like the Senate party except Republicans are like the brain-dead party it's like everything has become like more and more what it is there's nothing has changed its nature but it's just their nature it's their nature has been pushed to the wildest extreme so obviously I'm sure by this time everybody has heard me the appointment of Robert Mueller of the former head of the FBI as a special counsel to investigate all things Russia and this is the thing I've been saying all this time that they shouldn't do I still believe they shouldn't do it I believe it is look nobody knows the future so one of the things I'm really against is I'm against despair and I'm against predictions of disaster that lead to despair but you can say when you think something is a mistake and thinking something is going to go wrong you know it's not as has nothing at all to do with Muller himself he pronounces Muller a mueller's who knows it's my call it Gollum oh I you know nobody nobody has anything bad to say about this guy he was the FBI head for like a week when 9/11 happened he had just moved in and 9/11 a lot of people don't know this 9/11 transformed the FBI especially but it transformed all our security services the FBI was you know the j edgar hoover guided the federal crime so if you robbed a bank that's a federal crime if you kidnap somebody that's a federal crime the FBI came after you and suddenly no more you know it had to be utterly transformed into the agency that stopped people from killing us in the name of allah that is basically what happened and Muller was the guy who oversaw that he patently did a great job he was not only the director under Bush George W Bush but Obama asked him to stay on and then asked him to stay on an extra two years so instead of the usual ten-year term he was in for 12 years and so it has nothing to do with him it has to do with the nature of special counsels I mean if you remember Patrick Fitzgerald same thing when he was appointed was what a wonderful guy he is generally all sides everybody loves him he was the special counsel who went into the Valerie Plame affair to investigate how Valerie Plame's name was exposed to the press a completely bogus scandal in my humble opinion this is a completely bogus scandal Valerie Plame's husband wrote a story saying that George W Bush was wrong about Saddam Hussein trying to get yellowcake that story was exposed as wrong and to throw the public off remember because they were doing some of the same stuff to W that they're now doing to Trump to throw the public off the scent they invented this like baloney scandal about Valerie Plame Patrick Fitzgerald came in everybody said oh good man we all has integrity and then Fitzgerald went not he was investigating everything it went on and on and on and in the end it turned out that the Bush administration had absolutely nothing to do with the exposure of Valerie Plame and they wound up convicting Scooter Libby for all this crazy you know the perjury charges an obstruction of justice and what sounded really to me like just a mistake he made it was it was awful I mean Vice President Cheney was furious with Bush that he didn't pardon Scooter Libby the whole thing was just a disaster and remember they were calling it the Democrats were calling it fixmas for Fitzgerald they were saying Fitz misses coming when the whole Bush administration is going to be brought down all the war crimes are going to be exposed and all this stuff and even though it was disappointing I can't remember how long it went on 14 months something like actually really long time even though the Democrats were disappointed and they didn't get the impeachment and they didn't get the destruction of Bush they got a lot of distraction and that you know that doesn't happen because of the guy who's in charge of the special counsel who's in charge of happens because he's got a staff his investigation right he's got a staff as investigation and who comes in to staff his investigation all these young guns who are hungry to make their name ambitious and all this stuff they want a criminal investigation the president is the biggest target you know my instinct it's only an instinct obviously nobody knows my instinct is that they Trump himself hasn't done anything particularly wrong especially in this Russia thing but he can investigate anything he wants and if you think if you think for a minute if you think for a minute that this is going to quiet things down for longer than a day forget about it I mean if you heard the statements that the Democrats were making this is a good first step almost every one of them said this is a good first step you know we know what the second step is tar and feathers and then they carry out and throw you in the Potomac you know that's the second step you know so it's like a good first step they are never ever ever going to let this guy go and you know right now if you listen to them they don't want to talk impeachment they don't want to talk impeachment at all why because then you have president pence for three and a half years and he'll do you know all this hysteria go away here's a guy who practice politician he knows what he's doing and even conservatives I've heard them say you know they said it to me like well you know no wouldn't release on ban if we're praying on calm down and AH all the end of the hysteria but what's bad about it what's bad about it is letting the deep state and the media and the Democrats win and I'm going to get back to that in a minute but you know Donald Trump who just cannot put a sock in it you know I mean it's like he tweets out today this is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history you know all right with all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign and Obama administration there was never a special counsel appointed now listen that's absolutely true it's not true in the in the Clinton Clinton Oh in the Clinton campaign he's like my Hillary but that is absolutely true Obama all the scandals the IRS scandal no counsel fast and furious no counsel you know and James James Comey felt the DOJ the Department of Justice wasn't even credible enough it during Obama's administration for him to bring the Hillary Clinton investigation to them that's why he made his famous his famous press conference that's why he gave it because he thought that they had blown their credibility no special counsel I don't know Obama could have strangled Michelle on the White House lawn there would not have been a Special Counsel investigation should Trump he's tweeting that of course not of course not you know I mean he'll think Mueller feels when he sees that oh oh I'm being accused of a witch-hunt is that the way you know is that the way you make friends with the guy who's investigating you no of course not it's a stupid thing to say but it is true and I mean just the whole standard that whole double standard is infuriating it makes your eyes bleed you know and and and by the way at this point at this point the press and Steve Bannon are is one Steve Bannon and the press completely agree here's what Steve Bannon said it's CPAC just a you know a few months ago it's not only not going to get better it's going to get worse every day here's why but bodily the internal logic makes sense there corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed adamantly opposed to economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has President Trump really laid this out as Ryan said many years ago at CPAC it's really CPAC that have really originally gave him the springboard the first time at Breitbart we start seeing him and see saw how people read in his speeches resonated with people and they would go out to these smaller town halls later and really he got traction with the same message he's bringing today here's the only way it's going to get worse because he's going to continue to press his agenda and as economic conditions get better as more jobs get better they're going to continue to fight if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight you are sadly mistaken every day every day it is going to be a fight okay and so if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight they're settling a second date here's Dana Bash on CNN saying essentially the same thing right or wrong what this president has done in his first hundred plus days even before he came into office is pick fights with the intelligence community and now the law enforcement community particularly the way never mind that he fired james comey but the way in which he did it not giving him the respect of actually telling him in person or at least not having him find out from cable news and so we know that this is you know they talk about the deep state well this is these are communities that are that have a lot of loyalty within and know how to get back even if you're the president of the United States so she's hate the same thing you know he messed with the he messed with the deep state and now the deep state is coming up and we're going to help them every step of the way you know it's like democracy dies in darkness democracy dies on CNN we're watching tonight in real time on TV and listen about Trump because this is the thing I get all the time whenever I talk about the fact that I think the true danger that we're facing right now is this uprising of the deep state of these intelligence guys who think it is okay for them to call the New York Times okay for them to call The Washington Post because they do not like the President and a media a media which says a news media which says yeah that's okay okay let's destroy the president did you know that's great we don't like him he's a Republican you he's kind of nasty let's let's get them you know that to me is the danger that faces our democracy our American democracy that's the big danger but if you want to talk about Trump you know you know that politics is the opposite of wisdom I'll tell you why politics is the opposite of wisdom in politics there's always someone to blame there's always the assumption that things would go right if people would just do what you think they should do okay there's no sense of tragedy which is where all of wisdom comes from all of wisdom comes from the fact that there's some things that just don't work out you know when Donald Trump was nominated by the Republicans I was genuinely sad I was genuinely sorry that happened I wanted Cruz I'm an easygoing person I'm not an ideologue I would have settled for almost anybody else I mean you know that maybe not Kasich but certainly Rubio even Bush who I really had problems with would have settled for that I wanted Cruz every single one of those guys I'm absolutely convinced would have lost every single one of them would have lost now and and all these people saying you know that as you make more excuses for Trump you're going to make you're going to overemphasize the danger that Hillary Clinton the Hillary Clinton actually posed I call BS I think it's the other way around I think they are minimizing they have forgotten the danger of Obama they have forgotten how hysterical they were I'm talking about conservatives now they have forgotten how hysterical they were about Obama and Clinton coming in and sealing his agenda and all this stuff and making it permanent you know all of that stuff we dodged because of Donald Trump who was the only person you know who had the the Moxie kind of to this to destroy her to take her on to wrong-foot the media to use the media by being a basically a reality TV star and all this from all of that entailed these massive massive character flaws that he had so this is what I'm talking about tragedy the very fact that he was the only one who could defeat her included the fact that he had these bullying tactics these this absolute mastery of the of the media in chaos you know a way of creating chaos that the media had to cover it was as if the people of America so forgotten so frustrated so out-of-work so desperate that they're killing themselves with oxycontin called out to them the culture to produce the the man they needed and the culture which once would have produced an Andrew Jackson or even an a blink and the culture cannot produce anything else but a Donald Trump and that's on the Left too because who turned our culture into this trash who turned it our culture into this you know pornographic stupid ugly empty traditionalist class I'm telling you like the left is like it's like cancer it is you know and I'm not one of these guys who says Oh Obama was evil you've never heard me said that I've said the opposite Obama is not evil his philosophy is cancer you know Nancy Pelosi is not an evil person her philosophy is a cancer they wanted these guys went they want to kill babies they want to kill tradition they want to kill gender they want to kill free speech they want to kill religion and then the world will all be fair you know then it's all going to be great after that so you know he say to me well you're fighting with this horribly flawed weapon and I say to you I would fight them with a stick I would fight them with a hand full of dirt if they if the left sinks the ship of freedom into the tar pit of their stupid socialism the last thing you see as it goes down will be my fist because I don't care you know you can say Trump is going to end up in disaster he's all we've got you know he is all we got in this system that is is this electoral system that people the guy who the people voted in is all we've got and they are a hysteria machine one they did that thing they did that thing they always do where they hit us with one story after another and as each story began to fake fade they hit us with another one the firing if Comey was legal but I was to stop you know it was to stop the Russian investigation oh wait no no that's not true you know the leak to the Russians but it's too late because now we're talking about the leak to the Russians of classified information oh that was no worse than anything Obama did yeah but it's too late now we're talking about the Comey memos and speaking of these crombie memos by the way these call me memos that were taken by a guy who says he interviewed Hillary Clinton he interviewed Hillary Clinton on the email scandal and didn't take any notes he didn't take any notes right so but he took notes every time he sat and talked to Trump so that's suggestive too but I just want to say that what during his last testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee the senator from Hawaii mazie Hirono said to her said to him if the Attorney General or senior officials at the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation can they halt that FBI investigation and Comey said in theory yes and she says has it happened and he says not in my conspiracy a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that without an appropriate purpose I mean where sometimes they give us opinions that we don't see a case there so you ought to stop investing resources in it but I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason that would be a very big deal it's not happened in my experience okay that's what Comey said so it's another you know it's another nothing right so you can blame Trump for this and Trump made so many mistakes and truly truly truly take that phone away from them you know it's it's blowing them up but still still if I if I had to pick up Trump if I have to pick up a broken vessel and just hurl it at these people I would do it I would still do it and so you know we're staying on Facebook because we want you to get to hear dr. Michael Akkad and talk about the future of healthcare but I do have to talk just for a minute about about the death of Roger Ailes so I'm so ticked off at this place third the death of Roger Ailes you know this there's so much stuff to say about this but not I am NOT going to be solemn or somber about it I didn't know the man I had no experience of him whatsoever so I'm not going to you know they're people like Rush Limbaugh who can talk about him personally I can't do that I've been seeing I don't even want to talk about the left's hateful tweets that they're putting out and and it wouldn't bother me if it were just you can always find somebody on Twitter to say something hateful but it really is it really is people who should know better people from Politico people from you know Mark Lamont Hill you know saying you know Roger Ailes has died while sending deep and heartfelt condolences to everyone who was abused harassed exploited and unjustly fired by him all this stuff you know the only thing he means to me is Fox News that he built this incredible enterprise that was so powerful that the Barack Obama who is never touched by the press never asked a hard question never exposed never investigated never wronged footed by a supine media all he did was spend eight years complaining about Roger it what this thing that Roger Ailes created that thing you now is on the ropes and this is the other reason it's a bad day you know the firing of Bill O'Reilly again may have been his fault but as I said at the time as I said at the time the problem is not the firing of Bill O'Reilly or the firing of Roger Ailes is that the will to continue a conservative voice in the media is gone out of the Murdoch family out of the young versions of the Murdoch family you know Rupert Murdoch this may come as a surprise to him he can't live forever when he goes there is no will to keep this going and there's no will on the rest of the conservative media to replace this to compete with it to compete with the endless endless stream of comedians hitting Trump the stuff that creates the atmosphere that the media has used to gin up this hysteria there is nothing to compete with them and that is why you know that's why roger ailes death is for me is symbolic of something that's happening symbolic of the fact that we're losing a major major voice that we've done nothing to replace it I don't mean to be depressing it's kind of a bum day you know I don't want to put lipstick on a pig either hip up it's kind of a bum day the reason I'm saying that special counsel is a bum things I just think it's going to blow up in Trump's face but maybe not look maybe you know he'll come in and say you Muller come and say well there's nothing on Trump but some of this stuff about Obama spying on Trump you know so we can dream can't we do we have the doctor coach all right let's talk about this because at least we can come up with some ideas with as we are conservatives dr. Michael Akkad is a cardiologist and internal medicine specialist in San Francisco he offers individualized care in a free-market setting and he writes a lot about this free-market he's the author of moving mountains a Socratic challenge to the theory and practice of popular population medicine you can find him on twitter at michael akkad and michael is spelled mi CH e l AC CA d we've been having trouble with our internet so we're not going to bring him on skype is that basically it so we'll have him on the phone and we have a picture of them so you can look at the picture of them all we talked on the phone dr. Akkad you there thank you for having me on drew it's a pleasure it's nice to talk to you so let's start with this what do you think of where the house is going with the repeal of Obamacare let's start with that is this is is there anything hopeful you see in this or is it so far kind of not where you want to see us going you know there may be a little bit of you know glimmers of little hopes here and there in some aspects of the law but I'm I'm so hopeful about the future of health care in general and it has nothing to do with DC I really very too much attention to what's happening good to quit but you're really you know I'm hopefully we will eventually have it believe it or not universal health care and we will have it when when the whole government-run health care collapses okay okay I realize how much things are making more you know are much more expensive when they're coming out of VC and so there's the beginning of a movement right now that is extremely dynamic and very hopeful among doctors and patients who are saying enough is enough and okay we're paying taxes okay we're forced to to pay huge premiums that give us nothing you know in terms of health insurance but for many things we can find very affordable very high quality health care just by circumventing the system by dealing directly with one another doctors and surgical centers taking care of patients directly on a cash basis and it's working very well and it's really taking off like wildfire fire in certain areas it's not not everywhere of course but in certain areas well well wait now you're talking about so you're talking about no insurance companies is that am i right no insures a cash because you're talking about going to doctors you know respectable real doctors this is not black market medicine right and you're talking about paying them cash directly absolutely and absolutely what is now I'm not yeah gun I'm not advising for people not to have any insurance at all I mean I think right now if a hospital care is so expensive that it I think it's it's advisable for people to have some kind of coverage it actually doesn't have to be insurance there's a growing movement you may have heard of cost sharing ministries these are faith-based cooperatives of people who get together and agree to help each other pay paid medical bills and it's it's purely on a voluntary basis faith-based and it's working very well for you know large ticket items like a hospitalization yes I narrate I'll try to sort of you know so people ought to have some kind of coverage of that sort but otherwise for regular you know day to day medical care especially primary care but also some outpatient surgery you can have excellent care if you pay cash when people have high deductibles on their insurance they're better off paying cash not using the insurance and having really outstanding caring that way that's really a growing movement and I think it's going to keep growing because you know as the system gets worse and worse and more and more congested you know people are recognizing that they're not they're paying a lot of money they're paying a lot of taxes they're not getting anything out of it so may as well write it off as a loss so and then if you yes good will the system of attract good doctors I mean will I be able to find a really top-notch doctor in a system like this absolutely I mean I think it attracts the doctors not only who are good but who are willing to to do what's right for the patient because most doctors who do this are actually doing this at a financial risk it's not safer to stay within the system it's a lot safer to be on a panel on a network on an insurance network or to get money from Medicare and things like that it's a lot safer but it puts you as a doctor it puts you in a conflict of interest if you get paid by the insurance then really all you are that you're acting as a subcontractor for the insurance company right right or as a subcontractor for the government so if you want to do right for the patient you need to be paid by the patient too that way you're accountable to the patient so so so I think you will get the best doctors in that system so now to bring up the poor I mean what always happens is the news guys you know bring out somebody who can't afford health care his kid gets sick maybe maybe he's irresponsible but is now we've got a sick child on our hands how does how does this system to serve him it can it can serve it very well I mean I'm talking reading about for primary care it can be very affordable and there are many people who practice direct primary care in to rural areas that are able to take care of people with very low income and so forth I'm not saying it's perfect because the fact of the matter is we we are working in an environment that is where there's a lot of government intervention and regulations that you know it neva tably make things a lot more expensive as then they ought to be but nevertheless very scary vailable it's not for everything obviously if you have a child who is really sick who needs to be hospitalized it needs to get hospitalized if it if they don't have insurance eventually the state will pick up the bill you know through food medical programs and things like that so there is right now safety net for kids the people who are hurt the most are you know middle class people who are self-employed are not getting their benefits from from their employers and they need to buy insurance at a very very high cost Suzy and they're not getting much out of that you you have written that people people are obviously always talking about the death spiral of Obamacare but you have said the whole health system is in a death spiral so what you're basically saying is no matter what the house does no matter what the Senate produces this this movement that you see coming is going to continue no matter what correct now the the house the government could help us could help this movement by deregulating to some extent or you know to a large and extensity at they can I mean I'd be happy if they direct its totally and get out of it together but they can they can facilitate things for example right now if if a person wants to draw in a direct primary care practice the direct act primary care practice typically work on a membership fee where you pay you know somewhere between 50 to 100 dollars a month and you have access to your doctor 24/7 it's a very personalized service the doctors will provide you medication at a discount and lattis but at a steep discount and do do whatever they can to help the patients well the membership fee cannot come out of e of a health savings account right now by law so there are proposals to make to change that and to make to make it so that people can use their health savings accounts to pay for these kinds of memberships so there are laws that can you know the laws can change state laws could change to make it two to two to make it easier for new hospitals to be built you know more free market based hospital I mean that is possible so there are ways in which the government can help facilitate the growth of this movement ah but the movement will continue to grow no matter what because it's so bad within the system the right people will seek us out so now so that's my last question how do people find this if they want and they're in their own life is there some way to look for it there are I mean I there's a website called v pc v pc stands for direct primary care the pc frontier one word v pc frontier.com it has a lot of information about about this movement there's another site called the surgery center of Oklahoma that's a pioneering work by Vienna and physiologist and Keith Smith in Oklahoma who does surgery on a cash basis at really really tremendously tremendous savings you know a quarter of the products of what people would pay they had their surgeries at a hospital and he has a blog there and he gives a lot of information so you know people should google direct care the direct care movement and can find a lot of information that's well thank you very much dr. cotta you know I should didn't mention your own blog alert and oriented calm you can find dr. cloud also at on Twitter at Michael Akkad mich al a CC ad thank you very much doctor it's nice to have a hopeful note my pleasure should but that actually took me by surprise I was I was not prepared to say that is something more upbeat than anybody else I've heard about health care but actually that that makes a lot of sense a couple of things more things that I just want a couple of small things I want to cover a lot of people have been writing to me asking why I haven't covered this rich killing the dnc guy who was shot down and I haven't covered it because I didn't pass the smell test for me that's as simple as that I mean

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