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Subscribe to our YT channel and leave a comment below!the FBI seems to have lost thousands of text messages that could make the FBI look bad although not as bad as they look for having lost them the text messages came between two FBI employees who are having an adulterous affair and conspiring against first a presidential candidate they hated and then the president-elect but they were otherwise honest in every way the news networks jumped on the story in order to perform the important journalistic function of present pressuring the government to tell the whole truth here's a montage of the network's hard-hitting coverage that's right the Nets did not give this story a single second of coverage I guess they're just assuming the missing emails will turn up as soon as they find the missing emails from Barack Obama's IRS that might have shed light on the misuse of that agency to silence conservative activists which in turn may show up buried under the missing videotape showing a State Department spokesman being asked about the Obama administration's lies about their secret talks with Iran which might be in the attic next to the NSA's missing data concerning surveillance of Americans which may in turn have gotten lost amid the emails from Hillary Clinton's secret server which accidentally went missing when they were accidentally bleached than accidentally burned than accidentally destroyed with a hammer then accidentally tied to a rock and dropped to the bottom of the sea accidentally the media silence on the deep state cover-up was followed by deep state silence on the media cover-up which was followed by media silence on the deep state silence about the cover-up of the silence one thing you gotta love about the media in the deep state they may make a lot of noise but at least they never say anything trigger warning I'm Andrew Klavan and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we're going to be talking a lot about silence today because there is an awful lot of silence coming from the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee and from the Justice Department and from the text messages from the FBI so much silence that the silence almost speaks for itself we also have Tom woods a libertarian historian who's going to talk about the kind of history that you never hear a little bit more silence but if you'd like to break the silence on things that you know and things that you learned you go to Skillshare because Skillshare has 18,000 classes more than 18,000 classes and design business technology anything you want to learn that will help you in your profession or that might be a hobby that you want to take up I have used the skill share videos all they are is a class they're just a class that maybe 10 videos maybe 15 videos from someone who really knows what he's talking about where she's talking about and will teach you what they know so I looked at one about writing because I've been a professional writer all my life and a 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andrew 19 and you'll get three months of Skillshare for only 99 cents act now for the special New Year's offer and start learning today stuff that you want to know and stuff that you just might like think would be fun to know Scotia all right so I think you know I'm gonna be talking about the FBI these text messages and this Pfizer memo that you may have heard about but I will tell you about it if you haven't but I'm gonna start off with something that seems a little bit off topic for just a minute because so much there is not I think I said this recently but I'll say it again there there's not one important right winger trying to silence anybody on the left you never hear this from the right you never hear anybody saying that person should be shut down that person should be taken off the air that person should be banned from Google or Twitter you never hear anybody on the right saying that but the left it is all they do they silence you know Ben when he goes to a university they saw on some with mobs they silenced people by you know banning them shadow banning them on Twitter Google just got rid of its policy of fact-checking which they were only using on conservatives like us at the Daily wire and they dropped that good for them but you know the effort is always to silence one side and one of the most important ways they silence us is by using identity to replace ideas and you know I want to start off with is guy Benson who is what does he do Town Hall right I just wanna make sure I got his his right venue he is he is yeah contributor of Fox was Town Hall calm that is so he did something for our friends at Prager at Prager University where he talked about the fact that guy is is gay and here he put it in in perspective just listen to the opening of this because it really is smart and sharp I'm a Christian a patriotic American and a free-market shrink the government conservative who also happens to be gay what I mean by that is my values define me while my sexual orientation sometimes feels more like well a footnote literally in fact I came out as gay in a footnote in my book end of discussion when it comes to my political beliefs my orientation is only one part of the story it's not the totality of who I am some unimaginative leftist like to claim that this qualifies me as a self-hating gay person this is so boring that intellectual laziness only underscores my point far too often people are sorted by their gender or their skin color or their sexual orientation or any other immutable characteristic that has nothing to do with ideas or values so go to Prager you and watch the whole thing cuz it's really a good video from guy and the thing about it is is this is purposeful think about this for a minute good things are always harder than bad things right it's always easy to slide down to go down the slide into perdition but it's always hard to climb up the mountain to the the peak right identity is easy and this is true whether you're on the right or the left identity as easy ideas are hard when a gay guy who's a fascist goes and Sue's some poor a Baker because he won't to serve his wedding and he's a Christian tries to drive him out of business essentially for his religion and people say are those gays it's nothing looks gays it's those ideas it's those ideas because there are plenty of gays who think that's disgusting is I think it's disgusting and and there are plenty of gays who don't think that it's easy to say it's easy to say either blacks the black it's the ideas it's always the ideas it is always the ideas that define what people are why does the left use identity to shut down ideas they use identity to shut down ideas because their ideas are wrong so if you say your ideas wrong you say what you're just saying that cuz I'm a woman you're just saying that cuz I'm black it doesn't this is what they do and this and the reason I link this to the what's happening at the Justice Department is the entire story of the Barack Obama administration was a man with bad ideas he was an arrogant little fool with bad ideas who was so arrogant he didn't know how bad his ideas were and couldn't learn he walked into a room with him I'm told by people who knew him and he did nothing but lecture you about how wrong you were and how things really were his ideas were wrong but nobody would touch and be he was black he was the first black president you know how online they put TM next two things trademark you know he's like first black president TN and everybody including me one did not want to see the first black president fail but he did fail and he failed not because he was black he failed because of his ideas but more than that more important than that he was corrupt and the thing about Obama's I don't believe he was personally corrupt like give me the money and I'll do a favor like Hillary Clinton I think is his money corrupt I think he was corrupt in the sense that he thought his ideas were more important than the process by which we preserve our freedom the constitutional process by which we forget preserve our freedom he was constantly making speeches about what he couldn't do oh I can't just have an executive order to let the illegal immigrants stay and give them amnesty because that would be against the Constitution then he do it because he realized over time like Henry the eighth realized over time how powerful he was Obama realize over time that he could do virtually anything including strangle Michele in the Rose Garden and the press wouldn't touch him because he was black so he realized the ideas didn't matter and he could do anything he wanted and he was he stacked especially the Justice Department but also the IRS he stacked them important agencies of government with his pals remember Eric Holder the Attorney General said I'm his wingman not I'm the chief law officer in the country I sworn to uphold the law I'm the president's wingman and I'm gonna protect him and Loretta Lynch or as I call her blandly corrupt the Loretta Lynch was the same way so now after you know the House Intelligence Committee has been that all these committees in Congress have been studying this Russia collusion thing and the Russian collusion thing more and more looks like a complete boondoggle exactly what President Trump said it was it looks like a way of getting back at him for winning the election but also of HAMP of hampering the new president who they didn't expect because they they Obama had so corrupted the Justice Department and the FBI that they didn't think they'd get caught because they were sure Hillary was gonna win and when Trump won they thought we've got to devalue him we've got to deal edge it amazed him before he exposes what we've done and by the way I just want to pause for a minute and say my heart goes out to the all those honest FBI agents I'll bet there are a lot of them about some of them are Democrats some of them are Republicans who just want to capture bad guys they're working in bureaus across the country they're all over the place they're just trying to do their job they don't corrupt those guys so much what they do is they corrupt the people at the top and that just corrupts the entire agency and suddenly you're trying to do your job and you're working for this completely politicized agency so after months of hammering the Justice Department for information the FBI the FBI sent sends over thousands of text messages between Peter Strock and Lisa Paige these two FBI people struck was involved in the Russian investigation and the Hillary Clinton investigation and they were having an adulterous affair and they're sending these text messages back at such an incredible rate it was about 70 a day it was about 70 text messages a day right and they say send them over but they send them over with a note saying they had failed to preserve the messages between these two between December 14th and May 17th December 14th 2016 and may 17 27 teen so think about that for a minute by the way I should mention that buyer in New York at the Washington Examiner is doing a fantastic job of covering this and keeping it up front and center and just giving the information but think about that that is when all this stuff happened that's after the election and as Trump takes power and as the Russian thing begins and as Comey is being fired remembered Comey is then engineering the appointment of Robert Muller to be an investigator that's the stuff that is vanished okay but in it there is some telling stuff that in in the email text messages they've got there's some telling stuff but before we get to that I just want to go back and play have I got Obama yes but this is a cut number 10 this is Obama when they were investigating Hillary's emails promising in this blandly corrupt way that his administration really mastered promising that the investigation was going to be on the up and up can you guarantee to the American people can you direct the Justice Department to say Hillary Clinton will be treated as the evidence shut goes she will not be in any way I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI not just in this case but in any case you will . period guaranteed . no political nothing political nothing nothing nothing okay now we have blandly sinister Attorney General Loretta Lynch right and she has a meeting a meeting on a tarmac a secret meeting with Bill Clinton who the husband of the woman being investigated by her people by the FBI and she says all that didn't matter we're just talking about our grandchildren that's all we're talking about and she comes out and pay attention to this this is July 1st right this is on July 1st she comes out and she says whatever the FBI says this meeting this tarmac meeting meant nothing whatever the FBI says that's what we're gonna do we're gonna follow the law this is cut number seven as I've always indicated the matters being handled by career agents and investigators with the Department of Justice they've had it since the beginning they are in which predates your tenure as attorney John it predates my tenure as Attorney General it is the same team and they are acting independently they follow the law they follow the facts that team will make findings that is to say they will look them up with a chronology of what happened the factual scenario they will make recommendations as to how to resolve what those facts lead to those the the recommendations will be reviewed by career supervisors in the Department of Justice and in the FBI and by the FBI director and then as is the common process they present it to me and I fully expect to accept their recommendations okay so that was I probably the day before July 1st so then on July 1st struck sends a text message to his lover saying this announcement looks like hell and the Loretta Lynch's announcement that she's going to back the play looks like hell and Paige says she says yes it's a real Profile in Courage since she already knows no charges will be brought she already knows no charges will be brought so one of these guys know these FBI agents and remember struck is on this investigations we are working to I mean that's how blandly corrupt these guys are plus plus there's other stuff now I don't want to blow this out of proportion yet because we really don't know what it is we remember that page especially hated Trump and strikes comments about Trump got worse and worse as his affair with her deepened and they had this one comment about we know where he said we know that he's going to lose but if he doesn't we need an insurance policy and people have been wondering is this Russian investigation the insurance policy they cooked up and now in these there's another thing and again it's very hard to put this in context so don't jump to conclusions don't think it's a conspiracy right away where they talk about we're forming a secret society and here's trey gowdy the investigator commenting on that comes from Gary do you want to expound on the secret society idea Cheryl I wish I could I wish I'd been the one who either said that since that text will received it you have this insurance policy in the spring of 2016 and then the day after the election the day after what they really really didn't want to have happen there's a text exchange between these two FBI agents these two supposed to be objective facts centric FBI agents saying perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society so of course I'm going to want to know what secret society are you talking about because you're supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the electoral college so yeah I'm gonna want to know okay so there's stuff we don't know and there's also stuff we don't know about five mile get to that in a minute but first let me talk about my head you know Alicia I saw Alicia on Alicia it's Alicia I keep 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secret courts but they're supposed to be there to protect you from the government spying on you and we don't know we don't know what the House Intelligence Committee has come up with but it sounds as if it sounds as if the FBI was misusing stuff like the steal document this opposition research this kind of rumor mongering Russian you know trolling they were using this to to get FISA warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign that's what it really seems likes going on but we don't know this because a lot of the information that the house until committee is getting is classified so what the Republicans on the committee did was they put together a memo and this we've been hearing about and and they're talking about they're saying it's really bad in memo details the FISA abuses what they feel of the FISA abuses and we don't know what's in it yet but it sounds pretty bad here's congressman Matt gates of Florida talking about having looked at this memo four pages of a memorandum prepared by the Intelligence Committee that will shock the conscience of this country when it comes to the horrific abuses that occurred during the last administration and that I believe continue to pose a threat to Donald Trump's presidency it is so important judge Jeanine that we are fighting to get this memo released to all the American people I don't think the right answer is just to allow members of Congress to be horrified and outraged all Americans need to see what was happening to undermine this president how do we release this information how when do I get to say it well at any moment in time the intelligence chairman who has done an excellent job Devin Nunez can schedule a vote in the Intelligence Committee if the intelligence committee votes to declassify this information and if President Trump doesn't overrule that it will immediately become available to the American people so that that's the idea of this memo it is so you don't have to declassify all the information that came in but you can class declassify the memo itself and send that and what's really interesting is who do you think obviously the Democrats are standing the way some of the Democrats haven't even gone in to look at the memo they won't even read the memo the Republicans are going to read it but the Democrats weren't in the house but the Democrats won't even go in and look at it's in a secret room and all this stuff so who do you think is leading the charge to keep the people from finding out what this information is Adam Schiff Adam Schiff is a McCarthyite louse he is Joe McCarthy he really is bad like before I play what he said about the memo which is absurd I just want to play a couple of cuts these are a couple of cuts week our guys laced together of him accusing Donald Trump making these outlandish accusations against the president and then when when the interviewer says well where's your proof he's all like I can't tell you the proof yeah no no I can't tell you the proof I can just make these these charges it is it is truly remembered Joe McCarthy Senator Joe McCarthy used to say I have in this envelope I have in this envelope the names of several communists in the State Department and nobody ever opened the envelope that's what Adam Schiff does he is a McCarthy I do know this the Russians offered how the campaign accepted help the Russians gave help and the president made full use of that help and that is pretty damning whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of conspiracy or not do you know of any instance where the Russian said we're gonna do it this way we're gonna do it for WikiLeaks we're gonna do it through DC leaks this is how we're gonna get this information out there I can't comment all you have right now is a circumstantial case actually no Chuck I can tell you that the case is more than that and I can't go into the particulars but there is more than circumstantial evidence now so again I think do you have seen direct evidence of collusion I don't want to go into specifics but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial and and is very much worthy of investigation he's a bad guy I mean that that is a bad thing to do I mean you know that that is genuine McCarthyite tactic so now they have this memo and it says says I mean you heard what the words gates was using horrific abuses of FISA which means spine you know it the IRS scandal where Obama shut down conservative activists during an election by using the IRS to not give them you know tax-exempt status was I think was the biggest scandal of my lifetime and I was alive during Watergate far far bigger far far worse abuse if this is true if they were using FISA to spy on the opposite to use the FBI to spy on an opposition candidate that is genuine tin-pot Republic behavior that is a genuinely bad stuff and only the color of Obama's skin protects him from the charges of corruption which should be really swept over him so why doesn't Adam Schiff want to want you to hear it because you just you just aren't smart enough to handle what it has to say here's cut five look at it and let Americans make the decision for themselves about whether it's useful information or not well because the American people unfortunately don't have the underlying materials and therefore they can't see how distorted and misleading this document is the Republicans are not saying making the make the underlying materials available to public they just want to make the spin available the public and I think that Ben which is a folsom attack on the FBI is just designed to attack the FBI and Bob Muller - to circle the wagons for the White House and that's a terrible disservice to the people hard-working people at the bureau but more than that it's it's a disservice to the country that said you're not good enough you're not smart the context you know the entire Obama administration was the avatar the absolute triumph of the left's obsession with using identity to supersede ideas and when if we if we fall for that by being bigots by being you know actual homophobes by being by attacking people on mas for who they are we have lost the way because what we want to do is we want to fight back with ideas make them bring their ideas out into the open and discuss only their ideas Obama failed because he did not know what he was doing he did not know how the world works he's an incompetent and an arrogant guy and he had to use his identity ultimately to cover that up we got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube we've got Tom woods the historian coming on in just a minute come on over to the Daily wire calm you can hear it if you subscribe he is tomorrow the mailbag oh my gosh I should go mailbag go on The Daily wire subscribed it's a lousy ten bucks a month allows a hundred bucks for the year and if you do it for the year you get the leftist tears tumblr which is the most important tumblr of leftist years you will ever offer but go on press the podcast button press the Andrew Klavan podcast button and press the mailbag and send in your questions personal questions political questions religious questions I will answer them all answers guaranteed a hundred percent correct and will change your life every now and then for the better come on over to the daily wire com [Music] all right Tom Woods is a historian a libertarian and a New York Times bestselling author who wrote the politically incorrect guide to American history he wrote meltdown he has a book called Bernie Sanders is wrong he has two podcasts contra krugman where he refutes Paul Krugman's weekly columns and he has another called the Tom Woods show which you can find on Tom Woods dot-com and you can also visit Tom's free books calm and get a free digital copy of one of tom toms books this is a pre-recorded interview we talked to Tom about the things people aren't learning about American history Tom thank you for coming on I appreciate it my pleasure I you know let's be let's begin with this I mean one of the most popular history books among young people is Howard Zinn's people's history of the United States and gets promoted on movies and that picture Good Will Hunting they sell it very you know strongly as a radical way of looking at the world I was I was happy to see in this new movie Lady Bird the kind of jerk is reading it the kind of abuser is is reading the book but basically the idea of this book is that America is always in the wrong I mean we came here we killed the Indians we held slaves you know we even blames us I think for World War Two give me this seems to be a theme on the left is that America is basically a force for kill a force for bad capitalism a force for bad give me the other side of that what what is the argument that that young people should know when they're confronting their professors with the history of America well I take I don't want to say I take a nuanced view on that because I don't but I do I do believe the US government is a force for ill in my life and in the lives of a lot of people but in terms of the people of America that's what I love when I say I love America I don't mean like I love the fact that we have a bicameral legislature and an upper body and what I love about America is the people our traditions our culture I would be a fish out of water anywhere else in the world and when you say that America is a force for ill well if you're talking about the American people I just don't believe because one thing I don't believe capitalism is a bad thing I think capitalism ought to be embraced the word ought to be embraced we had a celebrate it where a mock and ridicule people who opposed it because if they really believed in the welfare of the forest they would be the biggest capitalists of all if you look at how well are the poorest people in a society doing all over the world the single biggest indicator of how well they're gonna be doing is how much economic freedom there is in that country hmm that's just a fact whether even if you're talking about the Scandinavian countries which are always thrown in our face look at the Scandinavian countries they have big government presence and they're doing very well well a couple of things they have a lot of capitalism too that overcomes the big government presence they actually have in some cases more competitive economies than we do and better rule of law and monetary policy and all that but also if you actually measure how well Swedes do in Sweden and how well Swedes do when they come to America well in many cases they they earn fifty to a hundred percent more in America so yeah they do really great in Sweden but they do even better under under American capitalism so hooray for it in fact over the past 200 years around the world just two hundred year period there has been an eleven fold increase in the per capita income even even if we include the worst most backward I dare not say a certain word countries in that it we still have seen an eleven fold increase in some parts it's been even more than that we've gone from in other words people used to in 1820 people were living on three dollars a day and on average in the world it's now thirty three dollars a day and in the advanced countries it's a hundred dollars a day and in a pinch you could get by on a hundred dollars a day because people do a lot of people get by on a hundred dollars a day the point is nothing like this in terms of the growth the center of living has ever been seen in the history of the world at any time ever and this happened overwhelmingly in spite of government involvement it happened because a capital accumulation and the the push on the standard of living that's caused by that so I don't want to hear these people and whining about the poor they've done the only thing those folks have done is made this process prolong hey now what about when you you talk about the government you know the government has been you know in the last really since World War two I guess it is maybe since FDR the government has grown exponentially it has reached into every especially the federal government it reaches into every aspect of our lives but before that before that we really did have a hands off government for a very long time and it really showed in the way that America became the great engine of democracy that it was I mean isn't that isn't that what made America great yeah the United States became the greatest industrial power in the world basically on four feet before it even had an income tax I mean just right around that decade and then when they introduced the income tax it was so minor almost nobody even noticed it was there so yeah all these things did indeed happen just because that's how a free spontaneous people operates but the you know if you've read a typical textbook it doesn't have to be Howard's in the textbook you get I remember perfectly well what seventh grade was like t

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