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To watch the full show live, become a premium subscriber. Join the team! something-or-other colin kaepernick has been awarded the Amnesty International ambassador of conscious award for disrespecting the American flag and saying things that aren't true about the police the unemployed mr. Humperdink accepted the award with a speech saying quote racialized oppression and dehumanization is woven into the very fabric of our nation the effects of which can be seen in the lawful lynching of black and brown people by the police and the mass incarceration of black and brown lives in the prison industrial complex when asked what he meant by that the former mr. Heffalump said he was referring to the fact that violent thugs get shot when they attack police officers and that the imprisonment of such thugs has led to the murder rate dropping 48 percent since 1980 thus saving many black lives mr. whoop-de-doo then dropped the award which was recovered by San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who ran with it for a touchdown trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] all right the cleverness weekend is over at Lee is it really Wow it seems like only Thursday we were doing the 499th episode I'm impressed I could I have lost count but that is that is impressive that we have been here this long it almost it almost came to an end on Friday that absolutely true I was sitting at my desk had two desks I've went out in a little work house I have outside and I have one upstairs in a loft room a city at my desk and the desk lamp exploded and when I say you know usually a light bulb will implode because they have you know they have no air so they go in where and you'll hear that kind of this thing exploded it went like bang like a bullet and all the glass just shot out and there were two bulbs in it one facing me and one facing the opposite direction luckily it was the one in the opposite direction or it surely would have taken out my eye and my Sutton my son said to me so what what is God telling you you know and this what is this a parable for and I said well clearly I'm you know rereading Plato's Republic so this is telling me that the Prophet after he sees the light of the true good has to come back to the people in it reenter the darkness so here I have among you in the dark it was it was it was quite unnerving though I will say that all right you know we're not allowed to sell drugs here you know it's like we're a Christian you know base we have Christian funding and we don't want to sell you drugs so instead we sell texture because texture is the most addictive app we can possibly give 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what you're saying how do you spell texture it's KLA VA n or maybe that's Clavin I'm not sure it's texture com slash Clavin and you can start reading the latest issues of your favorite magazines today texture dot-com slash Clavin a free 7-day trial alright so you know listening that Kong caper neck copper neck Cooper neck thing you know what I was thinking his catchphrases make us stupid you use these catchphrases you know like mass incarceration and you know the prison industrial complex and they sound important but they actually make us dumb you know back in the 80s we had a crack academic academic in this country and people were slaughtering each other in the streets you could not walk outside in New York without risking getting your head blown off they came up with this scientific way of policing neighborhoods called CompStat they used it brilliantly it resulted in a lot of arrests of a lot of bad guys that's zero tolerance policy where you say we were gonna get rid of the minor crimes because minor crimes create neighborhoods in which major crimes take place and a lot of people got incarcerated and the murder rate dropped 48 percent now that is a lot of lives that got saved it since the 80s which is now almost 40 years ago right so that's a you know when you have a murder rate dropping hat by half essentially over 40 years you're gonna save a lot of black lives so if you said to me if you said to me you know that was great we solved that problem but pretty imprisoning people is a blunt instrument it takes men away from their families it takes men out of the neighborhood maybe we can find some other ways of doing this then we would have a discussion going on but when you talk about mass incarceration which sounds like the police just swept down and arrested people because of the color of their skin which is absolute baloney it's not a little baloney it's absolute baloney you can have those words come out you sound important and you sound impressive especially when they're giving you some idiotic award for doing something you shouldn't have done in the first place but you're being stupid and you're making yourself stupid and you're selling stupidity the same thing goes for transgender people if you said to me oh you know masculine and feminine traits are distributed in such a way that men have more masculine traits and women have more feminine traits but every now and again you get somebody who's on the other side of that spectrum and it's uncomfortable it's unpleasant and they get bullied and it's unhappy maybe there's something we can do about that you know I think that's a conversation that anybody would be willing to have any person of goodwill would be willing to have but when you come along and you say well some women have penises then the first thing you think is no absolutely no zero number of women that being you know that that is the definition of not being a woman and so you know you know you can't have a conversation if you say to me some chicago paul who happened to get himself installed in the white house can tell me in new nashville who goes into the men's bathroom in my elementary school then i say no you know i'm not gonna have that conversation with you that's the way language makes you stupid so I was watching you know this weekend I mean that the President had a really good weekend and I was watching the thing as information starts coming out about what really happened during this Russian collusion investigation I start to think you know the deep state is another one of these catch phrases that can make you stupid because you think of the deep state you think Alex Jones with his crazy conspiracy theories you think of like pizza gate that's nonsense that people come up with you yeah I always what I always think of when I hear deep state is there's always a scene in every spy movie where two guys and ties meet on a bench in the on the Washington Mall I don't even know if there are benches in the Washington Mall but they have they they install them just for these conversations and they kind of talk in coded language and the next scene somebody's trying to commit an assassination that our government is committing assassinations and so that's you know that's not the deep state the deep state is people the deep state is people with positions of power who misuse that power or who use it in such a way who become so puffed up with themselves that they start to think that their their decisions about who should be in office should trump as it were the the will of the people and I think that that is something that happened when I look at the people who are most attacking Donald Trump for his personality and we've talked about his personality here a million times I won't go into it again but but the people who are really saying things like he's morally unfit to be President or this guy is it's a caucus autocracy you know a government of evil guys like former CIA director James Brennan and former National Intelligence director James clapper and James Comey of the FBI and you notice they're all named James I think that that's a tell to a conspiracy right there all those guys were the ones who were most deeply involved in creating this impression that the Russians somehow it's something to do with the outcome of the election which really turns out not to have been true I mean all the people if you put all the people who have been indicted for this together I don't think you're talking about a single vote that got changed now let's just flashback to a moment for a moment to Hillary Clinton remember when Trump said he wasn't sure he would wait and see whether he would accept the results of the of the election and remember the horror the absolute horror that went through the mainstream media about oh my god he is undermining our very trust not very trust and our you know electoral system and remember Hillary Clinton Lester Holt asked the question of Hillary Clinton and here was her pompous self-righteous reply are you willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters Secretary Clinton I support our democracy and sometimes you win sometimes you lose but I certainly will support the outcome of this election and I know Donald's trying very hard to plant doubts about it but I hope the people out there understand this elections really up to you it's not about us so much as it is about you and your families in the kind of country and future you want so I sure hope you will get out and vote as though your future depended on it because I think it does so now of course that that forget that forget we cancel that can't we you know we're gonna cancel the trust in our electoral system and completely make up this thing which he now really does seem like it was it was guys like clapper and Brennan and Comey covering up the fact that they did stuff they shouldn't have done while during the election and after the election when they were trying to delegitimize Trump you know Devin Nunez or Nunez or known as or knew no new news I know is what they tell the guys name is but the guy who is on the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in heaven in the Nunes nanine's Devin Nunes we'll just call him from now he mace came out and he said this he said we've now seen how this thing got started and there was nothing that got it started in other words it was just sort of started out of thin air this is cut number two now this is really important to us because a counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services that are not supposed to be used on American citizens you've long wanted to know well what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation what we found now after the investigators had reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence now to hear that there's no intelligence when our government is not going to strike anybody as a surprise but there was no intelligence to to launch an investigation into an American presidential campaign so right they they were essentially tapping the Trump campaign with no intelligence to back them up that's what Devin Noonan ins is saying here and then some amazing things so who knows about that well one guy who knows about it is Andrew McCabe and Andrew McCabe the into the Inspector General has just referred Andrew McCabe to possible criminal prosecution for his dishonesty about the leaks that he gave to the Wall Street Journal so you start to think well is McCabe gonna start to talk about this this is something that could really be happening and then finally after a year a year of trying to get these memos that James Comey memos remember James Comey he never did this with a Barack Obama but when when Trump took office he started saying notes about his about his meetings with Trump some of which he then leaked in order to spur this Special Counsel investigation so that again is a movement by a law officer to spark a Special Counsel investigation by leaking what might have been classified information certainly before they Congress could get to look at these memos but now the men say and some of this is coming from Molly Hemingway who is indeed a trump partisan but she's also incredibly smart and incisive and sees these things in a very clear way and also sees Trump in a very clear way even though she supports him he's writing over obviously at the Federalist but she points out that that in these memos of these records of these meetings that Comey had it was the director of former Director of National Intelligence James clapper who is now a CNN national security analyst right and a very big anti-trump er clapper sent Comey in according to these memos clapper sent Comey in two brief trump on this steel dossier about the urinating Russian prostitutes which I think should be a rock band right urinating Russian consulate sounds like something never mind I'm sorry that just just my mind strayed there for a minute but alright so he goes in briefs he briefs Trump on this and he says you know CNN is looking for a new suck they have this and they're looking for a new hook to put this out there right and then suddenly like the next day this is a small meeting CNN has the news hook what's the news hook the news hook is that Comey brief Trump on the das a clappers insistence and clapper now is a CNN Tesla you know one of the things that the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes committee he found out was that the for this is from their records the former Director of National Intelligence James clapper now a CNN national security analyst provided inconsistent testimony to the committee about his contacts with the media including CNN so what what Molly is saying is this was a setup that that clapper has sent maybe Comey didn't know was happening but clapper sent Comey in there to give his pals at CNN a reason to report this story which is what people have been saying so now I mean this stuff is all unraveling it's pretty obvious it's pretty obvious that Donald Trump was not on the phone it seems to me I mean I would be I look at you can always find out new information robert muller may come up with new information but as of this moment the idea that donald trump was on the phone to putin you know and putin hussein i we'd get to elected and and this mattered to anybody that we cared that they were taking out $100,000 worth of ads on facebook you know that that really you know skewed the election one way or the other I mean what scared the election was Hillary Clinton was a dishonest awful candidate and she didn't go in and campaign in the places where the deplorable --zz were because she deplored them that's what cost were the election so so now that just to keep this narrative alive as it's slipping away the DNC is now suing right it is suing here they're suing the Trump campaign Russia WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and others alleging a wide-reaching conspiracy intended to inferior in turf ear with the 2016 presidential campaign and Trump tweeted out he said this is funny the Democrats have sued the Republicans for winning which is right suing saying this old campaign was a fraud they never would have lost if it hadn't been for all these people together here is Tom Perez of the DNC telling why why they filed the suit number one in order to file a civil suit you got to make sure you're filing it within the applicable statute of limitations I don't know when director Mulder's investigations going to end so we need to file now to protect our rights number two we've done our job we've done our homework over the course of the last year we have seen story after story brick after brick in the conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign to affect the outcome of the election I did my homework we have a strong case that's why we brought it are you concerning George we have to we have to deter misconduct we've got elections coming up in November it's hard to win elections when you have interference in elections and they've done it with impunity and I'm concerned that it's going to happen again so that's why we did it now yeah I'm buying that no I'm not bad here's I I have to say if you just compare these two quotes and see which one is more believable I'm going with the quote from devasting you what is the man well you definitely had this had this response my first thought is is it's just some kind of joke this must be a joke I mean we we know who colluded with Russians they don't want to admit that they colluded with Russians but they hired fusion Jeep they hired a law firm that hired fusion GPS that hired a British spy that went and colluded with Russians so I don't understand why they just didn't open up a lawsuit against themselves they should name themselves and sue themselves so that they can get to the bottom of what do they have on their servers why didn't they give those servers to the FBI this is this is nothing more nothing less than a continuation of fundraising off of this scandal this is made to play to the far left in this country so that the far left will continue to write checks because they don't believe that President Trump won the election fair and square because the media most of the media in this country has continued this narrative that there was collusion there was obstruction that Trump was somehow involved with Putin and Putin helped to steal this election we've now looked at all this none of that is true but the Democrats need a way to keep their base motivated to turn out of November and they need a way to continue to raise money and they're raising millions and millions and millions of dollars to target Republicans over this Russia Fiasco you know when I say the deep state is people what I mean is it doesn't mean that you know the clapper and Comey met on a bench in the mall and said you know what we're gonna do we're gonna send you in and we're gonna get this dossier out to this and I'll leak it to CNN it just means that people start to think that they're more important than the system they start to think that their morality rises above the Constitution they start to think that their vision of where the country should go is more important than the people's vision they start to look at the voting as an inconvenience they start to look at you as a deplorable inconvenience that's all that means it's all it means and the press and and yes or NHANES or nunu is right about this that that the press is complicit because the press is part of the status quo the press is always going to be essentially in favor of the the left-wing status quo they think that is the way things should be and that if the government if you've got eight years of Obama in power they do not want to see that change and they were so sure it wasn't gonna change and they're now discussing what do we do what do we do you know the New York Times the it has a piece by the fusion people the guys who did the steel dossier right they you know Glenn Simpson and Peter fridge and they have a piece saying okay put aside Russian collusion for a moment press pause on possible presidential obstruction of justice forget stormy Daniels the most significant recent development involving the president maybe that the Special Counsel Robert Muller has subpoenaed Trump organization business record so it's like whatever by whatever means necessary we are going to get that guy all right we tried stormy Daniels we tried Russian collusion we tried obstruction of justice it's all falling apart but now now we've raided Michael Kohn and we're gonna get it as business records and we're gonna get this the sort of thing that somewhere along the line there must be some kind of thing that we can get him on it's that is the deep state that is the deep state at work when you have an elected president and they're going through every single thing he ever did trying to find something something that they can undermine him with that is a deep state essentially and and you know the press they press themselves as you watch them they're starting to discuss because because Trump really did have a good weekend I mean south of the North Koreans said we're gonna stop testing nuclear weapons and we're gonna close one of our nuclear sites now look though I think that that is some great concession or are they you know basically trying to draw Trump into something as they did with Clinton who knows I mean it's not like we're gonna suddenly start to trust Kim jong-un but it was good news for Trump and it looked made him look good and they you know Chuck Todd was saying like wow they he's given them too much you know what did he give him well you agreed to meet him that's not really giving him that much you know it's like I you know it's like they're they're feeling that but but listen I want you to listen to the press now discussing what they did wrong how they could have covered the elections so that Hillary would have was it their fault not whether they should hire some Republicans not whether they should hire some trumpeters have some Trump supporters on their editorial desks but how can we be more biased so that this doesn't happen again they had this woman Amy chazak from the New York Times has got a book coming out it's called chasing Hillary and it first of all it talks about the fact that all of Hillary the males in Hillary Clinton's entourage were grabbing the women and saying these sexist things and nobody said a word about that nobody said Hillary Clinton's you know campaign is rife with people grabbing women's crotches because you can get away with it when you work for Hillary that women will let you do that you know when you worked for Hillary they'll let you grab them but but she never told this but now she talks about the fact that she tried how hard she tried to get a sympathetic piece about Hillary Clinton into the New York Times and she got wrong-footed by Comey announcing that he was reopening the investigation and listen to the kind of blindness with which she talks about this it was very difficult during that campaign to get any other stories to break through and in fairness we covered all of her policies I tried to vite write very sympathetic biographical features the perfect example is I wrote this feature Biograph sympathetic biographical feature about her moving to Arkansas and this feminist mentor of hers trying to talk her out of it I spent a year on the story the campaign didn't want it it was a great story for her it posted three hours before Comey sent his letter to Congress it didn't even make the paper anything to break but the question there is are you writing to make something breakthrough or are you writing what you think the news is and that that is a question that I think we all have going into the night I think a meet rises face goes blank and that the woman asking that I think her name is Stephanie cutter she's a she's a Democrat operative you know she was just say no why why are you writing stories to break through why don't you just covering the news and charlie it looks like the question came out of left field and then George Stephanopoulos essentially says he couldn't says you know we we made everybody look the same now remember this is a Hillary Clinton operative this is a Clinton campaigner you know there everybody's picking on Sean Hannity because he talked to Michael Kohn about real estate from time to time but this is a Clinton ista reporting the news and what he says is you know this whole thing about being fair you know we got to stop that stuff you know that it captured it allowed Trump to get elected listen to this you look back and say listen there were things done wrong with Eva there's no question about that but there's something structurally in the media where we have to equalize everything if you point out a wrongdoing on one side you have to point in a wrongdoing on the other and they automatically become equivalent and that isn't always fair I think the problem that might have been not enough Equalization I don't think it's a problem how much we covered how much the press covered the emails how much investigative work was there done on Donald Trump particularly during the primary matter now he was portrayed more as a phenomenon the excitement the attacks the latest you know outrageous thing he said or whatever there wasn't much investigative reporting going frankly until it was it was too late that dude was too late this is this is the self delusion I mean you know everybody look we're all biased we're all self-deluded but this is incredible self delusion the idea that they think that they were nicer to Hillary Clinton than they were to Trump and yet it was Trump Trump was a story Trump had a way of playing the press and getting lots of free press you know as he himself would say constantly you know he made their ratings go up but the idea that they were somehow nicer to Donald Trump than they were to Hillary Clinton that the idea that they shouldn't have covered the news about Hillary Clinton I mean let's put it this way when when Hillary Clinton when they interviewed Hillary Clinton's a lawyer working with Hillary Clinton they asked her when she would like to drop by they asked her you know how would you like to drop by would you like to declare that you're Hillary Clinton's lawyer so that you can't violate principle they didn't raid her house at 3:00 in the morning like they did with Michael Cohen and so you know the idea that somehow that when I say that deep state is people what I just mean is it's this kind of delusion it's this kind of self ignorant is this kind of bias that leads to the what has really been over a year now over a year of a fake story that has helped as Devin noona says it has helped the Democrats with their base and the press has helped them out and that's the deep state the deep state is just people who are ignorant and who do not see themselves putting themselves above the process doing exactly what Hillary Clinton was a horrific thing to do to basically not accept the electoral process as it played out all right we have somebody named Michael Knowles he's gonna come on and talk about something called Coachella now I have to be I'm gonna be absolutely honest with you I thought until today I thought Coachella was the name of the fairy godmother who turns Cinderella's pumpkin into a coach I thought his coach Ella that was that was what that is but Knowles is going to explain it all to us we have to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube come on over to the daily and subscribe then you can watch the entire thing right there you send us ten bucks a month I pocket the ten bucks I can afford a couple of drinks instead of I wouldn't dress like this anymore come on come on it's nothing it's nothing pay up all right we got Michael Knowles coming right up all right Michael no there he is how you doing I'm glad you survived the light bulb attack it was that amazing i am-ness seriously I've never seen anything like I was explaining it to my wife and you know you saved your wife a light bulb almost killed me it's just man what do you want for dinner yeah you know what I think God was trying to tell you with the light bulb attack let's hear it I think he was telling you to buy a lampshade explode in your face you know if it wasn't for the lampshade really it would have taken my head off it was like hey the lampshade deflected it downward but even so if it had been facing me it would have deflected by coming onto me right yeah so how was your trip oh the trip was a lot of fun I went to Mobile Alabama the greatest city in America methyl sugar yeah it is wonderful and then I also went to Philadelphia a city in America I was there I spoke at the Wharton School of Business also known as the University of Pennsylvania really better known as Trump University president Trump's also as he as a the ivy leaguer that he is that's right and and he has all the best words folks and I guess he learned them at Wharton it was great it was a lot of fun I think both speeches are online the one was on the conservative movement now in Alabama and then the other was on reasons to vote for Donald Trump and I'm it was really fortuitous that I gave that speech a day after Donald Trump ended the Korean War for 70 years and denuclearized the I know I have to say these trips meaning these people who to me are kids I keep calling them kids I know they're young adults but but meeting them I think I'm it's so encouraging I mean especially these these are all the kids I didn't hang out with when I was a young artistic crazy man you know but they're so together and intelligent and each one of them is like a little Shapiro with they have all these facts in their head and they know so much is no feelings whatsoever feelings whatsoever snot we don't want people with feelings it is true it's really cutting into our stogie time cuz you were gone most of my notes I know you yeah and you were speaking at a Christian College I was that which was doubly great I mean it was doubly great because not only are they not only are they put together and informed they also have the spiritual wisdom way beyond their years like I kept saying to them like don't you want to be taking drugs and screwing each other they didn't seem to be that mejia so speaking speaking of Coachella I have to tell you like I literally know nothing about Coachella people say Coachella I nod knowingly you know like I say Coachella you know what is it I can explain it to you I it is a music festival that takes place over two consecutive weekends a quarter of a million people go and they listen to terrible musicians and they do a bunch of drugs and they grow up each other no that's that's Coachella in a nutshell I had a dream like that once what is it is it it's in California it's in California it's in the desert yeah you go to the desert you take a bunch of synthetic drugs you see things and you grab the copious unveiled body parts that are kind of milling about nice this is a true you know the the editor of Teen Vogue or n editor of Teen Vogue as said that she was at Coachella for ten hours and was groped 22 times and I actually I mentioned this cuz look music festivals you just go and do a lot of drugs and have sex that's the point of them okay and so I get your word for this I never been to a music festival well I asked a bunch of my friends who've been to Coachella men and women you know not totally conservatives or whatever and one of the questions that I got in response when I said yeah this girl was groped all the time they said well what was she wearing let's coach allies you can't say that you're going get accused of shaming you don't know you know what ashamed people for walking around with provocative clothes when everybody's on drugs like why did you show people that so so who who runs this thing so this is one of the amino this until because I didn't go to Coachella I went to Coachella I sat on my couch and that screamed OH so I did wonder I said who puts this on because it was a little strange the the thing that kind of tipped me off to this is that Eminem did a bit he closed out one of the nights and you know Eminem has been d

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