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Like this video? For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiro YouTube channel youtube.com/c/benshapiro and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!congresswoman in loudmouth Looney tune Maxine Waters recently told the crowd at Los Angeles Church that she was quote sent by God to attack Donald Trump waters received some pushback on the statement in an exclusive interview with The Daily wire God said that he had not in fact sent maxine waters to attack Donald Trump but had only meant to provide the world with the little comic relief and maybe create an opportunity for some cheap jokes about how unreasonable women are which apparently is a brand of humor the Lord is particularly fond of the maker of heaven and earth told The Wire quote to be honest until she started mouthing off about me it had slipped my mind I created that kooky old bat at all I'm sure I had a good reason for it since I'm you know God but to be honest it happened such a long time ago I can't remember exactly what it was something to do with my great gift of laughter to humankind so I hope you're all enjoying her unquote Maxine Waters was only the latest in a line of left-wingers who made the mistake of thinking God was on their side there was also late-night host Stephen Colbert who recently remarked that God is a socialist because Jesus didn't charge lepers for his miraculous cures in his interview with The Daily wire God responded to Colbert's remark saying quote what kind of stupid logic is that what the hell has happened to late-night comedy anyway I used to be able to tune in for a couple of yucks before going to bed now on every channel there's some skinny smirking white guy raving about Donald Trump I missed the Carson show unquote God warned that we could look forward to more Democrats claiming he was on their side as they ran out of actual arguments for their absurd policies he added quote I'd stop them but I believe in human freedom it would be nice if they did the same trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] tickety-boo so we need also sing see Topsy the zipa teasing it's a wonderful [Music] [Music] all right we are here in Washington DC at the yoth conference the young American Foundation conference I'll tell you a little bit about it we have Owen Benjamin comedian on our show he's got a new Praeger video he wants to talk about and we have to talk about zip recruiter because many of you asked the question how did Michael Knowles get hired and we always say it's because we didn't use zip recruiter dot-com if you use zip recruiter you don't you don't make those kinds of mistakes zip recruiter sends your job to over a hundred of the web's leading job boards but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology zip recruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job so as applications come in sot zip recruiter analyzes each one and spotlights the top candidates so you never miss a great match zip recruiter is so effective that 80% of employers who post on zip recruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day with results like that it's no wonder the zip recruiter is the highest rated hiring site in America and right now my listeners can try zip recruiter for free at this exclusive web address zip recruiter comm slash daily wire that's zip recruiter comm /d al Dai ly WI our ez recruiter dot-com slash daily wire zip recruiter the smartest way to hire don't let Michael Knowles happen to you alright so DC well first of all you know I love being in DC I'm here for like a minute you know they fly me and they fly me out but Sebastian Gorka got in touch with me as I was landing and said you know we've never met he's been on the show a number of times I think he's gonna be on again hopefully next week or the week after and but we've never met so he said come on over to the Trump International Hotel which is right down the street from where we're staying and I walked over there and the last time I was in this place this was used to be what was called the old post office and it was a ruin I mean it was just a dinosaur absolutely empty building and had been sitting there for years and years and years and Trump won the bid to redo it and he redid it I believe he brought it in about the head of schedule under cost under his bid which is pretty amazing something he did in New York with the skating rink in Central Park one of his very big claims to fame as well the government was screwing up the skating rink could never get it done he got so ticked off I've seen this unfinished Central Park skating rink outside his window that he finally said I'll do and they finished it like in months it was done is a beautiful beautiful addition to the park anyway this hotel is absolutely beautiful and it's got this vast vast lobby bar and you come in there and it's kind of like remember the the alien bar and the first Star Trek it's like that for conservatives it's like every conservative in America is in this way you know like they're conserves from Mars conservatives from you know Venus all these different conservatives are there and I shook hands with Donald Trump jr. and kimberly guilfoyle was there his new girlfriend and and she introduced me we would play when we get this stuff I like she introduced me to one of the young fellows who had written one of our stuff I like theme songs there and you know I'm a political junkie and so sitting in that atmosphere it's just it was just magical to me all these guys sitting around we're kind of you know fixers they're fixers you know like you know they're the kind of guy the kind of guy you know there's nobody ever sees them but they're always kind of behind the scenes I asked one of them he was supposed to be the kind of great seer of political you know outcomes and I asked him how we're gonna do in the midterms and he said he he would bet right now that we were gonna lose the house but he was absolutely sure we were gonna keep the Senate and add a few seats he said anybody who tells you we're not as ridiculous so we'll see he admitted that he was a pessimist so maybe he's wrong about the house I hope so this gut feeling that we may actually keep the house which would be remarkable as remarkable is the fact that Trump's ratings just went up he's just his approval rating went up to like 50 percent shot up and so like a lot of the things that maybe people think are going on aren't going on anyway then I came on over to the hotel you know traveling with Shapiro you get mobbed by fans you know it's like it's kinda like being Ringo Starr you know like mom after they finished with Paul McCartney it was great and the kids are so great and I was I gave my speech earlier in the day and I was talking to them about the fact that the first speech I ever gave was - yeah a half conference and it was an absolute disaster because you know I spent my life in my room like writing fiction and talking about werewolves and cops and what if a werewolf became a cop or should a cop become a werewolf and then went out and gave this kind of high intellectual speech while everybody else was delivering the red meat and just died the absolute death so it was nice to come back nice you know I got a very nice reception really really Pleasant I was talking to people about the culture which is kind of the thing I know best and you know I've been in some form of cultural creation all my life that's all I've done is write novels write screenplays now doing videos every time a new technology comes along I've been in it you know and it's funny I always go out I always find myself going out and giving speeches to young people saying what you should do is get on YouTube and then I find that I'm on YouTube and I go out and give speeches saying well what you should do is you should do you know fictional podcasts and then I start another Kingdom so maybe I should just give speeches to myself maybe it's I'm the only one who's paying attention to me since I go out and do the things I tell people to do but one of the things I talked about that I just think is is so immensely important is because the left owns the culture these narratives and when I talk about a narrative what I'm talking about is a kind of a cloud a cultural cloud that surrounds you you don't even know you're breathing it in you have opinions that you think are rock solid but you've never really thought them through you don't even know where they come from but that's just the narrative that is the you know American narrative or the Western narrative and it's created now by the left because they own everything they own the academies they own the television stations they own the movie studios they own publishing most of it and so they manage to create this and I was talking about the four kinds of narratives that I think are so powerful and overwhelming and pointing out what they all had in common and I talked about abortion the fact that you know 3,000 babies are being killed every day an American those many on the right understand that that's wrong none of us feel it not one of us feels us I'm sorry none of us feels it the way we should we don't feel the urgency of it we don't feel that something must be done right this minute because the narrative that surrounds us has kind of taken the atrocity out of it the sense of an atrocity out of it and then about feminism I always love talking about feminism because guys are not supposed to criticize feminism and I think feminism stinks I think feminism is one of the truly harmful and destructive philosophies that's ever come along and I'm you know I'm a an individualist I want everybody to do whatever he or she wants to do with his life but but I do feel that feminism has essentially degraded and denigrated femininity I always tell people young guys care what feminists say about men I couldn't care less what they say about men either they're a bunch of idiots what do I care what they say about men but I do think they have an effect on women by teaching women to get rid of their feminine dreams and basically follow masculine dreams and and then you know these women wake up and they're 35 and they've never had a family and they never know what it's like to make a home for people and they're not happy you know I meet these women all the time and they will tell you you know I followed these dreams and they were not my dreams that are not my true dreams and and you know it's it gets this when your time runs out that is the thing about life that doesn't go on forever you can't go back and do it again your time runs out the other one is atheism atheism is something that just young intelligent men I mean I see this so much and I see it on the right wing it drives me a little crazy they're absolutely certain that God is obsolete that science has disproved God they know this they know it for a fact in the minute you say that's absurd you know the logic isn't there the arguments aren't there the arguments the people like Steven Pinker make and Sam Harris make they're not good arguments they're not sound arguments and they they basically in the end have to argue that everything we know and think is an illusion and that's the kind of silly argument you could only only scientists can make that argument if you made that argument as a Buddhist you know everybody would say I you're just one of those crazy Buddhists but if you make it as a scientist everybody says hmm that must be true but it's absurd but that's another thing that's in the narrative I said then it's in the air a narrative that's in the air and the final one is victimhood which always just makes me it just makes me sad to see especially young men you know talk about microaggressions when I sometimes go to these colleges some young black eye tall you know able healthy is telling me about micrograph somebody looked at him wrong or didn't you know tensed up when he was came into the elevator or something and I just think like you know men don't care about micro gray you've let somebody talk you out of your manhood you know I mean a microaggression is something a man steps on as he's going to do the thing that he means to do and later on you can say to him you know you stepped on that micro aggression he should be like I didn't say it you know it's micro a micro it's too small to see what am I gonna do look for it you got to be looking for it because it's a micro aggression and the thing that I wanted to emphasize in this speech was just that these four things are all linked together by the fact that the opposition can't talk back the opposition cannot voice its opinion in abortion the baby has no voice right the mother can go on and say I was raped that's why I had an abortion that's a sad that's a tragic story no question about it baby can't go on and say hey you know what I would have cured cancer you know I was I would have had like ten children who would have enhanced the world I would have you know written music or just lived a great life that baby if that baby could show up on TV the dialogue would be a lot different you know when it comes to to feminism of course all the women in the public eye are feminists by by definition you know I mean a woman goes and has a baby and goes back and starts hosting her new show two weeks later and she slimmed down to a hundred pounds you know she's not gonna go on and say you know the most important thing you can do is stay home with your kids because if she were you know if you believe that she'd be doing it and I'm not saying she shouldn't live the life she wants I'm just saying that means that every woman's voice that you're gonna hear is not gonna be the voice of a mom saying you know what this is the most rewarding job you can have because moms are too busy to go on TV and talk and tell you that stuff you know atheism the same thing Christianity is against the world doesn't you know Christianity defines itself in opposition to the world so whenever Christianity tries to reach out to the world that has to sell out its Christianity and whenever Christians say whenever I hear Christian pastors say how can we reach out to the world I think it's easy to just stop preaching the gospel of Christ in the world will come rushing to you it's when you preach the gospel of Christ suddenly that they say and not so much the final one is victimhood which they just they shut people up by telling them they can't say anything I you know already there's somebody tweeting you know how there this man come out and say something about feminism who wants to listen to a man who wants to listen to a white about what's happening to black people who you know that's the way they shut you up so all those voices and so you have to become the voice but the result of this is people get ticked off and that is why when I see Jim Acosta complaining about the fact that he get heckled how can I put this to you you know my heart does something other than break you know this is Jim look at me I'm Jim Acosta he's not a reporter he's just a little clown sitting there shouting again and again look at me I'm shouting at Donald Trump aren't I brave every report is slanted every report is a negative you know he represents he's a perfect representative of the mainstream media news culture and by the way CNN is now the least trusted name in news I think they put out a list of 10 news sources they were number 9 and the one under that was Sinclair which is such a minor you know it doesn't have the same kind of weight as a CNN so nobody trusts them anymore so he goes out and now he's complaining he's come he got heckled at a Trump thing they were shouting CNN sucks and now he's going on and he has the SADS so here's Jim Acosta honestly it felt like we weren't in America anymore I don't know how to put it any more plainly than that Americans should not be treating their fellow Americans in this way but unfortunately what we've seen and this has been building for some time since the campaign I've been I've been talking about this as an issue since the campaign when the president during the campaign referred to us as the dishonest media the disgusting news media liars scum and thieves and so on and then he rolled that right into the Oval Office and started calling us fake news in the enemy of the people he is whipping these crowds up into a frenzy to the point where they really want to come after us and you know we have these these bike rack like barriers around the press cage as we call it to protect us essentially from people who might take things too far it's unfortunate because and I try to calmly talk to a lot of these folks at the rally last night to say listen hey you know tell me what you want to talk about here why are you guys so upset with us and they would kind of go through a list of questions most of most of the questions were about why don't you guys report positive news about president I said hey you know what we do that they which is a lie they don't but but on top of that he says to you you know this doesn't feel like I'm in America anymore but you know what Jim it feels exactly what it's like to be in America if you don't happen to be a coastal elite this is what people have been listening to for 50 years you know I was gonna put together a montage of cultural attacks on typical Americans that attacks on religion attacks on patriotism attacks on the culture of the Midwest that have been pouring out of Hollywood and out of the news media and out of the Academy for years decades on end but I didn't put it together because I know that when I put that stuff together they censor me on YouTube you know they never do it to the young turks of the if anger or however he pronounces name if he uses material like that not a thing happens but if I do it they do and that's what's happening to us Jim so that's what's happening to this culture for 50 years 50 years people have been hearing you know you stink you're an idiot you have no teeth you're clinging to your Bible you're clinging to your guns and now you're upset that they're heckling you I think like boo bloody whoo you know it's just it's just amazing that these guys have no self-awareness not you know the New York Times the New York Times just hired a new person for their editorial board Sarah what is her name John Sarah John okay yes and they have she has a history of racist tweets I mean read to you I think if I can find the money's just reaches a couple I can I can't read them the whole thing because they're so foul but these are tweets she sent out where she says dumb effing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on a fire hydrant she says our white people predisposed to burn faster in the Sun thus logically only being fit to live underground like grovelling goblins oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men I did I did do to get on Wikipedia and play things white people can definitely take credit for it's really hard really really because you know they made a movie called the day without a Mexican because in Beverly Hills you know they think if there were no Mexicans who would how the lawn mow mow itself you know I mean what to have those dishes will wash them that's what they think of Beverly Hills but there were no Mexicans we'd all be we'd be crippled we'd be crippled the grass would grow up it would just consume my mansion that's the way they think so they made a movie the day without a Mexican let's try a day without a white man let's try a day without computers without cars without all the things that white men invented things that they can take credit for what I you know if you're gonna think races if you're going to be a racist that's the way you have to think I mean I how can you blame white people for striking back with racism when they're struck when they strike yes so the New York Times stands up for her and they issue this this statement we hired Sarah John because of the exceptional work she has done for journalism and the fact that she's a young asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment so she's the victim here when she talks about how much he likes being cruel Dwight when she's the victim for a period of time she responded to the harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her her a sirs she regrets it and the times does not condone it I mean that's does not no in Santa Barbara you know they banned straws and the guy came out and he apologized because one of the councilmen made the comment he said we must regulate every aspect of people's lives that's what he said and then he said I apologize that was just rhetoric secreto rhetoric meaning exactly what you've said it should me you know the times knew about this this is you know you compare it to Kevin Williamson they hired Kevin Williamson he had made some jokes about I think hanging women who have abortions or something like that it's obviously a joke they knew about it then they fired him the times knew about this I'm sure this is why they hired her they hired it because this is how they feel if you read The Times editorial page this kind of racism is endemic to the times so the fact that they're not i don't think so they should fire her because she represents them she represents them I also don't think people should buy their paper because it's racist trash so this this is what they've been throwing at us all these years and now they're getting a little of it back a little bit of heckling back and they're imagining immediately that the end of the time has come here is Chuck Todd and and pay attention to this because this is the way the media works because they live in their own imaginations because they don't live in America they live in their own minds other people who would share their ideas they can immediately go over the top because everyone around them feels the same way here's Chuck thought it's kind of unfocused visceral anger at the other side of really neutral people like folks on the press corps it can lead to this [Applause] look according to days Washington Post president Trump has made 4229 false or misleading claims in 558 days in office as an average of 7.6 a day this is not normal we shouldn't be in the business of just shrugging our shoulders and normalizing it so he showed a car running over people and so they in other words Trump is one step with him Trump criticizing this incredibly dishonest media that he did not mention how many lies the media had told in that same number of days I don't know why he didn't bring that up just to compare them but you know immediately he's going to be killed because people are fighting back against the media that has been lying about them and remember it's not the lies it's not the lies it's the bias okay they do lie it is true they lie and they lie with a purpose when they say Trump has taken the statue of the bust of Martin Luther King out of the Oval Office that has a purpose that's not just the mistake that you know even if it was a mistake it's a mistake with a purpose they do it on purpose it's not the lies though it's the bias it is the idea that if somebody raises the issue of abortion and says maybe you know you shouldn't kill your babies that suddenly we're in The Handmaid's Tale you know that's that's the bias the bias that if somebody as I read from the New York Times just this week if somebody makes a joke about Obama online he must be a racist that's the bias that's what they've been selling to us for 50 years and they get you know Mike Barnicle is on the Morning Joe and he made a comment he said Trump supporters are deranged Trump supporters are deranged I want to show you the range Chris Cuomo there's this thing called the queue queuing on have you heard of this that's cute not it's a supposedly a conspiracy that Robert Muller is not actually investigating Donald Trump is secretly investigating Hillary Clinton and all the lefties and in some kind of night of the Long Knives scenario one day they're all going to be suddenly arrested and this is called queue because I think the guy who tweets it it calls himself queue that's called queue hashtag queue and on here's Chris Cuomo somebody somebody held up a sign at a trump rally we our queue and Chris Cuomo decides that Trump and his speeches is secretly communicating with queue listen to this talking about Trump supporters being deranged here's the press he has his people at his rally that looked for the number 17 as signs of truth q is the 17th letter in the alphabet not that that helps make any sense of its significance to them and they see Trump tweeting something like this 17 angry Democrats they take value in the number 17 a potential sign I hope he didn't use that number for them he hasn't always used the number 17 the guy used to just be stupid now he's stupid and he's out of this what was left of his mind I mean this is amazing and this and they're calling us deranged weird deranged this is the way they said how they have left that go off over the airwaves how could did nobody see that before he started talking I had to be in its prompter I mean it's unbelievable what these guys are talking about and frankly I feel the same way about the Russian investigation I feel about what he just said you know I just want to play one more clip and then I'm gonna get the Owen Benjamin interview because I want to do a little bit of an extended stuff I like at the end so I want to keep our time under control but I just want to play the views reaction to the SADS of Jim look at me I'm Jim Acosta Trump is debasing our press on a regular basis and telling people it's fake and it's metastasizing around the world this year egypt vietnam belarus belarus belarus Malaysia Pakistan and others have passed laws and fine news outlets after accusing them of spreading false information and then you read about people who live in Canada and who live in France etc who are afraid that this president is so control and and so a long page about every single thing that he does every single day that they were afraid for them also he is not just a menace in this country as my point right okay so so is there a way is there a way to change the narrative about the media well sorry no no I was just a quick comment that I heard Jim went into the audience afterwards which they don't have video of this and he spoke one-on-one with the people and I think that maybe on that level they can see a personalized baby to keep on doing their jobs and that their jobs are to report the facts now of course as I've said before I do not mind them attacking Trump I mind after eight years of supporting Obama of hiding Obama scandals of covering up the things that Obama did and Trump hasn't had any scandals like Obama had Obama scandals were real and we vote we've played that montage before of the press I know he was scandal free he was scary you know he only used the IRS to shut up the opposition and use the State Department to lie about Benghazi and use the Justice Department to investigate in an opposing cat mean that scandals going on right now and they won't cover it they act absolutely turn the other way that's the problem here it's the line and the bias but what I loved about that cut is Whoopi Goldberg saying is there any way to change the narrative she didn't say is there any way to change what the press does is is there any way is there any you know all these people just angry did they just wake up one morning kind of with a thorn in their butts you know I'm just Aang I just feel I'm just on the wrong side of the bed and you know who I'm gonna blame Jim Acosta that's who I'm gonna blame or or is it decades of Lies decades of insults decades of bias decades of attacking American culture that has them angry nobody nobody on the press is asking that question not one single person and that of course is where wisdom begins all right I want to talk bring on Owen Benjamin great interview the guy who cracks me up he's really really is funny stand-up comedian actor podcast host pianist I have to pronounce that carefully because he makes quite a it makes a lot of a with that word he's never afraid to share his unique perspective he's got a new Praeger view Prager you video titled the strange death of comedy do we have a minute of that can we play a minute comedy only works when we agree on certain realities take this joke why do you always go fishing with at least two Baptists because if you only take one he'll drink all your beer the reason this gets a laugh is because most of us recognize that many religious people are a little more religious around other religious people that hypocrisy is funny because everyone can relate to it on some level we're all little hypocritical now and then the problem is that today fewer and fewer people seem to agree on the basics you know shared assumptions I recently did a joke onstage people keep comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler he's nothing like Hitler Hitler would have never let CNN talk like that Anderson Cooper would've made it through the night of the Long Knives there are people that don't understand that joke and the reason is that joke requires us all to agree and stick with me hear that Hitler was a bad bad man and that the night of Long Knives was a bad bad thing and that President Trump whether you like him or not isn't anything like that bad bad man who did that bad bad thing and I wouldn't want him to be but since we now live in a world where some stupid people like Hitler and some other stupid people think Trump is Hitler well we just can't agree that this obviously absurd joke is funny you could find Owen on his YouTube channel youtube.com slash Owen Benjamin comedy and he also has a podcast why didn't they laughs here's Owen Benjamin oh good to see you again oh thanks for having me man I was just telling you when we first started talking you've been just crushing on the show like those opening monologues make me laugh so hard ah coming well coming from you that's a genuine compliment I appreciate it I saw your new video the Praeger video also made me laugh which is tough to do on a Praeger video it's not easy to get laughs out of a bragger video yeah Prager Community College is a little funnier and dirtier but preggers you asked pretty every day so those guys are great and I love I love that they kept it so clean because it reaches a bigger audience but we'd be going back and forth about how far we could push a joke and stuff like that but I'm really proud of the message so I hope a lot of people watch it well let's let's talk about it about they called the strange death of comedy why do you feel comedy is dead well I think it's a lack of shared values you know I I've wrestled with this for a long time it's it's you got to have the assumptions in place in order to be funny like that that joke in the video about people say Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler that's not true not fair to Trump a tough it was a great leader you know like you have to know I don't like Hitler it has to be given right right and it's the same with like James Gunn claiming that a lot of these are jokes it's like there's no given they're like Hollywood so riddled with sexual deviance that like that isn't right that's like a there's just no given like no-one's trusting that that's a joke at all and because I've been wracking my brain about my problems where if I take something it was intended to be a joke like where my blind spots you know that's more of a conservative libertarian way of thinking that the left is never once thought ever what yeah yeah it's like my inability to see James Gunn is joking and I think it's because I can't assume he's a good guy cuz he's not so it's like that to me just seems like proclamations well uh yeah no go ahead well I mean it is a real problem in Hollywood there is a pedophilia Coffea we know it's there

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