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Like this video?ย For more Ben Shapiro and Daily Wire content, subscribe to this channel and the Ben Shapiroย YouTubeย channelยย and ring the bell for notifications so you never miss a story!the wealthy parents who paid a college consultant to help lie and cheat their children into elite colleges have hired a prison consultant to help them deal with life on the inside even I can't believe I'm not making this up but it was actually reported by CBS News although they may find out later I really did make it up and they mistook it for reality whereupon I read it and mistook it for news and rewrote my own satire as a satire which now I think about it may account for the entire news cycle for the last 10 years the rich parents had their consultant cheat their kids into school by such techniques as photoshopping their daughter's face onto the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger to get her a weightlifting scholarship then having the daughter show up at Yale claiming she's had a sex change operation and was now a hundred and ten pound female and was off the team meanwhile Schwarzenegger was later found in a singles bar trying to pick up men since he finally had the young girl's face he always wanted okay some of this I may be making up now but I'm not really sure anyway several of the parents caught in the scam are now planning to plead guilty although not Lori Loughlin the star of the 90s sitcom full house who is also accused of being the star of the 90s sitcom full house a far more serious charge according to CBS the parents who have pled out have hired Justin Paperny a former stockbroker who served prison time for fraud and now works with wealthy clients as a prison consultant but Pernis says he can help his clients by photoshopping their faces onto the muscular tattooed bodies of ms-13 gang members so no one will dare mess with them in the yard and also by raising the marks on their entry exams so they only get into the best institutions all of which goes to show that having too much money can drive you insane also reading the news can do that trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] at this point if Donald Trump said the sky was blue the Democrats and the media but I repeat myself would declare it was brown Adam Schiff would go on Good Morning America and declare he had seen proof positive of a brown sky though he couldn't reveal what it was Jerry Nadler would subpoena the president's eyeballs to demonstrate he wasn't seen color rightly April Ryan and Don Lemon would opine that only a white supremacist could get color so wrong and Jim look at me I'm Jim Acosta would make a complete and utter fool of himself I'm not sure how but somehow you can count on that Trump says there's an emergency at the border and the media Democrat complex spend hour after hour saying he's wrong and if he's not wrong he's to blame and if he's not to blame then look there's a crying baby they're full of crap Trump's right the situation at our border is absurd and out of control and he's not to blame Congress is to blame for as long as I can remember Republicans and Democrats both have brought the Yammer but not the hammer they talk but they do nothing it's a gross insult we have a right to have our laws respected by the people who pass them in the first place it's a cruelty to these poor migrants who are escaping chaos and don't know the rules of the game on which they've staked their lives it shows unforgivable indifference to our own citizens who have the right to have their communities and homes respected and to get first second and final dibs on whatever jobs and services America provides and of course it's dangerous we have enemies who want to destroy us al Qaeda Isis the Democrats in the media it looks like Trump has had it and is about to get tough but it's an open question whether he's truly tough enough to stand up against a media that wants desperately to take him down even if it takes the country down with 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three months free at expressvpn dot-com slash clayvin that's expr ESS VPN dot-com slash clayvin for three months free with a one-year package visit expressvpn dot-com slash clayvin to learn more and I know what you're thinking you're thinking sure sure that's how you spell Express but how do you spell Clavin it's que la vie a.m. tomorrow is the mail bag how do you get on the mail bag you know go on daily go on the potty press the podcast button press the Andrew podcast Andrew podcast Clavin you may just be at the end of my rope here I guys if there's this a loud gunshot you'll know what happened go on daily wire comm suppress podcast button press the Andrew - podcast press that picture of the mailbag that's the mailbag ask your question only catch is you have got to subscribe if you subscribe for 10 bucks a month or a hundred bucks for the full year you can be in the mailbag ask me anything you want ask me about religion asked me about politics ask me about your personal life all my answers are guaranteed 100 percent correct there's not even a little wiggle room in there and they'll change your life for the better what do I care we'll find out tomorrow if you send your questions in today so the Donald president the Donald is on the rampage and I don't blame him a bit we've got people touring in whatever he was doing it wasn't working you can blame him for the fact that when he had both houses of Congress he didn't move I think that wasn't a mistake he made such a big fuss about this during the campaign that he should have stuck to that he should have put it right up ahead but he got what he could get which was the tax cut instead because I just don't think he could move the Congress I think that Congress has been is paralyzed on this issue it's because they don't all agree on how to do it they can't compromise they all are serving their base and not serving the country it is just it really it really is it's shameful so you know he's now he's been throwing out threats he's gonna shut the border but he can't do that the economy would crash he backs off on that he's gonna put tariffs on Mexican stuff but not yet whatever he does whatever he does he runs into a wall so apparently he has now turned to Stephen Miller who is his big hardliner on this policy guy and apparently said to him Stephen you are now in charge of this issue which caused Ilhan Omar to say that Stephen Miller is a white nationalist another another Jewish white national these Jewish Nazis are all over the place I don't think I don't think they're thinking long term you know Jewish Nazis are not really they're not farsighted enough they they what it's like the Japanese joining the you know white nationalist Nazis and for World War two not thinking ahead so Stephen no I don't know what is white nationalist about the guy he is trying to protect the border you know it's even it's so annoying when people say and this is really what Miller has been talking about still Stephen Miller has been talking about is protecting Western civilization really drives me crazy when you say protect Western civilization and everybody says oh you're a white nationalist you wouldn't know white nationalism was bad if it weren't for Western civilization there has never been a civilization others another civilization that thinks that race is not the main way to categorize people only Western civilization thinks that wrong they think it's wrong because Saint Paul said so because there's no Jew or Greek in Christ they think it's wrong because the Roman citizens of the Republic fought to get citizen false citizenship even though they weren't actually Latins they weren't actually Romans they fought to get citizenship until everybody was included that's one of reasons the Republic fell that's why they think white nationalism is bad because of Western civilization you have to protect Western civilization one of the ways you do that is that making sure that people come in subscribe to the values and attitudes of Western civilization so this whole thing against about immigration we should have no borders what's of the matter why you so stingy with your beautiful country which stinks that's their attitude how can you be sick how can our country be so evil there won't let in all the people who want to get in because the country is so great that's basically the left's position it's all nonsense so Trump is fired Kristin Nielsen and I have to say like I think she's she seems to be taking the fall for the fact that things aren't working I mean I don't know what she can do they have been hemmed in on every side it's Congress who needs to close these loopholes that let people come in all you have to do is cross the border and say I want to siloam if you have a kid with you they they don't want to put you in in they don't want to confine you because after 20 days they have to let the kid go so and then everybody says oh you're separating the children so everybody knows if you come in walk in with a kid you can steal a kid you can borrow a kid you can rent a kid walk in with the kids say I want to siloam there's nothing they can do they release you you never come back we never see you again so Nielsen sent her resignation but obviously she was forced out she said despite our progress in reforming Homeland Security for a new age I've determined it's the right time for me to step aside I hope the next secretary will have the support of Congress good luck with that and the courts and fixing the laws which have impeded our abilities to secure America's borders and which have contributed to discord in our nation's discourse our country and the men and women of DHS deserve to have all the tools and resources they need to execute the mission entrusted to them here she is outside our home talking to the gathered press I just want to thank the president again for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country I'm forever grateful and proud of the men and women of DHS who worked so hard every day to execute their missions and to protect the homeland I really look forward to continuing to support them from the outside I spent the last 24 hours since yesterday talking with government officials administration officials members of Congress to ensure a smooth transition as you know DHS has a vast array of missions I want to make sure that we continue to execute them all with excellence through the transition I share the president's goal of securing the border I will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border and other than that I'm on my way to keep doing what I can for the next few days so thank you all for being here okay so here's what I mean about whether Trump can stand up to the press and you know I know many of you who just loved Trump and think he's gonna roll over his opponents but let me just make an argument that that may not you may be a little too optimistic right now let's see we'll see but remember the problem they had was that Trump didn't change the rules about separating families he changed the rules about who gets detained okay because if you come in here and you're a criminal they turn you around very quickly and they send you back even if you have a kid with you but if you come in with your kid and you ask for asylum because this is the loophole in the law they have to give you a hearing and it takes a longer time to get that hearing right because the courts get backed up so they put you in a containment cell for and after 20 days according to the law they have to get the kid out of the cell so he's separating families right Trump did not create that law he did not change it all he did say was you don't you no longer get a free pass if you have a kid with you because people were using kids to bluff their way in so he changed that rule that keeps saying in the paper even in the Wall Street Journal which usually gets these things right they keep saying that he had a child separation policy he didn't have a child separation policy he had a detaining asylum-seeker policy so that they don't slip into the country and vanish which is what they do now they're coming over in such numbers that they're busing them into the interior you think we're ever gonna see them again no of course not so that was the rules he changed okay and and and Kristin Nielsen was the face of that policy listen to the press here is a montage of the press I think this is from News Buster's yeah this is cut number two of the press reacting to her resignation you almost have to feel sorry for Nielson I don't feel sorry for but almost because you know she is willing to violate the dictates of humanity morality and ethics for the rest of her life people will look at her and think oh that's the woman who put children in cages that's the woman who broke up families across the border and you know what they'll be right I really don't have much sympathy for Nielsen just to be clear I don't have sympathy for Kirsten Nielsen for those of us who spend a career in Homeland Security is not a lot of sympathy here for her so I don't have sympathy for her some are saying good riddance she may be leaving government but Kirsten Nielsen will forever own the child separation policy let's not forget was on her watch too that tear gas was fired across the border Kirsten Nielsen is was will always be the face of Donald Trump's family separation policy her legacy will be that many courts did find several of the major policies that Kirsten Nielsen put in place to be unlawful the face of the president's anti-immigration push she never led the facts or the underlying data get in the way of an extreme Trump administration policy people say we're glad Kirsten Nielsen has gone these policies have been so horrible she's gonna get what she deserved at last guys Jeffrey Toobin that's a guy I seem to remember Jeffrey Toobin got his longtime mistress he was married he was sleeping with somebody else he got her pregnant he refused to support the baby until the baby got a DNA test and I proved it was his and then finally he was four you know so he's pronouncing making moral pronouncements on Kirsten Nielsen this I mean this is just appalling hypocrisy it's pure hypocrisy it means nothing but let's not forget right when they pulled that baby crying routine which they did when the babies were being separated and by the way I don't want to see babies separate I don't want to see these children I mean I feel for these migrants I think the law needs to be changed it would take Congress ten minutes to change the law to close the loophole it's not Trump's fault that this is happening and you cannot have a country without borders and you can't protect your civilization and your people our people matter more to us than their people because they are ours you can't protect their jobs you can't protect their services you can't protect their communities without protecting the border so all these people who are crying their crocodile tears for these children at the borders and I'm not saying you know this is not a sad situation it is but they are just doing it to get at Trump and when it happened last time and when they showed the babies crying and it breaks everybody's heart right when they show the babies crying Trump back down he did and he just could not stand the bad press well now he's furious it's his watch people are pouring in he made such a big deal about this during his campaign he needs to do something and apparently he wants to put the other guy he wants to put in charge is this Kevin I don't know how to pronounce and Kevin McHale Enon I think he wants to now put him in in DHS and they are going to have to fire people because the law says the undersecretary has to take over for Kirsten Nielsen so they're gonna have to do this big thing plus he's it looks like he's gonna he's written to a homeland security saying expect big changes so he's gonna make you know he's actually gonna go through and then kick some butt and throw some people out do his Donald Trump you're fired routine that he's you know he's practiced for many years on television here here's an and that's that makes perfect sense if you've got people poring over the border if no nothing's being done if the policies aren't working it makes perfect sense to have a shake-up to get things change to make things different let me just show you I just to show you where the press is going and this is MSNBC and I hate to I hate to use MSNBC because they are not dishonest they are and openly left the station but there is a place where you've gone so far it becomes absolutely ridiculous so they've bring in this former FBI investigator Frank fig Luzi his name is right here he is talking about what it means for Donald Trump to be firing people to have a shake-up on on his in his department what we talked about was the possible analogy between what we're seeing in the president and and studies of violence and acting out particularly workplace violence and we talked about the path the journey and pathway to violence when we see people using language of despondency lashing out blaming others obsessive obsessive compulsive attachment to one issue and the inability to get off of it that in that case it would be the border and and security on the border and immigration and so are we the question we have to ask ourselves from a behavioral sense is are we watching a president essentially on on his way to what we call a flashpoint and and are we now beginning to see him act out in the form of purging and mass firing and completely not listening to any logic you know when people say to him the law or policy is such and such and we would be violating the Constitution or the law and he simply dismisses it and fires people and keeps doing it are we essentially watching a workplace violence incident play out at the highest level of our government and is he acting out now and where does this go if I'm right about that well thank you dr. fig loozy I mean that is amazing is workplace violence its workplace violence for him to fire his staff I mean that like just like they're saying it's obstruction of justice for him to fire James Comey seems to Trump having a flashpoint who at this point would not have a flashpoint it's not just the press it's the Democrats who won't do anything it's the Republicans who can't get together to do anything and it's the the judges the Obama judges who are holding him up changing the rules overturning law making law essentially saying oh no if a you know there used to be a rule that if somebody came in asking for asylum he had to meet a certain a certain level of obvious fear that it was it was reasonable for him to be afraid and the courts are saying now we throw that out because anything that will wrong-foot trump we are willing to do just watching the press just keeping your eye on the press it's it's like watching is you know you talk about his psychological analysis of Donald Trump how about a psychological analysis of the press because it is like watching a madhouse I hate to put on the view but it has gotten to be kind of kind of representative of what is happening on the press here is Megan McCain and joy behar going after each other on the question of a hard-line issue for people who live in border states many friends of mine this is the number one and only issue and if we sit here and act like there isn't a crisis that it's just it's crazy people living in border states and think that there's a crisis like I just said this guy who's coming in wants to help those countries that's the way to solve the problem keep them there happy or whatever solvent give them a house give them food help them help their children even if I'm rates well we've had talking about dowsing do not on and an aid let me just finish yeah part of your job is to listen to me okay so here's the deal here's what's here's what's not gonna happen today we're not gonna do this when Whoopi Goldberg is the peacemaker you know you're in trouble I just was I'm like cat fight cat fight I think they should you know come on and kind of wet t-shirts and just wrestle around in the back that would that would be a view I would watch that would be something I could actually look at probably hear about that gummit but do I care no I don't just hear she is Joy Behar and alright she's not she's not anybody's idea of like the brilliant commentator but he's talking about us paying for people to have houses I mean come on you know what what is it about what is it about these people that they do not think about us they do not think about Americans but you know they keep some of the the guys on CNN are saying well we don't like the Browning of America as if America were a white country when did that happen did you know did somebody shuffle off all the different colored people in America while I was asleep or something I mean this is an incredibly mixed up country incredibly racially mixed cuz we let everybody in because we welcome everybody that's not gonna change he cares about the you know you're the only person speaking sense about this on the Left you'll kill me for this I know people get Barack Obama but Barack Obama you know he gave that aiiiii speech in Germany the other day but he did have this remark it's almost as if like now that he doesn't have to make excuses for his failed policies now that he doesn't have to like cut you know solve the cognitive dissonance of the fact that everything he thought he knew was actually wrong it's like he actually a little bit of common sense that comes out of his mouth now this is a kind of long cut because the guy can't speak without a teleprompter but it's worth listening to his worth just seeing Barack Obama you know talk sense it's like watching a dog walk on his hind legs you know it's just it's not not that he does it well it's the fact that he does it at all listen to this if you're gonna have a coherent cohesive society then everybody has to have some agreed-upon rules and they're gonna have to be some accommodations that everybody makes and that includes the people who are newcomers the question is are those fair did they you know it you know should we want to encourage newcomers to learn the language of the country they're moving through of course does that mean that they can never use their own language no of course that it doesn't mean that but it's you know it's not racist to say if you're gonna be here then you should learn the language of the country that you just arrived at because we need to have some sort of common language in which all of us can work and learn and understand each other it gets more sensitive obviously around religious issues that becomes more challenging and I don't have you know simple solutions to all of that but but I guess what what I when I think we have to do in order to push back against just you know of what are clearly racist motives of some we can't label everybody who is disturbed by immigration as racist Obama's a white supremacist who knew who knew Barack Obama is a white supremacist does anybody else play this clip he says people should learn English and he says the people who opposed mass immigration aren't necessarily racist there's some in there but there aren't necessarily racist and he brought up when he was talking about religion the subtext to that is maybe it's not such a good idea to let people come into the country whose idea that is they want to slaughter us all on behalf of Allah I mean that's basically what he's talking about he says he doesn't have the answer it's a complicated question it is a con located question I could I couldn't believe those words if I had known he was a white supremacist I'm ashamed of my country I mean that that we had for eight years we had this Ku Klux Klansmen in office I when when Spike Lee was talking about the black Klansmen obviously it was a coded reference to Barack Obama it's amazing let me finish this way when I talk about can Trump stand up the press up to the press I'm just talking about the fact that they are going to go after him with all guns blazing and last time when they went into their you know crying baby routine last time Trump folded we have to remember that because it's gonna be really interesting to see if he does it this time I want to end just with that just so you can see the press in a nutshell the media what the media has become in a net nutshell earlier I'm not sure if it was yesterday or last week I played this clip of Christian on the poor journalists talking to James Comey just I'm just gonna play a little bit of it before let this play this of course lock her up was a feature of the 2016 Trump campaign do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself the head of the FBI I mean the people in charge of law and order had shut down that language that it was dangerous potentially that it could have created violence that it's kind of hate speech should at have been allowed that's not a role for government to play even Comey is shocked right so Christian I'm a poor journalist is representing all journalists here as far as I'm concerned he's a perfect example of leftist journalism in action she doesn't support the First Amendment it's free speech for she but not for the okay so this is that's who she is okay now here she is parading herself as the journalist friend she loves it doesn't like the First Amendment too much not for you but for journalists any criticism of journalism is a terrible things cut 7 we are watching an era in which life for journalists becomes tougher and tougher more and more dangerous we are truth tellers we're truth seekers we go for the evidence and the facts so we need the committee to prep journalists to protect and to have our backs while we do that job this whole notion of fake news I don't know why bothers me so much it potentially can have Oh Civ and destructive influence and effect on one of the most important pillars of our democracy and our freedom so we do well we keep doing our jobs we rise to the challenge and we redouble our efforts to be as diligent as we possibly can okay so no First Amendment for the people but journalists cannot be criticized we must not criticize journalists because they are the pillar she said it they are the pillar of our one of the pillars of our democracy all right then one of the pillars of our democracy any attempt to criticize them for the job they're doing is completely off basis here courtesy of News Buster's once again here is Christiane Amanpour interviewing Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times a former newspaper after Mahler wrote a hit piece on Rupert Murdoch saying what a horrible horrible man he is and Mahler's describing what the fact that Fox News doesn't think unbridled immigration illegal immigration is a good thing and of course you'll always notice they leave out the illegal it's just immigration that Fox News is supposed to be against which is completely untrue so here is Christiane Amanpour interviewing this guy what's happening now on Fox News which is this this universe of strongly kind of nationalist kind of ethno nationalist agenda which you know which you can also see at their outlet in Australia Sky News Australia which which where they've effectively recreated Fox News during prime time and are pushing the same sort of anti-immigrant sentiments you know that that that we see here in the United States well I mean look I have to you know point out right now that the the danger of this kind of activity because this sky after dark program that you're talking about I mean one could say well look what happened it was an Australian who went to New Zealand and massacred 50 people in in two mosques I mean yeah do you see the actual tangible fallout of this this policy in this politics that's it's unbelievable so Fox News or their Fox or their equivalent Australia is responsible for this clown this knucklehead in New Zealand who walks into a mosque and kills people so let's get this straight okay no First Amendment for you but First Amendment very important for the press no criticizing the press unless it's Fox News then the responsible for mass murder in New Zealand that is the press in a nutshell that is the way they think and that's the way they're gonna come after Donald Trump and I'm telling you it is an open question whether he's going to stand up to them this is something that really is under his skin now we're gonna see Trump at his Trump piaced he is going to be ticked off he's going to clean up Dodge and then at the DHS he's gonna put Stephen Miller and this other fellow in charge these hardliners in charge let's see if he can take the heat because he is walking in to the kitchen we got a great guest coming up John Miller who heads the journalism school here at Hillsdale College but first I got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube come over to Daly and subscribe then you can be in the mailbag it's a little uncomfortable little claustrophobic but when we let you out you get to ask questions I'll answer them all all my answers guaranteed 100% correct come over to Daly and subscribe alright John Miller is director of the Herbert H Dow the second program in American journalism at Hillsdale College sounds much more impressive than he actually is no that's it's an amazing it's an amazing program I've been here holding the seminar in that program all week long and it has been just amazing he is also a national correspondent for National Review his books include the first assassin a novel set during the Civil War and the big scrum how Teddy Roosevelt saved football he's also and I did not know this until this trip he is the founder and chairman of the student Free Press Association which supports collegiate journalism and is best known for its terrific news website that college fix if you haven't looked at it is absolutely terrific John thanks for coming on thanks for me Andrew it is great to see you and I thank you so much for having me here as the Pulliam distinguished felt the idea that I'm a distinguished anything is just kind of lowers your department but I yeah we're all surprised by the by the acceptance of this pick and I just want to be here to tell you we're all looking forward to your talk tonight here on campus and then you have your last class tomorrow and and then you have to leave drew I do I know they're going to have to drag me out of here but I just wanted to make sure my you know my speech was up to the was up you know to the standards so I'm actually delivering Lincoln's inaugural address I think that that will be just just wear pants tonight that's my one request a little different than the way I've been walking around campus up than that so journalism you are teaching these wonderful kids I mean just unbelievable kids you're teaching them journalism it is journalism as bad as Trump says it is or is he out of line so journalism is is is is at its best Nass wor

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