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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Andrew Klavan Show on iTunes.deep within the swampy bowels of government congresswoman Ilhan Omar made dismissive remarks about 9/11 while speaking in support of the terrorist front group care when wicked president Trump wickedly attempted to distort Omar's remarks by wickedly quoting them exactly Omar rushed from the room and quickly done the costume that revealed her to be the superhero victim girl yes victim girl strange refugee from a craphole country taken in by the generosity of the United States victim girl possesses the superpower to spew ungrateful heat filled and destructive garbage while still portraying herself as the victim joined by her to congressional companions other victim girl and yet another victim girl victim girl roams the metropolis of Washington DC trying to undermine our way of life destroy the State of Israel and wreak havoc on the economy while whining like a spoiled brat when anyone criticizes her for it in her latest adventure a victim girl was criticized for dismissing the slaughter of 3,000 innocents while speaking to Hamas funders care then immediately played the victim other victim girl rushed to her aid by quoting a poem written against the Nazis a group as evil as the people care help support the poem says quote first they came for the ignorant hate-filled anti-semitic wretches but i said nothing because i was not an ignorant hate-filled anti-semitic wretch or okay maybe I was and maybe I didn't say nothing but a facile comparison of conservatives to Nazis always works in the media unquote evil supervillain Dan Crenshaw was next to unfairly quote victim girl exactly but yet another victim girl struck back by whining in quote what has Dan Crenshaw ever done to stop terrorism besides joining the Navy SEALs going on three tours of duty and losing his eye in an AED explosion unquote that showed Crenshaw yes as long as ignorance socialism anti-semitism and rationalization of Islamist terror can be found in the Democrat Party America knows it can always look to the skies and see victim girl and isn't that swell trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you know a funny quirk about human beings is that they like to think of themselves as having overcome challenges even when they haven't every time some actress wins an Oscar and I hear her say they said it couldn't be done I always want to ask who who said that name one person who said you couldn't make a movie with 75 million dollars in a major studio behind you if someone is something other than a white Protestant male we have to hear how she's the first one armed Lithuanian lesbian to cross the street or whatever as if great forces were amassed to stop such people from doing whatever boring thing they just did the fact is no one in America is trying to stop anyone from doing anything except maybe from destroying this great country where anyone can do anything the struggle for inclusion is over it has been for a generation today the struggle is unreal if you want to fight for social justice you have to hunt down some guy who feels bad about himself because he's dressing up in women's clothes and looks like an idiot and wants to blame it on you just to convince yourself you're in some sort of epic struggle why because struggle can give life meaning ease can make people feel unheroic and almost irrelevant that's why many people were excited by the start of World War one it gave them a sense of purpose and his service to that sense of purpose they went out there and destroyed the greatest civilization that had existed on earth up to that time which reminds me of the present moment we're gonna talk about that in just a minute but first let us talk about the fact that you spend money like crazy because you're using credit cards and you do not know how much you're spending I do this all the time it's the credit card is so easy you put in the number 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waiting rate includes 0.50% auto paid discount terms and conditions apply and offers a subject to change without notice visit light stream comm / andrew for more information so we got Knowles is going to come on and talk about how someone attacked him besides me and Ben and to find out what he was going to say before they unleashed that attack on him you know when you look back at the era before World War one I mean this was a civilization in Europe that had just risen to a peak no other civilization before more science more social reform very good morality peace a lot of peace especially in England and you found people writing poems and writing works of art in favor of war so like Tennyson before the Crimean War wrote this poem mod or after the Crimean War wrote this poem mod about this very neurotic love affair great poem by the way if you ever want to read it it's just a terrific terrific story poem and and at the end after this neurotic love affair all goes wrong the guy goes off to the Crimean War and he's thrilled you know he says he says we have proved we have hearts and a cause we says let the war roll down like wind we have proved we have hearts on a cause we are noble still and myself have awaked as it seems to the better mind it is better to fight for the good than to rail at the ill I have felt with my native land I am one with my kind I embraced the purpose of God and the doom a sign Magic Mountain - famous novel by Thomas Mann ends with the hero after years of languishing in this TB ward goes off to World War one and he's just thrilled you know it's just the kind of triumphant journey into the meaning of war if you look at what's happening today in Trump's America the answer is nothing I mean Scott Adams made this point excellent point a very good observer Scott he made the point that there's no news I mean for the last three weeks four weeks or so it's been tough to do this show because nothing is happening that's how good a president President Trump has been he has made there no news because as we all know bad news is news I mean that's what they report the economy still doing well sometimes going up a little bit sometimes a little blip but it's really doing very well no new Wars no big acts of terror we're really actually doing this country is doing quite well and I've noticed by the way that on the right this has had a kind of some kind of effect I've noticed some of them maybe let's say more unstable people on the right are losing their minds I'm not going to mention names because I don't like to attack my own kind as it were you know that Reagan's 11th commandment I don't you know you shall not attack your fellow Republicans but I've noticed there are people who are going crazy suddenly coming up with these wild conspiracy theories on the right kind of racial things that we I think conservatives should all reject entirely and usually do but on the left this make-believe struggle continues the struggle against injustice everybody is a victim everybody is having a pot you don't like what's the problem what is the problem who is bothering you if is if it's just the fact that people don't think you're a man when you're a woman or vice versa you know if that's your worst problem go get a job you know that's your worst problem stop complaining go do something of worth this thing with Ilhan Omar is just a perfect perfect example Ilyn Omar is not a good person she is not a good person she should not be in government she's not a supporter of the America that took her in after her family came over her over here from Somalia and she gave a speech I guess last month in Los Angeles before care CAIR and it having included this little clip that is driven everyone in crazy it's cut one was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties no now the thing that's everybody's focused on of course is that dismissive some people did something as if it weren't you know 11 of her co-religionists who the something that they they did was wipe out 3,000 innocent people and destroy one of the landmark buildings of the country so that that's the thing they got but everything that she says is wrong care was not found that after 9/11 it was founded in the 90s 94 93 and it's a Hamas front group Hamas is a terrorist group it who is an N Andy McCarthy over at NRO wrote a book called the great jihad I believe he details how they got together the Hamas people got together and said we got to sell this stuff in a way that is going to be appealing to America we're gonna sell it in terms of social justice and due process and resistance and we know this because the FBI wasn't listening in on their conversations as they were doing this they formed care to do this care worked its way into the government their you know under the Obama administration care was advising the FBI and finally they were indicted they were not indicted they were named as unindicted co-conspirators in a scam to funnel money to terrorist groups including Hamas but they are Hamas Karaca is a terrorist front group so everything she did in there is despicable it's not just that little remark but Trump responded by posting this video of her site saying some people did something and then showing the horror of 9/11 and so now she's the victim all of a sudden oh you know it yeah I don't have to say this but it's whether the politicians or the media whether it's Democrat politicians or the media but I repeat myself because they're the same people they have the same talking points oh she's and this is putting her in terrible terrible danger it's not it's holding her responsible for her point of view it's a victim girl so Alexandria occasional cortex will just use her as an example she went off on the New York Post because they posted a headline with the 9/11 pictures and AOC is appalled that anyone she shocked shocked to find that anyone should hold Ilhan Omar responsible for her words in this casino level two which in conservative groups whether they are official party apparatus is sending out emails calling me and the others domestic parents or whether it's Rupert Murdoch in the New York Post printing on the front page to circulate all around New York City image that is incredibly upsetting and triggering for New Yorkers that were actually there or actually in the radius or were in their schools and didn't know if they were going to see their parents at the end of the day or elicit such an image for such a transparently and politically motivated attack on the Ohio this is we're getting to level with where this is an incitement of violence I guess progressive women color everything about this is oppositeday everything about it is oppositeday I'll talk about it in just a minute but first let's talk about calming comfort it's wonderful in the show I got all these sleep aids and I never sleep but they do make you 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night's sleep go online now at calming comfort blanket calm and use promo code Andrew for your special discount today everything is wrong about that AOC quote it's not that she says oh it's so triggering to bring up 911 but it's not triggering to dismiss 911 in front of a terrorist front group like care that's not triggering and then she goes hop on Dan Crenshaw on congressman dan Crenshaw she sends out a tweet to Crenshaw who also criticized Ellen Omar she says you refused to co-sponsor the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund it had the audacity to drum resentment towards Ilhan with completely out of context quotes in 2018 right-wing extremists were behind almost all US domestic terrorist killings why don't you go do something about that so this is ill AOC whose biggest fight whose World War two is this climate hysteria hoax this is her big fight right and here's Dan Crenshaw Navy SEAL and she's saying to him why don't you do something about terrorism here's his response it's almost not worth responding to okay but but let's unpack this okay so so she thinks that co-sponsoring a bill by the way that isn't out of committee means that's higher defending 9/11 victims last I checked I I thought I did defend 9/11 victims I went overseas and tried to make sure that this attack never happened again let me assure to take the fight to the enemy that committed it it's not just her either it's also her counterpart in New York max Rose I mean the fact that they would double down on this and try to provide cover for Ilhan Omar when when all you have to do really is say hey you know she misspoke maybe you know maybe she didn't mean it that way why don't you say that well they don't say it because it's not true she didn't just misspeak and I'll show you that in just a minute I'll prove it to you in just a sec but the thing that thing is so wonderful because it really does go back to the 60s and this kind of upheaval we had in this country when the children of the people who won World War two the children of the people who ended segregation the children of the people who actually transformed this country brought this country into the 20th century and out of the blood heap of the 20th century into the preparation for this revolution that we've had that has made everybody so much richer so much more comfortable so much more attached and connected and all this that the children of those people instead of going to war in Vietnam burn their draft cards burn their bras made a big fuss about what a wonderful you know major struggle they were in against injustice while other people went off to Vietnam and fought a very very difficult war that actually did curb Chinese imperialist aggression the Chinese looked at us in Vietnam and said these people are crazy enough to spend that much blood and treasure on Vietnam maybe they'll do it anywhere maybe we should just dial it back and it really didn't work I mean really you know I'm not even gonna say whether the war should have been fought at all I don't know exactly but it seems to me that the effect of that those people were doing a lot more it's it's a it's that virtual signal that need for meaning that comes from fighting evil I mean there's a lot of this in our society right now but look it's it's amazing to me none of this would be so bad I don't mind Democrats protecting Democrats but it really is terrible that the media chimes in that the media is now the cover-up artists they are the people covering up for the FBI they're the people covering up for John Brennan they're the people covering up for the assault on our electoral system from the Democrat Party and they're the people saying that you know listen Ilyn Omar is an elected official she made despicable comments to a despicable group in in the court in a despicable cause it's one thing for the Democrats to gather around her the AOC s and the Rashidah to leaves it's one thing for them to do it but for the media to do it to chime in in the exact same words with the exact same ideas that is seriously a problem just as an example they're all doing it but here's brian Stelter these viral videos and tweets are how we argue about the future of america but so much of it is based in bad faith these outrage cycles corrupt us Tamar's comment was used as a weapon against her including by President Trump who has pinned this anti Omar video to the top of his Twitter page but there's something bigger going on here with with this story he tells us something about the right-wing rage machine and about how News priorities are set the history of the United States is a tug of war over who belongs and who's equal and who has power it's the biggest story of all and yet those of us in the press oftentimes cover this just in tiny discrete bits we put a very small frame on the biggest story I think we do a much better job when we widen way out and part of widening out involves showing where did this controversy come from how was it created in the first place who created it who stands to benefit from being created and who stands to lose who stands to suffer okay fair enough potato head let's take a look just came from all right because the idea is she was just miss speaking she was just taken out of context it's so unfair we're you know we're putting her in danger bike remember she is an elected official she is that when she speaks we can criticize when she speaks the president can criticize her I mean she is a person responsible to the people responsible to the process so brian Stelter is defender talking on a right-wing rage machine instead of talking about the actual thing she says and what she represents again elected official let's go back to 2013 now by the way I want to just mention that some of this stuff some of these links came from the Federalists I believe it's so what's sitting Warren Henry Warren Henry wrote a very good piece about this and the Federalists you should check it out the Federalist very good venue and I just want to give him credit for some of this stuff but this has been making the rounds all over the place this is a 2013 interview where she's talking about a professor and the way he spoke about terrorist groups but don't just listen to the effect they laughing at these terrorist groups he's laughing at these people who slaughter Americans and slaughter innocents and slaughter innocent Muslims as well don't just listen to that listen to the actual thing she says the thing that was interesting in the class was every time the the professor said okay that he sort of like his shoulders went up and you know and it was you know you probably get to see him on yeah of course I love those guys you know but but but it is it is that you don't say America with an intensity you don't say England with the intensity you know you don't you don't say the army with an intensity car though but you say these these names because you you want that that word to care wait you want it to leave something it has a cultural meaning so it's you know it's said with a deeper voice so she's what she's saying is that a weight of guilt a way to fear a weight of terror is being put on these terrorist groups why isn't that being put on America and on England and on the US Army why are they the same as al-qaida and Hezbollah that's that is what she's saying and if you doubt that if you doubt that here's one more cut that I took from the scissors from the same interview of her basically blaming America for terrorism and this is a woman again taken in from Somalia she works her way into the United States Congress this is the kind of welcoming country she's come from she talks about democracy now she's suffering democracy which is the fact that we get to criticize the words that come out of her mouth without being called right-wing rage machines without being blamed for the death threats and of course death threats are always wrong you shouldn't be threatening her no one should be threatening or that has nothing to do with it but criticizing her and threatening her not the same thing just listen to what she's saying here though about who's to blame for terrorism nobody wants to face how the actions of the other people that are involved in the world have contributed to the rise of the radicalization and the you know the rise of terrorist act so usually most people want to not look internal and see what you know what reason about their actions that makes another react you know for us as always I must have not done anything you know why is this happening to me and nobody wants to take accountability of how these are byproducts of the actions of you know our involvement in other people's affairs these are byproducts terrorism is a byproduct of our involvement in other people's affairs I mean so she's talking in defense in rationalization of people who have kept their own people in poverty which in order to support their violent power with of slaughtering the Israelis of pushing the Israelis into the sea that is what they've been selling to these people who could have been become part just like everybody else who was displaced during this period of time in history everybody else was this place everybody else has found their way except for these people because these terrorist groups keep them as essentially as pawns in a political game and she is blaming that on America and England she who has benefited from the kindness the generosity the democracy of America this is no this is not she is not the victim she is an appalling person she's an appalling person with an appalling philosophy who should be bounced out of Congress if Nancy Pelosi had the power that she pretends to have she would get her out of Congress she does not belong there no one should be threatening her no one should be accusing you no but attacking her in any real way but to criticize her and to point out what an appalling human being has gotten in to the United States Congress is not bigoted it's not wrong it's exactly what democracy is supposed to do so the struggle is not real her struggle is not real and I want to talk about I want to talk about why people have to pretend there's a struggle and what you can do about it in just a second but first let us talk about wise foods because I am the opposite of paranoid I'm never worried that you know terrible things are gonna happen but wise company develops freeze-dried food it's easy to prepare and can be stored for up to 25 years in case of an emergency right I live in an earthquake zone you never know when there could be an emergency it doesn't have to be the apocalypse it can just be a hurricane tornado earthquake flood wildfire all the things power added outages even a job loss where you don't have enough food wise company provides that food that you need freeze-dried food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use wise company meals are designed to protect your most valuable asset your family you 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he he's gay right so he's the first mayor where a South Bend Indiana and he where where Mike Pence our vice president was the governor right of Indiana and he makes the speech about how Mike Pence is hounding them because Mike Pence has is a traditional Christian who believes that marriage is between a man and a woman so this is not his announcement that he made yesterday I believe it was that he's gonna be president but this earlier and listen to this my marriage to chasten has made me a better man and yes mr. vice president it has moved me closer to God you may be religious and you may not but if you are and you were also queer and you have come through the other side of a period of wishing that you weren't then you know that that message that this idea that there is something wrong with you is a message that puts you at war not only with yourself but with your maker and speaking only for myself I can tell you that if me being gay was a choice it was a choice that was made far far above my paygrade and that's the thing I wish the Mike Pence's of the world would understand if you got a problem with Who I am your problem is not with me your quarrel sir is with my Creator the struggle is not real he's setting up this thing in which Mike Pence is somehow attacking people judge a mayor with whom he got along when he was in office I mean Mike Pence is just trying to go around practicing religion and this guy saying your quarrel sir it's with my Creator and it's like what what the hell is he talking about here's pence I think Pete's quarrels with First Amendment all of us in this country have the the right to our religious beliefs I'm I'm a Bible believing Christian my wife and I are my wife and I are Bible believing Christians we cherish our faith we put our trust in God's Word as do tens of millions of Americans and I think as he seeks the highest office at the land as he seeks to be that person that takes the oath of office to uphold the Constitution he'd do well to reflect on the importance of respecting the freedom of religion of every American the struggle is not real I mean the guys running for president he's gay 10 years ago maybe so maybe that would have been a restriction on him and no one cares this is when Obama was running for president everybody says oh the first black president I was thinking you know it's nice to get a first black president but I know he could get elected I knew people would vote for him people really don't care that struggle is over the struggle for inclusion is over everybody gets it fine and it but it's they still have to do it to supply meaning for their lives and by the way sometimes the struggle is an actual invention like with the tax cut they've been complaining about him 34 times a former newspaper ran a piece today face it you probably got a tax cut face it you know that's that that's the headline studies consistently find that the 2017 law cut taxes for most Americans but most of them don't buy it if you're an American taxpayer you probably got a tax cut last year and there's a good chance you don't believe it ever since President Trump signed the Republican sponsored tax bill in December 2017 independent analyses have consistently found that a large majority of Americans would owe less because of the law why not why don't people believe it is something like Sully 7 just 20% were certain that they had gotten a tax cut this is the New York Times speaking right to a large degree the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained and misleading effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase well who hmm hmm could have done that my friends could have done that it's a million New York Times New York Times had a big this is August their big op-ed with the graphs and the things that move when you look at it on your iPad you know who the tax cuts helped rich people that's what they say and they're bragging about it not glazes Matthew Iglesias who was a blogger and a journalist right he sends out a tweet he says nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success but progressive groups did a really good job of convincing people that Trump raised their taxes when the facts say a clear party's congratulating himself for lying you know here's the thing here's the reason people want this struggle to exist many great acts of heroism are essentially what you might call negative goods policemen firemen soldiers they all do things that prevent or stop evil the meaning of what they do derives from the evil that they prevent it's a negative good they are not they're not adding to life their serving life from the evil that threatens it in the absence of evil in the presence of peace meaning comes from something else where does it come from it comes from creation the creation of children the creation of families the creation of businesses the creation of new inventions marriages life art all these things that are part of the process of the deepest meaning of life the deepest meaning of life are creations the left doesn't even want us to do that listen to Bill Maher talking about the things that matter the creation of life wouldn't it be nicer to just have fewer people around you know it's no secret that there are a lot of Jewish people in show business so on days here in Hollywood when it's a Jewish holiday the traffic the light that's what we should be shooting for to make every day look like a Jewish holiday in Los Angeles so please masturbate don't procreate yank it until Trump is throwing paper towels at you and remember the best thing you can do for Earth is not have kids die and stay dead really once you understand once you understand that creation is what life is about you can find meaning without evil you can find meaning without struggle you can find meaning they'll be struck there's always gonna be struggle there's always gonna be evil but you will find meaning in doing the things that human beings which were mate to do make families make businesses make new people make make a world make it art make the things that you are made to make is inside everybody to make something and I think that that's where you're gonna you're gonna find your meaning these guys are so against life they're so against life that they cannot find it without a struggle alright we got Michael Noel's if he survives we've hired people to take him out but so far haven't hunted him down but here we'll be here in just a minute I got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube come to daily wire comm and subscribe for a lousy 10 bucks a month allows 800 bucks you get the whole year left his tears tumblr the mailbag all those good things we got to say goodbye now so come to daily and watch the rest of the show right there alright so Noel's he was knows who's gonna give a speech called a man is not a woman and this controversial speech got him attacked we have the video of his attack

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