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On this very special episode of The Conversation, Andrew Klavan takes your questions and signs copies of his new novel, “Another Kingdom!”

Daily Wire Instagram: everyone we are live with our newest episode of the conversation I am your host Alicia Krause and with me is the leader of the multiverse Andrew Klavan will be taking your questions live for an entire hour starting now [Music] so we love doing this with Ben's last book New York Times number-one bestseller by the way don't know if you heard not that we wanted to do this with Andrews new book another Kingdom which I am so excited to read you know book is really good when you have to have a map of the fictional Kingdom inside of it excellent like a beautiful map before I understand it and so we're announcing that this is a very special episode because we are doing this live signing of Drew's new book another Kingdom and for this episode you actually don't have to be a subscriber I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth because I'm so used to saying only subscribers can ask the questions but this episode you don't have to guys but when you purchase a copy of Drew's book you can write in a question for him to answer live here on the air during this special episode of the conversation so head on over to premier collectibles dot-com / another Kingdom to get your signed copy now and don't worry if your question isn't answered because we have this massive stack of books so you will still get a signed copy that you pre-order over at premier collectibles dot-com / another Kingdom and we can't wait to get started but first you have now what I had a couple weeks ago deathly illness I'm going to tell you something and you have laryngitis I'm going to tell you this that I'm joking but I'm not joking the devil hates this book I the devil hates another Kingdom I swear it I this book came to me I told you once this book came to me in a sudden burst which has never happened before it was like implanted the entire story had one more thing yes fired and I felt inspired and ever since I started like I have been besieged when I first finished this book my house was suddenly filled with centipedes ugly horrible caterpillars all over the place I thought something is really weird about that just suddenly on the day I finished it right yeah Knowles and I starts to do the podcast I didn't even want to do the podcast I felt compelled to do it like when I was praying I kept like do this podcast when knows I started every day something went wrong technically yes and we started joking about it we started saying the devil hates another Kingdom the devil is trying to stop us no matter what happened every time a there would be a landmark moment book the story something would go wrong here the finally comes out you've been so kind to bring me on to let me do this noise I've lost my voice my plane got canceled I woke up last night with horrible cramps and my legs but by the time I was finished I was like Denzel Washington and fences screaming out the window it's death you know so listen oh I'm just saying folks if you don't want the devil to take over the universe you have to buy a copy of this book now you know I'm not I'm not saying you'll go to hell if you don't but I you know just tell me we can get some oil in here we have some questions and this is gonna be really fun so you know how this works right you're gonna answer the question like this question is from Connor and as you're answering Connors question you're gonna be signing Connors book got it and that great perfect and people can head over to premiere collectibles calm slash another Kingdom if they want you know to see their book signed right now so Connor says what's cool has been your favorite IAS campus lecture in the past year and a half in tenth it wasn't GCU well gcutil honor it might be like the leader of why if he's the same Connor I'm thinking of I found was among my my favorite colleges with all the rest of them and I have to I have to tell you the receptions I have gotten at colleges have been so great I mean it is so wonderful to actually get to talk to the people who listen and who read the books and all that stuff it just means a tremendous amount to me because you're talking to into a microphone II do not see people and then when they come up and tell you they like your work it's great so you enjoy the part of getting to see your audience in person I actually like getting the questions more than I like giving speeches really yeah I like to hear what there's what's on their minds you know that's been usually Ben's favorite part although I think Ben's q and A's are much more competitive when he rips them up to pieces I destroy so I don't want to be Aegis yes here but you are an older gentleman your I would say the patriarch of The Daily wire I'm Gandalf level old at this point yeah the wider than and so do you feel kind of in vineger ated or hopeful for the future yeah the kids are gonna be all right now you go absolutely and one of the reasons I don't Troy people come on look um they're very young to me and I just want to help I would just want them to be happy you know and so yes but when I meet the especially the F people the Y I have people they are so on point they're so smart they're brave to do what they do and it really does make you feel like Paul is not yet lost all right so you know drew does have bias towards juicing you apparently Constantine wants to know what are your thoughts on the brother is the karamja sob am I saying that right the caramel okay okay it is my second favorite Dostoyevsky book you know obviously Crime and Punishment changed my life by taking me out of the realm of the relativist and convincing me there was such a thing as right and wrong a moral universe I didn't understand the brothers camera as well when I first read it and I read it three times but the third time I sort of caught on I got it yes it was a beautiful book and he does this he's a prophet he saw communism coming he saw it Nietzsche coming before Nietzsche even wrote a word his books are so beautiful and so full with full faith and they always make me laugh because they're the greatest Christian novels ever written but they're so full of life he would never find them in a Christian bookstore because they're too real by the way Constantine was writing us from Sydney so he bought that book and that book is gonna go to Sydney so that's really cool I would leave that cap off of that place I guess so I'm just saying we got a few um Dominique wants to know hey drew thanks for being a voice of reason at a time where everything seems so chaotic I was wondering what are some of your favorite video games to play to take you out of this crazy reality that we live in well I love I love video games I love simple video games but I love the games that have a puzzle in him so games like braid inside limbo I really loved all of those I'm just finishing the new oh the one about the demon I've lost it I'm also playing on the switch I'm playing the new super mario so Mario you I'm kind of looking forward of all the things that you just mentioned that's the only one I know because I'm not a gamer I'm sorry I'm looking forward to the Devil May Cry 5 or 8 or whatever yes I always like those games that really can't be and silly and Diablo that was what I was thinking I just finish Diablo 3 which I really enjoyed and video games do too out of things because they're so immersive the minute you put that thing in your hand you're in the picture and it's such it's just great what do you think about the kind of I hear a lot of talk of the future of gaming when it comes to AR and VR incorporation yeah I think the new VR is so exciting that it actually maybe is one I'm not big on gimmicks like I'd never like movies that were 3d and all that stuff but the new VR is so good it could really be an exciting new way to experience art okay all right drew wants to know hey drew wants know from Drew what has been your favorite book that you've written today you know it's funny books are like kids you don't really have favorites you know each one of them yeah each one of them is special for its own reason it really is true but there are books that are special in your life so werewolf cop is a book that didn't do all that well commercially and I think it's one of the best books I ever wrote and to be honest with you I think it's one of the best pop works of popular fiction over the last couple decades and so it has this I kind of have a care for it like the child with a limp or something like that you know and of course an another Kingdom has been such a great experience writing another Kingdom has been great doing it with Knowles has been terrific so it's always always the latest book is always a special favorite because you just finished it in France right right but he doesn't talk back yet and there's there's another one that was like a werewolf Cop the uncanny which is kind of a prequel to werewolf cop that changed my life you know and it also didn't do all that well but when I was finished writing it my mind was free and it really it did something to me I write about it in my memoir the great good thing that it just really changed everything for me and so those are books that are kind of special because they didn't what the world didn't love them but I love them and so they do have a special place this book is this maybe with the last novels I have a right right I'm not sure but I feels that way there's something that is completing me in writing is completing the mission I started out with and they are a statement of a place that I've come to but I've never been before in my life a place of real serenity and joy and it's coming out through this book I'm almost finished with the third one the last one and I think I may move on to pure nonfiction after this oh really so what would you right after this wellö party written a memoir yeah I would write a kind of kind of philosophical sequel I'd like to write about the books that have affected me ya know so I think I might do that nice that'd be great if it could be like a primer yes books that you would recommend that people should read all right and we should know you said that you've loved working on this with Michael he means the podcast yeah all know that Michael does not write but of course he does but they have no one to clarify so spreading fake news Michaela wants to know why do academics hate conservatism and capitalism so much as a college student I'm amazed at how they want to uproot all of the conservative values even here in my red state you know I hate to say I hate to take my opponents and give them psychological reasons for what they think because I do like to listen to their reasons but it is interesting that in any study that has to work engineering agriculture science stem you find a lot of conservatives but in the in the areas that don't have to work the liberal arts history and math and literature and things like that that's where you find the socialists and the woke people and the people who have these theories that just don't work one of the things about capitalism and about freedom but Liberty itself is that it elevates the common man it means that the guy with a hundred and seventy-five IQ and the guy who's not got 175 IQ or really working in an open field where either one of them can wind up the CEO of a company or can create something or do something some sport or something that makes him a millionaire or a billionaire and can succeed and that takes away the value of the guy with the high IQ who thinks he's so special and thinks he's elevated above everybody else and should be respected more than everybody else and I think the most beautiful thing in a free country is the intellectual respects the common man who says yes I have my field which is the intellectual field but he has his field and he can make it and become wealthy in that field to just too few people feel that way too many people feel that the elites should be in charge that the guy out in the Midwest and his checkered shirt is is less than he is and shouldn't have why does he have a you know dick habit the the elitist talk show host once said to me in a radio show what is this thing free speech why should stupid people to speak and I think that there's a lot of people who secure their own position in their minds by saying other people who less than than they are and I think that's why they hate capitalism and I think that's why they hate Liberty all right good answer Jonathan asks how often do you reread books personally I usually treat books with singular stories a single use item like a single use items while treating books with numerous subjects is unlimited use items you know I've reached the point where a lot of the books I read in youth come back to me and I want to reread them again on a new perspective the books that shaped me inform me I just reread Don Quixote which admits in high school and suddenly I thought oh now I see why this is such a great book I read books when they come and reread books when they come back to me and they kind of asked to be reread that they sort of knock on the door and say wait you know I have something new to say to you and frequently I go back to them especially now and find that yes they are speaking to me in a whole new way a whole new voice and that they they connect to the time I read them before I love to read new books but I have read at this point as Noel's like so jokes I've read all the books I have read a lot of the classics and a lot of the canon of literature and I go back to them to see how they speak to me in new ways so it's really not about the nature of the book whether it has a single story or many different stories it's about how deep it goes and whether it can speak to me again it's very unlikely I'll go back and read some thriller that just had a sort of it was a thrill of the moment but like I said I've read the brother carrot Brothers Karamazov three times I've read crime and punishment three times and Shakespeare I go back to all the time if there's depths there that can be sounded again a new voice that can speak to me through time I'll go back and read so you said that you will reread books that kind of call to you yes is it when you're walking through your library is it a dinner conversation with friends it's just first you to go oh I'm gonna I'm gonna go back and get another look sometimes it's a conversation but oftentimes it just comes back into my head with this kind of persistence you know sort of saying to me you know you I've got something new to say come back and and then I go back to and it always does it always has something that's really interesting next question comes from Kyle who says who do is the front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary at this point do you think any of the candidates as they stand right now has a legitimate chance of defeating president Trump in the upcoming election well to answer the second question first I never say nobody can do anything I mean the last time I said that was about Donald Trump I said I'll never win a primary but you know I never count anybody out but I do think that right now I could I can picture Bernie Sanders winning I can picture him doing what Trump did which is dividing everybody else and winning with 30% of the of the vote I can I the one I fear most is Kamala Harris cuz she's sinister and she's smart and she's she'll do anything as we know from her past she'll do anything to get elected I think right this minute if I had to place money on an election which in this in these days I would never do right this minute I think Trump's gonna win I think that he has been victorious against this Russian collusion nonsense yet the economy's going well people are beginning to kind of get used to him he's you know it's funny he's a character and he's got a lot of flaws but there's nothing secret about him I don't when you compare him to like Barack Obama pretending to be this godlike statesman when really he was just a Chicago City Paul you compare him to Hillary Clinton with all her you know first woman president rhetoric who was released inside such a desiccated ruin of corruption Trump is exactly what you see we know him we see him he has his flaws they're big flaws he has big virtues as well there's nothing secret about him and I think people might be getting used to that starting to like it I notice his poll numbers creeping up and I think I think he's may have turned a corner I hope so cuz I think he's done a good job all right I'm kind of embarrassed that I don't know what this next question means you know I don't know what it means either oh no go ahead but John wants to know as you sign his book what's your favorite sandbox video games hey guys you know what a sandbox video game is what's that it's an open world oh you know that's what I thought you know I'm not a big fan of open-world games because can you explain that to us sorry you know in an open world you wander around you can go all kinds of different places most games have a kind of track that you and I kind of like that because it's like being told to store in the open world you know gets kind of tiring to me just we're riding around I started I've started a bunch of them and I don't think I finished any of them so there was one spider-man game that had an open world that I kind of enjoyed you stopped off but I don't really like them I like a game with a story in it and a story demands that you're on a track because the track is what is the narrator the track is telling you the story that's the best I can do because I can't remember the last open game yeah I I co had a sequel called Shadow of the Colossus that was kind of an open-world game but I liked a lot okay that's the best like alright Arun is asking hi Andrew what can the success of Game of Thrones teach conservatives about how to write in fiction tell the truth I mean this is the thing about it everybody complains about the naked ladies in it and it is exploitative you know there's no quite HBO does this thing the first three seasons they'll just they'll be having a conversation just two girls will be banging each other in the background so they know you'll keep your subscription up and you'll stick around and and there's no question no question that Game of Thrones did that but with all that said it told a great story it tells a great story in which real things happen people cheat people lie people curse people kill people make love they have sex with their brothers their commentary with everybody I've never watched anybody anybody saying what I've heard on Twitter but but you know I keep getting this email I get it again and again you're a Christian your story should be happy they should be there should be no cursing there should be no sex and I think yeah there should be no life God is God of the real world and and you find God by studying the real world I found God by studying the real world not by studying my fantasy life by studying the real world so any any honest work can lead you to God even if it's by an atheist which has happened to me many times where I've read an atheist to book and thinks yes that's more realistic than a religious book and I see God there because it's more realistic so I think what we have to do is we have to stop being so I always say it like this a conservative fiction does not look like conservative life I live a conservative life I've been long time married faithfully married I work hard I until I try to be honest those are not the characters I write about they don't make good stories I don't want my life to be a good story my life is interesting I'm in trouble I want my characters to be interesting and I wanted them to plumb the depths of human sin and degradation and reality so that you can see what life really is all righty I mean and there's a lot of that in actual Bible the Bible is little odd maybe some people should go back and read about David it's like Days of Our Lives over there all righty Denzel says dear Lord Commander Clavin protector of the seven multiverses what do you think is the best way to approach the book of Revelation what a great question it's great you know there are so many ways to read it some people read it as as prophecy that is relevant now what is going to happen next how will the end times come some people read it as a prophecy of what already happened in 70 AD when the Jews country was wiped off the face of the earth by the Romans they read it as a prophecy that's already taken place recently however I read a book just a couple of weeks ago that said it was really a description of the mass it's really a description of the Catholic Mass in which heaven comes down to earth and so that when you are in the mass you're living through the prophecies of the book of Revelation and for those who don't know the Catholic Mass is a very stately liturgy that takes you through confession to forgiveness to remembrance of the Last Supper and Jesus and at the same time you're supposed to be worshiping with the angels and archangels who are essentially joining you in communing with the body and blood of Christ and this book put forward the idea that the book of Revelation is a description of that amazing experience and I can't say whether that's true or not but I think it's a really interesting way to read the book interesting I'm certain oles would really like that definition of it David wants to know who is your favorite president oh man well it's such a short question but it's really proud yeah I you know I will give you three answers to that you got a love George Washington you got a love George Washington because no matter how many times they try to revise him how many times they try to say oh he wasn't as great as people say he was he was he was a genuinely virtuous man who genuinely through his virtue through his love of freedom brought the country into being by surrendering his sword and his soldier hood and his command and his commission to the civilian authorities say that'll love president George I love Abraham Lincoln not just because of his stately commitment to Liberty and freedom in the Union some of which I have questions about but I love him cuz he was the greatest writer who was ever president I mean he is certainly the greatest master of prose to ever hold the highest the highest office in the land and then I really do I really do love Reagan I mean Reagan changed me he was in my time he was the guy who revealed to me that the left that the right was not evil you know cuz he came around and they did the same thing they did to Trump same thing they did to george w bush same thing they do to virtually every republican president evil racist mean war monger kill us if he if he went if he said read then the answer was green if he said black the answer was white racist racist racist and while black people rose on in his administration i'm more than any other group except I think single women who did better in his administration and when the wall fell down on the Berlin Wall fell down I swept up in the left completely convinced that the left was right when the wall fell down I remember thinking you know that old Buzzard was right about everything hmm and that's when I stopped and thought well wait a minute you know how is that possible how could that possibly be true if he was an evil stupid war mongering simplist right about an okay to be right about anything and so right you know people don't remember this cuz everybody lies about it now nobody knew the Soviet Union could fall they all say oh well anybody nobody only Reagan II would only know it only he Thatcher and the pump knew that the Soviet Union was weak and could be undermined and could be taken out and and so it was it was miraculous when that evil slave Empire died and it changed my mind so I always have a special place in my heart for the ROM I love to hear that experience from someone that was there yeah amazing Dalton has a question he says hey drew how would you go about writing a superhero story well I mean if this is your last fictional trilogy what are we gonna do well you know this the question to me is always the same I always get a torii with the exception of another Kingdom which came to me home most of my stories come to me is a kind of what-if question they come to me like what if this happened what if that happened and then the the the thing that makes them a story that I want to write is when the perfect character comes to fit that story so for instance don't say a word my kidnapping story came when I was walking into look in on my little baby daughter cuz you know when they're little you want to make sure they're still going up and down when they sleep right and I was going in and as I was about to turn the corner into the nursery I thought what if she's gone no and I thought that would that would be kind of weird cuz I'm locked in I'm in a New York apartment and what if she was somehow gone and who was the perfect person for that story for me it was a little wimpy intellectual guy who suddenly was opposed to a physical danger that he simply wasn't equipped to handle but he loved his daughter so much that he was ready to die to handle that situation and that made it a beautiful story not just an ugly suspenseful story it made it a beautiful story and so with a superhero it's really hard to find the story that's gonna make him matter that's gonna matter to him when Frodo goes off to to destroy the ring he's a little guy he's a little guy against massive forces and aren't we all you know but when Superman goes off you've got to somehow create an an oppositional challenge that is going to raise him in some way from what he is at the beginning to what he is at the end so what I would say is I wouldn't write a superhero story huh I would write a story that starts with a proposition of what if proposition that only a superhero can elevate yes so that's that's how I would approach so would you say then that it might be more difficult to write a superhero story it's the reason I don't like superhero stories very rarely do the stories really elevate the characters the characters can't really die they don't really have sexual flaws like most of us are mostly but you know anybody can be perfect until he meets in a member of the opposite sex right I mean we're all perfect when we're alone you know it's only when you suddenly dealing with somebody that you want but who frustrates you but it's dangerous and to to your consciousness and and that never happens in superhero stories so it's only in stories like Logan where the guy is really flawed and he's put in a situation I don't want to have any spoilers but he's put in a situation that really challenges his identity that's the only time a superhero story means anything to me which is why I tend to like origin stories and superhero stories more than the sequel and why they start to lose me after a while because it is hard when a guy is so powerful when he's Superman what could possibly elevate him from where he is what could possibly challenge him in his deepest level sometimes they pull it off but oftentimes they don't I would say the Thor Loki connection a Thor great of course I mean that's really all I know because I'm the person that just goes and watches the superhero movies I really wanted to see Shazam I've heard good things yes me too ever sounds really great irune says Andrew how do I respond to my liberal friend who recently told me quote you would understand the struggle if you were a person of color when we talked about politics no I'm an Indian well you know the other day does that qualify as a person of color well the other day I was at the University of Texas in in Arlington and somebody got up and said raise your hand if you're a person of color and all the black and brown people raised their hands and I said does that mean the rest of you are persons of no color you know I knew we're all people of color you know I'm my color happens to be Oliver White or whatever you know and so and so I think it's a bogus thing how often how often is what the left says a synonym for shut up you can't talk because you're white you can't talk because you're a male you can't talk because you're a white female and then when a black person like Candice owen stands up and says I disagree they just start cursing at her start you know screaming obscenities at her because they've lost their argument which is shut up so my response to that is always the same either it's right to judge people by the color of their skin or it's not I say it's not I say we're made in God's image period that's the end to me there is no appeal from that before made in God's image there's no going on there's no next sentence to that there's no but after that if we're all made in God's image and if it's wrong to categorize people according to the color of their skin and it's certainly wrong that a white person can address the pain of a black person or vice versa yeah we're all in existential pain every every one of us none of us is what we want to be all of us have sinned you know none of us is righteous no not one and so I think so often so often you can look in another person's eyes and you know the failure they feel the insecurities that feel the pain they feel and that doesn't have anything to do with color and I think it's just a bogus way of shutting people all-righty Elias says dear Clavin usually I am a very caring and involved person and I am always am when it concerns others but lately I've been hit with such waves of apathy concerning my own well-being now come on my grades job-searching and even my own desire to be faithful to Christ I know what's right and wrong in life but how do I overcome sweeping apathy in my life thanks for all you to listen that your problem is not apathy your problem is something else that you're not facing that's causing the apathy I mean apathy is not a thing you know it's a symptom and so it's like depression it probably is depression so something is bothering you that that you haven't faced and and I can't tell you what it is you probably already know you're probably already telling yourself it's not that as I'm speaking but it's that that's what it is it's something that is that is bugging you that you don't want to face because you're angry about it because it threatens you because it maybe undermines your relationship with somebody that you want to keep intact but that apathy is a symptom and you need to confront the underlying cause it's kind of like saying how can I overcome my depression you can't you got two undercover depression the thing that's depressing when when you suddenly lose interest in the work you do and that's happened to me I mean you know it happens to everybody around 45 or so you have this moment when you think what was I doing again you know I can't remember you have to pause step back say okay you know I don't care about these things why not what what's happening what's bothering me what's eating at me so I would just say look inside yourself get help if you need it get help to look inside yourself and find out what that thing is it's caught up with you you've suppressed it up for now but now it's caught up with you and it's causing you to be depressed basically alright good answer but wouldn't even have thought of that but you know Joel's question is hello mr. Clavin I am 26 and not so recently I ended a two-year relationship with my first girlfriend what was about 16 I'm sorry that was about 16 months ago and I'm still having a lot of difficulty letting go she was a lovely person in most ways but we had different values her ideology was atheist and liberal bo

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