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Trump Fails on TV, Succeeds in Real Life: Journalists report Trump will fail, then move on when his policies work.

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Andrew Klavan Show on iTunes: was a wonderful Veterans Day at colleges around the country students gathered around the Veterans Day tree singing old Veterans Day carols like I hope I don't get killed defending the rights of people who don't even appreciate those rights falala Lala college students were taught special Veterans Day lessons for instance some young people were startled to learn there were other ways to be a hero than screaming at someone on Twitter although some of those other ways sounded kind of dangerous so maybe it's best to keep your heroism confined to social media for now after all what's the point of getting wounded over things like the First Amendment when free speech just lets you say upsetting stuff and why on earth would you risk getting killed over freedom of religion when god is so mean to gay people and of course getting shot over the right to bear arms is crazy since once guns are banned no one will have to get shot at all college students were also surprised to learn about such Veterans Day subjects as World War two where race obsessed anti-jewish big government supporters who called themselves National Socialists somehow turned out to be the bad guys how weird is that today anyone who isn't a race obsessed anti-jewish big government National Socialist is worse than Hitler but then World War Two was in the old days when Hitler wasn't Donald Trump but instead was Hitler and you couldn't even call him Hitler on TV because he'd kill you because he was Hitler instead of Donald Trump which is just plain confusing although sometimes it's true soldiers do bad things like shooting austere religious scholars mostly college students enjoyed Veterans Day because they got a holiday from Gender Studies class and can stay at their dorm rooms watching porn instead and wishing they could ask someone on a date without getting expelled and isn't that the American life our veterans fought so hard to preserve trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] [Music] so before we talk about stupid stuff like Democrats let's have part two of our four part series on leftist ideas that don't make any sense and we're so reduce you to believing in stupid stuff like Democrats today let's look at left-wing ideas about race my own ideas about race are very simple but they have the advantage of being coherent I believe man was made in the image of God and that hating a man for the way he is made is a sin against God and if you sin against God you go to hell so don't do that now some people ask me things they say like what about the fact that European culture produced all this great stuff and African culture didn't produce great stuff except in the movie Black Panther or what about the fact that Asians are smarter than everyone and make those great egg rolls or what about some genetic thing you read about online and now think you understand and my answer is life is complicated but if you treat all races equally and take each person as he comes it will all work out because man is made in the image of God but of course I'm just a barefoot teller of tales and I'm not a clever left-wing college race theorist left this race theorists believe that white people are bad because they don't treat people equally which is a moral concept invented by white people or bad they believe that white people are bad because they don't want to let brown people into the country and once there are more brown people in the country than white people the brown people will be able to destroy the country made by the evil white people who let them in because they believed all people were created equal leftist race theorists believe that racism is bad and therefore they hate whites because whites are racist leftists are not racists for hating whites because of theories about power invented by Michel Foucault a sadomasochistic stuck a safety pin through his nipple for kicks so you want to make sure to get all your good theories from him now left this race theory like this does have the benefit of being hilarious but it's also kind stupid because once you declare that any race is in any way morally superior or inferior to any other there is nothing to stop that race from declaring itself morally superior to whatever race your ass happens to be so now you have left this to say Browns are better than whites and you have all writers who say whites are better than browns and their logic is exactly the same and justifies the others point of view thus they are all alike and that they're all incredibly ugly minded and unpleasant and also are all going to hell because man was made in the image of God leftist have now thought themselves into a state of perpetual racism making it impossible to distinguish between the logic of a Ku Klux Klan pamphlet and the logic of the op-ed page of the New York stump The New York Times this happened because leftists are essentially materialist and do not believe that man is made in the image of God because they do not believe in God and if man is not made in the image of God there is absolutely no reason to love him or Accord him rights or treat him equally and fairly there is no reason 0 none without that simple premise the imago day you will inevitably get lost in hatred and ultimately find yourself in hell or on a liberal college campus but I repeat myself I'm going to talk a little bit more about making sense but first I will tell you what makes sense when you go to bed it is having bull and branch sheets now for some of you who sleep on these sheets you can't really appreciate them you just think geez these are really comfortable school and then you're asleep and you don't know they're there but for people like me awake all night I sit there all night long thinking wow nice sheets because they're not only incredibly comfortable they also just look great and what makes them unique is that each sheet is 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listen to the show mailbag tomorrow go to daily and subscribe you got to be a subscriber you get so much stuff with subscription you get the new app we have you can talk to us on the ask me anything sessions that we have you get another kingdom a couple days early which is nice it staves off the clave on this weekend for a day do that you get the scream like that because you're in the mailbag and once you're in the mailbag you can ask me about anything you want you can ask me about religion you can ask me about your personal problems you can ask me about politics and for a lousy 10 bucks all my answers are nonetheless a hundred percent correct guaranteed and will change your life for the better you gotta find out that's what makes it so interesting you know I'm talking about making sense this week and making sense is a big big deal I mean it really is important and we don't talk about it enough we don't talk enough about the fact that life makes sense I think you know I like to tell the story when I was working more in Hollywood I would go in and pit you go in and pitch stories and when you pitch stories you're usually talking to a story editor or maybe a studio executive and then there's usually an assistant and these assistants his entire life depends on the boss liking his or her suggestions so if you shoot down the assistants suggestions they get unhappy they start to argue with you and they start to think about who's this lousy writer telling me what to think and making me look bad in front of my boss well in a room as they say it's called being in a room that's what they call it and I'm pitching a story about time because you know it's about going back and forth in time whatever I can't even remember what the story is and the assistant says well you know the thing about a time travel story is it really has to make sense and I said you know it can't make sense because you can't travel in time and only reality makes sense that's what makes a reality course that didn't go over very well with the assistant but it's true life makes sense and when life doesn't make sense you have to find out why you have to get new information right that's that's how science works this is how we decide you know when when something is doesn't make sense we think well what is it we're not seeing how does this work and that's how our information expands and you also have to know about the past in order to know what thing what things make sense right that's how in a trial in a jury you say well the guy said this at this point but he said this here and that doesn't make sense and you you want his testimony to make sense or you know he's lying this is the thing life makes sense and therefore your morality has to make sense your ideas have to make sense they have to stick with the fact this is why the facts matter so much this is why when a OC says I don't need to know the facts I just need to know morality that that's ridiculous okay but the thing is in order to make sense you also have to know the past you have to know what the kinds of things that happen and the kinds of things that don't happen a lot of what we know and a lot of our wisdom comes from induction not deduction it comes from gathering information and seeing things again and again and one of the things that is happening especially in this presidency in the donald trump presidency is the press reports on things and then it's wrong and Donald Trump is right and then it just vanishes the subject vanishes remember when Donald Trump said you know Obama bugged my phone's Obama bugged phones at Trump Tower and the press was like oh this is this is a completely unfounded fact check a thousand Pinocchio's of that minute turned out ya know he basically bugged phones the Trump was talking on Trump was right subject vanishes right Russian collusion for years two years and a half years you know people just oh he colluded with the Russian he's a spy John Brennan sitting there going I think he was out Russian asset and I know because I am a Russian asset so he was a Russian asset untrue gone bang it's just gone it just and we move on to the next thing think about just a few weeks ago when Trump withdrew our troops from Syria right remember the Kurds were going to be massacred and the Turks were going to you know wipe out everybody and it was all going to be a terrible terrible mess and Russia was gonna take over the world and Trump said at the time let's just play a clip of how they covered this I can't remember I think there's CNN this is their coverage of of Syria that's unfolding of course as chaos and uncertainty grows in Syria Turkish troops are building up along the border ahead of a possible attack on Kurdish troops after President Trump pulled US troops from that area he impaneled was there in Turkey has a latest force good morning here yeah good morning Robin that fright America's Kurdish allies are now bracing for an imminent attack by Turkey which is of course also a key American ally this is now region on the brink of war and this comes after president Trump shocked decision to pull American troops out of the border area and therefore opening it up to attack so it was all going to be war is all gonna be the Kurds are lovely allies the Kurds were gonna be killed Trump came out and said you know listen the Kurds were doing just were acting on their own behalf and that was good for us our interests melded but we're not there to protect the Kurds I don't want to go to war with Turkey and if Turkey misbehaves remember he sent that famous don't be a tough guy letter to her doyon he said you know don't be a tough guy don't go in and kill anybody he said if Turkey misbehaves I'm gonna use economic sanctions to bring them back Turkey did misbehave they went in they committed human rights abuses they did kill some Kurds when they shouldn't have Trump sent the mics Pompeo and pence to Turkey to talk to him they stopped he used the economic wrench against them he said I'm gonna really destroy your economy if you don't do what I tell you to do they pulled back everybody got what they wanted look it's not a perfect world it is not a perfect world over and over there in the Middle East it's not a fun place things are gonna go wrong they're gonna continue to go wrong but Trump got his troops out of a place where he thought that they were in harm's way and could start could force us to attack our allies Turkey and remember we had Mike Duran on from the Hoover Institute who explained the fact that Turkey is an ally it doesn't matter whether the guy a bad guy or not we don't have any good guys in the Middle East they are a lie and everything has to be based on fighting Iran it's the Iranians who are really trying to destroy us in Israel and that's why we have to always have our mind on Iran it turned out Trump did the right thing he may have done it in a way that he shouldn't have done it he may have done it too bluntly he may have done it too quickly he may have done it without consulting but it it turned out pretty well the story vanishes right the only thing that's gonna happen now is they're gonna say oh well we did find some human rights abuses when we went in we know that's true I mean it is the Middle East it's still the Middle East but even Lindsey Graham ended up happy and it just goes away all of this has gone from history so that you never can tell you never can tell you can you can't accrue wisdom you can't start to say well wait a minute you know this Trump he does act on his gut a lot he does talk you know he's very he bloviate he taught he's got a big mouth and all this up but you know a lot of the stuff he's doing he's working out the only way you can keep track of that is with the economy because the economy is steady-state but Isis gone no and their Caliphate gone and that just just disappears it just vanishes it's only when things go wrong they go back let me just play what is essentially a trivial story but it just shows you so much about the way Trump is covered remember Trump went to work to the World Series and he got booed the fifth game I think and that was in Washington DC and here was the way they covered it meanwhile over night president Trump attended Game five of the World Series right here in Washington and he didn't get the warmest welcome take a look [Applause] [Music] mixed reaction there you can hear some in the crowd booing him and even chance of lock him up the White House declined to comment overnight now to the World Series where President Trump watched last night's game from a luxury suite at Nationals Park in Washington where he received what you would call less than a warm welcome for many people in the crowd so this went on forever the late-night comics all made jokes about it every single one of them covered it every it was a big big deal it's Washington DC right Washington DC represents Washington DC it is a very very left-wing community because all their jobs depend on the on the government right so and they're all in the deep state so they hate Trump so Trump then goes to the LSU Bama tied game and this is the reaction in Alabama [Applause] I love this guy they love them the students were giving an interview saying the impeachment thing was a sham and all this stuff so Newsweek sports writer Scott McDonald said Trump's attendance at the game in Tuscaloosa draws comparisons to Richard Nixon who in 1969 attended the game between the top two teams in the nation Texas and Arkansas MacDonald predicts impeachment inquiries against Trump by the US House of Representatives may go farther in this process than they did with Nixon because Nixon resigned the presidency David Jackson of USA Today wrote about how presidents like Trump and Nixon among others used sports for political gain so in other words this was all about Donald Trump manipulating the audience the way they cover the press the way the press covers Trump is is so insanely unfair that it essentially cancels out everything that Trump actually does Trump keeps failing in the news but he keeps succeeding in real life the things he does work out over and over again we'll talk about it in a second but first let us talk about expressvpn because you want to protect the information on your computer I love this thing this is one of the only nice things Knowles ever did for me he recommended expressvpn it takes about 10 seconds 90 seconds to put on your computer and then it works in the background you do not even know it's there your social security numbers are safe your contact details your credit scores all those things can be taken from you online you know this this thing anonymizes what you're doing nobody knows where you are nobody knows your information you can control how big corporations mishandle your data but you can you can't control how they assemble your data once they get it but you can protect them protect yourself from giving them that data expressvpn works in the background like I said it connects with just wind one click it's lightning fast and cost less than seven bucks a month if you use my special link expressvpn dot-com slash Clavin right hand arm yourself when the extra three months of expressvpn for free you can support this show by letting them know that you got you heard about them here and protect yourself at the same time that Express VPN dot-com / clayvin for an extra three months free hey by the way how do you spell Cleveland [Music] so MRC right the media Research Council that they do that wonderful news Buster's site that I like so much they write this with virtually no chance Senate Republicans will vote to remove President Trump from office House Democrats drive for impeachment is more likely aimed at creating a deluge of negative daily headlines hoping to Trump going into next year's election if that is indeed Democrats goal then the three broadcast networks are doing everything they can to help achieve this partisan objective overwhelmingly negative MRC analysts have reviewed all coverage of President Trump anism and his administration on the ABC CBS and NBC even evening newscasts since 2017 following the beginning of the impeachment inquiry on September 24th this coverage has been even more hostile than normal out of 684 evaluative comments included in these broadcasts a whopping 96% 96% have been negative versus a meager four percent that have been positive TVs fascination with Democrats and Pietschmann push has crowded out nearly all other news about the administration during the six weeks since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the inquiry the three networks evening broadcast turned out 398 minutes of coverage to the Ukraine scandal or more than three fifths of all administration news and here's the thing right so now we know everything is negative and Trump's successes vanish this is the important thing they the past if Trump is a success which he so often is or if the Democrats turned out to be lying which they so often are that just disappears remember when Adam Schiff was gonna bring the whistleblower in to testify and then suddenly it turned out that the whistleblower had arranged everything with shift before they got started and shift realized oh if I bring him in to testify they can ask questions of him story just as there is there was the whistle the storage this disappears so now impeachment starts tomorrow the public hearings start tomorrow right so I and and now this is what they're talking about remember I told it impeachment the movie because all they're talking about is how can we convince people and this is and the press is basically piling on the press is working with Adam Schiff how can we shoot this movie how can we shoot this story so it really affects voters which by the way they know now they're starting to realize and not gonna happen it's just not gonna happen because I haven't got anything but here just just to show you because they do it openly it's amazing here is brian Stelter with ana Cabrera on CNN wondering how they can shoot this movie how they can tell this story so you give a rat's what Donald Trump did in regards to Ukraine how important is this week in terms of getting the American people invested and interested early on well this is the first internet impeachment right when you were the Clinton White House Joe the internet was still mostly a text media most people weren't really online yet there were no smartphones so this is the first time we're gonna have an impeachment process that is clipped and condensed and distorted and remixed in all of these ways share it on social media the reality is most people will not watch live although many many CNN viewers will most people will end up watching clips and then hearing about it later in the day as it's being digested whatever is said at the hearings I think that's really important you know to both Democrats and Republicans are gonna be trying to control that messaging war I also think so do one so to speak matters a lot and I hate to say that because we're talking about the basic democracy at risk here but from a television perspective Democrats have to come out strong in that first episode know if for the same reason that when we're watching the pin on Netflix or listen to a new podcast we only choose to keep listening if we're interested in episode one so I think the Democrats know that but I'll be interested to see what kind of show they put on on Wednesday morning trying to hook people even Soledad O'Brien used to work at CNN and said that was shameful with brian Stelter should be ashamed himself but if I may ask you keep these three things in your head okay three things in your head overwhelmingly negative coverage he's so negative it's an absurd like 94% night what was a 96 percent unbelievably negative coverage the past disappears when it's pro Trump which is almost been which has been pretty consistent has been pretty consistently pro-trump we're at peace where the economy is doing well people have jobs so things are actually actually going pretty well so the past vanishes that's that is number two and number three it's a show being organized between Adam Schiff and the press they are putting on a show meant to convince you that this is an important thing and as I've said again and again I think Donald Trump is 100% right on this it's it's nonsense it's a it is a cover-up it is absolute nonsense okay so now let's talk about Lieutenant Colonel Alexander vinden right because now they have selectively released some transcripts which is supposed to make this look like an open process when of course it hasn't been what so ever so remember Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Veneman he was the Ukraine guy from the NSC from the National Security Council he was the guy the Ukraine expert and he was the first guy who was on the phone when Donald Trump said the things he did that we have a transcript of so we know what was on there too but this is how this is how they promoted it on CBS and NBC remember now this is testimony they haven't heard they haven't heard it it's behind closed doors they're only getting Democrat about versions of it tonight bombshell impeachment testimony a decorated Army officer testifies he sounded the alarm about the president's conduct it's the first testimony from a White House official who directly heard that controversial phone call with Ukraine's leader we're gonna begin with that damning impeachment testimony today from a key witness Army lieutenant colonel Alexander women the national security council's top expert on Ukraine is the first official to testify about what he directly heard during the controversial phone call that sparked the impeachment inquiry fenman says what he heard concerned him and he alerted a top White House lawyer than men joins other diplomats and former administration officials in confirming the details of the whistleblowers complaint he says he's not though the mysterious whistleblower one Democrat is calling today's testimony the nail in the coffin Nancy Cordes leads off our coverage tonight on Capitol Hill there was dramatic testimony in the House impeachment investigation by a decorated war hero who works on the national security council and was among those who heard that phone call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Hallie Jackson now with late details on that bombshell testimony tonight for the first time a first-hand witness to the explosive conversation that ignited the impeach that was a bombshell right bombshell it was explosive it was damning it was the nail in the coffin only not right because now this now the transcript comes out and remember they will never go back they will never go back it just disappears and say well wait a minute there were problems with that but luckily Byron New York is reporting on very closely in The Washington Examiner and he points out first of all remember that it was a big deal you just heard it was a big deal that he was the first person who was actually on the on the phone call right but Trump released the transcript of the phone call so the only way that would matter at all is if the transcript was false if he got honest at all my god that transcript was completely false but in fact he attested reading off York's reporting binman attested to the overall accuracy of the rough transcript contrary to some impeachment supporters who have suggested the White House is hiding an exact transcript that would reveal everything Trump said to the Ukrainian president as one of a half dozen White House note takers listening to the call vinden testified that he tried unsuccessful unsuccessfully to make a few edits to the rough transcript as it was being prepared he wanted the word burr yzma the corrupt Ukrainian energy company to be used instead of just the words the company but beyond that Vin Minh had no problems with the transcript and he specifically said he did not believe so what's what so what's it why is it a big deal that he was on the phone call we were all on the phone call we all have the transcript when Trump supporters stand behind him at his rallies and say read the transcript they're absolutely right they're absolutely right we saw it we saw what he said all the ways he's talked and said if you could possibly do this it would be great and the Ukrainian president said he had no idea they were holding up money the aid and he didn't feel any pressure whatsoever vind min himself right in this bombshell damning nail in the coffin testimony right himself said he had no legal objections to what Trump said he just didn't think it was good foreign policy bin Minh said several times again Byron York and the Washington Examiner said several times that he was not a lawyer and did not know if Trump's words amounted to a crime but he felt they were wrong that was when Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe a former US Attorney tried to get to the root of Inman's concerns what was really bothering him and here's the transcript this is Ratcliffe saying I'm trying to find out if you were reporting it because you thought there was something wrong with respect to policy whether there was something wrong with respect to law and what I understand you to say is that you weren't certain that there was anything improper with respect to the law but you had concerns about US policy is that a fair characterization and and in fact he says I would recharacterize up characterize it says VIN Minh as I thought it was wrong and I was sharing those views I was deeply concerned about the implications for bilateral relations u.s. national security interests in that if this was exposed it would be seen as a partisan play by Ukraine so he didn't like the president's foreign policy you know what sometimes I don't like the president's foreign policy there's nothing to do with anything what we're getting is a picture all around we're getting a picture of a State Department an entrenched bureaucracy that doesn't like Monk Mike Pompeo that doesn't like Donald Trump that is angry that a Trump fired Ukrainian ambassador Murray Jovanovic they want revenge this is like James Comey right they get angry when you fire them and they want revenge that's what we're seeing and this is now going to come out on in public and the and the Republicans are saying well we want to bring on people to talk about Joe Biden and hunter Biden because how can we know whether Trump was doing the right thing and asking for an investigation if we don't know what Joe Biden and hunter Biden were doing they're not going to allow that Adam shifts not gonna allow that we'll see whether they allow any other witnesses we'll see whether they allow questioning that exposes the kind of the fact that a lot of this is just opinion a lot of this third and fourth person and none of it is first-person because we regret the transcript and they're saying Rudy Giuliani was behind the scenes doing all this stuff and he was manipulating this we know we know that Trump wanted the Ukrainians to in vesta gate corruption including the corruption of Joe Biden's son we know he wanted to do that what's the problem what is the problem especially when you have guys like Joe Biden who was part of a an administration that seems to have been spying on Donald Trump except we've forgotten all about that because the past disappears when Trump is right I got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube but come to daily wire calm and subscribe because tomorrow is mailbag day you want to get your questions in you can ask me about your personal life you can ask me about religion you can ask me about politics anything you want all your problems will be solved for a lousy 10 bucks a month who else get what other place offers that all your problem solved for 10 bucks a month even I and I may write any question just to have them call my problem solved we have a guest coming up come on over to daily wire calm so we're gonna talk to Gabriel wrench today who's a pal of mine and also the host of the terrific Crosse politics podcast which mixes faith and culture and politics I've been on it a couple of times it is airs on DirecTV it's streams on the web you can find it on iTunes Google Play or stitcher it is it is a really really good and fun podcast gay be there yes I am it's good to see it's cross is across politics across politic no ass no ass there is no ass and cross politic all right how you doing by the way you look good man I'm doing great man you know with the celebrating the 30th anniversary the Berlin Wall I'm surprised that you haven't moved it out of California thought oh yes now that the wall is down

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