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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Andrew Klavan Show on Apple Podcasts: are absolutely fuming that North Korea could have a female dictator presiding over a regime of murder torture starvation and rape before America does there were reports that North Korea's dear leader Kim jong-un may be dead after he injected himself with Clorox on the advice of his good friend Donald Trump Trump issued a statement about the report saying quote hahaha I knew the little psychopath would fall for that one he's even dumber than Dean bouquet unquote in the aftermath all eyes have turned to Kim's sister Kim me yo Zhang the hot little number who charmed and delighted American news media outlets during the 2018 Olympics CNN CNN said she was quote and this is a real quote stealing the show the New York Times a former newspaper said she quote outflanked Vice President Mike Pence in diplomatic image-making and Mike Pence said she was quote a central pillar of an evil family click that brutalizes subjugates starves and imprisons its 25 million people pence may have just been jealous of her show-stealing charm or he must may just have been telling the truth now that the little cutie may rise to ultimate power feminists are upset that she could break the glass ceiling of psychopathology before an American woman if you don't count Jennifer Rubin feminist lunatic in New York Times op-ed columnist shrilly whinging said quote it is shameful that North Korea may give a woman the right to slaughter anyone she wants when here in America we threatened to take away even her right to slaughter her own baby unquote feminist academics really whinging no relation said quote it's a disgrace North to Korea is a nation where a woman can have a man executed for not agreeing with her whereas I can only destroy his career and have a missile assaulted by irrational mobs of slavish college students unquote though Kim's death is not yet been confirmed the North Korean military is apparently making plans for a stirring nationwide ceremony in which they'll elevate kim yo-jong to power and then assassinator trigger warning i'm Andrew Klavan and this is the Andrew Clavin show [Music] [Music] [Music] so here's some important breaking news that didn't happen over the weekend Trump did not tell anyone to drink Clorox or inject himself with anything he did ask a doctor about weather tests showing that light and disinfectant killed the Chinese virus on contact could be put to use in some science fictiony medical way here's the clip of him speculating this clip 7 that fell a question that probably some of you are thinking of this year totally into that world which I find to be very interesting so supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light and I think you said that has him in check but you're going to test it and then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body you can which you can do either through the skin or in some other way and I think you said you're gonna test that too sounds interesting right and then I see the disinfectant or it knocks it out in a minute one minute and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost of cleaning because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number along so it'd be interesting to check that all right so you can hear him speculating about this and he was obviously reading an article or something about the this new thing where they can inject ultraviolet rays into the body after he said this left-wing activist Chris Jackson tweeted the Trump quote urged Americans to inject themselves with disinfectant unquote you just heard the quote he didn't say it and Jake MacCabe who worked for the Obama administration then tweeted the Trump quote told people to drink bleach and that became the news our own daily wire writer Ryan Saavedra wrote an article about this titled fact-check no Trump did not tell people to inject themselves with disinfectant or drink bleach I wanted to find that article so I googled fact-check no Trump did not tell people to inject themselves and the first result was from CNN fact check Trump dangerously suggest sunlight and ingesting disinfectants could help cure coronavirus which is a twisted biased dishonest version of something that almost is sort of kind of true but not meanwhile further evidence the presidential candidate Joe Biden digitally raped a woman in 1993 came to light and will talk about that it was in CNN's archive only CNN didn't find it it was found by our friends at the news website News Buster's and then was ignored by the network Sunday shows and their new revelations that congressman Adam Schiff and former CIA director John Brennan and Oppo research guy Christopher Steele may be covering up information about how the Russia collusion hoax got started that Russia collusion hoax that was a fake headline for three years with fake sources feeding fake information to fake reporters like Maggie Haberman that that information is also going underreported by mainstream outlets under fire for the disinfectant remarks Trump foolishly in my opinion said he was being sarcastic when he said that but that's not what it sounded like to me it sounded to me more like harmless trumpian rambling about possible developments but it's hard to blame a man for making a tactical error when he's battling a manufactured universe of disinformation think about this sex assault accusations against a presidential candidate and that candidates obvious mental deterioration don't exist they aren't news not happening but things Trump didn't say that can be misconstrued are news that's not just lying that's actual disinformation it's essentially the matrix a false universe of non news that is news and real news that is no news at all if that is not a central problem and possibly the central problem with our politics the central problem that has to be solved I don't know it is I will say this until I fall over sideways the news media needs to be reformed in some way that does not violate the First Amendment I'm going to show you stuff they're saying that will curl your hair if you've got it they are the enemies of our republic and what they're doing is bad for America all right let us talk about something that is good for America for a change we'll talk about small businesses which are great for America obviously struggling under a tough time but struggling to come back and they're struggling against the media out you know outline of fear there's their narrative of fear and terror they want to come back they want to reopen and zip recruiter wants to help during this time zip recruiter wants you to know that their focus hasn't changed they are still doing what they've done from the beginning they're helping people who need jobs find work and helping growing businesses find the right people for their open roles so if you're looking for a job right now zip recruiter is working with you to find the right job faster zip recruiter is dedicated to helping you get hired whether you're looking for jobs and caretaking to delivering food and goods to building medical facilities to supply and protective equipment so much more in fact zip recruiters app will send you up-to-date job openings so you can be one of the first to apply and if you're actively hiring zip recruiter will invite candidates to apply to your most urgent roles making it faster and easier to reach the people you need by connecting people who need jobs and companies that need people zip recruiter is working with all of us so we can keep moving forward let us work together zip recruiter dot-com / work together check them out so Trump says he is Cannes he's gonna cancel or at least limit his daily coronavirus briefings he was obviously really annoyed like this and a couple other clashes with the press and he tweeted what is the purpose of having white house news conferences when the lamestream me she asks nothing but hostile questions and then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately so he says they get record ratings and the American people get nothing but fake news it is not worth the time and effort well you know the guy has been working around the clock they say he's not even having a lunch and obviously this is taking a toll I thought he was wrong to come out and say oh this was I was being sarcastic it doesn't sound like he was being sarcastic I thought it was perfectly reasonable question obviously wasn't asking whether you can inject Clorox he was asking it was there some kind of way you could clean out the human system with light and with some kinds of disinfectants or you know what we would call antibiotics unbelievable it is unbelievable it is just like it is just like the thing about there being good people on both sides the Nazis instead of meaning the people who are arguing about the statue it is fake news and the reason I keep harping on this Joe Biden's story the reason I keep harping on it is because it is proof positive that we live in a dishonest media universe you know it's all that stuff that believe women believe all women the lies the me to movement everything is different now all the hysteria a lie it was all a lie it was just a hit on Cavanaugh that's all it was and we know that now it is proof positive in front of us that when the Democrats do the same thing when the same thing happens to the Democrats I should say they're not going to cover it all a lie it's a fake world it's a it's a it's the matrix all right I want to just start by by playing as I as I take a look at this Biden clip I want to start by playing this thing the Chuck Todd did his Sunday show just a very brief clip of him fading out cutting away have you got this you go to break there's a good thing about this economic crisis in the clean air and views we haven't seen for a long time I love the music it's like the French fries french revolution room that the Versailles Palace you know oh you know the good thing about this crisis you know you may be out of work but I'm doing quite well thank you and not my views are absolutely fantastic you know it's like are you stopping that slaughter but my views and the air is clean it's really it's delightful that this is the thing I don't know I do not know because I watch these reporters I do not know whether they are simply out of touch so out of touch that they literally don't know that they're lying or if they're just lying I mean when you see Dean became come on and say well we're not covering the Biden story like we covered the Kavanagh story because it's not in the news that's exact times he's essentially saying we're not covering this because we're not covering this you know we're not covering it because we're not covering and in some ways if it were just the Democrat Party would say all right they're a bunch of hypocrites right they're they're complete you know liars they're politicians they're all politicians or dishonest at times you know I cannot I can't work up the same energy to hate Nancy Pelosi for her po-faced lies that I can for these media people whose job it is to inform us of the truth I want to go back though and just well we have to go back for just a minute and revisit the Brett Kavanaugh thing here are the women of the Democrat Party talking about Christine Blasi Ford's completely unsubstantiated charges against Brett Kavanaugh I mean you have to remember this Molly Hemingway wrote a good piece about this recently at the Federalist there's no proof that Christine Blasi Ford ever met Brett Kavanaugh all the people she cited as backup said no we don't all of them there's no one no one no one said oh yeah I was there I remember that it was terrible no one said that the people she said we're at the party said we were not that but I don't remember that party there's no corroborating evidence here are the way here's the way women reacted when this this this I believe is as she's testifying a right before she's testifying I believe dr. Ford I thought she was credible I believe her her story is credible it comes down to credibility to your point gale and it's gonna be about listening to what each party has to say but I believe her I was proud of dr. Blasi Ford's response and her demeanor but more importantly her courage and stepping forward we must first and foremost protect and support the alleged victim as they come forward this is a very difficult thing that she is doing and I applaud her for her courage anybody who comes forward at this point that takes an extraordinary amount of courage there is no doubt in my mind Harris that dr. Ford was a credible witness honesty her integrity her truth it's obvious nothing to gain so senator Gaines the victims are blamed often and they're not believed and that's why they're reluctant to come forward so that's you know that is that story covered here is a Time magazine news cover in which that is made up of all these kind of words where Christine blazing Ford's face is made up of all these words that you know about belief and the me2 movement and now women are coming forward and everything says there's 18 months ago a year and a half ago Tara Reid comes forward and says this happened and let's and also let's remember the different charges one charge was as a teenager this guy laid down on top of her and she felt that she was threatened with rape and then he fell often was laughing and he was drunk if that happened that's bad but at the it is bad you know it's not the way you should treat other people obviously and teenagers are not off the hook however at the top point where you're 50 and every woman you know is saying no the guy's a great guy you might be able to say well you know somehow sometimes you have to leave the past behind we've all done stupid things that was a stupid thing I did if if there were any corroboration at all but this woman is talking about is Senator Joe Biden in 1993 when he was already 75 or 92 or something pushed him up against pushed her up against the wall and stuck his fingers up her and then when she shoved them off said she I thought she liked me so Tara Reid said you know my mother called Larry the Larry King show and complained about this at the time because there was no place for me to go and she talked to the Larry King now this is on CNN Larry King show is on CNN CNN did not find this our friends at News Buster's at the media Research Center they'd under get up and the intercept wrote a story about it here here's the tape that Tara Reid says her mother calling Larry King I'm wondering what a staffer would to do besides go to the press in Washington my daughter has just left there after working for a prominent senator and could not get through with her problems at all and the only thing she could have done was go to the press and she chose not to do it out of respect for him or she had a story to tell but out of respect for the person she worked for she didn't tell her so CNN after a long delay offered one story about this on Saturday afternoon one story they finally covered it the media that mainstream networks did not cover it on Sunday at all and they had people on they could have interviewed like you know Nancy Pelosi was on people people look if it had been Cavanaugh they would have interviewed anybody it when Julie sweat Nick came forward and I'll remind you who that isn't just a second when she came forward CNN gave Michael avenatti remember Michael avenatti I think was sprung from prison because of the virus they gave him 35 minutes across three prime time shows Michael avenatti was Julie sweat Nick's lawyer and she was the one who accused Kavanaugh of waiting of standing outside a bedroom where numerous boys were waiting their turn to be to have sex with a girl inside the room essentially a gang rape and they but she was so drunk that was the things getting a drunk and then she was on and I believe it was NBC's Kate snow who started to say well wait that your story is now changing and all you're saying is you saw him with a red plastic cup and he was standing with a bunch of guys I mean her story fell apart very very quickly when she was questioned but that did not stop all the papers including the the New York Times a former newspaper from covering this so when Dean BK comes out and says what we covered it because we were covering it but we're not covering this because we're not cover that is what he did and remember in both these cases Joe Biden is a human being Brett Kavanaugh is a human being these are things that are happening to them that aren't necessarily fair and the thing that's happening to Joe Biden I mean it's not this so far so far we don't have any evidence we don't a proof the story's not about Joe Biden the story so far is not about Joe Biden the story is about the press the story's about the press creating a fake universe and the fake universe was that now we care this fake story was now we care what women say now we care what women are doing now we care what's happening to women that was a fake story we know it was a fake story not only was it a fake story for the Democrats it was a fake story for the news media and then we've got by them at the same time we've got this poor schnook Joe Biden who's essentially now a cigar store Indian the guy is deteriorating in front of us they put this is the Biden camp put this video out over the weekend this is Jill and Joe Biden if you can see it his face is hilarious but go ahead and together we're just getting started this moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership having the forethought to prepare for the worst the backbone to lead through chaos the character to move beyond politics and serve every American no matter where they live or what they believe only one candidate in this election has all three my husband our next president of the United States Joe Biden Donald Trump and I mean the other thing if you can't see it he's standing next door with his frown on his face a lot of people in Twitter said he looked just like Jeff Dunham's ventriloquist puppet a Walter those grumpy puppet the polls and he did look like a ventriloquist thing except he's not talking so the only person the only person in this race who is the man who can lead us is this block of wood standing behind me who can no longer put an english sentence together and who cannot be trusted to do his own things so his wife is doing it for him I mean this emphasis but it's not a story not a question it's not even an issue it's not even an issue whether this guy is competent to run for the presidency of the United States and all these rumors going around I know all the leftists are saying well what he's gonna do he's gonna point a vice-president and then he's gonna resign and the vice president watched the vice president candidate look you're living in a fake world you're living I mean this is you know Ronald Reagan said that you know the problem with Democrats is not that they don't know anything it's that so much of what they know is untrue this is the problem this is the problem you can't even have a conversation with them about the issues because they don't have the facts because they are living in the matrix and that's that's the thing it's all the matrix the issues the ideas the facts is all the matrix now and this is proof of it all right let us talk about a new a new podcast on one read this is this really sounds good I'm really a fan of these kinds of podcasts this is a show called American scandal where they dive deep into the heart of the most shocking moments of fraud and deception in American history the one that's coming up is called the Harry Krishna murders they explore an Eastern religion with pure intentions that in the hands of its Western followers became a criminal enterprise of drug running molestation and murder I know this story this is a great great story and if you subscribe to American scandal and other great one to reap odd cast on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts you can get American scandal this season is called the Harry Krishna murders make sure to subscribe to American scandal and other great podcasts from one driana Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you are listening right this moment these are these are great stories they really are and they Ted the wondering podcasts are excellent I have to say competitors though they may be they really do a great job in telling these stories and this is a good one all right let us talk about the prep to read you a couple things that I think hopefully will make you insane I don't want to make you you know ruin your day but I think you have to hear about some of this stuff NBC on their website they have a piece by Andy lack right the president of NBC News journalism is under attack from coronavirus and the White House but we are winning at this dark hour kids are scared they're hungry for accurate information and unvarnished truth now and in all the days to come journalists will be there this is from Andy lack and I remind you once again Andy lack is the guy who one of the guys who killed the Harvey Weinstein story at the behest pot or under pressure we should say from there comcast masters who also own Universal so as Hollywood Enterprise who were under pressure according to Ronan Farrow in a very well researched and very plausible book that I read you know it's a very plausible story that basically they put the pressure on Andy lack and Andy lack caved and covered up for Harvey Weinstein so how it killed ronan Pharos incredibly well researched incredibly well backed up story all these women who had gone on camera and said yes Harvey Weinstein did this this and this and Andy lack was like manly and well you know I mean I think as people really cares this really a story does anybody know who Harvey Weinstein is that's really what they said they basically covered this up while let's not forget they were covering up Matt Lauer's depredations against women in house okay so who are you if you're believing this who are you these are the issues that are your issues who are you if you're saying you know yeah I'll believe on women this is really the important issue of the day and now it's not you know I mean you were just being toyed with you're just being used and you're you know it's not enough to say well it was wrong when Brett kavanah did it then they made a big issue out of it and that was right and it's wrong when Joe Biden did it and they're not making a big issue no no this is the atmosphere in which we live this is the atmosphere of information which we live they know they can control it I want to read you something from the Atlantic an unbelievable piece is it's it's beyond its beyond my ability to imagine if you had told me that this piece would run in the Atlantic magazine if you told me ten years ago I simply would not have believed you this is by Jack Goldsmith a Harvard Law School professor young people are in this guy's charge and Andrew keen Woods a professor of law at the University of Arizona College of Law also young people being taught by this guy I gotta just read it to you because I can't make it up kovat 19 has emboldened American tech platforms to emerge from their defensive crouch before the pandemic they were targets of public outrage over life under their Dominion today the platform's are proudly collaborating with one another and following government guidance to censor harmful information related to the corona virus and they're using their prodigious data collection capacities in coordination with federal and state governments to improve contact tracing that school you've seen quarantine enforcement and other health measures so they're spying on you and they're censoring information big business big business is spying on you and censoring information okay civil rights groups are tolerating these measures but are also urging a swift return to normal when the virus herbs we need quote to make sure when we've made it past this crisis our country isn't transformed into a place we don't want to live warns the American Civil Liberties Union but says they said the to law school writers but the extraordinary measures we are seeing are not all that extraordinary powerful forces were pushing toward greater censorship and surveillance of digital networks long before the corona virus jumped out of the wet markets in Wuhan China and they will continue to do so once the crisis passes so they'll continue to censor information and spy on you the practices that American tech platforms have undertaken during the pandemic represent not a break from prior developments but an acceleration of what was already happening in other words the stuff you and I have complained about is the stuff they're now bragging about as surprising as it may sound say these two law guys who apparently have never read the First Amendment as surprising as it may sound digital surveillance and speech control in the United States already show many similarities to what one finds in authoritarian states such as China constitutional and cultural differences mean that the private sector rather than the Federals and state governments currently takes the lead in these practices which further values and address threats different from those in China but the trend toward greater surveillance and speech control here and toward the growing involvement of government is undeniable and likely inexorable in the great debate of the past two decades about freedom versus control of the network China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong this is the Atlantic running an editorial recommending that big business that they're what they're really saying is China is right to censor information and surveil people but we can't do that government can't do that here so big business will take the place and China was right and the United States was wrong that's a Harvard Law professor that's a lot those are two law professors writing them okay which just goes to show you again going back to this idea that these people are out of touch with the people and they're there are two Americas there's the America that's out of work and the America that's not out of work there's the America that's doing great and can work from home which is like 60% of America at this point in the America that is basically being treated like serfs because they can't get the they can't make their own decisions they can't have the information they need this is an amazing amazing moment in America because it's going to it can really it could get ugly I'm hoping it won't but something has to break this break the bonds I mean we cannot have Harvard Law professors teaching people that the China the state of China which is a tyrannical state should be imitated here should be imitated here by big business what happened to the left what happened to the left that we used to say well big business is a threat we need to break it up monopolies these are bad I mean we know what happened to it because we know we've heard them say the First Amendment was good when it was helping us bad now that it's helping the right they are weaponizing the First Amendment we know we know from the Biden story we know from the way they've treated the First Amendment it's all about them having the power and who are they who are they I mean this is the thing that gets me you know every now and again I go to a dinner that's run by conservatives and we sit around and an expert comes and talks about things that he knows about or an article he's written and then we all ask him questions we have a discussion and it's you know just prominent conservative people in LA and once a couple years ago a guy came who had been interviewing people in Silicon Valley basically saying that people shouldn't should be given that a universal income because they weren't gonna have jobs anymore and that's fine and I said to him what where's the meaning of life gonna come from for people who don't have a useful purpose in society anymore and the guy actually said to me well it'll be like Burning Man you know it'll be like what it's like Burning Man you know you take you'll take some drugs you'll you'll talk and this dinner has become kind of famous among this group because I climbed so far down this guy's throat they had to grab me by the ankles and pull me up because I was about to rip him a new one from within because I thought like this is a guy a knucklehead completely out of touch with the fact that people have lives people count they matter our people count our people matter you know listen I'm not pretending that that I'm the person that I'm talking about I know I'm still your working I'm still getting paid for what I do I can work from home I you know I've done things over my life the sort of take care of me I get that but I also I am an American you know the people who are hurting are my fellow Americans I do give a damn you know and meanwhile it's it's like these people don't even understand the reality of the people they're talking about I want to play a clip of an Applebaum complaining about the misinformation from Donald Trump misinformation is a tactic and it's one that Trump is used to great success in his political career starting with using it against President Obama accusing him of having been born outside the United States it's also a tool that many others leaders have used frequently and regularly as a way of distracting their populations as a way of dividing them and also as a way of undermining real news and undermining real facts so that when they are accused of being corrupt or when unflattering stories about them appear all they have to do is say oh that's the fake news media you know we don't believe in it we've all got rather used to this the United States but of course this is a this is a tactic used around the world by by many leaders you know it's not just Trump alone and in many ways it Trump's Prime borrowing from the authoritarian playbook so he's accusing Trump of being an authoritarian oh my she's accusing Trump of being authoritarian and Applebaum's a good reporter she's good done good journalism she clearly just doesn't know I mean Obama you know bugged people's phones he tried to accuse people of espionage he really was oppressive to the press Trump has done none of those things but an amplifying it she is just part of another America part of the America that is is fine that is doing fine that not the part of America that 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