'God's Not Dead 2' Actress: The Name of Jesus Should Not Make People Uncomfortable

Movies God’s Not Dead 2 actress Melissa Joan Hart recently said in an interview that the name of Jesus should not make people uncomfortable. Christian Today reports that in an interview with Metro, the 40-year-old actress said, "In the past few years, I've been taking my religion seriously, taking Bible study and praying. I find that if you say 'Jesus', it makes people feel uncomfortable instead of feeling love and peace. It's very unfortunate. "The idea with the movie is that Jesus shouldn't be an uncomfortable name to say... Whether or not you believe he is the Messiah, Jesus started a huge movement that changed our world. Why is it not OK to talk about that?” she continued. God’s Not Dead 2 tells the story of a high school teacher (played by Hart) who is under fire...

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Apr 28th 2016
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