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If you like The Andrew Klavan Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: KLAVAN and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/klavanthe ratings for the national basketball association finals have hit rock bottom and baffled nba officials are trying to determine why america doesn't want to watch a group of multi-millionaires throw a ball around while disrespecting the country that gave them everything they have and also wearing jerseys celebrating a marxist terrorist group that has been burning down cities over absolutely nothing for the last four months or so nba commissioner will fully blind said he was stymied by the ratings drop speaking to a reporter who was on his way to cover something people cared about more than the nba finals like a supermarket opening or a really big pothole mr fully blind said quote i can't understand it these nba stars are very very good at bouncing a ball up and down and then throwing it through a metal hoop so why don't people want to watch them spit on the memories of men who fought and died to defend the country they're disrespecting for no reason unquote commissioner fully blind said he was shocked that even the audience for the lakers games featuring lebron james now largely consisted of the cardboard board cutouts of human beings placed in the stands many of whom left early in order to beat the cardboard traffic back to their cardboard homes another 178 people were also watching the games on tv but they were also cardboard mr fully blind told the janitor who couldn't get out of the men's room while the commissioner was blocking the doorway quote i thought everyone would want to see lebron james criticize america on issues about which he knows nothing especially after he kept silent on the torture and oppression of people in china in order not to jeopardize his big paycheck after all no one can bounce a ball like kim king james bounces a ball and if ball bouncing isn't the most important thing well then i don't know what is unquote the finals will continue sometime on some channel but really who cares trigger warning i'm andrew clavin and this is the andrew clavin show [Music] [Music] we want to sing [Music] all right welcome to mailbag day gather your problems around you kiss them on the head say goodbye they will soon all be over go on youtube and subscribe to the andrew clavin youtube because you're not doing anything else go you know might as well spend some time doing that ring the bell and then you'll get all my new content you'll get content from the show and i act actual extra fresh new content and leave a comment because we want to read it on the air just to fill some time because otherwise we're just sitting here staring at you and we look stupid uh jonathan schmidt has a comment today he said i feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes after watching trump manhandle the covid virus i realized we were not locking down and sheltering to save the clavin from the sickness we were locking down to protect the poor virus by from being caught by the mighty clavin that is actually uh true that's just just factual information for you it's hard to say whether there are many people who compare my satire to the satire of jonathan swift or if that's just me dressing up as different people in a pitiful attempt to get that idea started but for those of you who don't know who jonathan swift is he was another great satirist who lived back in the 18th century although not so great that he had his own podcast just saying but he did write the brilliant satirical novel gulliver's travels which you should read if you haven't already swift once said this he said when a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him if that's true it's now safe to say that donald trump may actually be the very stable genius he said he was in any case the confederacy of dunces is absolutely real since trump's election the dunces in the news media and the democrat party but i repeat myself have been in a conspiracy to turn every word trump speaks every decision he makes even the fact that he recovered from the chinese flu quickly into some sort of crisis or threat to american democracy worthy of hysterical panic now because on this show you get tomorrow's news today i want to remind you that from the very moment this began right after trump was elected i explained the point of this conspiracy it wasn't that you were supposed to believe that everything was a crisis it was that when a real crisis inevitably hit it would feel to you as if it was won in a string of crises all of which were trump's fault the news media did the exact same thing to george w bush they kept reporting one non-scandal after another during his presidency and then came a real crisis hurricane katrina which destroyed new orleans katrina was exactly zero percent bush's fault what happened in new orleans had nothing to do with bush but the press used lies and a mishandled bush photo op to blame it on him and it worked because they've been pushing this crisis hysteria all that time and katrina just fit into that narrative now they've done the same thing to donald trump we have the pandemic and the lockdown it's a genuine crisis not trump's fault but after four years of manufactured crises like the russian hoax and the stormy daniels non-scandal and the ukrainian conspiracy hoax and the trump's a bigot hoax the press has used trump's silly misstatements and the usual government fumbling to make it feel as if he has personally murdered 200 000 people all this is part of what i call clavinon a real conspiracy that's behind the crazy conspiracy theories like q anon these are people working behind the scenes to basically make the narrative take control of the narrative and therefore take control of the election and the terrible thing about it is it actually seems to be working if the polls are accurate all 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do they were the saint louis couple who came out in front of their house and brandished guns when a blm mob threatened them they came breaking through their property and they did exactly the right thing they just said they just stood out there with guns and scared them away they had the absolute right to do this they didn't shoot anybody they just made sure that their property remains safe well now they have been indicted on felony weapons and evidence tampering charges although i'm reading this loyal lawyer joel schwartz said he was told a grand jury indicted his clients on felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering he said he had no details the saint louis court clerk said the indictment was filed tuesday but that he was not authorized to provide a copy the lawyer schwartz said i'm not uh surprised that the grand jury indicted them but i'll certainly be interested in what was presented to the grand jury remember defense attorneys don't get to defend you in a grand jury it's just the prosecutor uh uh putting forward the reasons you should be indicted the couple was each charged by democrat circuit attorney that's the da what they call the d.a in st louis democrat circuit attorney kimberly gardner in july with one felony account of brandishing a firearm now many of you will remember that the governor mike parsons republican has promised to pardon them but he can't pardon them before they get convicted i don't think so they're going to have to go through this terrible thing now the whole thing about this is kimmely gart kimberly gardner the circuit attorney was supported by george soros remember we talked about this before about how george soros has gone around supporting da's prosecutors who won't prosecute who are so leftist they will let people get away and go after innocent people for brandishing guns this is part of george soros's conspiracy to turn america into a kind of european socialist style state okay he gave a lot of money to them and he gave a lot of money to black lives matter and other organizations who financed the ferguson riots remember after michael brown was reasonably shot by a police officer that he was attacking according to the obama justice department and they made up that whole cockamamie and bull story about him saying hands up don't shoot which also didn't happen so there were riots the riots and they still haven't really recovered from these riots they destroyed black neighborhoods george soros helped fund those riots so snopes ran a fact check on this accusations did george soros fund ferguson protests and black lives matter he says this is there's a rumor a shadowy mastermind who wields tremendous wealth and influence to furtively manipulate events worldwide okay it says that the uh the rumor is that soros sponsored quote scare quotes or bankrolled to the tune of some 33 million dollars protesters who rioted after the fatal shooting of michael brown and then it goes on and says this in in all mr soros's organization gave at least 33 million dollars in one year to support already established groups that emboldened the grassroots on the ground activists in ferguson according to the most recent tax filings of his non-profit open society foundations and then they say well the rumor is mixed the truth of this rumor is mixed it's true right it's true so you have this uh conspiracy theory against george soros because it's true and because the press hides it right this guy is an evil evil man who has been tearing st louis apart as well as other parts of the country in order to make america which he says is the biggest problem the world has the kind of country he wants it to be a socialist european dead country like all the dead countries of europe it's a real conspiracy and it's also a conspiracy of silence to keep that conspiracy from being known by the people all right now let's see how this works in terms of just a couple other stories and then we'll get to the bigger stories that are working in a lot of ways the same ways all right facebook said it would step up its crackdown on q anon removing more groups and pages devoted to the fast growing conspiracy theory movement that has thrived on social media the move builds on facebook's efforts announced in august to remove q anon pages and groups that included discussions on potential violence so cnn goes out of its way goes sends a reporter to associate q anon with donald trump which i guess it's more associated with trump it is a right-wing uh trending uh conspiracy theory so they go to a trump rally and they find some q and on supporters and they interview him first i just have to before i play that i do have to play the fact that uh one of cnn's reporters was attacked on the white house lawn by a raccoon player raccoon this is what's his name john joe john something like that i've never seen this guy before but he fights off the raccoon i just want to play that get there he is now no events on the president's schedule today and important to say the white house yeah especially from the damn freaking raccoons man you ever root for the raccoon i don't know joe johns from adam but if he works for cnn i'm rooting for the raccoon oh all right so here's cnn reporting on the on q anon and you'll just notice the reporter basically tells you what q anon is in this picture and then only gives the guy a little chance to respond here he goes the fbi has said that it's a dangerous conspiracy that could inspire domestic terrorism how would you describe it i would say absolutely not i would describe it as a global awakening can you believe someone q anon and not all of us yes yeah part for you is the stuff for q anon that you don't believe there's a whole lot of different rabbit holes it goes down but yeah the backbone of it is just patriots from all their all over the world all right so now the the story of q anon that people are that there's some kind of conspiracy of child uh molestation and child trafficking that donald trump is fighting and he's going to expose and all this is basically like a sort of fan fiction story it's completely ridiculous but it does reflect a certain reality in the world which is that there is a lot of abuse of young people by the catholic church in hollywood by politicians with jeffrey epstein very powerful people with jeffrey epstein that is conspiratorially kept beneath the radar the catholic church did conspire to hide it jeffrey epstein did die in a very mysterious way nobody has held to account prince andrew or bill clinton for hanging out with jeff jeffrey epstein every time the hollywood story of abuse which is widespread in hollywood every time it rises to the surface it disappears again so q anon is not is is crazy but it's kind of been driven crazy by the fact so now they're shutting it down which is only going to make it worse obviously it only means it goes underground but something else is happening at the same time the democrats in the house declared that america's biggest technology companies have leveraged their dominance to stamp out competition and stifle innovation this is a democrat-led house panel said congress should consider forcing the tech giants to separate their domina dominant online platforms from other business lines in other words to break up their monopoly now the polls right now are looking very very good for the democrats and for trump to lose the election that's what these social media companies are looking at so suddenly they are cracking down on the right they are basically trying to maintain their monopolies which are monopolies which they are abusing and they are hurting the first amendment culture that has grown up in america by censoring conservative talk so clavinon would say that social media is cracking down on right wing content because the democrats are way ahead in the polls and are threatening to destroy their monopolies now the right the republicans will also come after their monopolies by taking away their right to uh curate material without getting sued that's what the republicans want to do but the democrats are actually threatening to do this in or so the democrats are doing this knowing knowing the social media who favor the democrats anyway will respond by censoring the right as the election comes up and the polls feed into this so can you trust any so people keep asking me can you trust the polls the answer is i don't know i do not know i don't think that they're completely skewed i do think they must reflect something but you do see this is this is something that works in tandem the democrats know that they can use these polls to intimidate social media which will then censor the right which will then help the democrats there actually is a confederacy of dunces a conspiracy of dunces let's talk about the flu same thing we talked about fear yesterday trump comes out and says we have nothing to fear but fear itself don't let the flu dominate your life that is a very presidential thing to say it's the thing we want our president to say here's governor andrew cuomo's response cut 14. from a public service point of view two hundred and ten thousand people died more people uh die in this country than uh countries around the world that we're doing much uh worse than we were from a public service point of view don't be afraid of covert no be afraid of covid it can kill you don't be cavalier an incredible crap incredible crap coming from the mouth of andrew cuomo who slaughtered all those old people in his state but the the numbers that that so many people died more than places that were doing worse like italy which is the size of an american state of course more people died here but let's take a look at here's holman jenkins jr who's just great a great columnist at the wall street journal he should really be the editor of the paper i think but he writes some 7.4 million americans have been infected with the virus or is it 74 million according to dr robert redfield head of the agency that the country relies on for such data the centers for disease control and prevention our testing as of late june was picking up perhaps 10 of cases so when we say 40 000 new infections are occurring daily we might really mean 400 000 infections when we imply that 2.2 percent of americans have been infected we may really mean 22 if we're missing 90 percent of cases in the u.s and 95 percent in the world this has obvious implications for the death risk from covet it means that it's not that deadly it's flu-like right the more people who have it the smaller is the percentage of people who are dying from it and easily reading again an easily transmitted respiratory disease with a longish incubation period and symptomless spread is exceedingly likely to go worldwide wide before we even know it exists if people with no symptoms can spread it and it's highly infectious it's going to spread before anybody knows it's going what's going on so how is donald trump to blame for that at all did he say a couple of things yeah he did but here's what the democrats said let's play cut 16. here's what the democrats said early on in the spread of the disease the risk to new yorkers for coronavirus is low and our city preparedness is high this should not stop you from going about your life should not stop you from going to chinatown and going out to eat i'm going to do that today myself come to chinatown here we are we're again careful safe and come join us there is no concern at this time for coronavirus in our region the department of sanitation is ready for mardi gras 2020. the facts are reassuring we want new yorkers to go about their daily lives there's really no need to panic and to avoid activities that we always do as new yorkers so in other words in other words nobody knew nobody could know and what's happened now see we still don't have the facts and this is really important we still don't know the full truth and we're not going to know it for a long time that's just the way it is but it now it begins to seem if the cdc is right and it's spread possibly if we're only we've only recorded 10 of the cases of our tests through june only show 10 of the cases it is entirely possible that this thing remember in the old days when the cdc used to have up on its website it used to say most people are going to get this flu most people are going to get this flu and obviously for most people it's not even going to have any symptoms for a lot of people it doesn't have any symptoms or mild symptoms or whatever we just saw a 74 year old fat man the president of the united states get it and spit it out get it and spit it out right so it's obviously nowhere near as deadly as it seems because our tests aren't showing anything so nobody could have stopped it and the myth this mythology that donald trump was somehow more cavalier about the disease that he has been more careless about it that he was not on top of his game is absolutely untrue it is just something that they fed into this machinery that has been constantly telling you that everything is a crisis everything is a crisis over and over and over again and it works it's really a good technique i told you it was going to happen i told you it was going to work when it happened because there's no way you can fight the emotions of it and it did work and yesterday i read you that great barrington declaration where all thousands of medical professionals and doctors said the lockdowns were worse than the disease and what we should do is protect the vulnerable they should have called that the save the claven declaration because that's what i've been telling you all along that what we really should be doing is saving the clave and protecting people like me and letting everybody else go about his life so now another another actual conspiracy that is out there right part of clavenon is obamacare and there's new information john ratcliffe who's the director of national intelligence trump says he's now declassifying all the material he's going to declassify everything having to do with this so we're going to see as much of this as we can get our hands on and he's just basically had it he figures the election is coming he might as well get out everything he can right i'm sure but john ratcliffe the director of national intelligence released the notes of then-cia director john brennan and those notes detail how john brennan briefed president obama on hillary clinton's plot which was russian information he'd gotten from the russians so we we don't know we don't know a hundred percent if it's true or not but he believed in it enough to brief obama on hillary clinton clinton's plot to frame then-candidate donald trump with the russia collusion coach hoax to distract people from her email uh scandal from the fact that she was using a private server to throw her emails around because we know we can suspect that she was doing dishonest things right so john brennan actually briefed the president that hillary clinton was going to pull this hoax on the president it's just an incredible corruption here is incredible jake tapper does the interview with john brennan which he just basically lets john brennan kind of filibuster and describe everything without once asking him a real difficult question here it is what can you tell us about these notes that you wrote about this russian intelligence and what do you make of dni radcliff releasing them right now well john ratcliffe is anything but an intelligence professional he it is appalling his selective declassification of information that clearly is designed to advance the political interests of donald trump and republicans who are aligned with him but these were my notes from the 2016 period when i briefed president obama and the rest of the national security council team about what the russians were up to and i was giving examples of the type of access that the u.s intelligence community had to russia russian information so he gets to go on and say i mean tapper sets him up he puts the ball on the t for him and says tell us why they released this now you know why they really so it's a political act well yeah it's a political act to release the information now sure it is but but nothing like the political act of then taking this this information of allowing this disinformation to spread and and brennan goes on to say that it wasn't illegal for hillary clinton to make these absurd charges against donald trump which is true of course it's a political campaign she can charge him with anything she wants but it's incredibly corrupt for obama knowing this is what this was knowing it was oppo and an opposition uh you know program to then let this bleed into the intelligence and investigate investigation uh machinery of the government which is what jim jordan is saying here this cup five she did it to cover up all the wrongdoing she did so she creates this lie but the worst of this lives the worst of this is they all knew it was a lie brennan clapper comey obama biden susan rice they all knew they all met on that january 5th 2017 meeting where they hatched the plan to then take down michael flynn knowing everything was a hoax everything was the lie but they let our country this is what just kicks me off more than anything else they let our country live through 19 lawyers 40 fbi agents 500 witnesses 2800 subpoenas and 30 plus million dollars over two and a half years the mueller investigation all based on something they knew was false so if you have pro-faced jake tapper letting brennan run with this story oh it's all it's all just a political there just it's just a political thing it's not like a it's not like setting the fbi on these guys what do you think people are going to think i mean it is a conspiracy it's a conspiracy of silence you know it's a confederacy of dunces and a conspiracy of silence to just run cliches together basically not telling us what they know so that we can figure it out for ourselves and james comey i mean nobody's going to go to jail for this because if trump loses the election they'll just let him all this whole investigation the whole thing will never come out more than it's coming out now but but james comey just remember he started the mueller investigation after he got fired because he was ticked off for getting fired and he had these notes of his he kept notes on all his conversations with donald trump and he leaked the notes to a friend of his at columbia university to send them to the press there may have been classified information in them he may have been leaking classified information with the intention of getting a muller-type investigation going but when they asked him when josh hawley when he was before the senate judiciary committee i believe it was when he asked him about this memo from brennan saying that he'll this was all a hillary clinton oppo operation this is what he said this is cut seven did you open an investigation i don't know what that refers to as i said earlier that does not ring any bells with me when i read that you did not receive any investigative referral of this nature i don't remember it i don't i don't remember receiving anything that's described in that letter guys keeping careful notes remember he kept careful notes which he was able to leak he was able to leak them to his pal to get an investigation started because he was so ticked off again about getting fired but when they asked him questions these were his responses throughout the hearing cut eight i don't remember that's about all i recall i don't remember i don't remember learning anything additional about steel sources not that i recall no i don't remember or ever giving me here i don't recall that so do you recall i do not do you recall i do not i don't remember any discussion i don't remember using that word but i don't remember using that word so so the people who support donald trump go nuts right and they have the all these vast conspiracy theories i heard somebody saying oh they he caught the chinese flu because they poisoned the microphone at the debates and all but can you blame them can you blame them because under the the q anon style conspiracies is clavinon actual malfeasance by these people all acting together with the press covering it up with the press covering it up and these are the people who may be in office again after january they may come back into office again and do the kinds of things they did before which is abuse the machinery of government and you know with all of this with all of this i mean some of this stuff is mind-blowing a guy like comey it's it's mind-blowing that hbo could be doing a story about what a wonderful wonderful guy telling his story and no one's ever going to tell the story about trump being you know conspired against against like this that's never going to become a story it's it's amazing that in some ways the biggest conspiracy of all is just the

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