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The Left takes advantage of Charlottesville, Trump condemns racism and then tweets his way into trouble, and the Washington Post issues a Russiagate hit piece that immediately collapses.the latest on Charlottesville the latest on ante for the latest on the alt-right and people tearing down Confederate memorials for no apparent reason I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show [Music] another day another world full of terribleness and we will discuss all of it from left to right and right to left and all the things in between but before we get to any of that first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at MVM t so MVM T watches was founded on the belief that you should be able get a really nice watch really clean looking watch and not break the bank okay I love my mbm to watch so much I wear it every single day the folks at the studio can testify to this it is a fantastic watch it is really really nice and my wife actually needed to watch the other day and so I picked up another 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on Capitol Hill I'm wearing my MVM t watch because I like this watch so much and you should have one too MVM t comm / apparel get 15% off again use that slash Shapiro they know that we sent you as well okay so I just want to remind everyone of how terrible what happened in Charlotte all over the weekend was there was some footage that came out yesterday that we weren't able to show on the show cuz it came out later here is here's drone footage of what happened in Charlottesville when this 20 year old piece-of-crap decided to drive his car into a crowd of anti neo-nazi anti can't I kneel Confederate anti alt-right protesters you can see it from the staff right and see this red car being pushed into the crowd and people being killed one person died from this and another 19 were injured pretty frightening and horrifying and then of course the car reversed itself and drove off in the other direction just horrifying stuff okay so with that in the background we're going to get to a lot today I want to talk about President Trump's new response yesterday he finally came out and gave a speech that he should have given unsanded afterward which were not helpful to him we're going to talk about the left which has lost its mind so the left always is going to turn this into a referendum on the entire right it doesn't matter the people like me have been the lead antagonist of the alt-right for well over a year they were always going to turn this into some sort of club that they could wield against the entire right and against the Trump administration in particular claiming that everyone in the Trump administration must be smeared with this broad brush of all right ISM and racism and bigotry and that is really nasty and actually it's exacerbating the problems what you're seeing is two sides as I spoke about yesterday and keifa on the one side and the alt-right on the other side and the mainstream left focus on the alt-right and willingness to adhere to an FIFA and the mainstream rights willingness to ignore the outright and their willingness to go after and keifa alone means that both the alt-right in antifa will grow okay we're now in a self-perpetuating cycle where auntie Fudd says we have to stop the fascists and then they act violently and the right says well we're going to side with anybody who acts violently the way these antiva people are the alt-right must not be that bad which of course leads the left to say well and people must not be that bad because the alt-right represents a broad swath of the right and therefore we have to fight them tooth and nail because hitler's around the corner and they just keep reinsuring the importance of one another and you can see it from the left so the left's activities in the aftermath of Charlotte still have been absolutely egregious not just the stuff they're saying the stuff that there's it'll start the stuff they're saying joy read over at MSNBC she came out yesterday and she said white nationalists are everywhere they're behind your bed they're under there behind your curtains they're inside your closets and they're all over the White House here's Joey Reed making this case what is the alt-right it's a dressed-up term for white nationalism they call the white identitarian ISM they say that though tribalism that's sort of inherent in the human spirit ought to be also applied to white people that is who is in his government Sebastien Gorka who wore the metal the Vitesse here and a Nazi organization being paid by the taxpayer in the government of Donald Trump the former Publius des blogger Michael Anton in the government he is surrounded by these people it isn't both thought he's in the white house they're in the white house with him okay so the two people that you mentioned are particularly bad example Sebastien Gorka is not anti-semitic you know the stories about him hanging out with the far-right in Hungary there's some truth to him hanging out with the far-right in Hungary but there's no evidence of his anti-semitism per se and in the attempts to to link the metal that he's been wearing around to Nazism are really overblown there was a whole article in that debunked the debunk the article in the foreword I think it's from the Atlantic that's amongst a lot of this stuff so the gore because a bad example and Michael Anton as much as I dislike Michael Anton's writing and think his flight 93 election essay was garbage he is not a white nationalist and so she's picking bad examples it just demonstrates have left is tempted to use the alt-right brush to paint everyone rich Lowry who's sitting there actually went on to chide Roy read for doing exactly that and it's just it's just foolish of the left to do this because the more they do this the more they push more people into the arms of the alt-right a lot of people say well if the alright is people like Michael Anton in Sebastian Lorca I guess maybe I'm alright no you're not because those guys aren't really alright ok the alt-right is Richard Spencer Jared Taylor they're a bunch of popularizers who have tried to mainstream it by changing the definition and the left is helping out in that quest meanwhile you see the black lives matter co-founder coming out and saying that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment this is an actual threat to the First Amendment of the United States we saw yesterday Texas A&M cancelled some sort of rally the some white nationalist rally the under threat of violence this is scary okay it's not just scary cuz they're white supremacists but it's scary because free speech is right that all of us have even the people who I think are garbage and have terrible terrible views here's black lives matter saying that if Tate speech then it's not protected by the First Amendment eminently untrue white nationalists are actually fighting to take away people's rights black lives matter and groups like black lives matter are fighting for equality and hate speech which is what we're seeing coming out of white nationalist groups is not protected on the First Amendment right and so I think that's important that we really delineate what's happening right now it's not number one okay hate speech is of course protected by the First Amendment and when it comes to BLM trying to claim that you know only one side is promulgating hate speech I mean there are there videos of people at BLM rallies shouting pigs eat pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon I talking about cops okay you remember that it was a guy who's very sympathetic to the means and motives of BLM who shot a bunch of cops in Dallas a year and a half ago I'm not saying BLM is to blame for that I am saying that BLM is program is hardly is hardly a nothing okay it's hardly just we're trying to defend laws and they've been incredibly anti cop they've incentivize people in Ferguson in Baltimore to riot and yet they say that all of their enemies must be shut down this is the danger point okay we're reaching the danger point where people on the Left say that the alt-right has to be legitimately shut down not for violence but because of what they say and people on the all right say the people on the left like an Tifa a representative of the entire lapsed okay we're really at a Vimal republic point where you're seeing battles in the streets and they've been going on for months you're seeing the left exacerbate this so that i understand that the media is all of their sympathy is with the left here because they think that an Tifa is not that bad many of them they think Antiqua is just anti-fascist that's not just when mpa is the communist the anarchist group that has protested normal conservatives normal Republicans in Portland Peter Bernard white usually despised wrote a great piece over at the Atlantic talking about what n FIFA has done in cities like Portland where just a normal group of Republicans wanted to march in their Rose Parade and the entire Rose Parade had to be canceled because Han Tifa was threatening okay so you've got a bunch of violent people in the streets from Antigua and among violent people from the all right sometimes in response like in Sacramento and sometimes as in Charlottesville it's unclear who's actually starting the violence we just don't know yet but it's not getting better when the left cheers on people who are moving outside the modes of law in order to enact their suppose an agenda so here's some video yesterday this happened over in Durham North Carolina and here's a picture here's of protestors toppling Confederate soldiers monument you can see how this is working [Applause] the toppling the monument destroying the monument and then cheering like they've done something grand and glorious and then kicking the statue because ma I broke my toe fighting racism the statue was dedicated in 1924 authorities greased the statue with cooking spray to help make it harder to Klimt and they stood around while they well this happened where the cops for all of us okay so the people United will never be defeated its divided guys I mean if you're going to get your chance get it right but then they're all standing around there's video of these people jumping on top of the statue and kicking the statute congratulations you ended racism by tearing down a Confederate statue nobody knew about or cared about and was erected in 1924 I'm sure that you didn't impose in the alt-right in any way by doing this sort of thing by by vandalizing property again there's a case to be made and I've said this before I certainly see the case for taking Confederate monuments and moving them into into museums moving them off of public property I see the case for that I don't see the case for destroying it this looks like you know it's not like Isis because these people aren't Isis but there's a there's a an attempt in the human soul to to rip away history that you don't like supposedly because you're going to fix the future but that's not the case I mean honestly you know I live as a Jew I live in a world where our events still exist in Germany I want that to exist in Germany I want people to visit it I want people to know that the threat of Auschwitz is still a thing and that people should be aware of that I think I fully understand why a lot of black folks and a lot of white folks would like to see Confederate monuments taken away because it's a reminder of an era when slavery was was fought and defended at the same time you have to acknowledge that a lot of the people who had grant a great-grandfather's who fought for the Confederacy were not fighting for slavery there are a lot of Confederates who are fighting because they thought that the north was encroaching on southern states right okay I understand that this is an historic is historically accurate but may not may not be popular the fact is that civil war was over slavery but it was also over states rights was over both of those things and to pretend that there's only over one of those things is to neglect the actual history of the situation because the fact is that even when the North went into the Civil War it was meaning to abolish slavery the Emancipation Proclamation only happened a couple of years into the Civil War it was over slavery but it was over more than that that does not justify the Confederacy of course thank God the Confederacy lost that is a wonderful thing the Confederacy lost the rebels should have lost the people who fought to divide the country so they could preserve slavery we're doing something evil okay but to pretend that they're to pretend that people who have Confederate ancestors when they take Confederate monuments are immediately think of enslaving black people is just not true and it's not accurate at least for the vast majority of them tearing down statues like this again we have a rule of law in this country you want to do this vote for people who are going to remove the memorial vote for people who are going to remove the memorial don't just destroy things but I think this what we're seeing here is actually part of the same movement that wants to chip Woodrow Wilson's name off buildings at Princeton and wants to tear down statues of Thomas Jefferson and that's a very dangerous ideology and then beyond that the violence that you're seeing here the vandalism that you're seeing where are the cops tearing down monuments in breaking the law to do so we have a democracy we have a republic and the mayors of Lexington in Baltimore they're removing Confederate monuments their elected officials they can do that this idea that you're going to go around tearing down monuments and that this is somehow similar to tearing down monuments of saddam hussein in the aftermath of saddam hussein's fall is just inane it's just innate and all its doing is embolden the alt-right which is going to a lot of people and saying look at these vandals these people who have no respect for America's history because yes the Confederacy was a dark part but a part of America's history and to pretend that it wasn't is historically ignorant you're embolden ilan the all right this sort of behavior is not purposeful this sort of behavior is not helpful you want to protest against the alright by all means do it your honor protests racism by all means do it tearing down public property is not the way to do this all you're doing is driving people against you and then it's driving again this is this cycle of nastiness you know that these examples go on and on yesterday over at in New York a bunch of protesters protesting at Trump Tower because they didn't like Trump statements over charlotte's though fine fare but then there's this video of this woman screaming at the cops for no apparent reason even though we're doing what we were done your eyes weak because you know you're wrong cuz you think you're a man you can roll your eyes on a young woman roll your eyes your show doesn't protect you and just what is a LIFO person screaming at people who are trying to protect the President of the United States at Trump Tower and saying that they are they are the bad guys again none of this is helpful to the anti-racist cause none of this is helpful to the coming together of Americans none of it is helpful on the left is getting worse okay because I think that now the left is celebrating the punching of Nazis look at look at the coverage of Charlottesville I pointed out yesterday I open with all of the video from Charlottesville and I pointed out there are a lot of violent people on the left there Cheryl gage Solberg who is there from the New York Times said as much and now what you're seeing is whitewashing of an tyfa in order to go after the all right I don't see why you have to whitewash one in order to go after the other I went after the all right pretty hard yesterday I will continue to go after them hard I think they're disgusting movement and I think that a lot of people have been seduced into believing they're not as disgusting as they are but that does not excuse violence it does not excuse vandalism it does not excuse abusing police officers none of this is worthwhile none of this is worthwhile unfortunately it's all getting worse I want to talk about President Trump's response to all of this but before I do I first want to say thank you so our sponsor over at USC CA so you would do anything to protect your family and keep them safe of course and so what a guy named Gary gross he was the he was just in his house and two intruders broke into his Cincinnati home this last week according to ABC News his wife and infant son were sleeping in a back room Gary grabbed a hammer and confronted the strange men in the following struggle out number two two one Gary retrieved his gun he shot the men before they could endanger his family's lives he was lucky that he was prepared when he decided to make that life-altering decision but when you are facing an unexpected threat you 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who cares about that right maybe Richard Spencer is just wrong Trump does mean it and it's great that Trump did it and good okay but then five minutes after the speech you know a few minutes after the speech Trump goes right back on Twitter and is he going after the is he going after the is he going after the alright on Twitter is he retweeting his own speech about racism no he's going back after the mirth guy he decides that it is important that he must go after the Merc guy again so he tweets again about the Merc guy you know going after him because he said he's a bad guy then he goes on Twitter after that and he decides that it is necessary to tweet about the media so here is what he tweeted he tweeted quote made additional remarks on charlottesville and realized once again that the fake news media will never be satisfied truly bad people this is just not smart it's not smart and it's not moral okay the reason that you should make that additional statement on charlottesville is because the first one was insufficient it was morally insufficient you have to condemn the bad guys what Trump sounds like he's saying here ok if I were just to read this as a layman when it sounds like he's saying is that the reason that he made the remarks in the first place is because the fake news media we're pushing him to do so and then they wouldn't accept him saying what he was saying in other words he was fine with not saying anything additional this of course lends a lot of credence to the stuff that Spencer was saying that really the only reason that Trump was doing this is because he was pressured but deep down in the cockles of his heart he really didn't want to condemn me all right he really didn't want to condemn the white supremacist mr. Trump President Trump I don't think that you're racist I don't think you're a white supremacist I don't think you're an alt writer please stop making moves that are that are that are even open to question okay this is so obvious and this is so easy and when you blame the fake news media for being mean to you because you made a bad statement on Saturday by the way the reports are that there was a second statement that he had in front of him on Saturday that was exactly the same as the statement he made yesterday and he went off cup because he didn't actually want to discuss the white supremacy on Saturday right there was that report that came out yesterday okay it's not good stuff the President of the United States agenda is determined by the president actually being strong enough of will being strong enough morally to stand up against bad people and the idea that he is going to sort of bend over backwards to appease this this and this all right movement is really gross I mean it's it's such a problem this another example right yes sir last night from the president decides that it is important to tweet a couple of things and he tweets he tweets this is this morning he retweeted at 4:40 a.m. this is his meme and the mean says fake news can't stop the Trump train and then it's a picture of the train hitting reporter with the CNN logo over it now we've already had Trump do this right I mean Trump already did the thing with the with him tackling the meme from the alt-right of him tackling the the CNN logo had in the entire world going nuts but this is three days after a car hit anti all tripe protesters and now he's tweeting out a picture of a train hitting CNN okay it's just not smart it's just not smart and the account he tweeted from apparently is an all right account okay yesterday last night he tweets out an account guess the guy's name is Jack cassabi ACK you'll remember him from such hits as storming the stage the Julius Caesar production in Central Park he's an alt right friendly figure and inject asabi Ike was also a pizza gate promulgator and he tweeted something out about how there were 35 people who were shot in Chicago over the weekend why no one wise known paying attention to that and Trump elite retweeted it now if Trump wants to say listen there's killings all over the country a lot there are a lot of things that we need to do to stop them that's one thing but retweeting people who are sort of part of the the alt-right alt-right friendly base it does not help his case that he's trying to separate off from this group and he should be separating off from this group okay it's an immoral group it's an immoral group and it's not that everyone who likes means everyone who tweets means as a member of the alt-right I discussed this yesterday but the alt-right has effectively used the Internet to seize the high grounds of sort of meme territory and then use it as a way to spread the word so I have a brief story about this that I think is worth telling so I was speaking at a California college last year and this California College was you know a lot of the conservatives had decided to ask me there and we go to dinner afterward which is one of the things that I tend to do with the college Republican groups that I that I get invited by so we were sitting there having a good time we're talking and one of the guys pipes up and says that they just found a Milo and I said that's great you know whatever you know that's that's fine and and he is at the end of the dinner he waits till the end of dinner and everybody is filing out the door and this fellow turns to me and he said any kind of winked at me quietly he's wearing a mag a hat and went to me quietly and he says another show on okay for people don't know that means another show is one of these alt-right anti-semitic memes suggesting that all jews do is talk about the Holocaust all day long right that everything is another show I show us it works a Holocaust and they don't say another they say another right a and udda H not a show up because you're stupid you keep talking about the Holocaust you terrible Jews and the guys looked at me and said this and he obviously meant it as like a wink wink nod nod joke and I just thought to myself why would you think that that's okay I'm not going to like ruin your life over it I don't think your life ought to be ruined over but why would you think that that's okay because the joke is not you know mocking anti-semitism the joke is actually anti-semitic whereas the joke itself is actually anti-semitic like I'm on steven crowder show a lot and Stevens a great guy and Steven makes a lot of you know jokes about Jews right he'll talk about how my he doesn't like the fact that we have this beautiful tumblr because he has his own mug club until make a joke about hard tumblr stinks but we filled it with Google's right the whole point of him doing that is not because he's actually a medic the point is he's mocking himself for pretending to be anti-semitic that's the point of the joke well point of the joke is that anti-semitism stupid that's the entire point of the joke that's why when Steven doesn't it's not offensive the point of the another Shoah means is not that anti-semitism is stupid it's not self parenting right it's that the Jews actually there's something nefarious about the Jews like it is an answer somatic joke this stuff is being passed around by people who don't know about our I don't think akin was an anti-semite I think the kid was perfectly nice kid I think the kid was being dragged into this meme under culture where being frivolous and trolli is seen as a positive good because anything that pisses off sjw's anything where people are triggered means it's a good thing and so this idea that if you trigger people that's a good thing people sided with Trump because they felt like he triggered people ticking off the left is more important than being decent or being right and that's really a negative thing this is how people get sucked into the mob they all right not because they start off as white supremacists but because they believe that anything that trolls left must inherently be decent or good it's a dangerous dangerous thing okay and again not everybody who loves memes is is a member of the alt-right and vast majority people who like memes are not members of the alright but this is how the outright recruits is how the alt-right seduces they say it's they say we're just being dissidents and trolling and we're tweeting out anti-semitic and racist memes and it's because the left can't take a joke that they don't like your stuff not because they don't like racism or anti-semitism but because they can't take a joke and then that is not positive in any way and the right needs to excise that and president Trump please for the love of God stop associating with people from the allright and retweeting them I understand you think that a solid part of your base I understand maybe Steve Bannon has told you there a part of your base you can't afford to alienate or the President of the United States for God's sake you represent the entire country be a man and reject these groups stop retweeting them stop reaching out to them these are not peo

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