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Join the team! https://www.dailywire.com/subscribefallout from the Texas shooting Democrats are out over their skis again plus some new information on the identity of the shooter and the man who took him down a Real American Hero I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show all right so many things to talk about today and I am looking forward to things I like today because there's a fun things I like in fact it's so much fun that I actually didn't want to do the show today I just wanted to be on Twitter hash tagging accurate movie summaries but we'll get to that in a little while because some of these are really funny but before we get to any of that and I really do want to talk at length about the hero who shot the Texas massacre guy the the the evil shooter who walked into a church and murdered 26 people including somewhere between 12 and 14 children that the guy who shot him is an amazing story and really gives the lie to a lot of democratic talking points before we get to any of 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silence for the victims in Congress he walked out on it in order to draw attention to gun control it's really just grandstanding I went after him on Twitter for it I asked him if he made a habit of walking out on funerals so that he could go to soup kitchens or does he wait until after the funeral in order to do the things that he thinks are worthwhile well he wasn't you know happy to hear that instead he said that he was standing up for everyone because we need more gun control this of course has been the consistent call from everyone on the left gun control gun control gun control the government failed here here is what we now know according to media I okay we have our answer in a statement released by the air force today a spokesperson confirmed that the shooter his criminal convictions did not make their way into the federal database according to the Texas Tribune the Air Force has launched a review of how the service handled the criminal records of former airman devin P Kelly following his 2012 domestic violence conviction kelly was convicted by a general court-martial on two charges of domestic assault against his wife and stepson under Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice he served 12 months in confinement at the Naval consolidated brig Miramar in California before being released with a bad conduct discharge in 2014 he was busted down to e1 federal law prohibit him from buying or possessing firearms after this conviction he had a gun anyway why did he have a gun anyway because initial information indicates his domestic violence offense was not entered into the national criminal information center database by the Holloman Air Force Base Office of Special Investigations okay so this is the fault of the Air Force that did not enter the information into the computer we've seen situations like this before I believe that it was was it I think is the the Charleston shooter who also was forbidden from buying guns and there was a screw-up in the background check just saying there ought to be background checks doesn't make the background checks actually happen and now we know that there are tons of red flags about this again human piece of crap here are some of the things we now know about this guy and again this is why it's it's so foolish to suggest that the best way to weed out mass shooters is by confiscating guns from hundreds of millions of Americans instead we ought to be looking for red flags because almost invariably the only exception I can think of actually is the Las Vegas shooter every one of these guys has a bunch of red flags in their history so here are just some of the red flags for this for the shooter in in Texas in Sutherland Springs number one he tried to date underage girls and I mean really underage according to the New York Post when he was 18 he tried dating a 13 year old and later reportedly suggested she lived with him and his wife as a topless maid and that 13 year old suggested that Kelly essentially stalked her his court martial for domestic violence was not just him hitting his wife or hitting his stepson he cracked the skull of his infant stepson multiple times okay on purpose according to court records he assaulted his then wife she divorced him he remarried he was arrested for animal cruelty a few years back he was arrested in Colorado Springs RV park for punching a dog throwing it and dragging it he was given probation after an hour-long standoff with police results in his arrest he beat the living crap out of a dog and then he'd beat the living crap out of your infant stepson and not only don't you end up in jail for life for these offenses you then can buy a gun because the government screws it up so there are a bunch of problems here the first problem I would suggest is why are you out on the street after you beat the living crap out of the dog why are you out on the street after you've fracture repeatedly an infant steps on skull and should be in jail for attempted murder presumably instead he's out on the street not only that the government fails to report his criminal activity said the laws that are on the books don't work right he saw actual people like David Frum saying yesterday I think we should borrow all mentally ill people and people with criminal convictions for domestic violence promoting guns good idea David that's been part of federal law for the last 20 years okay it's already been part of it it doesn't help if the government can't enforce this is the problem with how the government like how the people on the left like to think about gun control the government is big and inefficient it lets things slip through the cracks whether you're talking 9/11 the JFK assassination or this shooting they let things slip through the cracks they should have known about and then later we say well if we just passed a few more laws that would fix it making a big and inefficient government bigger and more inefficient is not the way to stop these things the only way to stop these things is to either give the government fewer things to do and make them better at it or presumably to allow armed citizen to walk around with guns and this is where we get to the final thing here this guy was threatening his mother-in-law his mother-in-law went to the church this was apparently sort of a family dispute so he was on the outs with his wife they were still married but they were estranged and he had gone his mother-in-law attended the church he went there and shot up the shirt she was able to buy four guns in the past four years okay and the authorities are now saying pretty clearly that this guy should never have been allowed to buy a gun here is a Texas official talking about how this church shooting was motivated by domestic violence considerations there was a domestic situation going on within this family the suspects mother-in-law attended this church we know that he had made threatened threatening uh she had reset threatening texts from him and and and we can't go into details about that domestic situation that is continuing to be vetted and thoroughly investigated but we want to get that out there that this was not racially motivated there was it wasn't over religious beliefs there was a domestic situation going on within the family and the in-laws okay so we now see that there's a motive in this case we also find out from this officials again his name's Martin is sorry Freeman Martin he's San Antonio region director for the Texas Department of Public Safety he also adds that there is no way this person should have been able to obtain a gun here's what he had to say we can confirm that the sub suspect did not have a license to carry the suspect did have a non-commissioned an orange private security license similar to a security guard at a concert type situation private security background checks including fingerprints and a criminal history checks with the Texas Crime Information Center and National Crime Information Center databases were checked and he was clear okay so this again is a government failure and arts and we're told that the solution here is government I'll tell you there there is not sometimes there's just not a solution okay sometimes this is something that the left will say about terrorist attacks and I think there is some truth to it I think there are there measures that we can take to minimize the possibility but when you are talking about crazy people who obtain guns in violation of law already passing more laws is not going to stop that from occurring and in fact the people on the left Elizabeth Warren for example Elizabeth Warren was out there tweeting about the NRA this holy God the NRA the NRA is paying people off first of all the NRA is not paying people off there millions of people who are members of the NRA because they believe that their best shot at defending their lives and is what the founders believed too was owning a firearm John Adams talked about the fact that everyone in Massachusetts was mandated mandated by law in colonial times to own a gun for purposes of being part of the state militia protecting their lives in their liberty okay this has always been part of the American creed and I think it's a very good part of the American creed Elizabeth Warren however says the NRA is responsible you see a bunch of people on the Left saying things like the NRA just doesn't care if there are terrorist attacks the NRA doesn't care if there are mass shootings the NRA is behind these things that it benefits the NRA somehow for there to be mass shootings well here is the lie for it for that does this gives the light of that the guy who shot and presumably killed this this shooter this mass shooter know that the mass shooter was shot I guess three times twice he was wounded and man who wounded him was this man right here Stephen Willeford so Stephen Willeford is a lifelong NRA member Stephen Willeford is an NRA instructor and here's Stephen Willer Stephen Willeford represents everything that the Left hates about American gun ownership but here they have to pay homage to him because he actually saved lives I mean this guy could have gone with his gun and shot up many more places if Stephen Willeford hadn't hopped in I mean this is an amazing thing that happened in Texas that wouldn't happen nearly anyplace else there were there are two separate people who came to running to the situation carrying guns and then chased this guy down with their truck knowing that not only was he armed and dangerous he just murdered dozens of people that's an amazing amazing thing but here is the the one of the heroes of the story Stephen Willeford and and how it came about that he that he shot this is this evil piece of garbage on steven crowder show every time i heard a shot i was thinking that was assigned to someone else right that shot was assigned he was shooting at another person every time I heard I stock fire and I didn't have time to put shoes on oh he had first shot for me as my head but as I was behind the truck and using it for cover okay and we exchanged fire and he had the neighbor's car's windshield he hit the neighbor's house and he got into the vehicle and I fired a beginner and he fired two more shots through his side actually he shot fired two shots through a side window first and it put Otis the two distinct pistol shots coming through the sides of the window and I fired my our 15 again and it took the window down it fell okay and I took and I took another stop and at this point I'm stupid where his head would be okay and he ended up actually shooting and wounding the eye twice once in the leg and once in the body he was using his own rifle right a rifle that the left wants to ban the ar-15 he was using his rifle to take down this guy what would this could this guy taint his guns illegally again for the ninth time this guy obtained his guns illegally what would have happened if he had the guns and Stephen Willeford did not have the guns and was not an NRA instructor he continues again this is the type of American that there are so many on the hardcore left who they really dislike this guy right he's a bitter clinger clings to God and religion and guns obviously right exactly the kind of person that Barack Obama didn't like in 2008 here he is explaining why he's no hero and talking about God in a way that makes a left very very uncomfortable I was scared to death I was I was scared for me and I was scared for every one of them I was scared for my own family that just lived less than a block away Oh God I'm no hero I am NOT I think my God my Lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done and I just wish I could have gotten there faster but I didn't know hey for all of the people for all the people on the left you've been saying thoughts and prayers are meaningless and that none of this matters this is what thoughts and prayers are are for okay thoughts and prayers are for stealing people like Stephen Willeford thoughts and prayers it's it's a religious belief that you have to cultivate your skills in order so that you can defend others okay as man says he's not a hero he is a hero he says he was scared but being scared is what makes him a hero right me he was scared he ran out there barefoot loading his gun while he was running toward the toward the sound of the fire and he was not the only person who did this by the way he wasn't the only guy but the fact that you know he's a deeply religious person obviously the fact that the left does not I'm seeing a lot of folks on the Left today and and yeah it's not everyone on the left obviously but I think that I'm seeing a lot of folks on the left today who are disparaging the thoughts and prayers stuff and they're also suggesting how could he be religious this is such a it's such a honestly teenage take on religion how could he be religious when people in a church just got shot and killed okay the problem of theodicy the problem of how does evil exist in a world where God has Providence how does that work this has been something that religious thinkers have been thinking about for legitimately thousands of years okay this is nothing new and religious people have come to the conclusion there are certain things that we just don't understand about God's action that doesn't mean that God doesn't have a plan and it also doesn't mean that I don't have a duty and it's that duty that godly Duty that drove Stephen Willeford he is a hero he did own a gun he needed to own the gun he was a member of the NRA who's an NRA instructor okay though I keep hearing the NRA is behind these shootings the NRA likes these shootings named for me now how many members of the NRA have been responsible for mass shootings the answer is zero the whole purpose of the NRA is to arm people like Stephen Williford not to arm people like this piece-of-crap who shot up the church and again the law barred that guy from owning a gun but the left wants is from the Watts who also bar Stephen Williford from owning a gun how would that have gone exactly I want to give some some time to the the other hero in the situation a guy named Johnny Langer Dorf and and talk about misconception in my own in a second but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at frame bridge so if you are looking to frame family photos frame bridge is the best place to do it we use it in the Shapiro household what we do is we go to frame bridge comm we upload our photos from our computer directly from our Instagram feed or if you have a physical item we send it directly to them and then they mail it back framed ready to be put on the wall they have an expert team that will custom frame our item in days and you can preview your photo online in any frame style they'll deliver your finished piece directly to you or your loved ones along with a handwritten gift note it makes fantastic Christmas gift or Hanukkah gift 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barefoot with his gun trying to load his magazine as he went pulled it out of his gun safe because he keeps it safe like most gun owners do he charged out and he started shooting the shooter jumped in his car I think was a truck and began driving away and Williford flagged down Johnny Langer Dorf and jumped in language Orff's car and they started chasing the guy remember these are civilians chasing a bad guy I can promise you in Los Angeles when there's a bad guy civilians don't chase the bad guy they wait for the cops to come in Texas can't live my entire life in LA the same thing is true in Cambridge where I lived for three years in Texas when there's a bad guy people understand that they may be the only the last dividing line between that bad guy and bad thing happening and bad things happening and so they hop in their car and they follow it's one of my favorite things there's a movie called hell or high water which is kind of a fun movie and it's one of my favorite things in that film is that there's a bank robbery and everyone at the bank pulls out a gun and then they all begin chasing down the bank robbers it's one of my favorite things in the film and that was true to life because that's exactly what happened in southern island Springs Texas here is here is Johnny Langer Dorf talking a little bit into I believe this his wife now talking with Anderson Cooper about whether he would have done this again if he knew that the guy was armed and dangerous it's not surprising at all he's a great guy great he's very courageous and super humble about the whole situation and that's just awesome it doesn't surprise me at all that's the way that's just the way he is yes Jonnie knowing what you know now I mean would you do the same thing over again I would do it a hundred times over sir okay so you know one of the things that I was gonna say about misconceptions look at this guy I mean he's got a neck tattoo he doesn't look like he's necessarily you know going to the Ivy League colleges and it's very easy for those of us who live on the coast so well could somebody like Johnny Langer Dorf neck tattoo and say oh what a hick what a hick this is the kind of guy you know it's not not everyone with a neck tattoo is Johnny Lango Dorf but not everyone without a neck tattoo is Johnny language or if either and the fact is this guy is the guy who was on the spot and he did the right thing don't judge a book by it's cover and that's a good lesson to people like me who who sometimes make judgments based on things like this as well heroism comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes but it does share a belief system and that belief system is that when when someone has to stand between the evil and the innocent you're the person who has to stands up and do something okay and we can treat government like it's God we can pretend that government is capable of protecting us against all evils it's just not true it is just not the case the government can protect us against all evils and that's why an armed populace is very often necessary to stop this stuff and the Washington Post put out an article yesterday with the headline one thing mass shooters have in common they're men with guns well yes in a mass shooting situation you would assume they have guns and you would assume that criminals are typically men but there's something they neglect okay in a mass shooting situation the person who typically stops the mass shooting is also a man with a gun whether it's a police officer or whether it is a civilian as in this case and it is much more likely than NRA member is going to stop a mass shooting then that an NRA member is going to perpetrate a mass shooting despite what the left to it would have you say well the media of course don't care about any of this the media don't want to hear any of this the media simply want to talk a gun control and if you don't believe in media bias let me show you this clip now if President Trump in South Korea so he's in South Korea now and he was asked by an NBC news reporter is he still in Japan he's mu head in South Korea today but he is he's he's asked by an NBC news reporter about the situation in the situation in Texas specifically she asks whether he would apply his extreme vetting of standards to gun control and here's Trump's response which is correct I guess he wasn't South Korea after all you've talked about wanting to put extreme betting on people trying to come into the United States but I wonder if you would consider extreme betting for people trying to buy a gun well you know you're bringing up a situation that probably shouldn't be discussed too much right now but it's okay if you feel that that's an appropriate question even though we're the part of South Korea if you did what you're suggesting there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him and hit him and neutralize him and I can only say this if he didn't have a gun instead of having 26 dead he would have had hundreds more dead and are you considering any kind of gun control policy can you look at the city with the strongest gun laws in our nation in Chicago and Chicago is a disaster if this man didn't have a gun or a rifle you'd be talking about a much worse situation in the great state of Texas Trump is of course right and this is why so many people on the right like Trump is because you know at least Trump is and Hillary actually applies here because if you imagine Hillary Clinton in this situation she's pushing for widespread gun confiscations in all likelihood she's praised Australia's gun buyback program and confiscation program she's praised Canada's gun laws Hillary Clinton would be saying something very very different and then Donald Trump is saying right here and what Trump is saying is basically correct but the point I want to make is this NBC News reporter I mean if you look at her face throughout this particular question the scorn she has not only for president Trump but for people who are gun owners for for gun ownership for the right to keep and bear arms which the founders thought was so valuable it's it is it is emanating from her the difference between owning a gun and entering the country is I have a right to own a gun to protect my life and my family's life I do not have a right to become a citizen of the United States extreme vetting is necessary for people coming into the country because they don't have a right to enter the United States because we have to protect ourselves that same decision to protect ourselves undergirds our ability to own a gun and use a gun in our own self-defense okay it is the exact same reason the reason you have extreme vetting with regard to people entering the country is the reason why you don't have extreme vetting for American citizens who have not committed a crime and once you own a gun to protect themselves that doesn't mean no vetting of course no one wants to have criminals with guns of course no one wants to have mentally ill people with guns and Ted Cruz makes a really good point here you know Ted Cruz is specifically asked about you know people who are violating the law by owning guns and here's what senator Cruz has to say this should have been stopped beforehand under federal law it was illegal for this individual to purchase a firearm he had a conviction for a crime that's punishable by more than a year in prison and he had a conviction for multiple domestic violence crimes both of those it's already ineligible but several things happen number one the Air Force the Obama administration didn't report those convictions to the NCIS database that's an endemic problem it's a problem with the federal government it's a problem with the states and so when he went in to buy the guns they ran the background check and they didn't find it because it wasn't in the database okay and Cruz here is exactly right of course now a lot of people been saying well you know if we just had gun confiscations like Australia then the number of mass shootings would go down the problem is this mass shootings are so statistically uncommon I'm not saying they're uncommon in the sense like colloquially they never happened but they're statistically uncommon as compared to other types of murder and so there is no good comp in terms of looking at a system where okay there's a massive gun confiscation and the number of mass shootings went down and may have gone down from three to zero right it wasn't like Australia had mass shootings every five minutes Australia had very few mass shootings and now they have no no mass shootings but their murder rate actually declines at a lower rate than the u.s. murder rate over the same period since their gun confiscation the US has murder rate decline faster even though more people were purchasing guns not fewer people okay before I go any further I want to 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flow and drive all of these books about sort of self betterment all these things are available on blanket so get that blink a snap and remember to use that promo code that blink is calm / Ben and you get that free trial or three months off your yearly subscription okay so the media response on this of course has been egregious as I have mentioned you saw the NBC response John lemon whose show I enjoy hearing on he said that we should stop with the thoughts and prayers no more thoughts and prayers and and this transitions us into another topic about thought and prayer that I want to discuss in just a second here's here's lemon on thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers don't get me wrong prayers are important they really are but can we just be honest for a moment and this isn't about religion it's not about politics Democrats do it too president obama has responded similarly in other shootings and it's not about religion as i said i'm not anti thoughts and prayers by any means i grew up in a very the very religious deep south a baptist who went to a Catholic school where we prayed at least four times a day plus mass on Fridays and church on Sundays sometimes twice so spare me the anti religion tweet you can keep them I won't even read them I don't care these god-fearing Christians were in church they were already praying thoughts and prayers did not stop an oversight from the justice system which enabled a guy who attacked his stepson and assaulted his wife from getting a gun thoughts and prayers didn't stop a trouble person from buying assault grade weapons that took the lives of 26 people in an instant okay so let me stop it there again this is not what thoughts and prayers are designed to do okay prayer is not always designed to get you what you want okay if people pray and they got what they want God would be a gumball machine that's not what religious people believe yeah I assume that Don prays I mean he says he does but I'm not sure what he expects from God again the problem of theodicy has been one that religion has taken up time and time again when it comes to human evil the idea here is that human beings have free will and we can pray that those human beings don't us

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