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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Democrats are rushing to defend sexual harassers Republicans are rushing to defend sexual molesters and the New York Times actually did something right so everything is awesome I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show ah yes just when you thought things couldn't get any worse we came back from Thanksgiving vacation I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Shapiro household actually went up to Big Bear for the weekend which was just awesome but I hope that you did something fun with your family as well a lot to get to because the news doesn't stop just because the world seems to over Thanksgiving Day weekend before we get to any of the brand-new news first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at so rings mission is to make neighborhoods safer today over a million people use the amazing ring video doorbell we are some of those people and we are out of town we know when people are ringing our doorbell 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speak to visitors you can even set off an alarm right from your phone so nobody is going to be threatening your property ever again ring floodlight offers the ultimate in home security again save up to one hundred and fifty dollars off a ring of security kit when you go to ring accom / bend that's / menu at one hundred and fifty bucks off the ring of security k which is a solid deal ring comm / bend that is ring calm / bend make sure that you go and check it out ring comm / Bend use the slash bend for the discount and to make sure they know that we sent you okay so I want to contrast today situations in which Americans feel that sexual harassment mala station are just wrong wrong wrong and E wrong wrong and situations in which apparently we don't care anymore so here's the situation in which we feel that it is wrong wrong wrong and E wrong wrong if you have somebody who's applying to your college football coaching position then even the mildest suspicion they may have covered up for sexual molestation means that you cannot get the job I speak of course of Greg Schiano Greg Schiano it was was about to be hired at the University of Tennessee's the Ohio State defense coordinator and Schiano has been very successful in that position he was about to sign a contract at the University of Tennessee to take over their head coaching position but then a lot of people started to protest and they started protest because Greg Schiano was working over at Penn State when Jerry Sandusky the then defensive coordinator was stooping little boys in the in the showers and when the Paterno Joe Paterno was allegedly allowing that to occur or at least not doing enough to stop it and there was one allegation by then it might McQueary who was one of the guys working on the defensive staff that he had heard through the grapevine that Schiano had seen Sandusky molesting a kid and done nothing about it now that allegation was unsubstantiated it was denied by Schiano it was denied also by another member of the defense of coordinating staff who supposedly McQuarrie had heard this from in the first place so this is really kind of dicey stuff to begin with but even the implication that Schiano must have known about it or may have known about it meant that the people at University of Tennessee went nuts so all of Tennessee's major politicians said you can't hire Schiano they have a big rock at University of Tennessee I know about it cuz I was just visiting University of Tennessee at Knoxville they've this big rock where you can paint messages on the rock and one of the things they painted was Schiano covered up child rape at Penn State so they ended up withdrawing their offered to drag Schiano because obviously we don't want people who are alleged to have covered up child molestation no matter how weak the allegation coaching a major college football program he should have run for Congress that would have been a lot better for him if he had run for Congress because the Democrats who spent the last month saying that it's time to finally wipe out sexual harassment it's time to finally wipe out sexual abuse and you know where we should start we should start with the Alabama Senate race let's start with that kiddy porn guy Roy Moore let start with that guy let's start with him you know we're so into the anti sexual harassment campaign now say the Democrats were even willing to throw the desiccated corpse of Bill Clinton under the bus he's no longer useful to us we'll just take that skeleton and toss it right under the grinding wheels of that bus time for him to go Teddy Kennedy that dudes been bloated and dead for a long time so if we have to say some bad things about Teddy Kennedy okay well we will set a new standard a brand new standard and now the day of light is coming and there will be no more sexual harassment there'll be no more sexual abuse well finally come to a conclusion in this great saga of women being victimized throughout the United States in positions of power well that lasted for like a week so congratulations Democrats your moral stand lasted for having less than a week actually because first there were allegations about senator Al Franken and then there were allegations about John Conyers so the let's start with the Conyers allegations because this is truly stunning stuff so John Conyers is an eighty eight-year-old Congress person he is apparently senile there there reports that he had literally walked into meetings in his pajamas John Conyers he's not been around for quite a while he was apparently a a guy who sexually harassed women many years ago as well at least those were the allegations in any case it has now come out that there was a settlement that Conyers made with a former member of his office in which she accused him basically of propositioning her and when she refused he fired her was basically the allegations ended up settling out for like 30 grand there's also a lawsuit that have been filed against Conyers there was an on-the-record allegation by the Washington Post as a big report by The Washington Post all of this happens and Conyers is 88 years old now make no mistake this is what's astonishing okay so yeah I'll talk about Roy Moore in a little while but let's just put it this way the Republicans have said Roy Moore can't lose that seat why can't Roy Moore to lose that seat because if you go from 52 to 51 votes in the Senate it's gonna be very difficult to pass anything plus what happens if there's a Supreme Court vacancy and you need that vote so a Senate seat is super important and right now if more we're to lose he's in the middle of an election cycle a Democrat would take that seat and the Democrat would then be able to vote against the priorities of Republicans okay it's an argument I don't think it's the world's strongest argument but it is an argument this is the binary argument we saw during the 2016 election it's the exact same argument they were having it again I didn't buy then I don't buy it now but okay let's assume that that's an argument I'll tell you what's not an argument let's say that Roy Moore were a sitting u.s. senator and let's say the governor of his state were a Republican and now he could be thrown out of office and the Republican governor would simply appoint a Republican replacement or let's say that there was a congressperson a Republican Congress person who was in the midst of a sex scandal and that person would be thrown out of office there'd be a special election it's a very Republican districts and a Republican would be elected to replace that person in all likelihood wouldn't that sort of take away the the IVA even the argument that there's a binary choice well this is what's so incredible about what the Democrats are doing Republicans maybe are about more you can't have Doug Jones in there again I think that I don't want suck Jones in there either I think the moral choice in Alabama is to set it out or write somebody in instead of Roy Moore but at least there's an argument that the Senate seats important there is no argument that Al Franken Senate seat is important because it's not there's a Democratic governor of Minnesota right now there's no argument that John Conyers his seat is important he's in like a d-plus 1000 district John Conyers has been reelected for 22 straight terms I believe the guy runs like a medieval fiefdom okay if he's thrown out guess what a Democrat will replace him Democrats still refuse to throw Conyers under the bus this is amazing stuff it just demonstrates that all this talk about sexual harassment sexual assault sexual misconduct it's all a bunch of hooey when it comes from politicians they're all lying they say they pretend to care about this stuff they do not care about this stuff one iota and the proof is coming from your very very feminist House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi then came out and she called John she's asked about John Conyers and whether John Conyers should go and remember Nancy Pelosi is the first female Speaker of the House she held up the big gavel she brought in all of her grandkids the ones who had not been aborted and they all stood around her and it was all just glorious and wonderful she's such a feminist icon Nancy Pelosi now she specifically asked about John Conyers who has many allegations of sexual harassment against him by Chuck Todd and here is Nancy Pelosi's answer you said there's now a zero tolerance John Conyers what does that mean for him right now let's say it around we are strengthened by due process just because someone is accused you and it was that one accusation is it - I think there has to be John Conyers is an icon in our country if he has done a great deal to protect women violence against women Act which the left wing right wing is now quoting me as praising him for his work on that and he did great work on that but the fact is as John reviews his case which he knows which I don't I believe he will do I believe that he was excuse me may I finished my sense that he will do with the right thing you'll do the right thing so here's what he did he stepped down from the House Judiciary Committee which the Democrats wanted him to do anyway because they want somebody who is not senile in charge of that committee but when she says we don't know the accusers how many there are what they've said well we know there's a settlement we know there was a Washington Post story full of allegations we you're calling on Roy Moore to step down from his Alabama Senate race over very you know over allegations that are quote-unquote similarly vague because they're not vague right Nancy Pelosi great feminist hero says John Conyers an icon II must a and then she goes even further she defends Franken she defends Bill Clinton and then she calls Roy Moore a child molester I don't know how you can hold a standard of evidence that says that Al Franken is innocent Bill Clinton is innocent Roy Moore is guilty that standard of evidence does not exist obviously it is a generational change but let me just say the concern that we had then was that they were impeaching the President of the United States and for something that had nothing to do with the performance of his duties and trying to take him out for that reason why do you think the reaction was different by women on Bill Clinton and I say that because it does seem as if frankly when you watch some of the reactions by the president in defending Roy Moore or at least overlooking the allegations against Roy Moore that were you putting politics ahead of your personal disgust no but we're talking about a child molester Oh President Clinton was accused of being a sexual predator well I mean or even rape why don't we talk instead about how we go forward nobody is proud of President Clinton's behavior at the time why don't we talk about how we go forward because you haven't gone forward you're defending John Conyers and Al Franken right now forget about 20 years ago now write all these Democrats who are now saying oh I we would have been in favor of Bill Clinton's impeachment they're full of absolute crap because now they have the opportunity not only to do this but to do it without any sort of political repercussion that's what's truly astonishing to me right the political loyalty runs so deep in Washington DC the partisan tribalism runs so deep in Washington DC it doesn't even matter if you're gonna lose something now I was under the weird misimpression over the last couple weeks that all of this was about losing a seat or losing political power it's not even about that it's about pure partisan loyalty it's about John Conyers has a D by his name it doesn't matter if he'd be replaced by another person with a D by his name so long as he has the D by his name Nancy Pelosi will stand by his side she'll stand by Bill Clinton's side she has no good answers to these questions if they want Roy Moore elected there's no better way of getting Roy Moore elected to the United States Senate than for Democrats to do exactly what they this weekend it gets even worse and I'll show you talk about it in just a second first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at my Patriots supply so listen the government recommends that in case of natural disaster you have some food on hand in your house that can take you through a period that could be pretty brutal here in California there been reports about some activity along the San Andreas Fault if God forbid there were to be a major earthquake the government recommends that you're supposed to have a certain amount of food available in your house so you don't have to run out to the grocery store or in case emergency services can't get to you that's why you need to speak with my friends over at my Patriot supply you can get their 102 serving survival food kit for just 99 bucks it includes breakfasts lunches and dinners it is shipped to your home office your home 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know who these people are she's from California here is her discussing John Conyers right here's what she had to say about John Conyers the other day do we actually have a clip or it's just the graphic okay so here's what she actually said she said quote I think the allegations are very serious and that's why there's the ethics committee needs to move forward very swiftly now wait years but very swiftly staff up if necessary to determine whether or not those allegations are accurate if they're accurate I do believe congressman Conyers should step down okay the if they're accurate routine the if they're accurate routine basically suggest that now there needs to be a full trial before we decide in public affairs whether or not somebody needs to step down if that were the case Bill Clinton was never convicted of anything Hillary Clinton was never convicted of anything David Vitter was never convicted of anything you know that all these all these people Anthony Weiner at the time he design had not been convicted of anything that's not how politics works politics is not about the idea that you have to go through a full due process trial that's what you do to avoid prison politics is about who do you want representing you and if we're all gonna new head now have the standard that you have to be convicted of a crime in order for you to be removed from office then I guess that's our standard from now on but it just means that our politicians are basically going to be worse and worse people it's pretty astonishing right and Conyers of course has said that he'll step aside the Judiciary Committee it means nothing again for the for the tenth time John Conyers leaving would mean nothing to the Democrats John Conyers his district is heavily Democratic now yeah but that's not the only instance of the Democrats doing this over the weekend over the weekend the Democrats came out and defended Al Franken so Al Franken has come out and he said he's ashamed but he's not stepping down he's ashamed of his behavior he said that he can still be effective he said quote I've let a lot of people down and I'm hoping I can make it up to them and gradually regain their trust right this is what he said on Sunday by phone he said I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow so no he's not stepping down it doesn't matter there's an actual picture of him trying to grab a sleeping woman's breasts it doesn't matter that many many women have now come out and said they grabbed their butts he says by the way his defense of himself is that he's a hugger that he's a hugger did his hands hug asses I'm confused here is Al Franken defending himself you know III can't say that that hasn't happened I take thousands and thousands of pictures we sometimes in crowded and chaotic situations I can't say I haven't done that and I I'm I am very sorry if these women experience that okay experience they didn't experience it you grab their butts like dude you know what you know it takes a lot of pictures in crowded situations right hear me okay I do it all the time Mathis my producer can attest to this okay I do this all the time I'm in major crowds all the time taking pictures of lots of people including many young women not once has my hand gravitated toward their posterior you know why because that's sexual assault you're not supposed to grab people on their butts you stupid piece of crap okay and here he is saying I'm sorry if they experienced that as though it was like a hurricane it just sort of came along and swept well I'm sorry they had to experience that inevitability of life which is my hand on there but my bad hey you you don't fire the shoulders from the butt by the way it's a long way from the butt okay when I take nothing not to give like basic the knee bone is connected to the shin bone but when I say a picture with somebody and my hand is up here at their shoulder I have to travel at least two feet downward to reach an ass okay but apparently al franken's hand is so driven by gravity downward right is the heaviest hand in the world he just can't keep it up there just slides down and then he says well you know I'll apologize if these women experienced anything it's just it's just terrible I just can't you know but I'm not stepping down now leaving or anything and the Democrats are not gonna force him to leave okay and the proof is there it's all there it's pretty astonishing so all that's happened in our politics is that basically because we're such partisan tribalist because they're such loyalists now the way that it works if you even issue the remotest denial it doesn't matter if the denial is credible or not it doesn't matter if the denial is good then I'll can be the stupidest denial that you ever heard of none of it matters so long as you issue any denial of any kind that gives somebody a peg that they can hang their hat on which suggests that we don't care about this crap in the first place like even President Trump like president Trump over the weekend there's a report out this is an astonishing report there's a report out the President Trump has been going around the last few months privately questioning from the authenticity of the Access Hollywood recording no I am not kidding you remember in 2016 there was that famous tape that came out of him saying he grabbed lemon by the bleeps and they wouldn't care because you're famous right when you when you're famous I'll let you do anything and there was a tape of him talking to Billy Bush about this apparently he's been going around repeating a claim to advisors that it's not even a real take that it was manufactured okay so he's now created a conspiracy theory about a conversation in which he personally took place I'm not joking this is the thing that happened okay this is according to both ABC News and the New York Times it's not surprising because President Trump has a unique capacity to convince himself of virtually anything and any news that is bad for him he calls fake news like you know he tweeted out this is pretty hilarious after him and he tweeted this out just this morning quote we should have a contest as to which of the networks plus CNN and not including Fox is the most dishonest corrupt and or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite president parentheses me they are all bad winner to receive all caps the fake news trophy come on down done it okay he never gave up actually being on a game show I do love that he is restricting your choices here to include CNN but not Fox because he likes Fox and then I like that he has to label it I like that he now calls himself your favorite president I do love that it's pretty spectacular and then he has to and then he has to put in parentheses me as though we were gonna be unclear about who he was talking about that we thought he was talking about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln that CNN and Fox had not been covering George Washington or Abraham Lincoln fairly I have to admit the guy I don't know whether he's joking or not I think he's like half joking here but that's pretty funny stuff I mean that's pretty funny it would be funnier if you weren't the President of the United States and you know had responsibilities and everything I gave you if you're just sort of a guy on Twitter but I guess that's that's sort of what he considers himself to be like this is it's pretty amazing right I do love it but this is how you wonder how we get to a point where we can ignore plausible allegations it's because this is what people think of the news Trump is actually not wrong when he says this is how people think of the news the left thinks of Fox News is a propaganda outlet the right things of CNN is a propaganda outlet therefore any allegations focused on by either one of them is going to be considered propaganda so long as it hurts your side and this brings us finally in at last to Roy Moore so well the Democrats have been working very hard to give up the moral high ground for no apparent can't I mean this is how bad they are it's a thank God for Republicans the Democrats are so bad at this I mean truly horrifying at this that they go through this whole routine with Roy Moore and then in order to save Al Franken and John Conyers both people who would be replaced by Democrats they decide to undermine any moral credibility they had Roy Moore is gonna survive not only as we're more gonna survive I would think he's gonna win now I would be very surprised if Roy Moore does not when his Alabama Senate race not because he deserves to win the Alabama Senate race but because the Democrats have set up a standard right the Democrats have set up a standard they set up in 1998 and they they they look like they were moving away from it and then they just hugged it with both hands over the weekend hug it with both hands on a woman's but over the weekend the Democrats came out and they basically said any Democrat who's accused of anything we will defend that's essentially what they say and so the Republicans are now essentially doing the same thing which is not a huge surprise right here's the RNC chair Rhonda McDaniel Rhonda Rhonda McDaniel she comes out and she says listen the voters are gonna decide which is again a cop-out right she could have some input here but she's not going to because the voters are going to decide the Alabama voters are going to have to be the judge and jury on this they're going to have to look at the women that have come forward with these very concerning allegations and then what the judge is putting forward and they're gonna have to make a decision as to whether or not they want him to represent their state in the United States Senate okay and now we know by the way that people will buy into any denial because the Democrats bought intending tonality so Nancy Pelosi on national TV saying that she doubts the women who accused John Conyers even though there is a sign settlement a sign settlement and still she's saying that she doesn't believe the accusers writerly she doesn't have enough evidence to believe the accusers so is it any wonder that were way more isn't gonna back down and that he's gonna send out his lawyers to say stuff like this here's Roy Moore's lawyer say there's campaign strategist saying that they believe Roy Moore and all of the women are lying all 9,000 women are lying and all this Jerry Springer stuff is over and I'm talking to all y'all we're not gonna do this anymore as a campaign so all you all you people run around yelling stuff at judge Moore asking these ridiculous question I'm the chief political strategist and my advice is every time they yell something like that to you judge Moore or to the campaign just think it's the Jerry Springer Show don't answer it judge Moore's answered all the questions we believe judge Moore we don't believe these women it's just that simple and y'all can keep trotting them out if you want to but we're not gonna talk about that okay I'm getting this by the way like when I hosted for Mark Levin the day before Thanksgiving virtually every caller agreed with this lawyer agreed with the campaign guy here that Roy Moore was innocent and all these women relying and that all of the stories were false I guess we this is now the standard that we have which is no standard at all for evidence okay like I again I've explained time and time again on the show I think that the allegations are credible and and even the bottom line is that any any argument will now be made in order to find these people Joel who is the who is the editor-at-large I guess senior editor at large now over a Breitbart my former employer which has become just a propaganda outlet for whichever chosen candidate Breitbart and Steve ban and decide is important today Joel was was doing his his propaganda work on CNN this morning talking about how judge Roy Moore could have been dating 16 year old and it was totally fine because Ringo Starr or something you know in 1973 Ringo Starr number one on the Billboard charts with the song age of 16 you're beautiful in your mind and it was a remake of an earlier song he was 30-something at the time singing about a 16 year old you want to take away Ringo Starr is you can't be serious I mean you can't be sick you can't be serious you're talking about these series we leave that Ringo Starr's song is supposed to be a nod towards allowing 30 year old men to prey on teenagers you don't believe that Joel okay so two things one the the original song was written by the Sherman Brothers and it was written for a teenager about other teenagers so there are better examples of this I mean if Joel wants to do this we actually did a full deconstructing the culture in which we cited song after song last week of older men preying on younger women so it rolls not wrong at this exists in popular culture but the question is why is that a defense of more like I I use that in my deconstructing the culture segment I use that to talk about how depraved our culture had become I didn't use that as a defense of somebody doing it oh my goodness but I guess this is this is where we are I guess that's a defense now ever everything is a defense now so that's very exciting stuff I'm just glad that I'm glad that we can't have people who have vague allegations of covering up for child molestation made about them sitting as the head coach at University of Tennessee because our moral standards are so high but sitting in the United States Senate different story or sitting in the United States Senate even if they be replaced by a member of their own party different story yeah I think that we may be toast here again I'm thinking that the moral credibility of the American people may be called me because listen it's not about the people in Congress anymore it's about us it's about what we tolerate in the end we are the voters what do we decide to tolerate what do we decide is it okay for people sitting there and if we have to lose a race every so often in order for everyone to have a better moral standard maybe that's an important thing maybe those moral standards are important because the fact is that if all we believe Congress is a series of people who are gonna vote for us regardless of character we're gonna have bad people who are willing to betray our interests okay bad people are bad people I don't trust people about whom these you wouldn't trust this person to babysit your child I don't know why you'd trust them to implement all of your policy decisions I guess this is the hard divide that was made in the nineteen nineties about Bill Clinton and I guess we all buy the Bill Clinton school of thought now we were gonna make noise about how we didn't but apparently we all do okay so before I go any further and talk about the stupidity I'm a bunch of people who are ripping into the New York Times for what I thought was actually a really interesting and well done piece about white supremacists first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at so we here at the Ben Shapiro show use stamps calm all the time that's because the post office is great they're really efficient but they're not as efficient as sitting at your desk at your house and not having to go stand in line at the post office that means that you are able to print out your postage at home they will send you a scale so that you can actually weigh your postage and No except your packages and know exactly how much postage is necessary they'll send you a digital scale that automatically calculates the exact postage it will even help you decide the best class of mail every time stamps calm we use stamps calm because again we don't have time to run to the post office right now you too can enjoy the stamps calm service with a special offer it includes a four week trial plus postage and the digital scale without long term commitments go to stamps calm click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Shapiro 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