SJWs Hound White Male Finn Jones For Taking White Male's Role In 'Iron Fist'

South ParkIron FistDoctor StrangeThe Defenders As “South Park” predicted, leaving Twitter today is akin to death, and when a celebrity of any stature leaves the platform, various outlets must dig into the reasons. This weekend, “Iron Fist” lead Finn Jones left the notorious strangers-yelling-at-strangers platform after he was criticized for being a white man to take a white man’s role. You see, some had demanded that an Asian actor be cast for the role despite conflicts with the character’s backstory, because diversity. EXCLU: @MarvelIronFist star @FinnJones on why he ditched @Twitter after diversity debate, his return & "the divide" — Dominic Patten (@DeadlineDominic) March 7, 2017 “Iron Fist” is Marvel’s...

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Mar 9th 2017
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