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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Ben Shapiro Show on iTunes: pounced on Joe Biden after he talks about working with segregationist senators Democrats pushed slavery reparations in the run-up to 2020 and Chuck Todd runs afoul of the woke schools I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show [Music] all righty so we begin today not with segregationist senators or represented a with the breaking news that Iran yesterday shot down a US drone according to the New York Times escalating tensions Iran's shot down a US surveillance drone early on Thursday according to both nations the nations differed on the crucial issue of whether the aircraft had violated Iranian airspace in the latest escalation in tensions that have raised fears of war between the two countries I do love again the sort of cycle of violence language that is used by the New York Times it's just the latest escalation in tensions generalized tensions out there in the universe that raised fear of war actually it's just that Iran keeps bombing things and like shooting things down the United States has taken no aggressive military action against Iran as in none going all the way back to the Obama administration when the Iranians were taking prisoner American soldiers Iranian officials said that the drone was over Iran the American military denied that each side accused the other of being the aggressor obviously we should take the Iranian contentions with all the all of the verifiable I think truth that they deserve I think I think we should we should absolutely take Iran's contentions seriously because they never lie about these things like wanting to develop nuclear weapons or bombing ships or anything supporting terrorists they're perfectly honest obviously we should take the contentions of the American government and the Iranian government with exactly the same amount of seriousness both of the country said the downing occurred at 4:05 Iranian time on Thursday 7:35 p.m. on Wednesday in Washington the drone was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile system while operating an international airspace international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz according to US CENTCOM again the Strait of Hormuz is the geographic region that is the source of a lot of this tension right now because the Iranians are effectively seeking to bottleneck all oil traffic through the Strait of Hormuz which is responsible for an enormous amount of the world oil market they're hoping to drive up the price of oil artificially by preventing a solid supply through the Strait of Hormuz the United States said this was an unprovoked attack on a US surveillance at an international airspace an Iranian attack on an American aircraft even an unmanned drone adds a potential flashpoint to the growing list of recent clashes also the White House had late-night meetings yesterday Sarah how can be Sanders told news outlets that the president had been briefed on the missile attack and that the administration was monitoring the situation and then President Trump went on Twitter this morning and he tweeted out Iran made a very big mistake so if we end up going to war on the basis of a tweet I'll say it's not ideal like we used to have a procedure for this where you went to Congress for permission to go to war and all of this sort of thing but it is a little funny downside not constitutional upside kind of hilarious I mean that Quentin Tarantino kind of this is like old school Clint Eastwood you can just eat Trump growling to himself Iran made a very big mistake they and then it's just the bombs launch in five minutes okay so are we actually going to get into a shooting war with Iran I think that is very very unlikely the fact is that that is the last thing the Iranians won't forget about what we want the last thing that the Iranians want is a full-scale shooting war with the United States the fact is we could just sink their military the way that we did the the Iranian military back during operation praying mantis but in Ron's continual escalation of affairs is going to lead at some point to the United States having to take some sort of action here and it's not going to be economic action so that's not going to devolve into a full-scale shooting war it's funny because the press seems to think that every time the United States fires a shot that the sense in World War two that is not the case you know many times the United States has fired missiles into particular areas you know I mean we did it under Trump to Syria like two years ago it didn't devolve into a full-scale war between Syria and the United States and we have American troops in Syria right now so you know I'm skeptical of the claim that the Trump administration is ready to send 150,000 200,000 American troops into the middle of the Middle East that is just not something that is really on the table so we'll keep an eye on that obviously and we'll keep an eye on president Trump's Twitter feed to determine if he decides to announce any targets via Twitter I guess that's how we're doing this thing now we're just gonna wait and he's gonna be like yeah I tell his beach house yeah and we'll find out ma'am okay me while Joe Biden they're coming for all of Joe so I've been predicting this since the day that Joe Biden decided that he was going to run for president is that all the guns would turn on old Joe and I have to admit if old Joe had not spent the last few years being just a terrible politician then I'd feel a lot more sympathy for him because the attacks on Joe Biden today are extraordinarily unfair I mean just in all intellectual honesty they are really really unfair attacks on Joe Biden now here's the thing Joe Biden has expressed sympathy for segregationist senators in the past Joe Biden has actually said nice things about segregation and senators in the past not because they were segregationist per se but because he says lots of nice things about lots of senators because he was wait for it in the Senate this is just something that happens in the Senate there are lots of people in Congress who praise each other on a regular basis but now this is just terrible how dare Joe Biden suggests that he was once civil to people with whom he radically disagrees and and again this is as I say it's not unusual Steve Kornacki who works over at NBC News national political correspondent he points out that Ted Kennedy used to talk about his warm collegial relationship with James Eastland the senator at issue in Joe Biden's comments does that mean that that that Ted Kennedy was a vicious brutal racist is that what's going on there I really don't think so nonetheless Joe Biden stepped in it because you're not allowed to acknowledge the humanity of people who you disagree with even people who you think are truly wrong about everything in hold evil principles you're not allowed to acknowledge their humanity or acknowledge that if you sit in the Senate with them and sometimes you have to make deals with them that's very bad not allowed to do that instead you have to virtue signal at every turn and not good things done in the Senate I suppose so here is what happened to break it down so joe biden was speaking at a fundraiser at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City on Tuesday night and he stressed the need to be able to reach consensus under our system and he specifically talked about serving with the late Senators James Eastland of Mississippi and herman talmadge of georgia both Democrats who were staunch opponents of desegregation Eastland was the powerful chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Biden entered the chamber in 1973 Biden said I was in caucus with James O Eastland he never called me boy he always called me son and he called Talmadge one of the meanest guys I ever knew you go down the list of all these guys he said well guess what at least there was some civility we got things done we didn't agree on much of anything we got things done we got it finished but today you look at the other side and you're the enemy not the opposition the enemy we don't talk to each other anymore oh so this is enough to ruin Joe Biden I mean they are coming for him and they are coming with pitchforks they're coming with pitchforks I'll get to exactly the angle of attack in one second first in geopolitical instability news Iran is obviously escalating tensions in the Middle East they announced this week that they're gonna break the uranium stockpile limit they agreed to under the nuclear deal it's not a coincidence that gold prices have been steadily rising since Iran was bombing tankers that's not a coincidence because I've been telling you for the past four years gold is a safe haven against uncertainty when people feel chaos in the wind they start to buy gold can you afford another hit to your retirement like the last downturn when the S&P dropped 50% the company I trust with precious metal purchases is Birch gold group right now 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principle is different from somebody else if you didn't agree with somebody you still had to get things done in the Senate this is very bad you're not allowed to say that in the modern Democratic Party and so it was whoops colds activate now this is all cynical we all know how cynical this is Joe Biden was not saying that the segregationist principles of these senators were good he's not saying that these were good wonderful there's no evidence that he said that about these guys instead he said that we tried to be civil and we achieved civility and we worked together I thought for a second that that was what politics was all about actually but no it turns out that politics is more about showing that you hate somebody more than then the other guy hates that person so all of the Democrats in the 2020 race jump on Joe Biden specifically this is a rich vein for them because Joe Biden is doing exceedingly well with black voters right now he's doing great with black voters right now and so there are a bunch of candidates ranging from Kamala Harris to Cory Booker specifically Cory Booker who really needs a lot of black support if he's going to start climbing in the polls he's got no white support at this point Elizabeth Warren jumping into the phrase won't Bernie Sanders jumping into the fray everybody jumping on Joe Biden with the suggestion that what like he's too friendly toward segregation that Joe Biden is so couple questions on this one if Joe Biden was truly friendly toward segregation why didn't anybody in the media notice this for you know the eight years when he was vice president under a black president why didn't nobody notice this because it turns out that Joe Biden has bragged before on national television that he comes from a slave state for example he did this back in 2007 I believe why exactly didn't anybody notice this it's not weird weird how the media are finally starting to pay attention to Joe Biden's odd musings on race I mean this is old stuff but hadn't heard this surfaced until Democrats decided hey wait a second we have some questions about old Joe isn't it odd how he only find out that beta O'Rourke was part of a hacking group and is also a giant weirdo with no political abilities as soon as he stops running against Ted Cruz isn't it weird that we only find out that Joe Biden is apparently a weirdo on race as soon as he starts running against a bunch of Democrats the media liked better than Joe Biden hmm it's as though there's an agenda at work mm-hmm here's Joe Biden flashback what kind of a chance with a northeastern liberal like Joe Biden stand in the South if you were running in Democratic primaries against southerners like Mark Warner and John Edwards better than anybody else and you don't know my state my state was a slave state my state is a border state my state is the eighth largest black population in the country my state is anything from a northeast liberal state you probably shouldn't drop at the very beginning that it was a slave state as like a thing that you are you're bragging about that's not like a good thing actually but obviously he's not saying that it being a slave state was a good thing and this is the thing when Joe Biden was on the good side of the media everybody sort of took his words for him just being an idiot and him gaffing and now everybody is taking it as though he is a borderline vicious racist and then they're using plausible deniability so this was the strategy of Cory Booker who came out and effectively suggested that he was a racist and then when to his crying room and hid as soon as Joe Biden called him on it so Cory Booker put out a statement about Joe Biden he said you don't joke about calling black men boys men like James O Eastland used words like that and racist policies that accompanied them to perpetuate white supremacy and strip black Americans who are very humanity Vice President Biden's relationships with proud segregationist are not the model for how we make America a safer and more inclusive place for black people and for everyone I have to tell Vice President Biden as someone I respect he is wrong for using his relationships with Eastland and Talmadge as examples of how to bring our country together and frankly I'm disappointed he hasn't issued an immediate apology for the pain his words are dredging up for many Americans he should so Cory Booker goes out and attacks Biden and he's effectively calling him a racist I know Cory Booker then claims no no I wasn't calling him race so then what are you complaining about like really what's the complaint if you're not suggesting that he is a closeted segregationist or has closeted segregationist sympathies or that he's treating segregation and segregationists with too kind a hand and that that has nothing to do with racism then what exactly is the complaint pretty obvious what the complaint is it's pretty obvious what cory booker is doing here and the rest of the democratic candidates it is deeply cynical it's really really cynical we can see Joe Biden's response what the rest of the Democrats had to say about this what exactly they're trying to do and why Joe Biden frankly is suffering from a bit of shrine Freud he kind of deserves it I'll get to that in just one second first rings mission is to make neighborhood safer so you know that I care deeply about the safety of my house and my neighborhood I mean the FBI arrested somebody like two months ago for trying to threaten to kill my family and me so I am very concerned with neighborhood safety you might already know about rings smart video doorbells and cameras that protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world so if there's a package delivery or a surprise visitor you'll get an alert you'll be able to see here and speak to them all from your phone that's thanks to HD video and two-way audio features on ring devices again I love my ring devices we have them on our 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stain fingers he's trying to grip onto whatever level of support he still has so Joe Biden is so Joe Biden attacked by Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders with block of wood Chris Cuomo look we all have to work with people with whom we have very different points of view I do it every day but I think to be singing the praises of people who were vicious segregationists is not something that anybody but he was talking about working with them is that the same thing I'm not so sure about that but that's all my goodness okay I mean that is so I mean Chris Cuomo actually saying a true thing good for Chris Cuomo there by the way like saying a true thing every so often it happens broken clock is Right twice a day but the fact that the fact that Bernie said well I don't know maybe he actually loves segregation secretly weird you weren't saying that like five seconds no one who's vice presidents of the United States very very odd to see all these Democrats suddenly realizing that old Joe is a vicious racist as I say there's some shorten Freud to this I mean it was Joe Biden who's calling Mitt Romney a vicious racist five minutes ago based on literally nothing because Joe Biden is just as scuzzy a politician as all the rest of these as all the rest of these dolts here is Joe Biden doing this routine back in 2012 and what they're proposing Romney wants to let them he said the first hundred days he's gonna let the big banks once again write their own rules unchain Wall Street they're gonna put y'all back in Chains I said that heard a little black audience gonna put y'all back in Chains what a so he deserves everything he is getting on just a cosmic level but it is kind of hilarious to watch and and sad in the sense that if you like truth it's sad to watch these Democrats pile on Biden for making the fairly innocuous remark that a bunch of people he was taking an extreme example the example doesn't work if he says you know who I agreed with a lot John McCain and then we made deals that doesn't actually work the entire example that he was using is predicated on the fact that he disagreed with someone and thought that they were bad people that's the whole example the the left has gone so far that I'm now defending Joe Biden what have you people done to me how am I the Joe Biden defender today because I still care a little bit about honesty and democratic candidates don't apparently so senator Kamala Harris who is also black and also running for president and also cynical said if those men had their way I wouldn't be in the United States Senate I'm and on this elevator right now she's talking about senators Eastland and Talmadge right so what does that have to do with what Joe Biden said and then you have Bill DeBlasio who strangled the groundhog and then went on Twitter and wrote it's 2019 and Joe Biden is longing for the good old days of civility typify by James Eastland it's past time for apologies her evolution from Joe Biden he repeatedly demonstrates he's out of step with the values of the modern Democratic Party and then in the most cynical fashion de Blasio tweets out a picture of himself with his wife who happens to be black the idea being I suppose the Joe Biden would have opposed that or is okay with people who oppose that or something pretty amazing amazing stuff now Joe and by the way the most extreme folks of course are the woke scolds on the Left who come for Joe Biden Dan Savage who is just a disgusting human being I mean Dan Savage is the worst and in a variety of ways a man so gross that he once volunteered for the Gary Bauer campaign in 2000 and because he hated Gary Bower when he obtained the flu dan Savage he decided to go around licking the doorknobs in the office so as to give all of the other staffers the flu so Dan Savage who is now the voice of tolerance apparently right he runs one of these anti-bullying groups even though he was one of the bigger bullies in modern media he tweeted out can't say you've never had a racist bone in your body when you were just sucking a dead segregationist bleep what a kind anti-bullying guy Dan savages really really nice guy Dan Savage my favorite part of this is when there was an MSNBC anchor yesterday talking about all of us and the MSNBC anchor called all of the segregationist senators Republicans MSNBC has issued no apology or correction by the way these were all Democrats still to come Joe Biden references his relationships with two former Republican colleagues at an event in New York City the only problem they were both segregationist well there was another problem which is that they were both Democrats but you know I guess MSNBC doesn't care about that sort of okay so Cory Booker says what he says and he is you know leading the charge here because Cory Booker is desperately trying to wrest away control of some segments of the black vote particularly in southern primaries like South Carolina away from Joe Biden and Joe Biden responds exactly how Joe Biden should respond frankly I mean Joe Biden should say he should have responded this way on the Hyde Amendment Joe Biden's entire appeal right now is with the moderate and conservative segments of the Democratic Party which yes does still exist if you look at the polls right now he is extraordinarily narrowly leading the rest of the field among liberals it's like 25 to 24 over people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren okay but when it comes to when it comes to moderate voters in the Democratic Party conservative voters he's up on the rest of the field by a margin of 30 points if he starts to fade because he starts to kowtow I'm things like the Hyde Amendment if he cows here then he's admitting guilt and he can't do that and he shouldn't do that so Joe Biden responds in my opinion particularly appropriately here he slaps at Cory Booker you're not allowed to do this by the way according to the media if you slap a Cory Booker so they have this catch-22 Cory Booker effectively implies that you are secretly a racist or two kinds of racists and then you respond the way Biden does and then they call you racist for responding to Cory Booker here is Joe Biden trying to respond your Democratic rivals are implicitly saying that you have issues talking about race they know better are you going to apologize like Cory Booker has for what Cory Booker's call it for it he's actually to apologize he knows better I'm not a racist bone in my body I've been involved in civil rights my whole career period period period okay he is right and Cory Booker does know better Cory Booker is a cynical player a very cynical player okay there are people who know him going back to his days in Newark where he was pretending to cultivate bipartisan relationships which he abandoned as soon as he become a senator from New Jersey he has shifted his positions on a wide variety of issues he knows better than this he routinely castigates people he pretends to be friends with Cory Booker Joe Biden is 100% right about this well get to Cory Booker's response to Cory Booker then goes on CNN last night and plays the victim now Cory Booker who attacked Biden over something Biden said that actually should not be all that controversial again I hate segregationists segregationists are wrong their perspective is evil they were also sitting in the United States Senate and you had to work with them to get things done sometimes if this is the New Democratic Party then you know count anyone of reasonable dint out here's cory booker being interviewed on CNN by who's is Don Lemon interviewing him yeah Don Lemon on CNN and Cory Booker attacking Joe Biden anew you know the vice president said I should know better and this is what I know as a black man in America I know the deeply harmful and hurtful a usage of the word boy and how it was used to humanize and degrade this is deeply disappointing we waited for him to apologize he did until the next day and whether I'm running for president or not as many people today have been on Juneteenth no less calling out for the vice president to acknowledge that his words were harmful and hurtful on Juneteenth to know us yeah you're right probably Joe Biden you know opposed the Emancipation Proclamation which is what is what Juneteenth is celebrating he's so cynical Cory Booker my goodness he is he is a he has a rehearse mechanical cynical guy I mean that is a cynical dude right there and Joe Biden has every right to fire back on Cory Booker and he shouldn't stop firing back on Cory Booker because what Booker is doing there he's really really ugly really ugly by spokesperson came out yesterday and talked about this as well points it doesn't needed done Biden campaign surrogate and former Obama staffer very early on in his in his campaign in 2008 and she points out that both Booker an Elizabeth Warren who also attacked Biden over this have touted their work with GOP senators in the past which is all that Biden was doing here but again this is a cynical ploy to separate Biden from a black base of support that's all this is work all the time with members of the other party whose positions are repugnant to all of us as Democrats know Cory Booker who has worked with Jeff sessions on many things um Elizabeth Warren talks about how she's worked with Chuck Grassley who led the fight for Brett Kavanaugh and who wouldn't even meet with Merrick garland and the Elizabeth Warren tells the story about how she has worked with Chuck Grassley for over-the-counter hearing aids to save money for people the reality is a housing segregationist views okay so I needed done getting just raked over the coals for all this and the media going out and really digging up as much material as they possibly can on Joe Biden now so it's open season on Joe Biden and again this is all really cynical all this stuff has been out there for a very long time Joe Biden did not say anything here that is particularly new or groundbreaking the new implication that Joe Biden is secretly a racist or the times have passed him by it's a cynical invention again I don't like Joe Biden I think Joe Biden is just as cynical as many of the politicians attacking him today what I do hate is people who are lying and what we are watching right now are a bunch of people who are telling deliberate lies about Joe Biden specifically because they're looking to open a racial gap reopening racial gaps in the country to suggest that America is rife with racism to get ahead politically is one of the ugliest aspects of our politics right now and we'll talk more about that in just one second first getting fit staying healthy it always sounds easier said than done open fit is bringing you something new it makes it even easier never to miss a sweat session so I work out like every day which is why I am just jacked guys but one of the ways that I get jacked is that I use open fit because sometimes you can't make it to the gym sometimes it hits like 8 o'clock at night and it turns out 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information totally free again just texture pro2 30 30 30 that's text Shapiro 2 30 30 30 go check it out right now ok so speaking of reopening racial wounds deliberately in order to make political hay the entire Democratic Party is now engaged in this process they're reopening racial wounds by talking about slavery reparations now I think we can all acknowledge and in fact fought a giant war to acknowledge that slavery was a grave evil I think that everyone acknowledges at this point in American life 50 years after the Civil Rights Act I think everyone acknowledges that Jim Crow was deeply evil was a deeply evil thing I don't think you can find an American in public life will argue that Jim Crow was not a deeply evil thing I don't think you can find many Americans at all as in like you might be able to count them on one hand and they all hang out with Richard Spencer I think that there there very few Americans who are walking around going you know it would be great a systemized way of keeping the black person down and like that that is not a thing in modern America I know that this is an anthem of the left many folks on the Left want to suggest that racism is inherent in American life it's the it's the stain in our DNA that will never go away Barack Obama used to make claims like this when he was president I thought it was ugly then I think it's ugly now talking about slavery reparations which is inherently unworkable this is the thing about slavery reparations not a single proponent of slavery reparations has ever put forth a proposal that makes any sort of logical reasonable legal sense none the only reason to discuss this is to imply the people who oppose slavery reparations don't do so on the basis of impracticality or the immorality of slavery reparations they do so on the base of pure unadulterated racism because they don't take the legacy of rate of racism and slavery seriously enough that's the implication Democrats are trying to draw here which is why I think that they were having congressional hearings on an issue that is never going anywhere that's why they did this okay so had congressional hearings yesterday now let me just point out that among the brutal vicious racists who once opposed slavery reparations is Barack Obama here's barack obama circa 2008 being asked about slavery reparations every single Democratic candidate opposed slavery reparations in 2008 except for Dennis Kucinich who was considered a nutjob because he is a nutjob here's Barack Obama answering the question I think the reparations we need right here in South Carolina is investment for example in our schools I did a town hall meeting in Florence South Carolina in an area called the corridor of shame they've got buildings that students are trying to learn in that were built right after the Civil War and we've got teachers who are not trained to teach the subjects

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