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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Ben Shapiro Show on iTunes: horrific massacre of American citizens takes place in the Mexican border state of Sonora new polls undercut Elizabeth Warren's case for the nomination and the Washington Nationals show Trump some love I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show the Ben Shapiro show is sponsored by expressvpn stop putting your online data at risk get protected at expressvpn comm slash Ben okay so the big news of the morning is really horrific news from the Mexican border state of Sonora Mexico has been for a very very long time a deeply hellacious and violent place at least in certain segments of the country there was just a couple of years ago a massive controversy over a study is in 2017 showing that Mexico is the deadly second deadliest country in the world like more deadly than every country other than Syria that was an annual survey by the International Institute for Strategic Studies that showed that Mexico's death toll was surpassed only by that in Syria President Trump at the time retweeted a link to a CNN article on the report parts of Mexico according to the UK Guardian have suffered horrific violence since the then President Felipe Calderon declared war on organized crime a decade ago the struggle as of 2017 had claimed an estimated 200,000 lives and left more than 30,000 people missing that was of two years ago so the numbers are much larger now Mexico claims that large swaths of the country are unaffected by drug violence and I said well it's not like Syria cuz the whole country there is engulfed but the fact is that the the country of Mexico has been plagued by severe corruption issues by extraordinary acts of violence in which you will actually see mobile gangs of cartels actually take over entire areas of the country the country is is so poorly governed that there there have been serious questions about the relationship between various administrations in Mexico and the drug cartels are the drug cartels paying for those administrations are they the ones really in control of the government can Mexico actually control all this it makes a pretty solid case for why there should be a border wall for President Trump well that case burst back out into the open today after a horrific massacre of nine Americans in Mexico we'll get to that story in just one second first let's talk about saving some money a brighter note the fact is that the holidays are approaching and because the holidays are approaching it's time for you to do a little bit of holiday shopping but the fact is that you can look for all the discount codes you want and you probably aren't gonna find all of them this is why you ought to be using honey honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds the best promo codes wherever you shop online you just load it up and then it runs in the background of your computer every time you shop honey will provide you with discounts I mean like almost literally every time 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targeted hit in Mexico the victims were ambushed by the merciless gunmen as they drove to a wedding in the border state of Sonora on Monday 17 members of the LeBaron and Langford families were travelling in three cars when gunmen sprayed their vehicles with bullets some of the victims including babies were then reportedly burned alive amid fears female victims were raped according to the UK Daily Mail Alex LeBaron who said he lost family members in the attack told CNN women and children were massacred burnt alive mothers were screaming for the fire to stop several family members have now told how gunmen opened fire on one child running away and revealed how others burned to death inside a car that was torched other young children managed to escape and hide by the roadside while one of the mothers was shot in the chest as she put her hands up to surrender according to the UK Sun survivors described how one boy managed to hide his wounded siblings some less than a year old in bushes before he ran back to the nearby town to get help others are still missing sparking genuine concerns the death toll in the wake of the atrocity will go up it's unclear what motivated the killings they took place on a dirt road between Chihuahua and Sonora States but this is not the first time that members of the brick Church have been attacked in northern Mexico where their forebears settle decades ago in 2009 Benjamin LeBaron and anti-crime activist related to those killed in Monday's attack was murdered in neighboring Chihuahua state the authorities are even investigating whether the large family were mistaken for a rival cartel gang security minister Alfonso Durazo said that the attack could have been a case of mistaken identity between conflicting groups in the area family members believe it was a targeted kidnapping after one relative reported receiving a phone call hearing screams before they were executed so this is just an absolute horror show it was revealed that one mother died saving her baby during the bloodshed her name is Christina Lange for Johnson 31 she was among the three mothers and at least six kids including twin babies who were killed when the gunmen ambushed their vehicles as they drove to a wedding in northern at Mexico Christina seven month old baby faith was found alive on the floor in the back of the Chevy Suburban relatives say the infant was rescued after spending hours inside the car with her mother's body so just horrific horrific ronita LeBaron 33 had broken down in her SUV when gunmen opened fire torching the vehicle causing the gas tank to explode shoes found dead inside the bullet-ridden car along with her six-month-old babies Titus and Tiana two have originated as other children Krystle 10 in Howard 12 were also reportedly killed in the attack eight miles ahead Christina and Donna Langford 43 and 2 of Jonah's children Trevor and Rogan three Trevor was 11 Rogan was three were also killed in other SUVs Donna's seven other children were shot but survived according to claims and further children are understood to be missing after they escaped from the flames and fled there's a video that was posted on social media we did pull it but we can't show it because it's just too graphic for for Facebook or any of the other places that air this show a male voice in an American accent who's reported relative he says this is for the record Nita and four of my grandchildren are burnt and shot up all the victims lived in a Mormon community in Lemoore about 70 miles south of Douglas Arizona they had dual US and Mexican citizenship some of their community worship with the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints a Mormon others are from polygamous offshoots of the Mormon Church Leah Stanton who grew up in the same Mormon community said her brother found one of the bullet written cars with charred bodies inside just absolutely horrific horrific one of the relatives said the victims were innocent were caught up in a war involving rival drug cartels President Trump immediately got involved he suggested that it may be time for the United States to get involved he tweeted out a wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels who were shooting at each other with the result being many great American people killed including young children and some missing if a minute if Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters the United States stands ready willing and able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively the great new president of Mexico has made this a big issue but the cartels have become so large and powerful you sometimes need an army to defeat an army this is the time for Mexico with the help of the United States to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth we merely a way to call from your great new president now the response from the media has obviously been somewhat subdued because on the one hand they don't want Trump to build a wall on the other hand they don't want Trump to get involved in fighting the Mexican drug cartels and you really cannot have it both ways if there's a third solution that some in the libertarian movement have proposed which is legalizing drugs and the American side of the border thus quashing the demand for drug cartels on the Mexican side of the border you legalize it all this becomes mainstream you can have actual legal farms that produce all of this stuff but the fact is that people who are in the drug industry in Mexico are not going to turn to banking if things change in the United States they're gonna continue to find other ways of involving themselves in lucrative illegal activity that's why they move from for example marijuana over to harder drugs as the United States became more accustomed to marijuana wherever the profit is is where the drug cartels are going to move the bigger issue in Mexico is the fact that the administration of Mexico this has been true for decades at this point they're stuck between a little bit of a rock and a hard place on the one hand some of these presidents presumably would like to see the drug cartels go on the other hand if they call in the United States to help them which really is in may be the only option here then they could immediately be ousted by the people of Mexico who are not particularly fond of America getting involved in Mexican politics the last time the United States got militarily involved in Mexico is 1914 when the United States invaded Veracruz and that didn't go particularly well for either the United States or Mexico so what exactly is the solution this well the first solution obviously is yes there needs to be a wall we do not want this stuff crossing America southern border leaving a broad swaths of the American southern border open drug cartels who are using those borders as thoroughfares for guns drugs human trafficking it's unthinkable really it's unthinkable I mean if Trump cannot make the case for a border wall in the aftermath of an attack like this then it's very difficult to imagine how he could make the case for a border wall and if Democrats can make a case against a border wall in the aftermath of an attack like this they're gonna have to explain why and if they say well all this is just happening in Mexico it's not crossing the border yeah talk to people who are living in some of the border cities where there is no barrier legs easy to say El Paso is doing well right El Paso has a wall if you look at some of the border areas in Mexico rates of violence have skyrocketed thanks to the involvement of the drug cartels now the fact is that the United States has long considered the possibility of having to get involved in merit militarily to help out the Mexican government but as I say the Mexican government has proved itself unwilling to actually move forward with anything remotely like that in fact the current President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Lopez Obrador who is a member of the political left there he has what he is called the hugs not bullets policy with regard to the cartels meaning you're trying to work with them you don't try to get violent with them and that merely escalates the situation well that isn't working either it turns out that the only way to wipe out actual criminal cartels is to kill members of the actual criminal cartels as I say case we made for legalization of drugs in the United States that would presumably lower the market for these drug cartels in the first place and lower their power by extension but that's not gonna happen anytime soon particularly with some of the harder drugs that we're talking about in the middle of an opioid epidemic and the fact is that a lot of these drug cartels are trafficking in precisely the kinds of opioids particularly heroin black tar heroin that have caused the opioid epidemic to break out with such viciousness in the United States leading to tens of thousands of lost lives in the United States just a few days ago just a few days ago the UK Guardian reported that manuel lopez obrador is under sustained pressure to rethink his non-confrontational security strategy amid lingering questions over the botched arrest of the son of el chapo guzman well that's that in just one second first let's talk for a second about political coverage there's a world of fake news out there controversy is just constant all the time but in politics here's the reality when everybody says well things have never been as bad as this before it's like well just take a look at America's history follow along from ballot to fallout in podcasting networks sizzling new podcast political scandals which will remind you that yeah we've had some scandals before every Tuesday leading up to the 2020 election political scandals will count down the 52 most scandalous events in American history uncovering the ugly truth behind some of our most infamous elected officials each episode will tithe into a different rise and fall exploring the impact it had on the careers involved and the lasting effects on American history from Watergate and Lewinsky to Chappaquiddick and the 2000 recount dig deeper into the stories you thought you knew or had no idea had changed the state of American politics red state blue state left or right none of these scandals are off-limits on the new podcast series political scandals it's free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcast or visit slash political scandals to listen now so I'm just one remind yourself that things can always be worse listen to this podcast political scandals remind yourself that America we've had these issues before slash a political scandal so as I say the UK Guardian is reporting that openeth aura is already under serious pressure to rethink his strategy with regardeth cartels or video Guzman was briefly held in the northern city of Culiacan last month but was freed after hundreds of gunmen launched a wave of attacks on security forces and blocked roads with burning vehicles the show of strength shots even the most hardened observers have organized crime in Mexico is my heart quois editor of the investigative Sinaloa weekly rio dulce described the moment as a watershed he said life goes on yes but not in the same way we don't know if this will now be the reaction every time criminal groups feel threatened we know even less what the federal government intends to do about it the President of Mexico insists the incident marks a turning point away from the punitive policies of his two predecessors he says this is no longer war it is no longer about forced confrontation anihilation extermination or killing in the heat of the moment they said this is about thinking how to save lives and achieve peace and tranquility in the country using other methods he says those other methods are social programs to alleviate extreme poverty yeah good luck with that I'm sorry but if you think that social programs are going to alleviate the fact that the most profitable enterprises in Mexico right now are these drug cartels yeah sure sure he says that exportations to a good behavior and the insistency is now banned corruption will help he has also pledged to offer what he calls a Brazos no bolaños hugs not bullets yeah hugs for the people who are shooting down tens of thousands of Mexican citizens and who just shot nine American citizens as well and burn them to death and maybe rape them he's also created a new militarized national police force though this has not yet taken a significant role in operations against organized crimes the problem according to security experts again this is the UK Guardian reporting is there nothing in open-door strategy directly addresses the terrifying power of the country's criminal underworld which was brazenly displayed on October 17th even before troops detained Guzman convoys of heavily armed cartel gunmen were speeding to strategic positions in and around the city the effort to rescue Guzman held the city hostage but also targeted the military's weakest points such as buildings where soldiers families live what we saw in Culiacan was the parallel state showing itself said Edgardo boo Scalia an expert on organized crime at Columbia University woo Scalia broadly agreed with obradors critique of his predecessors but argued that fighting poverty cannot alone end criminality many countries far poorer than Mexico suffer far less from organized crime instead the government has to start with a concerted strategy to dismantle the entrenched political and business interest with protection which protect and profit from organized crime what a Lopez Obrador needs is not a security strategy he said what he needs is an anti mafia strategy but again the problem is that there may not be the institutional power necessary at the level of the federal government in Mexico to actually take care of this problem a lot of the federal institutions have been honeycombed with at with with advocates for the cartels with people who work with the cartels police forces in Mexico have long been plagued with serious corruption problems people who are working for the cartel as well simultaneously supposedly working for the police there there are a lot of people who are --court of course again suggesting American involvement but it's difficult to imagine obrador actually calling for America to get involved at this point which again leaves Trump with virtually no alternative to the building of the wall right I mean this is the point you can't let that violence spread north into the United States it's a horrifying horrifying story there's no easy solution and I'm waiting for solutions from the left involved building a wall and if you say just send more money to the Mexican government we have been sending billions of dollars to the Mexican government we do enormous amounts of trade with the Mexican government presumably designed to actually - to actually strengthen the federal government in their capacity to fight all of this but that hasn't helped and it's gonna continue not helping so long as the Mexican drug cartels maintain this enormous sort of power in the United States when we had a mafia problem we had to activate the federal government on a massive level to destroy the Mafia in the United States and to destroy the various alcohol cartels that existed during Prohibition we really really activate activated you know every resource at our disposal the Mexican government may not actually have those resources at their disposal so I'm waiting to hear solutions people can rip on Trump for being if we're going off half-cocked with regards to these tweets but I'm not seeing any other solutions I really am not a wall or answering Mexico's call for aid those would be the only two solutions that are truly on the table at this point now meanwhile there are Brandt a bunch of brand new poles some good for Trump some bad for from the national polling is not particularly good for Trump the State polling however is actually quite good for Trump and that radically reshift s-- the nature of the of the 2020 presidential race now that this attack in Mexico should remind people that it's a cruel world out there a cold world out there and that the sort of open borders policy of the Democratic Party is not something the United States should be accepting under any circumstances the same Democratic Party saying they want to decriminalize border crossing not at ports of entry they want to decriminalize that make that not a crime anymore the same party that says we don't need a wall with Mexico do you want to give them power is that truthfully something that you want to do like this is where Trump really should be pushing okay but in the new national polling according to the Washington Post Dan Balz and Scott Clement reporting one year from the 2020 election President Trump trails him potential Democratic rivals in head-to-head matchups his national support level is fixed at about 40 percent according to a Washington post/abc News poll the new poll highlights the degree to which most of the country already has made a judgement about the president's performance and his voting preferences next year among the 39 percent of registered voters who approve of Trump's job performance from winning at least 95 support 95% support against each of five possible Democratic opponents but among the 58 percent of voters who disapprove of Trump he receives no more than 7% of support Biden Sanders and Warren run strongest against the president nationally according to this new poll the new poll has Biden up 17 points 56 239 war and 15 points 55 to 40 and Sanders up 55 to 41 Pete Budaj leads 52 to 41 Harris 51 to 42 again in all of these numbers from stuck somewhere between 39 and 42 percent but those were the same numbers that we saw in the run up to the 2016 election as well we kept seeing Trump stuck in the low 40s and then he performed at about 47% in the national election which was enough to win him the presidency the poll reflects national findings but other state surveys have shown tighter races particularly in the swing states Republicans and Democrats are mostly locked into their voting intentions but what these polls tend to shows that independents are moving away from Trump but that may not be the case in the near future if again Democrats continue to be as radical as they are and this is what we are seeing in the swing states well get to the swing state poll that came out from the New York Times it's devastating for Elizabeth Warren's case for being the presidential nominee we'll get to that in just one second first let's talk about your sleep quality so I am back from Israel I'm back in the United States not only does that mean that I'm out a better mattress than I was in Israel not only does it mean I'm back home which is awesome it also means that my sleep quality is getting better thanks to 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a bol and branch calm promo code Ben bull and branch komm promo code ban go check them out right now and when he used that promo clip Benton get 50 bucks off your first set of sheets which is an awesome deal bull and branch comm promo code events as I say the national polls for Trump are not looking particularly good the state polls for Trump are a different story so among likely voters there's a poll came out from the New York Times yesterday the New York Times in Siena College and here is what it found and found the Joe Biden was up very slightly in Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin Florida in Arizona and down slightly in North Carolina all of this within the margin of error it shows that Bernie Sanders was ahead in Michigan by three but behind Trump in all of those other swing states and here is the kicker it shows that Elizabeth Warren is down to trump in every single swing state all of them according to the New York Times Siena College poll it shows Warren down four in Michigan down two and Pennsylvania down two in Wisconsin down four in Florida even in Arizona down four in North Carolina which shows again that the national polling numbers are less indicative of where this race is going then those state polling numbers people can say this thing is over Trump's done he's toast but that's not the reality and Elizabeth Warren I think she set up for a fall here I think she is I mean remember at the same time that we are seeing American citizens being slaughtered just south of the American border and Democrats are trying to say that there shouldn't be a wall the Democrats are also trying to claim that America's foreign policy is deeply egregious for example just to give an example why why is Elizabeth Warren set up for fall again her case has to be that she is electable but if she's not perceived as electable then she's basically toast right now she is coasting on months of positive media coverage but I don't know how long that's gonna last as the American people see her I mean for example yesterday Elizabeth Warren was doing a Q&A and some radical leftist got up and suggested that the American government supports genocide and Elizabeth Warren not at along with this here is this bizarre exchange [Applause] [Applause] [Music] little ears high since we want to be a great nation lead the world then we need to live our values every single I like your take on this he literally said that America supports genocide and not only Yemen but quote-unquote Palestine by the way if you think there's a genocide in Palestine I urge you to go visit Palestine okay a state that does not exist it's like Narnia but I urge you to go visit the Palestinian territories where the population has been growing hand over fist I mean rapidly there's some five to six million Palestinians who are now living in the West the so-called West Bank and the Gaza Strip that's the worst genocide of all time but Elizabeth Warren just humorous that kind of stuff so in a threatening world in a world of actual threats are people gonna turn to Elizabeth Warren and as it turns out Elizabeth Warren's plans our garbage too so if she's not perceived as likable if she's not perceived as credible if she's not perceived as able to beat Trump you could start to see the media turn away from her and again the hits keep on coming with regard to the medicare-for-all plan that she released over the weekend I mean even other Democrats are looking at her and crossing their eyes for example Steven Rattner was a counselor to the Treasury Secretary in the Obama administration's he's a lifelong Democrat he has a piece in The New York Times today called the warren way is the wrong way he says senator Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her vision for how to pay for Medicare for all a daunting mountain of new taxes and fees thanks for providing us miss Warren with yet more evidence that Warren presidency is a terrifying prospect one brought closer by your surge in the polls left to her own devices should extend the reach and weight of the federal government far further into the economy than anything even President Franklin Roosevelt imagined effectively abandoning the limited government model that is mostly served as well miss Warren may call herself a capitalist or her panoply of minutely detailed plans suggests otherwise again this is an Obama official she would turn America's uniquely successful public-private relationship into a good Duras tea european-style system if you want to live in France economically Elizabeth Warren should be your candidate he says as a life law Democrat I freely acknowledge that substantial reforms are much needed both to achieve a more equitable distribution of income and wealth and to make good on Donald Trump's failed pledge to raise the economy's growth way rate but the warren way would be quite simply the wrong way today public attention has understandably focused on miss Warren support for Medicare for all as well as her long list of other new social programs like the green New Deal free college tuition universal hot childcare student debt forgiveness and on and on Armada of changes would be highly disruptive for example to the 156 million Americans who have private health insurance and expensive at least twenty three four trillion dollars over the next decade by the way it's not 23 trillion dollars over the next decade it is it is more like 50 trillion dollars over the next decade if you're including the already present spending with regard to health care in the United States she wants to expand new taxes increasing federal revenues by more than 50 percent plus she wants to impose vast new regulatory burdens and she's also lying about all of this she's also a lot I mean her proposals are fully insane and Steven Rattner points out that workers would occupy 40 percent of board seats another page out of the failed European playbook even Germany has had a significantly slower growth rate than ours for many years because of this sort of stuff and then she wants the Department of Economic Development charged with creating and defending good American jobs but really this is the government trying to pick winners and losers and raise tariffs and then she wants new committees to allow consumers and rural areas to delayed trade deals that worry them it's just a disaster so Wratten are going after her okay the fact is by the way that hurt hurt again her Medicare for all plan is just a perfect window into the the bizarre mind of Elizabeth Warren according to reason calm Reason magazine her plans who financed Medicare for all at a total price tag of nearly 52 trillion dollars including about 20 trillion dollars of new government spending an estimate that is probably low she keeps saying that she's not going to increase middle class taxes but that's obviously Falls for example the the chief trick that she plays when she proposes Medicare for all is that she says that the the employee based insurance program so your employer bit pays in and then you pay in my your employer pays in may be 8% you pay in maybe 7% and that pays for your health care she's just gonna take all that and turn that into attacks that goes to the federal government that's called the tax now people may say well it doesn't come out of my bottom line well it does because see here's the thing your employer based health care insurance is actually good Medicare not nearly as good so she's just converting private expenditures into attacks and then not calling it attacks and she refers to it as an employer Medicare contribution it's voluntary now sure that that is in fact attacks obviously speaking also she is she's counting on

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