'Horizon Zero Dawn' Has Robot Dinosaurs, And That's All You Need To Know

Land Before TimeHorizonFar CryTurokGalagaRiskPhysical GraffitiJurassic ParkHorizon's ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Has Robot Dinosaurs, And That’s All You Need To Know March 27, 2017 By Brian Willett Society has collapsed and now functions with primitive tribes and robot dinosaurs. The savages look like Rufio. The robot dinosaurs have the kind of names you’d find in a “Land Before Time” movie: Tallneck, Thunderjaw, Rock Breaker. Players take control of Aloy, an outcast who will find out why the world turned into iLand of the Lost. On the way, she’ll slay a few robot dinosaurs. As has been said practically everywhere, “Horizon” combines aspects of “Far Cry,” “Witcher 3,” “Turok,” “Galaga,”...

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Mar 27th 2017
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