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To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Ben Shapiro Show on iTunes: Democrats move forward with the house impeachment vote president Trump sends what letter to Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell plots his next steps I'm Ben Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show [Music] the Ben Shapiro show is sponsored by expressvpn protect your online privacy today and express it VPN calm / Manuel do you feel uncertain about things these days does it feel like the country is existing on knife's edge does it feel as though the economy could be inflated or could it possibly be depressed do you know anything I don't know anything it feels like nobody knows anything because everything is a mess and it's about this time you should be thinking maybe I should diversify my portfolio because if you don't know what's coming and nobody does it is a good idea to have one foot in each area of the market which means you have only 12 feet but one of those feet should actually be in precious metals and this is where 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with Birch gold and I think you'll enjoy working with them to text Ben to 47 47 47 all right so today is the day today is the big historic oh so everybody's very up for this impeachment thing very exciting it's a historic day so much history making history history history hey let me just explain something history will care I don't and the reason is cuz it's like going to a movie where you already know the ending it's the most predictable movie in the world the Democrats are going to impeach the Republicans are going to acquit in the Senate it's not going to have any masks impact on the election everything in the world is baked into this cake old shoes human feces everything is in the cake when it comes to 2020 the only met the only factor that is not baked into the cake is who the Democrats will nominate we'll get to that a little bit later on in the show when it comes to trump everything is baked into the cake and I realized this morning I was thinking about this with regard to how people view President Trump because really how you view the impeachment is a referendum on how you view President Trump and even more than president Trump how you feel about the broader political situation in the United States I don't think that many people are actually looking at the charges in this case and reading the Democrats a six hundred and fifty nine page report and then reading the Republicans 200 page response and being like well after considering all of the transcripts and all of the facts here's where I come down on the legal mettle of this case on the evidentiary burden hasn't been met or has it not been met I don't think that most Americans are thinking that way I think most Americans are thinking to themselves is this impeachment appropriate or is this impeachment not are the people trying to impeach Trump politically motivated or are they motivated by just concern for the Constitution and preventing foreign countries from interfering in America's elections I feel like we've been speaking past each other for quite a while here and so there are a couple issues on which this is a referendum on Trump and then there are a couple issues where this is a referendum on American politics as a whole and it's all wrapped up together in a ball and that's what people's opinions on impeachment are when it comes down to this I think do you think that President Trump is a murderer or a CEO coroner is he a political murderer or is he a political coroner so if you are on the Left you look at President Trump and you say look at this wild dude look at this person he lies frequently he says things that are dishonest he he breaks every rule of the presidency he says things out loud that should never be said he gets on phone calls and just jabbers to the president of Ukraine about his political opponents he's the kind of guy who will say or do anything he'll insult people on Twitter he rips the media and then he degrades the view of people of the media because he sees them as his enemy he calls them the enemy of the people this is somebody who cannot be normalized and this is why you've heard Democrats say and people in the media say since literally the day he was alive didn't really sense that he was nominated we cannot accept this as the new normal cannot accept this as the new normal in other words Trump murdered all of these conventions right there were all of these conventions that the media were trustworthy and Trump murdered it he took it out back without it with a pickaxe and buried it in the I like like Leon Trotsky that Trump has murdered civility before this we were a republic of comedy and you see this in the rewriting of Barack Obama's history by the media it has now been an accepted part of the media's history the Barack Obama was actually a politician of comedy and unity and spends his days trying to cut bipartisan deals which for any of us who have a memory longer than that of the fish Dory in Finding Nemo we have recognized that's a bunch of crap okay but for folks on the Left it's like well you know Barack Obama that was a man of honor and civility civility and I remember a lot of civility from broccoli but they do they do don't you remember those days when there was a consensus that politics stopped it water's edge that you never militarized foreign policy on behalf of your own political viewpoint and now Donald Trump has rats that he's the murderer of that political consensus the idea that we were all in it together and it's true domestically to Trump is polarized us along domestic political lines whereas once we were unified it is Trump who has who has wrecked everything and is the view of the left and the view of the media when it comes to impeachment they say well if we don't impeach now then we've broken impeachment forever if we don't impeach now then the very conventions of impeachment will have been destroyed for all time Trump will have murdered them it will just be another casualty of his evil his the view of the left is that Donald Trump is the political murderer right that he is Michael Myers and that he is stalking Jamie Lee Curtis and that Jamie Lee Curtis is all that is good and right with the American Republic and then there is the view of the people who are I would say probably on the middle or on the right and that view is that Trump is not actually a political murderer yes he exacerbates a lot of the problems that the country has already been experiencing no he's not militating against any of those but Trump is much more a coroner than he is a murderer that his election represents the recognition by the American people that all these things were already dead Trump came upon the the still-warm corpse of American politics and then he declared it dead and so Democrats seeing a man standing over the body are going oh that guy probably killed him right that guy's the murderer and Republicans conservatives independence they're looking at trumpet they're going nope that body was dead and Trump didn't exactly like get down on his hands and knees and perform CPR on the guy but he ain't the murderer he's the coroner he's the person who came along and declared all of these things dead so the media the media's credibility was gone it was already gone Newt Gingrich was hacking it in 2012 to wild acclaim the media had already made clear that they were nothing but but sort of drool carriers for Barack Obama so Donald Trump coming along and ripping the media that was nothing new that was just him declaring something dead that we all knew was dead and when it comes to civility Barack Obama was going around insulting everybody who didn't agree with him it's a bitter clinger joe biden was going around saying that Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was gonna put black people back in Chains and he was an evil person who put dogs on top of his car in all of this he was it was interest groups in favor of Barack Obama super PACs running ads suggesting that Mitt Romney had fired people so their wives would get cancer and die so don't tell me the civility died because Donald's from put a stake through its heart Donald Trump is the coroner he came along he said let their civility it's dead so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna pretend it to that don't sound be civility here the same thing when it comes to this quorum quote consensus there was no consensus on American foreign policy politics did not stop at water's edge most of us are old enough to remember when mainstream members of the left were suggesting that George W Bush was a war criminal and should be tried in The Hague we remember when the Democrats were undermining the the Iraq war when we remember when the Democrats were pulling precipitously out of Iraq and leaving room for Isis so let's not pretend that there was some sort of broad foreign policy consensus when Barack Obama Ben Rhodes were lying to the faces of the American people about the supposed moderation of the regime in Iran you remember all of that and so Donald Trump came along and again acted as the coroner and he looks at time of death 11:20 and he's just the coroner he ain't the murderer and then finally when it comes to impeachment and that's today's news people have no left they're like well if we don't impeach over this and we won't be able to impeach over anything and you know what there there is truth to the notion that whenever Congress slides it's impeachable responsibilities that the the ability to impeach is degraded there's no question that that is true that the less you use a particular impeachment is like any other muscle of the political body politic unless you use it the MOR atrophies it's only been used four times in American history one of those times had ended in the resignation of President Nixon somebody said to me today somebody on the right said to me today who's a fan of the impeachment effort said to me well you know if President Nixon were around today he wouldn't be impeached right he would stick around and the answer is that's probably true if President Nixon were in office today if Watergate had happened it's probably true that he would have stuck around it is also true that he was impeached for actual crimes this impeachment effort to distinguish it and to be completely fair this impeachment effort has no crimes attached to it which is why the Democrats did not charge bribery that's why they did not charge wire fraud it is why they did not charge an obstruction of justice instead they crafted these political crimes to avoid having to prove the elements of an actual crime so it's pretty obvious what they're trying to do here but if you want to say that bad activity by the President of the United States is impeachable well guess what even their President Trump is acting as a coroner he is not acting as the murderer so he's not making the problem any better can't reviving the the honor and coherence of the presidency but I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama's IRS was targeting conservatives was finding keywords in IRS applications and then mixing those IRS applications for nonprofit status if those nonprofits happen to be conservative I remember when that happened and the Republicans didn't impeach him over it the fact is impeachment was atrophied the moment the Bill Clinton was not thrown out of the thrown out of the White House the man obviously committed perjury and obstruction of justice he was not ousted at that point the political body politic it was atrophied and so for Democrats to come around now and be like well this is completely partisan yeah and it was completely partisan in 1998 when the Democrats decided that despite open crimes by the President of the United States he's not gonna be impeachable so Trump declared this thing dead now on a broad level on a broad level should the president be impeached on a broad level most presidents should probably have been hitched or at least many presidents should have been impeached when Barack Obama was launching wars in Libya without the express permission of Congress when dot when Barack Obama was droning American citizens overseas I mean like what and if you're on the left when George W Bush was exceeding his mandate with the war in Iraq using the authorization to use military force for Afghanistan and Iraq right all of these things in any sort of vacuum would appear as quote unquote impeachable offenses but in fact is this the impeachment has been a dead letter for a long time civility has been a dead letter for a long time consensus has been a dead letter for a long time the media's credibility have been a debt has been a dead-letter for a long time and so this is why I think that Democrats look at Trump and they see every outrage is a new outrage a fresh outrage because they believe that none of this is true they believe that everything was hunky-dory under Barack Obama that everything was wonderful and civil and delightful and cheerful and happy they pretend the Bush years didn't exist that Bush was just one of those wild outliers it's weird how in the Democratic view every Republican is an outlier but the fact is that Donald Trump was the new normal before Donald Trump was the new normal Donald Trump was the coroner of POD of America's politics he was not in fact the murderer of America's politics now that does raise the question as to how we rebuild in American politics in this arena with all of our institutions mistrusted and as I say I don't think that Donald Trump is rebuilding those institutions I don't think the president Trump is restoring the integrity of the White House of the media I don't think that he's restoring civility I don't think he's restoring consensus I'd only he's doing a lot of those things but that does not mean that Donald Trump is the person who broke them he came upon the warm but dead body of American politics and and here's the proof of this the Democrats are about to nominate Bernie Sanders can you imagine an election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders I mean last time around if you didn't think that was the death of American politics Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton one of the most widely despised hated politicians of the last thirty years against a man who arrived on the political scene five seconds ago and had the lowest approval ratings for any candidate in American history I don't not to tell you our politics is broken before Trump Trump was just the person who made it obvious that the politics were broken that's not impeachable you don't put that up for an election in November you can do that but the real reason Democrats want to impeach Trump is because they want to assume that if it were not for Trump the American body politic could be alive and well and that ain't the case that simply is not the case okay so today the impeachment vote is happening the Democrats are going to impeach President Trump the media will declare this a historic moment and then this thing will move on to the Senate it's not gonna pay off for the Democrats politically speaking it's gonna be pretty ugly for the Democrats actually politically speaking Jim McGovern Democrat of Massachusetts chairman of the House Rules Committee he says if a president's undermining our national security and using the federal government for his own selfish personal gain is not impeachable concepts then madam conduct than madam Speaker I don't know what is again the Democrats speaking the language of if we don't impeach an impeachment itself has been broken guys impeach was broken quite a while ago now if you want to ask about whether you think this particular set of facts is impeachable my answer for a long time has been no because I don't think that you've actually fulfilled I don't think that you have actually fulfilled the standard here I don't think that you have actually fulfilled the criminal standard necessary to drive bipartisan approval but with that said again impeachments been broken for a very long 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impeach Trump since the day he was elected and that of course is true they've been they've been looking to impeach Trump because they believe that Trump is the aberration the American body politic was healthy and Trump murdered it and if we can withdraw Trump and withdraw the knife everything goes back to normal except there wasn't a normal there wasn't than normal in the first place and I think most Americans understand this which is why the impeachment stuff is not going anywhere people feel like Democrats are partisan people feel like this has nothing to do with healing the body politic and everything to do with exacerbating the divides inside the body politic this is how the American people feel so the way you can tell this most most easily is the fact that Democrats are not even running ads on impeachment Republicans are Nick Korres sanity writing for the New York Times for the past two months television ads across central Virginia have sounded a lot like president from sweater a rigged process a sham impeachment no quid pro quo but Pelosi's witch-hunt continues and ad from the Republican nonprofit group America first policies cried as images of Abigail Spann Berger who represents the region in Congress flickered on screen span burger of course is a blue Democrat in a in a red district or purple district during the roughly two months the impeachment inquiry has been underway Trump and his Republican allies have flooded the airwaves spending more than sixteen point seven million dollars on ads critical of the impeachment effort a vast majority of those ads attack House Democrats rather than defending the president according to advertising analytics an ad tracking firm groups are not fighting back directly are choosing to instead focus mainly on other issues like health care which shows you what they think right if they thought that a referendum on Trump would win them reelection if they think they're just shouting that Trump is gonna skew the election unless you get out and vote is going to win the election for them even they don't think that instead they're running ads on health care they're spending just 5.4 million dollars on television ads specific to impeachment instead the most prominent democratically funded message on TV is Mike Bloomberg for president so the Democrats are not spending I'm pushing the impeachment effort why because they know the American people do not agree with them that Donald Trump the elected president of the United States remember 63 million people voted for him and right now he's favored in the polls to win reelection in according to the latest polls out the only Democrat who's capable of beating him is Joe Biden and but Biden's fading in the polls against Trump that he's lost ground to trump over the past couple of months and so the American people are just not buying the argument that if you don't get rid of Trump the American people will not be heard now Trump himself and honestly Trump himself makes the case for Democrats that he is out of the box but the American people still see through them they say yeah no politics was out of the box you are just this is just the latest episode in in Arkham Asylum over here so president Trump has sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi it's something that his base enjoys because the letter is full on Trump I mean is Trumpy Trump be Trump II it's something that the middle of the country kind of shrugs at because they figure okay well independents like yeah that's Trump that's my Trump like we know him we got it and Democrats are infuriated by because again two Democrats he's the murderer he's not the coroner his very presence is the knife wound in the body as opposed to everybody else's like ya know he you know he's just a symptom he ain't the cancer he's the symptom right just like most other things in American politics are symptoms of a broader ill so here is president Trump's letter to Nancy Pelosi and it is it is wild okay it's a wild letter it makes some points it is colorful and it is just an indicator that if the American people want to get rid of this guy guess what a year from now 11 months from now they will have every opportunity to do so and the Democrats don't want to give you the opportunity to do so they get to make their case that Trump not be the new normal they get to make their case that Trump is everything wrong with the body politic and you may not buy that case and that's what they're afraid of because here's the thing Democrats I ask this to Bill Maher once we're talking about the the Russia Trump stuff and I said at the time I don't think there's evidence that that Donald Trump worked with the Russians to skew the 2016 election and Maher was like really you don't is on on real time he's about two years ago maybe I said I don't think there's evidence for that and if evidence does emerge then I will rethink my position but I don't think the evidence is there for that and he's like really you don't think that and at the same time he was maintaining that Trump was an idiot I said well you're gonna have to pick either he's an idiot or he's a mastermind or he's a criminal mastermind which is it well Democrats are sort of stuck in the same position with regard to this Trump Ukraine stuff on the one hand he's a criminal mastermind deviously seeking to skew the results of the 2020 election by using a Ukrainian foreign policy to interfere with American politics on the other hand he's a done during who stumbles from place to place now the reality is Trump is just Trump he's a set of responses to stimuli Donald Trump is galvanized frog of politics hey sometimes it's great he's a contained nuclear facility every so often the nuclear the nuclear facility becomes uncontained and you have run over every so often you have a near meltdown but the fact is that the walls of American constitutional systems are very thick the cement walls are very thick they basically contain him and so when we get glimpses of the of the nuclear power underneath it's like oh man but do we feel that he's basically contain I think the American people basically feel this is contained now whenever he issues these letters people on the left leg land this is why he should be impeached and guess what because you think you should be impeached over this letter this is why we don't trust you really cuz this letter ain't impeachable now you've seen Democrats being like this is the very reason why Donald Trump should be impeached the letter is basically just a six page long restatement of his main thesis which is that the impeachment is a disgrace something that he said yesterday in a press conference here's President Trump explaining that the vote itself is a disgrace to impeach the President of the United States for that is a disgrace and it's a mark on our country and I'll tell you what other presidents and in the future unless they do something about this other presidents are gonna have to live with this and every time they do something that's a little bit unpopular a little bit strong even if they're a hundred percent right because I've done a great job okay so Trump men sends a letter to this effect and Nancy Pelosi responds to the letter is that the letter is sick and just another reason why he should be impeached okay well that is a referendum again on is he the murderer or is he the corner the letter to her is evidence that he's the murderer the response from the American people basically has been nope you were part of this Nancy you've been here for years Donald has been here for like three years you were one of the murderers of American politics we were there we remember here's Nancy Pelosi calling the letter sec essence of it it's really sick it's really sick guys it's only it's sick and every Republican goes yeah you know it's sick you leaping to an impeachment inquiry without evidence of an actual crime right that's what's really sick and just a second we'll get to the actual text of president Trump's last his pre impeachment letter the last letter that he will write as a non impeached president in the house I'll get to that in one second because it is entertaining it is it is all you have come to expect from President Trump we'll get to all of those things in just one second first we need to talk about the fact that your computer that your car basically it can break down and when it breaks down you don't know how to fix it anymore it ain't like an old 1965 Chevy where you can open the engine take a look inside and fix the thing basically your car is a computer on wheels and what that means is that anytime there's a breakdown in your car it could cost you an absolute fortune you don't know how to fix it yourself this is why you need car shield car shield has affordable protection plans that can save you thousands for a covered repair including computers GPS electronics and more exactly the kind of stuff that you cannot fix yourself you get to choose your favorite 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for no reason not not really sure why to be fair it is not an unconstitutional abuse of power the constitute like he couldn't appeal his impeachment the articles of impeachment introduced by the House Judiciary Committee are not recognizable under any standard of constitutional theory interpretation or jurisprudence they include no crimes no misdemeanors and no offenses whatsoever if cheapened the importance of the very ugly word impeachment hey this happens to be true hey that this happens they do not include a crime and this is a point that I've made right yes it is true that if Richard Nixon came up from Pietschmann today probably he would not be impeach it is also true that at least that impeachment effort had crimes attached to it the same thing happened to be true with Bill Clinton who had perjury and obstruction of justice attached to it the Democrats specifically crafted these charges to avoid

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