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If you haven't already, be sure to pre-order a copy of my forthcoming book, 'How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps.' Click here to reserve your signed copy today: disagree with you on a couple points Ben sure I'm personally introduce myself my name is cash Jackson I'm a retired Navy veteran and thank you for your service thank you I am also intending on running for governor 2018 here in the state of Illinois and I wanted to specifically address where you spoke about victimization and people coming from impoverished neighborhoods that that poverty wasn't kind of that what you equated to for criminal activity and that addressing crime by putting more police into these inner-city communities would be the resolution to set criminal activity I just want to challenge that thought process on a couple of points sure beginning with my personal opinion and some of this is going to be rooted in facts and others just in my observation is that the majority of crime that's being committed in these inner-city neighborhoods if we look at prison statistics if we look at gang violence we look at drug abuse we look at teen pregnancy suicide and depression amongst our youth there's one common denominator that common denominator is that these children are growing up in fatherless homes they're going they're growing up and follow those homes not because fathers are not present and because we have a plethora of deadbeat father's which has been painted through the social through the media that there's millions of deadbeat father's out there that's simply not the truth what is the truth is that the states have found it profitable by misappropriating title 4d funding through the Social Security Act from the federal government down to the states the states take a parent which is historically and statistically the father they relegate them down to a visitor during a custody proceeding such as my case so I hope that you can smear this over your website they reduce me down to a visitor status to justify a child support order when they do that and they force that collection process they receive federal funding directly to the state a so sorry I don't want to break up the long paragraphs there but it but it's um but you know more about custody battles an item I will just say that obviously custody battles only take place in a situation in which there's a conflict between the spouses I mean I assume that you and your spouse don't get along great well I mean let me finish just addressing I know I'm long-winded sorry one more one more comment the fact is that it is not custody battles the custody battles are not the reason 70 percent of black kids are born out of wedlock and 40 percent of white kids are born out of wedlock it's because people having the sex out of wedlock and having babies but but when that child support order is put in place okay in order to justify the support order they they have to take one parent which historically is the father and say you're only going to get every other weekend and when we do that we have set the stage for emotional and mental challenges for those individuals and again if you look at teen pregnancy statistics drug abuse statistics so I agree with you about the correlation between all these terrible things in single motherhood I just disagree with you statistically that cases of father visit a visitation in divorce cases represent the even even a large minority of the cases of single motherhood again the vast majority of if we're talking about the what the the sort of culture of single motherhood that's been creating the United States it is not about custody hearings it is about the fact that people are getting pregnant before they're married out of wedlock and having babies without a father even in the home this is not to diminish the problems in custody battles there's no question that a lot of custody law is biased toward the mother that's been true for for thirty years forty years fifty years but to pretend that that is the main problem facing inner-city communities for example ignores the fact that the vast majority people who are having babies out of wedlock are having an out of wedlock they're not having an in wedlock and then dad is taking off dad's taking off because they never got married okay this is why marriage is a prerequisite I believe then that if you look at say the south side chicago and the west side chicago if you look at that in the crime that is there today you can trace that back to Jim Crow to the war on drugs to mass incarceration and when fathers were taken out in large numbers over a long duration you now have set the stage where you have so many children being had out of Wenlock because the family unit has broken down in these know the increase in single motherhood is not based in Jim Crow because the fact is that at the end of Jim Crow this is the black single motherhood right was twenty percent today it's seventy two percent okay so to the society get more racist how did that happen is it just a ticking time bomb that they left under the kitchen table the fact is that people are having babies out of wedlock now because there are government structures in place that basically incentivize people to have babies out of wedlock and that's and that's the real problem now in terms of crime obviously crime is involved the single motherhood what I'm suggesting is that there are two ways to tackle this problem one is a broader cultural critique in which we say to people you need to get married and that means getting people involved in church and synagogue getting people involved in a social network that encourages people to get married before they have babies that's a long term project because it takes a hunter it takes a hundred years for an entire society to devolve to the point where a majority of babies are being born out of wedlock in the community or a vast minority in the white community that's one way to tackle it a shorter term way to tackle crime is to put all the criminals in prison because again I think that that sets off a chain reaction that's actually good and the chain reaction is then now you can have businesses invest I'm not going to take my money and invest in a store that I think is going to be robbed tomorrow because the crime rate is high I'm only going to invest where I think the cops are going to protect and if there are no cops there to protect it's hard for me to invest once I invest that creates a property tax base or a local taxation base and now you actually have the money if you want a good public school to actually put together a good public school so all of these things need to be need to happen at once but the only quarrel I have with you at all is is I think that you're taking in anecdote and expanding it out statistically where that's not actually statistically valid that the federal incentives to the states for the states to receive federal funding based on their force collection of child support no I'm not arguing with you on that you may be very well be right I don't know enough about that to answer that question all I'm saying is that if you're talking about child support as the as the lead problem in in these communities there we disagree I mean sorry have to move on so there's a lot of other questions hi I just wanna say thank you for your talk today and that's coming from someone who disagrees with basically everything you say oh good I'm glad yeah so thank you for coming so today you had a Twitter thread in response to Ted Lou's comments on health insurance and the CBO report that yeah now about why pre-existing conditions should be charged more for those with pre-existing conditions that become priced out of the market due to them being charged more which I understand your reasoning behind you know car insurance stuff like that I read I mean I mean to reiterate minded my point people who don't understand just so if you're coming in late to this conversations head Lou tweeted something out about how it's ridiculous basically for insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions more so which I said it's an insurance company of course it does I mean every insurance company in history charges people more based on their risk profile that's why you have risk Assessors at insurance companies so go ahead yeah my question is for the people who are priced out of the market yeah due to that you know is their only solution to go without health care and why do you think that's an acceptable solution when most other nations have found us no I don't think that's an acceptable solution I think what we need to do is we've trained now three generations of Americans to be dependent on the government to fill that gap so there are a couple of ways that you can that you can tackle these issues the the chief problem and I think we all acknowledge this is that people don't buy it let's say that everyone were age zero for a second okay everyone was born today how do you solve the health care problem you don't really have to solve the healthcare problem because people presumably you train them to buy insurance when they're young the big problem is people don't buy insurance when they're young now they're 60 they don't have insurance they have pre-existing conditions and now no one's gonna cover them right so we all know that the the problem in the future is not gonna be people who are 65 because in 50 years 40 years 30 years they'll be dead all right the big problem is going to be people who are 20 who are not getting health insurance now and then in 40 years they have a pre-existing condition they look for health insurance so if we're talking about the future and the future plans for health care what we need to be doing is encouraging young people to buy health insurance well they're only two ways to do that one is to use the government to force people to buy health insurance and the other way is to basically have a market system that punishes people for not buying health insurance okay the way you have a market system that punishes people for not buying health insurance is you make it very clear to people that there's a moral hazard involved here that if you don't buy health insurance that you're going to be paying more in the long run so you'd better well pay health insurance right now and make smart decisions about it now for the people who fall through the cracks as I say there there's there's two groups now that we're talking about there's people who are old and have pre-existing conditions and it's too late for them what do we do they can't go back to being 20 and buy health insurance when they were healthy right so for those people obviously we have to have some sort of backup that phases out over time right that doesn't work the same way for a 60 year old as it works for a 40 year old or a 30 year old who can buy when they're healthy because we want to encourage those people to buy not to be relying on government and their I'm not I'm not against the idea of a phased out government program based on age that help subsidize people in pre-existing condition situations and the other thing is that you have to have private charity pick up the slack for a lot of this stuff and this is where I've said that I think that private charity does pick up the slack for a lot of things I mean you know Jimmy Kimmel made obviously a big to-do when he did a when he did a routine on his on his show in which he talked about how his baby son had been born they took him to Children's Hospital he had an open-heart surgery and and that's why you need Obamacare okay Jimmy Kimmel didn't have Obamacare Jimmy Kimmel had private insurance the fact is the private insurance which covers the vast majority of the market is still covering of pre-existing conditions because when you are employed and you have insurance you're pooled with all the other employees of your company that's the way it works right they don't charge you more with a pre-existing condition at least in huge numbers when you when you're getting it through your employer so the problem so that's prominent with Jimmy Kimmel is he already had health insurance the problem number two that you didn't mention is the Children's Hospital is a Charity Hospital a lot of people are coming in there with Medicaid and the only way that people can get covered is not just through Medicaid it's because there's a bunch of charity that's coming in and supplementing the Medicaid to pay the doctor I know this because the doctor who operated on Jimmy Kimmel son is gonna involve art and he operated on my daughter when she was a year and half old so we were at the same hospital but the same doctor the vast majority of patients there I believe we're on Medicaid and they were able to get care because of the charity that was involved so my solutions are twofold four there's a long answer to but it's a complex question so the so the the answer is one private charity needs to be increased so that we can help pick up the slack because if that doesn't happen conservatives note to us we need to give more charity because if we don't do it the government's gonna try to okay and solution number two is that we have to have a stout program that takes care of the people for whom it's too late to actually make good decisions but still encourages people to make good decisions now about buying their insurance which means there must be a risk attached to not buying insurance comment um two things first of all if you're encouraging people to buy health insurance you know at the age of twenty or an age like that they're not gonna have you know the income or the percentage to donate as much to a better insurance plan you know you don't need a terrific insurance plan when you're 20 you know the catastrophic insurance plan when you're 20 and then the truth is that most of the time you need a catastrophic insurance plan generally you shouldn't have to go to insurance company if you have a flu you should be able go to doctor and pay cash and also when you're 20 there are still people with pre-existing conditions that would jack up those costs and getting it early might not help 100% but again this is a time lapse question because the fact is that you know my daughter was covered under my insurance right if you're if you're under 20 you're covered on your parent's insurance typically so thank you hi mr. Shapiro thank you for being here today I'm sure it takes guts to say those things especially place like Northwestern so thank you oh it's fine I do it for a living so so you mentioned a couple times about how there needs to be a national dialogue focusing on various social issues do you think that your your caustic left versus right liberal versus conservative language helps to change people's views or do you think that your success your fame this tour that you're doing comes from being a sounding board for people who already have established you use very similar to yours so I think some above so I will agree that that some of the things that I say are costing one of the reasons that I do this in caustic matter is because if you're entertaining people then you're also getting them to listen to you we live in an entertainment culture and all of that is true the second thing is the reason that I do that is because the Contin the most common left argument against people on the right is you're mean you're nasty you're cruel you're bad it's not an argument it's a character attack by me getting aggressive that basically says to the left okay back off we're not gonna make character attacks on each other because we can do it all day now we can have a discussion so you may have noticed that the last couple of people who came up are people who disagree with me and we've had a very cordial discussion I'm more than happy to have cordial discussions but first we have to take off the table the idea that I'm an because you disagree with me so the way to do that is by me saying listen if you think that and that kind of makes you an so that's the that's it that's the way that I do that is to disarm the character argument so we can actually get brass tacks again I think that the evidence is pretty good that I've convinced you know this is not on me it's because people listen thank God is that I've convinced a fair number of people I mean I do get dozens of letters a day from people on the left who've listened to my arguments and it's caused them to at least think a little bit more deeply about the argument there's room for a lot of various voices with a lot of various different approaches I mean you can approach it like Arthur Brooks and that's wonderful I love Arthur Brooks but there needs to be somebody who is who says some of the tough things that people aren't willing to hear and that's not just about me saying in the caustic fashion it's about me saying things that people don't want to hear like people take it as caustic when I say your life is in your hands that seems to me not a particularly caustic thing to say but people get offended by it because it's something they don't necessarily want to hear when I say when I say things like you know if you're living in if you're employed by an industry where there are jobs that are being lost to technology trumping gonna bring it back Hillary I'm gonna bring it back nobody's gonna bring it back when I say that people get very upset because they want people to bring it back but that's not me being caustic it's the facts being caustic do you think that you said people like to characterize you as an do you think that's just because not just my wife yeah do you think that's because that was just a very personal attack on your character is that's based on your views well I think that it's because of my views that they attack my character I mean I think that yeah I like to think that I'm a relatively a nice guy but the fact is that it doesn't matter how nice you are Mitt Romney was a genial fellow and they called him a guy who straps dogs the top of his cars wants to put y'all back in Chains and and his binders full of women because he hates women right there there's not a more genial person in politics more kind-hearted kind of genteel person in politics than Mitt Romney and they basically called them Hitler and that's why they spent that bullet by the time from came around who legitimately is not the world's greatest guy good evening mr. Shapiro howdy I just want to say thank you for everything you do I don't have a question for besides this I wouldn't know if you would sign your book yeah bring up her analysis and if and if I could just shake my hand okay I'm always happy to shake hands along [Applause] [Applause] hi Ben this is a Twitter question from Cairo cuz it says when was the last time you changed her mind on some public policy and why did you make that change so I changed my mind based on further evidence so the last time that I remember changing my mind was on decriminalization of marijuana so I used to be in favor of criminalization of marijuana my views have shifted very libertarian on the drug war and that's because as I saw more evidence that the drug wars a giant fail and that fit with my general worldview which the government sucks at everything except breaking things then now what no don't mistake my my lack of support for the drug war for my for my support for drugs people who smoke pot irritate me to an enormous degree and I think they're wasting time and brain cells but with that said that's it that's a case where I think that the as the evidence makes itself clear it's pretty clear the government doesn't know what to do with the with the war on marijuana and they've wasted a lot of time and money and and have heard a lot of people in that war so my question just sort of focuses on two sort of different things you've been talking about one which is focusing on the decisions people make and how that influences how successful they are and two you made a comment saying in America we don't afford you you know equality well things like that we give you equality of access well equal access to rights not not equal access okay there is a difference what I mean by equal access to rights obviously is I mean that no one's gonna get in your way that the rights that you hold are the same as the rights that I hold but when I'm say and and if somebody blocks them then that's blocking your access but what I don't mean is that a person who has a million dollars in the bank is equally situated with a person with five dollars in the bank is obviously that's stupid yes and I would agree that that's stupid good one agreements on stupidity yeah something we can agree on so III do want to sort of extend that into I I do personally believe that the number one factor and a lot of these sort of things are the decisions you make but a lot of what affects your decisions is sort of where you start out and sometimes that's like a long sort of cultural argument and things like that for other times it's something more basic like well if you weren't born into as wealthy a family it's harder to go to a nicer college and you're pressured to take another job so you don't finish high school or you have to take care of you know it's a single-parent household which you didn't decide your parents made poor decision yes but then you have to take care of your little siblings or things like that so then it becomes harder for you to maintain your job and you lose that so I think there's a lot of sort of things that hundred percent this is correct yeah three sort of key tickets you've talked about that are heavily influenced by factors entirely out of a person well I mean not having babies out of wedlock is definitely not influenced by factors beyond your control I mean unless you have uncontrollable genitalia so that's so you know the so the fact is that just because you had a single mom doesn't mean that you have to follow in the pattern bottom line is that when you have cycles of poverty somebody's gonna have to break that at some point that's gonna take an act of will when it comes to graduating from high school the number of people who are dropping out of high school because they need to you know support their family is incredibly low in the United States but if that's the case then you know I I'll give you an example there's a there's a listener of mine who's a young woman think she's probably 18 years old who emailed me the other day and she said you have your three rules right no don't have babies before marriage and and get finish high school and then get a job and she said I love your show I agree with everything you say I also broke one of those rules so I have a baby I had a baby when I was fifteen years old and what should I do about that and I said well I replied her I said well what's your social structure like why did you have a new parents nearby who can help out with your kid you have a church that you belong to people who you can rely on and she said well I'm not really a member of a church I don't have like a huge social structure and my mom my mom's also a single mom because there are these pathologies where there are generations of single mothers and and so what should I do and she said well I went ahead my GED and now I'm trying to go to Community College but I don't have money for childcare I don't have money for childcare my mom works so what should I do and I said well why don't you put together a GoFundMe and get it to me and I'll push it out there and so she sent me a GoFundMe I put a hundred bucks in the kitty an hour and a half later she had $6,000 the reason that I did that and the reason I tell this story is not because I'm such a wonderful dude although I am the reason that I the reason that I tell this story is because there is a world of willing people who are willing to give and help you escape these things if you want to make the effort there's whole groups of people out there there's whole organizations dedicated to helping you escape making bad decisions dedicated to helping you get out of poverty and if people need to find these things then please email me email your church email your synagogue there are entire religions dedicated to this and this idea that these are their these inescapable chains of poverty the no decision you make can help you escape these things you know if that's true then we're not doing good enough job on a private level but I don't think it's true I think the American people are the most generous people on the face of the earth statistically speaking that is eminently true Republicans by the way do give much more money to charity than Democrats mainly because they're religious and and so our goal as individuals not as a society because I don't like to talk about our goals as a quote/unquote society our goals as individuals should be to help people make the right decision so they can escape these these bad decisions that they were about to make and other end people's goals as individuals should also be not to make the bad decisions these at these these cycles cannot be broken by a government coming in and trying to fix them government tried to fix poverty in 1964 and the war on poverty has now been going for half a century and by percentage the same number of people are poor okay so this is just not working we're gonna need to do something else and it's gonna need to come down to individual decision making just to end this I want to thank you for your personal kind charity especially I didn't give you money I can thank you for your kindness to others and I am very appreciative of everyone who does that I just personally don't believe that that's going to be the solution for everyone out there but once again I I thank you for coming and speaking here and thank you for advancing the cause of charity even if you do it in a way that is politically different from my own well thank you I appreciate that [Applause] what do you view as the consequence of the left taking power in America well I mean I think the the if I haven't made this clear I think that you know when you're talking about the left taking power of the government the consequence is more intervention in our lives more regulation more redistribution of wealth the left has a basic view of the government which is that the government is there to guarantee positive rights and what they mean by positive rights is taking something from someone and giving it to someone else so a positive right to health care let me say right to health care they mean forcing my wife to provide health care and a price that she doesn't want to provide and they've been putting a gun to somebody's head and then threatening them that's that the the government is a big pointing the gun at somebody machine that's what the government does and so when the left takes control of that then the government can either point that gun at people who are getting in the way of your exercise of your right so the government can point it at somebody else and forced them to guarantee you things and the left is about pointing the gun at people and forcing them to guarantee you things and that holds true on everything from religious freedom which will be quashed to redistribution ISM to government regulation on a whole variety of issues hi Ben thanks for coming out I'm just kind of curious I know we you mentioned the I see a speaker who came in and got protested out but yes you're us what's your particular stance on the way we handle undocumented immigrants in this country because I'm aware that they aren't US citizens they don't have constitutional rights but they are still people and we should treat them with respect they have human dignity so what are your thoughts okay so let me start from this premise my view on immigration is almost entirely libertarian if there are no welfare state so my view on immigration is that free flow of labor is a good thing but there are two mitigating factors mitigating factor number one is you can't come here to take advantage of the welfare systems and mitigating factor number two is you have to accept the culture of the United States which is to say the rights that are expressed in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence which means a small government not guaranteeing bigger services through redistribution of income but you know that we don't have to people come here to work we don't have to given the vote either I mean as long as you're coming here not committing a crime and you just want to work I don't really see that as being a particularly big problem as far as people who aren't undocumented and violating the law to be here the biggest problem is I see it is again twofold one is taking advantage of the welfare system and there is a net cost for people who are coming here illegally because they take advantage of the education system for example they take advantage of state systems it's still forbidden to get federal welfare but their state systems in California where I live there are tremendous state support systems for undocumented immigrants illegal immigrants and and so here's my view the government has every right to decide who comes in the country and who doesn't come into the country that is true for new immigrants it's true for people who are already here if you come here and we feel that your net benefit to the citizens of the United States you're coming in here and you are going to work hard and fly right and you're gonna be a great addition to the United States you respect our view of human nature and of government and you just want to be part of this great mission then more power to you come on in I the same thing holds true friends documents and immigrants just because you've been here for ten years if you've been if you've been relying on welfare and then I think you ought to go if you are not a net benefit to the United States you ought to go a citizenry gets to say who gets to join and who doesn't get to join and you know if that is if that means that there's a father and a mother and the father is a bad addition but the mother is a good addition then they're gonna have to make a family decision as to where they live just like we would have to in any other family situation but it seems weird to me that the government can go through 150 million tax forms every year that the government doesn't have the power to go through 11 million applications from illegal immigrants interview people and decide who's going to add to the country economically and culturally and who's going to detract so in other words do it on an individual level the big problem is that you have people on both sides who don't want to do it on an individual level they want to say okay all on document all illegal images on documents because that's a euphemism all the illegal immigrants out okay I think that's silly there are people who are illegal immigrants who have been here working hard and doing the right things but there are lots of people who haven't and people on the Left who say everybody should stay because they've been here and they're just like us well not everybody is just like us and we should take that into account hi Ben my name is also Ben that's about it that's all we have in common you spoke a lot about how the crime and a lot of issues in America come with having sex out of wedlock and having basically broken up families I was wondering your opinion on mass incarceration in this country and how that affects entice into victimization specifically related to black and brown people but I'll get there in a second America has 25% of the world's prison population with 5% of the world's population so obviously a lot of your families where kids go wrong they don't have the support systems that's why their fathers or their mothers are in prison and you can look at very concrete examples of ways where the law has not been applied equally to

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