Very Tremendous Law And Order | Ep. 1058

17:00 - Trump steps in to defend law and order, Democrats lose their minds

To listen to this episode, subscribe to The Ben Shapiro Show on Apple Podcasts:ย trump deploys the feds to quash violence in america's major cities as democrats protest joe biden says trump is the first racist president ever and left his child parents for wanting to educate their kids during a pandemic i'm ben shapiro this is the bench bureau show the ben shapiro show is sponsored by expressvpn protect your online privacy today at ben well there are two kind of different narratives that are emerging in the united states and i'm not talking about just ideological narratives emerging in the united states i mean two actual views of the fact one happens to be factual the other is the view that you are getting from the media and i say this advisably because i'm not one of those people who goes around saying the media are the enemy of the people i don't like that sort of phraseology but i have never seen the media gaslight quite as hard as they have for the past four months in this country it's it's just it's beyond insane now the media has al always driven perverse narratives on the basis of no fact and they do this on a fair on a fairly regular basis but they still have some tenuous grasp of reality it is rare to see the fact so blatantly scaring you in the face and the media telling you that what you are seeing is not real the media telling you who are you going to believe us or your own eyes over the past several months we have heard from the media that andrew cuomo is an incredible governor of new york as tens of thousands of people died we have heard from the media that violent looting and rioting was not happening that these were quote unquote mostly peaceful protests and that the protesters and the writers and looters were completely separate but if you say rioting and looting are bad you're actually attacking the protesters we have heard the media claim that things are fantastic in seattle's chop chaz we heard that it was paradisical it was wonderful out there how dare you try to shut down this street fair we have heard that enormous protest of literally millions of people in the streets in the middle of a pandemic was not a public health threat directly after hearing that anti-lockdown protests were a public health threat i mean i've truly never seen anything like it the media over the past several months and again they've botched stories before they've sort of done this on an individual level they did it with kavanaugh for example they did it with the covington catholic kids but the extraordinary extent which nearly every story that is being reported right now is not in any way reflective of the underlying facts it's purely it's pure insanity the most obvious example of this is what is happening in portland right now so in portland things are really bad they are now in day 56 of rolling rioting okay and rioting is what is happening in portland okay it is not a peaceful place it is not a wonderful place you can look at the footage can you look at the portland unrest footage is clip five and you can see what exactly is going on important people are firing fireworks tear gas has been deployed protesters are are breaking down barriers they're approaching the cops wearing bicycle helmets and and tear gas masks and they're using umbrellas and and wood barriers to shield themselves from from the cops so that people can't see them they're vandalizing the federal courthouse okay does this look like a peaceful protest to you this looks like a riot because that's what it is it is a riot and just because you have some in the back of the crowd holding up a group of balloons does not mean that this is happy to happy due time and if you could see the footage what you would see is graffiti all over the place you can see that the federal building has been completely defaced and people have been injured in portland as well okay overnight portland rioters set fire to the courthouse as well that was another thing that they did there's footage of them doing so the portland rioters the police yesterday right the police were run by mayor ted wheeler over there the police there's footage of them warning the crowd that they're going to have to use tear gas if they don't disperse and this is being portrayed as like a big nothing this is all nuts okay this is purely purely nuts it's so bad that you end up with these two minutes hate struggle session so i will say this is part of this i enjoy is the politicians who are allowing this stuff to go on then being torn up by the protesters i really am enjoying this so this happened in seattle where mayor jenny durkin basically allowed chop chaz to go on for weeks at a time and people were getting shot there and she's like it's no big deal it's a street fair guys and then they went to her house and then she like shut this thing down right now it was pretty great when the mayor of minneapolis who had allowed half his city to be burned down went and did penance in front of protesters and was screamed at for not being warm enough towards defunding the police and so they had like a full-on struggle session like they were gonna hang a sign around his neck and the whole thing over in the center of minneapolis so that was fun well yesterday mayor ted wheeler decided that he was up for his two minutes hate on oregon public broadcasting so the mayor shows up in downtown portland with the pri protesters and the rioters and he proceeds to be called a fascist which is just spectacular stuff it truly is it is great stuff more of this please it turns out two minutes hate is eminently watchable here's mayor ted wheeler being ripped up and down by the protesters he is allowing to terrify and terrorize his [Music] [Applause] city [Music] they're calling ted wheeler a fascist i'm pretty sure that shutting down the entire city of portland because you just feel like burning crap because you're a terrible person that's a little more fascist than ted wheeler allowing you to do it although he is actually i mean he's an enabler here right he's the vichy france here i mean this is it's pretty incredible but ted wheeler's the bad guy remember the revolution always hits its own first that's the way this works revolutions rarely take on the strongest folks instead they really like taking on the weakest and ted wheeler is the weakest the mayor of minneapolis was the weakest jenny durkin was the weakest okay so all this stuff is going on right the burning down portions of portland and they are screaming at the mayor that he's a fascist while he forces the police to stand there and do nothing and then we're being told by the media that literally nothing is happening everything is good there this is all peaceful and wonderful nothing bad is happening a congressperson from portland his name is ed blumenauer he actually testified in the well of the house yesterday this bizarro world looking dude this guy earl blumenauer who looks like as one of my producers said yesterday a refugee from a pee-wee herman outtake he's standing there with his with his large purple polka-dotted bow tie and a lapel pin of a green bicycle i kid you not like some people wear lapel pins of the american flag because they pledge allegiance to the american flag earl blumenauer pledges allegiance to a bicycle he looks like bill nye the science guy on a bad acid trip anyway earl blumenauer announced announced yesterday there is no chaos in portland poof it's gone it never really happened this is gaslighting okay we've seen the footage i just showed you the footage here's a everything's fine guys why are you making a big deal out of this just because they're trying to burn down the courthouse whatever that's just portland's a kooky place man all we do there is we play hippie guitar and we have vinyl records and we burn things i mean come on it's portland portland oregon is not out of control to be sure there are some people who have strong feelings and there are some who have done things that are inappropriate and unlawful but that is the challenge of our local officials and our state officials to manage it not having somebody unwelcome uninvited and unprepared coming in to take this difficult situation and make it worse it's it's all fake guys and you know how it's fake you know it's fake because trump's bad right this is the basic narrative being driven by the democrats and by the left don't believe your lying eyes believe us and the reason that you should believe us is because trump is bad seriously that's the entire case you shouldn't believe the evidence in front of you you shouldn't believe the footage you shouldn't believe the pure obvious facts that are right in front of your eyes because many of the people showing you those facts don't think trump is the worst person in the world and we do think trump is the worst person in the world so if you believe trump is the worst person in the world you will believe us when we say that the protesters 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don't do that anymore well now tim dickinson has a piece called from the administration that brought you kids in cages it's tear-gassed moms that's what they are they're all just mothers they're just mothers they're kind wonderful mothers and we know their mothers because they say so and here's how rolling stone reports what's happening in portland you ready as nightly protests have dominated downtown portland for nearly two months both local officials and the trump administration have attempted to cast the largely peaceful demonstrators as ruffians with suspect political values hell-bent on destruction well first of all this phrase largely peaceful mostly peaceful as i've said before this is just the most glorious phrase ever it's just fantastic because most of human history like by days counted most of human history has been peaceful sure there have been you know these periods where hundreds of millions of people die but aside from that it's mostly peaceful like johnny depp and amber heard their marriage it seems mostly peaceful like for most hours of the day she wasn't crapping in his bed and he wasn't tossing bottles at her i mean there were the occasions where she was crapping in his bed and he was tossing bottles at her but you know like as a percentage of actual time it wasn't like 75 of the time it was like 10 of the time it was a mostly successful mostly peaceful marriage mostly peaceful protesters again this is language that would never ever ever be used if they disagreed with the message of the protesters when it was the tea party they claimed that the tea party were a bunch of racist terrorists they could not come up with any evidence of racism at a tea party protest or violence at a tea party protest the tea partiers were picking up their own garbage and throwing it in the garbage can and they're like these guys are out of control they're out of control example today dave weigel of the washington post so weigel he put out a tweet saying it was like 10 minutes ago that open carry protesters without mass rallied at state capitals and mostly democratic governors just let them do it until they went away he said this in response to somebody saying why the hell are democratic politicians allowing these riots to go on yes because open carry protesters without masks are not the same as people trying to burn down the courthouse i mean can anyone provide evidence of the open carry protesters trying to occupy entire swaths of cities and bar the police and vandalizing entire downtown areas because i'm old enough to remember when we shut down the entire damned county of los angeles for a week on end at 6 00 p.m so riders and looters could run roughshod through melrose boulevard i'm old enough to remember that because i am more than four weeks old my baby is old enough to remember it and she was born at the beginning of march hey this is it if you feel like you're going crazy right now you're not the media have gone crazy you are the only sane one you are the only sane one this is nuts okay but it's not relegated only to the coverage of portland bill de blasio is out there claiming that the spiking murder rates are not his fault in his city right it's all just everything's fine guys he painted something on the street guys he painted black lives matter in giant yellow letters on the street problem solved what's to blame for the spiky murder rates it's not bill de blasio crapping all over the police each and every day it's not bill de blasio defunding entire new classes of cadets which is what happened in new york city is not bill de blasio getting rid of the plane closed unit it's not bill de blasio basically encouraging cops to leave the force bill de blasio says covid is is to blame for the spiking murder rates it's kovid which is weird because the murder rates were not spiking at the beginning of covet like at all the murder rates started to spike as soon as he started giving leeway to the rioters and the looters and cutting the cops that's when the murder rates started to spike here is giant weirdo groundhog murderer frankenstein's monster bill de blasio talking about how all this murder stuff you know you're worried about getting rid of the cops that's in your imagination it's covid that is the problem it's coveted that's the problem we've had a very tough few months no doubt and it is directly related to the coronavirus the dislocation it's caused in our society the fact that our court system is not functioning yet so many factors that have been absolutely aberrant for just the last four or five months but we will beat it back because we've done that for a quarter century in this city and joe the key point is we will do it we the people of new york city we need the people's involvement to make the city safer the nypd and if we ever need any assistance that's what localities do when they feel they need assistance then wait for that request from locality that knows what's right for its people okay so again you are just you're hearing from people who are attempting to lie to you and gaslight you okay so violence has increased in in cities around the united states and so president trump finally said enough is enough and he deployed the dhs department of homeland security to protect federal property okay there is statutory authority for the president to deploy force to portland to protect federal property furthermore there are federal laws on the books federal agents exist in every major city in the united states they're there largely to enforce laws that have been passed and that are on the books about gang violence right not every crime that happens is in fact a federal crime or if somebody murders somebody in a city that's not a federal crime it's a state crime the feds don't really have jurisdiction there where the feds do have jurisdiction is there a lot of laws on the books that talk about gang activity specifically the feds very often help local law enforcement investigating gang activity that involves for example criminal conspiracy violations and that that is where the feds come in and there are federal investigators on the ground in fact you've seen them in virtually every tv show every tv show there's some sort of murder and suddenly the feds are there right the feds have been in cities for a very long time but apparently president trump staffing up in these areas to try and lower the murder rate in these areas where the mayors refuse to actually do anything to protect their own citizenry it's very very very bad we're going to get to president trump finally implementing some level of law and order and democrats taking the other side which in a normal time would be just political death for them but they are counting on american hatred of trump so strongly they are counting on the media hatred of trump so strongly that they are hoping that you will ignore the evidence of major cities collapsing right in front of your eyes and be angry at trump for trying 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passing new laws he is not moving above and beyond the law the laws he's been using in portland are about protecting federal property under federal law the dhs is emboldened empowered to protect federal property and yes they can arrest people who are not directly next to the federal property so if they suspect that there was someone trying to burn down the courthouse and four blocks away is the person they're allowed to go arrest that person okay then there are federal laws on the books with regard to for example cracking down in gang activity he's been on the books for a very very long time trump said listen i'm tired of this i'm tired of watching our major cities burn i'm tired of watching 15 people shot every other day in chicago i'm sending the feds today i am announcing that the department of justice will immediately surge federal law enforcement to the city of chicago the fbi atf dea u.s marshals service and homeland security will together be sending hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers to chicago to help drive down violent crime and murderers and violent criminals are breaking a wide range of federal laws we have that it's as wide as it can be we will find them arrest them and prosecute them they will be in jail for many years to come that is a good thing if you're a law abiding citizen of these cities i do not know why you would be upset about this i really don't if you were wildly exceeding federal authority that'd be one thing he is not william barr made this clear the attorney general he said what we're talking about are normal operations to fight crime right these have long been under federal purview to pretend that they are not if you don't like it change the law but the executive branch does have the power to enforce the law we started using our strong federal laws that permit us to target those who use guns to kill others and those that are involved in gang activity our approach was to set up anti-violent crime task forces in the cities to enforce federal law it's important to stress that the operations we're talking about are the standard anti-crime fighting activities we have been carrying out around the country for decades and he says we'll be adding federal agents to already existing task forces these are street agents and investigators who will be working to solve murders and take down violent gangs he says this is different than the operations and tactical teams we use to defend against riots and mob violence he's pointing out these are two different laws that are being invoked he says we'll continue to confront mob violence but the operations we're talking about today are very different they are classic crime fighting so the administration has named this operation legend not like let's just be a legend and do it man but it's named after an actual four-year-old boy whose name is legend at tallaferra who was shot and killed while he slept in kansas city shortly before july 4th weekend legends family came to the actual unveiling of this policy they were joined by the family of jacques vigil a 55 year old grandmother and daycare worker from albuquerque who was murdered in her driveway during an attempted carjacking he pointed out that they were also recognizing the tragic murder of a 14 year old named bernardo jones junior in chicago who's playing basketball in a park when he was senselessly killed by gunshots that wounded for and killed three others he says to carry out operation legend federal law enforcement agencies will be committing additional resources to these cities including resources from the fbi the dea the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms u.s marshals and the department of homeland security he says today we've sent over 200 federal agents to kansas city they unveiled this thing early earlier this month they're just ratcheting it up now we are directing a comparable amount to augment chicago's existing violent crimes initiatives we are providing more than 35 agents to albuquerque they're also providing financial assistance to state and local law enforcement in these particular areas and they've made 3.5 million dollars in federal funding available to the city of chicago to compensate local law enforcement for overtime equipment and other expenses okay so this is not a violation of law nor is it really an extension of anything that the federal government has not done before the media however are treating this as absolute this is fascism trump fascism was trending yesterday on twitter okay so it's not fascism when you take over an entire american city and threaten to burn everything to the ground and then scream at your mayor when he comes to talk to you about stopping it that's not fascism fascism is when the federal government uses existing authority to shut down rioting looting and murder in its cities apparently and the media are just wonderful at this so the media literally asked trump if the reason he's doing this is to distract from covert as though what you're seeing on the streets is not happening poof it's gone right the only reason trump would do this is to distract from covet by the way which would be the most idiotic strategy ever is anyone distracted from covet who do you know who's distracted from covet right now here's president trump answering this question when you look at chicago and you look at the job mayor lightfoot sent me a letter yesterday and i think in their own way they want us to go in there'll be a time when they're going to want us to go in full blast but right now we're sending extra people to help we're arresting a lot of people that have been very bad as far as the coronavirus as you say i think we've done some amazing things and i think you'll probably see that if you compare our statistics to other countries the question itself is is idiotic okay in just a second we're going to get to the left's response to president trump sending in the feds to help local law enforcement to enforce federal law 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sue to stop trump from intervening in our violent crime problem we must we must allow the violent crime to continue this president blusters and bluffs and says he's going to do things and they never materialize on a regular basis so first we should not overrate his statements they are so often not true a second if he tried to do it it would only create more problems it would backfire wouldn't make us safer and we would immediately take action in court to stop it from my point of view this would be yet another example of illegal and unconstitutional actions by the president and we have often had to confront him in court and we usually win okay so he is going to sue trump to stop him from actually implementing the law meanwhile laurie lightfoot who's an awful awful mayor of chicago and who has basically been allowing shootings to take place in her city willy-nilly she said yesterday the real reason that trump is is doing this is because he's

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