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If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at biden's business partner says joe was in on hunter's business activities the whole time the fbi announces iranian interference in the election and rudy giuliani finds himself targeted by borat i'm ben shapiro this is the ben shapiro show today's show is sponsored by expressvpn don't let others track what you do keep yourself safe at we'll get to all the news in just one moment and tonight is debate next there's an awful lot of news but first let's talk about how you can save some money quickly and easily i'm talking about that cell phone bill so you look at that cell phone bill you are spending a lot of money you should be spending about half of what you're spending but the fact is that you're not spending the proper amount because you are buying unlimited data well are you using unlimited data the answer of course is no the reason that these cell phone 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250 say keyword ben shapiro pure talk simply smarter wireless style pound 250 say ben shapiro to get started and save a bunch on your cell phone bill okay so late last night news broke via the new york post that hunter biden's business partner his old business partner has confirmed that the email exchanges that we have seen via the new york post are not only real but that joe biden was in on hunter biden's business activities now remember the original story here is that hunter biden we knew this i mean this was absolutely clear hunter biden was jet setting around the world picking up bags of cash and he admitted openly on national television just last year that if his last name were not biden he would not have been able to do that joe claimed that he was ignorant of all of these sorts of activity sure hunter was grabbing a ride with him on air force two over to china while he was vice president of the united states but you know that was just all in good fun the fact is that he was completely separated off from what hunter was doing and there was no indication that hunter was corrupt anyway and that was the story well then the new york post broke email suggesting that a meeting had actually been brokered between a ukrainian oligarch working for barisma and joe biden by hunter biden and then another email exchange or a couple more email exchanges tended to suggest that maybe just maybe joe biden was receiving some of the proceeds of hunter biden's nefarious business activity so we went from hunter is doing bad stuff and joe doesn't know about it too hunter is doing bad stuff and joe does know about it too hunter is doing bad stuff and joe is in on it right that is the the evolution of the story over the last couple of weeks well last night the other shoe dropped and it turns out that one of hunter biden's business partners is now confirming that joe biden was in on a lot of hunter biden's business activities and actually making money off of them according to the new york post michael goodwin reporting we learned that biden has been secretly playing ftse with china a statement on wednesday night asserting that the former vice president was a willing and eager participant in a family scheme to make millions of to make millions of dollars by partnering with a shady chinese communist firm is a singular event in a presidential race already overflowing with drama and intrigue the design of my assertion believable because it aligns with earlier information we know to be true came in a statement by tony belinsky who describes himself as a former partner of hunter biden joe biden and joe's brother jim in the china scheme bob linskin loads his bill of accusations in blunt but precise language and detail he actually released a rather long statement to the new york post here's what it says my name is tony bobilinski the facts set forth below are true and accurate they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation any suggestions to the contrary is false and offensive i am i'm the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the new york post which showed a copy to hunter biden and rob walker that email is genuine this afternoon i received a request from the senate committee on homeland security and government affairs and the senate committee on finance requesting all documents relating to my business affairs with the biden family as well as various foreign entities and individuals i have extensive relevant records and communications and i intend to produce those items to both committees in the immediate future i am the grandson of a 37-year army intelligence officer the son of a 20-plus year career naval officer and the brother of a 28-year career naval flight officer i myself served our country for four years and left the navy as lieutenant bob linski i held a high-level security clearance and was an instructor and then cto for naval nuclear power training command i take great pride in in the time my family and i served this country i'm also not a political person what few campaign contributions i have made in my life were to democrats if the media and big tech companies had done their jobs over the past several weeks i would be irrelevant in this story given my long-standing service and devotion to this great country i could no longer allow my family's name to be associated or tied to russian disinformation or implied lies and false narratives dominating the media right now after leaving the military says bobalenski i became an institutional investor investing extensively around the world and on every continent i've traveled to over 50 countries i believe hands down we live in the greatest country in the world what i'm outlining is fact i know it's fact because i lived it i am ceo of cinehawk holdings which was a partnership between the chinese operating through cefc chairman yi and the biden family i was brought into the company to be the ceo by james gilliar and hunter biden the reference to the big guy in the much publicized may 13 2017 email is in fact a reference to joe biden the other jb referenced in that email is jim biden joe's brother okay so the email that he is talking about is this may 13th 2017 email that suggested that 20 of the company was to be held for hunter biden and 10 was to go to quote-unquote the big guy this is the email that implicates joe biden in possible actual corrupt activity hunter biden called his dad the big guy or my chairman according to tony boblinski and frequently referenced asking him for his sign off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing i've seen vice president biden saying he never talked to hunter about his business i've seen firsthand that's not true because it wasn't just hunter's business they said they were putting the biden family name and its legacy on the line i realized the chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial roi return on investment they were looking at this as a political or influence investment once i realized that hunter wanted to use the company as his personal piggy bank by just taking money out of it as soon as it came from the chinese i took steps to prevent that from happening the johnson report this would be the ron johnson report from the senate intelligence committee or homeland security committee connected some dots in a way that shocked me it made me realize the bidens had gone behind my back and gotten paid millions of dollars by the chinese even though they told me they hadn't and wouldn't do that to their partners i would ask the biden family to address the american people and outline the facts so i can go back to being irrelevant and so i'm not in put in a position to have to answer these questions for them i don't have a political axe to grind i just saw behind the biden curtain and i grew concerned with what i saw the biden family aggressively leveraged the biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from the communist controlled the chinese god bless america that is the statement of tony babilinski okay so if that is true then that is a massive massive bombshell obviously because now you are looking at a person who should have been in a position to know saying that joe biden was in on all of hunter biden's business activities apparently while he was serving in the government right while joe biden was serving in the government apparently he was working with hunter biden to clear checks is the accusation here by tony bobolinski now the accusation is credible if tony bobolinsky was in the position that he's talking about which apparently he was if he was then i don't see why the media can avoid asking questions about this any longer after all we are told that an allegation can be judged credible on its face and then requires questioning remember when christine blasey ford came forward with an accusation that brett kavanaugh had raped her back during his teenage years some 30 to 40 years ago and this was treated as a credible accusation until the point when it fell apart well if somebody makes an accusation like this on the record by name and they say that they were in the know and that hunter biden was negotiating on behalf of joe biden trade deals or or some sort of investment deal with a chinese front group and joe biden was set to make money off of that well then some serious questions ought to be asked of hunter and joe biden as i've said before this is not hard right all the journalistic community has to do is their job all they have to do is say to joe biden you know you said that you didn't know about anything hunter biden was doing we have pictures of you with kazakh entrepreneurs we have a picture of you you know with hunter biden getting off that airplane at on air force two we now have reports that you were meeting with high-ranking members of the chinese business community at hunter's behest and we now have this report so what's the deal did you know or did you not know and it's not going to be sufficient for you to simply say that you don't have to answer any questions because donald trump is the focus of the campaign that is that is an ending around of the issue you actually have to answer those sorts of questions will the media do any of that probably not the fact is that the media are so in the bag for biden at this point that they've been more focused on blocking the dissemination of the story and reporting on how the story was reported that they have on the actual content of the story they are deeply deeply hesitant to ask joe biden anything about this stuff because they are afraid that the answer might mean that donald trump wins a victory and the media have decided donald trump must not win this election and therefore they're simply not going to ask questions about it at all right they will they will go along for three years with the allegations of the steele dossier claiming that robert mueller was in the background putting together a damning case against donald trump that would end with his indictment for collusion with russia none of that materialized but when it comes to this they will not ask questions they won't and in fact they get angry if you ask them to ask questions so for example brian stelter has a new book from cnn captain reliable sources over here he he was interviewed by a long-time congressional reporter named susan ferrecchio and she challenged him over the veracity of hunter biden's emails and brian stelter got very angry about this because members of the media don't like to be called on the fact that they have an extraordinary double standard when it comes to reporting stories that are obviously stories here is brian stelter losing his mind when asked very simple questions about why the media double standard with regard to for example the steele dossier in russian collusion and hunter biden's emails bottom line is we don't know what is real and what is fake in these emails if there is anything real in them yeah but that doesn't stop any from from reporting the mueller and the dossier and all that stuff i understand that you have a lot of resentment about it now now we have ethics okay now we have ethics now don't you dare don't you dare act like newsrooms didn't have ethics in 2017 and 2018. well i know they think well you can't you can don't dare me all you want brian i've been doing this for 30 years so say whatever you want it's my view meanwhile joe biden knowing just how extraordinarily in the bag the media are for him he keeps saying that the story's already been debunked the story's not been debunked not one aspect of the story has been debunked members of the biden campaign have said that these emails are authentic or at least they have refused to deny that they are authentic i mean when asked repeatedly not one detail of the story has yet been biden has not addressed any aspect of the story so he was asked by a media member from wisconsin via zoom about this and he just said i'm not going to answer any questions on this because you know i just don't think it's legit is there any legitimacy to senator johnson's claims none whatsoever this is the same garbage rudy giuliani trump's henchmen it's the last it's effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family even the man who served with him on that committee the former nominee for the republican party said there's no basis to this and you know and all and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all okay that's not everyone should be ashamed of themselves not a word of this is correct not a word of this is correct okay the allegations that are being made are on the basis of new information that has been uncovered and presented over the course of the last three weeks no one in the intelligence community with any credibility and with any inside information has found that this is in fact quote unquote russian disinformation nonetheless that is what biden is relying upon he's relying on the the folks over twitter and facebook to suppress the dissemination of the story so that he can be elected president it's that simple and joe biden is out there dr joe she's out there suggesting that these are just smears against the family this election is not about joe biden or jill biden or kamala or doug it is about the american people the american people don't want to hear these smears against my family the american people are struggling right now i mean they're in the midst of all this chaos they're trying to figure out how to put food on the table you know they don't have jobs they they need health care americans don't want to hear this distract and spin americans don't want to hear it therefore you shouldn't even bother asking the questions as dr jill meanwhile kamal o'hara says joe wouldn't talk about other people's kids he wouldn't talk about other people's kids joe he's just such a nice guy well i mean i think that he might if he thought that the election depended on it in fact i have a feeling that within the next week and a half if the hunter biden email story continues to percolate that you will see kamala harris and joe biden mentioning the supposed allegations of corruption against the trump kids i would suspect that that is the case and you'll start hearing that from the dnc very shortly here's kamala harris saying this that people want to hear about how we're going to help working people get through the end of the month and pay their rent that's what people care about and you know one of the things i love about joe biden he doesn't take on or talk about other people's kids okay sure sure we'll see how long that lasts because all these standards go by the wayside as soon as they become politically inconvenient here's the bottom line the biden campaign has called the lid on the campaign the campaign's over from their perspective all they're going to do is run out the clock and maybe it's a good strategy if you look at the polls right now joe biden is certainly in the lead right if you just look at the polling data he's in the lead but that could change the only thing that would change is some sort of extraneous shock to the system that shot could come in the form of the hunter by an email so best policy lock down and just wait on it now right now the polls seem to be tightening just a little bit we have seen two polls in the last three days that suggest that this race is a lot closer than previously suggested we've got this ibd tippp poll that came out yesterday that suggests that biden is up only to 49 to 47 over trump let's put it this way if the popular vote comes down to a two-point margin trump probably wins the election there's another poll from rasmussen that suggests that biden is up only three points 49 to 46 and that's not enough of a margin for him to win the election if it's that close in all likelihood trump wins those swing states again there are two other polls one from reuters one from the economist both with biden up nine so we have a real division between the polls and how they are seeing this thing when it comes to the battleground states everything seems to be closing within a certain margin of error if we look at the states right now biden is up only by about two points in florida he's up about five points in pennsylvania that's according to the real club politics polling average he's up much larger in michigan he's only up about five in wisconsin he's about two in north carolina he's about three in arizona so if there's any movements in the polls toward trump like any solid movement in the polls toward trump then biden is in real trouble he may be up nationally and he may be looking like he's in good shape they're still two weeks to this election so biden's goal here was to call a lid on the campaign and you can see it in real time right biden's doing zoom calls and his people are jumping in and being like you know what that's all the time we have we'll catch you later joe biden's campaign is just a leave me alone focus on donald trump campaign we'll see if that's effective if the hunter biden story begins to actually break here is a joe biden staffer on a zoom call literally just calling a lid in the middle of the actual interview we owe them a great deal i mean are you worried about that's all the time we have for today can i ask one more please okay well that's all the time we'll catch you later catch you later and that's the theme of the biden campaign that's all the time we have for today then we can get back to yelling at donald trump okay in just a second we got to talk about some other breaking news this from the fbi suggesting that the iranians are attempting to interfere in the election on behalf of wait for it wait for joe biden i know we're not supposed to talk about that only russian interference on behalf of trump is what we're supposed to talk about we're never supposed to talk about chinese interference or iranian interference both of which have been confirmed by the fbi on behalf of joe biden but that broke out into the open yesterday with a late night press conference we'll talk about that in just one second first let's talk about the thousand reasons to protect your home so maybe you're concerned about crime or maybe you are just wanting to keep track of your kids i know that i've got three kids under the age of seven and that means that they are little suicide machines running around attempting to hurt themselves all the time well one thing that gives me peace of mind is knowing who's at the front door knowing what's going on all over my property and that's why i rely on ring ring has security products for every corner of your home inside and out best of all you can see it all in one simple app with ring you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are right from your phone if somebody stops by or something is going on ring will 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ratcliffe the director of national intelligence he announced yesterday that this was happening so did apparently christopher wray of the fbi the fbi warned that there was an attempt to manipulate the elections here was the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe explaining that iran is attempting to interfere on behalf of joe biden we have already seen iran sending spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters incite social unrest and damage president trump additionally iran is distributing other content to include a video that implies that individuals could cast fraudulent ballots even from overseas this video and any claims about such allegedly fraud fraudulent ballots are not true okay so there's an attempt to undermine credibility of the election and it is coming in fact from yes russia but also iran also iran one particular aspect of this story is that iran is behind an email operation that was directed at intimidating voters that they were masquerading as the proud boys and sending emails to various democrats and threatening them according to the washington post the disclosure by the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe at hastily called the news conference mark the first time this election cycle a foreign adversary has been accused of targeting specific voters in a bid to undermine democratic confidence just four years after russian online operations marred the 2016 presidential vote now of course russian operations in 2016 there's not a lot of proof that it shifted anybody all of their supposed misdirection on places like facebook it amounted to a tiny drop in the enormous ocean of social media content however this is a little more serious the claim that iran was behind an email operation which came into view on tuesday as democrats in several states reported receiving emails demanding they vote for president trump was leveled without specific evidence other u.s officials speaking privately stressed that russia still remained the major threat to the 2020 election up well you can always find somebody in the intelligence community to talk about russia russia russia because trump of course is so bad however it was the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe suggesting in fact that what was happening here is that the iranians masquerading as the proud boys had been attempting to email people and and gin up election interference on behalf of joe biden right so it wasn't meant to intimidate the democrats so much as it was meant to promote the idea that the proud boys were acting on behalf of donald trump and therefore attempting to suppress the vote on thursday iran summoned the swiss envoy in tehran which handles u.s affairs there to condemn the quote-unquote baseless accusations of meddling in the u.s election according to alireza merusefi these accusations are nothing more than another scenario to undermine voter confidence and are absurd iran has no interest in interfering in the us election and no preference for the outcome okay that is obviously untrue iran would certainly prefer joe biden donald trump has killed the iran deal donald trump has facilitated the rise of an israeli arab alliance in the region donald trump has cut off the iranian regime at the knees and joe biden pledges to prop them up again so obviously the iranians prefer the biden campaign and they've made this perfectly obvious i mean this is this is not a secret in any way shape or form the emails claim to be from a pro-trump group called the proud boys but evidence had mounted they were in fact the work of another hidden actor u.s officials said that was iran a nation that has increasingly clashed with the president in recent years oh see iran was totally fine until trump was elected then iran clashed with the president according to the washington post not that they murdered a bunch of american soldiers in iraq not that iran has been a threat to american national security since 1979. no it's really just trump officials did stress the integrity of the election was intact former fbi well fbi director christopher wray was standing next to radcliff he said we're not going to tolerate foreign interference or any criminal activity that threatens the sanctity of your vote or undermines public confidence in the outcome of the election ratcliffe accused iran of using the data to send spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters incite social unrest and damage president trump naturally senate minority leader chuck schumer immediately told nbc's rachel maddow from the briefing i had the strong impression it was much rather to undermine confidence in election and not aimed at any particular figure oh it wasn't about helping it wasn't about helping biden as it turns out it was just about undermining election confidence generally oh oh so that's what's happening here what exactly were these emails well the emails were apparently engineered by someone working at the best of the iranian government according to a u.s official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter's sensitivity the operation appeared to exploit a vulnerability in the proud boys online network the message is advised that the group was quote in possession of all your information and instructed voters to change their party registration and cast their ballots for trump you will vote for trump on election day or we will come after you warned the emails which by tuesday night were said to have reached voters in as many as four states three of them contested swing states u.s officials said the operation was not terribly sophisticated and was disclosed before it could have any major impact ratcliffe also confirms that iran is distributing a video implying that individuals should cast fraudulent ballots even from overseas the video was posted on a twitter account that has since been suspended okay so there is so the good news is that the fbi uncovered this we also know that iran wants biden to be president we know that china wants biden to be president which should tell you something about where we stand on foreign policy won't get any foreign policy tonight in the debate by the way there'll be no foreign policy we'll have two debates no foreign policy foreign policy by the way is the greatest point of differentiation between trump and biden bain has been wrong on every foreign policy issue of his lifetime every single one without exception it's incredible okay but it is important to note here that the iranian disinformation the same people who are shouting russian disinformation were promoting iranian disinformation and they were promoting the idea that the proud boys had actually sent these emails the the lincoln project bros who are clearing that sweet sweet grifter grifter cache they put out a tweet promoting iranian disinformation actually just a few days ago quote the proud boys are attempting to scare voters away from the polls this is punishable by up to a year in jail and a blatant attempt to prevent people from voting let's find them and make them famous i i haven't seen the uh the lincoln project suspended from twitter as of yet and new york post is still suspended from twitter by the way for printing the hunter biden story but uh apparently totally fine for the lincoln project to promote actual iranian disinformation so that's exciting stuff okay meanwhile we draw closer to the debate a lot of debates inside the trump camp over how to handle this debate should trump present a positive mission for the vision for the country or should he attack biden well i mean here's the reality the positive vision for the country that that ship has sailed i don't think that donald trump talking in in glowing positive ways is going to be particularly effective everybody has their perception of trump

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