Will Disney kill 'Star Wars'?

GET UP! The two soldiers fled from the enemy into dense forest cover. Blasts exploded all around as they hugged the ground, racing away from the enemy as fast as they could. They climbed over tree stumps. They jumped over logs. The blasts continued to come closer. Closer. Until… They were hit. They toppled over, stunned from the blast. They lay on the ground, their eyes still recovering from the flash, and their ears still ringing. After a few seconds, one of them summoned enough strength to stand. He went over to his comrade, who still lay motionless on the ground. “Get up,” he said. Nothing. “Get up!” Still, nothing. “GET UP!” His comrade let out one long, painful moan. Then he was quiet. He lay still. He was dead. His fellow soldier crouched...

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Jun 7th 2016
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