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Another anti-cop massacre in Baton Rouge, a failed coup in Turkey, plus the RNC kicks off!Barack Obama has spent the last several years drilling home the statistically evidence-free idea that police across the country are systemically racist hours before a black anti white racist massacred five police officers in Dallas you remember Obama said police shootings in Louisiana in Minnesota which he said he knew nothing about were quote not isolated incidents they're symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system after the cops were shot Obama wants their funeral Memorial and less should America about the evils of police officers he said quote we also know what centuries of racial discrimination of slavery subjugation Jim Crow they didn't simply vanish with the log in segregation we know that bias remains we know it whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or of Middle Eastern descent or are a pokeymon we have all seen this bigotry in our own lives at some point no institution is entirely immune and that includes our Police Department's we know was carrying that message forward CNN's Barak E Sellars argued on Sunday the quote we don't have a vicious cycle of black men shooting at police that narrative ratchets up the tension in this country where it doesn't need to be but - it puts in danger more black men yeah that's not so true if there's any systemic bias in America its media produced politician promoted anti-cop hatred in the black community here are three facts that prove it first cops are far more likely to be shot by a black person than to shoot a black person Heather McDonald with the Manhattan Institute author of the war on cops she makes the point that blacks are far less likely to be shot by police than would be suggested by the black crime rate just as importantly while police officers face an 18-point five times greater chance of being killed by a black male than an unarmed black male has it being killed by a police officer second often blacks think cops are criminals without any evidence after officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown under disputed circumstances misreported by the media blown up by racial agitators including the president polls showed that a 57 percent majority of black people wanted to see officer Wilson found guilty of murder and presumably go to death row compared with 56% of whites who said they needed more evidence of course Wilson was innocent Brown was a strong armed robber an attempted cop killer similarly Oh J Simpson case 60% of blacks didn't believe OJ was guilty the police must've been framing him in the Freddie gray craze 80 percent of blacks thought the officers several of whom were black ought to be charged compared with sixty percent of whites all of the officers charged have now gotten off third blacks are far more likely to profile cops than the other way around while 59% of whites have either a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in cops only 14% have little or none the numbers are awful among black folks just 37% of blacks have a great deal or quite a lot of trust in the police 25% have none at all as of 2014 74 percent of black people said the police were too quick to use deadly force only 28% of white people agreed this by the way is contrary to the facts a new study from Harvard showed whites are significantly more likely to be shot by police than black folks the left claims that all anti cop bias in the black community Springs from historic mistreatment some of that's true but it's not wholly true young people didn't live or grow up during Jim Crow instead they've been encouraged by the media and by their politicians to see police as the enemy and that's reflected in both action and viewpoint that's not to deny there are many young people who feel as though they've been targeted by cops but it is to say there is way way more evidence of anti cop bias than anti-black bias in police forces i'm ben shapiro this is the ben shapiro show tends to demonize people just don't care about your feelings okay so here we are and we are on the Facebook live you can be joining us right now and make sure by the way that you subscribe later at daily where I come she's need dollars a month folks I don't know what I have to do to get that money out of your hand what do I have to do come there and come on okay but you subscribe there you can download the rest of the show later from SoundCloud or iTunes alright let's let's talk about the Baton Rouge shooting so over the weekend tons of news as we've said about Andrew Klavan in this very office every time Andrew Clavin takes the weekend off it's just the end of the world so there are a bunch of big stories we'll get to all of them the RNC obviously starts today we'll go through the schedule tell you what to look for tell you what's worthwhile tell you what's not we will also we will also make clear what's going on in Turkey we'll talk about that but we're going to start with this horrible again shooting of officers in Baton Rouge you know so over the weekend three officers get killed in Baton Rouge Louisiana three more get wounded by a guy who is a black nationalist racist hates cops hates the hates white people and President Obama immediately issues his statement here's President Obama here's what he said about what just happened the shooting at cops in Baton Rouge Louisiana regardless of what organizations you are a part of everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further we don't need inflammatory rhetoric we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda we need to temper our words and open our hearts all of us you shut your head sir and the reason you should shut your head is because every word that you just said this is a guy owned a mirror hey where's he from what like the lack of self-awareness here is a genetic link what's what's the story here because listen what he just said he said attacks on police are an attack on all of us what are you been doing for the last several years he says we don't need inflammatory rhetoric what wait what you had last week DeRay McKesson a black lives matter activist who says that looting is good that race riots aren't you head him to the White House he said race riots are good you had him to the White House and there you told the louisiana police to be nicer to him and we don't need inflammatory rhetoric since we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points you went to the funeral memorial of five murdered officers murdered by an anti white anti-cop racist you went to their funeral memorial with their families in the audience and you equated their murder with the killings of alton sterling and falando Casteel and you have no facts on either of those we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points my god Hillary Clinton was being at the n-double-a-cp today we'll have the clips of it tomorrow Hillary Clinton at the n-double-a-cp and she says the same thing alton sterling in falando Casteel show the police are racist you don't even know what happened there what in the hell are you saying you know how bad the DNC is you know bad Obama is you're not bad Hillary as the DNC is having a very special guests speak at the convention seriously this is the next week at the DNC they're going to have I believe in primetime speak the mother of Michael Brown the mother of Michael Brown Michael Brown was a strong armed robber who tried to thug his way out of a convenience store with cigarillos and then proceeded to punch a cop in the face grabbed his gun and try and murder him before the cop grabbed his gun back at which point Michael Browns turned around and charged him full on according to black witnesses Eric Holder's Department of Justice and a mostly black Police Department injury well but not police about imagery because this idea is just it's absurd all the way through it's absurd all the way through he's lecturing us on coming together he's lecturing us on coming together now here's the truth right now his approval rating Horne into ABC is 56% his approval rating according to Gallup is 51% every time a cop gets killed President Obama's approval ratings go up you know why you know why because the media then call him a racial uniter it's a problem and the media see him as the savior right that's why he was elected in the first place we have this long terrible racial history here in the United States it's a really bad history well elect this black guy and he'll come in in his own person he's both white and black he grew up in a white household his mom was white his dad was black he can unify us all and every time there's a racial issue the media turned back to oh he's such a uniter oh he's so wonderful he's so great because they're not going to acknowledge the obvious which is the heezy exacerbating racial conflict for his own political gain he's going back to black folks and saying you guys were the victims and then he's going to the media and saying look I'm trying to bring the country together these are conversations we wouldn't been able to have except for me it's very important that I leave the conversation it's it's so sickening I mean makes you sick to your stomach it really is gross stuff and again President Obama doesn't get to claim surprise every time cops are shot he said last Thursday quote I think it is fair to say we will see more tension between police and communities this month next unit next month next year for quite some time I thought he was your job to help tamp that down I thought was your job to help create a certain sense of unity in the United States but apparently not apparently not apparently it's just President Obama's job to make things significantly worse and it continues along these lines President Obama he says that you know this was an attack on all of us this is this attack against the cops regardless of motive the death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day and we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible oh you mean that racist law that's systemically racist law you mean that that whole criminal justice system it's targeting viciously young black men is that the system you're talking about you know the one you were bashing last week and you'll be bashing two days from now it really is amazing stuff it really is amazing and the lack of self-awareness and more importantly he knows what he's doing the media just don't care they won't cover it they won't pay attention to it because he has to be there great racial Savior and so no matter what happens he's the great racial Savior and then finally he adds we should be part of the solution not part of the problem this kind of hypocrisy just makes you want to vomit and never stop vomiting we need what we saw in Dallas this week as a community came together to restore order and deepen unity and understanding we need the kind of efforts we saw this week in meetings between community leaders and police some of which I participated in where I saw people of goodwill he says he's the great racial unifier we need the kind of things I did at the White House where I got cops in a room with DeRay McKesson who just yells at cops all the time and then we came to no agreement but it made me look really good because I look like I was unifying two sides it's really really gross stuff it's really sickening now there have been some people who have responded properly to this the Baton Rouge Sheriff but the reason this happened in Baton Rouge just out in Sterling was shot in Baton Rouge ok understand something about the alton sterling case best available evidence right now shows that he was a criminal who resisted arrest was illegally carrying a gun was tackled to the ground he had two cops on top him the shout gun gun don't reach for or I will blow you away basically and the next thing you know they're shooting him that sound to you like an unjustified police shooting or does it sound more like he probably reached for his gun and they shot him because the video footage doesn't show anything so you're gonna have to judge it just based on the evidence in front of you but Obama doesn't he says that Alton Sterling's a victim of our racist evil system so does Hillary Clinton the Baton Rouge Sheriff he's asked about gun control and here is his answer about gun control with God's help we will get through this to me this is not so much about gun control as it is about what's in men's hearts and until we come together as a nation as a people to heal as a people if we don't do that in this madness continues we will surely perish as a people okay and that's exactly right the idea that there's evil in human beings hearts that's exactly right but Obama forwards the evil in human beings hearts he's the one who's out there exacerbating it so are the media the media want that evil in human beings hearts they don't care what the evidence shows they're not interested in what the evidence shows they're not interested in making this conflict go away through better behavior all they're interested in is ratcheting up the tension so they can claim to be the great savior so they can come in and claim to be everybody's best friend and there are victims to this I mean this is just heartbreaking there's this officer who the slain office of one of the slain officers in Baton Rouge black guy's name is Montrell Jackson and do we have the Facebook page for Montrell Jackson so Montrell Jackson is a picture of him holding I believe his kid or it's his nephew one of the two and Montrell Jackson he posted this a couple of days before he was murdered on July 8th and he posted this about what happened in Dallas quote I'm tired physically and emotionally disappointed and some family friends and officers for some reckless comments but hey what's in your heart is in your heart I still love you all because hate takes too much energy but I definitely won't be looking at you the same thank you to everyone that has reached out to me or my wife it was needed and much appreciated I swear to god I love the city but I wonder if this city loves me in uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat I've experienced so much in my short life and these last three days have tested me to the core when people you know begin to question your integrity you realize they don't really know you at all look at my actions they speak loud and clear finally I want to personally I personally want to send prayers out to everyone directly affected by this tragedy these are trying times please don't let hate infect your heart this city must and will get better I'm working in these streets so any protest officers friends family or whoever if you see me and need a hug or wants to say a prayer I got you this guy was murdered on Sunday he was shot on Sunday by an anti cop racist piece of absolute human crap and that's driven by people who see the color of the uniform over the over the character of the human being or the color of skin over the character of the human being it's just it makes you want to cry and this is what the left has brought us to this is what the American Left has brought us to and it's just evil it's just evil is a good man murdered because of the uniform that he wore in order to protect his city and from his own note protect people who look like him and doesn't matter doesn't matter he's wearing that uniform and that's all that matters because we have systemic racism in our system and that system must be wiped out by the way it is worth noting black cops when they say you know shootings of black people studies showed that black cops are more likely to shoot black people and white people are white cops are and that's not a rip on the black cops that's just an expla it's it's a statement that it's not racism that drives police forces it isn't it's an attempt to stop crime that drives 99 percent of police officers and it's just it's it's devastating when you see the President of the United States purposefully and the left purposefully tearing apart the country along racial lines because they want law enforcement brought to its knees all of which means that and you can see it in the media you really can David Clarke is the sheriff in Milwaukee there was just another cop shooting in Milwaukee this morning by the way and another cop was shot and David Clarke was on with Don Lemon on CNN and watch Don Lemon cut off his mic because Don Lemon a member of the media can't deal with the idea that there might be a racist too tense to black lives matter are we talking about police officers being under attack because let's go back to where this whole thing started in Ferguson Terry though I was doing a whole bunch of things into one okay once the stats with this whole phony movement regard it it started out as hands up we've got black lives matter right okay so if you if you want to if you you would need to speak to someone who is a member of black lives matter about whether they are have perpetrated a fraud on the American people that's up to black lives matter that's not me I neither neither a member of black lives matter I mean the supporter or someone who doesn't support them I simply report on black lives matter you condemn the anti-police rhetoric coming from this hateful ideology as a journalist sitting here on television I don't have to condemn anyone that anything that is something new I'd ask well either people around the country I condemn their jobs to condemn just like I contend a beautiful ideology out of groups like the KKK all right I condemn it there is no place in American discourse for that sort of vile vitriolic hate coming out of this ideology this has fuel and fan the flames of this anger toward the American police officers there's only one group in America one time that truly cares about the lives of black people in observing ghettos and it's the American police officer who goes down there on a daily basis puts their life on the line to protect who black people so when you say we just want to have a conversation line sumif let's protect a conversation about the black on black crime which kills more black males which is more of a threat to any black male in the United States than have been a law enforcement officer okay and it gets at some point here it gets dicey cuz Don Lemon doesn't like what he's hearing he basically cuts off David Clarke you can see there it's funny to watch Don Lemon do this routine where I'm just I'm just an innocent bystander I'm just a journalist I don't take sides one way or the other that's such nonsense if you've watched Don Lemon for any amount of time you know that Don Lemon is heavily motivated on the side of black lives matter unfortunately we have to let our Facebook live fans go at this point if you want to see more go to daily you can subscribe the show be up in a little bit and you can also download the rest of the show from iTunes or SoundCloud we are the number one conservative podcast in America and and we are a the fastest-growing one of the fastest growing podcasts in the country so definitely check us out at daily okay so the media have an interest in put in promulgating this narrative that the blacks that black lives matter and the cops are at war with each other even though the cops are not at war with black lives matter the the cops are not interested in war with anybody the cops are just trying to be out there policing crime and surviving but the racial agitation definitely has an impact it definitely has an impact let's look at DeRay McKesson so I've mentioned to Rama cousins ray McKesson is a useless human he spends his days on earth making problems for people who are trying to make the world a better place all he does is go out there and yell about problems that that are largely non-existent so that he can generate publicity for himself and then he gets six-figure jobs from the city of Baltimore I think he has a six-figure job from the city of Baltimore Education Department or some such nonsense DeRay McKesson is talking about all lives matter and he says all lives matter is a distraction this is him with with buffoon Gaston from Beauty and the Beast oh no it's Chris Cuomo sorry what is your response to the idea that the hashtag shouldn't be black lives matter it should be all lives matter yeah you know it's this interesting thing where people are frustrated that black people are focusing on the unique trauma that black people are faced in this country and I would never go to a breast cancer rally and yell out colon cancer matters and that's what people are doing here is that they are frustrated by the fact that people are focusing on the inequity and injustice specifically targeted to black people we know that the way blackness have functioned in this country is unique and that we have to deal with that trauma in a different way we also know that in focusing on black people that other people will also benefit when we get to equity and when we get to justice so I think of all lives matter as a distraction technique that has probably been one of the most through line distraction techniques of the movement but it doesn't get us away from talking about the key issues at hand which are police violence in the world that we want to live in which is a world where police don't kill people okay so here's why that's a lie when he says black lives matter is just like saying cancer matters I've mentioned this on the air before no because if I where if I say breast cancer matters the implication is not that people are out there who are seeking to kill breast cancer victims when I say that we're trying to when when I say that we're trying to cure breast cancer everybody agrees we're trying to care breast cancer the implication of black lives matter is that there's a whole group of people out there who don't care about black people that's the implication as the implication he's making right there on TV right you don't want to recognize our pain you don't want to recognize what going on with us okay what I want to recognize is the individual racist cop who does a bad thing and then we put him in jail what I want to recognize is the individual criminal regardless of race who should go to jail what I want to recognize is on the systemic level that the biggest threat to black lives is other black folks who are engaging in gang activity what I want to recognize is that if we want to solve the crime problem and the run-in with police problem you're going to have to at some point have a population that lowers its own crime rate that's the only way this is gonna get better in any way but that's not the goal that's not the goal instead the goal is to racially polarized for political gain and exactly what Obama says he's not doing is exactly what he is doing when Jason Whitlock you know who's a commentator it knows that Fox News Fox Sports News one he commented on the whole black lives matter movement people have been forced into a in this country where you can't be authentic the conversation we keep having about police violence is one of the most inauthentic conversations in the history of American creasing Lee in America people ask you questions and are only willing to hear one answer a hundred percent but Colin listen as an African American again I've had problems with the police and my family lost someone we love dearly to excessive police force but the conversation about police brutality is a lie and dishonest you're more likely as African American to be damn near struck by lightning to be killed by the police and no one can have that conversation and we're killing ourselves in our own community communities and no one can have that conversation and so if authentic people are attracted to Donald Trump's stupid authenticity I'm not going to just I'm not gonna diss them for it because I damn near get where they're coming from everything is so inauthentic so bogus the trommel's backed into a corner I found myself and that Colin Cowie who's awful that he's speaking with Jason Whitlock and Jason Whitlock is exactly right that's exactly right 100% right but that's not a conversation we can have you know Hillary Clinton as I mentioned is speaking in front of the n-double a-c-p today and she's doing the full pander I mean full-on pandering and that's all she does now she tweets out in Spanish about Donald Trump about Donald Trump pandering over taco bowls I tweeted over the weekend lady who does not speak Spanish tweets in Spanish to pander dismiss panics over Donald Trump pandering to Hispanics that's what our politics has basically become now you know there is a real conversation be had here Donald Trump should have done it he hadn't he was invited to the n-double-a-cp and people say why didn't he go you know he shouldn't have gone what's the point they're just gonna receive him badly the point is whenever you have a chance to speak truth to people you go and you speak truth to people I wish you'd gone to the n-double-a-cp and I wish that what he had said is look you name US cases where police do brutal things and we are happy more than happy everyone is happy we're all on the same page prosecute those people but but if we really want to cure the problem of police relations with the black community we need to lower the violent crime rate in the black community and the only way to do that is to stop the government dependency is to stop pretending that this is all a myth that the black high crime rate is all a myth stop pretending that the real threat to young black people is white people rather than other young black people stop pretending that there isn't a culture that's being instilled in particular areas of American society that's very negative for the people living in that part of American society speaking the truth sometimes has an impact and if he's booed off the stage find he's booed off the stage now we know where we stand but going and speaking truth seems to me a better thing to do so it's time for a little bit of good Trump bad room because of cohorts today is the Republican national conventions begins it's already been gaveled into into being by Ryan Smith Priebus and in Donald Trump I'm not gonna start with what Donald Trump said at the convention he's not speaking until Thursday night we'll talk about the schedule of the convention in just a minute but I won't talk about Trump's response to Baton Rouge Donald Trump has been handed the single best news cycle for any Republican candidate in living memory in the last five weeks we've had Britain exiting the EU we've had Hillary Clinton nearly indicted for corruption we've had terrorist attacks in Orlando terrorist attacks in Nice and we've had two major anti-cop terrorist attacks in the United States basically every piece of leftist foreign and domestic policy is imploding Donald Trump has such an opportunity here and he has a particularly strong opportunity because as I've said on this program for a long time if Republicans want to win they have to run on two things strength a national policy and security at home right so we're talking about strong national foreign policy and we're talking about anti-crime policy here at home there's a reason rudy giuliani becomes mayor of New York and then because people love his economic plans because he says I'm gonna fix up Times Square it's one legitimately the only places in the political debate where Republicans and conservatives want more government not less government and that's when you're talking about law enforcement and when you're talking about voting for people in government typically the person who wants more government rather than less is that an advantage that's particularly true in foreign policy and when it comes to keeping people say so Trump has a real opportunity here so fortunately this is what Trump is good okay so here is Donald Trump reacting to Baton Rouge we don't know the motive at this point but it does feel to a lot of people Donald Trump like things are spinning out of control well it does I mean you look at so many different fronts it's you know radical Islam and by the way he seems to be a member of that group also seems to be something going on there but it's very sad what's happening of Islam is mr. Trump bad bad people bad people no question about it really bad what needs to be done to stop thus we are you know it seems this is happening more and more often where we're waking up and reporting things like that well it would be wonderful if people could turn them in I mean he had a lot of hate and you look at they looked at some of his videos that were vicious and hateful and this be really good if people would turn them in people know I mean people have an idea at least in some cases you look at some of these killers in Orlando as an example it was all over that he was bad something was going to explode people could turn him in and if if when they're turned in like in the case of Orlando people did report him and nothing happened if we had real experts that when they turn him in they could nab them in some form they could see you know before it was going to explode but it's not an easy situation there's no question about it okay so my mistake that's a little bit of an Trump the reasons a little bit of a trump is because this particular shooter this particular shooter is not a radical Muslim he joined the Nation of Islam which is a different thing and Trump mixes up the - but here's good now we got to actual the Trump here's actual good Trump he asks how many officers have to die before we do something decent here so he says he tweets we grieve for the officers killed in Baton Rouge today how many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country we demand law and order and contrary to popular opinion he doesn't mean the show with Jerry Orbach he actually is saying that he demands law and order which is exactly right you have to you have to run on law and order that's how you're gonna win an election he talks about our country being divided he says quote our country is totally divided and our enemies are watching we are not looking good we are not looking smart we're not looking tough President Obama just had a news conference but he doesn't have a clue our country is a divided crime scene and it will only get worse ok if I wish that Trump were even stronger on this well I really do because this again would be a big opportunity for him come out in favor of the guys in blue say those people are what stands between you and chaos those people are the people who grease the skids that make society possible those are the people who ensure that you can go about your daily business in safety and security and we all take that for granted but calling them out calling them racist suggesting that they are systemically biased against certain groups of people is just nasty especially without evidence stand with the cops stand with my law enforcement that would be such a good time form to do this again folks this is not you know me being anti Trump or pro Trump here's my here's my view of this election as you know ok my vote is my own what I choose to do with my vote is my own choice you're an adult you can make your own choice my job here is to provide you with what I believe to be true commentary and to provide you with with my perspective on the issues and then you go and make an adult responsible decision I'm not here to chauffeur Trump and I'm certainly not here to show for Hillary who I think is evil I think that Hillary's evil I think Trump is a is an ignorant buffoon that being said there's an opportunity for Donald Trump to actually make hay out of an issue that

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