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Trump talks about dumping Attorney General Jeff Sessions; he also meets kids who are always prepared, but is he prepared for the Trumpcare fight? Plus, Democrats aren’t prepared for 2018.Richard Dawkins is no friend to conservatives the atheist author spent much of his life to ride in Judaism Christianity he once said that an atheist is called just somebody who feels about Yahweh the way any decent Christian feels about Thor or Baal or the Golden Calf Dawkins says that even moderate religious people quote make the world safe for extremists he's fired the left on politics he's from or ssin a supporter of the Labour Party and Liberal Democratic Party in Britain but he is also smart enough to recognize that radical Islam is a greater threat to human life than Christianity or Judaism Dawkins explains quote I have criticized the appalling misogyny and homophobia of Islam I have criticized the murdering of apostates for no crime other than their disbelief Muslims themselves are the prime victims of the oppressive cruelties of Islamism such language of course makes him a pariah among leftist this week Dawkins was scheduled to speak at an event with KPFA in Brooklyn California all went swimmingly until leftist realized Dawkins had said some untoward things about Islam then they canceled the speech citing his quote/unquote abusive speech they explained quote we had booked this event based entirely on his excellent new book on science when we didn't know he had offended and hurt in his tweets and other comments on his on so many people KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech this is no shock the same left that barred Dawkins from his Berkley event shared this week while Palestinian Arabs riot over metal detectors at the Temple Mount those leftists proclaimed but the true obstacle to peace in the Middle East isn't Palestinian air violence isn't Palestinians who stabbed his railey Druze police officers on the stem on the Temple Mount or Palestinians who invade homes and slaughter old men and women or the Palestinians and government who cheer honor and financially support such behavior nope the problem is the Jews the same elected blames metal detectors for murderous assaults and Richard Dawkins for offending Islam makes excuses for radical Muslim and women's March organizer Linda Sarsour who is called for apostate Muslims to have their genitals removed who says the Zionists cannot be feminists and who stands up for terrorists and terrorist orders so why do the let's seek to support radical Islam so ardently well because the left believes it's a quickest way to destroy Western civilization is no longer class warfare the multi cultural warfare simply allied with groups that hate the prevailing system and work with them to take it down then the left will build on the ashes of the old system in this view Dawkins is an opponent how can left recruit Muslims to fight the same system if Dawkins is to be alienating them they support the Palestinian terror regime how can that colonialist output without Israel be defeated without a little blood a flawed star sewer she's an allies that means she must be backed alliance with nefarious forces cause your own morality into question KPFA has a lot more to answer for than Dawkins but the left will never have to answer such questions so long as they focus in on their common enemy a supposedly conservative establishment that must be fought with any tool at their disposal i'm ben shapiro this is the ben shapiro show okay so we have a lot to talk about in Trump Ville today so president Trump is obviously attacking the Attorney General Sessions Sessions is saying that he is not going to go without being pushed out the door we'll talk about what that means plus the Senate Republicans are finally going to vote on some form of care we don't know exactly what that is yet but it appears to vote to proceed on some form of Obamacare change is going to happen so we'll talk about that as well Democrats in confusion plus Trump talks to a bunch of children at the Boy Scouts and it goes weird we'll talk about all those things before we do that first I want to say 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immigration if there's anything that can be said about Jeff Sessions that he's too ardent with regard to the civil forfeiture the attempt to grab property after an arrest but before a conviction right there he's wrong but everything else Jeff Sessions has been doing a pretty good job as Attorney General I haven't seen any problems with Jeff Sessions but Trump sees one big problem and that is determining General Sessions obviously has not done enough to protect Donald Trump Trump has gotten to the point where he is starting to see everything in terms of how it affects him personally not his presidency him personally and so this morning him leashed a series of nasty tweets about Jeff Sessions so he tweeted quote Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump campaign quietly working to boost Clinton so where is the investigation AG and then he said Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a very weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes where our emails in DNC server and Intel leakers then he said problem is the acting head of the FBI and the person in charge of the Hillary investigation Andrew McCabe got seven hundred thousand dollars from Hillary for wife so now he's attacking the Deputy Attorney General oh we're sorry the acting ahead of the FBI so just to put this all in perspective in the first six months of the Trump administration inspired Mike Flynn supposedly for lying to vice president pence that's not really why that happened he's fired the FBI director James Comey and said openly and it's because of Comey handling of the Russian stuff he is now threatening Attorney General Sessions he has threatened his Deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein and that New York Times interview last week he has attacked the acting head of the FBI and his attack the special counsel so what do all these people have in common they're all involved in the in the Russia investigation all people who he's tapped or has or has said that he wants to cap he is now put to the side he did they're all involved in the Russian investigation which says one of two things either that Trump is a narcissist when it comes to this Russia thing he was really bothered by it it bothers him in a significant way and he just wants to end it by getting rid of anyone who has failed to shut it down or who continues to pursue it or he has nothing to hide right those are really the only two choices there is no choice three so either this is pathological narcissism or this is krump has something to hide now I tend to believe it's pathological narcissism and again I've said before my entire theory here is the Trump really hasn't done anything wrong and he's ticked that everybody isn't just stopping this nonsense already and so he wants to fire everyone but let's be straight about Jeff Sessions here okay Jeff Sessions is not responsible for this Jeff Sessions only recused himself because in his own testimony he said that he never had a meeting with Russians it turned out he had a meeting with Ambassador surrogate kis lyac so he recused himself that happened long after he was nominated and approved for the position the actual recusal and there's no way for him know that this stuff was really going to come up it doesn't make a lot of sense plus Jeff Sessions is the lifeline he is the the the hardwiring into the nationalist populist movement that Trump likes to talk so much about and from which he draws to support sessions is the font head for the anti-immigration movement that Trump supposedly represents so this doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense oh there are a few things that I want to say about all this first of all scaramouche me the Anthony's care moved to the new chief staff he's not to staff yet but he may well be the head of communications for Donald Trump he was on to Hewitt's show this morning and he basically said yes Trump wants Jeff Sessions to resign here's what the muj had to say ah the president's been tweeting this morning Trey awareness why not Evan why not just fire jeff Sessions well listen I mean you know I think the president has a certain style certain skill set he's obviously frustrated I said yesterday I think the Sarah Marie maybe the two of them to get together my guess is the president but doesn't want to do that and so I think it's going to I think him and Jeff or sorry Attorney General Sessions need to work this thing out they can all hear that does it want some gun I have enormous amount of respect for the Attorney General but I do know the president pretty well and there's this level of tension in the relationship that that's that's public you're probably right but I don't want to speak for the President on that because use a cabinet official I sort of think that has to be between the president United States and the cabinet official so scared Lucci says I don't know what is going to do by Yackey shorter he sort of should go so there are a bunch of questions your number one why Trump doesn't just fire him there is a rumor today the Trump was doing this just because this is what trunk does meaning that he got rid of Comey most humiliating way possible he fired tamales on the west coast speaking to a bunch of FBI fidex and and then he saw it on TV - now he's doing the same thing to Jeff Sessions again the problem here is that Sessions himself is pretty popular with the right wing of the Republican Party especially because of immigration issues and that reputation is well-deserved so let's talk about some of the the problems here number one President tough climate ballsy over here he is he's going to fire sessions he should just fire session so he made his entire career I'm going to fire people but instead he's giving sessions the runaround why because you want sessions to resign he wants sessions to do it on his own he doesn't want to fire sessions because for some reason from think that if you openly pressure sessions to quit and then sessions quit the blowback will come back to trump that somehow sessions will be blamed for that I don't know where he's getting that idea but it's foolish if sessions quits at this point no one's going to blame him everybody's going to blame Trump second point this is a very dangerous it's a very dangerous president that's being set by the Trump by by the current White House and that is if you're not obsequious enough to President Trump or if you don't spend your entire career capital trying to support President Trump in every single way then you should throw you out scatter Lucci said something else in this Hewitt interview he said Eric Holder acted as a goalie for President Obama we need somebody who's going to act as a goalie for President Trump that's really not the job of the Attorney General and just because Eric Holder's did the wrong thing doesn't mean that Jeff Sessions should either Sarah Moochie of all people shouldn't be talking about this considering be tweeted just a few months ago that he was in favor of sessions we're accusing himself but this is kind of nasty tenor that's come to the Trump White House which is if you don't scrape and bow before Trump obsequious ly enough then he's going to behead you Joffrey style really really unpleasant right Sean Spicer wasn't just out that he was humiliated Trump refused to take him on that tour of the Vatican even though Spicer's a lifelong Catholic very ardent Catholic and wanted to meet the Pope and Trump left him behind yesterday Trump was speaking to the Boy Scouts he brought virtually all of the Eagle Scouts and his administration to this event he left Jeff Sessions at home and the third point here Trump right now is supposed to be pushing it Healthcare will talk about front pushing health care in just a minute immediately after he tweeted all this stuff about Jeff Sessions he fired off a bunch of Tweety tweeted big day for health care after seven years of talking we will soon see whether or not Republicans are willing to step up to place Obamacare's torturing the american people etc et-cetera well that should be the entire message room today should it not and that way when the senate votes as it did i believe to proceed on a motion to proceed on some form of trump care bill then hank when victory you can say look it was me right instead all the headlines they're going to be about jeff sessions and that is Trump's own fault that is Trump's own fault and there's no way to escape that ok another point here and this is the big one I think and the reason that you're seeing a split in among conservatives about Trump doing this stuff like there wasn't a big split among conservatives about Trump firing coming yeah I said the Trump shirt of fired call me I was fine with Trump firing coming I just thought that his excuse for doing so it was stupid and problematic but firing Comey itself I didn't see any problem with firing session a lot of people including Breitbart which is been a cheerleader for Trump all the way through britt hume who really likes trump unboxit all all the people on the right are now saying sessions is a bridge too far there's a reason for this and the reason for that is the Jeff Sessions is a deeply conservative down when it comes to immigration so story time a few years back I'm about three years ago there was a horowitz Freedom Center event and this Horowitz Freedom Center event essentially included a dinner and after the dinner after the dinner there was a drinking a late-night drinking session it was basically a bunch of people hanging around by the end of the night the only people who are hanging around or me and Jeff Sessions and and a bunch of sorry me Jeff Sessions Stephen Miller and and Ann Coulter that was the entire drinking session as four of us and we were sitting around the only topic that was discussed the entire evening was immigration and it was very clear that this was the working group for what would become the Trump administration in fact later you've been in my former boss over Breitbart would apparently commissioned a white paper in 2015 from Coulter and Miller and Noah at that time was an aide to session and sessions for a for an immigration policy and so a lot of the idea is that that made Trump President a lot of the immigration I did the made current President came directly from Jeff Sessions in fact Jeff Sessions said to me at the time at the center he said that he was looking for a candidate to support in the Republican race who had embraced his immigration program Trump was that man in fact sessions is one of the first people on board with this whole thing sessions is one of the first people to endorse Trump right much earlier than anybody else now Trump is turning around crapping all over him because he doesn't like what he's doing on Russia what's being had what's happening right now is basically everybody who wants policy inside the Trump administration is being sidelined in favor of people who show personal loyalty to Trump so spice our foreign policy out rights once policy sidelines and influence policy sidelines sessions once policy sidelined all the people who actually want conservative policy currently are being sidelined in favor of Jared navona personal loyalty to Trump scaramouche II personal loyalty to Trump Geary code and personal loyalty to Trump a lot of people who are really Democrats who have a lot of personal loyalty to Trump and Trump is surrounding himself with those people getting rid of sessions would be a disaster area because that basically mean the only person he's going to appoint this attorney general is somebody who's in a vow to fire to him who's going to vow to fire the special counsel if the special counsel is fired you're going to see all hell break loose in Washington DC it doesn't mean impeachment at least not right now it does mean that you're going to see a lot of kickback from Senate Republicans and Trump's agenda completely stalls final points on the sessions thing and then I want to talk about some other topics a president Trump in the industry storm about sessions once again he uses Hillary Clinton as his excuse I grow tired and weary of this routine okay Hillary Clinton is vanquished by President Trump Thank You president Trump thank you for that we don't have Hillary Clinton as our president and for that I am eternally grateful now she's gone stop it enough okay she's not important anymore okay the fact is that you're not angry with Jeff Sessions because of Hillary Clinton just like you weren't angry FBI director Comey over Hillary Clinton this is all just red meat for rubes okay people who believe that that President Trump is actually angry too Jeff Sessions over Hillary Clinton that's nonsense okay it was President Trump who instructed Jeff Sessions and everybody who's investigating to leave the Clinton family alone back in December this is public okay there wasn't there was no secret about this so this notion that he just throws out Hillary Clinton's name and we're all supposed to just bow before his wishes it's really silly okay Hillary has nothing to do with this he'll already may well deserve to be prosecuted I'd be fine with prosecuting Hillary Clinton oh that would be very difficult now that Trump is basically tainted the entire jury pool of the United States but you know I'm fine with that but to pretend that that's what the sessions thing is about that is just an excuse everybody knows the real thing that's happening here is he kicked that sessions will act as he shield on Russia and so he's acting out against sessions this is a pretty stark litmus test for a lot of conservatives are you going to stand with the president getting rid of an actual conservative on his key issue immigration inside his cabinet for no reason reason other than personal peek there is another reason it's just see that okay are you gonna stand with that because come from from from Trump or are you going to say mr. president you want to get the policy done we do too you want to see this Russia investigation thing comes to a good close we do too it can't fire the Attorney General who helps get you there and who has been me stalwart on the key issue in your campaign again is not me saying this alone this is even his greatest allies like Breitbart are saying this sort of thing so you know this is not anything new but again I think that it goes to a character problem that Trump has and that is that he's so ensconced in his own narcissism he is he's so pathologically narcissistic that he's willing to fire even the people who are his friends the only friends he has left their family at this point that's really not a good way to run the operation sessions for his set for his own sake he says I'm not leaving he says if Trump wants to fire me he's going to have to fire me which by the way is a good conservative move gave Trump wants to own this let Trump own it don't let him off the hook make fire jeff Sessions we need Jeff Sessions in place not for civil asset forfeiture but we need Jeff Sessions in place for immigration we need Jeff Sessions in place for for for application of the law we need him in place his strength in the police there are a thousand reasons the Jeff Sessions @ag is a good thing for the conservative movement but you know him him being forced out by Trump is just a disaster okay so I want to talk about Trump at the Boy Scouts is actually more hilarious than it was upsetting but what is there a upset about this I want to talk about why I was laughing at it but first or if they thank you to our sponsors over at math Weldon so Matt Weldon is better than whatever you are wearing right now they make undergarments they make underwear socks shirts undershirts hoodie sweatpants all become for wear that you actually spend most of your life in when you're not at the office and even under the office considering underwear and talk that's what Mac Weldon puts you in and it is just high-quality stuff they have a line of silver 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his Attorney General for no apparent reason the Trump is speaking with the Boy Scouts but I want to get to that in just a second first I want discuss what's happening on the floor of the Senate so the latest on the floor of the Senate is the Senate is going to vote on a motion to proceed on something we don't know what that something is we don't know what exactly it's supposed to be we do know that the that the that there's good shot that 51 senators are going to are going to vote in favor of some sort of saying right they're going to vote in favor of some sort of things so there's there some things that's happened one 51 senators have to vote on a motion to proceed that means they will take up the House version of Obamacare replacement and then we actually have to pass a bill so the key vote is this one because once you get past that then it's just a question of hashing out the details now it could still fall apart it could be the detail suck we don't know the answer to that but Trump is bringing on the pressure and this is what Trump is doing something good this is what Trump should be focused on so yesterday Trump was out there something on Obama care and he said Obamacare is death okay third up here he is president Trump using the power of his presidential bully pulpit against the backdrop of the Blue Room and the faces of what the White House calls the victims of Obamacare it was a big fat ugly lie with doom and gloom declarations the president railed against the law of the land not surprisingly swiping at Democrats they run out they say death death death well Obamacare is death okay so that's fair enough from President Trump and he was pushing very hard he's complimenting Senator McCain who he's not always been more with Senator McCain just showed up on the Senate floor and gave a speech that is being hailed by a lot of people with regard to President Trump and with regard to the Republican handling of Obamacare in the house or in the Senate and I'm sure we'll have more clips of that tomorrow for you because sort of big moment Trump also is attempting to push senators says the senators who don't vote for whatever this is no no this is yet but who don't vote for this on Obamacare is a push they want to forget about the countless Americans they've heard and the many that they are continuing to hurt every day by refusing to help us replace Obamacare for the last seven years Republicans have been united in standing up for Obama cares victims remember repeal and replace repeal and replace they kept saying it over and over again every Republican running for office promised immediate relief from this disastrous law we as a party must fulfill that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they've been saying for the last seven years but so far Senate Republicans have not done their job in ending the Obamacare nightmare okay so you know Trump putting putting the the pressure on his on his fellow Republicans in the Senate McCain basically called for bipartisanship and we will see if he votes in favor of the the motion to proceed so we'll give you all the updates on that as it comes in Trump is doing the right thing and putting pressure on the Senate to take this up big question is going to be what's in that bill what's in that bill it is not sufficient just to pass any bill and I know that you're going to hear a lot from from Republican partisans today saying well they have to vote for something okay well it depends on what the something is do you even want to own Obamacare and put the GOP stamp of approval on it right now what they're talking about is something I'm calling skinny repeal okay which is again just their branding effort is spectacular skinnier repeal would apparently begin getting rid of the individual mandate I don't think it gets I don't think it reinforces the the new version of the mandate but getting rid of the individual mandate getting rid of some of the taxes getting rid of the employer may it gets rid of the funding mechanism for Obamacare in other words that would exacerbate steps spiral and then the Republicans would have to come up with some new legislation to deal with the fallout from that which presumably they would do in another bill after they pass this one so that's not a terrible strategy as far as it goes but we'll talk more about that plus Trump spoke at the Boy Scouts it was pretty hilarious we'll talk about that in just a second but for that I'm gonna have to go over to daily wire comm and subscribe for $9.99 a month you can subscribe to daily wire yes you you the person listening right now we're a video show you can watch the show see the clips see my faces of amusement and amazement about politics and not only that yet the website at Bree gets be part of the mailbag we will only answer your questions it's one part of mailbag you can be part of Andrew Cravens podcast as well and Michael knows god help us as a show coming out as well that you can be a part of that comes out next week all of that when you get your subscription over at daily wire it's going the annual subscription which is what I recommend you also get a magnificent unbelievable tumbler it is so precious I had to leave it in my studio at home I could not bring it with me because it is too precious to carry with me it must be left in a guarded vault where we have three security guards so the Joker doesn't steal it it says left this here is hot or cold you get that for free when you become an annual subscriber for just $99 a year to go over and check that on over at daily we're calm your listen later go to iTunes or SoundCloud subscribe leave the sérgio we always appreciate it we are the largest conservative podcast in the nation [Music] okay so yesterday president from spoke at the at the boys couch and he's getting all sorts of flack from the left for speaking at the Boy Scouts because Trump went there and it was pretty ridiculous he treated the Boy Scouts like it was a typical political rally Chuck Todd was particularly sad Chuck Todd tweeted out how dare President Trump Jesus it please presidents don't put the Boy Scouts in this situation keep politics out of the Jamboree what a mess totally unfair to these kids okay so before I begin with the with the critique of Trump let me just say this I have grounds to stand on in critiquing Trump with regard to the sack or dissemination of the Boy Scouts that's because I haven't said that the Boy Scouts should be mandatorily forced to open to girls okay the entire left has said that the Boy Scouts should allow transgender boys meaning girls who believe they are boys into the Boy Scouts and the entire left has suggested that the Boy Scouts should be removed of their IRS 501c3 status if they do not allow gays Scout masters and gay scouts as you need people talk about their sexuality in the Boy Scouts now so the less doesn't have any ground when they talk about the sacrosanct Boy Scouts we must protect them okay I'm not going to take that crap for a bunch of people who have been trying to destroy the Boy Scouts for nigh on two decades can that's stuff I'm going to wash anyway so Trump does speak in front of the Boy Scouts and it is pretty wild so first of all as the Boy Scouts were chanting that they love Trump and people in the media can't understand this may be the reason for that is a lot of the people who are in the Boy Scouts have evangelical parents come from conservative areas here's some tape of the Boy Scouts chanting that they like Trump [Applause] by the way just a question did President Obama ever come to a Jamboree okay so Trump being Trump doing his rally routine I am going out there and saying and politicizing we can't just accept the phrase yes to riff on President Obama at the same time then it is really funny he says to Tom Price Health and Human Services Secretary part of a bunch of children because people who are aged 12 to 18 they're Tom Price doesn't get to vote on Trump care then he'll fire him which is it's just great to threaten to fire everyone in your cabinet the same way good good process here by the way you're going to get the votes hey you better get them they better get it oh you bet otherwise they'll say Tom you're fired I'll get somebody okay he threatens to fire him and then he threatens Jeff Sessions so this is really kind of garbage this is you know a garbage way to act so is a bunch of children remember and President Trump who shows up and Jeff Sessions is an Eagle Scout by the way right he not invited to this right all the other girl scouts are there not Jeff Sessions and he implies that Jeff Sessions is disloyal to him okay so he's reading the Boy Scout Oath okay the Boy Scout Oath is sort of the opposite of trumps personal creative duty and so he starts reading it and he just breaks it in the middle to make a snide reference about Jeff Sessions unbelievable great Boy Scouts become great great Americans as the Scout law says a scout is trustworthy loyal we could use some more

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