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: It's Michael Knowles's turn to answer all of your burning questions! Whether you're curious about international diplomacy, confused about papal doctrine, or just wanting a good recipe for sausage lasagna, Michael's got you covered. Subscribe now to ask questions and join The Conversation!hmm I feel like now we have to do it but your voice is higher pitch than me ideas yeah I've got quite a range so I've got a I've got a seven octave range really no oh I'm a very small range wait can I ask no we're about to get started all right maybe they'll ask about it on the show hello everyone I'm Alicia Krause and you are about to watch the Michael Noel's edition of the conversation it's Michael Noel's turn to answer all of your burning questions whether you're curious about international diplomacy confused about the papal papal people pay Paul doctrine or just wanting a good recipe for your sausage lasagna he has lots of opinions on that and ravioli I've heard them in the daily where office Michaels got you covered so subscribe now to ask questions and join this edition of the conversation on Tuesday December 12th we will be hosting our fourth episode of the conversation will be back with Ben Shapiro and it's hosted by moi once again Elisha Krauss it's always fun to you know be back on the air with Ben after no longer being on the radio with him I know it's true you were on the radio with him forever I actually one time remember telling him like it's kind of sad but I feel like I have more time like one-on-one time with you with conversations than I do my husband here this one I thought you were a hero when I first met you oh really you were on the radio with Ben and to start your day at some ungodly hour like 6:00 a.m. with just being peppered by damn like that is a lot that's pretty hard because I usually sleep in until about you know noon or 12:30 then I come in and if I get peppered by Ben I'm arrested you know you're well-rested 6 a.m. with a cigar in hand after my morning cigar certainly mercy yeah it must be known little behind the scenes here that Michael does roll in super late and our poor hair and makeup gal dress who's incredibly talented as you can see by my cool eyes today she has like five minutes to throw you together or you come into this studio and do your show luckily I always look very underslept you know not unkempt everywhere five o'clock shadow but that's that's the key if you really want to be productive in life you need at least 14 hours of sleep a day that's the secret so we have people watching right now on Facebook live on the daily wire website and on YouTube so but if people want to actually ask us questions which are coming in right now we're gonna get rolling to them in the order that they come in then you have to become a subscriber so go to the website daily we're calm and become a subscriber so you can ask Michael I need awkward questions I have a question for you though yeah okay why do you call your fiancee sweet little ELISA yes that's her name but the sweet little it's a little condescending right kind of I don't know I'm pretty sure meaning that not only her parents but God gave her she's a saint it's going to be you know like when Pope's become Saints it's like Pope Saint John Paul the second aha so when sweet little Lisa becomes a saint which is inevitable ha she does truly exhibit saintly valor I don't know if it will be sweet little Saint ELISA or Saint sweet little ELISA I don't know we'll have to see all right we have our first question okay ready drum roll from Crispin Edwards he wants to Crispin is that a girl's name I have a weird it was the same really say Crispin's day guy or girl we few we happy few we band of brothers I don't think it's a girl okay I'm assuming this Crispin is a girl and she's asking will you go to prom with her you know you can dancer that I listen I as a young actor you know I did my first play when I was 8 I was not exactly on the football team I wasn't exactly in the baseball team so you're the theater geek yeah for a mountain so many words I obviously had to take some dance classes the trouble you know it's pretty funny that that question came up right after we were talking about sweet little Lisa my answer is I have to check with her I have to check maybe she's not watching she's not watching then the answer is yes if she is watching then absolutely not absolutely not dare you even ask me well you I'm flattered you might want to have a chaperone handy though she can be the chaperone I should no offense but if Crispin is a liberal plant then yes sure in these days normally my answer would of course be yes I'm go to prom with anybody but these days there's no way not to get Roy Warren Weinstein died throughout my bathroom are you sure a bathroom to be fair though Roy Moore and Weinstein there's very legitimate allegations at this well yeah that well that's certainly true but I want to just be safe so I don't want I don't have bathrobes lying around that's that's circumstantial evidence Oh David is asking how many more episodes will there be of another Kingdom another case Oh another Kingdom is the podcast that I'm doing with Andrew Clavin and but when I say I'm doing a podcast with Andrew Klavan I mean he did all the work and wrote the thing and got it all sorted out and then I came and recorded it after fourteen ricochet right it's over already show you have a show on ricochet dude lady brain Leibrandt so it's Oh another Kingdom is this story about a 30-year old washed-up schlub named Austin Lively who is he's in Hollywood he can't catch a break he stumbles into another Kingdom and finds himself with Eggers and knights and British accents and a bloody dagger and a dead damsel at his feet and a question is which is crazier which is more fantastical that world or Hollywood which he comes out of so we launched it on Friday the 13th we're on Episode five is out and there's going to be there are going to be thirteen episodes total so we'll have you know another eight episodes you can start it already thirteen 13 episodes very yeah and it's yeah I got to tell you I've been shocked obviously I don't know why Andrew flavin would cast me in such a role but we know that you like to wear dresses and you're pretty good with the female impersonation that's true and I will say I thought I would never work in Hollywood ever again after my blank book reasons but for Democrats I figure those I wasn't working a whole lot before but I assumed I wasn't gonna work again and we have like six hundred plus reviews of this podcast now and I realized the key to having a career in Hollywood is to go through a conservative politics if you start and conservative politics then you can work in entertainment so it's been a lot of fun if we get enough of a reaction to it we'll do another season you know you can go somewhere it's a 13th episode gonna be a cliffhanger that leaves it open to another scene I don't know I mean we have done this thing since the beginning the devil has now wanted us to do this project we files have randomly been deleted microphones don't work things have fallen apart we're almost finished with it though so if it knock on wood if everything goes okay we'll we'll have to see how the story ends and I want to give anything away so I have another question for you are you watch guy my husband collects watches well it's so it's so funny you ask that Alisha cuz I like that watch coincidence good good this is a great this is a movement watch MV MT is the official watch of the Michael Noel's show they they do a lot of great work at the Daily wire and movement watches are the thing I love about them is I used to spend a gazillion dollars on the watch can be really expensive a gonna be absurdly expensive they could to get like one of those really crazy main brands you're spending five figures just spending like 10 grand even if you go to a department store you're looking at four to five hundred bucks movement watches start at just ninety five dollars movement figured out that by selling online they were able to cut out the middleman and retail markup providing the best possible price at such great prices movement watches make wonderful holiday gifts too there's a classic design I'll take it off I want to show this to them okay classic design quality construction and styled minimalism and this is the key here I think this is the reason why I'm so thrilled that movement is the official watch of the michael and whole show is that it is almost completely blank on its really stylish in these days they've sold over 1 million watches over 160 countries but here's the thing you get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns by going to movement comm /co f f/a that's why don't get one of these watches come on you got it li if you can make it right now without going to MVM slash cough fa ce o-- v f e fe i would be shocked if you can you've got to do it MVM t comm slash co v fe fe co f fa this watch makes a really clean design and it is a great fashion statement it is time to step up your watch game people should wear watches I've lost my ear people should wear watches because it shows that you've got places to be places to other things to do without annoyingly checking your iPhone it's way cooler check like a Sweetwater yeah that's like an adult and not just like a child that was born you know five minutes ago so go to MVM slash cough fa and help us out they help people like them we like people that help keep the lights I certainly I'm a fan of online shopping especially with the Christmas season coming up and I'm hoping that our next episode of the conversation people ask been tons of Christmas related questions like don't you wanna don't you wanna I know he celebrates Kwanzaa thank ya wit with Ron King they decorate their Kwanzaa bush i we love to say what what Ben is doing tomorrow cuz he's four guys on a plane right now that is true we can't he can't even defend himself is it I know sad what's a great man sir watching the TVs tomorrow has been button we'll be doing some fun stuff on TV the next question is from Kenneth he says okay dr. rev love doctor you've given out some advice on the in the romance department what advice do you have on dealing with bad or unhelpful crushes well I'm a little confused do you think he means bad like you have a crush on someone that you don't you wish you didn't have a crush on or like some person has a crush on you and you don't like it that's a good question I don't know well you give us both I'll answer I'll answer both obviously this is a little personal because Marshall I don't think we're telling tales out of school my producer Marshall has had a weird crush on me for a while now he's made a lot of unwanted and untoward advances yeah the way that I deal with that you know you just got it you got to play it straight if you have someone who has a crush on you and you don't and you wish that they got interested and you're not interested then don't be a jerk about it don't make them feel bad or anything be very straightforward be nice to them either tell them you're not interested or you know you're dating somebody or you're interested in somebody else but don't don't humiliate them you know don't I mean that's what I do to Marshall but you shouldn't you should be better than all of that just a girl you have to let them down a little bit easier yeah be really I mean it's a it's a flattering thing for someone to be interested in you it's a occasionally a shock anything you know and so you you should you should be nice it's a it's when someone is interested in you don't what if it's the other way around what if you have a crush on someone and you know that you shouldn't yeah yeah or it's not going moral quandary isn't it yeah well go for it like a listen is it Lord make me chaste but not yet I mean there's a time and a place for everything in that place is college so you know it's certainly fine to play the field and experiment if you're not getting the right response though you got to move on you can't live forever in your fantasies people will pine away and they'll say oh my gosh someday this person will like me it just might not happen move you got to live in reality because you can't date the person in your imagination you can only date real people that's it's like it's a trick it's a really harmful delusion to try to date people in your fantasies so you got a and then you're stuck not like getting out there and having a real life yeah yeah it's true and then and then you won't find your own sweet little ELISA relationship advice do you know yeah you got when you deal in reality the reality can become much better than your your fantasies oh you got to do that put that on a cross-stitch and sell it I thought that this next question was from wha but it is not because you are known as the man that likes to wear ladies attire on the print for sort of trends some movies and videos and stuff that we do so Evan is asking where do you get your dresses i have i have worn dresses on a lot of daily wire productions yes I did I think the first one was senator Elizabeth Warren I wore a 12 year olds Pocahontas dress that I found down the street recently I wore at my Moana costume for Halloween because I was told that was very politically correct as we're supposed to wear is the Moana costume and I did also leather round Oh Game of Thrones that I forget you that's why I don't you were watching through your partially you were the nude pregnant while I was there wasn't really so much a dress there as too much Chester and a wig and then I was 11 in the recent stranger things video that we did I think the answer on all of them is I go to the costume Halloween costume store down the street and because I don't plan anything in advance for all of these occasions I've had to get the leftovers so you spend an outrageous amount of yeah there's Halloween dresses are absurdly priced and all the leftovers are for like 10 year olds so you know I'm not as spelt as I once was I'm you know there's a little bit more cushion these days and so unfortunately that is that is the answer I just wear they're all look we're like 10 or 12 year olds and at the Halloween store down the street a little behind the scenes my daughter came in on Halloween and she saw the Moana costume hanging of an errand make up and she's like mom there's other kids here like no my child a very big Italian just Michael hey unfortunately Harry big kid and we were having we were matching she has a costume with oh no she was Goldilocks anyway Jeffery is asking what's with the set design it looks like a mix between a barn and prison so well as you know you're coming here to from this hostage situation yeah we are in the cellar of the bank Shapiro show I should very net you know listen if you're in in the leftovers of the Ben Shapiro show it's still pretty good digs but yeah they they do they do lock me in here usually chain me up except for when the cameras on and the thing I do like about it though is it reminds me of New York I'm from New York I've lived in New York most of my life I like gritty like things are always under construction yeah there's even rats here there are definitely rats here yeah we just running around some of them we employ and here you know when you live in New York you're living in in misery basically you're paying all of your money your repents paying more money than you have to live in a place my first bedroom in New York was 7 by 10 it was 70 square feet there was one wall was artificial there were no windows I had to put the bed in first before we built the wall and I had one of those rooms yeah it's just it's just awful and you you know it smells of garbage every day is garbage day and lower in New York but it's still the best reason people pay for my memories of New York are much more romantic than yours yeah I guess so I might have lived on different sides of town uptown girl downtown man I think I lived in every single single neighborhood in Manhattan really yeah man also hates New York City though I love it I see well this is a very often the difference between Ben's take and my taker take Andrews take its despite all of that you still love it despite the constant negative Prescott they like will say the same exact sentence is like Trump did this and Trump did that and everyone's doing this and this is the reaction isn't it great vinaigrettes usually my react that's not Ben's reaction that's not Ben's reaction at all okay next question we got a next question hopefully disappear oh no where'd it go well this is a good time I think it was about Rory Moore and I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the person that was asking it but do you think that Roy Moore should step down at this point been said as much in his show this morning he's a little perturbed at Jeff Flake of course sure it's it's hard to it's hard to imagine that he can win this race I mean that the Gloria Allred interview was so devastating that yeah the press conference yeah the only thing there's only saving grace is that Gloria Allred did it and she's so I know that poor woman yeah everyone I'm from Oklahoma and she reminds me of every woman like at my parents church I know I've met a lot of women who are similar to like to that on the campaign trail so there's basically no answer if he drops out the Republicans lose if he stays in almost certainly the Republicans lose they can try to do a writing campaign that has worked on very few occasions in American politics he's done right it just seems like he's done and it's worth pointing so I guess jump out stay in whatever it's gonna be the same it's gonna be the same conclusion either way one interesting aspect of this is that everyone said Roy Moore is the Trump e'er Canada you certainly seem like the Trump e'er candidate you know the cultural Warriors made sure that he didn't allow for judicial supremacy when it came to that ten commandments monument at the Alabama Court House I mean that was years ago that was years ago that's like what made his name right and alas Trump supported the other guy this guy Luther strange and it's a real failure of the strange campaign that they didn't dig up this dirt and force him out of the primary but but come on you and I both know that if if the strange campaign had this dirt during the primary Bannon at all would have said it's me nose or whatever yeah but he would have lost the primary he would have lost I mean sure Bannon what does maybe stood by him perhaps but it would have been good during it's a real failure of the strange campaign not to have found it so that's if unless all of these accusations are fictional and it's very hard for me to believe that they're fictional there's a lot of good evidence that he did these things then it's a total failure of the of Luther strange it's really upsetting and we're just in a basically in a no-win situation I would be very surprised if more wins that that race I suppose crazier things have happened in recent politics but it seems to me stay out you know jump out stay in that's probably gonna be the same conclusion so to ask questions because we're getting lots of questions and some people are trying to ask questions on Facebook or Twitter and that won't work guys because you'd have to be a subscriber log into daily wire comm to watch the live stream and head over to the conversation page and after that just start typing into the daily wired chat box where we will pull your live questions as they come in and then I'll be asking them to a Michael and on Tuesday December 12th we'll be hosting our fourth episode of the conversation I'll be talking to Ben Shapiro again and it's hosted by ma Oh Sean Spicer is here oh good he has a question though it says hi Michael what's the appeal of Ayn Rand's objectivism appealed to so many conservatives I find it repellent sort of libertarianism with no soul or conscience what are your thoughts libertarianism with no soul or conscience but you repeat yourself no I'm kidding that's not true yeah well everyone was seventeen once I guess is the answer online Rand and objectivism I remember this happened to me I remember I read the virtue of selfishness and I think The Fountainhead I tried to read Atlas Shrugged and I yeah I'm on my 15th year of trying to read Atlas Shrugged I just can't I can't go through it I mean it wasn't required reading at Yale or in New York public schools yeah well the the nice thing about it is that when you're a seventeen year old guy you have a lot of hormones going through you you feel that you're really smart even though you don't know anything at all there's a rebellion usually against traditional religion at least where I come from and so you think yeah I can get into this this is this is cool this is sexy there's a virtue and selfishness and some of it is true so I'm Rand obviously identified as a real problem she's reacting to communism she's reacting to collectivism and socialism and so she makes a number of very true points the trouble is that her first principles are not true and when you ground to the right in a theism you can get some pretty ugly results when you take away the the moral foundations of it and you deny a basic reality such as the existence of God or where all of the values and moral underpinnings of Western civilization come from then you deny a basic reality that is that in heroes in conservatism and in more coherent conservatism so it ends up being pretty ugly that's why Bill Buckley didn't take her seriously when she you know came out when he was running National Review and I say you know enjoy it we were all kids it's good to to play along in that but you should move on to more serious pastures another aspect of Ayn Rand is that it's very clear it's a very clear political philosophy you say oh it's good to be selfish it's not communist I'm good to be selfish you do you but shallows are clear shallow things are clear and you know profound things I think they're a little murkier and they're a little more opaque and they require you to think more and read more and follow your own ideas to their logical conclusions good answer Mandela is asking is there a Republican you would rather vote for in 2020 over Donald Trump I think Trump is doing a good job I suppose that puts me in the minority of certain sophisticated Republican and conservative circles but I think he's doing a pretty good job we've got a lot of great conservative policy that has come out of this administration tremendous judicial nominees not just Gorsuch but a lot of appellate judges and a lot who have been nominated her awaiting confirmation and so I've been foreign policy he's handled things very well much better than his predecessor he's shown a lot of sophistication there and the direction of the administration is pretty good there there was a worried that he would be Hitler or something we didn't know who he was we didn't know where the administration was going to lead and those fears have been ass waged it just hasn't happened so I'm I'm pleased with him that said he wasn't my choice in the primary I didn't know what's your choice I don't think I know that I was a Cruz guy I did I did a TV commercial for Cruz actually you did believe it or not you can dig that up well which is the one with a former porn star not that one that's written by Andrew Clavin no not that one I did one called war room and it's this thing was released the day that Prince died so we had all of the headlines and all the TV stations for 45 minutes and then Prince died and it fell apart a good analogy for the Cruz campaign and so yeah Trump wasn't my first choice I could name a lot of Republican I love mitch daniels in 2012 I really hoped he would run really I thought he was an excellent he's best governor in America a conservative down the line socially fiscally really smart really sophisticated and he didn't run so I don't know my preferred candidates don't always get in there but I've been very pleasantly surprised with Trump and if the 20/20 campaign were today I would certainly support him for reelection Roger says hello Michael you and Andrew have great show intros how come bargaining that is a you know then speaks at a rate that is about seven times faster than the rate that I speak or that drew speaks to he condenses all of it and I think the reason maybe the Benz is more boring is he doesn't want to deal with it you get that get the intro get out of the way I need to start talking I'll a minute for the next 45 minutes I don't want that many guests I don't like that one you know I'm gonna just inject you with with the facts as I see the Shapiro I think that's what it is whereas true and I we relaxed a little more we kind of we snow the roses a little bit more maybe so we have these no they are fun I really love my intro Drew's intro is the greatest talk show him true in in maybe the history of television and I voice one of the characters by the way really up to you to figure out which one it is oh maybe you can ask that on the next conversation with Michael Knoll Michael said is hi Michael where did you the tabloid style stories about Alexander Hamilton and other historic Americans that you shared on the Andrew Clavin show yesterday I want to read more of them thank you it is great there is this feeling um in politics that Trump has degraded us because he said you know uncouth things to Billy Bush on a bus Billy Billy Bush Sally sold seashells and you know all of these sex scandals are always coming out we've seen them in recent history with Bill Clinton and Denny Hastert and yada yada yada yeah Mark Foley and what we need to remember is that politics isn't new we didn't invent politics we didn't have sex believe it or not sex has been around for a long time too it's the oldest profession and politics is the second oldest profession and Ronald Reagan said it you know politics bears a lot of similarity to the first which is prostitution selling yourself selling you're selling yourself for sex and so if you just google them you'll find all of these things but I think there were even like Wikipedia pages about it there were a few good books about it the names escape me at the moment one of the my favorites Alexander Hamilton initiated our nation's first sex scandal in 1791 when he cockle did a man by the name I believe of James Reynolds and little did he know Reynolds knew about it and extorted Hamilton for a thousand bucks it came out six years later in 1797 they tried to use the the cuckoldry to tie him to a financial scandal and so Hamilton copped to the sex in a way to avoid the the financial scandal had hurt his career and John Adams said something I'm misquoting slightly but he said that bastard brat of a Scottish peddler his ambition comes I think from a super abundance of secretions which there were not enough in Philadelphia to absorb so this sort of rhetoric has been around for a long time and so I don't worry lin-manuel Miranda included that in the play that wasn't in the play and you know compared I mean it gives a whole new perspective to not thrown away my shot it but it doesn't really you know when you look at the excess Hollywood tape you think ma'am talk to John Adams he'll he'll make that language much more sophisticated okay well we'll see about that Jimmy says Aloha Michael Knowles I'm assuming Jimmy is in Hawaii and if so can we say Mele Kalikimaka is it too soon that's the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day so if the White House offered you a choice to spend the day with one of the Trump's who would it be in why I'm gonna get in trouble with sweet little Lisa I knew this I'm gonna say Donald I'm going to say that's the safe answer Oh was it Melania or Ivanka well yeah I mean six and one half a dozen of the other writer be hard do I have to choose just one Donald Trump is I I had the opportunity to meet him through a group that I was in to attend a lecture at a dinner and I didn't do it because I didn't take his candidacy seriously I didn't think he was a serious candidate I was running for publicity or for his business or whatever and I've gotten a lot of respect for his ability to navigate the political media in the last couple years as have we all I think one guy who understood Trump and Trump's aesthetics and what he was doing that when very few people did is Scott Adams the Dilbert guy Dilbert cartoonist he's given a lot of interviews he's written a book about it about Trump's sort of persuasion about his almost hypnotism of how you haven't had a meal with somebody in the last two years where Trump didn't come up he just is a cultural mastermind a cultural maven and so I would like to observe it I wouldn't want to talk to him about it I don't know that he's conscious about it but there's this at least a visceral aspect to him not to hyperbole eyes too much but it reminds me a little bit of what Owen Barfield writes about in this book poetic diction Owen Barfield is one of the guys who brought CS Lewis to Christianity was an inkling and he talks about how an early man in pre self-conscious man it languages poetry and the myths are the emanation of that poetry and as languages evolved and consciousness evolves the poetry and the criticism diverge so you have these brilliant critics who can write about what the poetry is but they can't produce the poetry you and the language does that itself and Trump is all poet baby make America great again he really I'm only half kidding he is a real poet especially at the medium of Twitter he understands how to manipulate language to produce images and to produce visceral reactions and I'd love to see it in action I'd love to watch it not to talk about it but to actually watch shadow them yeah she loved to shadow him and just see what he is doing that literally nobody else in politics figured out in the modern era until him Jeremiah says dear mr. Michael Knowles when are you going to finally settle up and marry sweet little ELISA I you know it's coming soon this was a really strange thing I'm getting married in June and I can't wait we've been doing wedding planning forever only those things are complicated and this was divine we knew that sweet little Lisa was an angel sent by God but this was a divine thing we had dated you know we were highschool sweethearts we split for college got back together but you knows this long-standing thing and I finally proposed in February and two weeks later a blank sheet of paper blank stack of paper got me a lot of money and detention I paid for my wedding and paid for my future you know your children yeah little Michael jr. through private school or something and it was the night before I proposed I had a cigar at Drew's house and I we went out it had been raining in LA which itself is a miracle he never happens we do very wet winter last year very wet where and you know it ended that seven-year drought but you know Jerry Brown hasn't changed our water prices in Vienna and Jerry Falwell Jr at Trump's inauguration said water's a sign of blessing in the Bible is used as a science and so I took that as interesting like a sign rains in LA yeah and so we went out to the back cigar patio we don't usually use it Drew's and he said I'll look at that and it was the most vivid double rainbow I've ever seen in my life and so I know that God won't flood my marriage you know what just run my marriage in a flood but it also he did turn to me said you know this is probably a good sign pal and it's an evil generation that looks for signs and wonders but it's a stupid generation that ignores signs and wonders and so clearly the the timing was coincidental and probably providential and so it'll happen in June so and a half after I proposed in June you'll make her an honest woman yeah this won't make me an honest man yeah more that's more like a field battle I'll try Sean Walker says yo Michael is Hillary really your cousin I love that I love that this is true I had I didn't

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